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Exhibitor Name Product

 Machined components
 Electrical cable glands and accessories

 Electrical Insulation Materials, Electrical Cables
 Submersible pump cables, welding cables, battery cables, earthing cables,
earthing conductors, power cables, armoured cables

 Hoists & winches
E0004 MAX INDUSTRIES  Material Handling Equipment & Storage Systems

 Casting products
 Machined components
VERSATILE INSTRUMENTS AND  Components & parts for Industrial application
CONTROLS  Aluminum, copper and its products
 Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous)

 Forging
E0006 SIKAND FORGINGS  Steel forged components of auto & agricultural parts

 Aluminum, copper and its products
 Precision Turned Component

 Automotive Components
E0008 TRISHUL MACHINE TOOLS PVT. LTD.  Polygon turning machine

 Industrial Fastener

 Metal Technology
E0010 SUPER ABRASIVES  Honing,super finishing stongs, grinding wheels

 Heavy Engineering Machinery
E0011 G.V.INDUSTRIAL HEATERS  Industrial heaters , thermocouples and controllers

 Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear
E0012  Electrical switch gear items

 Design and Tool Rooms
E0013 ASE STRUCTURE DESIGN PVT LTD  Engineering design and drawing outsourcing

 Automotive Components
E0015 WONJIN AUTOPARTS INDIA PVT LTD  Motor vehicle parts

 Automotive Components
E0016  Sleeve bearings, bushings thrust washers bi metal strips

 Components & parts for Industrial application
 Herbal or solvent extraction plants, essential oil distillation plant, food
processing plant ,renewable energy system,grinding machine or pulvariser

grinding wheels . diesel engine components . E0026 SRI CITY (P) LTD  Ferrous & Non Ferrous E0027 STOKER CONCAST PVT. iron and grey iron castings  Electrical Power Tools  Welding electrodes .  Sheet metal components  Electrical stampings . laminations. ic engines and compressors .   Material for production of industrial parts in the form of sheets.. welding fluxes .Registration Exhibitor Name Product Id  Components & parts for Industrial application E0018 VANJAX SALES PVT LTD  Automotive Components CEEYES ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES  Heavy duty diesel engine camshafts and allied engine components for E0019 PRIVATE LIMITED locomotives . cylinder block assembly .ferrous forging & machining components  Offering industrial land in sez/dtz/ftwz area. coils.service station equipment. chasis parts (machined for truck E0020 . water bottles making-rising-filling-capping- shrink wrapping set up & spm\'s  Automotive Components  Heat exchangers. wires E0028 VETRI ENGINEERS   Automotive Components  Diesel engines . confectionery plants (to make candy-lollipop-gum etc. wood working machinery.ship engines and off road engine vehicles  Automotive Components BRAKES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED  Caliper castings for brake application. tubes.FOUNDRY DIVISION applications ) . auto electric E0030 UJWAL ELECTRICAL STAMPINGS PVT LTD components  Na E0031 JAPAN EXTERNAL TRADE ORGANISATION  Automotive Components E0032 CREATIVE DIE CASTERS E0033  Machined components PROMAC ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES LTD . sheet metal machinery. automotive components LTD  Machine Tools and Accessories  Metal Working Machines & Accessories  Hydraulic Press & Hydraulic Cylinder  Heavy Engineering Machinery E0023 ATLAS MACHINES (INDIA)  Sheet metal forming  Workshop machinery.rotor stacks.LTD. stator stack. LTD cylinder head assembly and crankshaft . automobile garage machine . welding electrode turnkey projects . EUREKA SYSTEMS AND ELECTRODES PVT E0021 industrial plants . E0029 SIMPSON AND CO. spares and raw materials for welding LTD electrode plant  Automotive Components DRILL JIG BUSHING CO (MADRAS) PVT E0022  Drilljig bushing . pressure vessels components and parts of automobile and E0024 PRECISION GROUP OF COMPANIES heavy engineering  Forging E0025 PIONEER NF FORGINGS PVT LTD  Non .

