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Age of 27 I have been teaching people. At the age of 40 took it seriously in the gallery.

in art scene so long…I believe social improvement or development should be seen in many
angles. Food education, and it is his believe that culture plays important role in a society. Any
nation when it is economically stable will focus on cultural growth. It is not done merely to
exhibit the nation’s economic growth but culture and its awareness brings about a balanced
society. Asociety which give importance to a meaning of life and see culture as a means to
grace its people to be progressive.

It is with this believe, that I have decided to start art sessions for our community.
The programmes are as below:

Classes for school children on our culture where we introduce science and maths and teach
children art through a broader perspective

Children will be taught to look at the various art mediums for ex: they will be given a general
view about painting cartooning, commercial art, comp graphics, animation and the many
other commercial form of arts.

Art is not merely painting on canvas. Art is the very source of the entertainment world now
which is the highest medium of financial growth.

We would like to invite children from schools to organization to participate in a programme
to give them a overview of the most profitable and challenging career in the world right now,
the multimedia world.

We are setting up a theatre group to build confidence among the children of our community.
This theatre group will apply olden techniques with a new approach.

These classes would build self-confidence and charisma among children.

There is a yoga session which will be conducted by professionals. This yoga sessions are
specially designed to cater for the senior citizens, dementia patients and adults and children.
Conducted in smaller groups, special yoga exercises will be taught for specific cases

Nature is given a lot of importance in our programmes where we have an ample space with
herbal garden which will cater for children and adult alike where knowledge of natural

Workshops will be conducted with themes in line with social buildings and self-awareness.