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Some Comments about Bio-Tuning

Hope re-entered my life with the very first session of Bio-Tuning. The experience is still one
of the highlights of my life. The unity and connectedness felt was awesome, so beautiful! To
say Bio-Tuning changed my life may sound trite, but nothing is more true. The chronic pain left,
the fatigue and depression left, chiropractic adjustments long needed occurred in the office and
while listening to my CDs, joy and happiness returned or perhaps blossomed more than ever
before. The depth of work and the insights were truly amazing. As a psychotherapist myself,
much work had been done, but none as thorough and deep as that done through the Bio-Tuning
process. I still use my CDs when situations come up and am still amazed how causality is
uncovered and understood. Nothing is as pleasant, goes as deep, is as long-lasting as the work
done through Bio-Tuning. If people only knew! Thank you, Dr. Thompson for your wonderful
work and your willingness to share. SH, CA - Psychotherapist

Because you (Dr. Thompson) are scientifically superior to all of the meta-malarkey in the field
of sound healing you earned my respect and trust. Having experienced the remarkable results,
I believe in the efficacy of your invention. You are truly brilliant and so is this method. I would
love nothing more than to bring this work into the world. I want to do this NG, CA Author
and Musician

I am continually amazed at the healing I am experiencing on all levels as a result of my personal

Bio-Tuning sessions. This is exactly what I wish to do for others. SM, CN Musician

Finding Dr. Thompson was a life-changing experience. His technique with sound is relaxing,
pleasant, positive and very beneficial for anyone. I was healed of a range of pain, both emotional
and physical. CP, CA
My personal CDs have helped me reconnect with my superconscious self and rediscover my true
purpose. JK, CA - Artist

I love my CDs -- Wonderful....I am so happy for the help I am receiving. JA, NV Wife & Mother

I just began to listen to CD number 3. It was great, I can relax very profoundly, and I sleep
better. J O, MX - Professor

"I have been so lonely. I never felt I belonged and now I know I do. It's the body that's been
broken. I am okay!" AA, CA College Student

Joshua took it to Jericho. Nikola Tesla took it to physical science. Royal Rife took it to
biology, and Jeffrey Thompson brings it to the restoration of body and soul, specifically applied.
I am jazzed." GW, CA

my energy increased. I danced for hours. Its really terrific; its been so powerful. My
memory is much sharper, chronic back and neck pain diminished substantially. I feel fabulous.
FS, CA Real Estate Agent

"I played my tone (Bio-Tuning) tape for ten minutes to an audience of 600 people and they all
went into deep meditation." LH, CA Author

My voice tape (Bio-Tuning CD) has been my security blanketIt provides peace, tranquility,
and harmony. I cant thank you enough. HC, CA Production Manager

The first and second CD had a nearly meditative impact on me. I felt very spacious and
centered even in stressful situationsthe third had a very grounding and balancing effect the
fourth CDa time of uprooting and new attitudes and behavior entered my consciousness and
into my communications with others. With the fifth CD, I noticed it had an effect like smoothing
things outI have great staminamentally and emotionally I feel very sharp and strong. Low
moments arise very rarely and pass rather quicklyI feel the neuroacoustic experiment has had
a very positive effect on me. PM, CA Musician

Thanks for my fourth Bio-Tuning CD. This is an interesting process. Im noticing a gradually
unfolding sense of growing and strengthening that I cant quite put my finger on, and sometimes
when I listen to the CDs I feel the sound resonating through every cell in my body. I look
forward to learning more about all this at the workshop. JM, CA Massage Therapist

Most of the CDs I listen to, I go deep into silence, and then I am totally relaxed. GT, WA

(Name omitted) just listened to your CD yesterday and had a mind-life altering experience. He
must have said wow a dozen times when we spoke by phone. LG, CA Psychologist and
Corporate Trainer

I have been on a journey in my personal life that has been difficult and arduous emotionally.
My immediate response to this work was extraordinary and marvelous. I have devoted my life,
career, and relationships to others in the pursuit of conscious suffering in order to understand
(why). Never before have I had the direct experience of an inner answer so clearly. What a
difference this work has made in my life. CN, GE Counselor & Administrator

Following the first Bio-Tuning session I believe I have just been to a place where I have
never been -- very relaxed! Also, a lot of the thoughts that are continuously bothering me seem
to have been erased. Well-being will now be my number one goal in life. JM, CA

Thank you for treating (name intentionally omitted), my supervisor. (Name) is less stressed,
personally nicer, more patient, and less demanding. It is so much nicer here. A Lucky

My Bio-Tuning is the finest transformative technology therapy I could have ever dreamed up
and it is real and it works better than anything every time I am a believer and a receiver.
NG, CA Musician

A gap had mysteriously appeared between my upper left back tooth and the one next to it about
one year ago. When I woke up after the 3rd day of listening to Delta 2there was no gap
between my teeth. I have also noticed that my clothes fit better. My clothes used to be out of
alignment on the left side, enough so that I would question the intelligence of the manufacturers.
People have commented on my posture and I can feel that I am standing straighter and
strongerThe experience (of Bio-Tuning) has confirmed my commitment to practice the
protocol in its complete form. I am anxiously looking forward to Bio-Tuning Phase II. JF, CN

I also experienced what felt like a chiropractic adjustment. SM, CN Practitioner (Ed:
Adjustments needed do occur.)

Since working with Dr. Thompsons sound work for the past year, I have noticed a marked
difference in my ability to retain a relaxed and centered physical and mental state. I am rarely
off-center for long. I have found a much deeper and more conscious inner strength. I find
myself more easily and gracefully standing up for myself and my needs much more
backbone. SJR, CA Health Facilitator

I felt stuck in my meditation practice until I got my Epsilon CD. It was powerful and so
wonderful. It took me higher or deeper than I was able to go before. I love to go there
when I meditate. Thank you. EL, OH

Personal Bio-Tuning -- Comments from Participants of November, 2003, 6-day Workshop

changed my life and will continue to do so in an incredibly positive way; remarkably
grounding and expanding; major shifts happening; more fully integrated and empowered; what
an amazing journey; the experience is not only transcendent, but also an experience that
resonates; the most effective tool I have found to keep me moving on my path of understanding
who/what I am.

I had one of your vibroacoustic treatments about 2 years ago and it changed my life - I finally
knew who I was and wanted something different. DA E-mail

I also have to add that I've not been affected by the latest solar flares. This is a 'biggie', as I've
been experiencing vertigo, sometimes severely, after a solar flare. There is only one explanation
for this, and it's the result of being bio-tuned. You could say I'm more balanced now. SM, CN

Emotionally and mentally I felt as if weights had been lifted off my shoulders the day after my
session with youI had a confrontation with someone who was in essence trying to "bully" me
into something. I stood up for myself. JH, CA Massage Therapist

I wrote before, but want to let you know, the gap is still gone from my teeth, the decals on my
T-shirts are dead center and my jeans now fit my left leg as well as my right, and my pony tail is
balanced! With such an obvious change on the outside of my body, I can only imagine what's
going on inside. Thanks again for developing this procedure and sharing it with the world. JF,
CN Counselor

Since my first Bio-Tuning session...and after exploring several other technologies similar to it,
including (names omitted intentionally here) work, I feel I got the most out of Dr. Thompson's
technologies. MS E-mail

I have never had a sense of myself before experiencing your DMN programs. What a
difference! For the first time I feel myself as a Self. Attorney