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6/27/2017 Measures to improve TBF Success rate KPI??

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Measures to improve TBF Success rate KPI??

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Thread: Measures to improve TBF Success rate KPI??
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ensure the radio part is reliable ﴾no interference. you should put all your radio parameters Rep Power: 0 regarding GPRS to their default values http://telecomfunda. So you Likes ﴾Given﴿: 0 should check that your cell is not preempting some of the Likes ﴾Received﴿: 0 PDCH to voice calls ﴾leading to TBF drops﴿. Posts: 3 Basically. Reputation: 10 Join Date: Mar 2012 First. Credits: 44 neighbors defined.. 10:41 AM #1 eta004 Registered Member Did you find this post helpful? | Registered Member Measures to improve TBF Success rate KPI?? Reputation: 10 Join Date: Jan 2012 Can anyone suggest Measures to improve TBF Success Posts: 4 rate KPI?? Credits: 74 IN NSN network Thanks ﴾Given﴿: 0 Thanks ﴾Received﴿: 0 Likes ﴾Given﴿: 0 Code Free Test Automa Likes ﴾Received﴿: 0 Dislikes ﴾Given﴿: 0 That Works! Dislikes ﴾Received﴿: 0 Rep Power: 0 Similar Threads: What is Paging Success Rate and how can we improve it. rxlev > ‐85dBm at the cell Thanks ﴾Given﴿: 0 border.﴿ Once this is done.php?27524­Measures%20to%20improve%20TBF%20Success%20rate%20KPI?? 2/4 .com/forum/showthread. RAB setup success rate zero SDCCH Success Rate Steps to improve TCH ASSIGNMENT SUCCESS RATE Online LTE Tutorial by Ericsson LTE 10A Air Interface Introduction to LTE and Evolved Network Architecture Carrier Aggregation Concepts for LTE Rel‐10 12­30­2012.And no Dislikes ﴾Received﴿: 0 congestion on Ater and Gb interfaces. but a poor GPRS qos. you must ensure the GSM QoS is good in the cell. it means your cell has a Thanks ﴾Received﴿: 0 good GSM quality of service. 07:51 PM #2 RFconan Registered Member Did you find this post helpful? | Registered Member Hi eta004..6/27/2017 Measures to improve TBF Success rate KPI?? 02­15­2012. or that your Dislikes ﴾Given﴿: 0 MFS/SGSN/GGSN are all working correctly. etc. Of course.

So Reputation: 10 you have to look for an "effect" of BLER.php?27524­Measures%20to%20improve%20TBF%20Success%20rate%20KPI?? 3/4 . so it's not clear‐cut Thanks ﴾Received﴿: 0 whether there is congestion when the MCS is bad. etc.6/27/2017 Measures to improve TBF Success rate KPI?? Kind regrads 12­30­2012. Likes ﴾Given﴿: 0 2/ the rate of retransmission ‐‐> this one is much more Likes ﴾Received﴿: 0 useful Dislikes ﴾Given﴿: 0 Dislikes ﴾Received﴿: 0 Rep Power: 0 03­03­2013.317 Rep Power: 0 Quick Navigation GSM­EDGE Top « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Thread Information http://telecomfunda. 07:52 PM #3 RFconan Registered Member Did you find this post helpful? | Registered Member here is no direct measurement. 07:04 AM #4 papu Registered Member Did you find this post helpful? | Registered Member Check UL Reputation: 10 multislot Join Date: Mar 2013 assignment Posts: 6 is enable or Credits: 55 enable Thanks ﴾Given﴿: 0 you may Thanks ﴾Received﴿: 0 disable it to Telecom Funda Likes ﴾Given﴿: 0 rech Likes ﴾Received﴿: 0 maximum A Unique RF optimization Forum Dislikes ﴾Given﴿: 0 TBF sucess Following +1 Dislikes ﴾Received﴿: 0 rate + 1... MCS1 Credits: 44 MCS2 MCS3. like BLER or PER. And that's going Join Date: Mar 2012 to be: Posts: 3 1/ the coding scheme used ﴾CS1 CS2 CS3 CS4. MCS9﴿ ‐‐> problem : this usage is also Thanks ﴾Given﴿: 0 impacted by your system congestion.

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