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Date: 5th April 2017
Title: Simonds Saw Introduces Quad 7 Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

Fitchburg, MA, U.S.A. (April 5, 2017) – Simonds Saw ( – a
leading manufacturer of premium
quality band saw blades and files,
and inventor of carbide tipped band
saw blade technology – introduces
QUAD 7™ Carbide Tipped Band
Saw Blades for demanding
production cutting operations such
as steel service centers, foundries
and aerospace sawing applications.

QUAD 7 blades are ideal for alloy;
high chrome alloy; Inconel and other
nickel-based alloys; titanium block
and plate; stainless steels; and
mold, tool and bearing steels.

QUAD 7 Blades feature a positive rake angle four-tooth pattern that produces seven
distinct chips. This provides exceptionally high material penetration for faster cutting in
production sawing alloy applications.

“With today’s increased use of exotic alloys in production sawing, the need for more
aggressive cutting solutions is pronounced. Our innovative QUAD 7 tooth pattern was
developed to address this and customers have responded very positively to initial
testing,” said Dale Petts, Simonds Saw’s Global Product Manager.

Simonds QUAD 7™ Carbide Tipped Blades are available in five widths: 3/4” x .050, 1-
1/2”x .050, 2” x .062, 2-5/8”x .062 and 3-1/8”x .062 and are shipped in 150’ coils.
Variable tooth pitch (TPI) options include 2.5 – 3.5, 2-3, 1.9-2.1, 1.4-1.8, 1.1-1.4, and .9-
1.1 teeth per inch. Blades are furnished with plastic capping to protect teeth against
damage in transit and handling.
About Simonds Saw

Established in 1832, Simonds Saw is a leading manufacturer of high-quality metal
cutting saw and file products and has been in business longer than any other cutting
tool company in North America. Simonds offers one of the broadest and most trusted
lines of metal cutting band saw blades found anywhere in the world, engineered to suit
almost any application. Simonds blades are made to the most stringent quality
standards and are manufactured both in the U.S. in the company’s Fitchburg, MA
Headquarters and in Europe by WESPA®, Simonds’ band saw blade technology
division located in Melsungen, Germany. Both factories operate under a single quality
system that is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Simonds is the only band saw blade
manufacturer with multi-facility ISO certification in the U.S. and Germany. For more
information visit Simonds website at, (

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