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sa GrAo DT)C vA BAo T~O DQc l~p - T\f do - H~nh phuc

S6: a&~ /SGDDT-GDTX Dong Nai, ngay/J thdng 3 ndm 2016
vIv thong bao tuyen dung giam
khao mon N6i (Speaking
Examiner - SE) cho cac ky thi
tieng Anh cua Hoi d6ng Khao
thi Cambridge tai D6ng Nai.

Kinh goi :
- Cac Phong Giao due va Dao tao
- Cac don vi giang day Ti~ng Anh

Ti~p tuc trien khai viec t6 chirc cac ky thi Chirng chi Anh van quoc t~ cua
Hoi d6ng Khao thi Ti~ng Anh Dai hoc Cambridge - Vuong quoc Anh (Cambridge
English) trong nam 2016 tai D6ng Nai, b6 sung them doi ngii giam khao mon N6i
cho cac ky thi nay, S6 Giao due va Dao t(;10D6ng Nai thong bao tuyen dung Giam
khao mon N6i (Speaking Examiners) cu th~ nhu sau:
1. D6i nrong tham gia dir tuyen: Giao vien Ti€ng Anh cac c~p
2. Tieu chuan va 10 trinh tuyen chon: Xin xem van ban tuyen dung cua Cambridge
English duoc dinh kern.
3. Thai gian nhan h6 sa xin tuyen dung:
Ung vien nop h6 sa xin tuyen dung lam giam khao rnon N6i (bao g6m don xin
tuyen dung va sa y€u ly lich bang Ti~ng Anh; ban san van bang, chirng chi c6 lien
quan) v€ van phong S6 Giao due va Dao t(;10D6ng Nai, s6 2 Nguyen Thai HQC,
thanh ph6 Bien Hoa. Tren bi thir d€ ro : DANG KY DV TUYEN GrAM KHAo
4. Thai gian nhan h6 sa : ill ngay ra thong bao cho d€n ngay 22-4-2016.
5. S6 se lien lac true ti€p bang di~n thoai voi cac irng vien duoc chon van vong
phong v~n d~ x~p lich phong v~n. Vi the, yell c§u cac trng vien ghi sa
di~n thoai
lien lac trong don xin d\f tlly~n cua mlnh,
6. MQi thac m~c v€ chuang trinh, xin vui long lien he phong Giao due Thuong
xuyen, S6 Giao due va Dao t(;10D6ng Nai, qua s6 dien thoai 0613 842467 trong gio
hanh chinh.
S6 yeu c§u cac don vi thong bao kip thai cho giao vien Ti€ng Anh thuoc don
vi minh diroc biet v~ thong bao nay.f ~ . ,

Nui nhiin:
- Nhu tren;
- Luu: VT, GDTX.lL

allow their name to be used in association with Cambridge English. . The Minimum Professional Requirements (MPRs) for SEs are: education to first degree level or equivalent. * An applicant may be exempt either from the formal teaching qualification or from the first degree/equivalent requirement (but not both) in the light of considerable relevant teaching experience supported by positive references.:.1 Exclusivity and Confidentiality Because of the commercially sensitive nature of examining work. without the written permission of the Chief Executive of Cambridge English Language Assessment. etc. relevant. for example for the public endorsement or promotion of any materials. 1. and must show that they can work with Reference: TlS0039 Status/Version: Released Version 1. Cambridge English would expect examiners not to work for any other providers of ESOL examinations and tests. candidate assessments. the examiner-delivered Speaking test provides the candidates with personal contact with direct representatives of Cambridge English. ideally in a professional capacity. 1.0 Date: November 2013 Owner: TLSSWG Classification: Restricted Page 1 of 3 . For centres that run exams for candidates under the age of 16 (including Cambridge English Young Learners tests. The PSURTL's decision is final.* proof of substantial. products or services.) and uphold the good reputation of Cambridge English in all examining and public environments. recent teaching experience.* a recognised language teaching qualification. 'CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH SE APPENDICES Language Assessment '. The mark for speaking skills constitutes at least 20% of the overall score of a Cambridge English candidate and can clearly make a significant difference to whether a candidate is awarded a certificate or not Furthermore. B: SE PROFilE IQrt of the University of Cambridge PROFILE OF A CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH SPEAKING EXAMINER 1 Role Specification A Cambridge English Speaking Examiner (SE) is regarded by the organisation as having a key role in the whole process of assessing a candidate's English language ability. Note that SEs must not. applicant centres are required to provide PSLs/RTLs with CVs of potential examiners as part of the centre approval process. The TUSETC should refer all such cases to the PSURTL before a prospective SE goes through Registration.:. In regions where the Cambridge English Speaking tests are relatively new. applicants must have recent experience of dealing with children. Citing this status in formal job applications/CVs is acceptable.2 Minimum Professional Requirements Professional background . and in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interests in the future. SEs must at all times maintain confidentiality and security in all aspects of Cambridge English examining work (test materials. and any for Schools exams). training and other procedures.

