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LC 1000
Volume 2

8. (A) He is helping a customer.
(B) He is booking tickets for a play.
(C) He is reaching to get something.
(D) He is doing some grocery shopping.

9. (A) They are being introduced to one
Part 01
1. (A) She is doing the dishes. (B) The woman is receiving a sales award.
(B) She is cleaning the kitchen counter. (C) The people are performing on stage.
(C) She is preparing a dish for her family. (D) They are shaking hands with each
(D) She is looking out the window.

10. (A) They are walking away from the plane.
2. (A) He is locking the bicycle against the
fence. (B) Some passengers are waving their
(B) He is putting away the guitar in its case.
(C) People are lined up to board the plane.
(C) He is playing a musical instrument.
(D) The plane is about to land at the airport.
(D) He is walking along the river.

3. (A) The man is putting away the ladder.
Part 02
(B) The man is painting the house.
(C) The man is replacing the window. 11. What time is your job interview?
(D) The man is working on the ladder. (A) Yes, it's a great job.
(B) At two thirty.
4. (A) They're studying in a library.
(C) It's a great watch.
(B) They're seated around the table.
(C) They're putting up signs on the wall. 12. Is there a gas station near here?
(D) They're sorting through books on the (A) Roughly an hour ago.
(B) Sure, there is one on the corner.
(C) I didn't leave it here.
5. (A) There are pictures on display outside.
(B) The women are shopping in a store.
13. When will the next bus arrive?
(C) The building is being painted.
(A) At the bus station.
(D) The street is busy with cars today.
(B) To the library.
(C) In ten minutes.
6. (A) They are working on the roof.
(B) They are sitting on the lawn.
14. Why is John late?
(C) They are looking for some tools.
(A) With Susan.
(D) They are trimming the grass.
(B) He is stuck in a meeting.
(C) At five o'clock.
7. (A) A bridge extends into a building.
(B) The building entrance is blocked by
15. Do you know where Nancy put the folders?
(A) I know it, too.
(C) An archway has been built over the
(B) The sales report.
(C) It should be in the cabinet.
(D) There is traffic on the bridge today.

164 Economy LC I000

16. Is Ms. Gomez in the meeting now? 24. It's very crowded here today, isn't it?
(A) She is busy now. (A) Yes, it's very quiet today.
(B) To meet with a client. (B) I haven't seen him yet.
(C) No, she stepped out earlier. (C) Yes, it gets like this on the weekend.

17. Where is your new car parked? 25. Is the boss still on vacation?
(A) Yes, it is quite new. (A) He should be coming back today.
(B) In the underground garage. (B) No, I'm flying there.
(C) I bought it last week. (C) Sure, I will talk to him later.

18. Why have we wasted so much paper? 26. Why didn't you come to lunch today?
(A) Yes, they're mostly garbage. (A) I had to finish up some work here.
(B) It's a great article, I think. (B) It was very delicious, thanks.
(C) We needed to make a lot of copies. (C) At the company cafeteria.

19. How will we be able to tell who John is? 27. When are the applications due?
(A) John is the new assistant here. (A) For the accounting job.
(B) Don't worry. I know what he looks like. (B) You still have a couple of days.
(C) He's a very dependable person, (C) It's the form on the table.
28. Who did you meet last night?
20. Did you make arrangements for a car? (A) At exactly six o'clock.
(A) That is going to be great. (B) No, why do you say that?
(B) I called the rental agency earlier. (C) An old friend from college.
(C) Sure, I will meet you there tonight.
29. Mr. Chen wants to see you.
21. I really enjoyed the movie. (A) No, I don't know him very well.
(A) I told you that you would, didn't I? (B) Really? Do you know why?
(B) No, let's watch it later. (C) When will the meeting take place?
(C) Which show would you like to see?
30. Why did you decide to take on the project?
22. Who has enough time to take on this job? (A) The project will start this week.
(A) I'll take it over to his office later. (B) They take too long to finish.
(B) Sandra should be able to do it. (C) I like to take on new challenges.
(C) I think I had plenty today.
31. How many days are you going to take off
23. If you need a lift later, just come and ask this year?
me. (A) Two weeks, probably.
(A) I'll be going that way as well. (B) Okay, I'll turn it off later.
(B) Sure, you can ask me anytime. (C) To visit my sister in New York.
(C) Thank you. I think I will. Script 165

' (C) At two o'clock this afternoon. lunch at one? I really have to ask you (C) I have to step into a meeting now. . Haven't you already been there a couple of after you've had your lunch? I have some times before? work to do and I will be eating my lunch at (A) No. : w: Could you tell me what time we are supposed to meet at the restaurant tonight? M: Well. my desk today. 40. When is the last day for submitting the most. to return this item? M: Thank you. (A) We'll take the van instead of the car.m. but I am not sure if I did a good (B) Sure. 166 Economy LC 1000 www. w: I really like the speech you gave this 37. Mary. (C) I'd be delighted. Would you be interested in seeing a play (A) You can call me this afternoon. Mark told us to be there about half an hour earlier than the rest of the staff members. (C) Next Friday at 5 p. ~ . Sandra is looking great these days. (C) Why do we have to do that? (B) He is an interesting guy. Part 03 (B) For the last two weeks. (B) Yes. 34. week for it.44-46 refer to the following conversation. job. M: All right. I hope it wasn't too long. Erick. Why can't we have the meeting here? 39. 33. go to the window in the back. w: In that case. I'll call her directly from my office.32. can you spare some time today at three o'clock? 35. T -···· . w: Robert. this will be my first time. time is very precious. Why don't you come by my office 36. so we should get there by 6:30. The drive to the head office won't take too (A) To talk about the next project.f~7~49 r~f~r to the following conversation. Can we talk about my pay now. long. will it? (B) The sales staff is going to use it. this weekend? (B) Yes. it depends on traffic. request form? M: Really? I'm really glad to hear that because (A) To ask for a few days off from work. (B) I went with him last time. it was a lot of fun. (B) Well. (A) Probably during lunch today. The company telephone directory needs to be updated. (C) I'll look for it today. (A) Yes.. (C) On the second floor conference room. she's been working out lately. I prepared all (A) Yes. (C) They're 30 percent off the regular price. isn't she? (A) .nhantriviet. Could you please tell me where I should go morning. I especially like the part where you talked about saving costs the 38. it is refundable with a receipt. or should I M: I'm sorry Jane but I will be in a meeting come back later? from two o'clock until four o'clock. (C) To attend the annual conference. can we get together right after (B) You can come by anytime. You know. it was perfect. I spent the most amount of time gathering information about that particular topic. something about the project I'm working on. w: No.

Yamamoto? M: All right. I'll meet you in the front this year. weeks to schedule a time. making the trip out here with your manager. M: I guess the budget has been reduced. then. lobby at 1 then. Our restaurant opens at 5 a. Mr. W: Oh. Why restaurant opens in the morning? I have an don't we just reschedule the meeting after I early meeting with a client tomorrow and I come back? would like to have breakfast before I take W: That will be fine. However. we will arrive at the hotel at six thirty. is that right? I guess I'll be seeing a lot We're having lobster for dinner.. It's been a long time since I last had any seafood. W: Oh. Steve Thomas? M: It is five thirty now. Brown. great. but I heard it's only being held for time? three days. rather than the usual 5 days.. but we only have suites facing the lake right now and I'm sorry to tell you this but I couldn't book they're much more expensive. scheduled to start next Monday. are fully Script 167 . our accountant this morning. I'll take the room facing the city. Do you think it's possible Would you care to take either one of these for us to have our meeting next week rooms? instead. Mr. by the way. M: Well. Mr. did you get a chance to say hello to our new staff member. have to be there at least an hour early to set up the equipment for the presentation. Is he the new W: What time are we going to have dinner? I guy in the sales department? didn't eat much for lunch and I am getting a M: No. He is assisting You'll have half an hour to freshen up Mary with her work. Smith? Janice. that's John you're talking about. isn't there? lunch at one just to give ourselves plenty of W: Yes. then. W: Yes. I will call you back in two off to meet him.nhantriviet. I have to see a client near there at 5 o'clock today and the meeting W: When do you think we should leave for the should last about an hour. I didn't because I was in a meeting with museum in thirty minutes at six. W: I don't think you will have any problems M: That sounds fine. will you be with that. M: That sounds good. the lake. Steve is M: Well. www. it'll take about an hour to get M: There is an annual company convention in there so why don't we take off right after Atlanta later this month. working in your department. I'm looking forward to it. By the way. We'll be leaving the W: No. W: I'm terribly sorry. I will be going to Europe for a Now. W: Let's see . of him. and in fact.m. He's bit hungry. could you tell me what time your business conference for two weeks. All the flights do have rooms facing the park or the city.W: That's perfect. we a flight to Tokyo this week. conference? M: I guess that means you will be going M: It's scheduled to start at three o'clock but we straight to the restaurant from there. before we meet at the restaurant at seven. I heard that the convention was almost canceled this year because the I'd like a non-smoking room with a view of situation is so bad. please.

John has taken a leave of you get your car fixed. Now. to talk to us about the changes that are occurring in our environment and what we can do to better I'd like to show my appreciation to all the staff protect it. you might 168 Economy LC JOOO www. Now.nhantriviet. Would everyone please give a warm before we begin boarding the ship. is here to take over John Maybe I should take mine there as well. I've decided not to take my car into have some real fun this evening. attention for a minute? This morning we have a M1: I know. professor at Buffalo University. and the ribs are priced at $12. too. The roast beef and pork we board. and thank you for calling Tom Stone's desk. Anyway. your phone number after the tone and I will get Anyway. William Chow. we have gathered here this evening as a result of our achievement with this year's sales campaign. Let. be back at this port. I'm sure all "O" and the receptionist will handle your call. and welcome. me know how good of a job they do after As you know. please press the renovation work in this building. Chow. First of all. Once special on the menu. I cannot say in words how much I Welcome to Sophie's Place. Ellen Parker. celebrate. I'm Part 04 so happy to say we found William because he comes to us with a lot of experience and will be able to fill the gap John has left. absence to be with his ill father in France and we desperately needed someone who can take over the project John has been working on. everyone. I'd calls because I am away on a business trip in like to say how much I appreciate seeing each New York to attend a business seminar from and every one of you at our May meeting of the August 10 to August 13. if you are not a meat lover. The roast beef dinner is priced at and dancing until 11. Parker? know. As you welcome to Dr. if I may. of you will be impressed by the new look of the Otherwise. so let's forget all about work and John. Hello. I'd like to recommend our chef's planned for your enjoyment this evening. we are here to However. My name is Paul appreciate the hard work each and every one of Rogers and I will be serving you this evening. a and have a nice day.99. I'd like to remind everyone that mornings. but I found a better place near my new employee at our company and his name is house. please leave a brief message and building when we convene again in July. Simpson's position as the advertising manager. who comes to us from M2: Really? I need to get my car serviced soon. And it's . As back to you as soon as possible. I am currently unavailable to answer any Hello. M2: Why David? I thought you said they did a great job on your car the last time you had Good morning everyone. If this is an urgent call and you need there will be no meeting next month because of to get in touch with me right away. let's get back to today's agenda. I will be Lester Society. Thank you you know. Then at 7 o'clock we will enjoy some music vegetables. Jagar Incorporated. However. before I begin with the checking my answering machine daily in the day's program. you will enjoy the finest seafood ribs are excellent and reasonably priced. we have many great things Now. Mr. George's Garage today. we have invited Dr. They cuisine prepared by one of the best chefs in this both come with a potato and steamed city. at which time we should $9.99. you put in. May I have your a problem with it.

This company collects separated during the Korean war and only found these unwanted phones and fixes them up. this picnic is held every year so that staff members in Welcome back. Now. Mr. and the direction industry indicates that there are over 20 million he will be taking this company. even though we work in three-month journey and the hardships he the same building. However. Robert Bentley. I have a very important announcement to make this morning.12 years later! Let's all welcome Mr. they export them out to 35 other second movie. Good morning staff. As you know. will be appointed to www. Admission is $10 for adults. is about two siblings who were a lucrative business. Thank you for calling Fox Cinema.99 and is also very tasty. Now. different departments have a chance to get to we spoke to a man who had ridden his bicycle know each other in a non-working environment. $7 for students and senior citizens. Fifteen Minute there are two movies showing. to get back to the endured as well as the people he met along the day's event. who has served 25 years of his life with this company. has achieved many feats · over the years and we are all sad to see him go. has decided to step down from his position and retire. developing markets around the world. Stevenson priced at $7. each other after 30 years of separation. everyone! Earlier in the show. through his own ambition. is about a man who. Bentley's position. The first movie. Sean Stevenson. Let's all give them a big cheer recently . He told us about his work directly with you. I would like everyone to pick up a way. families to our tenth annual company picnic here at Lakeville Park. Mr. Mr.nhantriviet. Joe White to the show. a small local firm. we will meet with another man who nametag at Area C if you have not already done will be going to Europe this summer in hopes of so. He's here to nametag.want to try the vegetable fried rice. becomes the richest man in the world. around the country to raise money for the It's not easy to get to know those who don't National Cancer Society. joined our company five years ago as the general manager of marketing. and have some fun . This is bad news because it is becoming hazardous to our environment and is also causing some serious landfill problems. Too Big. It is important that all of you wear a finally meeting his long lost son. the first event of the day is a tell us about the amazing story of how his son friendly volleyball game between the sales team was switched at birth at a hospital bed in and the personnel team right after this London and how he only learned of this fact announcement. Bentley. has been able to turn this problem into Sisters. The Then. We look forward A recent study conducted by the mobile phone to his new style of leadership. That's take over Mr. unwanted used cell phones in circulation in this nation. Script 169 . Recycle. Anyway. Mr. but quickly climbed to the director's level. our marketing vice president. However. Our president. and $5 for children under the age of 13.

(A) The vegetables are being weighed. (B) With the staff members. (A) They're parking their vehicle. (B) She is shopping for some clothes. (B) Some vehicles are parked in the lot. (C) They are walking into the building. buildings. (C) It was very good. 7. (A) There are houses on both sides of the road. change. 11.nhantriviet. (D) He is delivering some items to a (D) He is changing the film in his camera. (A) She is walking home. . (A) The greenhouse is filled with plants. (A) At the restaurant. (C) He is using photographic equipment. I 170 Economy LC 1000 www. 2. (B) He is drawing a picture of some (B) He is pushing a cart in front of him. (D) They're shopping at an outdoor market. 6. (D) The goods are displayed on the stand. 13. (A) The salesperson is cleaning the room . 8. (D) The houses have been built next to Part 01 each other. (C) The grass is being trimmed at the moment. (B) Some tables have been set up (B) The presentation is nearly over. (B) The goods have been arranged. (A) A man is pointing at the screen. (A) He is looking at some pictures. 5. (D) The man and woman are making a purchase. (C) The cars have stopped at the lights. Do you like working by yourself or in a (B) The jewelry is being discounted. 1. (D) The audience is getting ready to leave. 10. outdoors. (C) I talked to her. (B) She is doing great. (C) He is tying the boxes with a string. (D) They are building wooden benches. How was the food? (B) Some people are waiting for the bus. 12. (C) The man is asking a question. 4. (D) She is strolling on the sidewalk. (A) He went by himself. (C) The items are being stocked. (A) The people are seated on the benches. (C) A group of five people. (A) He's loading the cartons onto a cart. (B) Either suits me fine. (D) The shelves are nearly empty. customer. 3. group? (C) The items have been put in bags. Part 02 (B) They're getting on a bus. Where did Mary go? (C) They're waiting for the traffic light to (A) To the head office. (C) She is ready to cross the road.

Gomez. (A) Yes. a couple of times. we don't have much time. 18. Wong in our Hong Kong (B) Yes. (B) Nine hundred dollars. (C) Of course.14. 25. I'd like to place an order from your catalog. 16. (B) The annual conference at the home Script 171 .nhantriviet. 24. but maybe later. It's not too far. (A) I believe it was Ms. 15. (A) Yes. (B) Sorry. it's related somehow. 28. Do you want to pick up something to eat on (C) What do you want to do? our way? (A) I asked John to pick her up. (C) No. (B) He is not a member here. 27. (B) To pack some equipment for the trip. (A) Let's head back soon. (A) Thank you. (B) I'm surprised you don't know her. move to another place? (B) It is far better. too. take it. Who requested the sales report? (C) She's my cousin . I report to Mr. 20. Why is the light on in the storage room? (C) He was stuck in traffic. 19. You've been here a few times before. (B) I already called him. (C) No. Why did John miss the conference today? (C) Seven of us are going together. Where is the phone list of our company staff members? (C) No. 21. I like it. haven't you? (C) I'll give him a call in the afternoon. I must have forgotten to turn it store? off. (B) Sorry. (A) He speaks Chinese fluently. (A) Could you tell me the item number? (B) I placed it next to the conference table. (A) Because it's a bit too bright in there. 23. (B) Mr. I will not be going th ere. it is not new. they're not refundable. (C) No. (A) The Internet. Would you like to go out and eat? (C) I can't hear you too well. we will deliver it right away. (B) We store most of our goods there. I don't want it. I didn't know you were related to Susan. (A) Jane keeps it in her desk drawer. (A) No. (B) No. (A) The meeting is at 9 o'clock. is it? 22. she did not go out yet. I'll take care of it right away. (A) It doesn't really matter to me. 26. When do you want to take off? (C) The place is quite far from here. That's very nice of you. 29. I don't think so. (B) No. Johnson. Would you like a hand with those bags? (C) By the end of the day. Would you rather have the meeting here or (A) Yes. (A) Right away. Could you return these DVDs back to the (C) Sorry. I brought my lunch today. (B) Sure. Should I call Mr. How much was the new computer? (C) Sure. 17. www. Smith is leading it today. office today? (C) The restaurant closes at ten.

