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1. Zero volla8e re8llalim in a tiansfortu (NE at :

( ) ao p-r.lead (B) mity p.t (C) leding p.t (D) IngSi.g p.t

2. A paEllel plate capac o. has 15 ,rF.rpr.n n.e Il lhe lin€.r dimsiotu 6f tlE plar€ ap
doubl€d a.d th€ disrafte b€rween the plates are also doubl€d, lhen nes valu€ ot
caFcitdE wodd tE :
(A) 15 ltF (B) 30 EF (C) 60 pF (D) 7.5 pF

3. R6jsr.fte of a 230 V 100 w bulb is Rj and that of. 23o v 75 w is Rr. Than,
(A) Rr -R, (R) Rr>R, (C) Rr<R: (D) &=2R2

!. Ihe oftnt in a edd RL ciruft with R =10 O and L=0.05 H is sDddenly mmed to a DC
voltage souft or 2m v. The.rr€nt in th€ pi* ciEuit, jusl aliq dE swikh b clNd is

lA) 20 A (B) 10,75 A (c) 4000 A tD) ,ero

5, A v rnNfotmr has Lv rde Bi3titr ot 0.06 p.!. Th.6istm r&r€d to tlv
= 'ts

(A) 0.24 p.u. (B) 0-06 p.u. (c) 0.03 p.u. {D) 0.015 p.u.

6, llpld tmretom of the ttrnclion r3e dit:

(A) G+;f (!) (s+af (c) (5+;F (D) (.+"f

7. Ine.ffftr of addition oi zero io lhe open l@p lnneler lunctton is:
(A) pulling the loot locus to tlp iiglfund lo slow down the *ttung oI Bp()m
(B) puUing the tuot lds to th. lelt dd to slow dom the *ding ot espo@
(C) prllinS $e @t ldus to th€ left and lo sp€ed up th€ ktling .I t6pd*
(D) pulling rhe root lcus lo lhe rignl and to sped uP the s.tlling or Fspo|v

8. Pol.r plol ot a siNsidal hnsf€r tufttion h . Plol of :
(A) tuEnitude and phae angle (B) @tnitude v€@s hsr!try
(C) phl$..sle veEE rrequ€my (D) noe ol lh€ above


* angte 10. A 132 *v. = 1. Cain mr8in is lne l (A) @gnrtudc of Cto)l at the lrdqlency ar which rh€ ph. A 11 kv 1@ MVA alt€mtor is grcun led ihrough a resirbnce or 4 O.174 15. t .7 (B) 6. relay is s A . Ille (rl@t nring of . A brpo]J hrnsistor h sp€cjfied to have fonard ormr t.aio 500 or .nc is 11 t).831S 14. whar is th.4 A (B) 13. 8. whar is Is reaclance/phase i. l.ngle i! 9ff (B) ha8niMn'o.6 (D) 84. The d.09 A (C) o.lhjch ol t. pu on 100 MVA l[* 2 (A) 0.neraror windinS b.d t@d oI 5m Mw and a Mximud demand of 3m MW The sits glnerated beins 6q) x r(P plr annun The l@d la. (:. Npdt voltage V&=2tu V dnd input voltagr to rhe base cildit js t0 v If vcrEi.3 (c) s4.*.23 (C) 0 6 (D) 0.€iprocal ol th€ nagnitld.7% (q 40% (D) 2?. (C) re.l = p€ffita8€ ot th.g js not rtu€ for r raul limnjng r€a.5 v.9.Tj h.e o40. (. Rrio G g Faulr .uftnr is (Al 7s (ts) 1s (c) 10 (D) 20 12. . has a a .s 13. (D) .Ots A \D) 17.200ld long kaGmission lin.iploml of lhe nignitudc oI (i(jo) al the irequcncy rr whi. wh. TlE load resist.0 v and vDrbr = 1.tor G : (A) 60* (B) 13.urenr to a ete vahe (3) they prol<l lhe ciKuit breakeB which have iradequa|| rating (C) lhey impove the voltage regulation (D) dEy avoid thc fault 6on sprcading .in in the rangc ofato40.tor ? (A) tn€y Unn the 5horr cimit .om(l. Thp kliv b er ro oppmrp lrrn rhpP F an our ot lvlanm rumnr ut 2 . or c(u)l d rhe lrequcncy ar whi. The C.2 (B) 0.27 A rr.h thc phasc angl.0ot ar lnc trcqumcy at whch rhe phase angle is 130. prct{red by rhc FEmrage diffe@rral pror(tjon 'vill \A) e3.|e loUowi.2 O/phase/km.h rhe ph. A geE ring sbliotr has a .nd ir is 5et at 1l)*.ou€cior satuntion cuftnt ? (A) 144.

