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INTRODUCTION Early History of Saint Joseph’s Secondary School

In September 1888, four sisters of the Saint Joseph of Cluny originally from France but who had been teaching in Saint Joseph De Cluny schools in Noumea, New Caledonia came to Suva to open a school at the request of Bishop Vidal, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Fiji and Rotuman at the time. “The names of the first four sisters were: Mother Saint Martin (French); Sister Tarcissius (French); Sister Francis (Newfoundland) and Sister Mary of the holy Name (Irish).” Sister Mary spent fortyfive years teaching in Suva but Sister Francis contracted a painful illness and died at the age of 32 on 29th December, 1889. For the first two years, the Sisters lived at the corner of Toorak Road, on Beverly Hill, where the present Suva Hotel is built. They were given Mrs. Huon’s house, which served as the Convent and school. “The Sisters opened the school in Toorak on Monday, 3rd of December, 1886 with 15 pupils. As their numbers increased the building became inadequate.” In 1890, three small cottages were bought in Pratt Street by the Bishop, for the Sisters. There were used as a Boarding and Day School for fourteen years. Again the numbers of children had greatly increased, so Saint Joseph’s primary and secondary Boarding and Day Schools were built in 1904. The architect for this building was Father Bourdier S.M. Also at this time, the Saint Josephs Sisters started another School in The Sacred Heart Cathedral Crypt known as Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s School. “This was replaced by the present Saint Anne’s, which was built and opened in 1932. Its Architect was Father Bourdier S.M.” In 1938, the Golden Year Jubilee of the Sister’s arrival in Fiji, Mother Ursula opened a Secondary School. For over 50 years Saint Joseph’s Secondary School was conducted in Pratt Street. In early 1950, Arch Bishop Foley procured the Suva Gold Course land at Waimanu Road, where the present Saint Joseph’s Secondary School is built. The land was leveled and first wing, from the Library to the Biology Lab, was opened in 1956, when the Secondary Department from Saint Anne’s were transferred to Waimanu Road and amalgamated under the name of Saint Joseph’s Secondary School. While Sister Louis was Principal, the school buildings were erected and finished by 1956. In 1968, Sister Eileen, Principal at that time got the Swimming Pool built. In September 1988 the Cenetary of Saint Joseph’s Secondary School and the arrival of The Sister’s of Saint Joseph of Cluny to Fiji was celebrated.

BEHAVIORAL CHANGES OBSERVED Before I gave out my questionnaires I had observed the attitude of students in their behavior. Firstly, the current students of Saint Joseph’s Secondary School have forgotten to show respect for themselves which will in turn lead to showing respect for other students and teachers more difficult. Secondly, they do not show dignity and pride in wearing their uniforms. Most girls have their blouses tucked out in and out of school and at the same time have their skirts hemmed up to their knees which does not look formal. Thirdly, manners! These are just some of the basic etiquette that we were supposed to learn from primary school. Some girls speak and laugh loudly, especially when they are in the central city or near other students from other schools. Fourthly, girls do not have the passion of using every minute that comes wisely, especially in the handling of their academic projects in due time. Most girls do now know that this may affect their work in their future work environment as managers or supervisors may want work on time. A future side-effect or consequence resulting from this behavior could be losing your job. The repercussions are bountiful. Lastly, most girls do not hold dearly life values in their lives. Some examples of these values are honesty, for example, just being honest to parents about the happenings in school and in one’s life. If one is honest at home, she will be honest here in school as we as being honest about everything in her life and around her environment.

CAUSES OF CHANGES (Behavioral changes in students) There are many causes of the behavioral changes in Saint Joseph students. These changes cannot be stopped or maneuvered to out likeness for those living in urban areas. Yes, we as individuals have the right and the power to choose what is necessary in one’s life. Some of the causes are westernization. Most girls nowadays see hear what most Europeans who come to our shores say and wear. They believe that this makes them really pretty and unique. This has affected the way they wear their uniforms with short-hemmed skirts and big earrings although the school rules are against this. Secondly, the media; this has changed the way people talk everyday. Some girls do not even know their very own mother-tongue. Those that speak English are now putting in newly-coined words or ‘slang’s” to make it sound cooler. Students take or hear more music in one day than study or read things that were taught from school. It has been a disturbance and it pollutes children’s minds (rock music, action movies, etc). Because of this, most girls have changed their priority. They have put money, music, and other things before God and their struggle towards a successful education.