I was there last year and I had a 35.50 and your letter and package will go out before (C) To land a contract. (A) Yes. (A) The documentary will be about an hour (B) The boss is coming. Toronto. Who is looking after the new account? (C) Just bring the folder I gave you this (A) John's been assigned to it. (A) Oh? Where will he be? M. The sales clerk wasn't very kind. (C) Let's read it over once again. The total comes to $9. w: Thank you. I have a friend who works at a travel (B) He should get some life insurance. flight to Mexico. and could I also have some stamps as business trip to Shanghai? well? I'd also like to send this letter to (A) She speaks Chinese. I am getting a bit hungry. Didn't you go yet? (B) John will be here at noon. M: Would you like me to weigh that on a scale for you? 37. (B) Later this week. When will Ms. my brother has a condominium and I (C) No. 36. Chow return from her w: Yes.30. M: Of course. I have. 33. too. Canada. 31. Which documents do I have to prepare for take the bus? the interview? (A) Let's get a lift with John. w: That's great. What kind of books do you like reading? anyway? (A) Ones that make me think. Did you make hotel reservations (A) It's on sale today. (C) No. And could you tell me how long it will take for the package to get there? 172 Economy LC lOOO www. 40. was she? great time. (B) I've looked everywhere for it. noon today. (B) I've already prepared everything for the interview. (B) No. Who is supposed to come and pick up the (C) The new accountant sits here. script? (A) I'll pick you up later. (B) Let's watch a comedy movie. yet? (B) There are many kinds there. Part 03 34. afternoon. When are you taking off. M: Well. (C) Maybe later. Shouldn't we eat something before plant? watching the movie? (A) Yes. not here. I'm afraid he won't be there when we arrive this afternoon. too? long. she wasn't. (B) . Would you like to get a ride with John or 39. Have you heard about the strike at our 38. thanks. w: Wow. (C) I read it several times as well . (C) There is always something to do. agency and he got me a great deal on a (C) I'm sorry about that. (A) I went over it twice. (C) It's going very nicely. the meeting got canceled . am going to stay there. I don't like it very much. (B) I booked it for three o'clock. 32.

I completely forgot that I today. right? w2: No. but I seem to be forgetting comes by with the boxes you had asked things lately. I forgot all about that. It's always company party this evening? good to get a referral from someone. w1: Jane. but what should I do if Mr. Wells. Eric. it's only 2 o'clock. I need to make some copies of the financial report before the meeting and I can't find it w: I see. it's going to be held in early January of next year. good place. In the meantime. Ms. I'll drop by the post office on my near here? One of my teeth is hurting and I way back from lunch then . I'm looking to go to city hall. Do you think I should call a courier more hours before we finish for the day. M: Thanks. Would you by chance know a good dentist All right. M: No need for that. Sanchez? days off to relax. early tomorrow morning instead? I have to be here when he brings those boxes because I need to check the contents. I'll call him and let him know right Would you know where it is by any chance? away. Maybe I need to take a few for. you should take a few days off. that's right. M: Yes. Miller earlier? M: Jenny. w: Excuse me.nhantriviet. Go west for another two blocks and you will see it next to the post office. There is a burger shop there now. Just walk down this road for two blocks and you will see a grocery store on the corner. w Yes. Do you think I could go with you anywhere. I got an e-mail confirmation this morning from our head office. did you hear anything about the time of our annual conference yet? w: Yes. that's right. w: Didn't you go and see Mr. I am stepping out to meet a client Maybe you left it there. No. Sandra. I'm getting a lift with Sean. think I should go and see someone about it. I'm service? sure that we will get the call. There is a shoe store near there. It should get to the home office within a couple of days. However. We still have a few Shaw. M. that's right. Thompson? W: I'm sorry but I'm not very familiar with this area. the shoe store closed down a while ago. will you be taking your car to the w: Yes. Isn't it going to be held in December as usual? M: No. nothing. what do you want me to do with this load of copies I made for Ms. I have to go and see the around here. I think I will do that. Mr. Do you know where it is? guys? I was supposed to go with Sally. Why don't you go and ask general manager now and I'll drop them off her? She could probably refer you to a in her office on my way. I took my car into a garage to get it fixed last night and I had to take the bus to work this morning. Of course. w1: No. Just send it by mail. Black know what it is. together and asked me to send it to Mr. I don't W: All right. had asked him to read it over for me. now and won't be coming back to the office M: Script 173 . w: Okay. They said they will call today to let us know exactly Mr. the receptionist lives Give them to me. w2· Well. You've Could you call him and ask him to come by been working way too hard. Lee finished putting the monthly report when. I don't want to just walk and see any dentist. It costs too much. but www. I know what you mean.

now. so let me know what you think is best. there. free. 74-76 ~efer to the following report. Now. Please make your way to gate 15 at . Ron. update. I parked my car on the side of the road and I have to 77-79 refer to the following announcement. really? I thought you had to have a And if you are one of the first 50 customers in library card and show it to the parking the store on Saturday or Sunday. just children's play Pinocchio at the Dragon Theater. With Nature 8. I went by your office this afternoon but this time. This is John Brenner. boarding. w: Oh. is now home but I have to talk to you about something. don't miss out on this sale of the century and come down Part 04 to Vick's Wear this weekend. I'm sure that Sean wouldn't mind. · 83-85 refer to the following advertisement. I don't thunderstorms is headed our way from the have to worry about my skin anymore because 174 Economy LC 1000 www. this is Dave. So. I'll you leave for work this morning. Thank you and we apologize meeting to the week after next. There May I have your attention. which will take you right to think it would be a better idea to postpone the College Station. for the local traffic situation this year's Olympics. I'm sorry to bother you at number 16. fastest skier by putting in a lot of time on the The beautiful sunshine we are enjoying at the slopes. May I have your attention. make one. Vick's Wear will be having a sale on all children's M: Why don't you just park your car behind the wear starting this Friday and lasting until library? You can park there all day and it's Sunday. as a reminder. bypass College Station. gold medalist at Thank you. I became the world's around the city.nhantriviet. 80-82 refer to the following announcement. If your destination is Also. It looks like heavy rain with possible until I found Nature 8. I'm at home right for any inconvenience. Hi. Joe will be taking his vacation next week. get off at Shaw Street and take meeting is still going to be held on Monday? I bus number 23. College Station. she has to leave early to see a client today. If you don't have a card. receive two free tickets to see the famous M: Well. heading for Central Station. with some items up to 50% off the regular price. you should get off at University so he won't be attending the meeting as well. construction of you were with a client. Those long hours in the cold helped my moment is expected to come to an end by this skiing ability. It only takes a few minutes and it costs nothing. This has been Jeff Willis with the weather 68-70 refer to the following conversation. you do. Street and walk two blocks north. if you are thinking of buying clothes for your children as they head back to school. news right after this commercial break. . passengers! Bus Angela. The weather for ask him over lunch today and let you know this weekend seems a bit brighter with sunshine by one o'clock. Listeners should pack an umbrella as M: Well. you will attendant. northwest. Also. put more coins in the parking meter. but I have to step out for a minute. We will be right back with local business w: I'm terribly sorry to interrupt this meeting. for the weather update. I wanted to let you know some broken water pipes on Pape Street is still that Kevin is not feeling well and probably won't ongoing and bus number 16 is going to have to be attending the Monday morning meeting. All items in the store will be on sale. but left my skin dry and rough - afternoon. If you do not Could you call me back and let me know if the wish to walk. returning and temperatures in the upper teens. shoppers! We here at is only a one-hour limit there.

Therefore. you will not First. Of course. I am going to invite Mr. Consumers do not like to drive out to have here. I'd like to first let you all know that my cell phone. Now.... As the last week of our spring sales campaign. it is my pleasure to welcome each and every one Otherwise. we warm round of applause for Mr. we will try to call you back as soon as we can. Many of our competitors about the important key points about our have turned to this line of business with company policy. if you'd leave you please open the manual you picked up on your name and your phone number along with a your way in and turn to page 12? brief message about why you are calling. ' ' .:aa'refer ~. out there and do our best. the real reason behind weather is the main reason for the poor sales at our growth is the excellent staff members we our store. And for the time being. the Z-12 fax printer.. the all-natural ingredients in Nature B do this area in order not to lag behind our wonders for it. wouldn't you? our customers call us with minor problems that can be fixed in a matter of minutes.t-t. a slight drop in our consumers in the last few years because of their sales during the last quarter indicates that bad high quality. If 98-100 refer to the following speech. we have only been around for five years. I'd like to be lying on However. However. However. us about how we are going to build our website. We watch a training video regarding the new apologize in advance but we are away on machine. At a customer's request sometimes.. Now.000 employees nationwide. I want to let you all know that you have only need to sell our fax machines but you must done a tremendous job so far.. but we have grown rapidly and now have more than 2. As you know. As you the beep. 95·9i refer·to the following· excerpt from a I have asked you all to gather here on this workshop. know. Our training system is one of the shop during snowstorms and we've had many best in the world.""""' Hfif. You will Thank you for calling the Lee residence. Thank you and have a wonderful day. if the problem is serious. you I would like very much to win it this year. please call me on Good morning. For this reason. Our products As you can see in the graph on page 3 of the have gained an excellent reputation among report I have given you. Now. I don't will be in a situation where you will need to fix have to remind you that the prize for the first the machine to provide the best service to our place team is a trip to the Bahamas with all Script 175 . we have decided to launch an our training session by giving you some pointers online shopping site. you can competitors. Now.. - to the following talk. The number is 755-7722. in order to resolve Smith onto the stage and he is going to begin this problem. our experience tells us that most of the beach this time next month. Smith? have decided that we must also venture into www. days like that this year. I have recently get a free sample by just calling this toll-free hired a webmaster. this call is concerning work. we also have some knowledge of how the system are in a tie with Derek's team for first place and works. Monday morning to remind you that this week is Hello. would can't answer your call. the salespeople of our company.nhantriviet. . Would everyone please give a success beyond expectation. and then you will get a chance to vacation from January 12th until the 17th and assemble the machines yourself. expenses paid by the company. and welcome to our workshop today. Anyway. latest model. please leave a message right after of you to Global Systems Incorporated. !. 89-91 refer to the following telephone today you will be taught how to assemble the message_ . He is here today to talk to number: 1-800-999-9898. let's go we have technicians who will make the trip.

(A) They're working in an art studio. (8) I think he's okay. 8. (8) A man is buying a newspaper. (A) The boxes of goods are ready for (C) They're drawing pictures outdoors. (A) The shelves are being stocked. (A) A man is about to sit on the bench. (8) They're listening to a lecture. boxes. food . (8) He is petting the animal. 3. 11. How long is the wait at the ticket booth? 6. When is the proposal due? 5. (D) He is going over the fence. equipment. Lee. (A) For the play. (8) He's walking through the room . (A) The men are working outdoors. (A) He is washing a cow. (C) Two men are facing away from each other. (A) A lab technician is putting away the Part 01 equipment. (C) They're preparing a dish in the kitchen. stand. (C) The room is equipped with laboratory (C) He is running around the barn. (A) In the lobby. (D) They're standing in the front lobby. (C) To boost up the sales. (8) To ask for a raise. 1. (D) They are sitting across from each other. 13. (D) A man is entering the building. Part 02 4. (8) The men are cutting down trees. . 12. (C) A man is reading while sitting. (D) The goods have been put into the (8) One man is looking at the monitor. (C) Check with Mr. (D) He's leaning on a walking stick. Economy LC l 000 www. To whom should I forward this package? (8) There are books on the floor. (A) They're lined up to enter the restaurant. shelves. (C) At the post office. (D) They're looking at paintings in a (8) There are products for sale on the museum. 10. (D) The men are painting the building. (C) He's using a long pole. (C) The men are replacing the windows. 14. (C) Due to the rain. (8) They're helping themselves to some (8) About fifteen minutes. (A) He's painting the side of a fence. 9. (A) Next week. (A) They're taking a walk together. (8) The shelves are being filled at the moment. (D) The lids of the bottles are being removed . Should I book the largest hall or will a medium-sized one be okay? 7. (C) The items are being priced by the clerk. (A) I look forward to it. (D) A man is booking tickets to a play. (C) Some reading materials are on the (8) Professor Jenson. delivery.nhantriviet.

at 3 o'clock. I need to pick up my car from the garage. Would you like to get some coffee? 23. (C) I really like her a lot. (B) Next Tuesday. it's in the next room. (B) I'm going to the restaurant later. Why don't we take Robin along with us? (A) I'll ask him to bring it with him. (C) I have a compact car. Did you withdraw money from the bank? (B) At the Crown hotel. (A) I'll do it on my way back from lunch. please. 24.nhantriviet. (A) I made a sale today. When's your day off? (B) Go to the maintenance department. wasn't it? (B) I'll give you a lift. (C) The sales report is in it. (C) The boss will be here. 26. (C) I'm going to work soon. I don't like the color. (A) I park my car in the underground garage. 25. Where can I find John Smith? (A) He's on the next floor up. (B) Lots of housework. too. (A) I am very tired. 17. Have you taken care of the work. 18. (A) I saw Mike taking it earlier. (A) She left five minutes ago. Why don't we use the catering service we (C) He's not here. Would you prefer taking a day off this week. (C) No. or next week? 21. report? (8) Fifteen copies. it was delicious. 30. parking spot? (C) He's gone to see a client today. I don't like it much. (B) No. That was the best dish I have ever tasted. used at our last party? (A) The party is this Friday. (C) Yes. (8) I have a bank account there. (8) I need to go to my dentist. Script 177 . it's his first day here. He's the new sales manager.15. or should (A) To help me with the project. John is arriving. 16. How do you get along with your new assistant? 20. (C) No. (B) He likes to manage people. isn't he? (A) Next week would be nice. (C) It's located on Maple Street. Where did Ms. (A) Yes. (C) Let's take it with us. (C) I believe there is a charge to park there. 27. (A) Yes. 19. (C) He was looking for you. it's a daily report. (B) No. 28. I ask Jill to do it? (8) I want to come along as well. they did a great job. I could use the break. (A) Get Jill to do it. www. (B) On top of your desk. (C) Yes. Who do I need to speak to about getting a (8) Because he is very busy now. 29. Isn't there another bus in ten minutes? (A) Yes. (C) There should be another dish there. Did you see a red folder in the room? (8) I found it in the meeting room . Curtis leave the weekly (A) Sure.

(B) It will be held in room 12. okay? (A) There is plenty of food for everyone. Could (A) Where is he? you give me a lift to the airport after work? (B) In the cabinet. I was thinking of asking some people (B) The place is very close to here. I don't (C) He is due to arrive soon. It's really spacious and the rent is very reasonable. out yet? w: I see that you are done with your meal. thank you . M: Yes. Wong will make the presentation at w: Of course. 178 Economy LC !000 www. (B) . What's the weather forecast for this weekend? Part 03 (A) Probably this Saturday. let's forget about it. (B) Yes. 33. 41-43 refer to the following conversation. Why did Carl rush out of the office like that? documents herself today? (A) He was late for a meeting. (C) To the office upstairs. (B) How about over lunch? (C) The best is yet to come. 40. but let's take off a bit early. let me see . won't he? M: Oh. Rodriguez come by to deliver the 32. (A) John is making the presentation. (C) No. never mind. (C) No. There isn't a subway station near here. (C) I guess he will be coming later. Harris? Angeles to attend the conference.nhantriviet. Is 4 o'clock guests. w: I'm taking the eight-o'clock flight to Los 37. cheeseburger with fries to go. is there? w: That's great. your menu again? I'd like something for take out. I'll be right back with the menu. We can get there a bit early 38. 34. Didn't Ms. I'm going to be there. but there is a bus stop on the corner. When are you going to invite me to see your new place? (A) It would be better to take my car. Could I take these dishes away? (B) I have not checked my mail yet.. today's meeting. w: No problem. how is your new apartment? M: I really like it. 36. M: Well.. Mr. please.?'. he is not like that. I really don't know. And could I take a look at (C) Sorry. Do you know why this box was not mailed 44-46 refer to the following conversation. w: Jim. (B) It's supposed to get really cold . M: Well.31. free tickets to the basketball game.. When's the best time to contact you? presentation today? (A) Try me this afternoon. (B) Let's sign the contract. I'll just get the (A) Yes.4. !. over this Friday but my brother got these (C) No. (C) Well . Could we get together to discuss the 39. want to get stuck in traffic during rush hour. There are not enough chairs for all the and have dinner together. she will do it by herself. (A) Let's send it to her now. (C) No. Could you take this file to Mr. that will be held tomorrow. 35.-~9. refer~to ·the following conversation. (A) She's at the post office now. I do have a meeting with a client at 2 o'clock but I think that will be all (B) How many people are we expecting? right. I think John is doing it. M: Sure. we got the papers.

