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Zahid Hussain

Address: H. No. 1259, Street-174, Sector G-11/1, Islamabad
Tel #:(+92-312-8311280) Skype: zahidjalbani

More than 15 year experience in , grants management, child protection, social development programs, partnership
development, periodic planning, program development and implementation, focused on program management,
development, internal coordination & external commuication, capacity building, program quality & compliance, program
financial management, representation & collaboration, partnership management and information management.

Professional Experience:

a) Plan International, Islamabad-Pakistan October 2015 to date
Project Manager
Digital Birth Registration (DBR)

Brief Summary of role and main achievements

Being a project manager of Strengthening CRVS (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) in Pakistan through Appropriate
use of Digital Technologies (DBR) my major role include to Lead the Plan‘s DBR project team in-country in close
collaboration with Country Count Every Child Focal person,Take ownership of the key project documents and ensure
that they are delivered to a high quality and on time, Develop and own the Programme Design documents (including
roles and responsibilities, scope and costing), Lead the DBR solution requirements gathering exercise, Create a
detailed project work plan and monitor progress against plan and budget, Identify project risks and issues and
implement mitigation strategies, Provide status updates to CO and IH management, Work closely with the DBR Central
Team to ensure that the project is delivered according to the DBR methodology, Develop relationships with key partners
(Government, UN agencies, Private sectors and CSOs) to promote a collaborative working environment with MoUs
where appropriate, Ensure child rights based approach to programming and Work with the in-country resource
mobilization manager to identify potential funding sources for DBR.

b) Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), Islamabad-Pakistan November 2012 to October 2015
National Programme Manager
Gender Equity Program (GEP) & Political Party Development Program (PPDP)
Brief Summary of role and main achievements

Being a project manager of Political Parties Development Program my major role include to ensure that political parties of
the country should have institutional set up in place, to build capacity of political parties to have proper constitution for
their outreach by focusing young generation in their program development, to facilitate the formulation of Policy Working
Groups for the political parties to have their policies in places and to support political parties for Issues Identification
Workshops (IIWs) as they can prioritize their issues and connect the Civil Society Orgnizations (CSO)/Academia, Think
Tanks to speak on the identified issues.

As well as under the role of manager of GEP mainly I am engaged in ensuring that grassroots level organizations
(CBOs/NGOs) have gender friendly policies. The project has been successfully implemented in all four provinces viz,
Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Balochistan, Sindh and Azad Jamuu & Kashmir and Giligt Baltistan.

The major achievement of the projects are political party development program has significantly contributed in the placing
institutional setup of political parties and 65% of the major issues identified through Issues Identification Workshops
(IIWs) became the part of their manifesto. Capacity Building of more than 90 NGOs/CBOs across the country.
Development of Strategic Plans is the major achievement capacity building of the CBOs/NGOs project. Material
Developed in the local languages like Sindhi, Urdu etc for the training participants.

c) The World Bank, Pakistan April 2012 to October 2012
Grievance Redressal Coordinator-Sindh
The Citizens’ Damage Compensation Program (CDCP)
Brief Summary of role and main achievements

Under the role of Grievance Redressal Coordinator of Citizens’ Damage Compensation Program (CDCP), my major role
include to work closely with different stakeholders like Govt. of Sindh, NADRA, DFID,USAID, The World Bank and
Cabinet Division of Govt. of Pakistan, additionally to put in place the grievance mechanism at the Provincial Disaster
Management Authority (PDMA) and project districts (14) in Sindh province and the capacity building of district and
provincial authorities in early disposable of grievances.

The major achievements of the project include the successful placement of Grievance Redressal System at district and
provincial level and disposal of grievances up to 75% of the total caseload. The guidelines for the District Review
Committees (DRCs) were developed in Sindhi and Urdu languages.

d) United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Pakistan Oct 2011 to March 2012
Information Management Officer-Child Protection in Emergencies
OIC-Provincial Cluster Coordinator-Child Protection Sub Cluster, Sindh

Brief summary of role and main achievements

Being Information Management Officer-Child Protection Sub-Cluster I have been mainly engaged in strengthening inter-
agency information exchange before and during emergencies, coordination among all inter-cluster activities with a Child
Protection (CP) presence as appropriate - either Child Protection Working Group (CPWG) Coordinator or other CPWG
focal person, liaising with CP agencies and stakeholders, developing CP reporting formats for baseline, end line and
other data management, providing inputs for weekly and monthly CPWG/UNICEF SitReps and other reports, preparing
briefs and presentations as and when needed streamlining methods to share information using internet, email groups,
written reports.

The major achievement include the established and strengthened closed coordination among the clusters, done
orientation on Child Protection Mainstreaming in other Humanitarian Sectors, translated and rolled-out the SOPs on
Missing, Separated & Unaccompanied children, collected and collated all Child Protection related information, prepared
Sitreps and other required reports participated and represented the Child Protection Sub Cluster in different meetings and
forums trough out the Sindh Province. The development and translation of SoPs about the missing children in Sindhi
lagnague was one of the major contribution made by me during my association with Unicef.