THE EFFECTS OF THESE CHANGES I have observed and seen for myself the effects of these changes in student’s life. Some of the effects are lack of honesty. They have made their social life more important that they take interest in other bad stuff like going clubbing and drinking at the same time. This has even led some girls to sell and give themselves easily to any male friends that they think satisfy them fully in a physically sense. They forget to put all possible concentration on the subject that they are learning in their classes. Most girls spend their time doing their homework and assignment in class when they are supposed to be done alone at home. Some girls have adapted the European culture, that they forget their own. This development then leads to an attitude problem at home and as well as school. Respect can only be seen in a student’s life in school only until she can listen and obey her parents or guardians. So, this can be one of the reasons students nowadays do not respect and obey their teachers.

ANALYSIS Saint Joseph’s Secondary School students have changed in the last 3-5 years To prove this statement, the pie –chart below shows.



The pie chart states that all the people to whom the questionnaires were given believe that SJSS students behavior have changed. FINDINGS Questionnaire Analysis Pie-chart; showing the behavior changes and dedication of teachers and students.

YES 100% NO

This shows and explain that all students believe that they can change their behavior and can be more respectful to other students and teachers.

SUGGESTIONS From the questionnaires that I have gathered, the students have all suggested, that the behavior of Saint Joseph’s students have definitely changed in the last three to five years. This has not been satisfactory to some past students and as well as school teachers, and they believe that the causes of these behavioral changes which is the change in hair styles, attitude problems, and language adoption of westernized culture. Most of them have seen this in the media, for example; the magazines, newspapers and the most aggressive one is the television. For all this adopted western behaviors from the media, most students have lost their place in school or have failed their exams each year. With these changes, some students have suggested that they should take moral values more importantly in their lives. One of them could be putting God first before everything than school work. After adopting this old but good moral values everything will later fall into its own and rightful place (e.g. following school rules, respecting and obeying teachers as we as senior prefects). I had recently found out as well that the past pupils of Saint Joseph’s Secondary School had more dignity and pride in wearing their uniforms. Also, values taught in school were taken seriously and manners were of a high standard and the public always thought of Saint Joseph’s Secondary students as those coming from a disciplined school and this was the reason most girls would do anything to be accepted as a student at Saint Joseph’s Secondary School. At the end of the day, it is up to the individual to choose and adopt a good behavioral change or otherwise.

CONCLUSION To conclude my project I think that this topic have me the changes to understand why most girls of Saint Joseph’s behaviour has changed; its causes and as well as the effects it has on each and every girl’s life here in Waimanu Road. Time travels fat and this brings in the different ways of life in a girl’s life. Change in inevitable. Everyone is aware of how or the causes (media; television, magazine) of the changes, so this tells us that one is aware of the change but does not choose to preserve their own cultural ways (dress-code, hairstyles, languages). After completing this project I strongly believe that if we want change our behaviors towards our parents and/or teachers we should ask God the Holy Spirit to touch and mould our hearts to become obedient and caring. Only God can change a person’s life.

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOK REFERENCE Saint Joseph’s Secondary School staff hand book; Saint Joseph’s Secondary School. INTERVIEW Mrs. Bhagwan- Personal interview, 3rd August 2007. Mrs. Kitolelei- Personal interview, 3rd August 2007.


ENGLISH PROJECT – 2007 TOPIC: How the behaviors of Saint Joseph Students have changes in the last five years? The aim of doing this project is to find out how the behaviors of students of this school have changed? Age: ____________ Marital status: ___________ QUESTIONS 1. Do you think that Saint Joseph students have changed in the last three to five (35) years? Yes No 2. If yes, is it a good change? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ 3. What are some of the changes you have observed? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ 4. How has it affected their academic work? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ 5. What are some of the influences that have contributed to this change?


Name: _________________ Gender: ________________

___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ 6. In your opinion, has everyone or only some? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ 7. Do you think we could change our behavior to being more respectful and dedicated to our teachers and yourself? Yes No 8. If yes, state two ways we could change? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ 9. If no, then please state at least two reasons? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ 10. If we were going to change our behaviour to being more respectful and dedicated, do you think we could keep it up? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________

Name: Mereisi Wilikibau. Form: 5I Arts. School: Saint Joseph’s Secondary School.