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 Responsible to manage all aspects of materials flow and to maintain control and
accuracy over all Goods inventories, including all transactions, procurement,
planning, scheduling, cost, warehouse, receiving, and shipping to ensure that
customer orders are fulfilled on time.
 Collaborate with other managers to determine supply needs based on reviewing
all engineering packages.
 Interact with consultant for finalization of MTOs, Drawings, Data sheet,
Specifications and finalize the same for procurement actions.
 Coordinate and supervise receiving and warehousing procedures
 Oversee distribution of supplies in the organization
 Control inventory levels and ensure availability of material during emergencies
 Supervise, evaluate and coach subordinates
 Keep detailed records on procurement activity, materials quantity, specifications
 Assist in forecasting to plan future orders.
 Responsible for all facets of inventory control including the bi-annual inventory
 Have a clear understanding of the financial impact Materials Management has
with the operations of the facility.
 Requires a familiarity with the (CER) Capital Expenditure Request and related
 Receives, stores and issues materials, supplies, and equipment. Maintain and
record all rental equipment from outside vendor.
 Develop and implement objectives, tactics, and goals to improve the daily
operation and efficiency of the Materials Management Department.
 Collaborate with committees and/or staff related to the improvement and function
of the Materials Management department.
 Ensure all procedure has been followed during material management.

 Materials Controller – a person who can deal with the Material Requisitioning,
Physical receipt of goods, Inspection, Storage and Delivery of materials.
 Based on Material Take-off received from Engineering Department, to raise
Material Requisition in SAP/PAMMS, by properly grouping the materials.
For example., Piping materials should be grouped into different sizes and
specification of pipes and fittings etc. i.e. all pipes in one PR together, all pipe
fittings in one PR, all flanges in one PR, similarly all Gaskets, all Bolts +Nuts, all
specialty items , all small bore valves, all valves by type of valves separated in
PR, etc. Similar grouping of PR to be done on Electrical materials ,
Instrumentation materials, HVAC materials, Structural steel materials, pipeline
materials and so on.
 Goods receiving, handling and logging of inventory materials and tooling through
the company’s SAP/ PAMMS computer modules.
 Preparation and checking of shipping documents including dangerous goods
declarations with MSDS for such items for safe handling.
 Prepare Documents and Report such as Delivery Note, Gate Pass & Transmittal
Form, Material Receiving Report, Issuance Form (Consumables & Yard
 Weekly Procurement Delivery Report.
 Daily & Monthly Report of Consumable Materials Status.
 Weekly Report of Store Materials Status.
 Daily Monitoring of Consumables.
 To arrange warehouse logistics according to the instructions of the Site Manager;

 To manage information relevant to arrival of materials at site and their availability
at the warehouse;
 To coordinate the availability of shipping documentation and feed the warehouse
data base with proper information;
 To manage the receiving, check, storage and preservation of materials delivered
at Site.
 To manage the receiving, check, recording and traceability of material
 To issue any supply non-conformities and follow-up the relevant resolution.
 Initiate procedures concerning insurance claims for damage to materials during
transport to Site or during erection.
 To start the application for insurance claims related to materials damaged during
transportation or erection.
 To initiate claims against vendors for missing materials and/or non-conformity
with the relevant purchase order.
 To supply Site Planner with updated information regarding materials availability
at site to support the construction schedule reliability.
 To inform Site Control Manager/Coordinator about plant material status and
delivery forecasts, in order to verify the feasibility of Construction schedules.
 To manage the delivery of materials to Subcontractors in accordance with
material list presented by the same and according to the instructions given by the
 To keep on records of surplus materials for possible sale at the end of the job.