I'm sure that it will work can be. I don't think I ever want to arrive before your meeting starts at 11. we need people with experience in this to you after I am done? field .John M: Yes. I thought I M: I just got off the phone with him and he said would never be finished with it. I went down to the mailroom earlier Sure. and w: Well. I agree with you. Can you station on King Street. I worked on a project like that last year. here you go. Are you company party this year? going somewhere? w2: Well. I'm glad Johnson. the Internet is not working right now . it's on College Street between what kind of food we should serve at the University Road and Elm Street. Could you pass send. could you bring it up to my office? It costs a bit more but they specialize in There is a problem with my computer and finding the right people. isn't it? w1: Susan. All right. Would you like a ride call them and make the necessary there? arrangements then? w2: Sure. We're thinking of using a job agency. Has it arrived yet? me the stapler? w: Well. Would it be all right if I e-mail it w: No. we? Mr. Our sales have been increasing steadily since last year and we are going to have to M: Sarah. I need to look over the seminar hire more staff around here. Mr. Kwan into M: That is great news but where are we going the program. We'll be discussing the portfolio of our new client in this morning's meeting and I need I need to staple these reports together and to look over the file folder he is going to send them to the manager. you must be very happy with yourself. w: The train station is downtown.. I will drop by your office within the next half hour. Would it be possible to take a to find the qualified people we need? We're look at the latest schedule you have? not going to put out an ad in the paper. It Well. take on a project like that again. Actually. entire thing? M: Really? I live a block away from the train w1: Yes. Do to get the reports together anyway? you want me to call the client and see if he Script 179 . that sounds like a good idea. Perez. way we did the last time.nhantriviet. are I'm not quite finished putting it together yet. I will take care of it right away. that he sent it by courier an hour ago. it took me a long while. you did it this time. It's a lot better than is there looking at it but I don't think he will recruiting people right out of college like the be done fixing it anytime soon. the catering company we used at our w: No. Why don't we greet him at the train station after I finish use them again and let them handle the work here. have you put much thought into M: Yes. the roads are very slippery outside I know how hard and time-consuming the because of the snow. How long did it take you but there wasn't anything there for you. should've arrived by now. schedule to see if we can fit Dr. I've been sent it? working on this for six months. a friend of mine from New York is last party did a wonderful job with the coming to see me tonight and I have to selection of food they served. www. conversation.

and have them delivered to our stores by She is also a leading member of the Flowers next Monday. year's award for the most active member who w: It's too late now. Now. you. However. further notice. Thank there as well. It also has a Street in Markham . conveniently is a two-story house with four bedrooms and a located at the intersection of Maple and Finch large living room on the first floor. please proceed to the gymnasium. a big hand of applause for Sarah Martin? Part 04 May I have your attention. I'd like to mention morning? that she has successfully been able to reach out M: Well. All the delivery people has done the job of letting the world know about have gone home for the day. ladies and gentlemen? The heavy rainstorm we are getting Hello and welcome to the Hillside Ballroom at the moment doesn't seem like it's going to let Dancing Club's first class here at the David and up anytime soon. would everyone give we run out of time. It Thank you for calling Alto Lights. Shawn. Please note that we have extended our is located in a suburban residential area with a store hours from 10 to 7 on weekdays to 9 to 8. I have been informed that most of Eagles is going to have to be postponed until you have finished signing up for the ballet class. floor and ceiling about 40 minutes. drop by and check out commute to the city's downtown area only takes our wide selection of desk. If you outfits and shoes at the door. Association and goes around the country w: Don't worry. We are currently closed large yard in the back of the house with a patio at this time but we will reopen on Monday at 9 and a beautifully-maintained garden. All those in attendance today are At this time. We have plenty of several times a year to give talks about flowers time. 180 Economy LC 1000 www. Thank you. Then. We Attention everyone! It is time to present this are going to have to send these boxes back. make your wish to catch tomorrow's game between the way to the locker room located in the back of Tigers and the Unicorns. the best thing lamps that are priced to suit your needs. Why don't we what we all love. I guess we have no choice but to do to audiences beyond our imagination. this evening's Mary Thompson Collegiate High School baseball game between the Tigers and the gymnasium. nearby park and schools. you can get an the gym to get changed . I just hope we will receive the right as a journalist provided channels to millions of order soon enough to repackage everything people through her daily columns in the Tribune. I assure you that you won't get a price like this for a house this good anywhere. Therefore.m. asked to go to any of the ticket windows located As you enter you will be provided with your at the stadium entrance to get a refund. Plus.nhantriviet. during located within walking distance and the the holiday season. before I read out just send them back first thing in the the name of today's winner. Her work that. about this house is that the owner is in a hurry to sell it off. So. The house a. we always have the weekend if to the general public. The first lesson is exchange of tickets with this evening's tickets scheduled to begin in fifteen minutes. The subway station is and from 11 to 5 on Saturdays to 1o to 6. Now. flowers. The place I am going to show you next is the one I mentioned over the phone this morning.M: I can't believe we got the wrong order.

If the economy In order to renew your license. many of these retail shops up a form at the counter by the door and fill it will be forced to close their doors. actors. we've had several break-ins competition will be selected by a panel of this year. Would you please call me slowdown of our economy are putting a big dent today to discuss this issue further? If I don't get in that market. will slowdown the process. However. I'm calling in regard to the be given access to the office building. sold at half the original price and I would be store owners. Also. come back here and I will assist you . Luckily. As you December 15th. if not worse. if you lose your card. there was not much cash in it All those who participate in the finals will but we've decided that it is time to do receive other small gifts. help with the form. After you are done. worked out if you are willing to give me a report it to the security office immediately. The openings of large shopping willing to keep the order if you are willing to give centers and bulk superstores plus the me a deal on them. However. The delivery took 2 weeks can get a temporary card from the security longer than the date of my request and I would office on the first floor. Please order of the specially-engraved box of hats and make sure to have it with you at all times. you September 16. your name will registering. The final winners of the may have heard. However. back to Jack at the news desk. the leftover items usually get ones that are hit the hardest are the small retail. discount. do not make a like a full refund. you have to pick doesn't pick up soon. and last week. his store alone have dropped nearly 40% and he feels his neighboring merchants are in a similar situation. robbed. the 10 who pass the 2nd tryout will get a I'd like to explain our new company policy chance to compete for the big cash prizes on regarding the security of our offices. something about it. this is Barry Owens. our main vault was judges who are in the entertainment business. A local merchant who I spoke to a call from you. all employees here will be assigned a new Hello. a deal can be habit of doing this. you will Elite Boutique. Then. take a seat in the waiting area. please make your way into the be called. And. the Fox theater? After you have finished When your new license is ready. If you wish to get Now. This has out. You can pick it up at window 7. we have decided to tighten up our security here by having two guards patrolling 24 hours a day. the head manager at electronic card . As I explained earlier. And only with this card. for this reason . Now. I will send them back the first earlier has commented that the daily sales in thing tomorrow morning. now over and I can't sell the items at the regular The economy of our nation is suffering and the price. The 20 chosen you understand the process now? winners in today's tryout will be coming back here on December 1st for the 2nd Script 181 . Also. If for shirts I had placed with your company on any reason you forget the card at home.nhantriviet. and singers line up and receive an eye test. the boxes of shirts and hats I ordered were for the annual corn festival held here in our town. Please do not leave any lines blank as this been Joe Sacchi with the local business report. Do theater for your first tryout. The event is www. Don't forget that there at the table set up in the lobby at this time to is a fee of 50 dollars for renewing your license sign up for the talent contest being held here in as well. line up behind windows 2 through 5 to have your photo taken Would all musicians.

(C) For all the employees. (A) Yes. (A) They are about to sit on the bench. (C) A tractor is parked in the field. (A) The man is serving a customer. (C) The house is brightly colored . (A) There is heavy machinery on the road. (D) They're looking for a place to sit. (D) They are seated next to each other. 4. 3. (A) They're walking back to their houses. last year at a seminar. that is not why. (C) The traffic is busy in this area. (B) The man is reading a book. the week before that. (C) The man is looking for a table. (D) They are sketching the scenery. 9. (D) The runway is being cleared for take-off. (A) He is preparing some food. (C) The cargo is being loaded onto the (B) She had many chances. 12. (D) There are trees surrounding the building. 10. (B) They're headed in the same direction. (D) The office building is being demolished. 1. (D) The man is waiting to be seated. Ashford did. (B) The cars are parked outdoors.nhantriviet. (C) He is cooking for some guests. Stewart before. (C) She forgot her report. (A) One woman is entering data into a Part 01 computer. (A) Yes. (C) Why don't we talk to her? 182 Economy LC I 000 www. Where will the annual seminar be held? (C) They are moving the bench to the shade. Sam? (C) A woman is being photographed. (A) The street is nearly clear of traffic. (B) In Chicago. (B) The cars are parked along the . (B) The women are watching television. (D) The people are lining up to take a taxi. 5. (B) No. 11. (B) No. (A) One woman is buying a camera. '(A) Mr. plane. Why did Michelle come back? 6. (C) They're standing around in the square. (A) The people are walking toward the plane. 13. 2. You've met Ms. 14. (D) He is cleaning the kitchen floor. (A) A worker is mowing the grass. (C) The disc is mine. Which desk is yours. (A)Abo~ha~anhourago . haven't 7. (A) On October. Who gave you the opportunity? (B) The plane is landing at the airport. (B) The one in the back. Part 02 (B) They are walking out of the park. you? (B) The road is being paved at the moment. 8. 15. (B) He is doing the dishes in the kitchen . (B) They are waiting for a friend. (D) All of the computers are turned off. I sit there. (C) I did not offer it to him. (C) They are working at the computers.

there are too many. just these ones here. (B) At the company cafeteria. (C) Right after lunch at 2 o'clock. (C) I'll copy it later. (B) I'm meeting him tonight. Would you like to join me and my (B) Generally not. colleagues for lunch today? (C) In a meeting. he will not be coming with us. 27. 23. What time will you leave for the meeting? (A) The time is over. (B) He is having second thoughts. www. (B) From Tokyo. Why aren't you in the meeting? (B) I'd rent it to save money. 31. 29. I'll bring it into your office. 18. the day after. (A) To talk to the factory workers. How did Lewis get here? (A) By fax. (C) Check with the Script 183 . (A) Yes. (C) Yes.nhantriviet. 32. (C) I'm looking for it as well. not yet. (A) Actually. 17. (C) Yes. (C) We redid it. (B) No. Where is the general manager? (A) To manage it. (C) For one week. (A) Yes. Smith. (A) Yes. 30. (B) No. (B) He is not at work yet. 28. Should I buy or rent the copier? (A) Give it to the receptionist. 26. (A) Ten pages at least. (C) Thanks. I'd be delighted. (C) He got a lift from John. 19. Didn't you hand in the sales report this (A) He's here to see Dr. (C) Yes. 22. You should come along if you're not too busy. I've never thought of that. 21. Are you going to the plant tomorrow? (B) I'll be right with you. he is very opinionated. (C) No. (A) It's being fixed now. (C) For a few weeks. I haven't looked at it yet. 24. (A) It's a long way from here. that is the right one. Who has a copy of the contract? (8) No. (B) No. (B) I'll get us some coffee. (A) On Friday. (A) Yes. (C) I have to get this done first. The copy machine is still not working. Could I take a look at the patient's file? 25. Who is looking into the matter? (A) I asked Jane to take care of it. tomorrow morning. 20. morning? (B) Of course. (A) It's going better than I had expected. he is going as well.16. I think I will. Please feel free to ask me any questions. is it? (8) Right after lunch. How's the project coming along? (B) It's actually looking great. I sold it. Why don't you get a second opinion? (8) To see the manager. When will the guests from Japan arrive? (C) The lunch hour begins at noon. (C) Yes. it's free today.

the problem can be solved easily. I'll feel much better if you show up when pick up a file for a meeting I have with Mr. 34. going straight to his office before I come in (B) Where do you want me to put it? tomorrow. (B) I referred her to Mr. If you're going (B) She's working on the project right now. the market is huge and there is room understanding this problem? for us to grow there. I wonder (A) I'll drop by the post office. M: Actually. I didn't show it to him yet. I need to go back to the office to 40. Jessica will be transferred to our Hong M: I've been reading up on the latest market Kong office. department? w: The job went to Ms. Could you also tell (C) Today is John's birthday. (B) Let's just order something. to expand our business and this will give us an opportunity to break into a new market. me how often your shuttle bus to the airport runs? 36. (C) Okay. Didn't Anna pick up the greeting cards yesterday? M: This is your room key and this is a complimentary breakfast coupon you can (A) Yes. (A) Tomorrow might be good. I always felt that we have (C) Probably because she speaks Chinese. something for the meeting. Williams. (A) Sure. won't she? studies and I really think we should get our (A) Yes. I'd like these bags sent up to (B) Yes. Why is the office so hot today? M: The bus leaves here every ten minutes. w: I agree with you . foot into the children's clothing market. please. w: Thank you very much.33. use in our restaurant in the morning. Smith went with . it is official now. Wong. 38. w: Thank you. tomorrow is a better day. w: All right. when do you want to get together? w: We're done here for the day. M: So. Why is everyone having trouble M: Yes. 39. 41-43 refer to the following conversation. (C) It is a bit hot here. Miller gets here. home I could drop you off at a nearby (C) Why don't we discuss it further? subway station. she will be relocated in May.nhantriviet. I will be available then . (B) She's buying them later today. Curtis first thing tomorrow morning. go to a nearby restaurant? Newman were being considered. work experience. I'll talk to the design team and the planning team today and ask them to prepare (C) The time is not convenient for everyone. (B) Yes. when is he coming? 184 EconomyLC 1000 www. We should discuss the project in detail. why Mr. Jones available for an Part 03 appointment? (A) This Wednesday at 2 is open. my room now. it's probably because she has more (C) The food is quite spicy. who is going to head the new (C) He is at the hospital today. Do you want to get something delivered or M: Really? I thought Mr. I will be (A) No. Mr. w: Well. When is Dr. Why don't we have a (A) Yes. Wong and Ms. meeting this week to pursue this issue (B) Probably because they're not used to further? the terminology. 37. isn't it? 47-49 refer to the following conversation. Williams. 35.

I'll swing by your place this evening.nhantriviet. I received a lot of questions and managed to You can't enter the construction site without hand out pamphlets as well. Mr. Do I agree. I've never done that but I have been ask him questions though. I think we have extras for visitors. There is so much more that I want you know anyone that you can refer to me? to know. I only arrange a meeting? had ninety minutes for my speech but I managed to cover most of the topics I wanted to talk about. w: Steve. my neighbor has this M: Yes. the information he provided was very acupuncturist? detailed. M: That's great to hear because I know how M: I have my boots in the car but I left the hard you had worked preparing for it. not yet. Lee grew up in Pittsburgh. let me get his nu. I've been working really hard for the truck he bought two years ago and it's in last two months and if everything goes well. country and he wants to get rid of it. have you picked up a used truck for your business yet? We have ourselves a little problem. M: Really? I didn't know that Mr. I'm massage therapy but it doesn't seem to do thinking that he must have put in a lot of much good. It's just that when I left the fantastic. And after the talk. time preparing for it. Grey. M: Have you tried sending them to an M: Yes. He's moving out of the I might be able to close the deal tomorrow. Would you like to check it out? M: How did the presentation go in Los Angeles. I went out to dinner with a couple meanwhile. your hard hat and safety boots. I send them to w: Mr.mber for you . why don't we talk to Mr. I forgot. hard hat back in the office. I've been sending my patients to a and ask him to arrange a meeting with him? doctor I was introduced to a few months I heard they know each other from high ago and they seem to recover quite fast. I did. M: No. Here. I just wish we had more time to w: No. but I can't seem can't continue working today. perfect condition . They took hard hat. You're going there to try to w: Oh. I've been looking in the paper Ross. Lee M: Yes. Mary? Of course. Hey. right? bought one. I get a lot of patients who sprain their muscles from doing sports. Anyway. Why there? don't you go and get your boots and in the w: Yes. I just got a call from the head painter and have been visiting some of the used and he said that they are out of paint and car dealerships in the city. me to this lobster restaurant and it was Thank you. hearing about it from my colleagues. I thought you already land the contract. following conversation. school. I wasn't planning on coming by here. Fujimoto's speech was really good. to find anything for the price I am willing to M: Are you kidding me? We have to get the pay. I told him about you and he's willing to meet the price you want to spend on it. Can you talk to your neighbor and w: It went much better than I thought. Don't you have a Anyway.w: Ah yes. did you also have time to look spare one that I could borrow for today? around the city and enjoy the seafood Yes. entire house finished by Friday because the www. I'll ask John to bring you a of people from the head office. that's good. office this morning. Script 185 .

please press 1 now.000 employees right here players is to hike up the seating prices. the owner of the city's The telecommunications industry's two largest baseball team told reporters that next year's names.s at today's always. I will be in the office until 5 today. please make your way to the morning and they can't do anything until check-out counter at this time. Please do not leave right away and explain the situation to him. have ticket prices will be increased by 10%. we'd like you to attend the new delivery. If you are calling to enquire about a our company. next week. we will reopen Wednesday at 9 o'clock. Now we go to the streets of Chicago to likely have an official statement to make early talk to some people about the latest news. 74-76 refer to the following report. plea. Stone did not reveal the detail. if good news that you have been chosen among you know the extension number of the person the 400 applicants we had interviewed over the you wish to speak to. If you'd like an employee orientation at our head office in New update of your account balance. a reminder that I'm sure that they could get the job done if tomorrow is a national holiday and we will be they work overtime all this week. Attention everyone! The library will be closing in 186 Economy LC l 000 www. We'd like you rates. Miller. the paint will be delivered tomorrow check out books. we ask that then. T-Solutions and Wireless Telecom. In sports news today. This has been Susan Stevens reporting for CHCH Radio. please press 2 York next .s e wait on the line and details of your trip. closed. Kelly Thank you for calling the Tanner Warehouse. the rising salaries of the players which have A spokesperson of T-Solutions told reporters that been on the rise in the last few years. He been trying to close a deal that is rumored to be explained that the main reason for the hike is the biggest in the industry's history. price hike is bad news for the fans. owner will be coming back from their trip 15 minutes and we ask everyone to get ready next Monday. And lastly. the fans will continue to support their press conference but hinted that he will most team. this is Julia Lee from the Universal Research Center with a message for Ms. but as Mr. He they have been looking at a possible joint project further explained that the team is having a hard with Wireless and they are very close to signing time meeting the payrolls of the players and a contract. Part 04 recorded Hi. If you have any questions. However.nhantriviet. This in our city including building a factory in Lansing. Now. However. If you wish to talk to to come in to the office tomorrow to get the an operator. please press 3 now. The please don't hesitate to call me at 755-0909. I am calling in regards to the interview We're terribly sorry but all of our operators are you had this morning and I'd like to tell you the currently busy with calls at this time. As I told you during interview. Also. For those who want to w: Well. What do you want me to do? you return all newspapers and magazines to M: Okay. someone will be with you very shortly. If you'd like to listen to the day's special it is mandatory for you to attend. estimated waiting time is about 5 minutes. If this deal becomes finalized they will their only choice besides trading away the top be hiring more than 3. them on the tables. please press it at this week. now. get in touch with the head painter the reference department. to leave the building. This is something everyone in our city can look forward to. as one of the newest members of time.

