About The Foundation

The Refuge Mission Foundation was founded on the universal laws of love and caring for the
less fortunate in our midst. Although founded as a Christian organization firmly rooted in Biblical
truths, our mandate to the community through our partnership with the House of Refuge Mission
is to assist those in dire need within our community. These include the homeless, destitute and
those ensnared by various addictions. The House of Refuge Mission has been in existence for
over 45 years and has faithfully served those in need within our community over this time.
However, the Mission has faced various challenges including a negative public perception and
the inability to serve the community and mobilize resources at the same time.

The Foundation was founded to fill in this gap and help The House of Refuge Mission extend
this charitable work for many more years to come. Our mandate as such is to work
hand-in-hand with the Mission as a resource mobilization partner with a strategic focus on
helping the Mission to focus on and fulfil its core mandate within the community. Our focus will
be to mobilize financial resources on behalf of the House of Refuge Mission to assist it to
relocate, provide short-term housing for those it reaches and fund other community initiatives
they currently have or may come up with in the future.

In addition to financial resource mobilization, the Foundation also exists to act as an advocate to
the community on behalf of the Mission, to help shape the perceptions of the community not
only towards the Mission, but also towards those the Mission reaches, with the hope of
marshalling the entire community to come to the aid of those in greatest need in our midst.

We hope to accomplish all this through the donations and support of those willing to give within
our community. All donations will go directly towards supporting the operations of the House of
Refuge Mission and helping them continue dispensing their mandate of spreading the love of
God through the timely interventions they perform.