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TEACHER: Raluca Ceptureanu

DATE: April 14th, 2008
CLASS: 9th A
SCHOOL: Group Scolar Plopeni
TIME OF LESSON: 50 minutes
TEXTBOOK: Prospects pre- intermediate
UNIT: Ive never seen a camel
LESSON: Present perfect simple
TOPIC: Consolidation

Lesson aims:

To make students use their previous knowledge about present perfect and
past simple;
To practice the difference between for and since;
To stimulate students imagination by writing short paragraphs about
different changes in their lives;
To read different texts using the correct intonation and pronunciation;
To develop their speaking skills by expressing opinions about things they
have done/ never done.



Warming up activity:

The teacher familiarizes the students with the topic they are going to
discuss and explains them the difference between past simple and past perfect

Timing: 5 minutes
Interaction: teacher- students

Activity 1:

The students are invited to work in pairs on some worksheets related to

the difference between these two tenses. The teacher assesses their work and
helps them where necessary. Then the students read their exercises.

Timing: 10 minutes
Interaction: teacher- students
Student- student

Activity 2:

Then, they are asked to work in groups in order to complete a

worksheet related to the difference between the adverbs for and since and
make up sentences of their own using five of these expressions. The teacher
explains their tasks clearly and assesses their work. Students organize
expressions of time into categories according to whether they are used with
FOR or SINCE. They should write 2 sentences which are true and 3 which are
not and the rest of the teams have to decide which ones are true and which ones
are false.

Timing: 10 minutes
Interaction: teacher- students
Student- student

Activity 3:

The students are going to read some texts related to the use of past tense
simple and present perfect simple using the correct pronunciation and
intonation and complete the tasks. The teacher explains the unknown words, if
there are any, and writes them on the blackboard. The students have to identify
the past tense simple form of the verbs. They also have to fill in the missing
lines from another text using the present perfect simple form of the verbs in
brackets and explain why it was necessary to use them. They will work in pairs.

Timing: 10 minutes
Interaction: teacher- students
Student- student

Activity 4 (feedback):

The students are reminded of the structure of a paragraph and then they
are asked to write about some changes in their lives using some adverbs
specific for present tense simple: just, recently, already, lately, for and since.
The teacher assesses their work and helps them with unknown words
where necessary. Then they read aloud their paragraphs as a conclusion.

Timing: 10 minutes
Interaction: teacher- students
Group- work

Homework :

As homework students are asked to write a letter to a penfriend talking about

their achievements since last year. The letter should be no more than 15-20 lines.

Timing: 5 minutes