you will be www.nhantriviet. get the sales you want. We successful company. The talk of the 95-97 refer to the following announcement. do not run. arrive at our final destination around midnight. It is known those who already had dinner. Anyway. the stars will a couple of years ago and if it weren't for these Script 187 . As you go down the stairs. if you are looking for an We have just departed from Toronto UniOn appliance at bargain prices.ake an appearance and you will get a chance to meet them and ask questions at that time. We're open daily from 10 until 10 take approximately six hours and we should except on Sundays when we close at 8. We will be inviting the tops sales you have been invited to watch will begin in a people from our company to help you with the few minutes. we'd like you to sit back and enjoy a. we realize Thank you and enjoy the show. They will help you find the destination. the following excerpt from a Also. And for loss. Mystery. As you know. Also. We at National Rail always do our sleeves and sell the product? For that reason. check out any of Station and we will make two stops at Kingston our 12 stores in the city and talk to any of our and Ottawa before arriving at our final experienced staff.~. we will be was directed by the famous director. Now. The movie techniques.efer to the following short talk. Bargain House. Montreal. From now. We are selling novel. and it will be released in movie theaters ourselves. For must increase our sales this year. do home appliance you will ever need. practice drills. It is a movie based on the best. when the drill begins you will calmly make your way to the nearest exit Come down to Mark's Bargain House this out of the building. At Mark's. Thank you. So. 86-88 r. little skills that will make a difference. computers and just about every the elevators will be shut down. The trip is expected to right product. we came to the conclusion that we please talk to the conductor at this time. do not use any elevators as all televisions. weekend and find great prices in refrigerators. the time being. as the guests of this special Attention staff! A reminder that a fire drill practice is scheduled for next Monday at 10 preview. town is that this movie will be the hit film of this summer. And lastly. our warehouse burned down yourselves. Thank you. there are snacks that a strong sales staff is the force behind any and beverages available in the lounge car. Therefore. best to try and make each and every passenger we have decided to do something to help you feel comfortable. we will give away a brand new rechargeable battery set of all sizes to each and every customer just for shopping at Mark's Welcome aboard the Canadian National Rail. As you know. not leave any valuables on your desks as the we have products of every brand at the company will not take responsibility for any cheapest price you can find anywhere. John able to reach the goal we have set for Sacchi. Passengers who have not In a meeting with the other managers already made reservations and wish to do so yesterday. a reminder to let all passengers know that dinner will be served in our dining car in an hour at seven o'clock. the importance of these drills and we'd like your full cooperation. Following the movie. the movie hoping that by December of this year. going to the head office for a week at the I'd like to thank each and every journalist and beginning of every quarter to get the proper columnist for taking the time out of your busy training you need to improve your sales schedule to be here this evening. What good is a great hope you have a pleasant trip aboard Canadian product if the salespeople do not roll up their National Rail. the damage could have been much worse than it was.m. all across the nation next month.

(A) She's polishing the microscope. (0) They're standing in the lobby. (0) She's putting on a laboratory coat. (0) A man is picking up some tools. (C) The street is blocked by a fallen tree.nhantriviet. 1. (C) One man is pointing at something in the distance. (0) The train is traveling through the (C) The steak dinner. 11. (C) A man is entering the building. (C) The phone booths are on the street corner. right after lunch. (C) She's using laboratory equipment. 188 Economy LC I000 www. (0) They're standing in front of the house. (B) A crowd is gathering around the boys. 10. (B) I'd like to see it first. (0) The road curves into the distance. (0) The pathway leads out onto the street. countryside. (B) In this neighborhood. (A) Let's leave soon. (B) She's combing her long straight hair. Who's giving the presentation at today's (0) The guests are packing their luggage. 3. (C) At the end of the month . (C) Once a year. from the passengers. (C) The grass is being trimmed at the (B) A man is climbing up the steps. desk. moment. (0) They are about to take a seat near the bench. (B) The houses are spaced far apart. (C) The lamps are being placed on the table. (A) The door of the subway train is closing. (A) They're watching a parade. Where do you live? 5. (A) There are trees surrounding the park. (A) A man is carrying a ladder. (B) They're working in an office building. meeting? (A) Sandy from the head office. 7. Part 01 (B) The benches are arranged in a circle. 13. please. (C) They're looking for some documents. (B) The man is looking at the sign. 4. 8. (B) He will be present today. 12. (A) They're closing the window blinds. Part 02 (B) Passengers are seated on the train. (A) They're resting on the porch. (B) I'll meet you there. 14. When will the annual conference take place? 6. 2. (0) The man is using a public phone. (B) They're walking around the hotel lobby. (C) . (A) The clerks are standing behind the front (A) For a week. Would you like to go to dinner with us? (C) The train conductor is collecting tickets (A) Thanks but I already ate. 9. (A) A car is parked in the driveway. (A) The telephone is being repaired. (C) They're cutting the branches of the trees. ·(B) They're about to sit on the chair.

(C) Two dollars and fifteen cents. which is the right way to the (C) On the dotted line. (A) Three times a week. Why don't you come for a visit after you're done with your work? 22. (A) I borrowed some books. Have you looked over the report or should I boxes? go ahead and do it? (A) I'd be glad to. Wright a hand with the 25. he is auditioning today. days? (B) In the reception area. (B) Yes. Could you lend Mr. How often do you work out here? (A) Yes. 20. (C) Yes. I will look over it soon. Pardon me. too. I believe Ms. (C) To work on the project. (C) Probably about an hour or so. (A) Write down your name. please. I'll do it myself. Do you mind? (B) Yes. (A) He's taking the bus here. (A) What happened to Mr. isn't (B) You might be right about that.15. Why did you show up late today? (C) It's hard to believe. 17. 23. 28. 27. (B) Yes. www. 30. it is not new. I'm a bit busy today. 21. (B) Wait for the signal. (C) No. (C) Thanks. (B) Everyone's on the road. Williams will be conducting (B) In a couple of days. (C) I'll be there at two. we don't carry that in our store. 19. 18. I'm right-handed. (A) I had an appointment. I picked it up at the department store. (C) I'll be doing it later. (B) By 2 o'clock at the latest. Who is the new receptionist? 26. 29. I usually take the bus nowadays. When will the assignment be completed? (A) Yes. (A) Yes. it? (C) Upstairs to your left. but make it brief. Are you going to the seminar today? (A) To give a speech. (B) I came late. 16. (A) Bus 22 will get you there. (B) Right down this hallway. What is the adult fare on the bus these (A) Her name is Brenda. it is very close from here. (B) It's almost done.nhantriviet. Lee? (B) To conduct an interview. (C) We'll come back Script 189 . (C) I'll assign it later. the workshop today. (A) I'm quite busy. (B) Why don't you go ahead fi rst? (C) I can borrow it later. auditorium? (A) Yes. The library closes at nine tonight. (B) The office upstairs. doesn't it? (B) Sorry. I'll do that. Where would you like me to sign? (C) She showed it to me. How long will it take for John to get here? (A) Let's fill it up then . That's a new briefcase you're carrying. Why is the office so empty today? 24. (C) I believe it does.

(A) Okay. I 35. I see that you are (B) You should take the highway instead. (A) I'll talk to her at lunch. Smith. w: I heard that Crystals Consulting went bankrupt. w: I'm calling to change the date of my return flight. 32. It's expected to rain this afternoon. I will call him myself. (C) I'd rather order in. I thought they were the project? doing well with the new contract they (A) Yes. I think. Jackson drive or take the bus to St. Lewis work for a computer firm? 40. (C) In the afternoon. I 190 Economy LC 1000 www. I'll call your cell number then. (C) We should close up for the night. I'll give him a call right now. (B) No. morning. 36. we should go over then . Why (B) Yes. M: Of course. (C) Yes. (C) Most of them are on vacation as well. 34. (C) She gets off work at five . 37. I'll be on the road most of this week. 38. 33. Ms. hope there is a flight available? (A) The presentation ended five minutes M: You're in luck.nhantriviet. (B) I'll be picking him up today. the 3-o'clock flight. I thought you already finished the project. you give him a call and find out? (C) Sure. Should I place the order today. w: I know. right? Why don't around. we don't keep them there. Wong? Louis? w: Sorry. reports copied for me? w: Okay. Didn't Ms. (B) No.31. I won't be designing it this time M: Mr. Can we afford to hire another designer for M: You're kidding me. group insurance? (B) The forms must be filled out. Part 03 (C) Maybe. I forgot. M: Did you get in touch with Mr. I'll take care of it right now. I will look into it for you today. (B) The group will meet today. Chen work out the details of our (A) The Internet is hooked up now. The front door is always kept closed to Monday? keep out intruders. or wait until 39. the following conversation. scheduled to return on November 15. he is a programmer there. (C) The projector should be set up now. the bank loan came through this signed earlier this year. When would you like me to change it to? w: I really have to come back a day early. Will that be okay? (B) I'm just making some last-minute changes. the drive was very nice. isn't it? (A) Yes. Why isn't John picking up his phone today? (A) He's gone to the home office. (A) I placed it on your table . (A) He'll most likely take his car. Doesn't . There is a seat available on ago. did you bring an umbrella? (B) The train arrives at 2 o'clock. Will Mr. I wonder what happened there. Smith is your client. M: That's okay. (A) Are visitors assigned a temporary card? (B) Let's wait until Monday. too. don't you run downstairs and get these (C) I won't be taking it to the boss.

I didn't know. W: The post office is closed now.nhantriviet. Have you finished reading the book I lent W: I'm terribly sorry about that. I'll there. I would've already done that but there down to the post office to mail this letter? is no room there now. I didn't have this apple pie charged on my bill. Tell him that very close to Mr. You will have to use the one qualifications and I think we may be able to downstairs. We are looking for an advertising w: I'm sorry but you cannot take the magazine manager but we have not let anyone know out of the building. What is the name of your friend by the way? M: His name is Andrew Jones. I think there has been a accounting manager here. Could I also have this leftover food recommended it to me. Do you want I'll go and speak to Mr. Do you need it back soon? W: Well. Ramirez in his office? you bring it with you tomorrow? W: Yes. just get Mary to take it to the client's office after we finish work today then . apartment building. but he is in there with Mr. Lee and see if we me to call a courier service instead? can temporarily store them in the janitor's room. I finished it over the weekend and it right one for you right away. Is Mr. magazine. I'll ask coming in and out of our office. I will put it in a bag for you . And. Can you do that for me? room and it doesn't look good with clients W: Sure. Also. M: I'd like to check out these books and this W: I was very surprised to get your resume Mr. W: Couldn't we just put them in the storage room for now? Could you do me a favor and take a trip M: Well. May I ask how you found about M: I'm sorry. is it that late already? In that case. Jean. could you tell him that I need his signature on this document when he is done in there? Tell him that I will need it by noon The leftover brochures from our last because I have to give it to Mr. Brown's office. She lives That sounds like a good idea. I must have you a couple of weeks ago? brought you the wrong bill. Duncan right M: Oh? I know James. we will be handing them out at our next seminar so it'll only be for a week. back from the warehouse. Anyway. W: Sure. M: Yes. our copier on this floor is W: I see. Is there something I can do for you. I'm sure W: Okay. W: Of course. I guess I have no it? choice but to make copies of the article I need. www. please? King. Let me get the Yes. I just had some chicken salad. Could Hi. was really good. I think I can do better than Script 191 . He and I live in the same now. mistake. I'm very impressed with your out of order. I am so glad that you M: All right. I didn't have the steak dinner. It's reference material. I really think him to sign it then bring it by your office. Hey. I'm sure that there is some space M: Oh. we should move them to another place. I'll give it to Mary when she comes he will let us keep them there . He's the Excuse me. Chow when I seminar are stacked up in the back of the meet him for lunch. I have an idea. I was to go? going to bring it with me today but I forgot. M: Well. of this yet. make space for you here. If you'd like. James has been asking about it and I told him that I would lend it to him. Well. conversation. I could give Ron? it to him after I get off work tonight. a friend of mine works here and he Would you change this dollar bill for me? told me to send in my resume to you.

nhantriviet. We have several travel cleared up and traffic should resume to its advisories in effect today. call. The snowstorm that normal condition very shortly. I am really happy to Her name is "Sarah. you are to like to mention that the sale price will only last move your vehicles by 6: 15. the hit our city last night is causing traffic chaos this construction on Peace Bridge has its five lanes morning. Anyway. After that. if you'd leave We'd like at this time to ask all vendors to start me the details of your call and a number to packing your goods. Up to 100 centimeters of snow has reduced down to two lanes. Stan Johnson of the McMillan Dealership. I'd like to quickly run through the least twofold since then. let ever see. In the The road conditions around the city this afternoon. you will get a look at the speed at which it has expanded takes me by brand new baby tiger that was born yesterday. Then. However. This has has told reporters that all planes departing and been Rob Stewart with the day's traffic report. An airport official use the Ambassador Bridge instead. Now. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Part 04 Thank you for calling the voice mail of. My 5 years since I first set foot in this company. Does anybody have any another other morning with the regular tie-ups questions? and a minor accident to report in the Bay Area. can't answer your call. recently-refurbished aviary to view our famous collection of exotic tropical birds. And lastly. At the time. She will page me right away. I'd your cars in the underground garage. before we begin and I have to say the company has grown at our tour. please press zero and talk to the receptionist. I name is Charlie and I will be guiding you can still remember the first time I stood here around this afternoon. We will arrive just in time for her me begin the day's talk with a brief history feeding. the schedule of the day's activities with you . landing have stopped. I'd like to first of all express my gratitude for allowing me to speak at your annual seminar every year. Also. Thank you and going fast. In the company's growth was anticipated but the first part of our tour. Now. Most of the schools in the city have also closed for the day as well. so don't delay! If this is an urgent we hope everyone's had a great time today. The garage door until tomorrow. It is advised that you stay indoors today as most 192 Economy LC !000 www. we will stop for lunch at the food court. Those who are come down so far and it does not look like it is planning to travel across the bay are advised to going to stop anytime . should make your last-minute purchases at this If this is a call about the compact sedan you time as well. Visitors to the exhibit contact. those who have parked saw in today's advertisement in the paper." named after her have contributed at least a little with my caretaker. surprise a little. A two-vehicle collision on the intersection of refer to the following Mills Road and Jackson Avenue is beipg A special report just in. Thank you and have a nice day! Hello everyone. and she is the cutest thing you will knowledge and experience in sales. you will be free to roam around the morning aren't looking any different than zoo on your own. It has already been Hi. The sedan is a hot item and is will be shut down at that time. I'm May I have your attention everyone! The currently showing a vehicle to a customer and Electronics Exhibit will be closing in 15 minutes. you will be guided through our about how the first salesman was born. and welcome to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Hegay brings with him ten years of experience in international business and fills the gap that Good morning and welcome to our n1onthly we so desperately need in building relationships breakfast meeting. including houses. and of course will gain valuable publicity.'" "' ~ application and I realized that I have not yet Welcome everyone to this year's annual House received a couple of documents I had asked for and Home Show. So let's begin this for Islington Incorporated for four years before spectacular event.89-91 refer to the following·talk. can find stunning models of the latest in home designs.'' · villas. Ms. this is a really worthwhile exercise. this is Shelly Williams of Balcombe our scheduled program. apartments. of the highways are jammed with cars. Michael will be featured in an article in Computer Magazine next month. I am calling to let you know that I have been working to process your loan ~. North America and Asia I'm sure you'll agree that the quality of the and is fluent in five languages. Mr. moving onto Harrison Limited for six years. Michael Kleinsfeld. One of everyone please make Mr. Hegay had worked cookware and lighting. Michael will be addressing our meeting a little later. We are proud to announce earlier this week. You will find before the end of tomorrow. been Jim Brown. you be here until 5 today. and 98-100 refer to the·following tan<. does anyone have any business they would like to add to the agenda? www. This has 95-97: refer to the following message. Now. manager. you more updates in one hour. would you please call me back at my mansions built in stone to houses made with office as soon as you get this message? I will bottle-openers. you r application will exciting. In the architectural section. This is very exciting.nhantriviet. Mr. Now. displaying more than two and if I don't get those documents on his desk thousand different home products. and not be looked at for at least two weeks. innovative. this is a message for Nancy Brown. Now. I want to start into other parts of the world. artistic. Jason Hegay. would today with a very pleasing news item. There will be one hundred will be taking his vacation starting next week and fifty exhibitors. Thank you. During his difficulty getting up that extra bit early. practical. I know many of you have with other foreign corporations. South Financing. has won an here and welcome him to our company? award for innovation in the field of computer security system design. Hegay feel at home our engineers. Stay tuned as we will bring Hello. but in my tenure at his last two companies. The furniture section includes both the I'm glad to see that everyone is present today. This of course is coffee and food on offer makes up for the going to be a great asset in our goal to reach inconvenience of getting up early. My boss held in this state. most modern new modular designs and a range The reason why I have called you here today is of genuine antiques. We also to introduce our new international relations have extensive displays of dinnerware. And had lived in Script 193 . Mr. beautiful designs of products ranging from Therefore. back to Brown. · · ~ . And that's not all. Hegay view. It is very important that I get that this year's show will be the biggest ever those documents by the end of today.

in the afternoon. (A) The man is picking up a cup. (A) The man is getting his hair shampooed. (B) They have climbed to the top of the hill. 14. (B) Yes. too. Part 02 (D) The woman is wearing headphones. 15. Who looks after the complaints we get? 5. (A) She is checking into the hotel. 1O. When is the application form due? (A) For the vacant position. Part 01 9. (A) One man is putting down his backpack. Can you send me the price list today? (A) I will hand it in. (A) Two women are sitting at the dock. (C) She is helping a customer at the desk. don't you? 4. (A) Yes. (C) All of the seats are occupied. (C) By the 31st of this month. (B) The woman is mopping the floor. (C) If the price is right. (D) They're standing side by side. (C) The man is about to take a seat. (B) The boat is being tied to the pier. (C) The trail leads down the mountain. (B) The people are crossing the street. 3. (B) The ground is covered with leaves. it is a problem. 11. (B) She is conversing over the phone. (C) There is a microphone near the man. (C) The trees are being planted along the (D) She is wiping the counter. (B) The boxes are being unpacked. (B) We get them all the time. 7. (D) They are waiting for the traffic light to change. I do. 194 Economy LC 1000 www. (A) Some boxes are scattered outside the store. (D) The woman is addressing the audience. (D) They're entering the workplace. 13. 2. (A) Cars are parked on both sides of the 1. (A) One man is drawing the curtains. (B) I will apply for it. I didn't eat yet. (D) The shoppers are sorting through the goods. (D) The woman is attending to the man. (C) They are rowing the boat toward the . (C) There is an assortment of fruit displayed. (B) The audience is being addressed. (B) The audience is leaving the lecture hall. I think. (D) The boat is floating in the water. (D) Some people are getting out of a vehicle. road. (C) Let's go there together. (C) Yes. (A) Ms. (B) Next to the grocery store. (C) One man is cleaning his desk. (C) At the restaurant. Rodriguez. road. (A) The people are strolling on the sidewalk.nhantriviet. (B) No. You like Chinese food. 6. (A) The flags are being taken down. (B) They're concentrating on their work. Where is the nearest bank? (A) To make a withdrawal. 12. 8. (C) Commuters are waiting for the bus.

