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Kimberly Warren


Activity 9 Summary Page

Marzano Strategy Teacher Tool/ Web Address How to Use
Cooperative Grouping Do Ink Animation & Create animated clips using
Drawing/ photos, drawings, art,
animations and sound.

HOTQ: Now that we have read the biography of Harriet Tubman create an animated clip of your favorite
part of the story working in groups of 3.
Identifying Similarities & Read write think/ Compare & contrast
Differences information and organize it
in a visually appealing way.

HOTQ: Use Venn diagram to compare two characters of the fictional story
Non-Linguistic Explain Everything/ Collaborative animation that
Representation is shareable

HOTQ: In groups of 5-6 create a new product, give it a name and then devise a marketing strategy.
Homework & Practice Remind/ Connects parents, students &
teachers about homework
assignments & due dates

HOTQ: Review the upcoming assignments in Remind to stay on track for the due date, send a message
back if have any questions or concerns & propose a plan to stay on track.
Cues & Questions Edmodo/ Allows student & teachers to
connect and collaborate at

HOTQ: Review the details of the upcoming experiment. Form a hypothesis of what you think the outcome
will be from the details given.
Advanced Organizers Popplet/ Capture facts, images or
thoughts & cerate
relationships between them

HOTQ: Identify the key elements of the American Revolution and place them in the order as they took