laser profile cutting . Generators & Transformers  Casting products  Filter press E0035 FILTER MACHINES PVT LTD  Forging  Machined components  Components & parts for Industrial application BRASSTECH ENGINEERING PRIVATE E0037  Precision Turned Component LIMITED  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous)  Casting products  Forging  Machined components  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous) E0038 COLD FORGE  Aluminum.  Precision Turned Component  Automotive Components  Industrial Fastener E0047 UNITED BRASS INDUSTRIES  Precision Turned Component  . LTD. copper and its products  Automotive Components EEPC INDIA (FORMERLY ENGINEERING Trade facilitation body E0039 EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL)  Cable Glands.  Steel mills. rotary tables. Lugs. Cable Rings E0040 ATLAS METAL INDUSTRIES  Conductors  Forging  Casting products E0041 KARMEN INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD  Precision Turned Component  Machined components E0042 PRECISION MACHINE CRAFT PVT LTD  Cnc machines . spindles .Registration Exhibitor Name Product Id  Components & parts for Industrial application  Sheet metal forming  Automotive Components  Sheet metal components E0034 SHAKTI INDUSTRIES  Electric Motors.slewing ring . locknut  Precision Turned Component  Machined components E0043 BNR EXPORTS  Ferrous & Non Ferrous   Metal Technology  cnc laser cutting . plants equipment & parts E0046 THIRUMALA PRECICASTS PVT.laser cutting job E0044 PRECI CUT LASER works & pipe cutting fabricated components  Metal Technology E0045 ZEN-TECHNO ENGINEERING PVT. Cable Accessories  Electrical Wires. LTD.sheet metal cutting .

 Industrial machines for the small-scale industry E0063 RAJAN TECHNO CAST PVT LTD  Commercial Vehicles E0064 INDSAT CORPORATION  Auto & Earthmoving Components & Assemblies  Steel & Cast Iron Castings. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh E0058 H. pipes and parts  Galvanized Wires. Steel bars. structures E0066 PROFAB ENGINEERS PVT LTD  Components & parts for Industrial application  Electrical heavy duty multipole connectors 3 pin to 72 pin / 10 amps to 35 amps E0067 SAI INTERNATIONAL / 250-500 volts  Casting products E0068  FLOW LINK SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Machined components  Components & parts for Industrial application . plants equipment & parts  Heavy Engineering Machinery  GEARS AND GEAR DRIVES INDIA PRIVATE Components & parts for Industrial application E0054 LIMITED  Systems / sub-assemblies  Motion control products. D.  Industrial Fastener  Industrial Springs. power transmission products and mechatronic products  Spare Parts & Systems E0055 BAJRANG BRONZE LLP  All type of brass bronze spare parts for pumps and auto industries  Components & parts for Industrial application E0057 RADCOFLEX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED  Composite hoses . rods.stainless steel hoses . LTD. LTD.  Fasteners & Accessories E0051 LPS BOSSARD PVT. WIRES PVT.  Fasteners and c-parts  Automotive Components E0052 JHR OVERSEAS  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0053 SYMTEC ENGINEERS PVT LTD  Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment  Machined components  Steel mills.Registration Exhibitor Name Product Id  Automotive Components E0049 MEGAMILES BEARING CUPS PVT LTD  Automotive Components E0050 HOLANI BEARINGS PVT. LTD. Spring Coils. E0059 ROHIT SPRINGFORMS PVT LTD  Sheet metal components  Automotive Components  Steel Mills equipment and supplies E0060 ARABIAN PETROLEUM LTD  Machined components  Metallurgical Equipment BENCO THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES E0061  Heat treatment furnace and accessories PRIVATE LIMITED  Absorgel E0062 ABSORTECH INDIA PVT. LTD.

hand pumps .pipes & accessories .  Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery & Accessories E0082 GARG EXPORTS (INDIA)  Keychain badges cufflink tie pin medal  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0083 PARAMOUNT INDUSTRIES  Hydraulic powerpack. hydraulic collet.  Automotive Components  Spare Parts & Systems  Auto & Earthmoving Components & Assemblies E0074 GOELA ENGINEERS (OVERSEAS)  Components & parts for Industrial application  Precision Turned Component  Pumps and Industrial Valves E0075 MEERA AND CEIKO PUMPS PVT LTD  Solar pumps .  Pumps and Industrial Valves E0086 C. LTD. LTD.cable trays . mining RAMTECH MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES  Automotive Components  Precision Turned Component E0078 ANJALI T. PRECISION  RACHAMALLU FORGINGS PRIVATE  Aluminum. stainless steel swing check valves.Registration Exhibitor Name Product Id  Knife edge gate valves api 603 stainless steel gate valves.I PUMPS PVT LTD  Pumps. gratings.motors.tilting disc check valve.ladders  Molds & Dies Production Machinery & Accessories  VISHAL PRECISION PRODUCTS PRIVATE Precision Turned Component E0076 LIMITED  Systems / sub-assemblies  Automotive Components E0077  Aerospace. frp structural shapes .y type stainers and basket  Spare Parts & Systems E0069 LUCAS-TVS LIMITED  Automotive Components E0070 REMSONS INDUSTRIES LIMITED  Machined components  Casting products  Components & parts for Industrial application E0071 BESTOMECH INDUSTRIES  Precision Turned Component  Automotive Components  Automotive Components E0073 GALAXY TECHNOFORGE (I) PVT. LTD. automotive components.R. copper and its products E0079 LIMITED  Ferrous & Non Ferrous E0080 VISHWA STAINLESS PRIVATE LIMITED  Automotive Components E0081 BESMAK COMPONENTS PVT. hydraulic work support E0084 CLASYS  Precision investment castings manufactured through lost wax process E0085 RATNAMANI TECHNO CASTS PVT.cables.