(C) Try looking in the cabinet drawer. (B) Let's go another time. report? (B) Yes. How many books did you check out? (A) At the front desk. (B) I think it's correct. (C) At lunch hour. (C) Sure. (A) Probably next Monday. that would be fine. work? (B) We did yesterday. His new assistant will start next Monday. (B) A few blocks east from here. (C) No. 20. too. 22. (C) Just three. (C) When will that stock's price go up? (B) It will be held at one o'clock. Have you thought about which computer you are going to get? 30. (A) There's an accident up ahead. (A) No.nhantriviet. I've made up my mind. I'm thinking of doing that. Who's going to get the tickets for the show? (A) At the movie theater. (B) The personnel manager. www. let's get together tomorrow. (A) Yes. aren't we? 31. (B) Okay. I apologize but we don't have that book in stock today. (C) I'll do it. Hasn't John left for his meeting yet? (A) I'm going in a short while. (A) I have to do it. (C) Yes. (C) At the conference room. (C) Sure. I will be done the week after. We're eating out today. (C) Maybe I'll leave it Script 195 . Where do we keep the weekly reports? (B) We both agreed. 32. (C) Let me find out. let's get off at the next stop. let's order in instead. 29. Is the meeting being held here or in the (A) Make the reservation tomorrow. (B) Let's keep waiting a bit more. it's in the right order. (C) Yes. C'~' c x!::-Jflii~-' ~~-7 ~ 16. (B) To help him with some of the work. Would you want to go over later? 25. (C) I've looked over it twice. not today. (B) It's in the shop today. 18. Are you going to get Rick to write up the ~ (A) I want it. 26. Why didn't you bring your car? (B) I already read it. I am not hungry. 19. 24. I think it's ours. (C) I thought she already started. (A) It was very helpful. large conference room? (B) Could you order one for me. Don't you think we should get back to (A) Yes. (C) To look for a website. that's a good idea. 27. 17. What did you think of our new boss? (B) I think he has. 23. but in a minute. (B) This is a new chocolate bar. then? (A) Yes. When was the agreement signed? (A) Earlier this week. Why is the road blocked off? (B) No. (A) I will be returning by then . (A) He's quite young. 28. (C) Did you park in the basement? 21. What is that you are eating? (A) No.

let's make for 6:15. Do you want me to talk to John about the w: Actually. M: Are you done making the centerpiece yet? (B) He left an hour ago. 37. Let me just get the key from (C) After he gets back from work. 38. 50-52 refer to the following conversation. I wonder 40. w: Yes. We need to pick up the tickets for the show. that would be great. 35. 41-43 refer to the following conversation. My brother is coming to town. is that right? I thought she was quite insistent on using the carnations. instead of these carnations for her party. M: Sandy. Do you (C) It went rather well.nhantriviet. down to the Arts Center in the afternoon. dollars a month. but I have to take these drawings (A) I'll pick you up. want me to get it for you? M: No. w: I saw the For-Rent sign on your lobby window. I got it done a few minutes ago and placed it on the table over there. malpractice case in court today. (B) No. (C) Yes. Can you tell me how much the rent 36. (B) No. (B) I'll buy the presents. I still have some time. Would it be okay if we meet at the theater? (C) Why don't we go now? M: Okay. Let's wrap it up here and finish the report go downstairs to the basement and get me tomorrow. M: Have you heard? Richard won his medical (C) Yes. he? (A) He's ahead of everyone else. (C) No.33. 100 (A) I w ish he would come along. That way we presentation? can get a quick bite to eat before the movie (A) Yes. Can you look after this or are you too busy w: That's perfect. the one-bedroom apartments have been rented out. w: All right. he got promoted. w: Oh. The customer just (A) The wrapping paper is over there. Don't you have to leave soon? Part 03 (A) . However. The movie starts at 7. I won't need two of them. All (C) The movie was really good. I left it there. so I won't be is here? able to go to the movies with you tonight. How did the business meeting go? (A) I'm going with my boss. M: Well. how about checking out a movie at the mall? 34. I didn't see it. my apartment. so why don't we get together around 6:30. there is only a (B) I'll just go with Ron. Tim's the head of our new department. showing me the place now? (B) No. I was looking for a two- right now? bedroom apartment. he didn't want it. but what I need you to do for me is to 39. two buckets of roses. w: Yes. if you're not busy tonight. Would you mind (A) I have some spare time now. M: No problem. isn't that great? I was talking to him 196 Economy LC !000 www. isn't why she changed her mind. called and said she wants to use roses (B) They're here already. then. our units range from 900 to 1. that's a good idea. two-bedroom unit on the fifth floor left. starts. (C) At the bus stop. (B) I took a look at the apartment.

I just finished changing the tires Mary Stewart and you work for Jason on the jeep. In fact. please? that about 1O more people are coming after M: Actually. I have. with your company. he's a great lawyer and he has a about ways to improve our sales but I can't great reputation. And could you also ask Joe to bring some more chairs from the the following conversation. Why don't you get the receipt from enough? your friend and come back at another time? w: Yes. I am with Expert the oil in the van over there? The owner now. You are due to give a theater attendant. Why don't I just finish faxing these documents to my client and come by your office right after Hi. could you go into the kitchen and see pants exchanged because they are a bit too if we have enough drinks in the fridge? I tight for me. numbers to look at. I am here to get these pair of w: Yes. but I am pretty sure w: I'm terribly sorry. Have you heard of the company? called and said he will be coming to pick it M: Yes. yes. w: Actually. Miller. I believe you are sitting in the today's speech. Now. I am so happy to hear M: Well. Are you still working for Jason? M2: That's great. Let me see .. www. there. but I can't give you an that there aren't enough. Do you know him? thought that was an urgent job as well. we often do business up in one hour. His name is Jack fender on the black sports car first? I Little. I don't have one because I got dinner has been served. but we met at a marketing seminar in Toronto last March. aren't you? How does next M: This is Section B. last night and he was very unclear of how year's projection look. M: I'll go and take a look. please do that. M: I'll be fine. I remember you. Lewis. Your seat is in the next aisle. I'll get to that right after I am done fixing the air- conditioner of this sedan. Rob. yes. why don't we seem to come up with anything really good. This is my seat. Your name is Mr. Ah. them as a gift the other day. I thought M: Well. I just feel a little tired because I stayed up really late last night preparing for Excuse me. that sounds like a great Script 197 . right. I am quite familiar with M1: All right. M2: Oh. We just need for the guests to arrive. I am not sure if you'd remember I am done here? me. storage room? w: Are you okay? You look really worn out. my ticket speech about the sales projection for next here says section C. celebrate by taking him to that new Greek I'll get more into details later but things restaurant tonight? don't look so positive at this time. number 13. w: Are you sure? I was led to this seat by the w: Ah. anyway? his case would go. but don't you have to replace the the sales manager there. Thanks for reminding me. just got a call from the client and he said w: Of course. Hey. year later. prepared. There were just so many wrong seat.. May I see your receipt. Is there anything else you want me to do? M: Excuse me. it doesn't look too good with the that he won. inflation rate going up as it is now. Should I call exchange without the receipt. That's right. I left lntech last month. could you change w: No. It's store Sarah to send more drinks if there aren't policy.nhantriviet.

I guess the attendant was confused and a chance of rain. but I couldn't catch you at the office because I was in a meeting all day. speech by our CEO. at 10 o'clock. Owens? Hi. while also earning a good deal of money. will be As a practicing physician who graduated from canceled. This new meal comes in 4 different 198 Economy LC 1000 www. please call me at home. to your office. I'm sorry to be calling you at home this late. All of you graduating today must unforeseen circumstances. this university 1O years ago. Thanks. His flight was canceled is. an extra large meal for those showers. Harris. The forecast for next week minutes.nhantriviet. Frank Harris. Mr. booked for tomorrow morning. Sarah. May I have your attention. could not catch ethically and financially. due to a heavy snowstorm there. you have to remember that the work planned for you this morning. please? Due to Good evening. one hour. with temperatures in the low 20s that. Harris. This has been Johanna because it's very dark in here. I was wondering if you could do me a inconvenience you in any way. simply open the package and heat for 5 umbrella with you. This is good Apparently. you will be performing will be very stressful and our . I would appreciate it if you could take care of that for me. and by this Brand new from Captain Sea's world famous afternoon we should be getting some rain frozen dishes. I was hoping you could reserve a room questions. I'll just make Newman with the day's weather. We apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for tuning in. If any of you listeners are planning to who like a truly hearty meal. Mr. sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-20s in most parts of the city. This is Jason Price here. If you have any favor. don't worry because we have something else However. What I am trying to say his flight back last night. I'll be back in my way over there. the accounting manager has a news because this means that I can now attend personal emergency he has to attend to and the meeting scheduled for the 4th of May in can't make it tomorrow. this morning's be very excited and nervous about your future. This is James. and for me at the Yoshimi Hotel since it is very close I'll see you at the office tomorrow. who went to Paris on a business your chosen profession will be rewarding both trip with the general manager. Hi. don't forget to take an meals. Thank you and please call me back after you've dealt with the The weather looks great this morning. We'll now get back to our regular programming. with clear arrangements.L!!t. is that right? I'm terribly sorry about looks similar. Part 04 80-82 refer to the following announce~ent. clouds are 86-88 refer to the following . Tanaka. I just Anyway. our sales projection for the next year.w: Oh.!g~~~!~~Efrl.I heading our way from the northeast. with more weather updates. Scott Owens. I want to say that but Mr. I hope this doesn't Tokyo. Mr. then. will fill in for Mr. the reason for my call is to let you received a call from my travel agent and he has know that our meeting with the head office informed me that a flight to Tokyo has been people has been postponed to next Monday. However. He require a great amount of patience and inner will come on stage in a moment to talk about strength. you will be helping many people in need. To prepare the go outside today.. However. Would everyone please give a warm round of applause for Mr.

The show's letter. turkey. I'm happy to let you . those of you. This special offer will Good morning and welcome to the fifth career only last until the 30th of this month. students who are eager to talk to company representatives here today. Thank yot. Lady Day will be celebrating its 10th choices. The company spokesperson said that they will make an official statement later today. according to an insider. start packing up your freezer with the world's following talk. know that there are over 200 companies who Now. if you are a hearty eater. This. are to go negotiations. if you purchase one extra London with the day's report. The 1. The opening speech prices will be 30% off this week. a special workshop at 1O this morning will success is due mainly to the writer of the teach you how to catch the attention of the job musical. but the rumor is that the labor union was guaranteed a 10% wage hike. Wagner. involved. I can see that most of Sea's frozen dinners are available at your local you in attendance are fourth-year university supermarket. Wagner will be yet seen the show. varieties: chicken. Perhaps May I have your attention for a minute? This is the show's real success is a pleasant mixture of an announcement to let you know that the both great writing and skilled acting. And. Also. the one management at the nation's largest automobile o'clock speech by Julie Munich will be pushed company finally came to an end yesterday with up to 10 o'clock. Now back to you. However. So.nhantriviet. 89-91 refer to the following re~ort. back at work tomorrow. one at no cost. best frozen dinners Script 199 . check it out. Captain day here at Empire Hall. Mr. To following changes will be made in today's celebrate the anniversary of the show. large frozen dinner. has been delayed due to heavy fog at Heathrow Airport. is exactly what the union was after and it seems like the wait was worth their while. at 1 o'clock. This has been Jack for a limited time. This interested in and speak to the person standing classic musical has touched the hearts of behind the table to get the information you need thousands with its moving story about an for the job you want to apply to. with increased security measures at the factory. this is the perfect time to postponed until after lunch.. who is coming in from London.000 assembly line workers who walked out on their jobs will be www. to the entertainment news. Therefore. Simply walk up to the booth you are anniversary at the Imperial Six Theater. Beginning this have set up booths to help you with your career week. And if you need orphaned boy who grows up to be the help smoothing out your resume and cover wealthiest businessman in the city. The 10-hour talks last night to the front entrance to pick up a packet for your resulted in a positive outcome for both parties workshop. If you have not scheduled to be given by Mr. you will receive another Tom. all ticket conference schedule. Sanders tells others the real reason for the show's success is the brilliant performance of the actors who bring his story to life. pork and beef. who have an agreement after two months of failed signed up for the 3 o'clock workshop. I just received news that he is expected The ongoing talks between labor and to arrive around lunch time.i and have a great day. the always modest John recruiters.

(D) The woman is looking at the menu. (B) She's holding up a booklet. (D) The copier is being used in the room. (A) He's handling a tool. (B) Some tea would be nice. (C) The waiter is setting the table. Would you like anything to drink? (A) Yes. (C) The market is ready to close for the day. 15. . The software is not running properly. (D) The door of the room is open. 7. 11. (B) He's cutting grass. 14. (A) The copy machine is out of order. (A) A man is setting up a stand outdoors. (A) She's turning on the light. (B) Boxes are stacked on top of each other. (C) We have plenty of room. (A) The waves are hitting the shore. (A) You shouldn't run too fast. Part 01 9. (B) The man is serving coffee to the (C) The boats are floating near the pier. Part 02 3. (D) He's walking up to the roof. (B) Traffic is moving in both directions. (A) The man is finishing his meal. (A) It's on the second floor. (B) Fifteen pages. (C) No. (D) The man is stacking up the cups. (B) The office equipment is being removed. (C) The woman is standing behind the counter. customer. I will ask him. 10. let's go. (D) The cars are parked on the side of the road . I didn't get anything. (B) A man is using a computer at his desk.nhantriviet. (C) She's speaking to the audience. Where is the conference room? · 6. (C) A man is stocking the boxes in the shelf. (D) There are monitors in the room. 2 00 Economy LC 1000 www. 1. (A) The woman is at the counter. (C) The pedestrians are crossing the road. I liked it very much. 12. (B) A boat has been pulled onto the beach. market. 13. (D) The umbrellas are being folded in half. (B) Let me see if I can do anything about it. Where does the bus for Toronto leave? (A) From gate 17. I am not going to wear it. (C) Mr. (D) The ducks are flying over the sea. (A) The man is looking into the file cabinet. (C) In ten minutes. 5. 8. (A) There are cars on the road. (D) She's rearranging the bookshelf. (C) No. (B) Yes. (C) He's building a bookshelf. Johnson did. Who asked for a copy of the report? (A) Yes. (C) The chair is neatly tucked under the desk. 2. (C) The man is opening the drawers. (B) The customer is waiting for a table. (B) People are shopping at an outdoor (B) Let's meet in a short while. (A) All the computer screens are turned on.

16. Did you deliver the package in person? 24. Do you have change for the vending
(A) No, I asked Rick to take it. machine?
(B) At the post office. (A) Yes, I'd like a drink.
(C) He is not the person. (B) Sorry, I only have bills.
(C) You shouldn't bend it.
17. What did Mr. Chin say to you at the
meeting? 25. You spoke to the accounting manager
(A) He didn't say much. today, didn't you?
(B) Let's go talk to him. (A) No, I didn't get a chance to.
(C) Where is he now? (B) Yes, he delivered a great speech.
(C) We need to count it over again.
18. Who approved the new schedule?
(A) You will have to prove it. 26. I got these free tickets to the show tonight.
(B) Sorry, I can't change my schedule. Do you want to check it out?
(C) I think Mr. Sutton did. (A) They only accept cash, not checks.
(B) Thanks, but I've got plans this evening.
19. Mr. Robertson runs our San Francisco (C) I'll check it over again tonight.
office, doesn't he?
(A) No, it's in Los Angeles. 27. Which apartment do you want to see first?
(B) Yes, he is the boss there. (A) How about the one by the beach?
(C) He's on a business trip. (B) Probably at the Sales Department.
(C) Actually, I saw it earlier.
20. Would you like a hand with your luggage?
(A) Yes, I can lend it to you . 28. Will the new store open this month or next?
(B) The handle is in the front. (A) Probably next month.
(C) Yes, that would be nice, thanks. (B) No, it's not open yet.
(C) We store everything there.
21. Why did you come by yesterday?
(A) I came in early today. 29. What do I have to bring to the interview?
(B) Because I had a question. (A) The view is quite nice from there.
(C) By two o'clock at the earliest. (B) I'll take you to the interview today.
(C) Just your resume and a cover letter.
22. I hope you land the contract this afternoon.
(A) Yes, wish me luck. 30. Would you like to receive a sample of our
(B) He will contact me after lunch. new product?
(C) Around two o'clock. (A) No, I'll just take it with me.
(B) Sorry, I am not interested.
23. Do you know who Mr. Sanchez went to the (C) I'll send it at the post office.
head office with?
(A) Brian T ripper, I think. 31. How long is the drive to the branch office?
(B) To attend a seminar. (A) John is going to drive there.
(C) No, I am not heading it. (B) Three of us will be going there.
(C) At least an hour in this t raffic. Script 201

32. Where do I have to go to get my driver's 40. Pets are not allowed in the building.
license? (A) A cat and a dog.
(A) Line up at window 7. (B) Let's all go there .
(B) You shouldn't drive today. (C) Sorry, I didn't know.
(C) I will go with you in a short while.

