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Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.

-jonas salk

AVID is the official college and career readiness system of the Garland Independent School District

The Secondary AVID Department within Special Programs is here to help you with service and support as you steer your AVID
systems to best nurture your students college dreams!

Here is what we do:

* Coach AVID Elective Teachers

* Facilitate and Advise Your AVID Site Teams

*Liase between your schools AVID System and the expectations of AVID Headquarters

* Provide Professional Learning for all Teachers in Best Teaching Practices

* Hire, Train, Schedule and Coach your AVID tutors

*Assist you in Developing your Master Schedule to best serve your students

*Develop and Distribute your AVID budget

*Facilitate AVID site teams during AVID Summer Institute

*Assist School Leadership Teams in maintaining AVID Certification

*Assist School Leadership Teams in AVID Data Analysis

*and much, much more

Here is who we are:

Jeanie Greenidge, Wendy Dutton,

AVID Secondary Program Manager AVID Secondary District Coordinator

Former AVID Teacher/Coordinator Former AVID Teacher/Coordinator

AVID Staff Developer and Curriculum Writer AVID Staff Developer

972-487-4633 972-487-3187

214-793-3964 972-978-4972

Please contact us with all of your AVID needs!

Follow us on Twitter: @avidJeanie / @avidWendy

For more information about AVID, visit

Jessica Minaya, AVID Secretary 972-487-3185