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(Token Office Use Only)

Year 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
Token No
Checked &
Verified by

Vehicle Registration Number: __________________ Name of Owner:________________________________

Fathers /Husbands Name:_______________________
Vehicle Type:________________________________
Vehicle Make:_______________________________ CNIC No:_____________________________________
Model:_____________________________________ Reason of visit:________________________________
Vehicle Colour:_______________________________
Contact No:___________________________________
Engine No:__________________________________
Drv Lic No: ________________________ 1 x 1
Chassis No:_________________________________

Probable Drivers: 1 x 1
1. Name: ____________________________ CNIC No:_________________________
S/O:________________________________ Drv Lic No: _______________________
2. Name: ____________________________ CNIC No:_________________________ 1 x 1

S/O:________________________________ Drv Lic No: _______________________

3. Name:____________________________ CNIC No:_________________________ 1 x 1

S/O:________________________________ Drv Lic No: _______________________

CERTIFICATE & CONFIRMATION (To be filled by the officer of grade 17 or above, residing within Wah Cantt
1. Certified that attached documents have been attested by me after complete verification of original documents.
2. In case of bogus documents/ false information, I claim the full responsibility.

CNIC No:_______________________________ Signature:______________________

Name:__________________________________ Stamp:_________________________

Address:________________________________ Date:__________________________

Contact No:______________________________

*(Token Office use only)*

Token Number: ________________________ Signature:_______________________

Vehicle No: ________________________ Date of Delivery:__________________

Name: ________________________ Date:___________________________

1. Application should attach photocopy of the required documents duly ATTESTED and
STAMPED by the officer of Grade 17 or above.
2. Vehicles should be registered on applicants name. Open transfer letter and car show rooms
receipt will NOT be accepted.
3. Commercial vehicles i.e Suzuki Pick Up, Shezore, Single Cabin etc will only be issued with
Commercial E-tag.
4. Rs. 100 will be paid for each extra driver.
5. E-tag is non transferable.
6. In case of three traffic violations the token will be cancelled.
7. Issuing Authority reserves all the rights to cancel any token at any time without prior intimation.

8. Removal from Blacklist. All vehicles placed on black list on authority of Security
Headquarters will face following penalties after analysis/ scrutiny by Director / Deputy Director
Security and issuance of new E-tag thereafter:-
a. Traffic Violation. - Rs 500.00
b. Misbehaving with Security Staff. - 1000.00
c. Indulging in Commercial activity (on non-Commercial - 3000.00
d. Being part of strike/riot. - 3000.00
e. Tempering with E-Tag (bogus E-Tag). - 3000.00
f. Depositing false documents (FIR etc.) to Token Office. - 3000.00
g. Maafi Nama on stamp paper of Rs 100/- to be deposited along with fine.
h. Any individual checked repeating the same activity to deposit double the fine.
j. Any individual committing a violation, not covered in a/m paras will be adjusted in any
category as deemed necessary after approval of Director/Deputy Director Security. The
decision of Security Headquarters in this regard will be considered final.
9. Original documents of all attached photocopies will be checked by token office on submission
of papers.
10. In the event of loss of token it will be reported to Token Office and nearest Police Station.
A sum of Rs. 1500/- will be charged for issuance of DUPLICATE TOKEN.
11. In case the vehicle is to be sold, the token will be retuned to this office.
12. In case the vehicle is sold with token, an FIR will be launched against the owner of the vehicle
and will not be issued E-Tag for any other vehicle in future.
13. No token will be issued to any person without ownership of the vehicle.
I have read above terms & conditions & will fully abide by above terms /conditions.
Signature of Applicant:____________
Date: _________

Note:- Token will be issued on receipt of this slip.

Confirm account number from Token Office before depositing Fee.