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I  AM Am not Am I?

He, she , it  IS Is not Is he?

We , You, They  ARE Are not Are we?
Present continuous(am/ is/are)
I  AM + ing Am not + ing Am I?

He, she , it  IS + ing Is not + ing Is he?

We , You, They  ARE +ing Are not + ing Are we?

E.g. She is eating. E.g. She is not eating. E.g. Is she eating?
I am writing. I am not writing. Am I writing?
They are studying. They are not studying. Are they studying?
Present Simple (Do/Does)
I  verb do not (or) don’t + verb Do I?

He, she , it  verb + s does not (or) doesn’t + Does he?
We , You, They  verb do not (or) don’t + verb Do we?

E.g. She eats. E.g. She doesn’t eat. E.g. Does she eat?
I write. I don’t write. Do I write?
They study. They don’t study. Do they study?
Present Continuous (I am doing) and
Present Simple (I do)
E.g. • Jim plays the guitar but he is not playing the guitar now.
• Is he playing the guitar now?- No, he isn’t. (PC)
• Does he play the guitar? Yes, he does. (PS)

I am doing: I do:
 Please be quiet. I am working.  I work everyday from 9 o’clock to 5:30.
 Tom is having a shower at the moment.  Tom has a shower every morning.
 Take an umbrella with you. It’s raining.  It rains a lot in winter.
I Have / has got..
I  Have (or) ‘ve have not (or) haven’t got Have I got?

He, she , it  Has (or) ‘s got Has not (or) hasn’t got has he got?

We , You, They  Have got have not (or) haven’t got have we got?

‘HAD’  is the past of has/have…………….. , have plural , has singular
IN NEGATIVES & QUESTIONS do/does can also be
e.g. used.
• I ‘ve got blue eyes. Don’t have= haven’t got
• Tim has got two sisters. Doesn’t have= hasn’t got
• Our car has got four doors.
• I have got a cycle but I haven’t got a car. E.g.
• It’s a nice house but it hasn’t got a garden. • They don’t have any children. (or) They
• Has Sid got a car?....Yes, he has. have not got any children.
• Does Ann have a car (or) Has Ann got a car?
• How much money she has? (or) How much
money has she got?
1. She __ a lot of homework. 1. Has
2. We__ a busy day yesterday. 2. Had
3. India __ a very interesting culture. 3. Has
4. They__ eaten all the food! 4. Have
5. The workers __ to arrive at 8:30. 5. Have
6. When she was young, she __ to help her mother. 6. Had
7. The boys__ been here all day. 7. Have
8. Others __ no say in the matter. 8. Have
9. __ you got a moment? 9. Have
10. __ it stopped raining? 10. has
I  WAS was not (or) wasn’t Was I?
He, she , it  WAS was not (or) wasn’t Was he?
We , You, They  WERE Were not (or) weren’t Were they?

Am / is (present)  was (past) Are (present)  were (past)

e.g. e.g.
I am tired (present) You are late. (present)
I was not tired last night (past) I were late yesterday. (past)

• Were Sue and Bill at the party? ….Sue was there but bill wasn’t.
• You weren’t at home last night. Where were you?
Worked/got/went…etc (past simple)
I/We/You watched
• They watch television every evening. (Present simple)
• They watched television yesterday evening.(Past simple)
Regular verbs:

• Work worked • Arrive arrived
• Stay  stayed • Start started
• Clean cleaned • Dance danced

Irregular verbs:
Begin Began Drink Drank Go Went Pay Paid Speak Spoke
Break Broke Eat Ate Have Had Put Put Stand Stood
Bring brought Fall Fell Hear Heard Read Read Take Took
Build Built Find Found Know Knew Ring Rang Tell Told
Buy Bought Fly Flew Leave Left Say Said Think thought
Catch Caught Forget Forgot Lose Lost See Saw Win Won
Come Came Get Got Make Made Sell Sold Write Wrote
do did give gave meet met sleep slept sit sat
Past simple negative & Questions
Did not (or) didn’t + infinitive

e.g. Positive Negative Question

Play I Played I Play I Play?
Start We Started We Start We Start?
Watch You Watched You Did not Watch You Watch?
Have They Had They (Or) Have Did They Have?
See He Saw He didn’t See He See?
Do She Did She Do She Do?
go it went it go it Go?

 Do/does (present)  did (past)…………….e.g. I watched but I didn’t watch (not I didn’t watched)
 Questions  order: Did + subject + infinitive ………..e.g.

 How did the accident happen?
 Where did your parents go for their holiday?
 Did you see Sid yesterday?.... No, I didn’t see him…..(not saw him)
I was doing…(past continuous)
Was/were + (verb+ ing)

I  WAS watching was not (or) wasn’t watching Was I watching?
He, she , it  WAS watching was not (or) wasn’t watching Was he watching?
We , You, They  WERE watching Were not (or) weren’t watching Were they watching?

Am/is/are + -ing (present)- was/were + -ing (past)

I’m working (Pr.C)…………I was working (Pa.C)
I was doing (past continuous) &
I did (past simple)


What did you do yesterday morning ?.......We played - complete action,
past simple
What were you doing at 10:30?........We were playing unfinished action,
past continuous