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DYS Test III Session 3 Infallible Vedic Wisdom

Total marks: 20 Marks Obtained: ________ Time: 10 Min.

Name: __________________________________________
Instructions to solve
i) Tick {} the correct choice given below or write the answer in the blank line provided below the question.
ii) Sincerity is qualification.
iii) Marks have been noted in front of each question.

Q1. ______ make human beings superior to animals. 1

a) Fighting with Nuclear & Biological weapons

b) Satellite communication
c) Reasoning power
d) To inquire Why am I suffering & what is actual destination of life?

Q2. Animals & human beings have common activities ______ . 1

a) Eating
b) Mating
c) Sleeping
d) Defending
e) All of the above

Q3. Invention of motorcycle, grinder machine, fan, etc. shows ______ 1

a) How much man has advanced

b) The comforts man is enjoying.
c) Man wants to reduce miseries of manual grinding, sweating, pedaling
d) Scientists can one day reduce miseries completely

Q4. Vedic process of learning falls under the following way of gaining knowledge. 1

a) Inductive
b) Deductive

Q5. Give 2 examples of special skills that animals have that are superior to humans. 2

1) Elephant : eating / bodily strength

2) Polar bear : sleeping

Q6. What are the 4 real problems of life? 2

Birth, old age, disease & death.

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DYS Test III Session 3 Infallible Vedic Wisdom

Q7. What is the root cause of all our problems? 1

Our forgetfulness of our relation with Krishna / God.

Q8. Give 2 reasons/examples that accepting Vedas is not blind faith. 2

1) The Vedas predict so many future personalities and events which have been coming true. E.g.
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Chanakya pandit, King Ashoka, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, etc
and description of the condition of modern society, in the 12th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam.

2) Many many scientific truths described in the Vedas have been proven true by modern scientists in
last 100 years. E.g. trees have life, detailed description of human embryology, etc.

Q9. Indicate True or False by putting a T or F before the statement. 4

a) Animals have rational power and intelligence in the matters of eating, mating, sleeping and

b) Scientific advancement can put a full stop to all suffering.


c) Miserable condition due to disease falls under Adhyatmic Klesha (misery).


d) Inquiring about life and death results in promotion to higher life.


Q10. Fill in the blanks. 5

a) While animals can only inquire about eating, mating, sleeping and defending, humans can also inquire
about life / who am I and death / why I am suffering / God / what is our relation eith God.

b) Miseries due to natural disasters like earthquake, famine are examples of adhidaivik klesha (misery).

c) Victims of terrorism are suffering from adhibhautik klesha (misery).

d) The essence of Vedic literature is: Sambandha (Who am I? Who is God?); Abhideya (What is my
relationship with God); and Prayojana (Attainment of love of God).

End of Question Paper 3.

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