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Motivation to work with SECOURS ISLAMIQUE FRANCE as:
Program Coordinator

Jeffrey Lee Sartwell
Birth date: 11 Nov 1965,
 I have over 9 years of experience in relief operations having served
51 years old
in positions from Logistics Officer up to and including Deputy Perm Address:
Country Director for Programs in Chad, Sudan, Somali Land, Pakistan, 3451 Elliot Ave S #1
Myanmar, Thailand, Ethiopia and Iraq Minneapolis, MN 55407
 3 years of combined experience in management of field bases as:
- Project Coordinator in Duhok, Iraq (8 Months)
- Relief Program Director in Islamabad, Pakistan (18 Months)
- Relief Program Manager in Hargeiza, Somaliland, (6 Months)
- Senior Operations Officer, Myanmar (6 months)
 2 years of combined experience in Security Management as:
- Security Advisor, Mission East Iraq (13 Months)
- Deputy Country Director, Sudan (6 Months)
- Relief Program Director, Pakistan (18 Months)

Management and Capacity Development of Staff: I personally led the building of the Partner Aid
International team in Islamabad Pakistan in 2009 from 2 staff and a $15,000 starting budget into a
65 member team that won and implemented 1.5 Million dollars of funding in after 6 months.
This included building team capacity across all support roles as well as proposal writing and M&E.

Network of contacts/Representatives: I have been complimented regarding cluster and working
group leadership, in Pakistan, Thailand and Iraq, I led the organizations I was representing to take
on leadership roles in the clusters and working groups, thus networking and leading along the

Fundraising: I have written and been awarded proposals with OFDA, DFID, ECHO, UNICEF,
UNWFP, and others.

Security Management: Served as Security Advisor for Mission East Iraq, as well as having been
security focal point while serving as PC in Iraq and Deputy CD for Programs in Sudan.

My CV speaks for itself in regards my communications skills, computer proficiency, experiences
working in a multi-cultural environment and fluency in English. Having lived in Chad, Sudan, Saudi
Arabia, and Iraq I have a basic Arabic speaking ability.

AVALIABILITY: My current contract ends on the 10th of July and would be available for placement
as soon as the 20th of July, if needed.