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Join the sentences using a relative pronoun. Use commas if necessary.

Omit the relative if

1. I took our visitors to the British Museum.. They have a wonderful collection there.

2. Iliana will never forget the day. She became the captain of the ship then.

3. This is Mr. Jones. His son won a gold medal at the last Olympics.

4. I told the police about the man. He tried to steal my car.

5. Paris is the capital of France. It stands on the River Seine.

6. This is the necklace. My brother bought it for my birthday.

7. I want you to meet Martin. I've been writing to him for years.

8. You are going to a restaurant. It is very famous for its Indian food.

9. Mary is my wife's only sister. I introduced her to you last night.

10. The spider wasn’t a poisonous one. It bit your child.

11. World War II broke out in 1939. It lasted six years.

12. The factory belongs to Mr. Connery. Its walls are made of brick

Write the sentences in passive voice

1. The doctor would examine her.

2. Did the man steal your wallet?

3. That boy has helped the old man.

4. Sue was hiding the pictures.

5. The policeman arrested the man.

6. The teacher corrected my homework.

7. I won’t mail the letter. ________________________________________________________.

8. I won’t drink a glass of milk.

9. The cat surprises me. ________________________________________________________.

10. Is she drawing a bird? _

He was fixing the broken machine. Change to reported speech using the introductory phrase in brackets! 1. 12. ________________________________________________________. (He told me …) 6. (Sophie said …. Sophie said:”I went to bed early last night”. Have you paid the bill? ____________________________________________________________. Lilly: “My parents are fine and I really get on with them”. Monique to the immigration officer:” This is my first trip to England. (Nick declared that …) 7. (Lilly said …) 8.” (Judy complained that …) .) 3.” (Gloria explained that …) 9. Gloria:” I am sorry but I can’t come to your birthday party because I am going away for the weekend. Mary said:”I will play cards the day after tomorrow”. Mark:”My friend Gary has found a new job in the music business. (Mary informed me…) 2. The teacher said to Jenny: “You have to learn your grammar”. Nick said:”I’m going to visit my parents next month”. (The teacher told Jenny…) 4.11.” (Mark said that …) 10. Judy: “I have already written this essay four times.” (Monique told the immigration officer…) 5. He told me:”You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”.