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Date: 5th June 2017

Title: GTR Europe Trade & Export Finance Conference 2017

Paris, France, June 21 Recognised as a key market gathering for trade and export finance specialists,
financiers and regional business heads, this years GTR Europe Trade & Export Finance Conference
2017 will take place in Paris.

This one-day event features sessions addressed by and for corporates, two afternoon streams one
covering key African markets and another analysing the impact of disruptive technology in trade finance
and multiple networking breaks allowing attendees to expand their contact base and gain valuable
insights. Expected in attendance are some of the biggest international names such as the Airbus Group,
Nokia and Siemens.

The significance of trade within Europe has of course been at the forefront of the global news agenda
over the last year, with discussions over Brexit and the EU, elections throughout the continent and
concerns over protectionism from further afield all posing challenges for trading companies, exporters
and supporting financiers alike, says Jeff Ando, Production Director at GTR Events. This years
gathering will reflect on all of this whilst hearing first hand from those operating at the ground level of
regional and international trade.

Notable speakers include:

Christian Eisner, Head of Regional Treasury & Structured Finance EMEA, Nokia

Guillaume Moreau, Head of Finance Advisory France, Siemens

Philippe Vogeleer, Director of Advisory, Vodafone

Fabrice le Sach, Chairman & Co-Founder, Aera Group

Nicholas Wrigley, Chief Executive Officer, Winch Energy Group

Guto Davies, Managing Director, Sales & Project Finance, GE Capital; Chairman, Industry Committee,
British Exporters Association

Edward George, Country Head, UK Representative Office & Head of Group Research, Ecobank

Naeem Khan, Global Head of Trade Finance, Credit Agricole

George Bellord, Director, BPL Global

Tom Cools, Director of Finance & Operational Excellence, Advisory Africa, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Olivier Paul, Head of Policy, ICC Banking Commission

Cedric Teissier, Founding & Executive Member, France Fintech; Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer,

Key supporters of the conference include BPL Global, Crdit Agricole, Standard Chartered and MUFG,
as well as the Chamber International, the ICC, the International Association of Financial Executive
Institutes and AZ Media.

With such an international crowd, this event is one not to be missed!

For the latest updates on the conference, visit or email Judith at

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