Cable Accessories  Sheet metal components E0099 AARVIN INTERNATIONAL  Precision Turned Component  Hydraulic Press & Hydraulic Cylinder E0100 SEA HYDROSYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD  Automotive Components TATA AUTOCOMP SYSTEMS LTD . oil field equipment  Cable Glands.  Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment E0089  2 Shelter. heat recovery systems. clevis. rods. waste heat recovery boilers. turnbuckle. manual coal / lignite fired boilers. autoclaves with quick closing doors. valve body. rocker levers. structures E0091 UPPAL FEROCAST PRIVATE LTD. thermic fluid E0105 INDUSTRIAL BOILERS LIMITED heaters. pulse jet bag filters E0106 EMMBROS AUTOCOMP LTD  Automotive Components . flanges. air pollution control systems. earthing compound  Automotive Components E0104 GREAVES COTTON LTD  Industrial boilers and Furnace  Steam boilers. Steel bars. earthing rods.  Spare Parts & Systems  Steel & Cast Iron Castings. analyser panel. hydraulic power pack E0096 SERVO HYDRAULICS PVT LTD  Hand/ Power Tools & Accessories E0097 PERFECT AGRO INDUSTRIES  Forging  Components & parts for Industrial application  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous) E0098 UNITY FORGE PVT LTD  Automotive Components  Crankshafts. LTD. tow ball.  Automotive Components E0093 ABHI METALS  Fasteners & Accessories  Automotive Components E0094 AKSHAY ENTERPRISE  All types of brass components and automotive products  Valve test bench. mount. electrostatic precipitators. hydraulic actuator. cup spindle. PYROTECH ELECTRONICS PVT. hydraulic press. steam turbines. yoke. steam turbines. LTD. oil / gas fired boilers. forks. jaw ends connecting rods.LTD.Registration Exhibitor Name Product Id  Ferrous & Non Ferrous E0087 TRIVENI REFRACTORIES PVT.SUPPLY E0101  Car Accessories CHAIN MANAGEMENT  steel Fittings & Flanges C D INDUSTRIES PROP KISAAN E0102  steel Fittings & Flanges ENGINEERING WORKS PVT LTD  Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0103 NS TRANSMISSION PVT. bonnet. eye nut. gear blanks. camshafts. water treatment plants. hi-pressure co-generating systems. wagon coupler. hot air generators. UNIT  Automotive Components E0090 MUTHA ENGINEERING PVT. multifuel fbc boilers. agricultural waste fired boilers.  Earthing material. economisers. incinerators. LTD. urjash burner systems.

printing machinery. Generators & Transformers AG ELECTRO SERVICES (AG ELECTRIC E0119  Parts of electric motors MOTORS)  Automotive Components E0120 RCJ AUTO FORGE PVT LTD  Spare Parts & Systems  Outsourcing product development AKTIS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS PVT. Pipes and Tubes HYDRO PROKAV PUMPS (INDIA) PVT E0112  LTD  Components & parts for Industrial application  Machine tool accessories . E0121  LTD. Bars. jr 3a gel.tyre E0113 FENWICK AND RAVI building. Electrical Cables . edm cut moly wire.machinery parts and accessories  Ferrous & Non Ferrous  Machine Tools and Accessories E0114 SIRIA IMPEX PVT LTD  Moly spray wire.Registration Exhibitor Name Product Id   Foundry & Casting equipment E0107  Spare Parts & Systems M/S SUPREME AUTOMECH INDIA PVT LTD  Automotive Components E0109 ASHOK ENGINEERING CO  Automobile parts and compressors TAMILNADU SMALL INDUSTRIES  Centres of Excellence E0110  DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED Government (GOVERNMENT OF TAMILNADU) SURYA ENERGY AND ENGINEERING  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear 0111 SERVICES  Wood chipping machinery . Coils. Cable Rings E0122 ANKUR TECHNOCRATS  Electrical Insulation Materials. Lugs.F METACAST PVT LTD  Research Institutes & Academic Institutes  Advanced Engineering Services and Consultancies  International Technology Transfer Agencies and Suppliers E0116 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY  Centres of Excellence  Sophisticated Lab and analytical instruments  Research Institutes & Academic Institutes  International Technology Transfer Agencies and Suppliers E0117  FLUID CONTROL RESEARCH INSTITUTE Centres of Excellence  Sophisticated Lab and analytical instruments  Technology suppliers  Virtual & Augmented Technology  Robotics & Emerging Technology E0118 BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE  Clean & Green Technology  Medical devices & Electronics  Electric Motors.packaging machine.wood splitting machinery  Steel Wires.shredder system .  Electrical Wires. tungsten filaments  Ferrous & Non Ferrous E0115 J.P.

