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Code Name of Groups Activity Remarks Group Admin Remarks if any
1U/E1 237_RCP Unresolved
1U/E2 239_Unitech_Unresolved
1U/E3 232_IT Park _Unresolved
1U/E4 220_Tata Prive_Unresolved
1U/E5 229_Cipla_Unresolved
1U/E6 239_I Gate_ Unresolved Concerned responsible persons will
highlight their issues amongst them,
1U/E7 233_Chandhigarh Airport_Unresolved Existing Projects Unresolved PL PL onclusion and their unresolved
issues will be forwrded to Highest
1U/E8 231 _TCS Kolkata_Unresolved Authority
1U/E9 240 _ITHINK Kanjur/Thane Unresolved
1U/E10 222 _MOIN_Unresolved
1U/E11 223 _Crown Unresolved
1U/E12 217 _EIL Unresolved
1U/E13 203 _Rolta Unresolved

14/1 241_JW_Design
14/2 242_Hi Street_Design
14/3 244_AugustaHouse_Design
14/4 245_DHFL _Design
14/5 247_Hyatt_Design
14/6 248_Boiwonder_Design
14/7 251_Adani_Design
14/8 252_Manyata_Design Concerned DL/PE/PM/AR will
14/9 253_Twin Tower_Design highlight their issues amongst them,
Project_Design DM DC/PL onclusion and their unresolved
14/10 254_Piramal_Design issues will be forwrded to their
14/11 255_BKC Forum_Design immediate authority
14/12 256_ELT_Design
14/13 257_Infosys_Design
14/14 258_ESTZ_Design
14/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Design
14/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design
14/17 261_REC_Design
14/18 262_Lodha World View_Design

14C/1 241_JW_Design Critical

onclusion 14C/10 254_Piramal_Design Critical Project_Design Critical TH DC/PL and their unresolved issues will be 14C/11 255_BKC Forum_Design Critical forwrded to their immediate authority 14C/12 256_ELT_Design Critical 14C/13 257_Infosys_Design Critical 14C/14 258_ESTZ_Design Critical 14C/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Design Critical 14C/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 14C/17 261_REC_Design 14C/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 1U/1 241_JW_Unresolved 1U/2 242_Hi Street_Unresolved 1U/3 244_AugustaHouse_Unresolved 1U/4 245_DHFL _Unresolved 1U/5 247_Hyatt_Unresolved 1U/6 248_Boiwonder_Unresolved 1U/7 251_Adani_Unresolved 1U/8 252_Manyata_Unresolved Concerned HODs will highlight their 1U/9 253_Twin Tower_Unresolved issues amongst them. onclusion and Project Unresolved PH PH/DP 1U/10 254_Piramal_Unresolved their unresolved issues will be forwrded to Highest Authority 1U/11 255_BKC Forum_Unresolved 1U/12 256_ELT_Unresolved 1U/13 257_Infosys_Unresolved 1U/14 258_ESTZ_Unresolved 1U/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Unresolved 1U/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 1U/17 261_REC_Design 1U/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 1E/1 241_JW_Project_Execution 1E/2 242_Hi Street_Project_Execution 1E/3 244_AugustaHouse_Project_Execution 1E/4 245_DHFL _Project_Execution .14C/2 242_Hi Street_Design Critical 14C/3 244_AugustaHouse_Design Critical 14C/4 245_DHFL _Design Critical 14C/5 247_Hyatt_Design Critical 14C/6 248_Boiwonder_Design Critical 14C/7 251_Adani_Design Critical 14C/8 252_Manyata_Design Critical Concerned PL/PJ/TH/VS will highlight 14C/9 253_Twin Tower_Design Critical their issues amongst them.

