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TRAINING :“Personality Development Training For Oplan Tokhang
DATE : June __ - ___, 2017
VENUE : _______________________
TRAINING DURATION : Two (2) Nights and Two (2) Days

RATIONALE Personality Development enhances and grooms ones inner self to
bring about a positive change to our life. It brings about a change
in our appearance and attitude as well. Each individual has a
distinct personality that has scope to be developed, polished,
refined and enhanced.

Personality development process includes building self
confidence, improving communication – be it verbal or non
verbal, enhancing language speaking abilities and guiding
students with their pronunciation, widening the overall
knowledge arena especially general knowledge, developing your
hobbies or skills that are pleasurable, learning social etiquettes
and table manners, adding style and grace to the personality and
making people positive and cheerful.

OBJECTIVES This training-workshop aims to:
1) Impart knowledge, sharpen skills and orient attitudes (values
formation) of participants so that they are capable of performing
better in their roles;
2) Empower participants to be assets and become active partners in
a productive economy by providing them with relevant inputs
that will develop their skills; and
3) Improve social capabilities of participants through team building
and group dynamics.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS : 30 Oplan Tokhang Surrenderees

Food (P150.00 x 3 meals x 80) P36, 000.00
Snacks (P50.00 x 2 snacks x 80) P 8, 000.00
Supplies and Materials P14, 000.00
Room Accommodation (P350.00 x 80)
P28, 000.00
Honoraria for Speakers and StaffP10, 000.00
Venue Rental P 6, 000.00
Fuel P 4, 000.00



the course director will be preparing a detailed list of all the problems cited. in order to fulfill the requirement of this session in Problem Identification. 30 minutes) Impressions and Closing Prayer (45 minutes) Day 2 . June ___. Report Presentation and Discussion (45 minutes) After the presentation of the reports by each of the leaders. Each group is to have a leader who is to present a consolidated report of the problems faced by the members of his group.Saturday. Familiarization and Inauguration.(Afternoon) Warm Up/ Ice Breakers (15 minutes) Lecture on Increasing Your Value (1 hr and 30 mins) Fast Break Lecture on Financial Management (1 hr and 30 mins) Group Dynamics/ Team Building Activity (45 minutes) . 2017 (Afternoon) Registration. The list of problems will then be circulated to all the trainers who are handling the various sessions. PROGRAM FLOW Day 1 . Filmshowing/ Testimony (A Changed Life) (1 hour. (45 minutes) Introduction/ Training Rationale (45 minutes) Problem Identification (45 minutes) Suggested Methodology – Group Discussion During this session the participants will be divided into specific number of groups and each group is expected to discuss the problems that they are facing as surrendereers. June ___.Friday. 2017 (Morning) Hataw (45 minutes) Breakfast. Time to take a Bath. Grooming (1 hour) Lecture on Leadership (1 hr and 30 mins) Fast Break Lecture on Time (Self) Management/ Priorities and Decision Making (1 hr and 30 mins) Group Dynamics/ Team Building Activity (45 minutes) Lunch Break Day 2 .

Lunch Break Day 3 . 2017 (Morning) Praise and Worship (30 minutes) Message about Living in Victory (1 hr and 30 mins) Testimonies (45 minutes) Closing Prayer (10 minutes) .Sunday. June ___.

Daywise Break-Up Session 1 Registration. Familiarization and Inauguration Day 1 Session 2 Introduction/ Training Rationale Session 3 Problem Identification Session 4 Filmshowing Session 5 Impressions and Closing Prayer Session 1 Hataw Session 2 Breakfast. Time to take a Bath. Grooming Session 3 Leadership Day 2 Session 4 Time (Self) Management/ Priorities and Decision Making Session 5 Group Dynamics/ Team Building Activity Session 6 Increasing Your Value Session 7 Financial Management Session 8 Group Dynamics/ Team Building Activity Session 1 Praise and Worship Day 3 Session 2 Living in Victory Session 3 Testimonies Session 4 Closing Prayer and Benediction .