LTD. Generators & Transformers BHOLANATH PRECISION ENGINEERING .hydraulic. control. LTD.D.electrical. solar.  Aluminum. telecommunication and many more  Automotive Components SAMRAJ ENGINEERING CONTROLS PVT E0123  Panel board LTD  Sheet metal forming pressed components E0125 ELECTRO MECH CORPORATION  Components & parts for Industrial application E0126 SAGAR ASIA PVT LTD  Ladders .  Garage Tools & Equipments E0129 SEHGAL FORGINGS  Precision Turned Component  ( Forging PATEL BRASS TURNMOATICS copper and its products E0128 LTD  Agriculture & Food Processing Industries  Aluminum die casted parts for automobile.steel bars etc. ignition.INDUSTRIES  Machined components  Automotive Components E0137 VIBHOR COMMUNICATIONS PVT.brass. E0131 FORMERLY KNOWN AS AROMATIC  Machined components ENGINEERING PVT. copper and its products  Auto Electricals  Conductors  Wiring. textile.)  Components & parts for Industrial application Casting products  Machined components  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous)  Forging  Precision Turned Component E0132 MITTAL AUTO COMPONENTS  Components & parts for Industrial application  Cnc turned and milled machined components in steel.  Machined components  Precision Turned Component E0138 VPI INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS  Automotive Components  Machine tool accessories collet chuck for cnc turning centres E0139  Electric Motors. Maintenance Tools & Equipments E0127 JHANVI EARTHMOVERS  Auto & Earthmoving Components & Assemblies  Automotive Components  Casting products  Components & parts for Industrial application  PRECICRAFT COMPONENTS INDIA PVT Aluminum.forging. pneumatic.scaffolds & windmills  Spare Parts & Systems  Repairing. power. LTD.  Automotive Components E0133 J V ENGG AND CONVEYORS PVT LTD  Material Handling Equipment & Storage Systems  Metal Technology E0134 RASHTRIYA ISPAT NIGAM LIMITED  Ferrous & Non Ferrous  Precision Turned Component  Components & parts for Industrial application E0136 S.

MOTORS) ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT Innovators & start-ups E0158 INSTITUTE  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0159 ATLAS MACHINE TOOLS  Electric Motors. E0144 CORPORATION  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous) E0145 PREMI BRASSCOM INTERNATIONAL  Research Institutes & Academic Institutes  International Technology Transfer Agencies and Suppliers INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Steel bars. LTD.I. rods. LTD.85030090  Automotive Components E0140 NOIDA FABCON MACHINES PVT LTD  Equipment for Oil & Gas sector V MAX TECHNO SOLUTIONS PRIVATE Turning & milling E0142 LIMITED  Casting products  Machined components  Steel & Cast Iron Castings.R.residential township PVT. .  Defence & aerospace i. atgms ii. boiler and piping equipments. Steel bars. counter measure dispensing system  Forging E0155  Casting products STEEL AND INDUSTRIAL FORGINGS LTD. hydraulic WEST COAST ENGINEERING presses. Centres of Excellence E0146 BOMBAY  Technology suppliers  Innovators & start-ups  Casting products  Steel & Cast Iron Castings. torpedoes iii.  Electric Motors.LTD. PVT LTD  Stepper motors & drives . Generators & Transformers E0160 GLOBE SCOTT MOTORS PVT. GOVT OF WEST BENGAL  Automotive Components  Casting products  Machined components E0152 ROOTS INDUSTRIES INDIA LIMITED  Systems / sub-assemblies  Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery & Accessories  Agriculture & Food Processing Industries KHED ECONOMIC INFRASTRUCTURE E0153  Industrial park. cnc vtl's etc. structures E0143 TEJAS INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD  Components & parts for Industrial application  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous)  Special purpose machines. rods. Generators & Transformers E0157 SHREERAM INDUSTRIES(S. sez. structures E0147 SANJIVANI CASTING PRIVATE LIMITED  Machined components MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE Forging E0149 (OPERATOR CONCORDBUSINESSSERVICE COMPANY)  Automotive Components E0150 MOONLIGHT TOOLS PVT. DEPARTMENT OF MICRO SMALL  Casting products E0151 MEDIUM ENTERPRISES AND TEXTILES. sams (surface to air E0154 BHARAT DYNAMICS LIMITED missiles) iv.

