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Sim-plic-i-ty Is Always Beautiful

Being more aligned to the ICT world I know for a fact that for any mobile application to be adopted
its got to be user friendly in a sense that the navigation is very simple that it can easily come
naturally. In the world of User Interface Design, simplicity is the rule of thumb, I had a friend
who did architecture and they always told me that simplicity is one very important requirement in
his line of work which is why am convinced that this world would be a much better place if things
were just simplified, most likely God even had it in mind when he was speaking the universe into
The Gospel( Too Good to be True News) has taken on a whole new dimension in our generation,
so much that to some people it has been presented as a complicated way of life or belief system
and yet at its core Jesus intended that the gospel be simplified to the lowest level, more so to us
who profess to be saints( Colossians 1:26) because only then can we be able to simplify it to the
unbelievers in the hope that theyll see what we see and come into the light but lets face it, many
of those who say they know Christ cant present him in the simplest of ways, theres no admiration
of their lifestyle ,so at the end of the day it instead drives away the very people we want to minister
to, just because weve made the gospel complicated.
The few years Ive spent in relationship with God have given me an opportunity to experience a
couple of ways in which the gospel has been presented as difficult and burdensome, again our
generation has seen so many Men and Women of God rise up to take on the challenge of
preaching the gospel, some of them are truly well intentioned but they struggle with approaching
the gospel from their own experience rather than preaching it as it is in the Bible which is why in
the long run the fruits of what is peached manifest in those that choose to sit under their ministries
and mind you those fruits are not admirable at all.
We see so much of the same things that the secular world is known for crop into the body of Christ,
some of our leaders have come with Ten steps to.., 40 days of..77 days of (You get
what am referring to, right?). These are all wonderful ideas but then to the simple human mind,
its like a whole other list of things to do as a means to get right with God or get closer to him
(Forgetting that he never leaves nor forsakes us). The mind behind this approach is not evil but it
does more harm than good given that it places an unbearable burden on the flock. Even when we
think we may have escaped the burden of religion, some of the same practices have been wrapped
in different titles and presented in exactly the same form as what religion proposes.
We have complicated salvation and made it a very unattractive lifestyle yet to the world were
supposed to present salvation as an abundant life full of joy and yet some of us are as miserable
and unhappy as the same people were supposed to be ministering to, when the unbelievers look
at our lives, theres nothing they can possibly admire or reason that they would need to make their
lives better than they already are. Majority of the Christians out there have simply been sucked
into the mold of the either the world or modern religion which by all means requires the exact
opposite of simplicity to live by.
In Colosians 2:6 were instructed to continue in the same manner by which we received Christ, so
if we say that it is by grace that we have been saved, then why do we then place a burden of a
couple of good works to do after weve been born again? We get caught up in so much church
activity and business that sometimes we think that this activity will somehow achieve for us a
certain reward from God but I can sum it all up in this; The same way that a couple of good deeds
couldnt earn you a place in the kingdom of God, even when you get saved, your good deeds will
still not secure you a spot in heaven. The activities may add value and get you closer to God in a
sense that theyll build your Faith and help you overcome unbelief but outside of Gods grace,
theyre not the ones that save you, we can choose to call them fruits and not the roots of salvation,
you now understand that you just dont have to go to church but rather you get to go to church and
even always look forward and are excited every time you get to go to church. When you approach
salvation from this angle, it allows you approach the Christian life from a much simpler
perspective, so simple that many would find reason to reject it at fast glance but given time, its
very contagious and attractive that Itll minister to the lost very effectively.

"Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the

Knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:2)"