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Polypropylene Cartridge Filter

ClariSure HPA

ClariSure HPA cartridge filters are Complies with

100% Polypropylene, very high USFDA 21 CFR 210.3(b) (6)
Meets and Exceeds
retention efficiency pleated cartridge
USFDA 21 CFR 177.1520
filters offering large filtration area.

Special Features
These are high temperature resistant

cartridge filters and are used as pre- High retention efficiency (99.999%)

filters to sterilizing membrane cartridge High flow rates

Non media migrating Specifications

Wide chemical compatibility Retention Efficiency:

Application 99.999%
High heat resistance
Maximum Differential Pressure:
Pre-filtration of fermentor air 50psi (3.5Kg/cm) @ 25 C
Biologically inert

Pre-filtration of air for sterile Maximum Operating Temperature:

vacuum driers and micronizers. 80 C @ 30psi (2Kg/cm)
Water Flow Rate
Pre-filtration of large volume
Passes the Biological tests for Class
VI plastics as described in USP

Extractables with Water:

Material of Construction Within limits specified in USP

Core and Sleeve : Polypropylene Oxidizable Matter:

Filter Medium : Polypropylene Passes test as per USP
Support Layers : Polypropylene Sterlization:
Autoclavable/In-line steam
sterilizable at 135 C for 30
minutes, 80 cycles at a P = 5psi

Ordering Information:

Type Size Pore Size Adaptor Elastomer Sterility Pack Size


Code Code Code Code Code Code Code

ClariSure HPA CPPH 5 53 0.5 m 04 7P A0 Silicone SS Non 1 01

10 54 1 m 05 O D0 EPDM SE Sterile

20 55 1.2 m 10 Viton SV

30 56 2.5 m 06 FV O ring are available with

5 m 07 Encapsulated FV Code 7P (AO) only
8 m 17

10 m 08

CPPH 54 05 A0 SV 1 01

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