 Spare Parts & Systems  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous)  Industrial Fastener E0174 STRATEGISE. Protrusion E0173 SUYOG RUBBER (I) PVT. line taps. HYDERABAD (ARCI)  Aluminum. copper flexible braids. INTERNATIONAL ADVANCED RESEARCH CENTRE FOR POWDER METALLURGY Research Institutes & Academic Institutes E0161 AND NEW MATERIALS. Cable Rings  Cable Glands. Injection Molding. Cable Accessories  Conductors  Electrical Insulation Materials. Lugs.  Safety equipments  Industrial Fastener E0179 ARIHANT PRECISION SCREWS  Forging  Precision Turned Component . architectural metal mesh E0170 GOEL ENGINEERS (INDIA) & cable trays  Tower fans/electric rice cooker/electric induction stove/table mate E0171 KENWIN SOLUTION  Electrical Wires.  Ferrous & Non Ferrous E0175 FORTRAN STEEL PVT LTD  Electrical Transmission & Distribution E0176 JVS ELECTRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED  Innovators & start-ups E0177 INDIAN INOVATIX LTD. Electrical Cables E0172 CHETNA ENGINEERING CO  Aluminum.IN PVT. earth rods & other cable fixing accessories  Auto & Earthmoving Components & Assemblies  Resin Transfer Molding (RTM). sheet metal components. copper and its products  Cable lugs.  Automotive Components  Precision Turned Component  Electrical & electronic products pumps E0167 SINICON CONTROLS (P) LTD  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear  Material Handling Equipment & Storage Systems E0168 ASSOMAC MACHINES LIMITED  Sheet metal forming  Wire drawing machines. copper and its products E0162 VERA DISPLAY AND STORAGE PVT LTD  Rubber to metal bonded products E0163 UNIQUE INDUSTRIES  Ferrous & Non Ferrous E0164 METAL CARE ALLOYS PRIVATE LIMITED  Desiccant products E0165 DRY AIR TECHNOLOGIES  Forging  Machined components  Auto & Earthmoving Components & Assemblies E0166 M/S SEMCO FORGE PVT.  Sheet metal components  Metal perforated sheets.LTD. LTD. LTD. Compression Molding. pg clamps. LTD. handling equipment and other allied machinery  Hand/ Power Tools & Accessories E0169 SUNRISE TOOLS (INDIA)PVT. cable glands.

 Steel Wires. Bars.customized engineering plastic products moulding E0192 JAYSONS EXPORTS for oems. LTD. Pipes and Tubes E0193 G. Maintenance Tools & Equipments  Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment HYDENSO STEEL AND ENGINEERING E0184  Expansion joint PVT LTD  Industrial magazines E0185 AKASH PUBLICATION  Components & parts for Industrial application E0187 MAG HARD INSULATORS  Fasteners & Accessories E0188 N K ENTERPRISES  Casting products  12 industrial & commercial newspapers E0189 FOUR SQUARE MEDIA PVT. Three and Four Wheelers E0183 RITESH EXPORTS  Auto Electricals  Repairing.builder's hardware.P.  Hand/ Power Tools & Accessories E0182 A. Generators & Transformers E0195 ON LOAD GEARS  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear  International Technology Transfer Agencies and Suppliers  Machined components  Components & parts for Industrial application E0196 AUTOBAHN MOTOR PRODUCTS PVT LTD  Precision Turned Component  An electric chainsaw victar 20”-43” . 2.  Sheet metal components  Automotive Components INVEST IN BAVARIA -STATE OF  International trade body E0180 BAVARIA INDIA OFFICE  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0181 NIPHA EXPORTS PVT.S.  Components & assemblies for electrical power switching.  Ss planter E0190 VEL EXPORTS  Hand/ Power Tools & Accessories E0191 PRIDEMARK INDUSTRIES (INDIA)  Door & gate hardware.sheet metal products etc. LTD. Coils. EXPORTS  Fasteners & Accessories  Machined components  Automotive Components  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous) E0194 KUNAL INDUSTRIES PVT LTD  Machine Tools and Accessories  Ferrous & Non Ferrous  Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment  Electric Motors. INDUSTRIES  Automotive Components  Spare Parts & Systems  Two. etc. the victar electric motors E0197 VICTAR  Machined components E0198 SUDARSHAN GEARS  Forging .