A $h€duresF€d ol{s tm/h ir !€quied betws h{o ttoP6 r.oss L and c wnnt wil b€ thc readinE ol vollretd al rBonane ? (A) Erc (B) v (c) 2v (D) osv 77f /2014 lP.t .hi. A 3in81e liE to g'Wd fault b t|r@ ffi rhan a tt@ phr* Lult . What 13 the tault ldel for a fault m one of th€ le€d6 (A) 666. which of lhe foUowli8 i3 a binary storaF devic ? (A) dtod€ (B) fliP. bat.5 MVA (D) 1@ MVA r3. tiin ? (A) 120. whi. Ihe pcftive eequere. wnar is dE dEihal n@ber for 10rfi ? (A) 21 (3) 22 (c) 28 (D) el 22.tive eequ€n e imP.ted ll kV 50 MVA .-4) (c) Xn> l/3 (xr -xd (D) xn< V3 (xr-xd 19.5lm aFrr.67 MVA (B) 333. wrd n the supply vdta8.loP (c) BIr (D) scR 2{.o. Ecldc Xn.onnsled ac. imPedm o{ a gftnlq aF \ t.r.t€ ? (A) AND (3) OR {c) NOl (D) NAND 23.l xo EFliv€ly . iEcrion in Kdala ? (A) n kv Ac (B) 110 kv Ac (c) 1000 v Dc (D) 25 rv ac 21.nd zs 3eq!ft. Th€ addEs ol 6 m€mory lo.nd itc mtr.l ir grcund€d thloud . {B) 60s (c) 1003 (D) 30s 20.33 MVA iC) 1333. A vottage of V l5 applled . Posilive sequene imp€d.dane (B) equl to negatlve sequene impe<tance (C) haf of reEative *qu€nce inP€<ltne (D) none or the abov..l tim oI run fd th. Two parallel alremabrs €ach r.closs an RLC *nB clrcun A volhet€r is .tue of a lransfoher i! (A) 2lim6 great€r thm n€g.nd dcn having a subtratuidl @cla@ ot 15% are . 17.ation oI Intel 1085 mimpM*sr is l (A) Ebit (B) 15bft (C) 32bi (D) 64bit 25. of ele.l fts t€minab when ? (A) xn=xr-xo G) xn-3 ({red to a bu. what i! dE dtu. If thestoPb20t d@rirn.15.h Eate is loM as inv€rter 6.