33. Aren't you going away this weekend? Part 03
(A) He's away this week.
(B) This Sunday is okay.
(C) No, next weekend . M: I can't believe the highway is closed .
w: Well, we'd better go around and take
34. Would you like some milk or cream with • College road. It takes a bit longer, but it
your coffee? seems like we don't have a choice.
(A) Either would be great. M: If I had known this, I would've made a turn
at the last intersection.
(B) Sorry, we're out of milk now.
(C) I need some copies as well.
w: Don't worry. We still have plenty of time to
pick up the client at the bus station.

35. How about going over the report together conversation.
this afternoon?
w: Hey, Ron, I heard you got a new job. How
(A) Sure, let's meet at 2 o'clock.
is it?
(B) Yes, let's go over there together.
M: I really like it. The staff seems very friendly
(C) This evening at 8 o'clock. and the work is not too bad either.
However, I am a little concerned about the
36. Weren't you at the regional conference? distance. It's a bit far from my place.
(A) Let's meet there. w: Oh, that's too bad. Maybe it's time for you
(B) No, I couldn't go. to get a car.
(C) I am originally from there. M: I've thought about that, but then there's the
hassle of getting a driver's license.
37. Why did Michael leave his position?
(A) He left an hour ago.
(B) He's a manager here. w: What did you think of Jason?
(C) He found a better job. M: Well, his background in sales is very
impressive and he also seems like a real
nice guy. I like him.
38. My computer is making that terrible sound
again. w: I agree. I think he may be the guy to lead
our sales team. Did you get any feedback
(A) Maybe it's time to get a new one.
from the personnel manager?
(B) Okay, I'll turn it down a little.
M: Yes, he likes him a lot, too. Let's go and tell
(C) Yes, let's make it for one.
Jason that he got the job.

39. The advertising staff did a great job with
this ad campaign, didn't they?
M: Wendy, are you done with your monthly
(A) In the local newspaper. report? The general manager wants it in his
(B) The client is very satisfied. office first thing tomorrow morning.
(C) Yes, I will let him know. w: I finished writing it up, but I have to read it
over to make sure there aren't any errors.

20 2 Economy LC 1000

I am going out to lunch now but I'll read it w: Well, if I were you I would take off a day
over in the afternoon. early. After all, it's not like you can go to
M: That's great. Could you give it to Mr. Hong Kong all the time.
Wright's secretary after you are done?
W: No problem. I'll get it to her by the end of 62-64 refer to tlie following conversation.
the day. Jack, can you install this new accounting
program on my computer? I am terrible with
Take a seat, Ronda. I've asked you here to Okay, I'll help you this time but you really
discuss the progress of your work in the should learn more about computers. It's
marketing department. really not that difficult.
w: I hope I am doing all right. I really like my I've thought about taking classes and
job and the people have been great to me. actually looked up a few places. The city
M: Yes, I can see that you really like your job college offers introductory courses, but it's
here. As you know, it's been three months too far from here. There are also courses
since you started with us and your offered at nearby institutes but they are way
probationary period is over. I'd like to otter too expensive.
you a full-time position with our company. M: If you'd like I could give you a quick lesson.
w: That's wonderful. You don't realize how Let's get together during lunch today and I
much this means to me. can show you a couple of things.

Mr. Lee, the results from your physical Your total comes to $99 .17. How are you
came back and you are in fine health. going to pay for your groceries, sir?
M: I am so relieved to hear that. I was getting M: I'm going to have to write you a check. You
worried because I have been feeling tired do take personal checks here, don't you?
all the time. I guess I've just been w: Yes, we do, but I will need to see one piece
exercising too much. of photo ID.
w: It is a good idea to exercise, but over- M: Oh no. I must have left my wallet in my car.
exercising and not getting enough rest may Could you please hold these items here
actually wear you out. Try exercising every while I go out to the parking lot to get it?
other day.
M: Okay, I will try that for a while. I will take it
easy from now on. Good morning. This is Jane with the J & J
Hardware Customer Service Department.
What can I do for you today?
M: I have to attend a conference in Hong Kong M: Hi, there. I am calling to check on an order I
next week. placed two days ago. I was supposed to get
w: I wish I were going with you. I went to Hong the items delivered to my house today but
Kong on my last vacation and I had a great they have not arrived yet. Could you check
time there. I especially loved the food. You and see what's going on?
will have a great time there. w: Of course. May I have your name and the
M: I am not sure if I will have enough time to order number?
go out to eat. I am only staying there for a M: Yes, my name is Lester Reid and the order
day and I have meetings and seminars number is 13-05.
scheduled all day. It's a bit of a shame, isn't
it? Script 203

this is Sam Jackson of Harris Good evening. Immediately following the any interest to you. and enjoy some another traffic report here at FM 104. resume you sent to our company recently. been filled. please let us know at least two team's top salesperson there. I have asked you to gather today to give you the great news that our team has won this year's sales campaign. The curtain is that you studied computer programming in expected to rise at exactly 7 p. this is your dentist office calling to remind want to say that I am very proud of each and you about your appointment with Dr. Ms.m. The road have the perfect get-away package for people conditions in most parts of the city look good just like yourselves at a price you can afford. This special offer is only available for this weekend. during regular business hours to set up an Jennings to take pictures and to get her interview. Anyway. Part 04 following . If this position is of intermission at 8:25. everyone. you can dip your feet in our 401 westbound near the Mayfield Street exit Olympic-sized pool. Mr. I can see in my wonderful job. I'd like to remind dinner at Sophie's Restaurant this Friday. And at night you can stroll along the few minutes. Paula Jennings. ladies and gentlemen. Thank you and have a great evening. A collision involving two vehicles is being get a good workout in our gym. please call me at my office show. I just Kim. Tonight. I am going to treat everyone to a nice cleaning that day.m. the real reason for my call is choosing her hometown for her last that we have another opening for a computer performance. hours before your appointment. drinks and talk about 1O minutes early to fill out some information. This evening. relax in our whirlpool. You guys really did a Thursday at 11 a. If everything that happened during this campaign. First we are proud to present the world renowned of all. Lee. If you are tired of spending your weekend lying around on your couch. and the show university and had some experience in that field will last until 10:00 p. I would like to thank you for the interest pianist. For except for a minor accident to report on highway a mere $200. I will be presenting a cash prize to our appointment. performance of the year. this is a message for Ms. Anyway. camp by the bonfire. This is Arthur Chang with the booking a room with us? At Travel Lodge Inn. I'll be back in half an hour with boardwalk. autograph. 204 Economy LC I 000 www. Ms. Ms. we morning traffic report here on FM 104. Jennings has spent However. book now. Thank you . Have a nice day and we will see you this Thursday. I am calling in regard to the welcome to tonight's performance. fine dining at our restaurant. by any chance you cannot make it to your Also. and Financial Services. to celebrate this great appointment book that you are scheduled for a occasion. with a fifteen-minute before moving on to sales. That's right. As your manager. I can see in your resume by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Hi. For cleared now and the police have told us that $200 you can spend the entire weekend in traffic should be back to normal within the next paradise. she will be accompanied programming position. in her last you have shown in the sales manager's position. I regret to tell you that the position has most of the year performing around the world. Anyway. I Hi.m. cannot help but be excited about this. So. and ramp. We you at this time that you need to arrive at least will have dinner.nhantriviet. you will get a chance to meet Ms. White on every one of you. why don't you consider Hello. Helen Kim.

Vietnam. Triple-J radio station is proud to announce its first Young Songwriters' Competition. and welcome to the If these stores prove to be successful. So. year we are celebrating a fabulous growth in Contestants must not be professional musicians market share. and let's keep it up. everybody. Anyway. to compete in the national Welcome to Danae Cosmetics' annual ball. Stages will also be set up at each end of Smith Street for musical performances. trends is the key to our Script 205 . Pakistan. Good morning. capitalize on this growth by opening a chain of boutiques in many major European capitals. which it will sponsor in association with the Arts Council. This is a wonderful opportunity for very happy to see that everyone here is having all aspiring songwriters. but the prestige of our brand has Drop into your local Triple-J studio today and fill also grown. and. Enjoy the smells and tastes of William Irons. In the new year. surge in sales. Songwriters must submit two songs on a CD or as a sound file. the importance of keeping up with the latest which will be blocked off to traffic at either end. I hope you had much your great effort has made all this a pleasant flight and managed to catch up on possible. Selected performers will then perform the two songs. let me introduce our keynote speaker. come on down to Smith Street as the sun sets on Saturday and Sunday. Representatives of eight community groups. our convener. thinking of expanding into other parts of the My name is Branda Taylor and I am this year's world within the next five years. India. I'd particularly like to welcome our future looks bright and I cannot tell you how overseas and interstate visitors. This under the age of 21. I can say that they have provided me with wonderful memories. on that Ethnic food stalls will be set up on both sides of note. and enjoy all the fun . will provide musical ensembles and folk dancing instructors. current trends in our business. who will speak to us about the China. The about current trends in marketing. Turkey. Argentina. I'm competition. Kingston City's "World at Your Feet" multicultural even more importantly. Italy and Greece. including Australia and Ireland. opening ceremony will be held at Smith Street. So thank you all for your excellent your sleep last night.nhantriviet. which will be recorded at the local branch of your nearest Triple-J radio station. One contestant will be selected from each state and be flown to Los Angeles. expenses paid. convention and I have been present at three of those conventions. invaluable information festival begins this Saturday at 9:00 a. All contestants must be a good time. These stores will only carry Danae brand items. so I won't make this too long. we are company's fifth annual marketing convention. we hope to out an entry form. This is the fifth annual work. as of June 31st. Mexico.m. Not only have we had a dramatic or be under contract to any recording company. As I see it. Smith Street. So. all www.

nhantriviet. (D) The woman is putting on a shirt. (A) Don't you think it's okay? (D) The top row of boxes is out of the man's (B) There is a pair in the back. 10. 12. (C) The train cars are not connected . 2. When will the pamphlets be ready? (C) The woman is studying the sign. (A) The shoes are being placed on the 14. (A) Thanks for taking care of that for me. 6. (C) Let's go and see him. (B) The footwear is lined up on the floor. (A) The man is unloading the boxes. (D) They are waiting at the dentist's office. (D) The people are boarding the train. come with us? (B) One of the men is lifting up the globe. (B) The dentist is putting on a mask. (B) In five minutes. Part 01 9. 3. that's very nice of you. 5. (A) The marketing manager. (C) Some people are walking on the stairs. (B) Thanks. (D) They are stepping into the building. (D) Some cars are parked along the road. 13. I can hear you fine. (A) Sure. (B) The passengers are arriving at the station. (A) The globe has been left on the floor. (C) I'll go to the store later. (C) Yes. (B) Some boxes are stacked near the man . (C) Some goods are on display at a store. (B) The road is closed to traffic. Part 02 (B) The woman is walking along the beach. (B) The woman is opening the door. (D) One man has his hand on the globe. (A) She is folding the umbrella. 4. 20 6 Economy LC 1000 www. (B) The railing is being repaired. (A) The train is pulling into the station. (B) She is walking into the smoke. (A) The steps lead down to the street. (A) The woman is painting the wall. (C) This afternoon at 2. (A) The patient is being looked after. (C) One woman is getting up from the chair. (D) The woman has just gotten off the bike. (B) Probably the bus on the corner. you can come with me. (C) I'd rather take my car. shelves. 15. Who is John with now? (C) A tree has fallen onto the road. (C) The globe is being placed on the table. Would you prefer to drive on your own or to 7. 11. (A) The woman is ready to go swimming. . (D) She is holding up an umbrella. Your ride is here now. (A) The couple is crossing the street. reach. (D) The customer is trying on a pair of shoes. 8. Why don't you prepare the snacks? (C) The cartons are being arranged indoors. (C) She is hurrying out of the rain. (C) The woman is tying her hair. (B) To give it out at the seminar. (A) Please be ready soon.

Isn't Mr. 29. (B) The project is going great. Wong. I can't come today. (C) Let me call her and find out. there is someone sitting there. (8) I need to reschedule my plans. package to? (C) It will be over soon. 31. unfortunately. (B) At the Lowland theater. Ms. (A) I'll be going away next week. (C) To avoid the rush-hour traffic. morning? (C) It is a brand new computer. Why did the sales manager take off so (C) Let's get there a bit early today.nhantriviet. 19. week? (C) To the head office. (A) It's about 20 pages long. 28. (C) I'll go and get the car now. This computer comes with the monitor. Sanchez? (C) Yes. (A) And how much is it all together? 21. (C) Mr. 25. Smith usually in his office in the (B) No. 17. www. (A) The last table in the back. (B) I don't know where he lives. Where is the men's department? 24.16. early? (A) Around 3 o'clock. (A) Okay. What's the food like in that restaurant? (C) Yes. won't she? (B) Upstairs and to your left. (C) Let's redo it after we get back. How did you learn of our company? (B) He will be the tallest guy there. (A) No. Should we get together this week or next · (8) He left it there. (C) By taking the subway and the bus. (B) I'll talk to him this afternoon. (A) I took courses at a local Script 207 . 26. 27. Let's go and watch the play this Friday. 30. Should I book the table for five people or six? (C) The book is on my desk. (B) There will be four of us all together. me today. (C) Only men are allowed. (A) Sorry. 18. I am hungry right now. soon? (A) I think he might. I think. How will I recognize Mr. (A) I recall seeing him earlier. 23. 22. 20. (A) That one is for Mr. he normally is until 11. (B) ~just came into work. (A) Mr. Lim can't make it today. I have plans tonight. Smith is our manager. What is your final offer? (A) Two hundred dollars. (B) Very tasty but a bit expensive. Will he leave for another business trip (C) I'll have a slice of your pizza. (8) He took John with him. Have you read the report yet? (C) I'll take it to the post office now. Who do you want me to address this (B) I've decided to take it. Jensen will be available to meet with (A) The apartment complex. (A) That sounds fine with me. (B) A friend of mine mentioned you to me. Why don't we get together after work? (B) Let me get the book for you. I will get it for you.

Where did you ever find this old chair? ready to check out and I need someone to help me with the . She's gone to our 39. (B) Probably in another week. please? (B) Please have a seat. I'd like to see the menu. 37. huh? mall will open to the public? (A) He had a lot on his mind. w: Of course. I am seeing a play today and I (A) He is a very nice man. I know that place well. M: I'm sorry. 35. I really appreciate it. (B) He went upstairs already. there is a new dish on the menu Could you please tell me where Fox today. M: Of course. 36. Brown when he comes to pick them up on Thursday? (A) Jane said she will save us some. it's a private matter. It looks delicious. straight down to the main intersection. I just wanted to ask you for some directions. (C) Yes. Why was Rick so upset this morning? Part 03 (A) He didn't get the promotion. 33. Just walk out of this shop and go (B) The new ones are in the corner. this is Nancy Brown from suite 2001. w: Hi. M: They're in the storage room in the back. left and it's the third building on your right. (C) Sure. (A) No. beside the bank. Could you send (A) At an antique shop. Do you know when the online shopping 40. (C) He got here on time today.nhantriviet. someone upstairs. Look. today. 208 Economy LC 1000 www. (B) He could sit next to me. please. there in five minutes. What can I get you today? (C) I'll get it to your office soon. M: I'll be leaving for a business trip tomorrow 38. What did you think of the new manual? M: Thank you. at the morning meeting. (A) No. (C) I heard the food is bad there. I'm 34. I don't have my watch today. but I am not here to eat. This is Tony speaking. Turn (C) Yes. w: Hi. What is the fastest way to get to your office? following conversation. Could you give the product arrive? samples to Mr. Theater is? (A) Let's try it. was supposed to meet a friend there. How about going to the new restaurant on head office to attend a meeting today. Robert could hardly sit still today. (B) It will be ready next week. (C) Yes. (B) Probably the highway. I'll have one of our employees (C) Liz was looking for it. (C) It's very comprehensive.32. the first floor? w: Head office? I wonder why she went there (A) Take the stairs down this corridor. Where are the samples? (B) Sorry. Sarah has the key and you can ask her to give it to you tomorrow. w: Thank you. it's not the fastest way. (B) The food should be ready soon. Welcome to George's Burger House. M: Front desk. w: Of course. I will talk to him today. Won't the food be all gone by the time we until Friday.