LTD. nickel alloys. alloy steel and carbon steel . Vendor Management Services & E0210 INFOSWAN PRIVATE LIMITED Publications  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0211 SHIRDI SAI ELECTRICALS LIMITED   Engineering Plastics & Molded Parts E0212 AEROB  No  Industrial Fastener E0213 RAVI CORPORATION  Automotive Components  Automotive Components E0214 AUSTIN ALLOY CAST PVT LTD  Paver tile machinery & plastic moulds . agro & coconut processing E0208 PRO B PRODUCTS machines  Machine Tools and Accessories E0209 INDIAN MACHINE TOOLS CORP.  Casting products  Industrial machines for the small-scale industry E0199 LITEL INFRARED SYSTEMS PVT.  Forging  Automotive Components E0201 GOKUL AUTO MANUFACTURERS  ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING  Cleaning Equipment & Accessories E0202 CONSULTANT  Ferrous & Non Ferrous E0203 AMBICA STEELS LIMITED  steel Fittings & Flanges  Components & parts for Industrial application  Forging  Sheet metal forming E0204 SURAJ METAL CORPORATION  Semi finished and finished components (Ferrous & Non ferrous)  Components and parts of stainless steel.  Automotive Components PRODUCTION AIDS AND CONSULTANTS E0205 (P) LTD.  Hand/ Power Tools & Accessories  Information Technology & ITES  Tender Information Services.  Machined components E0207 YASHASVI ENTERPRISES  Piston for wind mill brake  Systems / sub-assemblies  Honing machines.concrete brick making machines E0215 SADHANA ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES  Casting products E0216 DEV INDUSTRIES  Machined components  Advanced aerospace technologies E0217 MIPAKT MILLENIUM HOLDING E0218  Automotive Components ESTEEM POLYMER PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED  Industrial crates. plastic containers E0219 SRI SARAVANAA FABS  Sheet metal fabricated parts & sub assembly.65 stainless steel . honing tools & accessories.ip65.

mechanics. harvesting technique  Development.networking racks . highway E0230 PRECISION FARMING SYSTEMS engineering. tubes. parametric and topology optimisation E0233 PLM URAL GROUP OF COMPANIES metal casting. rock and aggregates matter E0234 SK SAMORI procurement  Project management in industrial construction and development including turn-key projects starting from acquisition of land plots up to start up of E0235 STUPINO 1 INDUSTRIAL PARK production units. enclosures. bars. wires  Glonass/gps precision agriculture or precision farming. construction and E0232 KHIMPROMPROEKT reconstruction of various profiles objects  computer-aid engineering simulation ansys. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh  Material for production of industrial parts in the form of sheets. E0236 M2 PODOLSK to prepare the ground for an asset is stored on the objects of industrial. development. stupino 1 industrial park development. coils. Pipes and Tubes E0229 ASSTUR INTERNATIONAL LLP  Galvanized Wires.  Automotive Components E0222 MULTITECH COMPONENTS PVT LTD  Auto & Earthmoving Components & Assemblies SOUTHERN RAILWAY -STORES  Xyz E0223 DEPARTMENT  Scaffolding (construction field) E0224 SREERAMA SCAFFOLD SYSTEMS  Steel Mills equipment and supplies  Machined components  SAMIRI EQUIPMENTS AND ENGINEERS Systems / sub-assemblies E0225 PVT LTD  Forging  Automotive Components  Foundry & Casting equipment E0226 BRIGHT ENGINEERING  Steel mills. welding. Bars. investment-driven development of . siemens. coupled multiphysics problems. trolley parts for railways  Casting products E0220 MATRIX IRON FOUNDRY  Casting products  Automotive Components E0221 SWASTIK AUTOMECH PVT LTD. Steel bars. production and supply of the voltaic hardware E0231 POLIPLAST  Inclusive desing industrial facilities and civilian property. composites manufacturing.  Provides integrated management of development projects in the area of industrial and warehouse and industrial real estate in the moscow region.panle. fluid dynamics.  Concrete making. qform software. plants equipment & parts  Research Institutes & Academic Institutes CENTRAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING E0227 RESEARCH INSTITUTE  Steel & Cast Iron Castings. heat treatment. rods. metal forming under pressure. structures  Sheet metal components  Steel Wires. warehouse or industrial property E0237 STUPINO QUADRAT  Implementation of investment projects. esi. production and supply of the agricultural engineering. asphalt processing. analysis of electronics and vhf/hf devices.