Cambridge English provides PSLs/RTLsITLs/SETCs with an interview model and global descriptors of the language proficiency required of the interviewee which are related to the level at which the SE recruit will be required to examine. and have a unique email address.Examiners are kept up to date. have the attention to detail necessary to complete the administrative aspects of the SE role. during monitoring or informally. be ready to accept and follow TUSETC advice/guidance • given in the context of training/certification. have ready access to. or where there is limited examiner resource. Preliminary for Schools or First for Schools. Reference: TLS0039 Status/Version: ReleasedVersion 1. Language competencies are not defined in terms of being a 'native speaker' of English. including intelligibility outside the region/country where examining takes place. They must also be willing to sign a dectaratton that they are suitably responsible to conduct exams with children. and the necessary IT skills to use. flexible. must meet the same professional requirements. Key for Schools. dependable. It is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that no unsuitable person is appointed as a Speaking Examiner for Cambridge English Young Learners. it may be necessary to recruit SEs whose level of English language competence needs additiomil validation. • the ability to assess the grammatical accuracy.g. in such a way as to ensure that the candidates provide an adequate sample of English representative of their speaking ability. 1. e. In such cases.. I Pirt of the University of Cambridge children in line with local legislation. . be sensitive to local cultural norms/issues and able to interact appropriately with the type of candidates for the examination in question. Language Assessment B: SE PROFILE . NB: In some circumstances. have a commitment to Cambridge English's QA processes.0 Date: November 2013 Owner: TLSSWG Classification: Restricted Page 2 of3 . where Cambridge English Speaking tests are new/unfamiliar. including linguistic accuracy. English language competencies • overall language proficiency. be available to attend certification meetings and to undertake assignments during a substantial proportion of the examining period of the examination for which s/he is applying. All prospective SEs. a PC with broadband for certification using PSN and other online activities. • clear diction. relevant to the examination level (at least two Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels higher than the CEFR level of the exam). whether English is their first or additional language. reliable and punctual. be able to work to deadlines and in accordance with Cambridge English procedures.3 Other Requirements SEs additionally need to: be responsible. : CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH SE APPENDICES . ensure their personal details on Cambridge English Online . acceptability and appropriateness of spoken English at the relevant examination level. conscientious.

an SE who doesn't examine for two years or more requires re-training. and the availability of work. Fees and expenses related to speaking examining will be agreed and paid by the CEM according to local circumstances. Reference: TLS0039 StatusfVersion: Released Version 1.Examiners booklet. CEMs must endeavour to offer SEs enough examining work to enable them to maintain their eligibility.e. i. An appointment will be renewed subject to satisfactory service as determined by the CEM and TL. PSLs. which can be found in detail in each relevant Instructions to Speakit1. 8" ' " CAMBRIDGE Language Assessment ENGLISH Pirt of the University of Cambridge SE APPENDICES B: SE PROFILE 1. TLs or other individuals with a supervisory role.9.Policy documentation.0 Date: November 2013 Owner: TLSSWG Classification: Restricted Page 3 of 3 . and is answerable ultimately for his/her professional conduct to Cambridge English through the network of CEMs. Assignments are usually allocated for one examining session at a time. An SE must comply with the specific examining responsibilities for SEs. An SE is engaged by a CEM on the recommendation of the TL following the recruitment.4 Termsand Conditions of Service An SE is engaged by a CEM for a period of time appropriate to local examination requirements. An SE must be available to carry out enough examining to meet local requirements. induction and training procedures laid down in the QARSTs .