I am wondering if I will be doing any of that here if I am hired. Do you didn't get back until late last night. conference last Friday and I was really M: That's terrible. Can you often. this form for my work? w: Thank you. I was a bit concerned because I experience in that field. Well. apparently. The boss gave it to tomorrow morning. presentation starts in 15 minutes and they will be serving lunch afterwards. W: Of course. I have the today and I won't be able to look at it until corporate card today. I came here with the boss after the to next month. Didn't you get an e-mail trends. It's for the great work W: Oh. Let me talk to the just got a new job and it requires me to do a Graphic Design Department manager and lot of traveling overseas. and I will take care of it during my break today. I look forward to hearing from W: Of course. I guess I'll have to take it to another Script 209 . M: Well. M: Thank you. Mr. M: Well. the sure that it will be working by then. Just leave it with the receptionist you. By the way. I can't stand www. I didn't think I can attend the presentation? get a chance to check. However. I'll drop by after work to pick it up. Isn't the construction of the road supposed to end soon? I'm glad you asked me to dinner tonight. By the way. I thought I was finally going impressed. I am really busy W: Sure. I'll have to open it up to see what is wrong with it. I can see that you do have quite a lot of M: Excellent. Could you sign see if he is looking for a designer. these cakes on the tell me how much it is going to cost? dessert menu look irresistible. Just go to the Marketing M: I see. Could you take a look at it for me? Do you have any idea what Mr. we are upgrading our main server this going to make his presentation on today? morning and the Internet won't be working w: He will be talking about online shopping until after lunch. Walton is M. to be able to work in peace. I think I am going to order one. it looks like I will be coming here quite w· I want to get this radio repaired. last night about this? M: Really? I thought he was going to discuss w· I was in Bangkok on a business trip and ways to keep customers satisfied. the position you applied for doesn't fine health. Why don't w: Well. I'm attendance list. The food in this place is excellent. order anything you want. The work will most likely finish around Department and sign your name on the 12:30. you are in M: Well. The completion date has been pushed back w: I know.n ha ntriviet. camping trip early tomorrow morning and I want to take it with me. there is another repair shop across Is there anything else you'd like to know? the road and they do good work. M: Well. According to your test results. me this morning and told me to take you out to a nice meal. I'm leaving for a you did last week. Try again after you've had lunch. Thompson. as you can see in my resume I did a you take it there? lot of work designing web pages. I couldn't wait to bring you here. However. involve any design work. that's not very good. I've been having some problems with my Internet access this morning. w: I heard the work is running behind schedule.

suggest that you take the time to come in for the check-up. between 12 to 6 today and get a free haircut from their friendly and talented staff. so if you are in need of a Part 04 haircut. let's all raise are welcome to come with me. sponsor of the show. and Tina. has Brown. a free done. let's all give her our support and let is that if you don't bring your car in. Our leading ballerina. After all. This will take only one hour and it is also don't know how we are going to replace her. Just go down to the easier. from the Marketing your food and this beautiful location here in the Department. Listen carefully I 210 Economy LC 1000 www. skill and dedication today and if you'd like a lift to the restaurant. w· Well. However. Ms. I've called you all here because I have just received some great news about one of our Hello. Good afternoon. you purchased a new sedan from us in just been selected by the Canadian National January and it's time now for its first service Ballet for a position there. want to get together because it's Brighton Sailing Club has not only made it into Mary's first anniversary here. Today. It is our policy here at Nippon the Canadian National Ballet is one of the Motors to service all new vehicles after three places Julie really wanted to go to. I drove to work Sanders. the noise anymore. This offer ends at six today. This is Jen from the Human Park. then your her know how proud we are of the great news. let me in particular. Bye. you're going to have to bear with it a For today only. Plus. Jon know soon. we will get direct access to the haircut to anyone who is lucky enough to be highway and our commute will get a lot listening to our show. and welcome to Thompson Hi. Scissors Hair Salon. Anyway. On the other months to check and see that everything is in hand. this picnic was put Resources Department. Call me. our featured sponsor is Scissors Hair Salon. and I order. there isn't much that we 1505 Jo~n Street in Scarborough. Yes. Department. twenty-four-month warranty will no longer be Now. a warranty requirement. is offering a can do at this point. our wonderful captain. please call us at 755- 5772 to make an appointment. What I am trying to say Anyway. to celebrate this event. Thank you and This is Judy Costas with a few words about our have a good day. our glasses and toast our victory. dancers. This may be a bit of a hassle since your attending a special dinner this evening at La car is running very nicely. If you are interested. okay? By the way. I hope you have all enjoyed o'clock tonight. but won the Equinox Cup in brilliant on having dinner at George's and maybe catch fashion. Now. I was wondering if you together today in celebration of our great victory would be interested in having dinner around six in the Equinox Cup. This is great because and safety check. whose courage. when the work is free haircut to all of our listeners. we will be valid. located on bit longer. Mary. you has made all this possible. Julie Myers. come down and check out the place. a show at the mall. from the Accounting Landsville Park. As you all know. we will all be very sad to lose her. I'll see you all there tonight. We are planning the finals. For the first time in fifty years. Sophie. because this is arl' offer you don't want to miss. I think the wait is going to be well Scissors Hair Salon at Fairview Shopping Mall worth it. this is Brian at Nippon . I strongly Taverna restaurant. Everyone has done a tremendous job.

You will get a five percent raise you will find today's schedule. if it goes ahead. believe that it is the authorities know when you will start trekking. Instead. At 8 A spokesman for the City Council announced o'clock. store. You will also be assigned a nametag. other parents and your representatives hands together for Mr. Now. we have new uniforms. most environmentally-friendly solution to the where you are going. I'd like to point out starting next month. so please help yourself as you mingle. Open Night. them can result in a fatal accident. due to its potential You can easily hurt yourself and not be able to environmental effects on Wick Point. that the workshop scheduled to begin after lunch at 1 o'clock will be delayed until 3 o'clock. Sam Stone. to be Script 211 . opposition to the tunnel. to authorization from the store manager first. This has resulted in mistakes occurring in interview sessions to get here. Initial All winter trekkers should be aware of the estimates by some lobby groups put the following simple but vital rules. as well as plenty of snack can pick up your new white shirt and blue pants foods. You weather changes. I would like to ask you to Lastly. please. will involve the construction of the longest underwater tunnel in Southeast Asia. www. Failure to observe construction costs at more than $20 billion. to our company's new There have been too many of you who change employee orientation session. to South Ward traffic tunnel will begin next During the tour. First of all. your request for a salary increase has open the packet you received this morning. you will not change hiring process is rather tough and I can truly say your shift with anyone without getting written that all of you have done a great job. You will enjoy your hike all the more by as you leave work this evening. you will get a tour of the classrooms today that a feasibility study into the Wick Point where your children spend most of the day. in the Parent-Teacher Association. In it. I know that our your pay. The study was approved in last night's please don't hesitate to ask the teacher. been approved. some of the changes that will take place in our It's also a good idea to take a mobile phone. Kindly put your teachers. and be familiar with the layout of the park. See you at the park! them on at all times while at work. I would shifts with others without letting management like to congratulate you for passing a series of know. month. Never go Environmental groups have maintained a strong hiking on any of the National Park trails alone. and how long you expect city's severe traffic congestion. From now on. You are to have following this good advice. Always let relatives and park lobby groups. take some extra clothing in case the next Monday. I'm Jack White. there is the issue of shift work. This evening you first thing on our list is an introductory speech by will all have a chance to get to know all the the president of our company. Next. everyone. Welcome. and will be you and we hope you have a wonderful evening.nhantriviet. let's get started with the day's agenda. however. begin our session. the vice-president will be giving a talk Welcome to the Middle Park Primary School about the history of our company at that time. There are some snacks and drinks at the back of the room. The project. First. undertaken by the Council's engineering department. Take a good map with you. which must be worn at all times. if you have any questions. so that you know how long I have called you here today to talk to you about you have been walking and when night will fall. The Parent-Teacher Association. president of the Now. Pro-tunnel walk safely. You should also carry a watch. These changes will go into effect starting Finally. Thank Council meeting by a small majority.

(C) Children are running around the plaza. (C) He is talking to the people on the road. (A) He is carrying a bag in his hand. Singh. park. (D) The man and woman are shaking (C) She's pricing the goods on the stand. 7. (0) She's standing in the aisle of the store. (B) The flight crew is boarding the plane. water. (C) The shoppers are lining up to enter the Part 02 store. (D) The people are getting ready to step onto the stage. (A) The bicycles are being locked up. (B) Water is flowing over the side of the (C) They're standing at a construction site. Part 01 (C) They're seated at various places on the grass. (D) The park benches are lined along the (B) He is walking toward home. Who are you looking for? (0) All of the seats are occupied. (0) He is looking for a place to sit. 13. 6. (A) The store is about to close for the day. (B) She's looking for some drinks. 9. 1O. (A) The flight is about to depart. 1. (B) To the manager. When does the monthly meeting take (0) The passengers are walking down the place? aisle. (A) They are watering the plants in the 3. hands. (C) They are speaking to the people in their seats. 2. (B) They're loading dirt onto the truck.nhantriviet. (A) This Friday. (B) The man is gesturing with his hand as he talks. When is the report due? stand. (B) The woman is reaching for an item. (A) Dishes have been set on the table. (D) The water fountain is in operation. (C) I'll do it later. (A) The place is not too far. (A) The woman is handing a paper to the (C) In the main conference room. 212 Economy LC I 000 . (B) A red file folder I left. (C) They are waiting for their food to arrive. man. (B) There are buildings along the road. (C) I'm here to see Mr. (A) The grass is being trimmed at the moment. (0) They're stopping the flow of the traffic. (B) The first of every month. 4. (A) She's shelving the products. 5. (A) They're putting on their hard hats. (C) The people are crossing the street. (0) The items are being hung on a display 11. 12. 8. (A) I've looked everywhere. pool. (C) The plane landed a short while ago. (B) The people have finished their meals. (B) The people are waiting next to the road.

nhantriviet. (C) No. (A) On the dotted line. he doesn't care about it. (C) This street will get you there. Where did Ms. I'm moving to San Francisco next (A) Because you were in a meeting. I'll give you a lift. (C) Twenty-dollar bills. (C) For the best employee. How many have signed up for the around a bit longer? conference? (A) Yes. (C) Most of the salespeople will attend. please. Is Terri available or has she left for the 22. week. 18. Chang not come up and see 21. Peterson accept another job? (A) At the post office. (8) Let's make it last a little longer if we can. Our laptops are on special t his week. (B) She is not busy. (8) Leave it on the desk. Is today your last day here? me? (A) Yes. I've been here many times before. Why did Mr. 19. Why is the room so dark? (A) What is it? (A) Probably in the next room. (B) I can hear you fine. (C) Why don't we go together? I 20. 15. There is a package here for you. that sounds great. 16. 17. How about we grab a cup of coffee after brochures? your meeting ends? (A) In the storage room. (C) It's over by now. Could you do something for me? 23. (8) Okay. 25. (A) No. 29. Why did Ms. (B) The pipes under the kitchen sink. That's very nice. The streetcar hasn't left yet. Are you going to take off or will you stick 26. (B) Upstairs to your right. (8) It should be around here. (B) Roughly a hundred people. (C) Let's see what she has to say. (8) I'm afraid we just missed it. (A) She's leaving tomorrow. Yamamoto put the leftover 27. (A) My wife does. has it? (A) This Friday at 7. (8) He will start next month. he's coming over this afternoon. Where is the hall for the awards banquet? 24. (C) Everyone's gone home. (C) I'm going to leave now. (B) I will have the copies ready. (C) Who's it from? (C) I don't expect him to do that. (8) At the local bank. (8) She left an hour ago. (C) Yes. Didn't you get in touch with the caretaker 28.14. (8) There is plenty of space. but I'm looking for a desktop. Who handles all the money in your factory? household? (A) She just took off. about the leaky pipes? (A) At half the original price. (C) Thanks. (C) It should be available now. Script 2 13 . (A) The pay is much better. (B) Really? I think it's quite nice. let's do it. (A) Sure. (C) Thanks. www.

(B) Yes. It's open until 10 every evening. we have a variety of selections upstairs.corn . Shouldn't you start preparing for the 38. 39. (8) Roughly about a week.nhantriviet. (C) There are a few copies there. Have you handed in your travel expense receipts yet? Part 03 (A) Yes. Hi. (C) Let me check his appointment book. I went to New York last month. I didn't expect it. Lee available for an appointment this morning? (A) It should be available very soon. I think it's too quiet around here. I could use a hand here. are you? M: Yes. (8) I picked one up already. 33. (B) Okay. let's go out soon. I didn't know that you had an upstairs. I heard there is the new position? a swimming pool at this hotel. 214 Economy LC 1000 www. (8) No. (B) Don't worry. (C) I'll drop by later today. (C) Which one are you talking about? (C) Maybe you can pair them up together. Can you tell (A) Yes. What's included in the dinner package? presentation you are going to make? (A) At 7 o'clock at the restaurant. (C) Let's work this weekend. Do you have any in stock today? 36. hot in here. then. Shouldn't we take out an ad in the paper for w: Thank you. M: Is there anything I can help you with? (C) I know but this place is much cozier. M: Go straight to the back of the store and there is a staircase. (8) Let's not put that in this time. (C) To get to the other side. 40.30. (A) It will be done by this Friday. conversation. I'm looking for some matching chairs for my patio. (A) No problem. I have plenty of time. (C) No. 37. I'm going to take the subway. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. How do I get up there? (C) I really don't like the rain too much. w: Why isn't the air-conditioner on? It's really (B) I'm seeing him at 1O o'clock today. The cafe down the road is also very quiet. I'll go for a dip in the water before I get some dinner at the restaurant. When is the merger expected to go through? the market research project? (A) By January of next year. the better. I'll drive. Could you drop this off at the reception you already get one earlier? desk on your way out? (A) The earlier. 35. w: Yes. w: Great. (A) I'll get you a cup of coffee on my way back. How many days did you spend working on 32. M: Of course. is Mr. (A) About recent trends in the market. You are not thinking of driving in this weather. Would you like a copy of the report or did 31. Have you taken a look up there? (A) No. And by the way. (8) Yes. the position is available. I'll take care of it. Thank you. me where it is? (B) Let's wait until next week. w: No. I submitted them yesterday. M: Here is your room key. Our pool is located on the (C) Let's take it along with us. basement floor. 34. (B) Well.

M: Oh. He talking to some of my staff. However. why don't you ask Cindy there. You'll have to walk about 10 minutes of going there tomorrow. Script 215 . I was thinking of talking to the He flew in from Japan early yesterday personnel manager at lunch today to see if morning. Why do come? you ask? W: Tomorrow? I can't. after M: I did but Mr. I have to pick up something for Mr. { CO"o "'y ~-- M: It's out of order right now. yesterday because we still have plenty of Did you call for repairs? fabric left in our store. that will be fine. do you know if there is a direct bus W: No. We will definitely have anywhere. She left work. that's a relief. we won't be getting a price like this ever. from the Clinton Public School passes by M: I know. I was away hire some part-time help. Michelle. Don't you think we should hire some part- time workers? The workload is getting to be Well. They went to the M: I see. yesterday. I couldn't go because I had to am not sur_e if we can afford to hire anyone show Mr. the fabric design next Monday. That's why Jane and I are thinking here. Webster is not here right now. too. I might be able to finish a few days Fairweather Store. He was quite insistent is at 30% off the regular price for the time on seeing it then. I have to go to the head Oh. Jensen is really busy today. I think so. I didn't know about this. being and you won't get a price like this W: Oh. I from the Eaton Center to our office? heard from John that the food is quite I don't think there is one. Where is he today? earlier to go to her dentist. Ms. bus 12 delicious and the price is very reasonable. have you tried the food at the little diner across the road? Karen. He's with Mr. we have enough money in our budget to M: Oh. but I've been meaning to go there. W: Yes. client and he wants us to show him the Johnson. from the office and didn't come back to W: Ms. He's apparently really busy running around M: I agree with you.nhantriviet. at this time. packing my lunch since I don't know anyone If that's the case. I'll have one of our to different places. I'm thinking of Curtis there tomorrow morning. office and I won't be here. I wasn't so sure W: Are you kidding me? It's 30 degrees today. Would you like to from the Eaton Center to take it. I just got a call from our M: You've made a wonderful choice. I've been thinking about that too but I W: Actually. In W: Hello. it finished by Wednesday. However. I hate eating alone in a restaurant. I'll need to look www. It's going right according to schedule. to pick you up? She lives a minute away from the shopping center. Vincent. you able to get some new information? M: Well. up a meeting with her for tomorrow morning then. I guess I'll give her a call later and set factory to check out the operations there. Fujimoto around the warehouse. As I told you yesterday. how was the seminar yesterday? Were too much for. I am calling to place an early and show it to you within the next order of the fabric you and I talked about couple of days. I realized that said he can't get out here until 2 o'clock. delivery people take the fabric to your place sometime this week. my name is Brenda Johnson with the fact.

machines you ordered. It has taken us days to get everything back in order and we were able to resume work only now. if you are looking for something to do. However. the airport. . she will talk to the I 216 Economy LC lOOO www. you know how start each day at 7 p. food and the activities that are days at least to reach you. this is Michael Shire from Singapore. from next Monday and important it is to meet the deadline for this end in a breathtaking finale on Sunday night. Are you looking for an exotic place to go on your next vacation? Then tune in every Thursday at 8 to World At Large with your host. passengers? Due to position along the assembly line. along our assembly line. I wish I could give you some time tickets are limited. All those passengers who need management. She received a scholarship witness the great magic of Larry Hennington offer from a university here and she's coming to look around for a week. w: I would most likely think it won't be until after we finish the project we are working on. you will get to be coming then.. have decided to make the accommodation arrangements are asked to change every six months so that you will be make your way to the buses that will arrive in exposed to different parts of the work needed ten minutes to take you to your hotels. I hope you get this message and When do you suppose we will be able to if you have any concerns.. just by coming down to the Houdini House. Anyway. The w: Hmm . We. So. please make Beijing is scheduled for tomorrow morning at your way into the foreman's room to get the 8:30. Part 04 A reminder to all the assembly line workers: From tomorrow." for some great fun for you and some time off in July because my sister will your family? For this week only. Further. Then how about a night of magic at the M: That's what I thought. I was hoping to get "Houdini House. next week. so act now. I'm really sorry about available in the area. After you have done so. you will be assigned to a new May I have your attention. over it to see that everything is ready so I'll this but the electrical power was cut by a bolt of get it to you by either Thursday night or the lightning and our production line was damaged. I'll be in the office until 5 o'clock.m. purchase order. I Mindy Wong. The show will off work then. Instead it will take another five accommodation. Unfortunately they won't She will provide you with information about the be arriving next Saturday as specified on the cost of the trip including details on airfare. if you need assistance with your bags. Mindy will take you to have some bad news about the washing places that are not yet overrun with tourists.nhantriviet. Jackie. Each week. the last flight your name on the list we will be posting scheduled to depart for Beijing has been tomorrow morning to see where you will be canceled. The next available outbound flight to working. please call me right take our holidays? away. Please check the heavy snowstorm outside. project. . there are porters ready to help you by the entrances. Please check the time of tomorrow's ·proper protective gear you will need to work in flights from the monitors set up around the the area you have been assigned to. first thing Friday morning. check out the Houdini House. My guess is that it'll be around the end Tired of doing the same thing every weekend? of August.