stampings. face mask marking machine.  Castings. investment-driven development of E0247 KOTOVO regional infrastructure  Automotive Components E0248 IDEMI  Automotive Components E0249  Collets and feed fingers RAMM PRECISION PRODUCTS P LIMITED  Engineering Consultancy. of radio and telecommunications systems.pressure vessels & waste water treatment plants. regional infrastructure  Rosatom is a global actor on the world’s nuclear technology market. plastic. auto comps. LTD. etc. R &D.  Software. rubber. E0238 ROSATOM  Manufacturing and supply of equipment sets for thermal. hydro E0239 POWER MACHINES and gas-turbine power plants  Shoe cover making machine.solvent . LTD. production and supply of electronic modules for radar.  Development. gas springs. Services-Consultancy and Project Management  Outsourcing product development  Tender Information Services. industrial design. nuclear. Vendor Management Services & N-SQUARE PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS Publications E0250 PVT. MOSCOW REGION DEVELOPMENT investment-driven development of regional infrastructure E0243 CORPORATION THE MINISTRY OF INVESTMENT AND Government E0245 INNOVATION OF THE MOSCOW REGION  Implementation of investment projects. implementation of investment projects. Job-work.  Automotive Components E0251 SUNDER FORGING  Spare Parts & Systems ASSOCIATION OF FURNITURE AND  Protecting and supporting domestic and fractured furniture and E0252 WOODWORKING INDUSTRY OF THE woodworking industry of the russian federation RUSSIAN FEDERATION  Sheet metal forming  Sheet metal components  Casting products E0253 RAY INTERNATIONAL  Forging  Machined components  Automotive Components  Sheet metal components E0254 ROTARY ELECTRONICS PVT LTD  Components & parts for Industrial application  Upvc window machine E0255 SAICON HARDWARE  Rolling Mill machinery & parts E0256 POWEROL ENERGY SYSTEMS SHREE SAMARTH TECH PROCESS  Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery & Accessories E0257 ENGINEERING PVT LIMITED  Heat exchangers. cap marking E0240 NPK DOK machine  Bridge components E0241 MAGEBA BRIDGE PRODUCTS PVT. civil and special purpose from the E0242 SYNTHESIZER NN russian manufacturer  State support measures. 3D Designing.

production and supply of radioengineering E0277 RADIOSVYAZ  Production of cast disks skad E0278 SKAD  Joint-stock commercial bank E0279 ENISEISK UNITED BANK  Development. software and hardware E0265 VIDICOR deliver video over the internet  The development of innovative smart devices for health monitoring and E0266 NORDAVIND diagnosis of disease at an early stages  Joint-stock commercial bank E0267 ALMAZERGIENBANK  Holding company. mining. algorithms. production and maintenance of special equipment and E0280 GEOFIZIKA socio-economic purpose . compact sub station. recovery plants  Sheet metal components  Diesel engines and generators  Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment E0258 POWER ENGINEERING (INDIA) PVT. ups. power panels.pumps . mineral processing and conveying equipment E0269 KANEXGROUP production  Electric Motors.  Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Equipment  Diesel generator. LTD. LTD.  Pressure gauge. Generators & Transformers NORD DRIVESYSTEMS PRIVATE E0270  LIMITED  Welding electrodes. vacuum gauge E0259 TECKNOSYS TECHNOLOGIST LLP  URALS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND Government E0261 INDUSTRY THE URALS STATE AGRICULTURE  Educational institution E0262 UNIVERSITY  Construction of sewage treatment plants E0263 ENVIROCHEMIE GMBH  Production of aluminum oxychloride coagulant brand "bopak" highest E0264 WATER SERVICES CHEMICALS quality  Development of advanced methods.   Development. dry flux powder and water pumps E0271 SHARP ELECTRODES PVT LTD  Forging E0272 BEST FORGINGS INDIA (P) LTD  Components & parts for Industrial application  Industrial swimaching spear pars E0273 BISWAKARMA ENGINEERING WORKS  Jewelry production E0274 REMIX JEWELRY FACTORY  Exploration and extraction of lode gold E0275 VASILEVSKII RUDNIK  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0276 VNS SWITCHGEAR (I) PVT.

