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Career Search #3

Occupation Researched: Fashion Photographer
1. Duties and Responsibilities for this occupation:
a) be able to travel a lot; likes travelling
b) works well in odd hours throughout the day
c) works well with other people
d) able to work many types of cameras
e) be able to use editing software, such as Photoshop
f) Take photos of the models according to the client’s wanting
g) be able to work in odd locations/ improvise the studio lighting to make the
models look their best
h) be unique, have different concepts

2. Helpful Past Experiences for this occupation:
a) working a lot with different people of different backgrounds
b) working in different, exotic locations
c) working different hours
d) taking free-lance pictures of things and people around you

3. Abilities, Skills, Personal Qualities needed for this occupation:
a) patient
b) confident
c) good metabolism
d) creative
e) enjoys team-work
f) good communication skills

4. Referring to number 3, do YOU possess the same abilities, skills, and personal
qualities that this Occupation requires? If yes, which do you possess?
a) yes, I love team-work

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b) good metabolism
c) patient
5. Which items from number 3 would you at this age still need to improve on or acquire?
a) confident
b) creative
c) work on communicating with others


6. What are the entrance requirements for the post secondary training that is needed?
(e.g. High school diploma? What specific courses are required?)
High school diploma. No specific courses are required.
7. What institution(s) provide education/training?
Most universities and community colleges provide the necessary education, such
as McGill.
8. How long will the program take to complete?
4-5 years
9. What are the results of the program? (Licence, certificate, diploma, degree?)
10. What are the costs? Per year and total years? Include books, tuition, living
expenses, etc.

School 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4 year Additional Total
expenses (combined)

McGill $11,341 (tuition) $11,341 (tuition) $11,341 (tuition) $11,341 (tuition) 4000 (in $101,779
University $14,015 (living) $12,800 (living) $12,800 (living) $12,800 (living) total)
(Bachelor) total: $25,356 total: $24,141 total: $24,141 total: $24,141

McGill University (Bachelor of Arts)


11. What is the starting salary or salary range?

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Depending how good you are and also your popularity, you can start off making
really little to making quite a bit. From $5000- $59,000.

12. What are the benefits or extras? (Dental plans, pension plans, isolation pay, etc.)
You can be really good, and then go to a lot of VIP/ A lister events; have
sponsorships from different photography companies and social media companies; meet
many influential people.

13. What are the possibilities for advancement?
Pretty good, if you are a good photographer who has good connections. You
technically cannot get an advancement, as you usually are working for yourself; you can
also be part of a company of photographers/ be represented by a talent agency.


14. Where will you work? (Indoors/outdoors? Rural/city? Institution? Office Building?)
I will have to work indoors and outdoors; in cities, in country-sides; in office
building, in the street; you have to be able to work anywhere.

15. What are the work hours? (Hours, shift work? Overtime? Weekends? Evenings?
You have to be able to work all hours, as certain clients may want to have
night-time photoshoots, or sunrise photo shoots.
16. Is this occupation full-time year round or seasonal?
It depends on your preference, but I would work full-time year round.

17. What are some of the other working conditions? (Noise? Dust? Outdoors? Alone?
High Stress? Competitive? Lot of travel? etc.)
This job is very competitive, as there is many exceptional photographers. You
will have to be able to work in all places- noisy, dusty, outdoors, indoors. There is a lot of
travel involved, as fashion shoots take place all around the world.


18. What kind of job can you expect to start with?

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If you are building your own company, you will have to be a smaller, independent
business. Or you can try to get yourself signed to some talent agencies. The jobs you get
at the beginning are obviously fewer compared to those you get when you are seasoned.
You will probably start as a freelance photographer.

19. Can you find work in Nova Scotia? Where?
Yes, you can find work in NS… you can find a job whereever and whenever someone
needs some new photos.

20. What is the employment outlook for the future? (Use labour market web site)
It looks pretty good, as more and more people are becoming social media
entrepreneurs, and social media requires a lot of visuals on websites and social media
accounts, in order to be successful.


21. What similar occupations could you consider? (Give at least two)
a) Business photographer
b) Government photographer
c) National geographic photographer/ nature photographer


22. If you were to pursue this occupation choice, what educational institution would you
attend? What faculty would you enter or field of study? If you are looking at an
apprenticeship program, which employer would you approach to take you on as an
apprentice? What technical/college would you go to?
If I were pursuing this occupation, I would go to McGill or Da Vinci College and major
in a Business degree and also a photography and film degree. I would approach fashion
photographers who have built a name in the field of choice.


Occupation Researched: Fashion Photographer

Evaluate this occupation choice: does it match your values, skills, abilities, interests,
education, etc. which you evaluated? Does it at this time, seem to be a good occupation
choice for you? Include final comments regarding this occupation choice.

Revised June 2011
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Fashion photography has always interested me. I found it to be a very interesting career
choice, full of opportunities to meet a multitude of people from around the world, and
also help the clients look their best. I have always loved high fashion, such as Chanel and
Dior; this will help me towards meeting some of today’s most influential fashion icons,
such as Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, it seems like a good choice for me, as I love taking photos of
fashion and of people. I have most of the skills and abilities and education to pursue this
occupation; I have experience working with editing software as well. A fashion
photographer is definitely a unique choice for a profession.

Revised June 2011
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