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Chief Executive Officer of

West Side Community Health Services

Ballinger | Leafblad is proud to present the following information

on behalf of our client, West Side Community Health Services, in
its search for a Chief Executive Officer.

We provide care to
anyone who comes
through our door. Were
here to serve.
presenting our client
West Side Community Health Services
Founded in 1972, West Side Community Health Services provides comprehensive health
care and social services to underserved people in the community surrounding the St.
Paul metro area.

As Minnesotas largest Federally Qualified Health Center, West

Side Community Health Services treats over 35,000 patients
each year, regardless of their ability to pay. No other local orga-
nization serves as many sectors of the population as sensitive-
ly and effectively.
By delivering services in a variety of native languages, and by emphasizing education
and prevention, West Side Community Health Services empowers patients to take con-
trol of their own health.
presenting our client
West Side Community Health Services

West Side Community Health Services works out of 17 medical and dental sites through-
out the metro area where multilingual and multicultural expertise is most needed.
Sometimes that means working in urban neighborhoods or in local schools. Other times
that means visiting public housing campuses and homeless shelters. But most often, it
means working with patients at the seven main clinic sites, including the recently built
34,000 square foot clinic east of downtown St. Paul. This new facility houses a multi-
tude of exam rooms, 20 state-of-the-art dental operatories, an on-site pharmacy and an
entire section dedicated to behavioral health.

Among its various locations,

the organization offers a full
set of patient-centered
services including:

primary care
specialty care
preventive health
urgent care
complementary health
dental services
mental health care

Social and wrap-around services are also

offered, for example child care, transpor-
tation services and assistance with health
plan enrollment.
presenting our client
West Side Community Health Services


Currently, West Side Community Health employs over 300

people, approximately 60% of whom are bilingual and bicul-
With its dedication to providing access to affordable care, West Side Community
Health Services supports underinsured and uninsured patients in a variety of ways. For
example, the organization uses a fee structure based on a sliding scale while patients
without health insurance receive support through West Side Cares Discount Program.
Typically, the organization provides over $13 million in sliding fee discounts for medical,
dental and pharmacy services.

A snapshot of the demographic composition of the families served by West Side Com-
munity Health Services reveals a population in need. Nearly all (98%) have incomes
below 200% of poverty. Almost half are enrolled in Medicaid or other public health in-
surance and approximately 40% do not have health insurance at all. In addition, 86% of
patients come from communities of color, most notably Asian, African American, Ameri-
can Indian and Latino with about half served in a language other than English.
presenting our client
West Side Community Health Services

Strengthening the well-being of our community through health care for all.

West Side Community Health Services envisions
a community in which all people have access to
exceptional, comprehensive health care and are
living healthy lives. West Side Community Health
Services is the leader in delivering affordable
health care by being the provider of choice, driv-
en by compassion and respect for all.

Justice: Advocating and working for a fair
distribution of resources and opportunities.
Compassion: Partnering with and caring for
patients by seeking to understand the world
through their eyes.
Accountability: Holding the organization and
all involved accountable for the work.
Respect: Valuing all people, honoring each
individuals unique strengths and challenges.
Excellence: Consistently delivering
high-quality services and ensure an excep-
tional patient experience.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer provides inspiring and effective leadership while adminis-
tering, directing and coordinating all activities of West Side Community Health Services
in fulfillment of its values, mission, strategy, and the achievement of its annual goals and
objectives. The CEO models, promotes and ensures the organizations mission, vision
and core values are evident and present in the provision of all services provided by West
Side Community Health Services.

The CEO leads and directs the organizations activities through effective implementation
of Board of Directors policies and organizational goals and objectives. The CEO en-
sures the delivery of high quality health care services that are responsive to the diverse
needs of the communities served. Further, the CEO provides information and guidance
to the Board to ensure their effective decision making and supports the Board in fulfilling
its responsibilities as West Side Community Health Services governing body.

