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World's Top Verbal Seduction Coach to Speak at 21 Convention 10th

Anniversary Event in Orlando

Alan Roger Currie a.k.a. "The King of Verbal Seduction" will be a featured speaker at The 21
Convention's 10th Anniversary Event in Orlando, Florida. The event will take place September 28
thru October 1, 2017. Currie is an internationally known self-help Author and professional Dating
Coach who specializes in helping men learn how to create instantaneous sexual chemistry with
women by teaching them how to converse with women in a manner that is more "verbally erotic"
and sexually provocative.

Orlando, FL, June 28, 2017 --( If a man works in car sales, and a customer visits his
automobile dealership looking to purchase a $19,000 vehicle, four things can happen:

1) The customer changes his or her mind about purchasing a vehicle, and leaves the dealership;
2) The customer purchases a vehicle at a price far less than $19,000.00;
3) The customer purchases a vehicle at a price of almost exactly $19,000.00;
4) The customer purchases a vehicle at a price that far exceeds $19,000.00

Given these four possible outcomes, scenario #1 would represent poor salesmanship; scenario #2 would
represent ineffective salesmanship; scenario #3 would represent average or slightly above-average
salesmanship; and scenario #4 would represent highly effective and outstanding salesmanship.

In the world of dating and relationships, and particularly for single heterosexual men, one author and
professional dating coach believes that the concept of seducing women and salesmanship are very similar
in theme. The author's name is Alan Roger Currie, and he is known by his male and female clients as
"The King of Verbal Seduction."

Currie believes that many eligible bachelors overemphasize the importance of career success, education,
money, and material possessions, but these same single men underemphasize the importance of health &
fitness, proper grooming, personal confidence and high self-esteem, and highly effective and seductive
conversation skills.

"In order for a man to become a master seducer of women, he must maintain a healthy and attractive
physical appearance, he must present himself as confident and highly self-assured, and he must be able to
converse with a woman in a manner that will initially leave the woman feeling somewhat agitated and a
wee bit uncomfortable, but later, this same woman will feel extremely aroused and her mind will be full
of erotically explicit thoughts and visualizations. This is the description of the master seducer," says
Currie, who is the author of a book titled "Oooooh ... Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal
Seduction and Aural Sex" which is available in eBook and paperback form on and it is also
available on in an audiobook format.

Currie said he first realized he had a talent for "verbal seduction" when he was in college back in 1985.
Years later, Currie said that several women have offered to pay him money in exchange for him engaging

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in sexually explicit conversations with them via the telephone (i.e., phone sex) on a regular basis. Since
2009, Currie has hosted an adults only podcast program entitled, "The Erotic Conversationalist," that
features Currie interviewing various female guests discussing issues related to women's sensuality while
using very risqu language during the interviews.

Currie added, "Many men have made the mistake of believing that only men who are exceptionally good
looking are capable of attracting and seducing women. This is not true. A man can be very
average-looking, but if this same man presents himself to women as being extremely confident and this
same man has learned how to use certain words and phrases to leave an indelible impression on a woman
and provoke highly erotic thoughts and visualizations in her mind, then his looks will become a
secondary factor in the eyes of most women."

More about Alan Roger Currie can be found on

Tickets are still available for The 21 Convention 10th Anniversary Event by clicking here.

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