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A Survey of Country Office Web Sites

April 2000
Country Rating Note Comments
China ' 10 u A UN System site. This site is mature and sustained, although it appears
that little new has been added since the end of January. The site is fast,
easy to use and informative. The site still rates a 10, but with a note that
information needs to continue to be updated.
India 10 Very nice layout and most of the information is updated and recent.
There are a few problem areas, such as the 'Important Events' section
which does not appear to have been updated recently, but on the whole
this site is professional and sustained.
Mongolia 10 u A UN System site. A very nice, complete, professional site. Lots of
information, easily accessible and well laid out. The irrfrmation is
comprehensive and up-to-date. This is a model of what a UNDP CO web
site should be. Note: The News page is current while the front page is
Philippines 10 m An excellent, informative and well-maintained site. Real effort has been
made here to not only redesign the site, but to sustain it as well. More in
depth project information would be a nice addition to a great site.
Viet Nam 10 m Possibly the best overall site in the system. The amount of information
» available is very impressive andeasy to follow. Available in both
Vietnamese and English, with or without frames. Very solid, crisp,
professional, up-to-date and easy to use. Bravo!
Bangladesh 9 m The site has been well maintained since the improvements noted in the
last survey. Lots of information that is easy to find. Nice design, but too
slow. This site should be mirrored in New York.
Bulgaria 9 Still a very nice site and an excellent model for offices looking to redesigr
their web presence, but there have been no updates since theDecember
survey and the information is quickly becoming stale, especially in the
News and Events area.
Egypt 9 Excellent site with a wealth of information. Attractive and easy to follow.
The design is unique and shares little in common with most UNDP sites.
The information is updated and current. The 'UNDP office in Cairo'
section is inspired. A little too graphically intensive for lowonnectivity
Estonia 9 Well maintained since the redesign. Information is fresh and upto-date.
This site is fast, clean, attractive and very functional. An excellent small
office site. Easy to navigate and contains lots of useful information.
Proves that a site can be simple and effective. It is unclear if this is
supposed to be a UN System site or a UNDP site. A more distinct UN
system site, such as that of China, is recommended.
Fiji 9 Well laid out and easy to use, although the home page is a little busy
and confusing. The information is extensive and upto-date. Nice site
with a lot of effort put in. The spasd seems to have improved