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Diamond Dowsing

What Is Diamond Dowsing?

Diamond Dowsing is considered by many as an integral piece to begin.

Through the technique of dowsing, you or a professional dowser, are able to
find and cure negative vibrations in your home.

We are beginning to understand the impact our environments have on us.

Energy or vibrations that we cannot see or hear do affect us negatively and
we can become aware of these vibrations when we start understanding the
affects these vibrations have on us and our families.

Below are the negative vibrations that we find and cure when we dowse a
home. You will also find a list of what people experience in their homes
when these negative vibrations are present.
What I Dowse For

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress occurs when the natural energy vibrations emanating from
the earths core are interrupted. This vibrational energy supports all living
things on earth. When interrupted, the resulting stress can impact our health
and well-being where we live and work.

There are three causes of geopathic stress: fault lines, underground water
currents and aquifers, and adjoining soils that differ in composition or type.

The impact of geopathic stress can sometimes be seen on the surface in the
form of cracks in walls or the groundeven in concreteand breaks in
plant growth such as tree lines or shrubs, where one tree or shrub is dying or
is much shorter than the surrounding ones.

Following is a list of earth energies that create Geopathic Stress:

1. Fault Lines

Fault lines include those associated with major earthquakes as well as

smaller, undetected ones. They can be located hundreds of feet below the
surface of the earth and originate from any direction.

2. Underground Water Currents and Aquifers

Our bodies are comprised of 50 to 70 percent water. Because water energy

strongly impacts our lymphatic system, our bodies react fastest to this type
of geopathic stress. It may cause us to feel more stressed, weaken our
defenses, and impair our sleep and concentration.

The amount and flow of water in the earth determines the intensity of the
geopathic stress. For instance, a large river of water will have an immediate
impact and be felt more strongly than a small stream or trickle of water.
Rivers as much as two miles deep can have a tremendous geopathic

3. Different Adjoining Soils

The third type of geopathic stress results as a natural fault line between
adjoining soils that differ in composition such as sand and clay. This type of
stress, while less intense, impacts us more emotionally.

4. Cross Points

The place where two center lines of stress intersect is called a Cross Point.
No matter what type of energy lines are crossing, the stress in this spot will
be the worst. When a person sits or sleeps on a Cross Point, the organ or part
of the body located in that area is the most likely to be affected, and illness is
likely to arise here faster. However, these effects happen over time,
generally a matter of years.

Geopathic stress also affects trees and all living things so, when possible, we
cure these stress lines to help the trees, shrubs and plants in our yard and

Symptoms of geopathic stress:

*Inability to receive deep, replenishing sleep

*Deplete immune system and an increase of illness
*Pain or disease in one particular area of the body
*Difficulty in keeping trees, shrubs or plants healthy
*Illness, stiffness and even death for some animals

Hartmann Lines

Every five steps on the earth, there is a line called a Hartmann Line. These
lines always run from North to South and from East to West. This is the flow
of the Magnetic Field and they are located in the etheric field of the earth.
With electricity, these lines become negative. The electrical power needs to
be right on the Hartmann Line to change it to negative. If there is a power
box on the Hartmann Line, the negativity becomes even stronger

The electromagnetics are in the aura field of the Hartmann Lines and
spending any amount of time in these fields is like getting zapped with a
current of electricity every 20 seconds. A negative Hartmann Line can be
compared to microwave energy or a cold fire. The strength of the negativity
of these lines depends on whats connected to it. A coffee machine will
affect it less than a TV and a TV less than a power box.

Curry Lines

Curry Lines are the same as Hartmann Lines except that Curry Lines run on
a diagonal. They run from Northeast to Southwest and from Southeast to

Effects of Negative Hartmann and Curry Lines:

*Nervous system disorders

*Inability to focus or concentrate
*Loss of memory
*ADHD like symptoms

Interference Lines

Interference lines are frequencies created by cell phone towers, power lines,
radio towers and satellite dishes. They are not as harmful to us outside
(unless you stand right next to or under these places) but once these energies
enter our homes, they become trapped inside and their negativity intensifies.

The negativity of this energy usually referred to as EMF depends on

the proximity of the towers or satellite dishes.

An example of what these energies can do is a study that was conducted in

Mill Valley, California back in the late 1990s. Because of all of the
technological and computer companies located in that are, huge antennas
were added on one of the hills directly above the city. Within the next five
years, there was a 50% increase in the incidence of breast cancer in 40-50
year old women.

We dont all live in areas with that amount of EMF energy around us, but
depending on your proximity to power stations, cell towers, etc., these
energies will have an effect on you.

These interference lines can affect different aspects of our energy fields and
these are some to the things they can interfere with:

Clutter Spirituality Self Esteem

Joy Openness Success
Cooking Creativity Relaxation
Romance Focus Abundance
Passion Inspiration Heart or Stomach
Manifestation Conflict Friendship
Self-Confidence Respiratory Headaches

Personal Interference Lines

A personal line is the same as an interference line but it is a frequency that

affects you personally and no one else in the home.


There are both positive and negative vortexes around our planet and we will
find some of these in our homes.

We can identify a positive vortex by the places (or places) where everyone
loves to be in your home. If you have a natural positive vortex in your
home, you are fortunate. These places create areas of natural, uplifting
energy. When you spend time in this area, you will feel energized and

Famous positive vortexes around the world are places like Stonehenge and
Avebury in England and Sedona in Arizona.
When your home is dowsed, the positive vortexes are identified and you will
find out how to enhance these areas so that everyone in the home can benefit
by them.

Negative vortexes are places where the etheric field of the earth has been
disturbed and instead of creating a connection to higher realms of light,
create an opening to the denser energies of the earth.

These places are easily identified, especially by people who sleep in this
energy. Depending on how negative this area is, people will have bad
dreams, nightmares, night terrors, and feelings of hopelessness and
depression. A tendency towards addictions is also increased when these
Vortexes exist in homes.

A Diamond Dowsing Consultation will identify these places in your home or

office and I will transform a negative vortex to a positive one.


Finding and curing all of the above vibrations in your home will transform
your home. When you transform the energy of your home, you transform
your life.

Contact to schedule your dowsing consultation.