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One Week Filmmaking Workshop by RFS

Ramanaidu Film School organized a week workshop for the benefit of the young film makers
to guide them to overcome the obstacles in making a film successfully. The program was
conducted from 1st to 6th May, 2017 on its premises. Therefore, RFS designed a flowchart
with the knowledge sharing and exploring their abilities by our eminent faculty and abled
guest lectures and greater film personalities like…
Therefore, RFS designed a flowchart with the knowledge sharing and exploring their abilities
by our eminent faculty and abled guest lectures and greater film personalities like…
 Producer, Writer & Director, Raj Kandukuri garu
 Producer Lagadapati Sridhar garu
 Writer & Director Koratala Shiva garu
 Writer & Actor, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna garu
 Writer & Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti garu
 Cinematographer & Director, M. V. Raghu garu
 Director of Photography Chota K. Naidu garu
 Writer & Director V. N. Aditya garu
 Editor Marthand K. Venkatesh garu
 Music Director Anup Rubens garu
 Sound Engineer Sanjay Das garu
 Writer Raghunath Samudrala garu
 Hero ‘Victory’ Venkatesh garu and above all,
 the program designer, Producer, Distributor, D. Suresh Babu garu
Ramanaidu Film School started in 2008 with a noble cause of its mentor Shri. D. Ramanaidu
garu for the future generations. RFS offers 1 year Diploma & 2 years Master Programs in
Direction & Cinematography for Film & Television Technology in collaboration with
Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad.
Highlights of the workshop:
Raj Kandukuri: If anyone comes with a believable, trend setting and novel concept and
script they are welcome. The production houses are ready to produce good films which will
appeal to the audience as we have done in the case of Telugu feature film ‘Pelli choopulu’.
Lagadapati Sridhar: Budget is not the issue but the subject is utmost important. Whoever
design a subject like ‘Kshanam’ or ‘Pelli Chupulu’ or ‘Ghazi’ can always come to any
production house in Telugu film industry to produce their film successfully.
Koratala Shiva: Writing and direction they have their own pain, gain, excitement and
achievement. To direct a Film there are no set rules. The passion, the knowledge, the
involvement and the execution with a right subject makes a successful film maker. These
days film schools are guiding in making a good film makers.
Paruchuri Gopala Krishna: As you need air to breath, water to drink and food for the
survival… story, screenplay and direction are the basic needs of a successful film. Film
schools are doing their best in shaping up a perfect film maker.
Mohana Krishna Indraganti: Passion for the old and modern literature and films helps a
lot for any film maker in creating sensible and successful screenplay. We have been seeing
several good directors from film schools like Sekhar Kammular, Tarun Bhaskar, Ravikanth,
Swaroop Reddy etc. Of-course, I am also from a film school.
V. Raghu: Passion for creation, dedication, commitment, hard work and discipline makes
any person successful cinematographer. I am trained in a film school.
Chota K. Naidu: The lenses, the light, the camera, the technology, the VFx, the Animation,
the CG, all come after a successful creative dedicated commanding knowledgeable
cinematographer. I like to take any assistant from film schools. Because they know
cinematography better than a new comer.
N. Aditya: Film making should be a passion it can never be just a routine duty. One should
take his commitment as the major drive in shaping his story, screenplay and direction. One
should have the drive to be a abled captain to lead 24 crafts. Film schools are playing
prominent roles in producing good film makers across India.
Marthand K. Venkatesh : Don’t tell me the story, give me your output, I will propose a film
order. We can design the film final output with a clear understanding and commitment. Off-
late I am seeing most of the young directors, who are coming from film schools are good at
Anup Rubens: Music is the food of Love. For a film a writer, director, lyric writer and music
director can do wonders if they sail with perfect mutual understand and affinity.
Sanjay Das: We better keep entire film output in the hands of a music director and a sound
designer, who can give an extra-ordinary sound design with a mutual co-ordination with the
director. Film schools are playing good role in explaining the need of a good sound designer
in film making.
Raghunath Samudrala: Any film’s success is always decided mostly by the design and
execution of the screenplay. I always see, most of the directors who are coming to direct
here without any film school back ground facing so many problems.
Hero ‘Victory’ Venkatesh: Think Big. Aim High. Trust yourself. There is nobody better
than yourself to analyse, to criticize, to encourage and to keep you successful all the time.
One who has strong will power, great commitment, greater planning and greatest execution
will always be a winner. Directors from Film schools are doing a wonderful job.
Suresh Babu: Captain should handle a team of 24 crafts and should get better output from
each department. He must be capable in planning, execution, communication, perfection
of-course with patience. One may be knowledgeable to become a director but may not be
capable of getting the work done with his team may fail. It is not important what you know
it is more important what you do with what you know. Age, Caste, Religion, State are not
the criteria to become a successful film maker. The qualifications required for a successful
film maker are creation, commitment, knowledge

Award ceremony for best short film
makers workshop by RFS
Another memorable day included in the nostalgia of Ramanaidu Film School. RFS
celebrated 81st birthday of Dr. Daggubati Ramanaidu in its premises. Formerly, RFS
conducted a weeks-day workshop for young short film makers during 1st week of May
2017. We invited for an open competition among them, to make the best short film. On
the said occasion, RFS announced awards for the best short film, the best direction, the
best screenplay, the best cinematography and runners for the same. Founder & Chairman
Shri Daggubati Suresh Babu distributed the awards. He addressed and appreciated the
young talent. Speaking on the occasion, Suresh Babu advised all participants that ‘never
stop yourself in performing and strive towards the best output’

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