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Structure of the Writing Task

1. Introduction

2. Body

 1st body paragraph ( 1-Topic sentence, 2-Example 3- Discussion, 4- Conclusion )
 2nd body paragraph (1-Topic sentence, 2-Example 3- Discussion, 4- Conclusion )

3. Conclusion

1) The importance/ effect of (topic ), which was always debatable, has now become more

2) The substantial influence of/change in ( topic ) has sparked the controversy over the
potential impact of this trend on…… in recent years.

3) Intriguingly, however, some people concern(-ve) / claim (+ve) that……

4) It can be agreed that…

5) This essay will elaborate both advantages and disadvantages of the ( topic ) and thus, will
lead to a logical/reasoned conclusion.

1nd Body Paragraph
Topic sentence

1. At the outset, there are numerous/innumerable reasons/ways which/why/how…..
2. The most important one lies/stems from/is rooted in the fact that………


1. For example/instance, …….. according to a startling new research.
2. For instance, international studies have shown repeatedly that
3. For instance, research in this area invariably reveals that

2nd Body Paragraph
i) Topic sentence (One sided either +ve or -ve)

1. Another key justification for upholding this notion is that……

which is in fact not impractical or unattainable but comprehensible and feasible. it can be concluded that… 2) The impact of the ( topic ) on…… is prominent. some people adopt an opposing view and tend to believe that…… iii) Solution---if question is about a problem Approaches/steps/methods to deal/cope with (problem/topic/alarms/concerns) are many and the most effective one is……. although it has a number of drawbacks which should be well handled. 3) The topic is not advantage. ii) Topic sentence (Both sided---1 +ve & 1 -ve) Nevertheless.. . In addition to these factors that are visible. 2. some aspects are less obvious and tend to be subjective which include……. Conclusion 1) From what has been discussed above. but a set of trade-offs with both advantages and disadvantages.