Board Administration and Support
Serves an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors and supports
the operations and administration of the Board by maintaining continual, open
and effective communication with Board members.
Participates in and supports the selection and training of new board members.
Ensures that comprehensive orientation and continuing education opportunities
are available to Board members.
Facilitates relationships between the Board, legal counsel, and accounting/audit
Is a staff member of all committees of the Board, unless instructed otherwise by
the Board.
Provides leadership in developing, planning and implementing West Side Commu-
nity Health Services operation and business plans as directed by the Board.
Informs Board about current trends, problems and health care related activities to
facilitate strategy and decision-making.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer
Delivery of Health Care Services
Establishes, secures Board approval and oversees implementation of all the orga-
nizations operating policies and procedures.
Collaborates with West Side Community Health Services senior leadership team
to ensure success in the design, marketing, promotion, delivery, risk management
and quality of all the programs and services provided.
Ensure that senior leadership team will set and follow policies and practices that
effectively support sound and safe patient care, and that the delivery of health-
care services provides the highest level of a positive experience to the patient.
Enhances operational effectiveness, emphasizing cost containment without jeop-
ardizing innovation or quality of care.
Continually monitors operations, quality and outcomes, programs, and physical
properties and initiates changes as needed.

Financial, Legal and Grant Compliance

Oversees the business and financial affairs of West Side Community Health Ser-
vices and fiscal management including accounting, budgeting, internal controls
and timely reporting.
Ensures compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations as they ap-
ply to the operations of the organization and specifically:
Oversees and ensures compliance with Federally Qualified Health Center
(FQHC) grant requirements, submission of annual grant award renewals,
and operational and service system requirements.
Ensures appropriate administration and management of all grant
Oversees and ensures compliance with The Joint Commission requirements or
other accrediting body(ies) the organization participates with.
Assesses the principal risk of the organization as a whole and ensures risks are
monitored and managed.

Partnerships and Community Presence

Fosters collaborative relationships that support the organizations mission and
leverages resources to the advantage of communities served.
Ensures that West Side Community Health Services is actively engaged and pres-
ent throughout its service area and target populations.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer
Ensures that the organization is actively involved in the development of policy
and advocacy initiatives that support the needs of its service area and target
Through exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, ensures that West
Side Community Health Services and its mission, programs, and services are
consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders, in-
cluding patients, employees, partners, and the community at large.
Represents the organization in its relationships with other health organizations,
government agencies, and third party payers.

Financial Management
Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and ensures prudent manage-
ment of the organizations resources within those budget guidelines according to
current laws and regulations.
Oversees the negotiation of professional, consultant and service contracts and
has Board delegated authority to execute agreements/contracts.
Ensures that appropriate internal and management controls are established and
Works with the Board to so ensure the appropriate financing is reviewed to sup-
port short and long term goals.

Human Resource Management

Organizes function of West Side Community Health Services through appropriate
delegation and establishes a formal means of accountability for those assigned
Ensures effective management of the human resources of the organization ac-
cording to current, authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully con-
form to current laws and regulations.
Develops and maintains high employee morale and ensures the organization has
effective recruitment, retention and performance evaluation processes.
Serves as liaison and channel of communication between the Board and its com-
mittees and staff.
Resolves any staff-administrative problems and keeps lines of communication
open with staff to ensure high employee morale and a professional, healthful
organizational atmosphere.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer
Facilities and Information Technology Management
Oversees the preservation of the asset value of West Side Community Health
Services and its capital investments.
Oversees the management of construction and facility rehabilitation activities.
Ensures physical and information security, disaster, and emergency prepared-
ness activities are appropriately planned, exercised, and documented.

Diversity and Cultural Competence

Understands and guides West Side Community Health Services through the
subtle and complex diversity and cultural competence issues in healthcare as
they relate specifically to marginalized groups and consider how these vary by
gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, religion, and socio-eco-
nomic status.

Adaptive Leadership
Approaches change by encouraging others to work together to tackle tough
challenges to thrive.
Connects organizational change to the core values and capabilities of the rele-
vant stakeholders.
In collaboration with the senior leadership team anticipates and counteracts re-
sistance related to change.

The CEO reports to the Board of Directors and has independent decision mak-
ing within areas of responsibility and organizational policy. The CEO consults with
Board, senior leadership and external resources as necessary.

The CEO provides leadership and supervision to senior executives in the organi-
zation. Reporting directly to the CEO are the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical
Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Dental Director, Executive Assistant, Grants Manage-
ment Director, and Human Resources Director.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer

Education and Experience

Education: Graduate degree in Healthcare Administration, Business,

or related field; graduate of an accredited university with a degree in
Healthcare Administration, Business, or related field; five years directly
related experience with community healthcare facilities of similar size
and structure preferred.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations: Membership as a Fellow in Ameri-

can College of Healthcare Executives preferred.

