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WeLight Company is a manufacturer of battery-less flashlights known as Lightshaker

using copper and magnet as its power source. The company aims to introduce a product that will

be readily available to the user at any point in time without the need to purchase batteries or

recharge the product itself to operate. The researchers aimed to market its product in NCR

specifically in Makati City, Mandaluyong City, and Pasay City due to the abundance of its target

market whose age range from 18-60 years old.

The companys goal is to become known as a main product rather than an alternative when

it comes to flashlights. According to the respondents, their main problem encountered with

flashlights is the draining of battery. With Lightshaker, the consumer does not have to worry about

having to buy flashlights when the battery dries out.

Flashlight was the chosen product by the researchers because of the numerous natural

disasters that occur in the Philippines. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

Council (NDRRMC) has been conducting drills to prepare Filipinos for disasters. Studies show

that the Philippines is very prone to earthquakes and it has been noticeable this 2017. Because of

this, the company wants to show that the Philippines must be able to make products that will

prepare everyone for any disasters without having much hassle.

The product will be sold in hardware stores, supermarkets, and department stores. In this

manner, the people would easily see and access the product making it widespread throughout the

companys distribution channels. Lightshaker will provide ease and comfort for its consumers at

a reasonable price.