1E/5 247_Hyatt_Project_Execution 1E/6 248_Boiwonder_Project_Execution 1E/7 251_Adani_Project_Execution 1E/8 252_Manyata_Project_Execution Concerned PM/PL/Site Supervisor will 1E/9 253_Twin Tower_Project_Execution highlight their issues amongst them./6 248_Boiwonder_Factory 12. onclusion Project_Critical PL PL/PH 1C/10 254_Piramal_Project_Critical and their unresolved issues will be forwrded to immediate Authority 1C/11 255_BKC Forum_Project_Critical 1C/12 256_ELT_Project_Critical 1C/13 257_Infosys_Project_Critical 1C/14 258_ESTZ_Project_Critical 1C/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Project_Critical 1C/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 1C/17 261_REC_Design 1C/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 12./3 244_AugustaHouse_Factory 12./5 247_Hyatt_Factory 12./8 252_Manyata_Factory Concerned SS/PM will highlight their issues amongst them./1 241_JW_Factory 12./2 242_Hi Street_Factory 12./7 251_Adani_Factory 12. onclusion and ./4 245_DHFL _Factory 12. Project_Execution PL PL/SV onclusion and their unresolved 1E/10 254_Piramal_Project_Execution issues will be forwrded to immediate 1E/11 255_BKC Forum_Project_Execution Authority 1E/12 256_ELT_Project_Execution 1E/13 257_Infosys_Project_Execution 1E/14 258_ESTZ_Project_Execution 1E/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Project_Execution 1E/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 1E/17 261_REC_Design 1E/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 1C/1 241_JW_Project_Critical 1C/2 242_Hi Street_Project_Critical 1C/3 244_AugustaHouse_Project_Critical 1C/4 245_DHFL _Project_Critical 1C/5 247_Hyatt_Project_Critical 1C/6 248_Boiwonder_Project_Critical 1C/7 251_Adani_Project_Critical 1C/8 252_Manyata_Project_Critical Concerned PM/PL/FA will highlight 1C/9 253_Twin Tower_Project_Critical their issues amongst them.

Concerned SS/PM will highlight their 12./11 255_BKC Forum_Factory authority 12./13 257_Infosys_Factory 12./15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Factory 12./17 261_REC_Design 12. Project_Factory Dispatch SJ SS/VS onclusion and their unresolved 12D/10 254_Piramal_Factory_Dispatch issues will be forwrded to their 12D/11 255_BKC Forum_Factory_Dispatch immediate authority 12D/12 256_ELT_Factory_Dispatch 12D/13 257_Infosys_Factory_Dispatch 12D/14 258_ESTZ_Factory_Dispatch 12D/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Factory_Dispatch 12D/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 12D/17 261_REC_Design 12D/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 12C/1 241_JW_Factory Critical 12C/2 242_Hi Street_Factory Critical 12C/3 244_AugustaHouse_Factory Critical 12C/4 245_DHFL _Factory Critical 12C/5 247_Hyatt_Factory Critical 12C/6 248_Boiwonder_Factory Critical 12C/7 251_Adani_Factory Critical 12C/8 252_Manyata_Factory Critical Concerned PL/SS/SJ will highlight 12C/9 253_Twin Tower_Factory Critical their issues amongst them./10 254_Piramal_Factory forwrded to their immediate 12. onclusion Project Factory Critical VS VS/PL 12C/10 254_Piramal_Factory Critical and their unresolved issues will be forwrded to immediate Authority 12C/11 255_BKC Forum_Factory Critical 12C/12 256_ELT_Factory Critical ./14 258_ESTZ_Factory 12./18 262_Lodha World View_Design 12D/1 241_JW_Factory_D 12D/2 242_Hi Street_Factory_Dispatch 12D/3 244_AugustaHouse_Factory_Dispatch 12D/4 245_DHFL _Factory_Dispatch 12D/5 247_Hyatt_Factory_Dispatch 12D/6 248_Boiwonder_Factory_Dispatch 12D/7 251_Adani_Factory_Dispatch 12D/8 252_Manyata_Factory_Dispatch Concerned SJ/SS/Sitaram/PM/PC will 12D/9 253_Twin Tower_Factory_Dispatch highlight their issues amongst them./12 256_ELT_Factory 12./16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 12. onclusion and Project_Factory SS SS/PL their unresolved issues will be 12./9 253_Twin Tower_Factory issues amongst them.

forwrded to immediate Authority 12C/13 257_Infosys_Factory Critical 12C/14 258_ESTZ_Factory Critical 12C/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Factory Critical 12C/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 12C/17 261_REC_Design 12C/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 132/1 241_JW_Purchase_Factory 132/2 242_Hi Street_Purchase_Factory 132/3 244_AugustaHouse_Purchase_Factory 132/4 245_DHFL _Purchase_Factory 132/5 247_Hyatt_Purchase_Factory 132/6 248_Boiwonder_Purchase_Factory 132/7 251_Adani_Purchase_Factory 132/8 252_Manyata_Purchase_Factory Concerned PE/SS/PM will highlight 132/9 253_Twin Tower_Purchase_Factory their issues amongst them. onclusion Project_Purchase_Factory PE PE/PJ/SS 132/10 254_Piramal_Purchase_Factory and their unresolved issues will be forwrded to immediate Authority 132/11 255_BKC Forum_Purchase_Factory 132/12 256_ELT_Purchase_Factory 132/13 257_Infosys_Purchase_Factory 132/14 258_ESTZ_Purchase_Factory 132/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Purchase_Factory 132/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 132/17 261_REC_Design 132/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 13C/1 241_JW_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/2 242_Hi Street_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/3 244_AugustaHouse_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/4 245_DHFL _Purchase_Factory_C 13C/5 247_Hyatt_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/6 248_Boiwonder_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/7 251_Adani_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/8 252_Manyata_Purchase_Factory_C Concerned SJ/VS/PJ/PL will highlight 13C/9 253_Twin Tower_Purchase_Factory_C Project_Purchase_Factory their issues amongst them. onclusion PJ PJ/VS/PL 13C/10 254_Piramal_Purchase_Factory_C _Critical and their unresolved issues will be forwrded to immediate Authority 13C/11 255_BKC Forum_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/12 256_ELT_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/13 257_Infosys_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/14 258_ESTZ_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Purchase_Factory_C 13C/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design .

13C/17 261_REC_Design 13C/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 15/1 241_JW_Contracts 15/2 242_Hi Street_Contracts 15/3 244_AugustaHouse_Contracts 15/4 245_DHFL _Contracts 15/5 247_Hyatt_Contracts 15/6 248_Boiwonder_Contracts 15/7 251_Adani_Contracts 15/8 252_Manyata_Contracts Concerned PM/PL/AH/SLT/AKS/ST will 15/9 253_Twin Tower_Contracts highlight their issues amongst them. Project Contracts FA FA/PL onclusion and their unresolved 15/10 254_Piramal_Contracts issues will be forwrded to immediate 15/11 255_BKC Forum_Contracts Authority 15/12 256_ELT_Contracts 15/13 257_Infosys_Contracts 15/14 258_ESTZ_Contracts 15/15 259_Ascendas IT Park_Contracts 15/16 260_Cidade-de Goa _ Design 15/17 261_REC_Design 15/18 262_Lodha World View_Design 28 Factory_Accounts Factory Accounts SK SK/VS 28c Factory_Accounts Critical Factory Accounts Critical SK SK/VS 25 Factory_Contracts Factory Contracts FA FA/VS 23 Factory_Purchase Factory _Purchase SS SS/PJ 25c Factory_Contracts Critical Factory Contracts Critical FA FA/VS 26 Factory_Admin Factory Admin DP VS/DP 38 Purchase_Accounts Purchase Accounts SK SK/PJ 32C Factory_Purchase_ Critical Factory_Purchase_ Critical PJ PJ/VS 58 Contracts_Accounts Contract Accounts FA FA/SK 56 Contracts_HR Contract HR FA FA/DP Concerned responsible persons will 9W Marketing_WEST Marketing (West) HS HS/RRS highlight their issues amongst them. 9NE Marketing_North/East Marketing (North & East) SM SM/RRS conclusion and their unresolved 9S Marketing_South Marketing South HSM HSM/RRS issues will be forwrded to immediate Authority 79WM Estimation_MKT (W) Mngmt Estimation (West) HS RSS/PRS 79NEM Estimation_MKT (NE) Mngmt Estimation (NE) SM RSS/PRS 79SM Estimation_MKT (S) Mngmt Estimation (S) RRS RSS/PRS 78 Estimation_Accounts Estimation Accounts SK AG/SK 73 Estimation_Purchase Estimation Purchase PJ AG/PJ 75 Estimation_Contracts Estimation Contracts FA AG/FA 74 Estimation_Design Estimation Design AG AG/RPS .

In Unresolved Group only issue highlighted by Project head/SV/VS/PJ/FA/RPS/NS/RRS/RS/RSS/ARS/DP Note:-In Critical Group only issue highlighted by Project coordinator/Project Head/SV/VS/PJ/FA/RPS/NS/RRS/RS/RSS/ARS/DP Some Short names are mentioned in this Chart as follows : . *** Individual suggestions are welcome for improvement of better communication. HODs can highlight/forward to Management Team. *** If issues are not resolved in unresolved group. DCF : Design Coordinator Factory PE : Purchase Executive Note:.72 Estimation_Factory Estimation Factory VS AG/VS 68 HR_Accounts HR_Accounts SK SK/DP 6 HR-Admin HR-Admin DP DP/PRS 64 HR-Admin Design Design HR-ADMIN DP DP/SI 101 Innovators Core Team Innovators Core Team RSS RSS/DP General Informations Only 102 Management Team Design_Factory/Project RS RSS/PRS Unresolved matters only can posted ***Please mention the concerned names before posting the messages.

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