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English 4



Your essay will be graded based on this rubric. Consequently, use this rubric
as a guide when writing your essay and check it again before you submit it.
(80 points)

8- Answer is appropriate to the question. Content is factually correct. Clear
sense of order. Begins with the topic sentence. Supporting points are presented
in a logical progression. Develops each point with specific details. Answer
question completely. No major grammatical or spelling errors.

6- Answer is appropriate to the question. Content may have one or two factual
errors. May lack the topic sentence, but points are presented in a logical
progression. Each point supported with some details and evidence. All
important points included. Accurate word choice. No more than 2 major errors
and a few minor errors.

4- Content relates peripherally to the question; contains significant errors.
Logic of argument is minimally perceivable. Points presented in a logical
progression. Sparse details or evidence. Question only partially answered.
Ordinary word choice; use of scientific terminology avoided. Some serious
errors (but they don’t impair communication).

2- Content unrelated to question. Lacks clear organizational plan. Reader is
confused. Statements are unsupported by any detail or explanation. Limited
vocabulary; errors impair communication.

1. Adapt the three- step writing process to reports and proposals.
2. Explain the value of a work-plan in the development of long reports.
3. List the key elements of a business plan.
4. Explain how to choose an organizational strategy when writing a proposal.
5. Name five characteristics of effective report content.
6. List the topics commonly covered in the introduction, body and close of formal
7. List six strategies to strengthen a proposal argument.
8. Briefly describe three report elements that can help readers find their way in long
9. Identify the major components of a formal report.
10. Explain the difference between a synopsis and an executive summary.

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