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C&T 491 Weekly Journal #4 Hazara Leon

Dr. Cho & Annette
June 16, 2017

This week was the start of our lesson plan 1 implementation. Although it officially began
on Tuesday, our planning for that very day began days in advance. There were many
ideas that were bounced around and discussed during our times at coffee shops and in the
EB office. The day we first presented our lesson was a test for our group. Due to some
personal matters, one of our team members was not able to participate in any of that
day’s events. On that very day, we had a 20 slide PowerPoint of two activities and an
introduction with a lot of vocabulary. We had initially decided to divide up the
PowerPoint so that Aiyana would present the introductory slides and activity 1 while I
would carry out activity 2 and the review. However, things definitely did not go as
planned with the first class. As we began the lesson we found ourselves having to further
explain the materials like the vocabulary, phrases and even the cultural norms of parties.
Not only that but we also found parts of the lesson that we thought would be over and
done with quickly, were one of the ones that we had to allow for extra time. Since our
lesson was about invitations and the cultural norms of business parties, there was a lot of
material that needed to be further discussed. It was all new material to both the first and
second graders, so the material we had used for the first graders was actually suitable for
the second graders and the first grade lesson had to be reworked completely. Lastly, the
overload of information meant that we had been completely off on our times. Since
Aiyana had prepared to present the first half and I the second half, it actually turned out
to be an entire class period where Aiyana presented. By the end of the lesson she had
completely used up her voice and overworked herself. This turned out to be an issue for
the rest of the week. Due to her yelling from class to class, she ended up having throat
problems and this led to a severe cold.

Following Monday, we found ourselves making various changes to the lesson. Due to our
team dynamic we found it useful to communicate with each other what we found to
work/to not work through our observations. Therefore, each observation was an
opportunity for us to hold mini powwows where we would discuss what each one of us
should improve on and what we did well. In addition to that we also made suggestions
about what could be changed and improved with our classroom management. This made
it possible for us to steadily improve our teaching skills and to make better adjustments to
our lesson. The feedback from each one of us made it possible for us to personalize the
lesson and have a say in how we managed the classroom. By the end of the week we had
finally made our timing work. We presented the students with information that was
challenging, but not overwhelming. We also worked on our presentation of the material
and our class management by trying out different things. One of them being the use of
repetition with the material, yelling “Can I please have your attention” for gathering the
class, letting them know the time they had for each activity, use of body language to
convey meanings, and complementing and encouraging the students to ask questions and
be creative. Although the lesson was not as interactional as we initially wanted it to be
and did not involve a lot of movement, we saw that the girls still enjoyed being given the
chance to let their creativity run wild. They enjoyed decorating their cards and imaging
their future companies. Also, the small group dynamic made it possible for them to talk
with one another and bounce ideas off of each other. It was always nice to see the girls
compliment each other and go wild with their decorations. In the end, the first lesson was
C&T 491 Weekly Journal #4 Hazara Leon
Dr. Cho & Annette
June 16, 2017
far from perfect. It was tiring on our minds and bodies and involved a lot of revisions and
peer feedback. This process caused a lot of intimidation and nervousness, but at the end
of each day we enjoyed talking to each other about the cute gestures we noticed in our
classes. Just being able to call them ‘our class’ was rewarding in itself, so for lesson 2 I
will definitely look forward to the new things our students do. Also, for Lesson 2 I am
looking forward to find my identity as a teacher. From all the peer feedback and the
comments from the EB school faculty, I have found confidence in myself as a teacher. I
am slowly building my identity as a teacher and my teaching philosophy. I definitely see
how rewarding it is to teach and appreciate my language teachers more than ever. It is a
very difficult job, but a very important one. As a teacher I need to continue improving
and accept peer feedback. I must also take into consideration the value of our lessons for
our students so that I actually present them with useful information that will be relevant
in their everyday life.