O V.41 (q(D) Zr0t3 V V 31.imit (g R.$ (B) 6..88* (8) 90.5 . Th€ V o'€ of.muE o{ .5 500 . 3hunt gmrd ir 2.61 (D) 92.d in rh.67 V 135. 41@ V 3t r MGt.77 {r 8.dqclnt th.d 4750 V d oFn . W}.l . Attrl lon4 dE 6pF 16.ld of 2mA ptDd|G ffii 6r[ lo.r pole b 0.EA"E P. {E 2 (c) 1 (D) 0. o( rbe. TIE .12 Wb.'ke . Fbx p.<l!dig dE alfuruE Eiri. WlEr pil be the c.trfr in 0E d.ld .dlue otul and b. r the relle olMt b 10 A the temiEl volr€e will be: (A) 2{t v (B) 240 V (g 232 v (D) 160 V 28..nd t. .boE ".toE .t {c) . (c) (D) |M.t i! the.f.r (D) k dh8 P. cisr. nE nElEni6l p<rc d*loFd by a rlunt rEror will be mnn6 wh6 rh! r.26. An oc *ir.r.ld cinft (E) R.|futurc cmdu.ror h. llE rF.boE 29.t'b of b.1. nald dtmt. it 3FdIso6 ittrFdlG n : l ') 9.1 to aPPlied volt 6.!6t 10.lticlency at . 100 kVA tEElo|lB i! eah qurl to 3 rW.d c|l'@l on shon .. lo.c .lt€mtor.75Gt (C) s. li.67 v (D) 2166.d od . 08 plMr Lctor ? (A) 88. Th.{ Fr pha or. v. 12. li.R in ih. 10 pole. An I pol€ DC Aen.nd .tbmtor wirh 2 dotr ps pole Fr phr* and 4@dEro6 p€.3 plw+ so Hz. 3)mhrc|!@ nDtd dw FblioElip b€reei : (a) amtur cu6r lnd $pply aolr.d of @ kVA.tfy P. ot 0.d 3yrElw mtd pll! |.nrt rutu !r 1000 rFc ? (A) 5.lfrre EnhE irt 0J (l.h.9t (c) 80.n.idit.hun a.lot ln twoLyd ? TIE@tt lFn b t5O. (A) 560 V (D) 9s V (g t000 v (D) E35 v ll7lmll .64 n (D) 137 O O 34..k em.rd iM l@ In .t (D) d. ie : {A) .uffir !t : (A) I.065 t/{b. wlul is rh. If in r 3 ph& t5 MVA.d . ani indu.l@ of ttE in<lued em.r.i gtud ft is lap conGtsd .rd .G {D) Nftof dP. DC shunr tukr 6n be nEE*d bt : (A) ItloE3h8 rhe Gl.5 27.lllMr od P. q*ful nur/pot. rn.tmnE ctrfut t.

ving rotal numbd ot turN 1m0. ff V.inol+ 6 sin2ot voX is : 61 7Av (B) r"Ev (c) 7v (D) 10v 42. d'mt is 1A. A 50 Hz AC mnl of p€ak vdke A flows threugh dp pritury coil of a transloner. is the F.ritr€ of the $lenoid n : (A) 0.m3.).35.57 H (D) 57.0 H a3.n by E =3 . A oEor ot 22 A flows rhhuSh a coil shm . Wni.did siSnal and V! ir ihat of r€lermc€ sigEl.apftitor (B) shunl reactor {c) *ries. wrlrt i! th. valDe of the e.6 A (B) 5. hodulation index of a sirueidal PWM i3 : (A) l/v" (B) v. when 220 v 50 Hz AC is appli€d 10 the sre @il. FACIS d€vi.ll ot Ih€ abov€ of oil 7 (A) 6.24 H (B) 62.lbnDti. The dr ind!.1 lor : (A) ennaNinA rmFollab'lfty (B) valyhg n€rwork imp€dane (c:) ift@sing powe' tratutur (D) .h of the followih8 tll6s.mecrsj to 220 v Dc.6 (C) 3 A (D) 4 A 39. A 22 d Img sol€noid h.O. .k v.l ./v.6sists oI a core ol oos setional am 4 ma HaU ponion oI rhe co.057 s (c) 0.e b u*.m.& bdwen pntury and s. (c) (v. \q N.n ot the tollowinA is a elution ro tumnti ctter ? (A) shunl.t 6iv.ndary is 1. %lue ol d. approimh. wld. Th€ r. Wl\ich of the fouowing devis coven lixed DC lo vaiiablc DC ? (A) cyclo covcltr (B) phase onholled Rtiti€r (c) chopp€r (D) voltasE sourc invds 36.T.5 IL *p rean valu€ of induced (A) 300 v p) 22sv (c) rsov (r)) 75v 41. bldiK6ocl wt @pability ? (A) BII (B) lilac (c) MosFEr (D) scR 34. If the 1 mututl indrb.apaciror (D) none ol ihe abov€ 44. Wiat is inducl.62'I H (lJ) 0./v). 37.g uor prodEins 4 tim6 rh€ h€at prbdu.rt24 nH 40.4 nH (c) 0./v.l!€ ol.rd Ps ssd bt a st€t]y ollqt of 2 A in a €isror ? (A) 2.c @'rr3 of an and orhd halt is mde of iron of RLlive Fmeabiity 50.64 nH (B) 0.

