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Language and Cognition

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LCO volume 7 issue 4 Cover and Front matter

Language and Cognition / Volume 7 / Special Issue 04 / December 2015, pp f1 - f2

DOI: 10.1017/langcog.2015.27, Published online: 02 November 2015

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(2015). LCO volume 7 issue 4 Cover and Front matter. Language and Cognition, 7, pp f1-f2 doi:10.1017/langcog.2015.27

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LANGUAGE AND COGNITION Volume 7 | Issue 4 | December 2015 ISSN 1866-9808


An interdisciplinary journal of language
and cognitive science

Cognitive Linguistics and interactional Conversation, Construction Grammar,
discourse: time to enter into dialogue and cognition An interdisciplinary journal of language
Elisabeth Zima & Geert Brne Kerstin Fischer
and cognitive science
Spoken language usage events Epistemic inclination and factualization:
Alan Cienki a synchronic and diachronic study
on the semantic gradience of
Local meaning-negotiation, activity types, factuality ERRATUM

Volume 7 | Issue 4 | December 2015

and the current-discourse-space model Vittorio Tantucci
Andreas Langlotz
Epistemic inclination and factualization:
What you see is what you do: on the a synchronic and diachronic study General Editors
relationship between gaze and gesture on the semantic gradience of Daniel Casasanto
in multimodal alignment factuality CORRIGENDUM Seana Coulson
Bert Oben & Geert Brne Vittorio Tantucci Vyvyan Evans
Christopher Hart
David Kemmerer
Laura Michaelis
Chris Sinha

Special issue on Cognitive Linguistics and
Interactional Discourse
Guest Editors Elisabeth Zima and Geert Brne

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