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Recently the world has seen the
highest number of refugees ever
since the Second World War.
Beyond doubt, their strength and
courage should be applauded
throughout the world.
Every year, we commemorate their
resilience on 20 June. This year,
UNHCR invites you to join us at the WORLD REFUGEE DAY EVENT
World Refugee Day event for a
screening of the movie HOME 20TH June 2017
and a musical performance by singer Free outdoor movie screening
Mentor Haziri.
and musical performance at
Refugees are people 20:30
like you and me.
People who have Sknderbeu square
been forced to flee Pristina
their homes.
20:30 Welcoming speech
20:40 Screening of HOME movie
21:10 SURVIVOR song and musical
performance by Mentor Haziri
HOME is a 20 minute short Kosovar- SURVIVOR is a song by Mentor
British co-production, with a theme of Haziri, a story about people fleeing
the refugee crisis. Written and directed from their homes. It was recorded in
by the British artist and filmmaker U2 studio in Dublin with experienced
Daniel Mulloy, the film follows a top musicians from the UK and
British family that experiences a life- Ireland including members of the Irish
changing journey into war zone. The Symphony orchestra of RTE as well as
movie won 19 awards in international festivals including the British Academy pianist and RTE Symphony orchestra conductor - Mr. Gavin Murphy. The
of Film and Television Arts award (BAFTA) in 2017. The project was lyrics in English are co-written with Kit Rice, a well-known singer from the
supported by the UN Agencies (United Nations Kosovo Team), USAID, UK. Mentor Haziri did this project as a reminiscence of the refugee crisis in
municipalities and SOROS Foundation. Screening of HOME in this event is 1999 and current refugee crisis happening in the world. The song was
supported by International Documentary and Short Film Festival Dokufest. supported by UNHCR Pristina.


UNHCR launched the #WithRefugees campaign and petition to channel public solidarity for people forced to flee. Specifically, the petition aims to ensure all
refugee children get an education, all refugee families have somewhere safe to live and every refugee can work or learn new skills to support their families. The
Campaign will run until a global compact for refugees is adopted in 2018. Add your name to the #WithRefugees petition to send a clear message to decision makers
that they must act with solidarity and shared responsibility.