Oxfam GB (Pakistan Program) January to September, 2011
Program Coordinator (Partnerships)

Brief summary of role and main achievements

Under Program Coordinator-Partnerships role, mainly I have been engaged in identifying the partners for possible
collaboration in relief and rehabilitation phases, significant work to identify, establish and maintain contacts with the local
partners for ensuring meaningful engagement of Oxfam in field area, ensuring that the project activities are in line with
Oxfam's strategic areas, Building capacity of partners in monitoring and implementation of relief phase, appraising the
Project and transferring appraising skills to the local partners, ensuring the accountability system is in place with all
partners, capturing lessons learned from working with partners in a Humanitarian Response and streamlining the
partner's work and documentation in a way that partners appreciate the contribution. Additionally under partnerships I
have been doing contract management of all the partners, reviewing their financial & technical reports along with
concerned departments and facilitating in the release of their payments as per agreed schedule.

The major achievements include establishment and strengthening of strong partnerships with PEFSA-I & II Partners for
the implementation of EFSL Projects at Sindh Program Office level, supporting partners in developing project proposal
on the community need based, supporting partners to implement the WASH and Emergency Food Security and
Livelihoods (EFSL) Projects, developing and implementing Capacity Building Plan of the partners on the need
assessment basis and represented and participated in different meetings and forums.

Plan International -Pakistan September 2010 to January 2011
Area Coordinator

Brief summary of role and main achievements

Being Area Coordinator I have been mainly engaged in leading Protection and Child Protection Cluster in Thatta District,
conducting regular meetings of Protection and Child Protection Cluster, Information Management and Dissemination
regarding protection/child protection issues like missing children, children with disabilities, orphan children etc.,
representing Plan at District level, Clusters, Government meetings and its reporting, facilitating implementing partners
and district government in the formulation of /strengthen District Disaster Management Authorities, coordinating and
facilitating external and internal stakeholders regarding relief and emergency efforts.

The major achievement include established strong and effective linkages with relevant line departments, led Protection
Cluster at District Level and coordinated and facilitated external and internal stakeholders regarding relief and
emergency efforts.

World Wide Fund for Nature –WWF, Pakistan March 2008- August 2010
Programme Implementation Unit Manager (PIUM)/Site Manager

Brief summary of role and main achievements

Being a Site Manager of the Indus For All Program my role specifically was focused on defining project scope, goals
and deliverables that support WWF-Pak goals in collaboration with senior management and different stakeholders,
effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely & clear fashion, lead &
manage Programme Implementation site by applying administrative and technical procedures as required by WWF-Pak,

maintain the records of all financial transactions made under the site level implementation of the programme, liaise with
NGOs/ civil societies organizations to promote understanding and effective project implementation at district level,
closely working with District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).

The major achievements include successful implementation of the Livelihood Development Projects under thematic
areas like agriculture, livestock, fisheries, women and cross-cutting of total budget PKR 40.70 million, the livelihood
projects covered women issues thematic area covered 22% and 29% with fisheries and the cross cutting issues were
focused for around 10%, successfully implemented the Natural Resources Management Projects under different
thematic areas viz. Eco-Tourism, Alternate Energy etc and supported communities for the development of project

a Plan International -Pakistan April 2007 to February2008
Regional Project Officer - Sindh

Brief summary of role and main achievements

Being a Regional Project Officer, my major included the implementation of the Universal Birth Registration (UBR)
Project with District Governments Khairpur Mirs and Nawabshah (Shaheed Benazirabad) Districts in close and effective
coordination, project management, implementation and monitoring of different activities regarding birth registration
project at grassroots level/Union Council Level such as Advocacy & Awareness, Coordination with Civil Society
Organizations, Community Based Organizations, District and Local Government such as DCOs, Zila Nazims, LGSO,
UC Secretaries, data collection, analysis and report writing and information dissemination to different stakeholders
regarding the project progress.

The major achievement of the project was increased in birth registration from 8 per cent to 34 per cent in both project
districts. The successful launch of awareness campaign in Sindhi language through innovative solagons specifically
developed in Sindhi language by keeping into consideration the target beneficiaries.

Human Development Foundation (HDF) June 2001 to March-2007
Regional Program Manager

Brief summary of role and main achievements

Under the role of Regional Program Manager I have been mainly engaged in implementation and management the
HDF integrated economic development model of Education (Non-Formal Basic Education & Adult Literacy), Health
(Primary Health Care), and Economic Development (Micro credit) in the regional program area, monitoring of day to day
operational activities of the programs and training and development.

The major achievement was successfully implemented the integrated Economic Development Program, including
education, health and micro-credit, opened 50 non-formal basic education schools managed by communities, expanded
integrated services from 1000 Households to 5000 Households and successfully written and got approved in various
projects like WES.


 Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Sindh, Jamshoro 2006-2008.
 Master’s of Arts, Sociology from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur 1999-2001.
 Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering from Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam, 1991-1996

Special Courses:

 Online Course on “The Age of Sustainable Development” from Columbia University-USA, Jan-April, 2014
 Online Course on “Democratic Development” from Stanford University-USA, Apr-July, 2013

Language Skills:

 Fluent in English, Urdu and Sindhi.

Computer Skills:
 Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, and Outlook.


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Presented Paper during Seminar on National Biodiesel Program, Identification of Barriers on July 10th, 2009
organized by the Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB), Islamabad.

References could be provided on request.