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Technology List for ELA

Samantha Konstantin

EDU 612

1. This website is wonderful for the ELA classroom. It provides

teachers with abundant resources to teach specific reading skills. There are
passages with different levels, which allow for differentiation. ReadWorks
also provides complete lessons for teachers to implement in the classroom.

2. EPIC! : This app provides audio books for children. This website can be used
for small groups to help a teacher assist her/his students with
comprehension and fluency. The app reads the story aloud and it allows for
children to follow along and read with the story. There are different reading
levels available to accommodate all learners.

3. This website is phenomenal for writing instruction.

It provides direct instruction for teachers to use to teach their students how
to write. It provides examples for the teacher and students. It also has
different writing prompts and sources for students to use to practice. This
website teaches all three different types of writing. It also provides
instruction on graphic organizers and paraphrasing.

4. On this website teachers are able to find resources to

help with reading and writing. It provides articles and videos for teachers to
look at in order to better instruct their students. It also helps teachers with
interventions to use for struggling readers.

5. You can find news articles for students to read in the
classroom. This website provides kid friendly articles for students to stay up
to date on current events. You can find articles on this website in Spanish too.

6. This website provides games for students to play

using the Smart Board It has phonics, reading and spelling under the literacy

7. This is a great teaching website. The website has reading

passages that are assigned to students according to their level. The website
will also assess students and adapt to their level as they continue to practice.
Front Row provides reports for teachers to better help their instruction.

8. This is also an adaptable program. It provides students with

various ELA practice. It adapts to the students level as they continue to
practice using the website. It also provides teachers with students progress
on standards and growth from year to date.

9. Flocabulary is an engaging way to introduce skills and

grammar to students. Flocabulary introduces different topics to students in a
song/rap format. The website also provides quizzes and practice for teachers
to assess students understanding of the different skills. Flocabularys
songs/raps are engaging and better help students retain information.

10. Into the book is a reading comprehension resource.

It focuses on eight research-based skills that help students with
comprehension. These lessons are engaging to students and provide a fun
way for students to learn and practice the reading skill.