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o Franchise Food Firm- 2.237 sqm located in Quezon City
o Lot frontage- 45 m wide along the wider street; other frontage- 50 m along the
narrower street. 5 meter difference in elevation between rear and front (slope)
o General dining area; drive-through/ take-out service; function rooms for parties,
events, meetings etc; food and condiment store
o Shall be attractive & could be expanded; 75% TGFA & the rest are for support
services and utility; green architecture and tropical design
o Design Considerations:
 Function & Efficiency; Vertical & horizontal circulation patterns;
 architectural character & form;
 aesthetics & landmark quality;
 solar, wind, noise, odor & view orientations;
 Amenities, Facilities, Services and Utilities (AFSU); Security & safety
features; compliance w/ NBCP, Fire Code & Accessibility Law;
 natural & artificial ventilation;
 building’s exterior (modern lines/styles);
 Green Architecture elements;
 Tropical Architecture elements.
o Project Site Features
 2,237 sqm TLA almost rectangular in a sloping corner lot; sited at the
corner of 15 m & 12 m wide road; 45 m wide frontage- faces south & 50 m
wide frontage faces west; Site slopes- southern street w/ 2.4 m wide road
on both sides
 W- Private office bldg; E- Medium rise commercial building; S(across)- 2
videoke bars & restaurant bar w/ live bands; Rear- 2.5 storey townhouse
o Applicable Development Controls
 Zoning Classifications- c3 ( metropolitan commercial development) w/
 Development Limitations based on NBCP 2004:
 Minimum setback (GF)- 5 m at the front & 2 m the rest
 Minimum Parking Space- 1 parking slot for each GFA of 30
o Design Requirements
I. Ground Floor
 Counter Area with 4 cash registers;
 Queue Area;
 Enclosed Dining Area- 100 sqm (minimum);
 Outdoor Dining Area- 100 sqm (minimum);
 2 Function Rooms (can be combined);
 Drive through counters;
 Food store- 30 sqm (minimum);
 Staff locker area;
 Equipment storage;
 General kitchen w/ cold/dry storage;

highlight all introduced accessibility features and fire exits  Ground floor.  Admin Office.  Utility room (electrical). major winds. guard outpost).50 sqm ( minimum).1:200  Expanded Floor/ Roof plans.  Common toilets. if rooms/ areas are typical.  Pump room. and .  Ground level (man’s eye view) Exterior Perspective at any convenient scale  Floor/ roof plans at scale 1:200.  open parking & driveways.  Fire Exits.  Solid waste storage o Drawing Requirements  Site Dev.50 sqm (minimum)..  areas for landscape. gate.  Fire Exits. pedestrian/ vehicular barriers.  Utility room (electrical).  accessibility features(disabled).  2 Function Rooms( can be combined).  Domestic water cistern.  Outdoor D.  adjoining land uses.1:200  Front & One Side Elevation.  Maintenance Room.  street.5 sqm TLA.  Generator room.  Maintenance Room.  Overhead water tank. sunpath.  Garbage room. sidewalk & street furniture to be used.  site perimeter security features(perimeter wall/ fence.  state the area of the bldg footprint & its percentage w/ respect to the 2.A. provide furniture layout only for a representative room/ area.  Common toilets.  ground mounted signage locations (exit etc). Second Floor  Enclosed D. Second floor.  Utilities. – 1:200 scale w/:  Outline of the bldg footprint. Function rooms. hardscape.1:200 to show expansion potential in 10 yrs assuming that the GFA of the Dining. Deck level or roof  Longitudinal & Cross Section.  indicate northing.  Equipment storage. sources of noise & odors & available views (if any are clearly identifiable).  pedestrian access systems.237.A.  Garbage room II. softscape. provide furniture/ equipment layouts only as necessary.

highlight all introduced accessibility features & fire exits  Expanded Ground Floor  Expanded Second Floor  Expanded Deck Level and/or Expanded Roof or additional floors (as applicable)  Aerial Exterior Perspective at any convenient scale  Ground level (man’s eye view) Interior Perspective at any convenient scales showing counter queue and Dining Area  Corporate Logo  Area Computations and Breakdown(for both plans)  Parking . kitchen shall double. . and 2 TGFA covering all floors.