AER323. For this reason.5 FM. let's get started by year. Would the owner of the vehicle with training session. different countries are participating this year. Lastly. there is a vehicle that is parked out front next to a fire Welcome to our 3rd annual management hydrant. So tune into World At Large every of course. the President has been criticized as of late for not taking strong enough measures to stimulate the economy. The have a wonderful time this evening. and solutions to problems we may have. I'm calling currencies. during the play since any noise will distract the children from their performance. please refrain from cheering My number is 777-9000. Now.locals to give you insight into the area you will talk about next year's goals and objectives. years. Hello. here is two the economy should start picking up again. at Trinity Law. purpose of these sessions is to go over our company vision and mission statements. with fuel prices at its highest This is a message for Mr. Dave Thomas. This is a The mayor of Canyon made a visit to the time to gain valuable contacts and build strong opening of our tenth Food Festival today. could you Thank you ladies and gentlemen for making it provide us with a statement on his performance. contributions to the profession. Thank you for First. If so. the economy into a healthy state. please remove it at invite managers from different locations all over this time? Thank you and I hope you wili all the state to spend the weekend together. Now. levels ever and the dollar losing its strength my name is John Michaels and I'm with the law against the euro and other international department at Trinity University. leading economists believe the Mayor Davis sat with our citizens to enjoy the bottom is leveling out and in the next year or delicious food they have prepared. to tonight's concert. it also offers a great opportunity for Thursday night here at 90.nhantriviet. Now. turn it off. Lester with the mayor of our city. and www. And be visiting. I'd like to mention that your his character and his relations with his children have worked very hard for the last few coworkers? We. traditional food from all around the world giving a warm hand of applause to the is displayed and I'd like to add that over 50 president of our company. you to meet other managers from different regions to exchange ideas. there people who we believe would make great are a couple of announcements I'd like to make. However. before looking for strong academic achievers but we get started with their song and dance. Script 217 . if you are carrying a cell phone. please your time and I look forward to your response. The Food Festival has been built on traditions from immigrants who come to our country from The Consumer Price Index shows that all over the world: This year we are particularly consumer spending and consumer purchasing pleased to see the entrance of new participants power has decreased for the last six months from the former Union of Soviet Socialist and has steadily decreased for the last two Republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Nonetheless. He had stated in his application that he worked for you as a paralegal. We were wondering if you could confirm this fact. are not just weeks preparing for this evening. there aren't enough measures for because we received an application from a the President to take at the moment to stimulate Terrance Jones for admission to our law school. Second. Every peer relationships. At the end of each year we the license plate.

14. (D) He's walking around an art gallery. (C) The woman is walking into the woods. 9. (C) He's admiring a painting on the wall. 2. (C) All of the people are wearing hats. (C) The man is parking the vehicle on the road. (B) The man is looking under the hood of (B) To get it on . (C) The man is getting on the horse. it is supposed to get chilly tonight. (C) In September. Part 01 (D) The lights in the room have been turned off.nhantriviet. (B) The man is riding a horse. 1. 11. 218 Economy LC !000 www. (A) The man is repairing the car door. (A) Mr. (A) Yes. (A) A man is closing the door. (C) I got it as well. I would . (C) The people are exercising together outside. When are we going to get audited? 7. (D) One man is working with some tools. (A) They are taking a break from their work. (B) Let's take off soon. (A) The steps lead down to the road below. 13. (A) He's putting down his knapsack. friends. (C) The construction is almost completed. (A) The men are moving some machines out of the room. (D) The man is working outdoors. river. (B) The room is equipped with workout equipment. (B) Packages are kept in the corner. (B) He's looking at a piece of paper. (D) He's heading toward the building. (A) The man is buying a pet. (A) It's Susan's birthday today. (D) There are swimmers diving into the (C) Yes. Who got here first? (B) A man is cutting down a tree. Kwan did. the car. (D) The man is grooming the animal. Thank you. (D) The building is under construction. (A) One of the boats is tied to the dock. Part 02 4. 10. (B) He's hanging a picture on the wall . (B) People are walking through the gate. (A) He's looking out at the scenery. (C) The boats are going under the bridge. (C) The trip will take about an hour. it will be edited. (B) The man is talking to the woman. 8. 12. (C) He's leaving his work. (A) The woman is carrying a bottle. (D) The man is taking the engine out of the car. (B) Yours is on the table. (C) The door is wide open. (A) Yes. 5. (D) The men are writing a letter to their 3. Should I pack a sweater for the trip? 6. Do you want some milk with your cake? (B) There are ducks flying over the boats. (B) The people are sitting on the stairs. Script 219 . but I have a cap. (A) It'll be a year next month. 17. has it? 25. 30. she was there last year. (C) Yes. (C) To discuss the report. (B) He booked it already. How long have you been taking violin (A) No. Did you park your car in the underground 24. (C) Yes. I would like a ride . 23. (B) To make it look newer. Who is up for a promotion this year? (B) Thanks. 18. (C) I'm all right this evening. (C) No. lessons? (B) He will be arriving with her. Can we go out for dinner tonight or should garage or on the first floor? we do it another time? (A) Yes. (B) Thanks. (C) The blue one is very nice. (A) Yes. (C) Let's go for a drive today. 22. (C) At a restaurant near here. When do you have to renew your driver's (A) Isn't he on vacation? license? (B) You were there. (B) For a week. (B) Yes. It's my mother's recipe. 27. Brown if I were you . (C) He's upstairs with the manager. (B) It is getting quite late. www. (B) I'd love to see the orchestra. (B) Yes. Didn't Pamela file her taxes last year? (B) Take them to the back. (A) The tiles on her kitchen floor. The new computer hasn't arrived yet. you should do it. I would call Mr. (A) He has already eaten. Why are you giving those clothes away? (A) He's very generous. 29. (A) He needs to improve his computer skills. (C) I don't wear them anymore. (A) Not for another six months. (C) I would think that she did.nhantriviet. it was very good. (C) The black coat. in the back. (B) I didn't drive to work today. (C) I'll look for it later. I am really surprised. (C) Sure. (B) Thanks. Do you have any blue binders in stock? (A) Check the bottom shelf. (B) He's probably studying for an exam. (A) Who is baking it? 26. How many people are going on the camping trip? 28.15. (C) It should be there. Do you have this coat in a larger size? (B) Yes. 31. 21. (A) It's not that big. 19. actually. we need to stack them up. Let's share a cab to the mall. What should I do about these boxes? (A) To put in these items. Did you find the book helpful? (A) This Saturday. (C) Around five. The pie you baked certainly is very tasty. (C) It's about a two-hour performance. I'll call one right away. 20. I don't think so. he'll be here this evening. (A) I believe Larry is. Why did Ian sign up for a night class? (B) At a nearby clothing shop. (A) I bought a pair of pants. it doesn't.

Have same novel on your desk? you heard of them? (A) Those are for my book club. you can come by to take a look at the report. lunch. Johnson file? w. I read it several times.32. you tell me where I can get an umbrella at this hotel? I want to pick one up before the 35. (C) The sales meeting went very well. (B) She said she'll call to let me know later. (C) Yes. This is really (B) I'll make the copies soon. (B) No.nhantriviet. (B) It's too early to tell. If you have to. there's a store down the road that sells them. I don't feel like going camping this 33. Where can I find a pair of sneakers for my son? w: Good morning. By the way. workers on the factory floor? M: No. anyway? 39. (A) It doesn't cost that much to advertise (C) Yes. I looked everywhere. nowadays. Wendy. but it (B) I didn't get much sleep last night. Mr. he's not here today. doesn't open until 9 o'clock. hurry. w: You can get one at the gift shop. What does the new policy mean for the is looking at it. Ron. they're there now. I put it back in the cabinet. Maybe Bob 37. have to work late. w: In that case. Mr. Can I write the report by hand? 40. Do you have the (C) She does not want to move in there. I can give you a ride home. can't you? w· Hi. I don't have anything planned tonight. it was. Part 03 34. Brenda. Thank you . advertising campaign this morning? (B) Well. 220 Economy LC lOOO www. M: All right. Who's performing. Does Ms. (B) It's the painting hanging on the wall. M: Yes. Was your room comfortable (A) Try looking on the fifth floor. I'm available anytime today. it's really not that bad. No. You look really exhausted this morning. (A) She has not given us an answer yet. I don't new home? feel like walking out in this rain. Lewis is probably reading (C) He's at the police station. great. (A) Yes. Do you want them? (C) Yes. (A) It will be held in the main conference (C) Come by my office after you've had room. Whittaker want the walls painted M: It's 8:30 now. I have these two tickets to a (A) He came by with the report. M: Good morning. You should go and check with him. Smith? (B) He's a five-year-old boy. If you're in a (C) Well. last night. I'm a big fan of . can (C) I must've lost it somewhere. head office to attend a seminar. Why do you have so many copies of the w: A local jazz band called Two Sisters. 38. concert tonight but I can't go because I (B) He's taking the news very well. I'd prefer that you type it. He's gone to the (A) Yes. tour bus arrives at 9:30. it. 36. What time is Wendy meeting us today? year. Would you like to discuss the new (A) I'll hand it in before the meeting. M· Yes. I think I'll just go and have or would she rather have wallpaper for her breakfast at the hotel restaurant first. Thank you so much.

I had the same opinion as you last he finishes up with his dental appointment. Good afternoon. I'll available online and the delivery will go out take you to your table now. year before going to the workshop.W: How did you like the workshop? Don't you M: Can you get in contact with Mr. I'll go down to the M: Well. please. I'm sorry but I don't see your W: We are usually open until 8 o'clock. Also. Brown at that time. Okay. Williams." My full able to get there on time. Gomez and think it was very informative? ask him to come by the office after two M: Yes. the new general W: Well. M: My secretary booked it for me this morning. scheduled with Mr. . Thomas. I M: Yes. but W: Really? He called earlier and told me to tell now I feel it was well worth my time. Oh. why don't you try using Anyway. we're not working this Friday. project. Do you have his cell number by any chance? However. I'd like a table for two. This is Lisa Rhonda just told me that a meeting has from Home Office Depot. don't think I will be able to make it to the meeting on time. I managed to learn a lot of things. There should be a reservation for a table under M: Hi. going to have to come down on the weekend W: Ah. Here it is. we will have to arrange for their delivery on W: Really? I already have another meeting Monday. He wants our opinion on the ads M: Oh. I o'clock today? I completely forgot that I can't wait to try the things I learned today at have a managerial meeting with the other the office. excited about coming to this workshop. I am already looking you try his office again? Maybe he's still forward to it. I guess that will have to do. You know. the chairs will be delivered to you manager is going to come in and say hello. I don't think I will be Maybe check under "Williams. I can see that you've requested a our website? All of our products are table near the window. I can't wait until next year's parking lot and get it. Mr. there. I guess I'm name is John Williams. the same day. I do but I left his business card in my happy about coming back this year. www. after W: Yes. If that's the case. I heard the advertising manager is the delivery will arrive at your office this going to show us the ads for our new Friday.nhantriviet. I'll give him a call right away.. Mr. can managerial workshop. In the meanwhile." tonight? W: Let me see .. briefcase in my car. on Tuesday and I'd like to let you know that M: I know. then. Are you sure you booked we're closing an hour early tonight because a table for this evening? of our monthly inventory check. you that he will be here at 11 o'clock. I guess your since I have to work late this week. I was not all that managers this morning. If you follow me. directly from our factory and I don't think we He is supposed to start working here as of can get them to you by Thursday. I learned a lot and I was very Yes. Script 221 . Hi. Would it before showing them to the client. is that right? Hmm . secretary only mentioned your last name. can you tell me what time you close the name of "John.. I understand that been scheduled for all the staff members at you placed an order for a few chairs with us ten o'clock tomorrow. but name on the list. at be possible to get them on Thursday? the end of the meeting. I guess next Monday.

has caught a bad cold. is sick and won't be able to come to you all and may the best person win. through on three different dates. please talk to the receptionist to automatically think that any one of you will be . Dave. She apparently 83·85 refer to the following . I always have say that the design is going to put us one step some work that I need to do first thing in the ahead of our competitors. Now. This is John calling. since our intention is an emergency situation here at the restaurant. that will be fine. However. I think I can Good morning. to work this morning. I have my routine six-month check- received some excellent designs and it was up. and thank you for calling the desk of Larry Mr. prospective candidates from outside the company will also be interviewed for the Hi. I don't want you is an urgent matter. I decided to step down from his position as the have been unable to make it to the office this general manager and spend more time with his week because of a matter that I have to take care family. He has last updated at 11 a.M: Well. Could you please call me and let me know if you you came in a little late. Hello.m. However. Of course. I have to tell you that we doctor. on Tuesday May 5th. let's make it for 9:30. This message was Incorporated at the end of this year. As you may have heard . Can we get together tomorrow morning instead? very difficult to choose a winner. we had a designer from thirty different M: I'm sorry. rounds of interviews that each one of you will go Thank you and have a nice day. can come into work today. Leave the details guaranteed of the job. I am checking my asked to show up today is because Mr. Is that all right? detailed and innovative concept. I would like to thank everyone for handle the morning rush until 7 a. If this to be his successor. I'm afraid companies around the world each submit a I have to step out of the office to see my design proposal. sure everything is in order. However. As you have been informed 222 Economy LC 1000 www. Anyway. In a a presentation in front of the board minute. I'm sure that everyone won't mind if . I'll come by your winning design caught our attention with its office at 9 o'clock. but I can't this morning. we will be announcing the name of the members next Monday and I want to make winner of our automotive design. As you know. I am happy to M: Well . but after coming today in spite of your tremendously busy that I am really going to be shorthanded here. look to our left where Leslie is standing. to hire within the company. She is going to unveil the design after the winning designer comes onto the stage. However. I'm sorry to bother position. There will be three with her and she will contact me right away. schedules. Anyway. the reason you have been of at the warehouse. Part 04 Good morning. Susie also called and said she can't wait on tables today.are that we will you at home so early in the morning but I have probably pick one of you. let's all take a morning. the w: Sure.m. good luck Rita. please call me as soon as you can. our cook. Anyway. Johnson will be leaving Thompson Patterson at Jagar Industries.nhantriviet. Thanks. Can you spare some time this afternoon to go over the budget report? I have to make Thank you for coming to today's gathering. Johnson messages every hour so please leave a message believes that you are the most qualified people and I will get back to you as soon as I can. by pressing "O" on your phone.

but you work on Monday. you have to leave for the a brand-new appliance at an unbelievable price. Homecare Center and you can walk home with Immediately after that. let's get back to so call me before then. I'd like to apologize for this know which day would be most convenient for inconvenience. take a look at our website this afternoon. If anyone needs directions. I'd like those who are planning to attend are asked to to say that after interviewing many candidates. our day's agenda and start the day's meeting by first going over our sales chart for this week. please enter through the didn't specify which day you'd like to get together. we have finally found the person we've been Also. do let her know if you will be bringing your looking for. I just checked your message and I has asked me to make an announcement understand that you would like to get together regarding a paint job that will take place in the with me this week to go over the sales report for first floor lobby next Monday. Phil. but be having a party to celebrate the launch of our we have not yet decided on who will be latest line of cosmetics. editor of our company. Anyway. I'll be out of the office all day that building will be posted on the bulletin board later day. I'm sorry Before we begin our weekly meeting this but I was in a meeting and couldn't answer your morning.m.throughout the year. or try fixing it? Well. The painting schedule for the rest of the Wednesday. Script 223 I . Linda has spouse to the party because we need to let the been the editor for an independent news agency catering service know how many people w ill be for the last ten years. could you call me back and let me this afternoon. That's half the price of you are expected to make an appearance at our original price! So. the company has wanted to 92-94 refer to the followiniha1k: ~ - start sending weekly newsletters to our clients for One last thing I want to mention before we end a while now. It's Don Daniels. except on doors. When you arrive at the month of June. www. but we are trying to make our you? I'll be leaving the office at 5 o'clock today. At nine your old appliances to the Homecare Center thirty. as I'll post the map before lunch today. I do hope all of you will be able to make it. airport to catch a flight to New York. Then at noon. you are to attend a meeting with the today. Everyone is invited and responsible for handling this task. That would be fine. That's right. Anyway. Lee. She brings with her a attending. the building maintenance department call earlier. your old one. She will ground floor reception hall at the Prince Hotel officially join us next Monday as the new chief this Friday at 6 p. as you will not be able to use the front I'm okay anytime this week. We have decided on the layout and today's meeting is to let you know that we will how we are going to divide up the newsletter. Anyway. if you have an appliance our new staff orientation seminar. a luncheon meeting prices you won't believe. workplace look better. You'll get 50% off the with your accountant at your favorite Sushi purchase of a new appliance just by bringing in restaurant has been arranged. get in touch with Wendy by the end of today. think no more and bring You have a full day today. Her name is Linda Dankus. We here at the Homecare will buy your senior managers in the conference room on the old appliances and give you brand-new ones at third floor. In the afternoon. which is that is giving you problems. come down to the being held at the Hillside Hotel near the airport. The party will take place in the wealth of knowledge and experience. backdoor. I have booked a business class ticket for you and the Good afternoon.nhantriviet. Thanks. Is your old appliance giving you problems? Having trouble deciding whether to throw it out instructions.