5 pru.I is conn€.t minimum delay anEle @ttol {Cc{Mslanl ffinlj CEA<tut nt driNtid andq qA.2 ? (^) 5 (3) 0. Whlch of 0r folowing *lr€@ b used fd ouplilt . sprjuws si6 conp$:tor ini* : {A) a oncnt in quadrahft with the tyF shrni @np6er6.€fut. n.onpeGatd 47.tem vollaSe {B) a voll.onhol ar Ecri6d et tion and CEA control at iivdttr sration {B) CIA ottbt at Ntilier st tion md CC cont$l ar inverter station {g borh ar CC @ntrcl (D) both. Unda no@l ondinonr an HvDc linl op@ies witn : (A) CC . A srad.d .inA anghr in np |emre rcaiorl sl@ it otr 6 lA) a low lnPedtu (B) a lnsh ffinr (9 a lMvoltese (D) ahith impedlR 4t.) 3 Fn.prciror wirh a dcare or @mp. r'stetu oI ditfeMt !equ6ci6 ? (a) FAcTs d@te (B) cyclwnvdbr (c) bact ro backd. 3ys€d volrage |a. variable (B) varhbl€ imFdrnce qpe sn€s rcmpderd (c) ched onwter tl"e shu onFMror 'w (D) 3wikh.l€d in tle lie ? (A) igriion an8l. Whar is the roximun power rransfer if.g€ in phnse with th. What h th€ pflaliy f4tor of a phnr if |r3 i!@a6td t@ is 0.onvdts tr"e !di6 ..r (c) 3 p-.Est (g a lrllat in pha* wirh the lift (1116r (D) a volt.3 (C) 0.rn in quadBture with th€ linc .t can be kaBr@d thrcu8h a rrdsmiision line. Pnrx is te mximum power th. (A) inped.25 777/2074 .ltnk (r)) none ot rhe ahove 50.4s. 1.. ror I p-. seri* c.2 (D) 1.*rion r. IIE opsatid of a TCSC G prohibn€d fo.) 51.

ban ele.2 dtihatr lhe nunbd or 2m w bmp6 Equired.52. Wnich ol th€ folowrg is tru€ tor a subu.10 ll. What k rhe new sr@dy stare t4quc(y.hangr D=0.u.iruit breake! ? iA) 216 kv (B) 1m tv (c) 37J. Asming a ili.839 Hz $) a9.u. Which ot dr tono.o.i.73 (C) -32227 kV (D) 400 kVkV 56. <^) 1e2 (B) 100 (c) 80 36 0)) 53.iing and tR runriry Fnods @ 5tullcr (D) noft of die above is tlue rr7/2011 lr. A ciEuit brek€.l power and voltage magnltude (c) voltaEc mgnitud€ and phase antle (D) dclive pow6 dd volhAe nagninrde 59.l .lric traction *rice ? (A) coastlng pdiod is longer (a) are tuming pdiod is lonest (c) @. wnat b the maxinum vahe ot ebiLn8 voltaSE. An illumi@lion M lh. govchor r€ellalio. A 400 lV surse baveb on d okrhmd line ot surg€ imFdame ic)o O torearde ib ju. is connftted to a 132 lv bus bar.537 H. and lrequency d€pendent compon€n( ol load. Wnar ts the trasmitd volbSe ? (A) 36.y 50 Ez. wo*ingpltr ot32lux it tquiFd in a @m 30 m x 15m. 19 a9.3 p.e welding 57.E Is an eranple oI high lftqunct el<tri. Thespeified pdaneteE 60r a slik bu in load nM amlysis arc : (A) r€d poffi and re&bve ?o@ (B) r.35 kV (D) ?64 kV 5!. on 100 MVA bre ? (A) 49.5sa H2 53.T. iI a t0 MW load incftse lKurs in d aEa with lnquen.y ol 14 llnen/vall and andl€ poecr dePKiation oI 0. curent chopping o(us during : (A) dironn{don of oPacibr (B) liShhing (C) di*dtEnon or ttansrortu on no l@d {D) shorr ciruit lault s5.1 p.lion tacror oI Ot lanp erfio.@ss the conla s oI the.dion with a oblc whth hd a suig€ imFdanft of . hearing ? (A) eh bath turue (a) indution fume (c) €lfttri. R=0.074 Hz {D) a8.36 tV (B) 72. ar tumae (D) rBistrn.

