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Call to Order

Anchor/Voice Over-Dino R.: In few minutes we will start the program. (Short dead air) Ladies and
gentlemen, Live in Zamboanga City Garden Orchid Hotel….. the 2016 COA Circa Revolution….and now
presenting to you… your hosts for this evening’s affair…Mary Ann A. Elumbaring… and… Karll Allan G.
Godoy….(music rolls)

Maan: (Please take your seat.) The night is indeed looking good with these good-looking individuals.
Various fashion trends are currently worn by our fellow COAns. Right, Karll?

Karll: Yes Maan. I can see the lovely ladies and handsome men in front of us….. Now,we are about to
begin our program so please find a seat and make yourselves comfortable. We will start our program
with an Invocation. Please all rise.


-Video Presentation-

Karll: Tonight is a night full of fun, laughter and memories as we are about to take a step back in time.

Maan: Celebrating peace and love, disco dancing, crazy clothing, and groovy music.

Karll: To start the ball rollin’….Can I have a cheer from the Fabulous 50s?????????? (NGS)

Maan: Where are the Groovy 60s?????///(LGS-Zamboanga del Sur)

Karll: Let’s hear something from the Funky 70s?????? (Regional Office)

Maan: Let’s give it up to the Totally 80s????(SUCS, Zambo. City & Sibugay)

Karll: How about the Great 90s?????? (CGS & Water Districts)

Maan: the last but definitely not the least the Trendy Y2K generation!!!! (LGS-Zamboanga del Norte)

Karll: That was quite a large crowd Ann, not to mention that they are equally beautiful and handsome
regardless of circa difference.

Maan: That’s true, Karll. Speaking of time difference, aren’t we grooving into nostalgia of retro feast?

Karll: Yes, Ann. Retro has been used to describe new artifacts that self-consciously refer to particular
modes, motifs, techniques, and materials of the past.

Maan: and that Retro style refers to new things that display characteristics of the past.

Karll: It is mostly the recent past that retro seeks to recapitulate fashions and artistic styles. The English
word retro derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning backwards, or in past times.

Maan: That’s amazing Karll…with that …guests, ladies and gentlemen without further ado, let us give a
round of applause to our very own Assistant Regional Director, Daphne Grace P. Bellen.

Karll: (Thank you lines) Thank you very much for your warm welcoming remarks, Mam Daph.

DINNER (ask the food committee with the food arrangement)

. Fashion Parade in “Circa” Outfit – 1st batch (list of 1st batch.Maan: To fill our stomachs for the subsequent surprises and presentation. Mr. Maan: and the following officers. Karll: All participants belonging to their respective “Circa” groupings will showcase their Circa’s “get- up/attire” as a group. Mendoza. …. Jun Suico and Mr. Maan: The presentation per group shall not exceed five (5) minutes Maan: I guess everyone is ready to flaunt their fashion according to each generation. Visitacion Q. Bellen and Mam Estrella Avila at this stage. right karll? Karll: That’s true. Ann… let us not make them wait… without further delay let us have Maan and Karll: THE FASHION PARADE!!!! . Daphne Grace P. may we all stand for the prayer before we partake our meals. HOLIDAY MESSAGE Maan: I guess everyone had enjoyed their dinner… Karll: To kick off tonight’s event …may I call in our Regional Director for a holiday message to us all…. Moises Rada will serenade us with their golden voice. Dir. Around of applause please to Director Visitacion Q. Mam Bes (additional lines may be added as quoted by the speech) INDUCTION OF ACE OFFICERS FOR 2016 (list of ACE Officers 2016 and copy of oath) Karll: This morning we had an election and to formally induct the officers…I would like to ask the presence of the inducting officers Dir.(name of officers and their positions)(may be sync with Karll according to number of officers) Karll: Thank you very much Mams and Sirs. prepare short intro of each circa) Maan: Fashion parade will be done by “Circa” groupings as identified in the Year-End activities’ advisory. Maan/Karll: (Read prayer before meal) Karll: While we are enjoying the sumptuous dinner. Karll: Thank you very much. Mendoza.

. karll? Karll: Yes I am…without further ado. Assets in form of employees… Karll: employees that have shared their talents and skills __ serve _________COA Region 9… Maan: and have inspired many of us here…indeed they truly are worthy of appreciation. The Commission had earned valuable assets…. Catalino S. May I request Mr. let us have… Maan and Karll: THE FASHION PARADE!!!! Karll:________ Maan:____________________ Dance Sport Contest Karll: Ladies and gentlemen… are you ready to witness a spectacular event tonight… Maan: Brace yourselves. Maan: But before that let us first read the criteria for judging. Karll: We will be witnessing 13 couples in dancing to the tunes of Subli. Chachacha and Rumba..Retirees’ time -Awarding of Plaque of Appreciation to the CY 2016 Retirees(COA-Admin/ read citation only/acknowledge name) -Giving of Tokens by ACE to Retirees (as a group) Maan: Through the years….aren’t you excited to witness the 2nd half of the circa revolution. let’s feast our eyes for Maan and Karll: THE DANCE SPORT COMPETITION. Karll:To recognize them…(Mam Bes) Maan: (Citation) Karll: Thank you….. Genel) Maan: with that. -Message from a Retiree (Catalino S... Genel to give his message… Karll:Thank you(quote message) Fashion Parade in “Circa” Outfit – 2nd Batch Maan: We are already done with the 1st batch….

Karll: and now for 3rd prize…(P5.Creative interpretation of the “Subli” dance.00) Maan: 2nd prize (P7. Lucky winners had received 50 consolation prize at P500. is conducting the 2016 “Alay sa Manggagawa” Donation Drive. Unity. Maan: the proceeds will be used to support the Projects of the Association. Rhythmic Interpretation. Floor craft. Showmanship. Karll: And now. ACE Raffle Draw for 2nd and 3rd Prize Karll: The Association of COA Employees – Region 9. The judges have already selected the Top 5 pairs competing for the title.000. Movement Karll: Costume . Timing and basic rhythm.Karll: Performance Skill and Mastery of the dance .Stage projection. Top 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Maan: Let’s also acknowledge the presence of our distinguished panel of judges.. Dance Characterization. Maan: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(adlib) comment above… Ace Raffle Draw for 1st Prize Maan: and now the most awaited part….adlib) RE: Closing sa dance. let’s give a round of applause for our dancers! Karll: (talk to the crowd. grace and poise. Footwork Maan: Interpretation . Expression and precision.00 each. Innovativeness and creativity in costume change. Karll:1st judge Maan: 2nd judge Karll: chairperson of the panel of judges Maan/Karll:……………………….000.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Costume approximates the dance being performed.00) Proclamation of Top 5 – Dance Sports Competition Karll: at this juncture…. The 1st prize… Karll: (adlib…declare the winner) .

Karl: Let’s now proclaim the winners for the Fashion Parade. Maan: and the Best Fashion Group is…………. Karll: Congratulations to everyone!!! This is such an amazing Christmas celebration. -adlib- Karll:The winner for the Dance Sport competition is… ________________________. we will be proclaiming the winners. Karll: Most Participated Group (number of actual participants against the total number of members in the group as indicated in the Office Order) Maan: People’s Choice. Maan: Congratulations you guys. This will surely get the COAns a big jumpstart for the next few year. Maan: I agree.Announcement of Winners Maan: At this juncture.I am Karll Allan Godoy…. . And this ends the 2016 COA Christmas Party. Karll: wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… Maan and Karll: AND AGAIN GOODNIGHT AND GOD BLESS. Karll: We are your hosts . Maan: and I am Maan E.