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Seminar Evaluation Rubric

Speaker/ Facilitator____________________ Date: ___________________________

Rating Excellent Very Good Fair Poor
Score 4 3 2 1 SCORE
Speaking skills All of audience can Most of audience Difficult to hear; Audience can’t hear
hear presentation; can hear occasional eye contact; presentation; no eye
maintains eye contact presentation; eye some mumbling, little or contact; hard to
with audience; clear, contact most of the no expression; nervous, understand,
expressive voice; time; clear voice, some distracting monotone; speaker
poised, good posture, but not as mannerisms; reads much uncomfortable and
no distracting expressive; a little of slides uninterested; reads
mannerisms nervous, not as slides word for word
Audience Held audience’s Held audience Difficulty holding Completely lost
interaction attention throughout, attention most of audience attention, facts audience attention;
points made in creative the time; polite in presented with little or no started responding
way; listened carefully answering imagination; lengthy before questions
to audience questions questions, but not answers, sometimes finished; answers
and responded directly as directly without answering the often unrelated to the
to question asked question asked
Visuals Visually pleasing and Adequate layout, Difficult to read, cluttered Confusing layout,
easy to read; good use but with some appearance; images text extremely
of white space, color, fonts, colors, improperly sized; some difficult to read;
backgrounds; images backgrounds distracting graphics or many graphics,
and graphics support difficult to read animations sounds, animations
and enhance content distract from the
Subject Demonstrates in depth Adequate Superficial knowledge of Does not have grasp
knowledge knowledge; answers knowledge of most topic; only able to answer of information;
questions with topics; answers basic questions cannot answer
explanations and questions, but fails questions about
elaboration to elaborate subject
Attendance and Able to come early. Able to come on Able to come but almost Late. Unable to help
Attitude Helps the other time. Helps the late. Helps the other the colleague. No
colleague to prepare the other colleague to colleague but needs positive gestures
venue. Smiles all the prepare venue. command. Smiles rarely. demonstrated.
time. Demonstrates Smiles most of the Demonstrates positive
positive gesture all the time. Demonstrates gestures rarely.
time. positive gesture
most of the time.
Organization Facilitator presents Facilitator presents Audience has difficulty Audience cannot
information in logical, information in following presentation understand
interesting sequence logical sequence because facilitator jumps presentation because
which audience can which audience can around. there is no sequence
follow. follow. of information.
Eye Facilitator maintains Facilitator occasionally Facilitator presents
Contact/Presence eye contact with Facilitator uses eye contact. all information
audience, seldom maintains eye Occasionally does without making eye
returning to notes. No contact most of the distracting things while contact to the rest of
distractions. time but frequently presenting. (fidgetting, the group. Constantly
returns to notes. etc.) doing things that are
Some distractions distracting the
audience away from
the training. (tapping,
fidgetting, moving
mouse around areas
of the map not in use,
Body Language Facilitator presents a Facilitator presents Facilitator presents a Facilitator does not
and Floor Work confident body a confident body confident body language present a confident
language and is able to language and is but does not move around body language and
move around the floor able to move the floor effectively. does not move
effectively without around the floor. around the floor
distracting the effectively.