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Paolo Nutini

Iron Skye
In this music video the general impression given off is the struggle of addicts and their
attempts of runs for freedom. This is shown through mainly close ups and long shots.
Many shots are also in slow motion which could suggest slow moving of time.
This is like mura masa music video as in that at the beginning there is real footage
This establishing shot starts the music video, this gives off a cold atmosphere as the low key lighting
combined with a relatively blue colour. Blue connotes sadness and also negativity. It also makes the
viewer feel colder. This shot therefor starts the video off negetively.
This very high definition shallow depth of
field shot is very interesting as it shows a
close up of what he is doing the moves back
to reveal more about him. This shot portrays
this character as friendly as there is a warm
light and he is holding a small monkey
This shot has a shallow depth of field and therefore the main focus is on this man. This is a close up
and these two together allow all the focus on his face and thus his facial expressions.
This shot is very bland in the fact that is all very light colours this could be a representation of their
dull lives, or that this suicide is not important.
This shot allows the viewer to see a man that is portrayed as poor as his unwashed
hair indicates he is unhygienic. Furthermore the block flats in the background show
a low standard of living and we can presume this character is from these buildings.
This shot reveals how ruined their community is as there is such derelict spaces.
This first shot is a low
angle, and therefore
suggests that he is a man
of higher authority. He is in
a clean white room in
expensive looking clothing.
These all indicate that he is
rich and has a lot of
This shot could have an interesting meaning behind it. This room to me isn't meant to look
real, it's as if you are in her head as she's in a blank room and there are some plants which
could represent freedom however she is stuck in her pink box which could be an indication of
her femininity.
Again this shot could be more than just meets the eye. This is because the walls are painted to
look like the free and wild countryside however this man is stuck in a run down urban environment.
This is counter typical as usually a man like this (shaved head vest and chains) would not be seen lying
on such a typically feminine item.
This makes the viewer feel alone as there is a cold mood given off due to the cold
colours and low key lighting.
This is a representation of the drug being released inside the body. It builds emphasis on what the
addicts are going through. Furthermore it is mesmerising for the viewer with its interesting colours
and movements.
This mid shot shows a man in pain. The wooden paneling suggests he's inside.
This is the same as last time just more dramatic, it fits in with what the man is going through and it
symbolises the drug in the body, furthermore it is at the peak/climax of the song and builds
tension and body to the video.
Another close up reveiling the pain and expression in this
man's face .
This is repetition of the same shot however it is closer this time which could suggest that his
experience of the drug is more intense.
The necklace around his neck could back up the lyrics in the fact that it is like a chain holding
him back and constricting him but he wants to escape and be free.
This shot could be representing a feeling of isolation.
This could be another shot that is representing a dash from freedom, a dash from the
addiction but it was not successful. The urban town in the background could be a
representation of the addiction and the white horse could be a representation of innocence
as white is plain. The importance of them falling of could suggest they are trapped in the
vicious cycle of addiction and can not escape.
Again this shot shows this man in great discomfort. He is
holding his head as if trying to get out of it. However it is
further away which could suggest an overcoming of the pain
and intensity.
This shows the people dancing, like they have
overcome their addiction.
This like the other
shots shows repetition
of people holding their
This shows them having fun and
dancing. This could be another
way of release.
This shot shows them in the wild and could give the impression that they have
finaly escaped.

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