(A) 01 O (B) 0. alE sp<ift alD... .rRiid wre sh.hp ro: (A) etinimte .. ih" b"cnv..arryn8 a crftnt or. (D) improve powri taclo 64.0005 n (q 05 o (D) O..ium (c) sodrlm (D) chphire 63.enr Lhp (B) Fllordot lanp (c) cFL @) LED ramP 65. Which of tne foltMing mreial js !*d 6 a nDdmror in nudar r€ctoF ? (A) Borcn (B) pLuta.l.T:vmg s0 mA wlrar should be ttE value oI d. (A) sica (B) shunr (c) cumularive compound (D) diri€rnthr conpound 5z 01 a @ iBirutMr k 10 o which siv€s tun sre l:l:l'l. Tlp disrae bersM s|. choke k p@ided in a ttuo'€gr t.6 k@ and_nreF is a unirorm gr.qt6 O r7r/2o14 10 ^ .llNhpbd tror . .diht of I ir 30 betwftn ttE sratim.edee (B) moror wil driain. Whid of dE rouowjng uc .p€ed 66..feEnce (c) pwide srabitjry ro rha ar in rhc hrb. () 2r[0 &a {B) rg (c) k8 (D) 25OO 250 320 k 51.orcna efisr {a) avoid . 60.adio inr€.y .. eonanr onv€ner tor i! op€Btion I (A) Incandes. Which ol the foltowing mror has hiEh6r no t@d sleed .t b be @€"t"d i.t. liE *ic (D) @n€ of rhe above 62. Ihe dead w€ighr or an elRrric rnin 6 2(]O totu6.rid b 1. What will Mppm It the field ot a DC horor opd€d whil€ rusing ? (A) the amtun c1fut wit .n eldt ic hain n : (A) la€q for rubrrbon *dia (B) lar8d ror main line swie (C) equal fd sbutban ard mi.rangdotrslyhiEh sptrd (c) spRid or thc noror wilt be reduc€d (D) molor wjll onrinur to tun ar consb.. For a giEn scnedule sFd.

o.d 59.. "[[])_.s irducrid tutd i6 dE Fsisrance 8iv6 by : (A) r.* tulr waw (c) 3-pl@ har e. . Whnh of rlE rolowina b'idge Edie6 hd hi8h€r hamic srent in @tpur vou. lhe el<r cat rorgue T€ i.l .] 73.tidn 6otor. {D) onry pulc.E gi6 a 3tighr 3k€w in oidq ro : (A) ftdue €. it @ waftreter Ed pGilive ad $2 orha 2E i.r4o V 50 Hz indu(tDn mot6r B t44o rpm wnar b lhe hquemy ot roior m{ ? () 200 nz (E 50Hz lq 2rl2 (D) a8nz 76.[r-. A dtmnomr€r mving coil inshumht m meaoE : (A) ar.ogging in m ind!.ft nam (C) re. {c) both. 63.riau€ mhrniel I6d of a !ph. (B) .lue windage los (D) rduce accubuLrion or dirt ond dust 7!.ae ? (A) I'phic halt wave (B) 1-ph.r" 0 (cr .ring quantiries m. u/har wjll b.sle.5 t.r and d.* tacro.phdle 4 pole.ldy otmts (E 4<tue m8n. (A) v (B) 2v (c) v' (D) v{ 74.6 Frd fpd 's (A) 2s0 w (3) 15rw (C) sow (D) loow 2. dErhod for powd l@sum4t ? (A) unity (B) . llE rotor slote of sqlj@l ote jndudd lEtd . (B) ha6oni6 developed in rhe holor (c) low vorr. lwo watthcle.* so II2 hdudrd mo.w (D) !d@ tul hv.s a n...E (D) o. 7l lhe 6bJ rcpFr tG3 roi a 4 potp J.(r-. Jhe sp€. r v i! the vohaE applied to rhe srard oI rn indu..or luning al 1495 rFr. only (B) d.ero (c) o. TtE elrcriot rcpF4nrdrio ol rlE .tion mrd is cdfd by : .se suPPly 17 tt7/20r4 IP.. ttp tad po.T.tJ r.d of a l. t1F .c en.