Experience: Five years of experience in healthcare administration of

health center operations, preferably in an FQHC environment; three
years of strategic senior leadership experience with measured change
management outcomes in a multi-site organization; and balanced ex-
perience in operations, finance, and administration.

Language Skills
Superior communication skills to successfully represent West Side
Community Health Services in the community, with patients, families
and the provider staff; at state and national level boards and organiza-
tions and in the media. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret business
periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmen-
tal regulations. Ability to write reports, business correspondence and
procedure manuals.

Analytical Skills
Able to amass all relevant information to complete a careful assess-
ment of the financial status and strategies in the organization; able to
build a strong business case to advocate for the betterment of West
Side Community Health Services; is objective and capable of de-emo-
tionalizing analyses and corrections.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer
Patient Focused: Embraces the standard of the patient being the center of all
Collaborative: Committed to inviting participation in the evaluation and planning
of all major initiatives; works to build consensus and alignment amongst West
Side Community Health Services team and partners.
An Achiever: The CEO seeks achievement beyond standard expectations. With
a sense of urgency, the CEO carries an aura of success predicated on more than
achievement of minimum benchmarks; innately driven to improvement and not
satisfied with just compliance. The CEO is dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic in
pursuit of personal and organizational goals; approaches challenges as opportu-
nities for improvement with a contagious energy that drives the organization.
Strong Character: Honest and straight-forward, given to transparency and full
disclosure; respectful of others feelings and perspectives; able to maintain the
highest level of integrity and create confidence even within those with doubts;
can quickly and easily address questions of morals or ethics to guide decision
Courageous: The CEO must be able to remain fearless in doing the right thing for
the patient and the organization, even in the face of strong opposition; not afraid
to speak directly; comfortable in presenting a full and accurate picture of any
A Superior Communicator: The CEO must be a master of communication, both
verbal and written, and have the ability to have courageous conversations. She/
he must be a good listener with innate empathy for differing views. The CEO
must be able to communicate clearly and eloquently in order to effectively func-
tion in any setting, from a meeting with government officials or community mem-
bers; to a meeting with a patients family; to a hallway conversation with employ-
Decisive: The CEO has conviction, based on well thought-out analysis and per-
sonal strength; is able to pull upon diverse past experiences to craft novel and
innovative solutions.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer

Visionary: The CEO can take the organization to the next step in its structure, scope,
performance and quality improvement; has the ability to stay ahead of the game
by anticipating demands and constraints within the evolving healthcare industry and
be able to ensure West Side Community Health Services is positioned for continued
Astute: The CEO is bright, and is intellectually capable of mastering the complexi-
ties of leading this growing health care provider; having the business and financial
acumen to analyze, comprehend, select and implement innovative solutions and
models for the delivery of healthcare to lead the organization to short-term and
long-term success.
Persuasive: The CEO is clear and consistent in the delivery of the message of the
organizations mission, vision and values. Can present a strong business case for
a distinct direction while demonstrating empathy for contrasting views; maintains a
truly good sense of humor as a person who enjoys his/her work.
An Advocate: The CEO is the champion of West Side Community Health Services,
both internally and externally; speaks effectively to clarify and build support for the
organization in our communities and in the larger arena of healthcare delivery.
A Change Agent: The CEO sponsors, champions and facilitates change throughout
the organization to meet the challenges of the evolving environment of healthcare
Resilient and stable: The CEO is able to manage multiple priorities and demands; is
a model of responsiveness from the administrative suite that is flexible, yet predict-
able and reliable that will reinforce trust even in times of divergent opinion.
Visible: The CEO has a style that creates the expectation of regular contact and
interaction among staff and providers; regularly rounds throughout the organization
and among patients.
Confidential: The CEO will maintain and uphold strict confidentiality regarding pa-
tient information and organizational information. This position upholds the highest
ethical standards.
Reasoning Ability: The CEO has the ability to define problems, collect data, estab-
lish facts, and draw valid conclusions in a prompt and effective manner.
presenting the position of
Chief Executive Officer

For additional information and to apply for the position please contact:

Marcia Ballinger, PhD Lars Leafblad, MBA

Co-Founder/Principal Co-Founder/Principal
651-341-4840 612-598-7547


West Side Community Health Services is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
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