Firmware Upgrade Procedure of Storage 6140 from Version 6.x to 7.50 step by step.

Verifying the following points before Array Upgradation:1. Verify the following conditions are met for each array you are upgrading: a. An optimal state is present. b. Arrays are offline (controllers idle and no background or application tasks is running). c. Controller firmware is at 6.14 or higher. d. Only the first Ethernet port is in use on the controllers. e. The management host to run the upgrade utility is identified. f. The latest management software (CAM 6.4) has been installed to Laptop or Host connected to the Storage 6140. 2. Verify that the controller IP addresses are static. 3. There should be no I/O running in the array. 4. Reset each controller A and B through CAM. 5. Install the Upgrade Utility SMFWUpgInstaller-WS32-10[1].36.31.06.exe (For Windows) or MFWUpgInstaller-SOL- (for Solaris) respectively on Laptop or Connected Host. 6. After installing the Upgrade Utility you can launch this through below directory:For Windows 32-bit it will be C:\Program Files\CFWDnld\client\STKupgrade.bat and For Solaris it will be ./opt/CFWDnld/client/SMfwupgrade. When you will start the upgrade utility that time you will get the below prompt. You can choose the Manual Selection for a particular array. If you want to select the no of arrays then you need to do Automatic Selection.

Now you can give the particular Array ip address for Controller A and Controller B.

This is option if you want to add another array. After discovering all arrays press no button on the below window.

If no problems are detected in the array then it display as Upgradeable: Optimal and the array can be upgradeable using the utility. Sometimes it you can find that the arrays are showing as Not-upgradeable or Needs Attention or Error likes below example.

Then you need to check the following things:1. Any alarm is present in the Storage Array through CAM. If any kind of alarm is there then you should clear these. If the alarm is related to Firmware Baseline then you can ignore this. Acknowledge all Events also through CAM. 2. Check whether the Controller is connected with Expansion Arrays or not. If connected then before Using Upgrade Utility you should disconnect the all the Expansion Trays otherwise it may create problem.

3. Some times you find that Storage is showing Not-upgradeable or Needs Attention but there is no alarm in CAM. Then you need to register the Storage through sscs and use the following command: #cd /opt/se6x20/cli/bin #./sscs login -h localhost -u root #./sscs add -i <Controller ip> registeredarray #./sscs list array # /opt/SUNWsefms/bin/service -d sust-6140-1 -c reset –t mel Downloading and Activating Firmware: After selection a controller firmware file to download menu, the upgrade utility performs compatibility-checking to ensure the file is compatible with the controller model for the selected storage array. The download process involves transferring files and activating them. The files are activated after the transfer is complete and then the controller reboots to activate the new code. 1. Select storage arrays that have an Upgradeable status.

2. Select the Download Tab. 3. Enter the path in your OS, select the firmware file, and click OK button. 4. Select the correct NVSRAM file for your array, and click OK.

5. Read the summary page and click Yes tab to continue with the upgrade process.

During downloading process the time required is depend upon the network and number of Storages in which the same firmware is being downloaded.

After downloading process completion the status comes to Firmware Activating state. During the Firmware activation process, the Storage controller firmware is replaced and the storage array is rebooted. The new firmware becomes active after the storage array reboots.

After the activation completes the storage array status changes to Firmware OK. Then you can check the updated firmware version using CAM. The firmware version will be after Upgrading through this Utility.

Now you need upgrade the Storage, I/O module and Disks Firmware version to 7.50 (or higher) using CAM.