latue and 's is the sliF ? {al x. rd.r rumhg conditi@ lor a induc. nE phaF displ4lmt bet'vem daning and nffing windnA oi 6 .ction €lfttric (B) tining and Mt ol d@i@ (c) pr. rC) Rt sx2 fD. Rz-s. A Eluctancc motor is Fcfdabl€ for : (A) h. Whlch of rhe following dcs not rhan8e in a tramfon€r ? (A) hrr.E€ (D) frequsty (g . Roto. Wrut G turnr by plugAint in the ce of a inductior mtor ? (A) l(king or rctor due lo hanonica 'phae (B) interchangrn8 tno supply pnns for quick sropping (c) .talting rhe motd wnh diKt d line (D) tmor the abov€ 79. (q 30' (D) 0"€ indudion dolot {c) Dcs*i6 moror (D) Dc shut notor 73.l00 kv (c) 765 kv (D) 1000 tv 35. the hjghGt kanmision volraS€ in lndia is : (A) 220 kV (B) . which oI the iollowing traclorfus hasit! *sndary always kepr clo*d ? (A) sh-ddb E crolfu (D) opm delta tra tr(md (c) pot€ntial nan6fonr {D) curmt ha$fome.-eR. 12 . The torqle deelop€d by .ondition for mxnum lqque und. X2 k lhe roto.d tdqle (D) zqo 8r.abow 34.l is th€. sinEle phrse indrction mold at 3taning ls : (A) rce lorque lhan raled (B) Eted brque (c) l$ th6n rat. rhdla{ic mthod of sp€€d ontrol lscd lor : i6 (A) moror s[p nng inducrion {s) squi@l.77.* motor.r ofth.itor stan mtd ir (A) 90' (B) 60. lB' ILx'. Wh.i8€ratos (D) liib and hoisrs 32.urent (D) . il R2 is th€ roror ftsirt fte.X2 30.rim 'ph.

roral phGe snift arelnd rh.outpur changed (B) aclire po@r @tput dunted (c) pow€' lactor oI the l@d Fmins .85 kVA 37.66 *VA (D) 37. irm los* & n€ligible beouse: (A) volrag€ on sendary side is hiSh (B) voltaSe apptied on primry 3ide b low lc) dmt in tunddy side is low (D) otMt in p|i@ry si. ror a sire wave kilhl6. IIE slsrem b : (A) unsi. qcitalid is cnrnSe4 (A) r€active powa.fu*d 93. 2.e l.ircuir 16r.Nfod* has d non bs of 4& W od tull l@d 6pFr t6 ot 6dJ W.istmlly 6t.lrh rc.bove 13 rr7/2011 Iy. \A) 17.l€ id low 39.l . A 40 kVA.ble (D).t oI a phae laE n.trernabr is @tanr bur ih.n.It tlp bdrdwidtlr ot a MFol rFiem is L@a*4 dE lah pil be : (A) 3lowd tFpoce (B) . (es ar a load ot: Maaimrh efticienct.ed (D) phae Mrgh . The efte.rg€ .77 kVA (B) 26.ling (D) low voltaEe hrnding 43.T. It the lnpur ro rhe p. 92.ros scrioml ma ? (A) Fimrt windin8 (E sddary winding (c) high voltdE€ win.O.edued and bondwidrh ill.67 (VA (C) 32. rarter eponre (c) s. Which winding of the t!€cfdmtr h.ble (B) s{able (c) m.on€.i'rmovq of . 4 3.nd u' y 91. nE fiul colm of Rolth table cdtais the folowin& 1.luced (B) phase mar8in and bandridth incEa*d (c) Pha$ turgin and bandwidth Edu.36.rwdk is I (A) pha€ nargi| inm*d anrl bondwi. rinsriners (D) nore of dE .t 1.l@p and N8nitud? oi l@p Bain rur (A) zm and unity (3) 18e and unjry (c) zrc dd rG dun uiry (D) ec .Ith& tr.frhes. Duing lhon.orotanr {D) a[ or the above 90.

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