M.  Development of mining and smelting productions E0283 GOREVSKY GOK GROUP FROM THE SCREW INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH International festival E0284 RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL CREATIVITY  Electric Power Machinery & Switchgear E0287 TSI POWER (P) LTD. Transducers. and E0299 devices for energy. INDUSTRIES  Clean & Green Technology CANADIAN CRYSTALLINE WATER INDIA E0292 LTD  Automotive Components E0293 ASL INDUSTRIES LTD.infrastructure innovation solution & renewable energy sector with global consortium partners from usa. rolling stock supply systems ASSOCIATION  Industrial magazines E0300 ENGINEERING REVIEW  Pollution control equipment E0302 GSE FILTER PVT LTD  Water treatment equipment  Databases for all types of industries E0303 TRADE4INDIA. operating and emergency PRIBOR SCIENTIFIC AND PRODUCTION controls. Meters. systems.  Measuring Instruments. canada and cis  Pumps and Industrial Valves E0306 B.  Research Institutes & Academic Institutes AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION E0289 OF INDIA  Industrial Fastener E0290 EURO EXIM ENTERPRISES  Machined components E0291 M/S S.  Two. Three and Four Wheelers  NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF Government E0295 INDIA  Research Institutes & Academic Institutes  International Technology Transfer Agencies and Suppliers  Centres of Excellence E0296 DEPARTMENT OF HEAVY INDUSTRY  Vocational Training Institutes  Robotics & Emerging Technology  Development and production supply of ammunition for combat MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCIENTIFIC capabilities E0297 PRODUCTION CONCERN  Developer and manufacturer of artillery ammunition MECHANICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH E0298 INSTITUTE  Development and production of systems. hong kong. Calibrators E0307 JST INTERNATIONAL . singapore. E0305 AKIS TECH LTD europe.LTD.  Automotive Components E0288  AROMA ENGINEERING (INDIA) PVT. KRASNOYARSK METALLURGICAL  Processing aluminum and aluminum alloys E0282 PLANT NOVOANGARSKY DRESSING PLANT. measuring systems for test equipment gas analysis.M. METER (P) LTD. china.COM  Launch vehicles and satellites E0304 ISRO  It sector . Data Recorder.

 Technology suppliers E0310 AUTOMATION INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION  Commercial Vehicles  Repairing. mining. cardiac surgery. LIMITED  Automotive Components  Material Handling Equipment & Storage Systems E0313 PAGODA ENGINEERING PVT. CENTRAL MANUFACTURING  Research Institutes & Academic Institutes E0314 TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE  Automotive Components E0316 SHAMA CONCAST PRIVATE LIMITED  Forging  Development and production of environmentally safe reagents for water and wastewater treatment and for the cleaning of hard surfaces from E0317 BIOMICROGELS complex contaminants as well as manufactures water treatment equipment  Complex equipping of warehouses and production facilities the complete E0318 AVTOPROMMARKET spectrum of pto E0319 SUN GROUP  Aerospace. LTD. animation and other visual media content E0329 VR CREATIVE STUDIO PVT. E0311  Steel Mills equipment and supplies LIMITED  Automotive Components  Steel Mills equipment and supplies E0312 SAMPURNA METALS PVT. concrete plants. food & beverage. technology and renewable energy  Construction company in oil and gas industry. oil & gas. DIRECTORATE OF INDUSTRIES  Leather textile E0330 GOVERNMENT OF BIHAR  Asphalt plants.SITARC / SIEMA . wet mix plant. paver. Maintenance Tools & Equipments JAGATJIT AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY PVT.  Technology suppliers E0334 SMART PUMP PROJECT . self loading concrete mixer. civil and industrial E0320 MINNEFTEGASSTROI construction russia  Specialized state institution to support national exports E0321 RUSSIAN EXPORT CENTER  Investment project E0322 SLAWYANSKII MIR  Lithium hydroxide wasteless production technology development E0323 CHEMICAL METALLURGICAL PLANT  Improving the effectiveness of business association members E0324 RUSSIAN FOREST  Development and production of equipment for cardiology. road sweepers. real estate. LTD. infrastructure. road roller. traumatology and E0326 VEKTOR MS rehabilitation  Metallic flexible tubes E0328 TUBEX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED  Virtual reality . bitumen sprayer. physiotherapy. functional diagnostics. pothole E0331 SPEEDCRAFTS LIMITED repairing machine etc.