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Office for Human Resource Management and Development

Notice of Vacant Position

March 14, 2017

Salary Qualification Standards

Position Office Item No. Work
Annual Education Training Eligibility
Salary Experience

Human SG 13/ Human NEW Bachelors Degree None required None required Career
Resource Resource preferably in Public Service
Specialist I P 279,084.00 Policies and Policy/ Public Professional/
Standards Administration/ Second
(Central Office) Office Legal Level
(HRPSO) Management/ Eligibility
Human Resource
Human Resource

Brief Description of the General Function of the Position:

> Under immediate supervision, assist in the development, enhancement and interpretation of policies, guidelines and
procedures relative to human resource systems based on global practices and emerging trends to ensure the promotion of merit and
fitness in the civil service.

Exemplifying Integrity
Intermediate: Demonstrates compliance to policies, rules and other standards set by the Commission/Organization.
Delivering Services Excellence
Basic: Complies with CSCs established standards of delivery or service level agreements and delivers explicit requirements of
Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Basic: Provides timely solutions to problems and decision dilemmas that have clear-cut options and/or choices and whose solutions are
available and can be accessed from a database or gleaned from an existing policy or process.
Demonstrating Personal Effectiveness
Intermediate: Recognizes personal strengths and gaps and depends on guidance from authorities or appropriate bodies for direction in
addressing them.
Speaking Effectively
Basic: Effectively delivers messages that simply focus on data, facts or information and requires minimal preparation or can be supported
by available communication materials.
Writing Effectively
Intermediate: Edits existing or customizes available communication materials to produce an appropriate written work.
Championing and Applying Innovation
Basic: Demonstrates an awareness of basic principles of innovation.
Planning and Delivering
Basic: Designs and implements plans focused on ones functional group or area of focus and involving team members from the same
Managing Information
Intermediate: Works with data to generate relevant information.

This office highly encourage all interested and qualified applicants including persons with disability (PWD), members of Indigenous
Communities, and those from any Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities (SOGI).

Applicants should signify interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter and send to the address below
not later than March 24, 2017. Applicants with complete requirements and who meet the competency-based qualification
standards shall undergo a written examination scheduled on March 30, 2017
1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet with recent passport-sized picture
(CS Form 212 Revised 2005) which can be downloaded at;
2. Performance ratings in the last two (2) semesters preceding this publication;
3. Authenticated copy of Civil Service Certificate of Eligibility or Certificate of Board Rating; and
4. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.

Send to:


Office for Human Resource Management and Development
Civil Service Commission, IBP Road
Constitutional Hills, 1126 Quezon City
Email address: