Babasaheb Dr. B.R.

(14th April 1891 - 6th December 1956)

Courtesy : B.D. Satpute, Pune.
Vol. 16

Grammar and Dictionary of The Pali Language
by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Vasant Moon
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar : Writings and Speeches
Vol. 16

First Edition by Education Department, Govt. of Maharashtra : 14 April, 1998
Re-printed by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation : January, 2014

ISBN (Set) : 978-93-5109-064-9

Courtesy : Monogram used on the Cover page is taken from
Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar’s Letterhead.

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Kumari Selja
Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Chief Architect of Indian Constitution was
a scholar par excellence, a philosopher, a visionary, an emancipator and a true
nationalist. He led a number of social movements to secure human rights to the
oppressed and depressed sections of the society. He stands as a symbol of struggle
for social justice.
The Government of Maharashtra has done a highly commendable work of
publication of volumes of unpublished works of Dr. Ambedkar, which have brought
out his ideology and philosophy before the Nation and the world.
In pursuance of the recommendations of the Centenary Celebrations Committee
of Dr. Ambedkar, constituted under the chairmanship of the then Prime Minister
of India, the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation (DAF) was set up for implementation of
different schemes, projects and activities for furthering the ideology and message
of Dr. Ambedkar among the masses in India as well as abroad.
The DAF took up the work of translation and publication of the Collected Works
of Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar published by the Government of Maharashtra
in English and Marathi into Hindi and other regional languages. I am extremely
thankful to the Government of Maharashtra’s consent for bringing out the works
of Dr. Ambedkar in English also by the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation.
Dr. Ambedkar’s writings are as relevant today as were at the time when these
were penned. He firmly believed that our political democracy must stand on the
base of social democracy which means a way of life which recognizes liberty,
equality and fraternity as the principles of life. He emphasized on measuring the
progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.
According to him if we want to maintain democracy not merely in form, but also
in fact, we must hold fast to constitutional methods of achieving our social and
economic objectives. He advocated that in our political, social and economic life,
we must have the principle of one man, one vote, one value.
There is a great deal that we can learn from Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology and
philosophy which would be beneficial to our Nation building endeavor. I am glad
that the DAF is taking steps to spread Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology and philosophy
to an even wider readership.
I would be grateful for any suggestions on publication of works of Babasaheb
Dr. Ambedkar.

(Kumari Selja)
Collected Works of Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar (CWBA)
Editorial Board

Kumari Selja
Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India
Chairperson, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation

Shri Manikrao Hodlya Gavit
Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India

Shri P. Balram Naik
Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India

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Shri Jagdish Prasad ‘Bharti’
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Shri Sudhir Hilsayan
Editor, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 1

CHIEF MINISTER Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032

Date : 20/8/1997


The present volume of the Speeches and Writings of Bharat
Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar contains his Dictionary of the Pali
language and Pali Grammar. The Dictionary and Grammar are
certainly valuable aids to the speeches. Pali was indeed the lingua
franca of the Buddhist India. It has close affinity to Marathi. As
such, the study of Pali has much relevance to the contemporary
Marathi. In compiling the Dictionary of Pali language and its
Grammar, Dr. Ambedkar had in mind the project of promoting the
study of the Buddhist India which is part of the ancient Hindu
culture. As is well-known, Buddha is the 10th incarnation of God.
This dictionary is a testimony and a tribute to the mind of
Dr. Ambedkar that was deeply rooted in the Indian soil.

I hope the students of the Buddhist literature will find the
present volume useful to quench the thirst of knowledge.

D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 2

D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 3

Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032
Date : 28 / 1 / 1998


The present volume of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s writings contain
the following important documents -
1) Grammar of the Pali Language was found printed by
Dr. Ambedkar himself but was not released for sale.
2) (a) Dictionary of the Pali words in English and (b) in four
3) Booklet printed and published by Dr. Ambedkar himself, for
the followers of Buddhism.
It appears from the collection in part two (b) that Dr. Ambedkar
could not complete the work of Pali Dictionary in 4 languages which
he planned for the students of Buddhism.
The unpublished writings of Dr. Ambedkar as a whole, though
incomplete are useful for the students of Philology. The curious
student’s may think of advancing this study further.
The Government is committed to finalise the remaining work
of Dr. Ambedkar’s writings and speeches and I hope this will be
brought out at the earliest. The translation project is also in
The work of Dr. Ambedkar will prove to be a source of inspiration
for younger generation and will help strengthening the roots of
democracy in this country.

D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 4

D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 5

The present volume of the writings and speeches of
Dr. Ambedkar contains his compilation of the Pali grammar and
Pali dictionary. Dr. Ambedkar had profound fascination for
Buddha and his teachings. The origin and the growth of Buddhist
thought is a memorable chapter in Indian history. Buddhist
texts are in Sanskrit and Pali. It was therefore the effort of
Dr. Ambedkar to make this literature accessible to Indians in
general and to admirers of Buddhism in particular.
Compiliation of a dictionary of words and phrases of a
language, no longer a spoken language, is an enterprise fraught
with difficulties. Dr. Ambedkar was past 50 when he started
the compilation of the Dictionary. It was an effort comparable
to the effort of Dr. Samuel Johnson who attempted his dictionary
of English language in 1755. Dr. Johnson had compiled the
dictionary on the threshold of becoming the world language.
Pali, though the lingua franca of the Buddhist world, is a dead
language. In support of a living language, authority for correct
sense and words, is always at our elbow, in the chat of our
domestics or in the converse of the passengers at our street door,
in colleges of learned and in stables of menials; in lanes of a city
and in remote hamlets. Therefore phrases and idoms of people
are easily available. That is not the case in respect
of a dead language which has many pitfalls. Words and phrases
of a dead language, are exercises in reconstruction of history,
they are passages to times past and pathways to the sociology
and culture of the ages gone by. The Dictionary of the Pali
language taken up by Dr. Ambedkar for compilation when he
was past 50, shows his indomitable spirit to look into the past,
in order to know the present and to see the light for the future.
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 6

It is relevant to note that literature on Buddhism is a part
of the heritage of Indian culture. It would be interesting to sum
up the history of the Pali Language. According to Buddhist
tradition, Pali was the dialect of Magadha and that it was the
language in which Gautam Buddha preached. Originally, a
mere provincial idiom, the Magadhi language was raised to the
dignity of a classical language and is regarded by Buddhists of
the whole world with the feeling of veneration, like the Roman
language. R. C. Childers pointed out that the existing Pali
literature is of great importance; it is valuable alike to the
philologists, the historians, to the students of folkore and the
students of comparitive religion.

The Buddhist scriptures are called “Tripitaka” and are
divided into Sutta, Vinay and Abhidhamma. The three baskets
form a canon of the holy writ. According to Childers, this canon
of holy writ are invested with all the sanctity of a canon by
Buddhists. They are revered as containing the word of Buddha
and are the ultimate appeal on all questions of belief and
conduct. These baskets are estimated to be about eleven times
that of the Bible, and three times of the size of the
Mahabharat and are able to treat in great detail of all the
relations of human life. According to Childers, the author of the
first Pail - English Dictionary, the doctrine they contain is
consistent throughout and set forth with logical accuracy.

When the great missionary Mahindra went to Ceylon in
B.C. 307, he carried with him, not only the Tripitaka but the
Arthakatka which had grown up around the Tripitaka during
two and a half centuries that had passed since Buddha’s death.
Mahindra tried to translate these commentaries from Pali into
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 7

Sinhalese, the latter of which continued to exist in Ceylon for
many centuries while the Pali version disappeared. In the fifth
century, Mahindra’s Sinhales commentaries were retranslated
by the famous Buddhaghosa, ‘one of the most extraordinary men
that Buddhism has produced,’ as Childeres rates him. The
Sinhalese translation in the meantime disappeared. It is recorded
by Childers that the Sinhalese commentaries disappeared in the
twelth century during the invasion of Ceylon by the Malabar
princess. The princess who invaded Ceylon, one after another,
temporarily obtained sovereignty over the island. They were the
determind foes of Buddhism and are stated to have systematically
effected the destruction of all the sacred books of Buddhism they
could lay hands on. Among this Buddhist Literature, there were
the Tripitakas, the Pali commentaries of Buddhaghosa and the
Sinhalese commentaries of Mahendra. Tripitakas and
Buddhaghosa’s commentaries were first replaced from Burmah
while Sinhalese commentaries existed only in Ceylon; and once
destroyed could not be replaced. Buddhaghosa’s commentaries
contain much of the matter ‘as old as Tripitaka itself’ and are
‘rich in history and folklore and abound in varied information
which throws abundant light on the social and moral conditions
of ancient India (Childers).

Besides the Pali literature mentioned above, few titles
more noteworthy deserve mention. Dipavamsa and Mahavamsa
are first in importance. Next in importance is Milind Panha,
the Questions of King Milind who is identified with certainty
with Bactrian King (Minander).

This work records familiarity with Greek names and
places and records a religious discussion between venerable
Nagasena and King Milind. Next in imporatnce is Visuddhi
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 8

Magga which is fairly called as an Encyclopadia of Buddhist

The Pali grammatical work is very extensive and centres
around the famous Grammarian Kachayana, which is admittedly
the oldest Pali Grammar. It is said, there are 60 or 70 grammatical
works in Pali. In Abhidhammappadipika, a vocabulary of nouns
on the model of Sanskrit Amarkosha by a Sinhalese Buddhist of
12th Century, is found.

The discovery of Sanskrit literature in Nepal is due to the
great poineering work of Brian H. Hodgson. His notices of the
language, literature and religion of Nepal and Tibet, first
appeared in 1828, and his essays began to appear in 1837.
Besides, many western scholars including Bournouf, Fousball,
Lassen, Spiegel, Clough, not to forget Weber, Senart, Kuhn and
others have enormously contributed to the scholarship of Buddhist
literature. It would not be out of place to mention the services of
those great masters including Max Muller, Mr. and Mrs. Rhys
Davids, Dr. Fleet and several others who dedicated their lives to
the scholarship of Buddhist studies. It should not be forgotten
that it is due to the lifelong endeavour of these geniuses that the
present generation is indebted to the scholarship of the Pali

It is in the light of the writings of those towering scholars
that we have to search the gems of Pali scholarship; and
Dr. Ambedkar’s efforts for illuminating the light of Buddhist
studies should be viewed accordingly. The justification for
bringing out the dictionary of Pali language lies in the fact that
Dr. Ambedkar had his roots in the Indian soil, and the Pali
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 9

language is an indispensable key to unlock the secrets of
Buddhist India.
This volume includes Dr. Ambedkar’s compilation of Pali
grammar. In examining a dead language like Latin or Sanskrit,
grammer of that language is to know syntax and style. Grammar
throws light on words and phrases, it unfolds thought processes
and shows the social mind in evolution.

To the lovers of Pali language and to those who are interested
in the history of Buddhism, this volume will prove to be of
interest and inspiration.
The work of editing of this volume has been made possible
by the ready help, support and co-operation I have received :
-- from Professor Manohar Joshi, the Hon’ble Chief
Minister of Maharashtra whose encouragement has made this
work possible;

-- from Shri. Dattatraya Rane, the Hon’ble Minister for
Education and Shri Anil Deshmukh, the Hon’ble State Minister
for Education both of Maharashtra State, who showed keen urge
in expediting the project for being completed speedily;
-- from Shri. P. P. Mahana, the Principal Secretary, Higher
and Technical Education, whose help enabled the Editor to solve
various administrative hurdles;
-- from Shri. B. M. Ambhaikar, Retired Additional
Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai Mahanagar Palika, and
Shri K. N. Kadam, Retired Director of Social Welfare
Maharashtra State whose personal involvement and guidance
has been of immense help to the Editor in editing this volume,
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 10

-- from Professor Sheshrao Meshram and Professor (Smt.)
Sushila Mool; both of the Department of Pali, Milind
Mahavidalaya, Aurangabad, who spent their valuable time for
examining the proofs.
Thanks are also due to :
: Shri. P. S. More, Director, Shri, P. L. Purkar, Dy. Director
and U. S. Sonawane, Manager, Govt. Photozinco Press, Pune, all
of whom showed interest & expedited the publication of this
volume. Shri G. B. Thakur, Deputy Director of Education,
Greater Mumbai, and Shri. E. M. Meshram, Jr. Administrative
Officer and the staff working under them deserves thank for
their assistance in administrative matters;
The staff of this office comprising of Shri. Ravindra Sutar,
Smt. Sumitra Nevarekar and Smt. Shalaka Tambe who assisted
me in the whole process of collecting, editing and cheerfully
scrutinising the material and verified proofs in the process of
printing of this volume; and the members of the committee who
stood by the Editor in every moment of this project and reposed
their confidence in him and there are several well wishers and
admirers of the Philosophy and spirit of Dr. Ambedkar who
helped the Editor in various ways whose names are too many to
be mentioned here.

(Vasant Moon)
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Source Material Publication
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 11

( Facsimile of a page from the original manuscript of the
Pali Dictionary by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar )
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 12

D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 13


Vol. 16


Book I ... ... ... 1 - 436

Book II ... ... ... 437 - 630

Book III ... ... ... 631 - 722

Book IV ... ... ... 723 - 744
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 14

D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 15


D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 16

D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 17

This part has been reproduced from the Manuscript
copies received from the custody of Administrator General
of Maharashtra State. In this manuscript, which is prepared
by Dr. Ambedkar himself, the author seems to have treated
the subject fully and concluded it by the supplement with
‘Addenda’ - Editor.
D:\AMBEDKAR\VOL-16\PREFACE M K O.P> 05-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 18

D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 1



v % Until, as far as, with, Prefix
vCcea % One of the high numerals, (voZ)
vc¼eq[kks % Foul-mouthed, scurrilous (vc¼ $ eq[k)
vc¼ks % Not bound, unmeaning, senseless (v $ c¼ ¾ cU/)
vkc¼ks % Fastened: joined; united, attached (vk $ c¼ $ cU/)
vkckf/dks % Affected with illness (vk $ ck/k $ bdks)
vkck/ks % Illness, sickness, disease
vkcT>gfr % To be bound, fettered, held fast
vcya % Weakness (v $ cy)
vcyks % Weak
vCcgfr % To take away, to remove
vCc.kks % Unwounded (v $ cz.k)
vCcfr % To go (vcZ~)
vCHkkfpD[kfr % To accuse, to slander, to calumniate (vfHk $ vk $ [;k)
vCHkkxeua % Approaching, going to, visiting (vH;kxeu)
vCHkda % Talc (vHkzda)
vCHkD[kkua % Accusation, slander, calumny
vCHkkoqQfVdks % (adj) Unflowning, genial (v $ HkzoqQfV $ d)
vCHka vCHkks % Cloud, sky, air (vHkz)
vCHkkua % Rehabilitation of a priest who has undergone ifjokl or penance
for an expicable offence (vfHk $ vk;u)
vCHk×tu % Anointing (vfHk $ v×tu)
vCHkUrja % Interval, interior, certain measure (vkH;Urj)
vCHkUrjks % Internal, inner
vCHkuqeksnua % Rejoicing, thanksgiving, praise
vHkklks % Repetition, practice, repudiation (vH;kl)
vCHkRFk % Setting, declining, perishing (vfHk $ vLr)
vCHksfr % To restore a priest who has been degraded for an offence
vCHkksdkfldks % Living in the open air, unsheltered place
vCHkksfd..ka % Covering, bedecking
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 2


vCHkqfnfjrks % Uttered (vfHk $ mn~ $ bfjr ¾ bZj)
vCHkqXxPNfr % To approach; to go to meet; to ascend; to go up (vfHk
$ mn~ $ xe)
vCHkqXxrks % Having approached; gone to meet, ascended (vfHk $ mn~ $ xr
$ xe~)
vCHkqTtkyua % Spitting fire (a juggleri trick) (vfHk $ mn~ $ Toyu)
vCHkqr/Eeks % Mysterious or super-natural phenomenon or condition a name
of one of the nine divisions of the Buddhist scriptures (vn~Hkqr $
/eZ) ;
vCHkqrks % Hidden, mysterious, wonderful, pretentious, astonished (vn~Hkqr)
vCcqfPNUuks % Unbroken (v $ fo $ vo $ fPNUu ¾ fPNn~)
vCcqna % One of the high numerals; a canker, stain, sorn (vcqZn~)
vCcqrks % Undisciplined
vkHkk % Splendour, radiance, light (vkHkk)
vHkCcrk % Non-liability; inability (vHkC;$ rk)
vHkCcks % (adj.) Not liable; unable (v $ HkO; ¾ Hkw)
vkHkkdjks % The Sun (vkHkk $ dj)
vkHkj.ka % Ornament, decoration (vkHkj.k)
vHkklu % Silence (v $ Hkk"k.k)
vkHkkljks % Shining, radiant (vk $ HkkLoj)
vkHkkfr % To shine (vk $ Hkk)
vkHkrks % Brought, carried, conveyed (vk $ Hk`r ¾ Hk`)
vHkoks % Decrease, decay or misfortune (v $ Hko)
vHkkoks % Non-existance, absence
vHk;k % The plant Terminalia Citrina (v $ Hk;)
vHk;a % Safety; protection from danger (v $ Hk;)
vHk;ks % Fearless (v $ Hk;)
vfHkHkklfr % To speak to, address (vfHk $ Hkk"k~)
vfHkHkkflrks % Illumined (vfHk $ Hkk"k)
vfHkHkoua % Overcoming; vanquishing (vfHkHkou~)
vfHkHkofr % To overcome; to attain, to master; to surpass (vfHk $ Hk~)
vfHkHkoks % Being overcome, defeat (vfHkHko~)
vfHkHkk;rua % Place or region of the vanquisher (vfHkHk~ $ vk;ru)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 3


vfHkHkw % Overcoming, mastering, vanquishing, surpassing (vfHk $ Hkw)
vfHkHkwrks % Overcome, overpowered, subdued, vanquished (vfHk $ Hkwr ¾ Hkw)
vfHkPNk % Desire, longing (vfHk $ bPNk)
vfHk/fEedks % Connected with Abhidhamma; versed in or studying the
Abhidhamma (vfHk $ /eZ $ bd)
vfHk/Eeks % Higher doctrine or metaphysics; name of the third great divi-
sion of Buddhist scriptures (vfHk/eZ)
vfHk/kua % Name, appellation; noun (vfHk $ /ku)
vfHk/kuIinhfidk % Lamp of names (vfHk/ku $ iznhfidk)
vfHk/krCcks % To be declared or named (vfHk $ /krO; ¾ /k)
vfHk/s;ks % To be declared, pointed out, denoted, meant (vfHk/s; ¾ /k)
vfHk/h;fr % To be declared, to be pointed out, (vfHk/h;rs ¾ /k)
vfHknkslks % Evening (vfHknks"k)
vfHkxPNfr % To go to, to approach (vfHk $ xe~)
vfHkxeua % Approaching (vfHkxeu)
vfHk?kkrks % Striking, concussion (vfHk?kkr)
vfHkxhrks % Sung or recited to (vfHk $ xhr ¾ xS)
vfHkgufr % To assail; to strike (vfHk $ gu~)
vfHkgjfr % To bring to; to acquire, to gain (vfHk $ â)
vfHkgkjks % Bringing, offering (vfHkgkj)
vfHkgrks % Brought (vfHk $ âr ¾ â)
vfHkfgrks % Called, named; spoken, said (vfHk $ fgr ¾ /k)
vfHktkukfr % To know, to learn, to ascertain; to perceive, to admit, to acknow-
ledge (vfHk $ Kk)
vfHktuks % Race, tribe, family (vfHktu)
vfHktIiua % Muttering, spells, incantation (vfHk $ tIiu)
vfHktkfr % Origin, race, birth (vfHk$ tkfr)
vfHktkfrdks % Belonging to origin or race(vfHktkfr $ d)
vfHktkrks % Well-born, noble, learned, wise (vfHktkr ¾ tu~)
vfHkT>k % Covetousness (vfHkè;k)
vfHkT>kyq % Covetous (vfHkè;k $ yq)
vfHkdkeh % Desirous (vfHk $ dkfeu~)
vfHk[;k % Name, beauty, splendour, glitter (vfHk[;k)
vfHkfdjfr % To overwhelm, to cover (vfHk $ Ñ)
vfHkdïefr % To go forward, to advance, to approach (vfHk $ Øe~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 4


vfHkdïeks % Advancing, advance (vfHkØe)
vfHkdïUrks % Advanced; having approached (vfHk $ ØkUr ¾ Øe)
vfHkdïUrks % Handsome; beautiful, excellent, good (vfHk $ dkUr ¾ de~)
vfHkdïUrks % Withered, exhausted (vfHk $ DykUr ¾ Dye~)
vfHkD[k.ka % Repeatedly (vfHk{
vfHkyHkfr % To obtain or receive (vfHk $ yHk~)
vfHkyfD[krks % Marked, characterized, distinguish (vfHkyf{kr ¾ y{k~)
vfHkykiks % Speaking to: talking (vfHkyki)
vfHkyklh % Desirous (vfHkykf"ku)
vfHkyklk % Desire (vfHkyk"kk)
vfHkykoks % Cutting, reaping (vfHkyko)
vfHkysiua % Smearing; pollution (vfHk $ fyi~ $ vu)
vfHkfyRrks % Smeared; stained, polluted (vfHk $ fyIr ¾ fyi~)
vfHkefírks % Crushed, trampled; overthrown (vfHk $ efnZr ¾ e`n)
vfHkeÄõy % High festival, solemnity (vfHk $ eaxy)
vfHkekuks % Pride, wisdom (vfHkeku)
vfHkeFkfr % To grind, to crush (vfHk $ eFk~)
vfHkeqnk % Joy (vfHk $ eqnk)
vfHkeq[kks % Facing towards, opposite (vfHkeq[k)
vfHkeq[k % Front, direction towards (vkfHk $ eq[k)
vfHkuknsfr % To fill with noise (vfHk $ ukn;fr ¾ un~)
vfHkuUnfr % To be pleased with, to approve of, to welcome, to rejoice at, to
delight in (vfHk $ uUn~)
vfHkuoks % Quite new, new (vfHkuo)
vfHku;ks % A dramatic representation (vfHku;)
vfHkusfr % To bring to, to conduct (vfHk $ uh)
vfHk.g % Repeatedly (vfHk{
vfHkfuCcÙksfr % To be reborn in another existence (vfHk $ ful~ $ o`r~)
vfHkfuCcfÙk % Rebirth in another existence (vfHk $ fuo`fÙk)
vfHkfuCcÙkks % Reborn in another existence (vfHk $ ful~ $ o`Ùk ¾ o`r~)
vfHkuhgjfr % To turn, to direct (vfHk $ ful~ $ â)
vfHkuhgkjks % Earnest wish or aspiration (vfHk $ ful~ $ gkj)
vfHkfuD[keu % Going out, departing, retiring from the world, giving up the
world to devote oneself to an ascetic life (vfHk $ fu"Øe.k)
vfHkfuD[kefr % To go out, to depart (vfHk $ ful~ $ Øe~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 5


vfHkfuD[keks % Going out; retiring from the world to devote oneself to ascetic
life(vfHk $ fu"de)
vfHkfuyh;fr % To hide oneself, to lie, hide (vfHk $ fu $ yh)
vfHkuhyks % Very black (vfHk $ uhy)
vfHkfuearfs r % To invite; to present with (vfHk $ fu $ eU=k~)
vfHkfuEek.k % Creating
vfHkfufEe.kkfr] % To create, to cause to appear by supernatural
vfHkfuEefr powers (vfHk $ ful~ $ ek)
vfHkfuUukesfr % To turn, to direct (vfHk $ ful~ $ ue~)
vfHkfuiTtfr % To lie down (vfHk $ fu $ in~)
vfHkfuIiQknsfr % To effect, to accomplish, to succeed (vfHk $ ful~ $ in~)
vfHkfulhnfr % To sit down (vfHk $ fu $ ln~)
vfHkfuoslks % Adhering to; inclination to (vfHk $ fuos'k)
vfHkfufolfr % To settle down; to devote oneself to (vfHk $ fu $ fo'k~)
vfHk××kk % Higher knowledge, transcendent or supernatural knowledge or
faculty (vfHkKk)
vfHk××kk; % Having known, become cognisant of (vfHkKk; ¾ Kk)
vfHk××kdks % Not schismatic, orthodox (v $ fHkUu ¾ fHkn $ d)
vfHk××kku % Sign, token (vfHkKku)
vfHk××kkrks % Known, well-known, distinguished, remarkable (vfHk $ Kkr ¾
vfHktkukfr % To know by experience to, to know fully or throughly, to
recognise, know of
vfHk××ksI;ks % That ought to be known or that can be known (vfHk $ Ks; ¾ Kk)
vfHkUuks % Undivided; not different; identical (v $ fHkUu ¾ fHkn~)
vfHk××kks % Knowing or conversant with (vfHkK)
vfHkiRFksfr % To desire, to long for, to pray for (vfHk $ iz $ vFkZ)
vfHkihfyrks % Oppressed, afflicted (vfHk $ ihfMr ¾ ihM~)
vfHkiwtfs r % To offer, to present with (vfHk $ iwt)
vfHkjk/sfr % To content, to satisfy (vfHk $ jk/;fr ¾ jk/~)
vfHkjktk % A supreme king (vfHk $ jktu~)
vfHkjefr % To delight in (vfHk $ je~)
vfHkjEeks % Delightful (vfHk $ jE; ¾ je~)
vfHkjkeks % Delightful (vfHkjke)
vfHkjfr % Delighting in, delight (vfHkjfr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 6


vfHkjrks % Delighting in, devoted to (vfHkjr ¾ je~)
vfHk:fprks % Pleasing, agreeable, liked(vfHk#fpr $ #p~)
vfHk#gu % Ascending, mounting (vfHk $ #g $ vu)
vfHk:gfr] % To ascend, to mount (vfHk $ #g)
vfHk:iks % Beautiful, handsome (vfHk $ #i)
vfHk#r % Sound (vfHk#r ¾ #)
vfHklígu % Firm faith or belief
vfHklígfr % To have firm faith, to believe fully (vfHk $ Jr~)
vfHklTtfr % To be angry; to scold(vfHk $ lTt~)
vfHklekpkfjd % Least duties : minor duties (vfHk $ lekpkj bd~)
vfHkle;ks % Penetration, comprehension, clear understanding(vfHk $ le;)
vfHklEHkquksfr % To obtain (vfHk $ le~ $ Hk`)
or ukfr
vfHklEcksf/ % Perfect understanding, infallible knowledge (vfHk $ le~ $
vfHklEoq¼ks % Thoroughly understood, pefectly known, enlightened, knowing
fully (vfHk $ le~ $ cq¼)
vfHklcqT>fr % To gain perfect knowledge of (vfHk $ le~ $ cq¼)
vfHklesfr % To penetrate, comprehend, gain a full knowledge of (vfHk $ le~
$ vk $ b)
vfHklEerks % Fully approved, honoured, prized (vfHk $ le~ $ e ¾ e)
vfHklEijk;ks % Future state, futurity (vfHk $ laijk;)
vfHkla;rq ks % Fitted out, equipped (vfHk $ le $ ;qr ¾ ;q)
vfHklUnsfr % To rain upon, to drench (vfHk $ L;Un)
vfHklfU/ % Intention (vfHklaf/)
vfHklÄõks % Curse, imprecation (vfHk"kÄõ)
vfHkla[kju % Preparing, forming, effecting, pertaining; accumulation(vfHk $
le~ $ Ñ $ vu)
vfHkla[kkjks % Driving, effecting, perfecting; accumulation, collection; accu-
mulation of karma, merit or demerit, idea, conception, fancy
(vfHk $ laLdkj)
vfHkla[kjksfr % To prepare, to form, to effect, to perfect (vfHk $ le~ $ Ñ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 7


vfHkla[krks % Prepared, formed; well made, perfected (vfHk $ le $ Ñr ¾ Ñ)
vfHklUuks % Rained or drenched (vfHk $ L;Uu ¾ L;Un~)
vfHklkfjdk % A woman who carries on an intrigue (vfHklkfjdk)
vfHklou % Dozing, tricking, flowing (vfHk $ Ïo.k)
vfHklspu % Sprinkling: inauguration of a king (vfHk"kspu)
vfHklspfs r % To cause to be sprinkled, or inaugurated (vfHk $ lsp;fr)
vfHklsdks % Sprinkling (vfHk"ksd)
vfHkfl×pfr % To sprinkle inaugurate a king by sprinkling with sacred water
(vfHk $ flp~)
vfHkflRrks % Besprinkled; inaugurated a king (vfHk $ flÙkQ ¾ flp~)
vfHklksfHkrks % Adorned, beautiful, resplendent (vfHk $ 'kksfHkr ¾ 'kqHk)
vfHklÄõks % Attachment (vfHk"oÄõ)
vfHkLlou % Flowing, dripping (vfHk $ Ïo.k)
vfHklquksfr % To hear, to listen to (vfHk $ Jq)
vfHkrIisfr % To satisfy thoroughly (vfHk $ riZ;fr ¾ r`i)
vfHkrRrks % Scorched (vfHk $ rIr)
vfHkFkku % Crime or deadly sin (vfHk $ LFkku)
vfHkrks % Near, in the presence of, on both sides (vfHkrl~)
vfHkrkslfs r % To gratify, to reward (vfHk $ rks"k;fr ¾ rq"k)
vfHkFFkjfr % To make haste (vfHk $ Roj)
vfHkRFkofr % To praise (vfHk $ Lrq)
vfHkRFkqrks % Praised (vfHk $ Lrqr ¾ Lrq)
vfHkoknu % Respectful salutation (vfHkoknu)
vfHkonfr % To say; to declare (vfHk $ on~)
vfHkoM~<fr % To increase; to grow (vfHk $ o`/~)
vfHkoknsfr % To salute respectfully; to greet (vfHk $ okn;fr ¾ on~)
vfHkoUnu % Respectful salutation (vfHk $ oUnu)
vfHkoUnfr % To salute respectfully (vfHk $ oUn)
vfHkfot;fr % To overcome; to conquer (vfHk $ fo $ ft)
vfHkfou;ks % Higher discipline; the subtle ties or refinements of Vinaya
(vfHk $ fou;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 8


vfHkoqf¼ % Increase, growth, prosperity (vfHk $ o`f¼)
vfHk;kpfr % To entreat, to ask, to request (vfHk $ ;kp~)
vfHk;kfr % To approach; to attack (vfHk $ ;k)
vfHk;ksx % Charge, accusation (vfHk;ksx)
vkHkksxks % Fulness, plenty; thought or reflection (vkHkksx)
vkHkqth % Name of a tree; the Bhurja or Bhojpatta (vk $ Hkqt $ bZ)
vkHkqtfr % To bend, to turn in (vk $ Hkqt)
vHkwrks % That has not been; or that is not; false (vk $ Hkwr)
vH;klks % Near (vH;k'k)
vH;klks % Repetition or practice (vH;kl)
vpyks % firm; steady; immovable (v $ py)
vkpeu % Rinsing the mouth; washing, cleansing (vkpeu)
vkpkeks % Scum of boiling rice
vkpjfr % (vk $ pj~)
To live, to act, to perform, to treat, to practice
vkpfj;ks % A teacher or master; a scholar, professor (vkpk;Z)
vkpkjks % Conduct, practice; right conduct, good manners (vkpkj)
vPpkngfr % To put upon or over (vfr $ vk $ /k)
vPp/ku % Putting upon (vfr $ vk $ /k $ u)
vPpxk % See vPpsfr
vPpxek % See vfrxPNfr
vPpfEcyks % Very sour (vfr $ vEc)
vPpuk % Offering, worship (vpZuk)
vPpuh;ks % That aught to be offered; worthy of being offered (vpZuh;)
vPpUr % Very, exceedingly (vR;Ure~)
vPpUrks % Exceeding, excessive, endless (vR;Ur)
vPpkj¼ks % Very eager, very strenuous (vfr$ vkjC/ ¾ jHk~)
vPpklUuRr % Too great proximity (vfr $ vklUu ¾ ln~ $ Ro)
vPpklUu % Too near (vfr $ 100 vklUu ¾ ln~)
vPpfr % To offer; to make a religious offering; to honour, to revere (vpZ)
vPpkf;dks] % Irregular, accidental, unexpected, out of the usual course or
vPpsdks time pressing urgent (vR;; $ bd~)
vPp;ks % Passing away, lapse (of time) death; transgression; offence or
sin (vR;;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 9


vPpsfr % To pass beyond, to traverse ; to surpass; to overcome, to conquer,
to pass away (vfr $ b)
vPNknu % Covering, lid, curtain; clothes (vkPNknu)
vPNknsfr % To put on (vk $ PNn~)
vPNEHkh % Undaunted, undismayed (v $ LrEHk $ bu~)
vPNUuks % Covered, hidden (vk $ PNUu ¾ PNn~)
vPNjk % A celestial nymph (vIljk)
vPNjk % A moment : the snapping of a finger; the twinkling of an eye
vPNfj;ks % Wonderful: marvellous; extra-ordinary : astonished (vk'p;Z)
vPNfr % To stay, to remain: to settle down (vkl~)
vPNsdks % Unskilful, ignorant, clumsy (v $ PNsd)
vPNsjks % Contracted form of (vPNfj;k)
vfPN % The eye (vf{k)
vfPNíks % Uninjured, intact, perfect, faultless (v $ fPNnz)
vfPNUnfr % To take away, to remove: to remove forcible; to rob, plunder
(v $ fNnz)
vfPNUuks % Taken away, removed; robbed or stolen (v $ fPNUu ¾ fPNn)
vPNks % Clear, transparent (vPN)
vPNks % A bear (vPN)
vfPp % A ray of light; a sunbeam: flame (v£p $ v£pl~)
vfPpek % Fire (v£peUr)
vfPprks % Revered, honoured (vpZ)
vPpksnkrks % Very white (vfr $ vonkr ¾ nS)
vPpksdëï ò % Very low, too low (vfr $ voÑ"V ¾ Ñ"k)
vPpqXxrks % Raised, elevated, lofty (vfr $ mn~xr ¾ xe~)
vPpqdêï ð % Very high, too high (vfr $ mRÑ"V ¾ Ñ"k~)
vPpqykjks % Magnificent (vfr $ mnkj)
vPpq.g % Very hot (vfr $ m".k)
vPpqrks % Immovable; everlasting, eternal (v $ P;qr ¾ P;q)
vpsydks % Unclothed, naked (v $ psy $ d)
vpsruks % Unconscious, insensible, senseless (v $ psru)
vkfpD[k % Telling, showing
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 10


vkfpD[kfr % To tell, to announce: to point out; to show (vk $ [;k)
vkfpufr % To keep up, to accumulate (vk $ fp)
vkfpUuks % Practiced, performed, sanctioned, enjoined (vkph.kZ ¾ pj~)
vfpUrs;ks] % Beyond the reach of thought or reason, inconceivable;
vfpfUr;ks incomprehensible, infinite (v $ fpUr $ ,; ¾ ;)
vfpjIiHkk % Lightening (vfpj~ $ izHkk)
vfpjofr % Name of a river in India (vfpj~ $ or~)
vfpjks % Short or brief (v $ fpj~)
vkfprks % Heaped up, collected (vk $ fpr ¾ fp)
vnk % See nnfr
vnu % Eating (vnu)
vknku % Taking, appropriating, seizing; attachment, elinging to the
world, desire (vknku)
vknjuh;ks % Estimable : deserving of respect (;)
vknjks % Esteem, regard: respect: interest, care, devotion; affection(vknj)
vnkfl % See nnfr
vnklks % A mirror (vkn'kZ)
vnLlu % Not seeing; not meeting with, disappearance, not showing,
concealment (v $ n'kZu)
vknkrk % One who likes (vknkr`)
vknkrCcks % That ought to be taken (vknkrO;)
vknkfr] vknnkfr % To take, to receive, to seize, to take away (vk $ nk)
vknk;h % Taking (vk $ nkf;u)
vík % Name of one of the Nakkhattas (Nakkshatras) (vknzk)
víCcks % Immaterial, Abstract (v $ nzO;)
víd % Green ginger (vknzZd)
vnfD[k] víl % See iLlfr
v¼k % Truely, certainly, surely, evidently (v¼k)
vCnk % Road: distance: time (vèou~)
v¼xrks % One who has made a long journey, advanced in years, aged
(vèor~ $ xr ¾ xe~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 11


v¼xw % A traveller (vèox)
v¼eklks % Half a month; a fortnight (v/Z $ ekl)
v¼ku % A road; a long distance: a long time
v¼fu;ks % Lasting; going on: continuing (vèou~ $ ;)
v¼jfÙk % Midnight (v/Z $ jk=k)
v¼rsÕ;ks] % Two and half (v/Z $ r`rh;)
v¼;ksxks % Name of a sort of a house (v/Z $ ;ksx)
vf¼dks % Journeying, travelling (vèou~ $ bd~)
v¼ks % Half or halved (v/Z)
v¼ks % Wealthy, rich (vk<Ô)
v¼¼ks % Three and half (v/Z $ prqFkZ)
vfí % A mountain (vfnz)
vfírks % Afflicted, oppressed (v£nr ¾ vn~Z)
víks % Wet, moist (vknZ)z
vknsldks % Telling: informing (vkns'kd)
vknslks % Information: direction: orders, injunction (vkns'k)
vknsfr % To take: to seize: to receive: to obtain (vk $ n;rs ¾ n;~)
v/eUuks % A debtor (v/e.kZ)
v/fEedks % Irreligious: impious: wicked (v $ /eZ $ bd~)
v/Eeks % Wrong: injustice: unlawfulness: false doctrine: irregular: impi-
ety: unrightousness (v $ /eZ)
v/eks % Lowest: very low; nearest; vile, contemptible: incomplete: im-
perfect (v/e)
v/jks % Lower, inferior (v/j~)
vk/kjks % A prop. support, stand = a basin road, the foot of a tree to retain
water: a receptable: (vk/kj~)
v/jksë òks % The lower lip
vf/ % Above, over, superior to (vf/)
vf/Hkklfr % To address: to speak to (vf/ $ Hkk"k~)
vf/Hkou % Subjection (vf/ $ Hkou)
vf/Hkw % Lord: master; chief; king (vf/Hkw)
vf/Hkwrks % Overcome: mastered (vf/ $ Hkwr ¾ Hkw)
vf/Ppd % Land or plateau on a mountain (vf/R;dk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 12


vf/PpleqIiUuks % Uncaused: spring into existence without a cause
vf/fpÙk % Lofty thought or contemplation (vf/ $ fpÙk)
vf/xPNfr % To enter upon, to reach: to attain: to acquire (vf/ $ xe~)
vf/xeu % Obtaining: attainment: arriving at: attainment of Arahatta;
final sanctification (vf/xeu~)
vf/xeks % Attainment: study: reading
vf/xrks % Having attained or arrived at: attained, acquired (vf/xr ¾
vf/Xxfgrks % Taken: occupied by: in possession of (vf/ $ x`ghr ¾ xzg)
vf/dj.k % Relation: reference (vf/dj.k)
vf/dj.kleFkks % Settling questions (vf/dj.k $ 'keFk)
vf/ % A smith’s anvil (vf/dj.k $ bZ)
vf/dkfjdks % An official: an office-bearer (vf/dkj $ bZd)
vf/dkjks % Office, authority: function, act: desire, resolve; chapter, section
vf/drjks % Greater, superior (vf/d $ rj)
vf/drks % A superintendent, overseer (vf/Ñr ¾ Ñ)
vf/fdPp % Referring to: relating to (vf/ÑR; ¾ Ñ)
vf/dks % Exceeding, surpassing: more than, better than, superior to
vf/dksV~Vu % A chepping block: executioner’s block (vf/ $ dqg~)
vf/ekuks % Undue confidence: underestimate of oneself (vf/ $ eku)
vf/eRr % Exceedingly: excessively (vf/ $ ek=k)
vf/eRrks % Excessive (vf/ $ ek=k)
vf/eksD[kks % Steadfastness, determination, certainty, confidence, faith(vf/
$ eks{k)
vf/eqPpfr % To be inclined to: intent upon; to be set upon: have confidence
or faith in: to be resolved, determined (vf/ $ eqP;rs ¾ eqp~)
vf/eqfÙk % Inclination, disposition: intention, resolution, resolve, will,
confidence, faith (vf/ $ eqDrh)
vf/eqÙkks % Inclined, disposed, intent upon, resolved for, bent upon (vf/ $
eqÙkQ ¾ eqp~)
vf/ukFkks % Lord, chief, governor (vf/ $ ukFk)
v/huks % Subject, dependent, servile (v/hu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 13


vf/iPp % Sovereignty, lordship, supreme-rule (vf/iR;)
vf/iUuks % Caught, seized: assailed (vf/ $ iUu = in~)
vf/iÙksÕ; % Influence, rule supremacy (vf/ifr $ ,;w)
vf/ifr % Lord, chief, sovereign, master (vf/ifr)
vf/iks % Lord, king, rulers, master (vf/i)
vf/Iik;ks % Intention, wish, thought, meaning (vfHkizk;)
vf/Iisrks % Meant: intended: desired (vf/ $ iz $ br = b)
v/hjks % Confused, embarrassed, timid, irresolute (v $ /hj~)
vf/jksfguh % A ladder (vf/
vf/lDdkjks % Honour, hospitality: festivity (vf/ $ lRdkj)
vf/lsfr % To lie down upon, to lie, to rest, to sleep: to inhabit (vf/ $ 'ksfr
¾ 'kh)
v/hrs] v/h;rs % To read; to study (vf/ $ b)
v/hrks % Learned, read: having learned or read (v/hr = b)
vf/V~Bgfr] % To stand on: to stay, to remain firm in: to inhabit:
vf/V~Bkfr] to appoint, to fix: to determine, to resolve, to will,
vf/frV~Bfr % to command: to devote oneself to: to practice to perform:
to undertake, to be set upon, to fix the mind upon, dwell upon
(vf/ $ LFkk)
vf/V~Bku % Resting place; staying, stopping: appointing, fixing, appoint-
ment, order: determination, resolution, resolve (vf/"Bku)
vf/V~Bk;d % Superintendent, director (vf/"Bk;d)
vf/fRFk % Relating to a woman, with reference to a woman (vf/ $ L=kh)
vf/fV~Brks % Appointed, fixed, determined, willed (vf/f"Br
vf/opu % Denomination, designation, name, appellation (vf/ $ opu~)
vf/oklu % Consent, assent, acceptance (vf/ $ caus ol~ $ vu)
vf/olfr % To dwell in, to inhabit (vf/ $ ol~)
vf/oklsfr % To consent, to assent, to comply with: to bear with, to accept, to
approve, to favour: to receive favourably, to accept with resig-
nation, to bear, to endure (vf/ $ ol~)
vf/oklks % Dwelling, residence: consent: acceptance (vf/okl)
vf/oklks % Perfuming the person (vf/okl)
vf/oRFkks % Dwelling, residing (vf/ $ ol~)
v/ks % Under, underneath: below: down: low-down (v/l~)
v/ksHkkxks % The lower part (v/e~ $ Hkkx)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 14


v/ksHkqou % The lower region: patala: the Naga-world (v/ksHkqou)
v/ksxkeh % Going downwards, descending (v/l~ $ xkfeu~)
v/ksxeks % Going downwards, descending (v/l~ $ xe)
v/kseq[kks % Looking downwards with the head bent down (v/l~ $ eq[k)
v/kslk[kks % Having the branches downwards (v/l~ $ 'kk[kk)
v/ksfBrks % Standing below; situated below; (v/l~ $ fLFkr = LFk)
v/quk % Now: just now (v/quk)
v/qukxrks % Just arrived: newly come: (v/quk $ vkxr~)
vk/wrks % Shaken (vk/wr = /w)
vkM~<ks % Belonging to a wealthy family (vk<Ô)
vkfnczãpfj; % Primary or fundamental morality (vkfn $ czã $ p;Z)
vkfnPpcU/q % Kinsman of the Sun: a name of Buddha a member of a family of
the solar race (vkfnR; $ cU/q)
vkfnPpiFkks % The sky, the heavens (vkfnR; + iFk)
vkfnPpks % The Sun (vkfnR;)
vkfndks % Beginning with : first, initial (vfnd)
vkfneks % First, initial (vkfne)
vknhuoks % Distress, suffering: evil result or consequence: evil guilt, sinful-
ness: disadvantage (vknhuo)
vfnUuknku % Taking what is not given: appropriation: thieft (v $ fnUu $
vfnUUkknk;h % One who takes what is not given, a thief (v $ fnUu $ vknkf;u~)
vfnUuks % Not given
vkfnIifr % To blaze, to burn, to glow (vk $ nhi~)
vkfnlfr % To show, to point, to tell (vk $ fn'k~)
vfnfr % The mother of the Gods (vfnfr)
vkfnrks % From the beginning: first (vkfnrl~)
vfnV~Bks % Not seen: unseen (v $ n`"V ¾ n`'k~)
vkfnÙkks % Blazing, burning (vknhIr ¾ nhi~)
vkfn;rs % To take: to receive: to obtain: to take to heart, to attend to
(vk $ nh;rs ¾ nk)
vnks % Eating, feeding on (vn)
vknks % A locative of (vkfn)
vnkslks % Not an offence, absence of guilt (v $ nks"k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 15


vnkslks % Absence of hatred or anger (v $ }s"k)
vnqD[kelq[k % Indifference, insensibility, indifference to pain or pleasure
(v $ nq%[k $ v $ lq[k)
vkxPNfr % To come: to approach: to arrive: to return (vk $ xe~)
vxk/ks % Bottomless, unfathomable (v $ xk/)
vxnks % Medicine: drug: medicament (v $ xn~)
vkxfgrks % Seized: held: pulled (vk $ x`ghr ¾ xzg)
vxyq % Alse wood, or Aquilaria Agallochum (vxq#)
vxkedks % Without villages, uninhabited (v $ xzke $ d)
vkxeu % Coming, arriving: return: approach (vkxeu)
vkxesfr % To cause to come: to communicate to, to impart to wait
(vk $ xe;fr ¾ xe~)
vkxkeh % Coming: future (vk $ xkfeu~)
vkxkfedks % Coming: approaching (vkxkfed)
vkxEe % Having come to: having gone to: having arrived: having re-
turned: by means of: on account of: according to: for the sake of:
on behalf of: (vk $ xE; ¾ xe~)
vkxeks % Coming, advent: arrival: income, influx, knowledge; sacred
book: the Buddhist scriptures: doctrine, religion (vkxe)
vxU/dks % Devoid of perfume (v $ xU/ $ d)
vkxUrqd % Coming, arriving: adventitious, incidental: foreigner
(vkxUrq $ d)
vxkj % A house, a building: an apartment: a hall (vxkj] vkxkj)
vxkjoks % Want of respect: disrespect: disregard (v $ xkSjo)
vxkjoks % Disrespectful, disregarding (v $ xkSjo)
vxkfjdks % One who lives in a house: a householder, layman (vxkj $ bd)
vxkfj;ks % A house-holder: a layman (vxkj $ ;)
vx# % Light, not heavy: unimportant: not disagreeable (vxq#)
vxfr % Wrong course, evil course or state, misfortune (v $ xfr)
vxrks % Not gone to, not attained (v $ xr ¾ xe~)
vkxrks % Having come: Having arrived: having returned: having
attained: contained in: existing in, found in (vkxr ¾ xe)
vXxchtks % Propagated by slips or cuttings (vxz $ cht)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 16


vXxgsfr % To seize: to take (vk $ xzkgÔfr)
vXxtks % First born, eldest (vxzt)
vXxyks] % A wooden bolt or pin for fastening a door (vxZy)
vXxy] vXxyk
vXx % House, hall, apartment
vXxegslh % Queen consort or the chief wife of a king (vxz $ efg"kh)
vXx××kks % Chief, heading, principal (vxz $ K)
vXxIiÙkks % Having attained perfection: Reached the height (vxz $ izkIr ¾
vXxlkodks % Chief disciple (vxz $ Jkod)
vXxrk % Superiority, height, perfection (vxz $ rk)
vXxrks % Before, in front of, in the presence of (vxzrl~)
vXxs % Before, infront of (vxz) s
vX?kdks % Having the value of, worth (v?kZ $ d)
vX?kudks % Of the value of, costing, worth (v?kZ $ vu $ d)
vX?kkisfr % To get valued or appraised
vX?kfr % To be worth, to cost (v?kfr)
vfX?k; % A respectful oblation (v?;Z)
vX?kks] vX?k % Price, cost, value: a mode of worship or reverence consisting in
an oblation of rice (v?kZ)
vfXx % Fire: sacrificial fire: the deity of fire (vfXu)
vfXxD[kU/ks % Mass of fire, blazing or flaming fire (vfXu $ LdU/)
vfXxeUFkks % Name of a plant, the Premna Spinosa (vfXu $ eUFk)
vfXxfu % Fire (vfXu)
vXxks % First, foremost, chief, pre-eminent (vxz)
v?k % Evil, Sin: grief, suffering, The sky, the air (v?k)
vk?kkru % Slaughter house: place of execution: shambles (vk?kkru)
vk?kkrks % anger, ill will, hatred or malice (vk?kkr)
vk?kkrd % Injuring, hurting (vk $ ?kkrd)
vkfxyk;fr % To be tired: to ache (vk $ XyS)
vxks % A mountain : a tree (vx)
vxkspjks % That which ought not to be gone to or frequented; wrong sphere:
improper or sinful place or object (v $ xkspj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 17


vkxq % Sin, guilt, offence, crime (vkxl~)
vxq.kks % Bad quality, badness (v $ xq.k)
vX;kxkj % See vfXx
vkg % To say: to speak: to call: to tell: to say to (vkg ¾ vg)
vkgPp % See vkgufr
vkgPpihBks] % Name of a particular sort of bed or chair (vkâR; $ ihB]
vkgPpikndks vkâR; $ iknd)
vkgPpks % To be brought forward: to be adduced: removable
vgg % Alas: oh (vgg)
vgg % One of the high numerals or followed by seventy ciphers
vg % A day (vgu~)
vga % I, myself (vge~ ¾ vLen~)
vgegfedk % Conceit of superiority, arrogance, egoism (vge~ $ vge~ $ bd)
vkgelq % See vkg
vkgufr % To strike: to throw: to beat, to pounce: to reach (vk $ gu~)
vgadkjks % Selfishness: pride, arrogance (vgadkj)
vkgj.k % Bringing: accomplishing (vkgj.k)
vkgjfr % To bring: to fetch: to take: to phunder: to tell, to relate (vk $ â)
vkgjks % Bringing (vkgj)
vkgkjks % Food: nourishment: cause (vkgkj)
vgkfl % See gjfr
vgr % A new cloth or garmant, before it is worsted (v $ gr ¾ gu)
vkgrks % Struck : Stamped (vkgr ¾ gr)
vkgrks % Brought; carried: obtained (vkâr ¾ â)
vkgouh;ks % Sacrificial worthy of offerings, venerable, adorable (vkgouh;)
vkgoks % War, battle (vkgko)
vgslaq % See gksfr
vfg % A snake (vfg)
vfgxqf.Bdks % A snake charmer (vfg $ xq.B $ bd)
v¯glk % Not hurting (v $ ¯glk)
v¯gldks % Not injuring others, harmless (v $ ¯gld)
v¯glu % Not injuring others (v $ ¯glu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 18


vkfg.Mfr % To roam, to wander (vk $ fg.M)
vfgfjd % Shamelessness (v $ ghdk)
vfgfjdks % Shameless (v $ ghdk)
vkfgrfXx % One who offers sacred fire (vk $ fgr ¾ /k $ vfXu)
vfgrks % Bad, prejudicial (v $ fgr ¾ /k)
vfgrqf.Mdks % A snake charmer (vfgrqf.Md)
vgks % Oh! ah! alas (vgks)
vgksjÙk] vgksjfÙk % A day and night (vgksjk=k)
vgksfl] vgq] % See gksfr
vkgq % See vkg
vkgqusÕ;ks % Sacrificial: worthy of offerings, worshipful
vtk % She goat (vtk)
vtxjks % A boa-constrictor (vtxj~)
vtGks % Not stupid: not an idiot (v $ tM)
vktkukfr % To perceive: to understand: to learn: to know (vk $ Kk)
vktkuu % Knowing, understanding
vktkusÕ;ks] % A good race or breed (vtkus; $ vkt)
vt××k % A potrait of nature; an omnious recurence (vtU;)
vkt××kks % Same as Ajaniyo
vtikyd % The plant costs Specious (vt $ iky $ d)
vtkrlÙkq % Name of a Magadha king, a contemporary of, - convert of
Buddha (v $ tkr $ 'k=kq)
vtfr % To go (vt~)
vtsGd $ dk % Goats and sheeps (vt $ ,Md)
vtsÕ;ks % Invincible, impregnable (v $ ts; ¾ ft)
vth % A she goat
vkft % Battle, shife (vkft)
vftdk % A she goat
vftEgks % Straight: straightforward: honest (v $ ftã)
vftu % The hide of an animal, especially of the black-antelope (vftu)
vftuiÙkk % A bat (vftu $ i=k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 19


vftuIiosf.k % A counterpanel or rug made of skins sewn together (vftu +
vftulkVh % A garment of skins, worn by an ascetic (vftu + 'kkVh)
vftu;ksfu % An antelope (vftu + ;ksfu)
vftj % A court, a yard: (vftj~)
vkthodks + % Belonging to a Hindoo sect of naked asectics; a religious
vthodks mendicant (vkthod + vt)
vkthou % Livelihood, subsistance (vkthou)
vkthoh % Living (vkthfou~)
vktho % Livelihood, having subsistance: profession, occupation: life,
conduct (vktho)
vTt % To-day: now (v|)
vTtrXxs % From this day: henceforth (v| + vxz)s
vTtruks % Of to-day, of the present-time, contemporary: modern (v|ru)
vTto % Rectitude (vktZo)
vT>Hkkfl % See vf/Hkklfr
vT>kpjfr % To practice: to perform: to enjoin (vf/ + vk + pj~)
vT>kpkjks % Transgression, excess, offence (vf/ + vkpkj)
vT>kfp..kks % Enjoined (vf/ + vk + ph.kZ = pj~)
vT>xk % See vf/fr
vT>xek % See vf/xPNfr
vT>xrks % Having approached, come into the presence of (vf/ + vk + xr
= xe~)
vT>kiu % Instruction (vè;kiu)
vT>kisfr % To teach, to instruct (vè;ki;fr = b)
vT>kiUuks % Fallen into; having incurred or become guilty of (vf/ + vk + iUu
= in~)
vT>kjkeks % A garden (vf/ + vkjke)
vT>kjksgks % Name of a fabulous sea mountain (vf/ + vkjksg)
vT>kjksisfr % To cause to ascend, to raise: to transfer, to apply (vf/ + vk +
jksi;fr = #g)
vT>kl;ks % Intention, meaning, thought, inclination, wish (vf/ + vk'k;)
vT>lsfr % To lie or rest upon (vf/ + vk + 'kh)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 20


vT>Ùk % Relating to the individual within individual: internally, subjec-
tively (vf/ + vkReu~)
vT>Ùk % Individual thought; an object of sense: an object for the mind to
dwell upon: sphere or produce for intent thought (vè;kReu~)
vT>fÙkdks % Relating or belonging to the individual or self, personal, inter-
nal, subjective (vè;kRe + bd~)
vT>kolFkks % A house, dwelling (vf/ + vkolFk~)
vT>kolfr % To inhabit; to dwell in (vf/ + vk + cl~)
vT>k;ks % Reading: a chapter: section (vè;k;)
vT>sluk % Request: invitation: solicitation (vè;s"k.k)
vT>slfr % To request: to invite (vf/ + b"k~ g; ,"k~)
vT>ksxkgks % Plunged: sunk: immersed (vf/ + vo + xk< = x)
vT>ksgj.k % Eating (vf/ + vo + gj.k)
vT>ksgjfr % To eat, to swallow: (vf/ + vo + â)
vT>ksgkjks % Eating: swallowing (vf/ + vo + gkj)
vT>ksgjks % Eaten or swallowed (vf/ + vo + âr + â)
vT>ksdklks % The open air: an open: space (vf/ + vodk'k~)
vT>kslku % Being bent upon application: elevating to (vf/ + v + flr = lks)
vT>ksRFkjfr % To overwhelm: to overspread (vf/ + vo + Lr`)
vTtqdks % Name of a plant: the white parnasa
vTtquks % The tree tesminalia Arjuna (vtqu
vtks % A he-goat (vt~)
vdk % See djksfr
vkdM~<u % Drawing, attraction (vkd"kZ.k)
vkdM~<fr % To draw towards: to drag along (vk + Ñ".k)
vdkfydks % Without delay : immediate (v + dkfyd)
vdYy % Disease: illness (v + dY;)
vdYyks % Impossible (v + dY;)
vdkyks % Unresonableness, wrong time (v + dky)
vdEedks % Intransitive (vdeZd)
vdkeks % Unwilling (v + dke)
vdfuë òks % Greatest: highest (v + dfu"B )
vdfuë òdks
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 21


vkdŒk % Desire: longing (vkdka{kk)
vkdŒfr % To wish: to desire, to long for (vk + dka{kk)
vd.kks % Free from kana or d.k (v + d.k~)
vdfIi;ks % Unsuitable, improper, wrong
vkdIiks % Descent or elegant, active: ornament, embellishment, disguise
vdj.k % Not doing, omission, abstaining from (v + dj.k)
vdkj.ksu % Without cause, unreasonably, unjustify (vdkj.ksu);ks % Not to be done, to be left undone, to be abstained from or avoided
(v +;)
vdjh % See djksfr
vdkfj;ks % That aught not to be done: that may not or cannot be done
(v + dk;Z)
vkdjks % A multitude or a mine (vkdj)
vkdkjks % The vowel a (vk + dkj)
vdkjks % The vowel a (v + dkj)
vkdkjks % Form; appearance: mien: countenance: sign: token: way, man-
ners; means: cause, reason, object, purpose = a constituent part
of the body (vkdkj)
vkdkl××kk;ru % Realm of infinity of space (vkdk'k vkuUR;
vkdklë òks % Standing or staying in the sky: resting in space (vkdk'k + LFk)
vdklh % See djksfr
vkdklks % The sky, air, heavens: the open air: space (vkdk'k~)
vdFkadFkh % Free from doubt
vdr××kq % Ungrateful (v + ÑrK)
vdr××kq % Knowing Nirvana: an epithet of an Arahata (vÑr + K)
vdr××kqrk % Ingratitude (vÑrK + rk)
vdrks $ vdVks % Not done, left undone: not made: not artificial, natural: not
cultivated, waste (vÑr)
vdRok % See djksfr
v[k.Mks % Unbroken, intact, entire (v + [k.M )
v[kkr % A natural pond or tank (v[kkr = [ku~)
vf[kyks % All : entire (v + f[ky)
vk[kq % A rat or mouse (vk[kq)
vk[;k % Name (vk[;k)
vk[;krks % Said: told: announced (vk[;kr = [;k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 22


vk[;kf;dk % A tale, story, legend (vk[;kf;dk)
vfdPpks % That ought not to be done: wrong (v + ÑR;)
vfdyklq % Diligent
vkfdPp××k % Poverty, destitution; nothingness: void (v¯dpU;)
vkfdPp××kk;ru % The realm of Nothingness (vk¯dpU; + vk;ru)
vfdPpuks % Having nothing: poor or destitute (v¯dpu)
vdf×p % Not a little: much; considerably (v + ¯dfpn~)
vkfd..kks % Crowded: confused; troubled (vkdh.kZ = Ñ )
vkfdjfr % To scatter, to sprinkle (vk + Ñ )
vfdfj;ks % Unpractical, useless, foolish (vk + d)
vDde.k % Stepping upon, walking upon (vkØe.k)
vDdefr % To step upon; mount upon: trend upon: walk upon (vk + Øe~)
vDdUrks % Stepped upon; mounted upon (vkØkUr = Øe~)
vD[knLlks % A judge (v{k + n'kZ)
vD[knsoh % A dicer: gambler (v{k + nsfou~)
vD[k/qÙkks % A dicer: gambler (v{k + /wrZ)
vD[kdks % The collar-bone (v{k + d)
vD[k % An organ of sense: the eye (v{k)
vD[k.kk % Lightening (v + {k.k)
vD[kku % Telling: recitation: telling tales or legends (vk[;ku)
vD[k.kks % Wrong moment: or occasion: unfavourable time (v + {k.k)
vD[kj % The imperishable or Elviral viz. Nirvana
vD[kj + % A letter of the alphabet (v{kj)
vD[kjIiHksnks % Distinction of letter, Etymological science (v{kj + izHksn)
vD[kjle;ks % Letters : reading and writing (v{kj + le;)
vD[kjlks % Letter by letter (v{kj + 'kl~)
vD[kkrk % One who tells: repeats or relates: one who proclaims or preaches,
a teacher (vk[;kr`)
vD[kr % Fried grains (v{kr = {k.k~)
vD[kkfr % To tell : to relate: to announce: to proclaim: to teach to preach
(vk + [;k)
vD[kkrks % Told: related: announced; reported, proclaimed, preached: called,
named denominated (vk[;kr = [;k )
vD[k;rk % Imperishableness: endlessness (v + {k; + rk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 23


vD[kk;fr % To be proclaimed: to be reported (vk[;k;rs = [;k)
vD[kk;h % Telling: relating: announcing (vk[;kf;u~)
vk[;kf;dk % A tale or story (vk[;kf;dk)
vD[k;ks % Undecaying: unfairing: endless (v + {k;)
vfD[k % The eye (vf{k)
vfD[kx % The eyelashes (vf{k + x)
vfD[kdks % A dice-player (v{k + bd)
vD[kks % A dice : the plant Terminal Bellerica : a weight equal to two and
half masakas : the axle of a wheel (v{k)
vD[ % A complete army : one of the high numerals followed by forty-
two ciphere (v{
vdïks % The sun : the plant swallow-wort, or Asclepias Gigantea (vdZ)
vdïksfPN % See vDdkslfr
vdïks/uks % Not angry, not passionate (v + Øks/u)
vdïks/ks % Freedom from wrath, mildness, conciliation (v + Øks/)
vdïkslu % Reviling, abusing: curse, imprecation (vkØks'ku)
vdïkslfr % To abuse, to revile (vk + Øq'k~)
vdïkslks % Abuse: reviling (vkØks'k~)
vkdksVkisfr % To smooth a robe by beating (vk + dqV)
vkdksVsfr % To beat, to beat down (vk + dksV;fr = dqV~)
vkdqyks % Crowded, confused: troubled, perplexed, distressed (vkdqy)
vkdqf×prks % Bent, curved (vkdqfUpr = dqUp)
vdqIiks % Fixed, immovable, sure, certain (v + dksI; + dqi~)
vdqly/krq % Element of sin, certain (vdq'ky + /krq)
vdqlydEe % Evil action, bad works, demerit, sin (vdq'ky + deZu)
vdqlydEeiFkks % Course or path of sinful action: sinful course (vdq'ky + deZu +
vdqlyewy % Root or principle of sin, evil principle (vdq'ky + ewy)
vdqlyÄïIiks % Sinful resolve (vdq'ky + ladYi)
vdqlyl××kk % Sinful idea (vdq'ky + laKk)
vdqlyfordïks % Sinful thought (vdq'ky + fordZ)
vdqlyks % Unskilled, unable: bad, evil, sinful, unhealthful (v + dq'ky)
vdqrksHk;ks % Having nothing to fear from any quarter, quite safe (vdqrksHk;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 24


vykHkks % Not getting: loss: detriment, injury (v + ykHk)
vykcq % A long gourd, a pumpkin (vykcq)
vy¼ % See yHkfr
vyxíks % A snake or serpent (vyxnZ)
vyXxÙkk % Detachment, freedom from attachement to the world, freedom
from human passion (vyXu + rk)
vkykgu % A place where the dead are buried or burned: a cemetry (vk +
vygqdks % Heavy (v + y?kq + d)
vyTth % Shameless: bold: rebellious (v + yTt + bu~)
vkydk % The city of Kuvera (vydk)
vydeUnk % The city of Kuvera (vyd + eUn)
vyD[kh % Bad-luck, misfortune (v + y{eh)
vyDdks % A mad-dog; name of a tree (vydZ)
vya % Fit, able, adequate, sufficient: hold enough (vye~)
vkyEcua % Support; an object of sense (vkyEcu)
vkyEcjks % A drum: arrogance (vkMEcj)
vkyEcfr % To lean upon: to take hold of (vk + yEc~)
vkyEcks % Object of sense: support (vkyEc)
vyEcqlk % Name of a certain Apsaras (vyEcq"kk)
vkyku % A stake or post to which an elephant is tied (vkyku)
vyÄïj.k % Decoration (vyadj.k)
vyÄïkjks % Ornament, decoration : trinkets, ornaments : rhetorical figures:
rhetoric (vyadkj)
vyÄïjksfr % To adorn: to embellish: to decorate (vye~ + Ñ )
vyÄïrks % Adorned : decorated: embellished (vyaÑr = Ñ )
vkyiu % Speaking to, addressing to: the vocative case (vk + yk)
vkyifr % To speak to, to address (vk + yi~)
vkykiks % Speaking to; addressing: speech (vkyki)
vykiq & ykiq % A gourd or pumpkin (vykcq)
vkykfjdks % A cook (vkjkfyd)
vykjks % Cooked (vjky)
vylUnk % Alexandria, a city in the Yona country
vkyfl; % Idleness, sloth (vkyL;)
vylrk % Idleness, sloth
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 25


vylks % Idle
vykr % A firebrand (vykr)
vyÙkdks % Lac, a red animal dye (vyDrd)
vy¼k % See yHkfr
vkyokyd % A basin or trench round a tree to retain water (vkyoky + d)
vkGoh % Name of a city in India (vkVoh)
vkGfodks % Dwelling in forests (vkVfod)
vky;ks % Dwelling house, abode: longing, desire, attachment, lust(vky;)
vkys[kks % A drawing, painting, picture (vk + ys[k)
vkydks] da % A certain measure of capacity: the stake or port to which an
elephant is tied (vk<d~)
vfy % A bee (vfy)
vkfy % A woman’s female friend: a line: a like, an embankment (vfy)
vkfy % A scorpion (vkfy)
vkfy[kfr % To draw, delineate (vk + fy[k)
vfydks % Disagreeable, unpleasent: untrue, false (vfyd)
vkfyEikisfr % To cause to be anointed (vk + fyi~)
vkfyUnks % A terrace or verandah outside a house (vkfy)
vkfyÄõu % To embrace (vkfyÄõu)
vkfyÄõfr % To embrace: to enfold (vk + fyÄõ)
vkfyÄõks % A small drum (vkfyÄõ)
vyhuks % Free from attachment or desire (v + yhu = yh)
vŠkiks % Speaking to, talking to (vkyki)
vŠhuks % Attached, adhering (vk + yhu = yh)
vfŠ;fr % To be attached, to adhere, to be bent upon (vk + yh;rs = yh)
vŠks % Wet, moist
vyksHkks % Absence of covetousness or desire (v + yksHk)
vkyksdu % Seeing, looking (vkyksdu)
vkyksdlfU/ % A window (vkyksd + lfU/)
vkyksfdr % Looking at, regarding, seeing (vkyksfdr = yksd~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 26


vkyksdks % Sight, look: light (vkyksd)
vkyksGkisfr % To cause to be mixed or jumbled up together (vk + yq M)~
vkyksGsfr % To mix, to shake or stir together: to jumble, to confuse (vk +
yksM;fr = yq M)~
vkyksiks % A fragment, a bit, a morsel; a mouthful of rice, other food taken
up with the hand, a lump or ball of food: plundering or harrying
(vk + yksi)
vkyqyfr % To agitate, disturb, confuse (vk + yqy)~
vek % With: present with: near (vek)
vke % Indeed, truly, yes (vke~)
vePpks % A companion: a king’s minister: a privy-counciller (vekR;)
ve/qjks % Sour, bitter (v + e/qj)
veXxks % Wrong path (v + ekxZ)
veTtiks % Not drinking intoxicants; total abstinence (v + e| + i)
vkedks % Uncooked: raw (vke + d)
vkeydks] dh] da % Emblic myrobalan (vkeayd)
veyks % Pure, clear, spotless, white (v + ey)
veufldkjks % See eufldkjks
vke.Mks % Castor-oil plant (vke.Mks)
veukiks % Unpleasant, disagreable (v + eukvi)
vkeUrk % Yes, certainly
vkeUru % Calling, speaking or addressing (vkeU=k.k~)
vkeUrsfr % To address; to speak or addressing (vk + eU=k~)
veuqLlks % Not a human being, a demon or evil spirit, a yakkha (v + euq";)
vejkorh % Name of Indra’s city (vejkorh)
vejks % A deva or god (vej)
vkelu % Touching or handling (vk + e`'k~ + vu)
verk % Emblic myrobalan (v + e`r = e`)
ver % Drink of Gods: nectar or ambrosia (ve`r)
veriks % One who drinks nectar (ve`r + i)
vefr % To go (ve~)
vefr % Foolish, mad (v + efr)
verks % Eternal, everlasting (ve`r)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 27


veÙk % A pitche, vessel (ve=k)
veÙk××kq % Immoderate, intemperate (v + ek=kk + K)
veB òks % Touched, handled (vke`"V =e`'k~)
vekoklh] % The day of the new moon (vekoklh)
vke;ks % Sickness, ill-health (vke;)
vEck % A mother (vEck)
vEcj % The sky: cloth (vEcj)
vEckVdks % The hog-plum (vkezkrd)
vEcfr % To go (vEc)
vEcB òk % The plant Clypea Hernandifolia (vEc"Bk)
vEHkks % A store, a pebble
vEHkks % Oh! I say!
vEHkkst % A lotus flower (vEHkkst)
vfEcyks % Sour or acid (vEy)
vEcks % The mango-tree (vkez)
vEcq % Water (vEcq)
vEcq/jks % A cloud (vEcq + /j)
vEcqnks % A cloud (vEcqn)
vEcqtkdjks % A pond or tank (vEcqt + vkdj)
vEcqftuh % A lotus-lake (vEcqt + bu~)
vEcqt % A lotus (vEcqt)
vEcqtk % A fish (vEcqt)
vEcqfuf/ % Sea, ocean (vEcqfuf/)
vkesf.Mr % Repetition (vkezsfMr = ezMs )
vEg % See vfB ò
vEgkfnlks % Like us (vLen~ + n`'k~ + v)
vEg] vEgk] vEgs % See vga
vEge;ks % Made of stone, stony (v'ee;)
vfEg % See vfB ò
vfeykrks % The plant, Globe Amaranath or Gomphraena Globosa
(v + Eyku = EyS)
vkfel + lks % Flesh, meat: food: object of enjoyment, bait, temptation, lust,
desire (vkfe"k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 28


vferks % Boundless, immense (v + fer = ek)
vfeÙkks % Enemy (v + fe=k)
vEe % Mother : daughter : lady
vEek % Mother (vEck)
vEek.k % A cause, a measure of capacity equal to eleven donas
vkEeks % Raw or uncooked (vke)
vkeksnuk % Rejoicing (vk + eksnu)
vkeksnks % Pleasure, joy: a strong perfume: fragrance (vkeksn)
veksgks % Absence of ignorance or error : correct knowledge (v + eksg)
valks % A part, portion, share: a period of time (va'k)
valks % The shoulder (val)
valq % A thread: a bit of thread: a filament: a ray: a sunbeam (va'kq)
valqd % Cloth: fine cloth : (va'kqd)
valqekyh % The sun (va'kq + ekfyu~)
veq % See vlq
veq[;ks % Not principal : secondary (v + eq[;)
veqdks % This and that (veqd)
vewydks % Unreal, unfounded, false: unpaid (v + ewy + d)
vewyfou;ks % See fou;
vewyks % Without payment, unpaid (v + ewy)
veqrks % See eqrks
veq=k % In that place there: in another world; in another state of
existence: hereafter (veq=k)
veqÙkks % Not shot or darted (v + eqÙkQ
vkeqÙkks % Dressed, accoutred for battle (vkeqÙkQ = eqp~)
vk.kk % A order: a command: authority (vkKk)
vufHkT>k % Absence of covetousness or desire (v + vfeè;k)
vufHkjf¼ % Anger : wrath : rage (v + vfHk + jk/~)
vufHkjfr % Dissatisfaction : afflition: sorrow (v + vfHkjfr)
vukpfj;dks % Without a master or teacher: self taught (v + vkpk;Z + d)
vukpkjks % Bad conduct: bad manners (v + vkpkj)
vuPNfj;ks % Not wonderful (v + vk'p;Z)
vuPNks % Not clear, turbid (v + vPN)
vuknkuks % Free from attachment or desire (v + vk + nku)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 29


vuknfj; % Disregard: disrespect: unkindness (v $ vknj $ ;)
vuknjks % Disregard: disrespect: contempt: carelessness: indifference
(vu $ vknj)
vuf/dks % Without additions or superfluities : not redundant(v $ vf/d)
vuf/ojks % Without a superior: an epithet of a Buddha (vku $ vf/ $ oj)
vukfn;Urks % Without minding: without attending
vukxeu % Not returning (v $ vkxeu~)
vukxkeh % One who does not return (v $ vkxfeu)
vukxkfeeXxks % The path of one that does not return (vukxkfeu~ $ ekxZ)
vukxkfeiQy % Fruition of the state of vukxkeh (vukxkfeu~ $ iQy)
vuxkfjdks % One who does not live in a house: an ascetic; a Buddhist priest
(v $ vxkj $ bd)
vuxkfj;k % The houseless life of an ascetic: asceticism, the life of a Buddhist
vukxkfj;ks % Not living in a house: houseless: homeless recluse (v $ vxkj
$ ;)
vukxkjks % Houseless: homeless (v $ vkxkj)
vukxrks % Not come : not arrived : future (vukxr)
vuX/dks % Priceless, invaluable (v $ v?kZ $ d)
vu?kks % Priceless: invaluable, inestimable: precious, costly (v $ v?kZ)
vu?kks % Sinless, blameless, pure (v $ v?k)
vukgkjks % Without food, fasting (v $ vkgkj)
vuD[kkrks % Not described: ineffable (v $ vk[;kr ¾ [;k)
vufD[kdks % Without eyes: sightless (v $ vf{k $ d)
vukdqyks % Untroubled, quiet, peacful (v $ vkdqy)
vuylks % Industrious, diligent (v $ vyl)
vuky;ks % Free from desire or attachment (v $ vky;)
vuy % Fire (vuy)
vu % A cart (vul~)
vku % Inhaled air, inhalation, inspired breath (vku)
vuerXxks % Revolving in a revolution of being
vuke;ks % Free from illness, healthy (v $ vke;)
vukfedk % The ring finger (vukfedk)
vkuu % The mouth (vkuu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 30


vku.; % Immensity: infinity: boundlessness
vkuUnu % Friendly greetings, welcome (vkuUnu)
vkuUnks % Joy: delight: happiness: name of a famous disciple of Buddha:
name of a fabulous sea, master (vkuUn)
vuÄõ.kks % Free from lust or impurity, pure (v $ vÄõ.k)
vu××kks % Without another, alone (v $ vU;)
vu.kks % Free from debt (v $ ½.k)
vuUrj % Immediately after, next (vuUrje~)
vuUrfjdks % Uninterrupted (vuUrj $ bd)
vuUrjks % Immediately following, next: adjoining (vuUrj)
vuUrks % Endless, eternal: boundless, infinite (v $ vUr)
vuuqPNfodks % Unsuitably: unworthy: improper (v $ vu` $ Ddfo $ d)
vuuqLlqrks % Unheard (v $ vuq $ Jqr ¾ Jq)
vku.; % Freedom from debt (vku`.;)
vk.kkiu % Ordering, commanding
vkukiku % Inhaled, extended breath, inspiration, respiration (vku $
vukifÙk % Free from guilt: innocent (v $ vkifÙk)
vukifÙkdks % Free from guilt: (v $ vkifÙk $ d)
vuik;h % Not departing, lasting (varikf;t~)
vuisD[kh % Free from desire (v $ visf{kr)
vukisfr % To cause to be brought, to send for (uh)
vk.kkisfr % To order, to command (vk $ Kki;fr ¾ Kk)
vuIidks % Much, great, considerable (v $ vYi $ d)
vuIiks % Much, great, numerous, many (v $ vYi)
vukiqPNk % Without asking leave: or permission (v $ vk $ i`"Vk $ v $ v
$ vki`PNu~)
vukjrks % Continual (v $ vkjr ¾ je~)
vufj;oksgkjks % Unworthy practice (v $ vk;Z $ O;ogkj)
vufj;ks % Not noble: not venerable: mean: dishonourable: low (v $ vk;Z)
vujks % Other than human: not a man (v $ uj~)
vukldk % Fasting (vuk'kd)
vulu % Fasting (v $ v'ku)
vukloks % Free from human passion
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 31


vuLloks % Disobedient (v $ vkJo)
vukFkfif.Mdks % Foods of the poor: one of Buddha’s eminent lay disciple by name
vukFkks % Helpless: forlorn: destitute (v $ ukFk)
vufr % To breath: to live: (vu~)
vuÙkk % Not a self: not a soul (v
$ vkReu~)
vurk/hrks % Not master of one ownself (v $ vkReu~ $ v/hu)
vuÙkeuks % Displeased, discontented
vuRFkdks % Unmeaning, senseless, foolish (vuFkZd)
vuRFkks % Disadvantage, evil misfortune, injury (vuFkZ)
vk.kfÙk % Command, injunction, ordinance (vkKkfIr)
vuÙkks % Without individuality, unreal (v $ vkReu~)
vk.kÙkks % Commanded, enjoined (vk $ KIr ¾ Kk)
vukrqjks % Healthy (v $ vkrqj)
vuoTtrk % Blamelessness (vuo|rk)
vuoTtks % Blameless, harmless, not sinful (v $ vo|)
vuorjr % Incessantly (vuorje~ ¾ je~)
vuolslks % Without any remaining, all: everyone: the whole (v $ vo'ks"k)
vuoLloks % Not flowing-in; non-influx (v $ vo $ L=ko)
vuoLlqrks % See volqrks
vukoV}kjrk % Not closing the door against another: accessibility open-hand-
edness (v $ vko`r $ }kj ¾ rk)
vuorÙkks % See vuksrrks
vuofRFkrh % Unsteadiness (v $ vofLFkr)
vuo;ks % Perfectly acquinted with: versed-in (v $ vo;k)
vukfoyks % Clear: pure: untroubled: serene (v $ vkfoy)
vku;u % Bringing near: escorting (vku;r)
vu;ks % Sin: wrong: distress: misfortune (vu;)
vkuk;ks % A fish-net; net (vkuk;)
vPpfr % To honour (vap~)
v.Mtks % Diviparons (v.Mt)
v.Mda % A bird’s egg (v.Md)
v.Ma % A egg: a particle (v.M)
vU/ckyks % Silly: stupid: doting (vU/ $ cky)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 32


vU/Hkwrks % Blind: in darkness: unenlightened (vU/ $ Hkwr ¾ Hkw)
vU/dkjks % Darkness (vU/dkj)
vU/fd;ks % Belonging to Andhra province
vU/dks % Andhraite (vkU/z $ d)
vU/Ùke % Thick darkness (vU/ $ rel~)
vU/ks % Blind (vU/)
vUnq % A chain (vUnq)
vUnqdks % An elephant foot chain (vUnqd)
v.Mqid % A roll of cloth to serve as a stand for a vessel
vkus××k % Immovability: impossibility
vustks % Free from desire
vusd/k % In many ways (vusdnk)
vusdlks % In many ways (vusd $ 'kl~)
vusdfo/ks % Of many sorts: various (vusd $ fo/k)
vusdks % Several: many: manifold: various (vusd)
vusGewxks % Not deaf & dumb (v $ ,Mewd)
vusluk % Impropriety (v $ ,"k.kk)
vusluks % That should not be sought or desired: improper (v $ ,"k.k)
vkusfr % To bring, to bring home: to fetch, to procure: to carry: to convey
(vk $ uh)
vÄõ % Indeed! Oh! (vÄõ)
vÄõn % A bracelet (vÄõn)
vÄõgkjks % Gesticulation (vÄõgkj)
vÄõtkr % A membrum virile (vÄõ $ tkr ¾ tu~)
vÄõ % A limb: a member: the body: a portion, division: a means, a
cause: a requisite: a quality, attribute (vÄõ)
vÄõuk % A woman (vÄõuk)
vÄõ.k % A county-yard, lust, impurity, sin (vÄõ.k)
vÄõkuqljh % Pervading the limbs (vÄõ $ vuqlfjr~)
vÄõkjks % Charcoal; live coal; embers (vÄõkj)
vÄõfr % To go (vÄõ)
vÄõfoTtk % Prognostication of a person’s future, from the appearance of his
body (vÄõ $ fo|k)
vÄõfoD[ksiks % Gesticulation (vÄõ $ fo{ksi)
vÄõh % Having limbs: having parts or divisions (vfÄõu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 33


vÄõhjlks % A name of Buddha: name of a Rishi (vfÄõjl)
vÄõ % Name of a country: Bengal (vÄõ)
vÄõ˜y % A finger’s breadth: an inch (vÄõ°y )
vÄõ˜fy % A finger (vÄõ°yh)
vÄõ˜fydks % An inch in length: Belonging to a finger (vÄõ°fyd)
vÄõ˜fyeqík % A signet ring (vÄõ°yh $ eqnzk)
vÄõ˜yh;da % A finger-ring (vÄõ°yh;d)
vÄõ˜Y;Hkj.ka % A finger ring (vÄõ°yh $ vkHkj.k)
vÄõ˜Ùkjfudk;ks % Fourth division of the suttapitaka (vÄõ $ mÙkj $ fudk;)
vÄõB˜ òks % The thumb (vÄõ"B)
vUgks] v.gks % Day (vg)
vkf.k % Pin-head; pin of a wheel-axle(vkf.k)
vfufOo?kks % Not a thoroughfare; not traversed (v $ fu£o?u ¾ O;/~)
vfuPprk % Impermanence: instability: mortality: death (v $ fuR; $ rk)
vfufPNrks % Not desired: disliked: unpleasing
vfuPpks % Not lasting; transitory: perishable (v $ fuR;)
vfunLlu % The unseen (v $ fun'kZu)
vuh?kks % Free from suffering : uninjured
vuhdB òks % One of king’s body guard: a life-guardsman (vuhd $ LFk)
vuhdks] da % An army: a last : (vuhd)
vfuyks % Wind (vfuy)
vfufelks % Not waking the eyes, waking, watchful in (v $ fufe"k~)
vfuÝiQyks % Not fruitless: not without reward (v $ ful~ $ iQy)
vfulEedkjh % Acting inconsiderately or recklessly (v $ fu'kE; $ dkfju~)
vkfulalks % Advantage: profit: good result: blessing: reward: merit(vk $ fu
$ 'kal~)
vfuLlkeudks % Not envious (v $ bZ"kkZ $ rul~ $ d)
vfuLl;ks % Without supplies: barran, desolate, help, support, protection
vuhfrdks % Free from distress or calamity (v $ bZfr $ d)
vkuhrks % Brought, conveyed (vkuhr ¾ uh)
vfu;eks % Uncertainty (v $ fu;e)
vfu;rks % Uncertain, doubtful (v $ fu;r ¾ ;e~)
v×tfy % The hollow of the joined hands, a respectful salutation
performed by raising the joined hands to the forehead
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 34


v××ku % A collyrium applied to the eye-lashes to darken them (vatu~)
v×tl % A road, straight (vatlk)
v××kfr % To anoint, to smear (vat~)
vfÄïrks % Marked: adorned, furnished, supplied with (vad~)
vÄïks % A mark: the flank or side (vad)
vÄïyks % The plant Alanginm Hexapetalum (vadksy)
vÄïjks % A shoot or sprout (vadqj)
vÄïlks % A hook to guide an elephant with (vad'q k)
vaD;ks % A sort of tambourine (vadk)
v××kk % A mother
v××kk % Knowledge: perfect knowledge (vkKk)
v××knk % At another time (vU;nk)
v××knRFkq % Surely: certainly, truely (vU;n~ $ vLrq)
v××kkfnlks % Different (vU;kn`'k~)
vUua % Food: boiled rice (vUu)
v××ke××k % Mutually; towards each other
v××ke××kks % Each other; one another (vU; $ vU; ¾ vU;ksU;)
v××kk.k % Ignorance (v $ Kku)
v××klRFkqíslks % Adopting another teacher (vU; $ 'kkLr` $ mís'k)
v××kkfl % See vktkukfr
v××kkrCcks % That ought to be known or learnt (vk $ KkrO; ¾ Kk)
v××kkrdks % Unknown; unrecognizable (v $ Kkr ¾ Kk $ d)
v××kkrdks % Not related, not a decision (v $ tu~)
v××kreks % One of several, a certain (vU;re)
v××krjks % One, a certain some: some other: another (vU;rj)
v××kkroslok % In disguise (vKkr $ os'k $ oUr~)
v××kFkk % In different way: otherwise (vU;Fkk)
v××kFkÙkk % Differently
v××kkfr % Not a relative (vKkfr)
v××kkrks % Unknown; unrecognized; in disguise (v $ Kkr ¾ Kk)
v××kkrks % Not related; not a kinsman (v $ tu~)
v××k=k % Without; except; besides (vU;=k)
v××kRFk % Elsewhere (vU;=k)
v××kokndks % Talking indecent (vU; $ okn $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 35


v..koks % Sea or Ocean (v.kZo)
v××kk;ekuks % Unrecognised (v $ Kk;ekua ¾ Kk)
v..kks % Water (v.kZ)
v××kks % Other than: different from : other (vU;)
v××k××kks % Mutual (vU;ksU;)
vuksd % Being houseless: freedom from attachment to the world (v $
vukseks % High : Illustrious : lofty (v $ voe)
vuksrÙkks] % Name of one of the seven great lakes (v $ vurIr ¾ ri~)
vuksÙkIi % Absence of fear of sinning or recklessness
vuksÙkIih % Reckless or fearless
vUrXxrks % Gone into: being in: contained in (vUrxZr ¾ xe~)
vUrxq.k % The mesentery (vU=k $ xq.k)
vUrfdfj;k % Bringing to an end: putting an end to (vUr $ fØ;k)
vUrdks % Death or Mara (vUrd)
vUrfyD[k % The sky, the air (vUrjh{k)
vUr % An intestive: the bowels (vU=k)
vUrelks % Even (vUre $ 'kl~)
vUrj % Within, between: among: in (vUrj)
vUrjk % Between: on the way (vUrjk)
vUrjHkksfxdks % Village headman or higher chieftain
vUrj/ku % Disappearance, covering (vUr/kZu)
vUrj/k;fr % (vUrj $ /k)
To cause to disappear: to render invisible
vUrjfgrks % Vanished, disappearing, hidden (vUr£gr ¾ /k)
vUrj % Interior, included space, midst: internal: opportunity: instant,
difference, other: an inner garment; the heart or mind (vUrj)
vUrjUrjk% From time to time: at intervals (vUrj $ vUrj)
vUrjUrjs % From time to time: at intervals (vUrj $ vUrj)
vUrjUrjsu % In the intervals of : among : between (vUrj $ vUrj)
vUrjkifjfuCck;h % One of five sorts of Anagami
vUrjkjfr % To run into danger (vUrjk;)
vUrjokldks % An undergarment (vUrj $ okll $ d)
vUrjoLl] $ % See vUrks
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 36


vUrjkf;dks % Causing an obstacle; impediment: obstacle injurious (vUrjk; $
vUrjk; % Obstacle, prevention, hindrance: danger: accidental end (vUrjk;)
vUrjs % Between: among: during: while: within, in (vUrj loc)
vUrjsu % Between; except (vUrjs.k)
vUrjhi % An island (vUrjhi)
vUrfjrks % Hidden (vUrfjr ¾ b)
vUrjh; % An undergarment (vUrjh;)
vUro..kks % A sudra (vUr $ o.kZ)
vUrsiqj % Royal precincts, royal citadel or palace: part of the palace set
apart for the ladies (vUr%iqj)
vUrsiqfjdks % Belonging to the royal harem (vUr%iqj $ bd~)
vUrsoklh % A pupil (vUrsokflu~)
vUrsokfldks % A pupil (vUrsokflu~ $ d)
vfUrd % Vicinity (vfUrd)
vfUredks % Final : last
vfUreks % Final: last (vfUre)
vfUr;ks % Final, last (vUR;)
vUrks] vUr % End: limit: Boundary: proximity, side: destination, death: low-
est, inferior: interior (vUr)
vUrks] % Within, in, inside (vUrj)
vUrj (adj. & prep) Difference, distance, inside
vUrksx/ks (adj.) % Contained in; being among
vUrksdIiks % See dIiks
v.kq % Small: subtle (v.kq)
vuqcU/fr % To follow: to pursue: to wait upon: minister to (vuq $ cU/)
vuqcU/ks % Uninterupted succession: consequence (vuqcU/)
vuqHkou % Partaking of: enjoyment
vuqHkofr] % To feed: to partake of: to enjoy: to obtain, receive (vuq $ Hkw)
vkuqHkkouk % Possessing power: gifted with supernatural power (vuqHkko $
vkuqHkkoks % Dignity, authority: power, might, supernatural power efficacy
vuqczqgsfr % To cause to grow or increase: to make much of; devote oneself to
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 37


(vuq $ c`g caus)
vuqcks/ks % Knowledge, understanding (vuq $ cks/)
vuqcq¼ks % Under-Buddha, lesser Buddha, apostle (vuq $ cq¼)
vuqpjfr % To wander about in, to haunt (vuq $ pj~)
vuqpjks % An attendant, companion (vuqpj)
vuqPNfodks % Suitable, fit, proper, appropriate, worthy, comfortable, propor-
tionate (vuq $ PNfo $ d)
vuqí;k % Compassion, mercy (vuq $ n;k)
vuq¼la fs r (caus) % To vex: to harass (vuqèola;fr ¾ èoal)
vuq¼rks (adj) % Not puffed up, calm, subdued (v $ mÄ~/r ¾ gu~)
vuq/Eeks % Conformity or accordance with Law Lawfulness, relation,
essence consistancy, truth (vuq $ /eZ)
vuq/kofr % To run upto : to persue (vuq $ /ko~)
vuqfnlk % An intermediate point of the compass (vuq $ fn'k~)
vuqnwrks % A travelling companion (vuq $ nwr)
vuqxPNfr % To follow: to accompany (vuq $ xr~)
vuqxfrdks (adj) % Following, accompanying (vuqxkfeu~ $ d)
vuqx.gkfr % To favour, to protect (vuq $ xzg)
vuqxfr % Following (vuqxfr)
vuqxrks % Conformable to, following: relating to, concerning (vuqxr ¾ xe~)
vuqXxfgrks % Favoured (vuqx`ghr ¾ xzg)
vuqXxgks % Favour, patronage: help, assistance (vuq&xzg)
vuqXxrks % Not gone up, not gone out (v $ mn~xr ¾ xe~)
vuqfx¼ks % Greedy (vuqx`M~/ ¾ x`/~)
vuqft.kkfr % To permit (vuq $ x`)
vuqxhfr % Parallel passage (vuq $ xhfr)
vuqxks % Following, conforming to (vuqx)
vuqtkukisfr % To ask permission: to obtain consent of
vuqtkukfr % To grant: to permit: to consent to (vuq $ Kk)
vuqthoh % A servant (vuqthfou~)
vuqtks % Younger (vuqt)
vuqtq % Crooked: wicked: depraved (v $ Ítq)
vuqdM~<u % Referring back (vuq $ d"kZ.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 38


vuqdEik % Compassion, kindness (vuqdEik)
vuqdEidks % Compassionate: kind (vuqdEid)
vuqdEiu % Compassion (vuqdEiu)
vuqdEifr % To pity (vuq $ dEi~)
vuqdEih % Compassionate (vuqdfEiu)
vuqdUrfr % To cut (vuq $ Ñr)
vuqdkjks % Imitating (vuqdj)
vuqdkjks % Imitation: resemblance (vuqdkj)
vuqfdfj; % Imitation (vuq $ Ñ)
vuqDdeks % Regular order: succession (vuqØe)
v.kqdks % Small, minute (v.kq $ d)
vuqdwyks % Suitable, agreeable (vuqdwy)
vuqdwY; % Suitability, agreeableness (vuqdwY;)
vuqykiks % Tantalogy, repetition (vuqyki)
vuqfyÙkks % Quinted (vuqfyIr ¾ fyi~)
vuqykse % Indirect order: with the grain: straight-forward (vuq $ ykseu~)
vuqykserks % In accordance with (vuq $ ykse $ rl~)
(adv.) adj
vuqyksesfr % To be in accordance with (vuqykse;)
vuqeku % Inference (vuqeku)
vuqelfr % To touch (vuq $ e`'k~)
vuqefr % Consent: assent: sanction (vuqefr)
vuqerks % Agreeable to: approved of: beloved (vuqer ¾ eu~)
v.kqeÙkks % Small : least (vuq $ ek=k)
vuqeksnuk] ua % Rejoicing, approval, satisfaction
vuqeksnfr % To approve, to receive with satisfaction: to rejoice at: to express
gratitute: to thank (vuq $ eqn~)
v.kqFkwyks % Small and great (v.kq $ LFkwy)
v.kqudks % Complete: not deficient (v $ Åu $ d)
vuqukfldks % Nasal (vuqukfld)
vuquk;dks % Sub-chief, Vice-president (vuq $ uk;d)
vuqu;ks % Endeavour to be friendly, courtesy, compliance, fawning(vuqu;)
vuq××kk % Permission, sanction (vuqKk)
vuq××kkrks % Permitted, sanctioned: ordained (vuq $ Kkr ¾ Kk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 39


vuwuks % Entire, complete, without defficiency (v $ Åu)
vuqiCcTtfr % Renounce the world, in imitation of another (vuq $ iz $ ozt~)
vuqifPNUuks % Regular, unbroken: uninterrupted (v $ mi $ fdïUu ¾ fdïn~)
vuqin % Immediately after, after, behind (vuqine~)
vuqiknkuks % See vinku
vuqiknk; % See vink;
vuqiíoks % Uninjured: safe: intact (v $ minzo)
vuqifndks % Following in the footsteps of: immediately following(vkuqifnd)
vuqikfnlslks % See mikfnlslks
vuqikfn;kuks % See mikfn;fr
vuqi/krks % Not injuring: not hurting (v $ mi?kkr)
vuqiD[kTt % This word represents the sanskrit vuqizLdU/ and seems to mean
having entied upon, pushing, oneself in intruding
vuqiysfr (caus) % To observe, to maintain (vuqiky;fr ¾ ik)
vuqikfyÙkks % Untainted, unpolluted (v $ mifyIr $ fyi~ ¾ fyij)
vuqieks % Incomparable (v $ miek)
vuqikiq.kkfr % To reach, to attain (vuq $ iz $ vki)
vuqifjxPNfr % To walk round and round (vuq $ ifj $ xe~)
vuqifjoÙkks % Directed, turned (vuq $ ifj $ o`Ùk ¾ o`r~)
vuqifj;kfr % To walk round and round, to watch over (vuq $ ifj $ ok)
vuqijks/ks % Non-disturbance, not injuring (v $ mijks/)
vuqilEiUuks % Not ordained (v $ milEiUu ¾ in~)
vuqiLluk % Looking at, contemplation
vuqiLlfr % To look at, to contemplate, to observe (vuq $ n`'k~)
vuqiLlh % Looking at, contemplating, observing (vuq $ i';~ $ bu~)
vuqirfr % To follow: to meet with: to fly up to (vuq $ ir~)
vuqiokndks % Not speaking ill of
vuqioknks % Not speaking evil, not reviling (v $ mi $ okn~)
vuqifolfr % To enter upon, to occupy, to keep (vuq $ iz $ fo'k~)
vuqik;ks % Wrong ideas (v $ mik;)
vuqihfyrks % Trodden upon: oppressed (vuq $ ihfMr ¾ ihM)
vuqiks % Watery vuqi
vuqIinTtfr % To give in return (vuq $ iz $ nk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 40


vuqIinkua % Giving (vuq $ iz $ nku)
vuqIiknuh;ks % That ought not to be produced (v $ mn~ $ in~)
vuqIinkrk % One who invites (vuq $ iz $ nkr`)
vuqIifnUuks % Given, restored (vuq $ iz $ nÙk ¾ nk)
vuqIiknks % Not arising, non-appearance (v $ mRikn)
vuqIi××kfÙk % Secondary or additional enactment (vuq $ izKfIr)
vuqIiUuks % Not arisen, not born, not appeared (v $ mRiUu ¾ in~)
vuqIiÙkks % Having arrived: having attained (vuqikz Ir ¾ vki~)
vuqfIi; % Saying pleasant things: flattery (vuq $ fiz; $ Hk.k~ $ bu~)
vuqiqCc % Regular succession, series (vkuqiwO;Z)
vuqiqCcsu % In regular order, successively, gradually, one by one in due
course (vkuqiow .Zs k)
vuqiqCch % Regular succession, order, series (vkuqiwohZ)
vuqiqfCcdFkk % Successive regular narration (vkuqiwohZ $ dFkk)
vuqiqCcks % Regular, successive (vuqio
w )Z
vuqjk/k % Name of one of the Nakkhattas (vuqjk/k)
vuqjktk % Following king, successor (vuq $ jktu~)
vuqjD[k.kk&.ka % Guarding, presentation (vuq $ j{k.k)
vuqjD[kh % Guarding, watching over (vuq $ j{k $ bu~)
vuqjks/ks % Compliance, satisfaction (vuqjks/)
vuq#¼ks % Name of a cousin-eminent apostle of Buddha (vuq#¼ ¾ #/)
vuq#T>fr % To approve, to be pleased (vuq $ #è;rs $ #/~)
vuq:idks % Suitable (vuq:i $ d)
vuqPNja % Yearly (vuq $ laoRlj)
vuqlfU/ % Connection, application (vuq $ laf/)
vuqlaxhrks % Released again or subsequently (vuq $ laxhr ¾ xS)
vuqlkjh % Following (vuqlkfju~)
vuqlfjrks % Going, running (vuq $ l`)
vuqlkjks % Following, conformity (vuqLoj)
vuqlkldks % A teacher, preceptor, mentor (vuq $ 'kkl~ $ vd)
vuqlklu % Instruction, administration: government (vuq'kklu)
vuqlklfr % To teach, to instruct, to admonish: to command: to govern (vuq
$ 'kkl~)
vuql;ks % Repentance; inclination: thought, desire (vuq'k;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 41


vuqflfD[k % Studying, learning (vuqf'kf{kr~)
vuqflfD[krCcks % That ought to be studied (vuq $ f'kf{krO; ¾ 'kd~)
vuqflfë ò % Admonition, command (vuq $ f'kf"V)
vuqflë kò s % Instructed, admonished, ordered (vuqf'k"V ¾ 'kkl~)
vuqlkspfr % To bewail (vuq $ 'kqp~)
vuqLljfr % To remember, to call to mind (vuq $ Le`)
vuqLlfr % Resolution (vuq $ Le`fr)
vuqLlkosfr % To cease to be heard: to proclaim, to announce (vuq $ Jko;fr
(caus.) ¾ Jq)
vuqLlfodks % Traditional (vkuqJfod)
vuqLloks % Report (vuq $ Jo)
vuqLlqdks % Free from desire (v $ mRlqd)
vuqLlqrks % Heard (vuqJqr ¾ Jq)
vuqlw;fr % To be heard: to be reported (vuq $ Jq;rs ¾ Jq)
vuqrDdsfr % To consider; to bear in mind (vuq $ rdZ)
vuqrkiks % Repentance (vuqrki)
vuqrIifr % To suffer: to feel remorse, to repent (vuq $ rI;rs ¾ ri~)
vuqFksj % Succession of elders: apostolic accession (vuq $ LFkfoj)
vuqFksjks % An inferior thera (vuq $ LFkfoj)
vuqÙkfj; % Pre-eminence: supremacy (vuqÙkj $ i)
vuqÙkjks % Pre-eminent; incomparable, supreme (v $ mÙkj)
vuqV~Bkgkuks % Not exerting oneself, sluggish
vuqV~Bk % Lack of energy: inactivity, (v $ mRFkku)
vuqV~BqHk % The Anushtubh a metre (vuq"VqHk)
vuqRFkqukfr % To bewail (vuq $ Lru~)
vuqÙkks % Not uttered, unexpressed (v $ mDr ¾ op~)
vuqonfr % To blame, to censure (vuq $ on~)
vuqoknks % To blame, to censure, admonition (vuqokn)
vuqolfr % To inhabit (vuq $ ol~)
vuqoLldks % Yearly, annual (vuq $ o"kZ $ d)
vuqoLl % Yearly, annually (vuq $ o"kZ)
vuqokr % In the direction of the wind: with the wind (vuq $ okr)
vuqoÙkdks % Follower, attendant, disciple (vuq $ orZd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 42


vuqoÙku % Compliance (vuqorZu)
vuqoÙkfr % To follow; to confirm to: to attend upon: to associate with (vuq
$ o`Ùk)
vuqofÙk % Acting in conformity with (vuq $ o`fÙk)
vuqoÙkh % Conforming to, obedient to, following (vuqo£ru~)
vuqfopjfr % To walk through (vuq $ fo $ pj~)
vuqfofpUrsfr % To mediate upon (vuq $ fo $ fpUr~)
vuqfoTtksrfr % To build on in succession (vuq $ fo $ /qr~)
vuqfoyksdsfr % To take a view of (vuq $ fo $ yksd~)
vuqforDdsfr % To reflect upon (vuq $ fo $ rd~Z)
vuqO;×tu % Minor characteristic (vuq $ O;atu~)
vuq;ksxh % Devoted to; applying oneself to (vuq;ksfxu~)
vuq;ksxks % A question: being addicted to or devoted to applying oneself to:
practicing, zeal, exerting oneself (vuq;ksx)
vuq;qÛ“fr % To practice; to be addicted to: to devote oneself to, to be zealous :
to exert oneself(vuq $ ;qt~)
vuq;qrks % Addicted to: devoted to (vuq $ ;qDr ¾ ;qt~)
vuokp;ks % Adding an object of secondary importance (vUokp;)
vUo¼ekl] % Every fortnight or twice a month (vuq $ v/Z $ ekl)
vUokgrks % Struck agitated (vuq $ vk $ âr ¾ gu~)
vUoLlofr % To flow from, to result from (vuq $ vk $ L=kq)
vUooflrks % Situated on or near (vuq $ vo $ fJr ¾ fJ)
vUo;ks % Connection = race, lineage, family = succession (vUo;~)
vUosluk % Search (vUos"k.kk)
vUoslfr % To seek, to search (vuq $ ,"k)
vUosfr % To follow(vuq $ b)
vfUorks % Posessed of (vfUor ¾ b)
vk.; % Being in debt (Í.k $ ;)
vi % Away, from (vi)
vkiCcrks % Reaching to the mountain (vk$ ioZr)
viklks % Brought away (vi $ vk $ Hk`r ¾ Hk`)
vipk;fr % To honour (vi~ $ pk;~)
vipk;h % Honouring (vipkf;u~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 43


vipkf;rks % Honoured (vipkf;r ¾ fp)
vip;ks % Loss, decay: honour, worship (vip;)
viPpD[kks % Unseen, indefinite (v $ izR;{k)
viPp % Offspring (viR;)
vikph % The south (vikph)
vifpfr % Offering, worship: loss, decay (vifpfr)
vifprks % Honoured (vifpu ¾ fp)
vkink % Misfortune, necessity (vkin~)
vinnkfr % To take away (vi $ nk)
vikndks % Having no feet (v $ ikn $ d)
vinku % Breaking off, removing: a dead, a heroic action: a tale, a legend
(vi $ nku)
viknku % Taking away, removing (viknku)
vinslks % Stating: pretext, deception, stratagem: cause (vins'k)
vkiknsfr % (caus) To put into a certain state: to inflict (vkikn;fr ¾ in~)
vi/kj.ka % covering (vi $ /kj.k)
vkikfn % See vkiTtfr
vifnlfr % To tell of, to show (vi $ fn'k~)
vinks % See ina
vkixk % A river (vkixk)
vixPNfr % To go away, to depart from (vi $ xe~)
vixeks % Departure (vixe)
vixrks % Gone away from; departed (vi $ xr~ ¾ xe~)
vigkjks % Taking away (vigkj)
viftrks % Defeated (vi $ ftr ¾ ft)
vkiTtua % Entering, falling into, to undergo (vk $ in~)
vkifTtrk % One who falls into, is guilty of
vidM~<fr % To remove, to put away (vi $ Ñ"k~)
viDdefr % To depart (vi $ Øe)
viDdeks % Departure: retreat: flight (viØe)
viDdks % Unripe (v $ iDo)
viykiks % Keeping silence about: secrecy (viyki)
viyksdu % Giving notice of an intention: obtaining leave (vi $ yksd $ vu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 44


viyksdsfr % To give notice of, to obtain consent or permission (vi $ yksd~)
vikeXxks % The plant Achyranthes Aspera (vikekxZ)
viLekjks % Epilepsy (viLekj)
vikua % Breathing out; respiration (viku)
vkikua % A tavern: a place where people drink together (vkiku)
viukesfr % (caus.) To remove, to carry off (vi $ uke;fr ¾ ue~)
viu;u % Removing (viu;u)
viusfr % To remove, to put away (vi $ uh)
vikaxks&xa % The outer corner of the eye: a sectaria mark on the forehead
vius/sfr % To hide away, to conceal (vi $ fu $ /k)
vkif.kdks % A tradesman (vki.k $ bd)
vifurks % Removed, put away (viuhr ¾ uh)
vi..kdks % Certain, true, absolute
vi..kfÙkdks % Not appearing, not existing (v $ izKkIr $ bd)
vi××kks % Without wisdom; foolish (v $ izKk)
vkiUuks % Entered upon; fallen into; unfortunate (vkiUu ¾ in~)
vki.kks % A bazar; market: a shop (vki.k)
vikuqnfr % To remove, to dispel (vi $ vk $ uqn~)
vijHkkxs % Afterwards: subsequently (vij $ Hkkx loc)
vij¼ks % Having sinned, guilty (vijkÄ~/ ¾ jk/~)
vijk/ks % Offence, guilt, crime, sin (vijk/)
vijxks;kua % Name of one of the four Mahadipas or great continents (vij $
vijkftrks % Unconquered (v $ ijkftr ¾ ft)
vijT>ua % Injury
vijT>fr % To offend against: to injure: to sin (vi $ jk/~)
vijTtq % On the following day : next day (vijs?kql)
vija % Moreover, further (vije~)
vikj % This side: not the further bank (v $ ikj)
vij.gks % The afternoon or evening (vijk.g)
vijUua % A name given to certain sorts of vegetables (vij $ vUu)
vijUrks % The future, futuring (vij $ vUr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 45


vijkija % On and on, successively: up and down: backwards and forwards
(vijLij $ e~)
vijkijks % Following: successively (vijLi)
vijlsyks % The western mountain behind which the sun sets (vij $ 'kSy)
vifjek.kks % Undefined, indefinite: boundless, immense (v $ ifjek.k)
vifjferks % Boundless; immense: (v $ ifjfer ¾ ek)
vifjlslks % Without remainders (v $ ifj'ks"k)
vifjrLlh % Undaunted (v $ ifj $ =kl~ $ bu~)
vifj;Urks % Boundless, unlimited: indefinite (v $ i;ZUr)
vijks % Other: subsequent, following: western (vij~)
vilknsfr % (caus) To deprecate, to decline, To disparage (vi $ ln~)
vilDdfr % To depart (vi $ l`i~)
vilO;ks % Right as opp. to left: contrary (vi $ jkO;)
viLekjks % Epilepsy (viLekj)
viLlsua % A rest, support, dependence
viFka % No road: absence of a road (viFk)
viÙkkf/dj.ka % Question of guilt
viÙkdks % Not having a bowl (v $ ik=k $ d)
viRFkks % Laid aside: thrown away (vi $ =kLr ¾ Jl~)
vkifÙk % Offence, guilt, sin : crime (vkifÙk)
vkifÙkD[kU/ks % Group or class of offences (vkifÙk $ LdU/)
vkifÙkdqlyrk % Skill in determining to which class an offence belongs (vkifÙk $
dq'ky $ rk)
vioknks % Blame, abuse (viokn)
vioXxks % Completion: renunciation: abandonment: final deliverance, Nir-
vana (vioxZ)
viogfr % To carry away (vi $ og)
viuTtua % Giving away, giving up, sacrificing (vi $ e`r~ $ vu)
viokj.ka % Covering, concealing (viokj.k)
vifo¼ks % Thrown away, discarded (vifoÄ~?k ¾ O;/~)
vi;kua % Going away (vi;ku)
vi;krks % Fallen away, departed (vi;kr ¾ R;k)
vikf;dks % One suffering in an Apaya (vik; $ bd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-01 MK D.S. 4-9-2013 S.K.—09-12-1213 46


vik;ks % Going away, departure: disappearance, loss: misfortune
visD[kk % Desire: longing: affection: care: regard (vis{kk)
visD[kfr % To regard, to mind : to work for: to expect: to look at (vi $
visfr % To go away (vis $ b)
visrks % Having departed: free from, deprived of(visr ¾ b)
viQyks % Without fruit; unproductive; barren: unprofitable (v $ iQy)
viQklq] viQklqda % Discomfort, uneasiness, ailment, sickness
vfi] fi % Also: even: though: merely (vfi)
vfi/kua % Covering; concealment: a cover: a lid (vfi/ku)
vkiks % Water (vki ¾ vi~)
vIikck/Ùka % Freedom from illness (vYi $ vkck/ $ Ro)
vIikck/ks % Slight illness: tolerable health (vYi $ vck/)
vIikck/ks % In good health
vIiHkkoks % Fewness, paucity (vYi $ Hkko)
vIifHkD[kqdks % Containing few priests (vYi $ fHk{kq $ d)
vIiHkksxÙk % Poverty (vYi $ Hkksx $ Ru)
vIiPp;k % Without a cause (v $ izR;; abl. )
vIiPp;ks % Mistrust, heart burning: distress (v $ izR;;)
vIi/kuks % Secondary and sub-ordinate (v $ iz/ku)
vIinhiks % Without a lamp (v $ iznhi)
vIinqêkð s % Undepraved, innocent (v $ iznq"V ¾ nq"k~)
vIixCHkks % Free from boldness or impudence: retiring, modest(v $ izxYHk)
vIigfjrks % Having little grass; free from grass (vYi
$ gfjr~)
vIifdPpks % Having few duties, free from care (vYi $ ÑR;)
vIidks % Few, little, trifling (vYi $ d)
vIiykHkks % Receiving little (vYi $ ykHk)
vIieknks % Vigilence, carefulness, thoughtfulness, earnestness, zeal:
difference, haste, despatch (v $ izekn)
vIiek.kkHkks % Of infinite splendour (vizek.k $ vkHkk)
vIiek.klqHkks % Of infinite beauty (vizek.k ¾ 'kqHk)
vIie××kfr % To underrate, to despise (vYi $ eu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 47


vIiek.kks % (v $ izek.k)
Unlimited: boundless: infinite: innumerable
vIiekfjlks % The plant amaranthus polygamus (vYi $ ekfj"k)
vIieÙkdks % Little, slight, trifling (vYi $ ek=k $ d)
vIieÙkks % Little, slight, moderate (vYi $ ek=k)
vIieÙkks % Vigilant, careful, thoughtful, heedful, earnest, zealous, strenu-
ous, diligent, quick, active(v $ izeÙk $ en~)
vIiesÕ;ks % Unlimited, boundless, innumerable (vizes; ¾ ek)
vIiuk % Thought, reasoning, resolve (viZ.k) % Inanimate (v $ izkf.ku~)
vIif.kfgrks % Free from longing or desire (v $ izf.kfgr ¾ /k)
vIilíks % Free from noise, quiet: making little noise (vYi $ 'kCn~)
vIilknks % Dissatisfaction (v $ izlkn)
vIilUuks % Dissatisfied, discontented (v $ izlUu ¾ ln~)
vIilRFkks % Bad, inferior (v $ iz'kLr ¾ 'kal~)
vIilRFkks % With a small caravan, having few attendants (vYi $ lkFkZ)
vIiLlknks % Insipid (vYi $ Lokn~)
vIiLlqrks % Having learnt little, possessing small knowledge, unlearned,
ignorant (vYi $ Jqr ¾ Jq)
vIikrÄïks % Light ailment, freedom from bodily suffering or fatigue (vYi $
vkrÄï )
vIirjks % Fewer, less (vYi $ rj)
vIië òeks % Not first (v $ izFke)
vIifVckfg;ks % Not to put away or averted (v $ izfrHk;~)
vIifVgrks % Meeting with no obstacle or unopposed (v $ izfr $ gr ¾ gu~)
vIifr:iks % Unsuitable, improper (v $ izfr:i)
vIifVlaosnuks % Inaccession to sensation (v $ izfr $ laosnu)
vIifVlfU/dks % That cannot be remitted (v $ izfr $ lfU/ $ l)
vIifrLl % Disobedient, rebellious (v $ izfr $ Jq)
vIifrrks % Dissatisfied: angry (v $ izrhr $ b)
vIiÙkks % Not obtained: not having arrived (v $ izkIr ¾ vki~)
vIiokfjuks % Uninvited (v $ iz $ okfjr $ o`)
vIik;qdks] % Short-lived (vYi $ vk;q $ d)
vIisdPps % Some
vIislD[kks % Having little power or majesty (vYi $ bZ'k $ vk[;k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 48


vIisfr % To fit, to fasten: to deliver: to hand over: to assign(vi;Zfr ¾ Í)
vIiso % Perhaps (vfi $ ,o)
vIisouke % Perhaps (vfi $ ,o $ uke)
vIiQksVk % Name of a variety of jasmine
vIiQksV % Not pervaded
vfIiPNrk % Contentment, frugality (vYi $ bPNk $ rk)
vfIiPNks % Wanting little, contented, frugality (vYi $ bPNk)
vfIirks % Fastened (v£ir ¾ Í)
vfIi;ks % Not dear: unpleasant: unfriendly: unkind: not disagreeable
(v $ fiz;)
vIih;ks % Less (vYihpalks)
vIiks % Little, moderate or slight, few (vYi)
vIiksndks % Having little water (vYi $ mnd)
vIiksLlqDdrk % Reluctance, hesitation, inaction, rest
vIiksLlqDdks % Having little desire for exertion, Having little zeal, reluctant to
act; living a life of ease or a enjoyment, inactive, resting from
work (vYi $ vkSRlqD;)
vIiksFksfr % To snap the fingers in token of pleasure (vk $ LiQksVÔfr ¾ LiQqV)
vkiqPNua % Salutation, adieu
vkiqPNfr % To take leave of, to bid action: to ask leave (vk $ izDd)
viq××ka % Demerit: sin (v $ iq.;)
viwi % A cake
vkiwjfr % To be filled, to increase (vk $ i`)
viqFkqTtuks % See Puthujjana
viqÙkdÙk % Not having a son: childlessness (v $ iq=kd $ ve~)
viqÙkdks] viqÙk % Sonless (v $ iq=kd)
viqÙkks % Sonless (v $ iq=k)
vkjk % an owl (vkjk)
vkjk % Far off (vkjkr~)
vkjCHkk % Beginning with from: concerning with reference to: with a view
to, for (vkjH; ¾ jHk~)
vjHkkisfr % (caus) To cause to be concerned or undertaken
vkjHkfr % To begin: to undertake (vk $ jHk~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 49


vkjkpkjh % (vkjkr~ $ pkfju~)
Living far from evil, leading a virtuous life
vkj¼ks % Having begun: striving existing oneself (vkjC/ ¾ jHk~)
vkj¼ks % Accomplished, won, provided for (vk $ jk… ¾ jk/~)
vkjk/ua % Propitiating: winning, accomplishing (vkjk/u)
vkjk/sfr % To propitiate, to conciliate; to win, to attain, to accomplish
(vkjk/;fr ¾ jk/~)
vkjk/ks % Request (vkjk/uk)
vkjXxa % The point of an awl (vkjk $ vxz)
vjgk $ vjga % A renewable person: a holy man: a saint (vgZUr)
vjg¼tks % The robes of a Buddist monk (vgZUr~ $ èot)
vjga % Worthy, venerable, sanctified, holy (vgZUr)
vjgrk % Worthiness (vgZ $ rk)
vjgfr % To deserve: be worthy of: to be fit (vgZ)
vjgÙk % State of being an Arahata (vgZUr~ $ Ro)
vjgÙkeXxëòks % One who is walking in the pair of Arahantship (vgZUr~ $ Ro $
ekxZ $ LFk)
vjgÙkiQyêðks % One who is in the full position of Arahatship (vgZUr~ $ [k $ iQy
$ LFk)
vjfgrks % Revered (v£gr ¾ vgZ)
vjgks % Deserving, worthy, fit, worth (vgZ)
vjkftdks % Without a king (v $ jktu~ $ bd)
vkjdk % Far off: from afar (vkjdku~)
vkjdÙka % Being far off (vkjdku~ $ Ro)
vkjD[ksÕ;ks % That ought to be guarded (vk $ jík $ ,;~)
vkjD[kfr % To guard: to protect (vk $ j{k)
vkjfD[kdks % A guard: keeper: policeman (vkjf{kd~)
vkjD[kks % Guard, protection (vkj{k)
vkjdwVks % Brass (vkjdwV)
vja % Specially; presently (vje~)
vkjEHkua % Commencement: (vkjEHk.k)
vkjEHkks % Commencement; exertion, effort, mischief, injuiry (vkjEHk)
vkjkfedks % A temple employee (vkjke $ bd)
vkjEe.ka % A support, stay, basis, ground, cause: one object of sense; a
thought: an idea (vkyEcu)
vkjkeks % A pleasure; Buddhist vihara (vkjke)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 50


vkjukya % Sour gruel (vkjuky)
vjf.k % Wood for kindling fire by attribution (
vj×tjks % A water jar (vfy×tj)
vj××kdks % Belonging to the forest, situated in the forest (vkj.;d)
vj××k % A forest, or wood(vj.;)
vj××kkuh % A large forest (vj.;kuh)
vjfr % Dislike, discontent; abstinence from (v $ jfr)
vjkfr % An enemy (v $ jkfr)
vkjfr % Leaving off, ceassation, abstinence (vkjfr)
vjfoUn % A lotus (vjfoUn)
vkjkoks % Sound, noise (vkjko)
vjs % Ho! I say! (vjs)
vfj % An enemy (vfj)
v¯jneks % Victorious (v¯jne)
vfjla % Haemorrhaids (v'kZl~)
vkfjjla % Rishiship (vk"kZ)
vfjÙk % A rudder (vfj=k)
vfjRFka % Buttermilk or whey: bad symptoms, signs of approaching death:
bad luck (vfj"V)
vfjRFkks % The soap berry plant: a crow: a Nimba tree: a sort of spirituous
liquor (vfj"V)
vfj;/ua % Noble or sublime treasure (vk;Z $ /u)
vfj;dks % Anger (vk;Zd)
vfj;eXxks % Sublime path-arahattamagga (vk;Z $ ekxZ)
vfj;iQya % Sublime fruition (vk;Z $ iQy)
vfj;iqXxyks % Holy personage (vk;Z $ iqÄõy)
vfj;lPpa % Sublime truth (vk;Z $ lR;)
vfj;lkodks % Holy disciple (vk;Z $ Jkod)
vfj;oalks % Noble family (vk;Z $ oa'k)
vfj;oklks % Noble or holy state (vk;Z $ okl)
vfj;oksgkjks % Noble or honourable practice (vk;Z $ O;ogkj)
vfj;ks % Honourable; noble; venerable; respectable; excellent (vk;Z)
vfj;ks % A venerable or holy men; a saint; an Arahata (vk;Z)
vkjkspkisfr % To cause to be announced (vk $ :p~ caus)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 51


vkjkspfs r % To bill; to announce; to declare (vk $ jksp;fr ¾ :p~)
vjksxk % Free from sickness, healthy (v $ jksx)
vkjksX;a % Health (vkjksX;)
vkjksgk % An elegant woman (vkjksgk)
vkjksgdks % A rider (vkjksgd)
vkjksg.ka % Ascent, ascending; a ladder, stairs (vkjksg.k);ks % Fit for mounting (;)
vkjksgks % A rider, ascent, length (vkjksg)
vkjksiua % Raising; establishing (vkjksiu)
vkjksifs r % To cause to ascent, to raise, to lift up to or upon; to put; to
establish; to set on foot; to introduce: to transfer, to render, to
turn into (vkjksi;fr ¾ #g~)
v# % A wound (v#l~)
vk#gfr] vkjksgfr % To ascend, to mount, to go up into (vk $ #g~)
vk:Ÿgks % Having ascended; having put; rendered, transferred (vk:< ¾
v#.kks % Dark red: Light red (v#.k)
v#.kks % The sun: dawn (v#.k)
v:iHkoks % Formless existence, existence
v:iczãyksdks % Formless Brahma-heaven (v#i $ czã $ yksd)
v:i/krq % See /krq
v:ia % Absence of form (v $ :i)
v:ikopjks % Belonging to the Arupabrahmloka (v:i $ vopj)
v:ikopjks % Realm or world of the Arupabrahmloka (v:i $ vopj)
v:ih % Formless, incorporal, immaterial (v $ :i)
v:Iiks % Formless, incorporal, belonging to the Arupabrahmloka (v:i
$ ;)
vk:Õg % See v#gfr
vklk % Desire, longing (vk'kk)
vlCHkks % Improper, wrong, ungentlemanly (v $ lE;)
vklHkks % Belonging to a bull, Peculiar to a bull, bull-like, a man of strong
and eminent qualities a hero or a great man, a leader (vk"kZHk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 52


vlPpks % Untrue, false (v $ lR;)
vl¼Eeks % Evil state: sin: sexual intercourse: fornication (v $ lUr $
vlk/kj.kks % Uncommon; unusual: peculiar: unrivalled (v $ lk/kj.k)
vlk/q % Bald, wicked (v $ lk/q)
vlfnlks % Unexampled: incomparable (v $ ln`'k~)
vklTt % Having approached, having attained (vklk/ ¾ ln~)
vlT>k;ks % Non-repetition (v $ Lokè;k;)
vklTtks % Attainable (vklk/ ¾ ln~)
vl¯d % More than once; repeatedly (v $ lÑr~)
vlD;iqfÙk;ks % Not a son of Sakya or a true disciple of Buddha (v $ 'kkD; $
iq=k $ ;)
vklkŸg % Name of a month and a Nakkhatta (vk"kk<)
vlekuks % Unequal, dissimilar (v $ leku)
vle;ks % Wrong time
vleks % Unequal, unequalled, peerless (v $ le)
vlaoklks % Deprived of co-residence: expelled from the priesthood (v $
vlaoqrks % Unrestrained, intemperate (v $ lai`r $ u`)
vlua % Shooting; an arrow (vlu)
vlua % Eating food (v'ku)
vklua % Sitting; a seat (vklu)
vlf××kPp % Inadvertently, unintentionally (v $ lafpUR; ¾ fpUr~)
vklfUn % A long or easy chair (vklfUn)
vklÄõks % Attachment (vklÄõ)
vlfu] vluh % Indra’s Thunderbold (v'kfu)
vklÄïk % Fear, apprehension, anxiety, suspicion, doubt (vk'kÄïk)
vklÄïfr % To fear, to suspect, to doubt (vk $ 'kÄï)
vlÄïr/krq % Unconditional or immaterial elements or principle, Nirvana (v
$ laLÑr ¾ Ñ $ /krq)
vlÄïrks % See lÄïrks
vlÄïsÕ;ks % Incalculable, innumerable(vla[;s; $ [;k)
vlfÄï;ks % Innumerable (vla[; $ [;k)
vklÄïh % Apprehensive, anxious (vk'kfÄïu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 53


vlfÄïrks % Without hesitation or doubt, fearless (v $ 'kfÄïr~ ¾ 'kÄï)
vl××klrks % Unconscious (v $ laKk $ lÙo)
vl××krks % Unrestrained, intemperate (v $ la;r ¾ ;e~)
vl××kh % Unconscious (v $ laKk $ bu~)
vklUuks % Near (vklUu ¾ ln~)
vluks % The tree Terminalia Alata Tomentosa (vlu)
vlUrklh % Free from fear (v $ la=kkl~ $ bu~)
vlUrks % Not being; not existing; absent; false: bad: wicked (v $ lUr~ ¾
vlkjks % Unreality, vanity, worthlessness (v $ lkj~)
vlkjks % Vain, unsubstantial, unessential, unreal (v $ lkj~)
vlkjks % A heavy shower (vklkj~)
vlLlfrdks % Not eternal (v $ 'kk'or $ bd~)
vlrk] vlra % See vlUrks
vlkfVdk % A fly’s egg: nit (vklkMh)
vlfr;k % Heedlesly, unintentionally (v $ le`fr Instru.)
vlÙka % Non-existance (v $ lR;)
vlRFksua % Not by the sword, peacefully (v $ 'kL=k)
vklfÙk % Attachment, desire (v $ lfDr)
vlÙkks % Free from attachment or desire (v $ lDr ¾ l×k~t)
vklÙkks % Attached, clinging: intent, attentive, diligent (vklDr ¾ l×kt~)
vkloD[k;ks % Exclusion or ceasation of passion, arahatta (vkL=ko $ {k;)
vklofr % To track, to flow (vk $ L=kq)
vkloks % Distilled spirit (vklo)
vkloks % Dozing, scum; misfortune; human-passion, sin, corruption, de-
pravity (vkLro)
vlÕgks % Invisible (v $ lgÔ ¾ lg~)
vkl;ks % Hearing, intimation, imclination: dependance; support; abode,
retreat, haunt (vkJ;)
vlspuks % Charming, captivating, bewitching (vlspu)
vls[kks % Belonging to an asekha
vls[kks % One who is no longer a sekhi: one who has nothing to learn, who
is perfect in knowledge— an Arahata (v $ 'kS{k)
vlsldks % All, entire (v $ 'ks"k $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 54


vlslrks % Without omission, entirely (v'ks"k $ rl~)
vlsflrks % All (v $ 'ksf"kr ¾ f'k"k~)
vlslks % All, every (v $ 'ks"k~)
vklsofr % To practice (vk $ lso~)
vklsoh % Addicted to (vklsfou~)
vfl % Thou art
vfl % A sword (vfl)
vkfl % It was; he was, there was
vkfl % Blessing (vkf'kl~)
vklh % Fang of a snake (vk'kh)
vlhydks % Immoral, impious (v $ 'khy $ d)
vlhyslk % Name of a Nakkhatta (v y Ü "s kk)
vk¯l % See vfRFk
vk¯llk % hope: benediction (vk $ 'kkl~)
vk¯lluk % Wish; hope: benediction
vk¯llq % See vfRFk
vkfl×k~pfr % To sprinkle: to moist: to anoint (vk $ flp)
vklhuks % Sitting (vklhu~ ¾ vkl~)
vfliqÙkh % A knife (vfliq=kh)
vlhrCcks % To be eaten (vflrC; ¾ vlw)
vflra $ vflrks % A sickle
vlhfr % Eighty (v'khfr)
vflrks % Black (vflr)
vflrks % Eaten, enjoyed (vf'kr ¾ v'k~)
vflRFkks % Wished, prayed for (vk $ f'k"B ¾ 'kkl~)
vflÙkks % Sprinkled: (vk $ flDr $ flp~)
vkfloknh % Blessing (vkf'kl~ $ okn)
vklhfolks % A snake (vk'khfo"k)
vLek % We are
vLek % Ayam
vLek % A stone (v'eu)
vLekjh % Name of a plant (v'ejh)
vfLe % I am
vfLe % See v;a
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 55


vfLeekuks % That pride of self (vfLe ¾ v[k~ $ eku)
vklks % Eating (vk'kw)
vlksd % Free from sorrow (v'kksd)
vLlk % Of him, his: to him, to it
vLlk % a mare (v oÜ k)
vLlk % See v;a
vLlknu % Tasting (vkLoknu~)
vLl¼h % Without faith, unblessing; not eredulous (v $ J/k)
vLlknks % Tasting, enjoyment, happiness (vkLokn~)
vLld..kks % One of the 7 circles of rock that surround Meru
vLla] vLlkek % See vfRFk
vLle.kks % Not a samana, not a true priest of Buddha (v $ Je.k)
vLlekjdks % A kind of medicine (v'o $ ekjd)
vLles/ks % Name of a sacrifice (v'o $ es/)
vLlkfedks % Without a master or owner (v $ Lokfeu $ d)
vLleks $ ea % Hermitage (vkJe)
vLljks % Not a vowel, a consonant (v $ Loj)
vLllfr % To intake air, to inspire (vk $ /l~)
vLlklsfr % (eaus) To refresh, to comfort, to encourage (vk $ 'okl;fr ¾ 'ol~)
vLlklks % Inhaled air; comfort, consolation (vk'okl)
vLlrjks % A mule: name of a Nagar (v'orj)
vLlFk % See vfRFk
vLlRFk % The bo tree ...... (v ÜoRFk)
vLlRFkks % Encouraged, comforted (vk ÜoLr & Üol~)
vLloua % Not hearing (v $ Jo.k)
vLloks % Discharge, matter, pus (vkL=ko)
vLloks % Obedient (vkJo)
vLl;qtks % Name of a Nakkhatta (vk Üo;qt)
vLlks % Corner, edge (vJ)
vLlks % A horse (v Üo)
vLlksfl % See lqxksfr
vLlq % Tear
vLlq % Let them be
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 56


vLlqrok % Not learned = ignorant = (v $ JqroUr)
vLlqrks % Unheard (v $ Jqr ¾ Jq)
vlq % Breath of life (vlq)
vlq % This, that (vlkS $ vnl~)
vklq % Quickly (vk'kq)-
vlqHkks % Bad, ugly, disagreeable: nasty, disgusting: offensive (v $ 'kqHk)
vlqfp % Impure (v $ 'kqfp)
vlq¼ks % Impure (v $ 'kq¼ ¾ 'kq/~)
vlqdks % Such a one (veqd)
vklqa % They were
vklq.kkfr $ .kksfr % To hear, to listen to (vk $ Jq)
vlqjks % An asura (vlqj)
vlqÙkks % Without seam (v $ lw=k)
vrfDdrks % Unexpected (vr£dr ¾ rdZ)
vryEiQLlks % Unfathomable (vR;yLi'kZ)
vrfUnrks % Unwearied, unremitting (vrfUnzr)
vVuh % Name of a part of bed-stead (vVuh)
vkrÄ~dks % Sickness, affiliation, pain (vkrÄ~d)
vkrkiua % Sunshine: burning (v $ rkiu~)
vkriÙk % A parasol (vkri=k)
vkrkih % Ardent, zealous, streneous, active (vk $ rki $ bu~)
vkriks % Sunshine; sunlight (vkri)
vkrkih % Heat, burning; energy = ardous, zeal (vk $ rki)
vkrIi % Ardous, zeal, energy (vk $ rki $ ;)
vrklh % Flax (vVklh)
vVVa % One of the high numerals
vkrra % Drums covered with leather on one side (vkrr $ ru~)
vkrrk;h % A felon, murderer (vkrrkf;u~)
vrfr % To go (vr~)
vVfr % To roam (vV~)
vVoh % A forest (vVoh)
vFk % And; but: then: how (vFk)
vFkCcuosnks % The Atharvaveda (vFkoZu~ $ osn)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 57


vFkok % Or (vFk $ ok)
vFksuks % Not a thief; honest (v $ Lrsu)
vFkks % and: also: then (vFkks)
vfr % Over; beyond; exceedingly: too much (vfr)
vfrcgq % Too much (vfr $ cgq)
vfrcyks % very strong (vfr $ cy)
vfrHkk;fr % To be much afraid (vfr $ Hkh)
vfrHkhrks % Much alarmed (vfr $ Hkhr ¾ Hkh)
vfrpjfr % To transgress = to commit: adultery (vfr $ pj)
vfrpkjh % Transgressing (vfrpkfju~)
vfrpfj;k % Adultery (vfr $ p;kZ)
vfrpkjks % Transgression, adultery (vfrpkjks)
vfrPNFkk % Formula for civilly refusing alms to a Bhikkhu, to ask to go
vfrfpjk;fr % To carry long(vfr $ fpjk;)
vfrnLluks % Beyond ken, invisible (vfr $ n'kZu)
vfr/ksupkjh % Indulging too much in the use of Dhonas (vfr $ /ksupkjh)
vfrnwjs % Very far, too far (vfr$ nwj)
vfrxPNfr % To overcome (vfr $ xe~)
vfrxrks % Escaped from (vfr $ xr ¾ xe~)
vfrxks % Escaping from = going beyond (vfrx)
vfrgRFk;fr % To cross on an elephant (vfrgLr;)
vfrf[k.kks % Not harsh, gentle (v $ rh{.k~)
vfrdïeua % Going beyond, passing (vfr $ Øe.k~)
vfrdïefr % To escape from, go beyond, to pass, to cross; to transgress; to
elapse; to excel: to surpass (vfr $ Øe~)
vfrdïkesfr % To go beyond, to exceed (vfrØke;fr ¾ Øe~)
vfrdïeks % Passing away, transgression (vfrØe~)
vfrdïUrks % Past, surpassing (vfrØkUr ¾ Øe~)
vfrekuh % Vain-glorious, conceited (vfrekfuu~)
vfre××kfr % To despise, to dislike, neglect (vfr $ eu~)
vfrekisfr % To injure, to destroy (vfr $ eki;fr ¾ eh)
vfreÙkks % Exceeding, excessive (vfr $ ek=k)
vfreqÙkdks % Name of a tree (vfreqÙkQd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 58


vfreqÙkks % The croper Gastnera Racemosa (vfreqDr)
vfrukesfr % To cause to pass : to let go by (vfr $ uke;fr ¾ ue~)
vfrfUnz;ks % Beyond the reach of senses (vfrfUnz;)
vfrikrks % Very early (vfr $ izkrj~)
vfrikrks % Injuring, destruction : transgression (vfrikr)
vfrIixs % Too early (vfr $ izxs)
vfrIilRFkks % Very excellent (vfr $ iz'kLr ¾ 'kal~)
vfrjsdykHkks % Extra allowance (vfrjsd $ ykHk)
vfrjsdrjks % More excessive : More abundant (vfrjsd $ rj)
vfrjsdks % Exceeding, excessive (vfrjsd)
vfrfjÙkdks % In excess, superfluous (vfrfjDr $ d)
vfrfjÙkks % Exceeding, in excess, extra superfluous (vfrfjDr ¾ fjp~)
vfrjkspfr % To outshine (vfr $ #p~)
vfrlk;a % Very late in the evening (vfr $ lk;e~)
vfrl;ks % Excess, excellance (vfr'k;)
vfrlquks % A mad-dog (vfr $ 'kqu)
vfrlwjrk % Great heroism (vfr $ 'kwj $ rk)
vrhralks % Past-time (vrhr $ va'k~)
vfrfFk % A guest; a stranger (vfrfFk)
vfrFkksdks % Very little, too little (vfr $ Lrksd)
vrhrks % Passed : elapsed (vrhr ¾ b)
vrhRrks % Unsatiated (v $ r`Ir ¾ r`i~)
vrho $ vfrfo; % Very exceedingly (vrho)
vfrokD;a % Bad language, abuse, blame, reproach (vfr $ okD;)
vfrolks % Subject to, in the power of (vfr $ o'k~)
vfroÙkfr % To go beyond, to pass: to overcome: to transgress (vfr $ o`Ùk)
vfrosyks % Unseasonable (vfr $ osyk)
vfrfolk % Name of a plant (vfrfo"kk)
vfroq¼ks % Very old (vfr $ o`¼ ¾ o`/~)
vrks % Hence, now, therefore (vrl~)
vrksTt % A musical instrument (vkrks| ¾ rqn~)
v=k % Here (vÂ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 59


v=ktks % Offspring, son (vkRet)
vÙkk $ vkrqek % Self, body, person, individuality = life, mind, soul (vkReu~)
vÙkHkkoh % Having a body (vkReHkko $ bu~)
vÙkHkkoks % Person, self, individual, personality = body : form (vkReu $
vÙknaMks % Punishment (vkÙk ¾ nk $ n.M)
vÙknRFkks % One’s own advantage or good
vÙkkf?kuks % Independent (vkReu~ $ v/hu)
vÙkkf/irsÕ;a % See (vf/irsÕ;)
vÙknqfr;ks % With one companion (vkReu~ $ f}rh;)
vV ð gklks % Horseslaughter (vV ð gkl)
vV ðtks % Proceeding from oneself: self begotton (vkRet)
vÙkdks % Name of a Rishi
vV kð ydks % A watch tower (vV kð yd)
vÙkeurk % Repture or delight
vÙkeuks % Rapti, deligted, joyful (vÙk ¾ nk $ eul~)
vÙkuk&vÙkuks % See (vÙkk)
vÙkuh;ks % Belonging to oneself, own (vkReu~ $ ;)
vÙk×k~×kw % Knowing oneself (vkReK)
vÙkuksina % Grammatical term meaning (vkReusin)
vÙkuriks % Self mortifying (vkReu~ $ ril~)
vÙkrks % Awarding to self (vkReu~ $ rl~)
vÙkRFkks % Self-interest, one’s own good (vkReu~ $ vFkZ)
vÙkoknks % Assertion of self or individuality (vkReu $ okn~)
vRFk % Ye are
vRFk % Here
vV ò % Eight (v"Ve~)
vRFkpfj;k % Good or wise conduct (vFkZ $ p;kZ)
vB òknl % Eighteen (v"Vkn'ku~)
vB ònLlh % A name of one of the twenty four Buddhas (vFkZ $ n£'ku~)
vB ò/k % Eight fold (v"V/k)
vV òkxeua % Setting of sun : destruction (vLre~ $ xeu)
vB òxeks $ % Setting of sun : disappearance; perishing, destruction,
vB òÄ~xeks % Annihilation (vLr $ xe)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 60


vB òda % Collection of eight things-Octad (v"Vd)
vRFkdjks % Beneficial, advantageous, useful (vFkZ$ dj~)
vB òdFkk % A commentary : exposition of meaning (vFkZ $ dFkk)
vB òD[kk;h % Giving good advice (vFkZ $ vk[;kf;u~)
vV òa % Disappearance, destruction (vLr)
vV òa % Meaning, for the sake of, purpose of: on account of, for (vFkZe~)
vV òesfr % To set (vLre~ $ b)
vV òferks % Set, gone down (vLre~ $ br ¾ b)
vB òeks % Eighth (v"Be)
vB òEeks % Octagonal (v"Vu~ $ va'k~)
vBlòa q % See frB òfr
vV òuk % Request, begging (vFkZuk)
vV òkua % Wrong place (va $ LFkku)
vVxòa PNfr % To set, to perish, to vanish (vLre~ $ xe~)
vB òÄõ % Eight divisions or parts : Eight qualities (v"Vu $ vÄõ)
vB òÄõeks % See (vB òÄõrks)
vB òÄõlhya % The Eight fold moral practice : Eight precepts (v"Vu~ $ vÄõ $
vB òÄõrks % Disappeared (vLre~ $ xr ¾ xe~)
vB òfÄõdks % Eight parts or divisions : Eightfold (v"Vu~ $ vÄõ $ bØ)
vB òÄõ˜yks % Eight inches long or thick (v"Vu~ $ vÄõ°y)
vB òÄõ˜ikslFk % Observing the eight fold uposatha viz. Athangsila (v"VkÄõ $
miolFk $ bu~)
vB òina&inks % A chequered board for draughts, dice (v"Vkin~)
vRFkj.ka % Covering; a rug : a carpet (vkLrj.k)
vRFkjkisfr % To cause, to be spread
vB òkjl % Eighteen (v"Vkn'ku~)
vB òkjleks % Eighteenth (v"Vkn'ku $ e)
vRFkjfr % To spread, to lay out, to cover (vk $ Lr`)
vRFkkjks % Spreading (vkLrkj)
vRFklRFka % Ethics (vFkZ $ 'kkL=k)
vRFklks % According to the sense or the spirit as opposed to the letter (vFkZ
$ 'kl~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 61


vRFkrks % According to sense or meaning : intelligently, sensibly (vFkZrl~)
vRFkrks % Spread, laid out (vk $ Lr`r ¾ Lr`)
vRFkRFka % For the good or advantage of (vFkZ $ vFkZe~)
vRFkoknh % Speaking truthfully (vFkZ $ okfnu~)
vB òfo/ks % Eightfold (v"Vu~ $ fo/k)
vRFkk; % For the sake of : in order to : on account of : for (vFkkZ;)
vRFksu % On account of : by reason of (vFkZ instru)
vRFkfr % To request (vFkZ)
vfRFk % To be, to exist (vl~)
vB òh % A bone: a kernal or stone of a fruit or a seed (vfLFk)
vfRFk % Desirous, wishing for (vk£Fku~)
vfRFkHkkoks % Being, existence (vfLr ¾ vl~ $ Hkko)
vfRFkda % A bone, kernal, seed (vfLFk $ d)
vfRFkdks % Connected with existence (vkfLrd)
vfV òdks % Desirous of (v£Fku~ $ d)
vfB òfeTtk % Marrow (vfLFk $ eTtk)
vfRFkrk % Being, existence (vfLr ¾ vl~ $ rk)
vB òrks % Not standing : not staying (v $ fLFkr ¾ LFkk)
vfRFkra % Existence (vfLr ¾ vl~ $ Ro)
vRFkks % Setting, disappearance, destruction : the western mountain
behind which the sun sets (vLr)
vRFkks % Desire, want, need, occasion; cause, reason, purpose : object,
aim; substance, object, thing: property, wealth; advantage,
good, welfare, meaning, sense, significance (vFkZ)
vRFkq¼kjks % Exegesis-explanation (vFkZ $ m¼kj)
vÙkks % Thrown (vLr~ ¾ vl~)
vV ðks % A watch tower (vV ð)
vV~Vks % Hurt, distressed, affiliated (vkrZ)
vV ðks % A case, a cause, Law-suit (vFkZ)
vrqyks % Incomparable, admirable (v $ rqyk)
vkrqek % A rare form of atta
vkrqjks % Ill-: diseased : affected (vkrqj)
vÙkIiks % Very small (vfr $ vYi)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 62


vo % Away, off : down (vo)
vocks/ua % Instruction (vocks/u)
vocks/ks % Full knowledge or understanding (vocks/)
vop % See opfr
vopjfr % To go through, to traverse, to occupy, to make one’s home (vo
$ pj~)
vopjks % Sphere, realm, home (vopj)
vonkj.ka % A spade or hoe (vonkj.k)
vo/kua % Attention (vo/ku)
vo/kj.ka % Ascertainment : affirmation, emphasis : restruction (vo/kj.k)
vo/kjsfr % To ascertain (vo $ /kj;fr ¾ /`)
vof/ % Limit (vof/)
vox.Mks % A protuberance on the cheek (vo $ x.M)
vox.ksfr % To neglect, to disregard (vo $ x.k~)
voxrks % Known, understood (voxr ¾ xe~)
voXxks % Unassesed (v ¾ oxZ)
vkogua % Bringing (vk $ og $ vu)
vkokgua % Getting a wife for a young man (vkokgu)
vogj.ka % Taking away, stealing (vogj.k)
vogjfr % To take away, to steal : to draw down (vo $ â)
vogkjks % Taking away (vogkj)
vkogfr % To bring (vk $ og)
vkokgks % Marriage (vkokg)
votgfr % To leave, to abandon (vo $ gk)
votkukfr % To despise (v $ Kk)
votkrks % Low born (votkr tu~)
voth;fr] % To be conquered (vo $ th;rs ¾ ft)
voTta % Blame (vo|)
voTtua % Meditation (v $ otZu)
vkoTtfr % To reflect, to consider (vk $ o`t)
vkoTtsfr % (caus) To bend, to incline, to upset (vk $ o`t)
voT>k;fr % To waste away, to perish (vo $ KS)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 63


voTtks % Not to be shunned, not forbidden, not wrong, harmless (v $
oT;Z ¾ o`t~)
vkoTtks % Low, bad, inferior
vodM~<fr % To drag down, to remove (vo $ Ñ"k~)
vodalks % Inferiority, abasement (vo $ d"kZ)
vodklks % See vksdklks
vodïfUr % Introduction, descending into (vo $ Øe~ $ fr)
voyEcua % Hanging, depending from (voyEcu)
voysiks % Anjointing; pride (voysi)
vkofy % Row or range (vkoyh)
vofyÙkks % Smeared (vofyIr ¾ fyIr~)
voyksdsfr % See vksyksdsfr
voeku % Disrespect (voekue)
voekusfr % (Caus) To despise (voeku;fr ¾ eu~)
vofLljks % Head downwords, head foremost (vok×k~p $ f'kjl~)
vou¼ks % See vksu¼ks
vofu % The earth (vofu)
vo×k~×kk % Disrespect, contempt (voKk)
vo×k~×kkrks % Dispised (voKkr ¾ Kk)
vof××krks % Dispised
vo..kks % Blame, dispraise, reproach (v $ o.kZ)
vofUr % Name of a country and its people (vofUr)
vofUrdks % Belonging to Avanti (vofUr $ d)
vokiqj.ka % A key (v $ vk $ o` $ vu)
vkoj.ka % Covering : obstruction : restraint : introduction : prohibition
volkua % See vkslku
volUuks % Depressed, languid (volUul~ ¾ ln~)
voljfr % To go to (vo $ l`)
voljks % Opportunity : occasion : turn (volj)
vkolFkks % Dwelling place, abode, house (vkolFk)
vkolfr % To dwell or to inhabit (vk $ ol~)
volslsfr % To leave, to spare (vo'ks"k;fr ¾ f'k"k~)
volslks % Remainders (vo'ks"k)
volslks % Remaining (vo'ks"k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 64


vkokfldks % Resident; living at home (vkokl $ bd~)
voflLlua % Being left : remainder (vo $ f'k"k~ $ vu)
voflrks % Furnished, determined, known, ascertained (voflr ¾ lks)
voflB òks % Remaining, left (vof'k"V ¾ f'k"k~)
volks % Unsubdued, independent, powerless (v $ o'k~)
vkoklks % Residing, dwelling : residence : monastery (vkokl)
voLla % Certainty, surely (vo';e~)
voLl;ks % Support, help, protection, refuge (vo $ vkJ;)
voLlqrks % Filled with desire, lustful (vo $ vk $ Ïqr ¾ Ïq)
volqLlfr % To dry up (vo $ 'kq"k~)
vkoVda % A pit
vkoralks % A crest: an earring (voral~)
vorkjks $ % See vksrkjks
vofr % To protect (vo~)
vofr..kks % See vksfr..kks
vkoVks % Covered, enveloped, shrouded (vko`r ¾ o`)
vkokVks % A pit, a hole in the ground (voV)
voÙkCcr % Ineffability (v $ oDrO; ¾ op~ $ rk)
vkoÙkfr % To turn : to return (vk $ o`Ùk)
vkogrks % In circumference (vkorZ $ rl~)
voRFkk % State, condition: time: period (voLFkk)
voRFkkua % Standing place: state: abiding (voLFkku)
voRFkkiua % Fixing, settling (voLFkkiu)
voRFkjfr % To strew, to cover over or up
vofV òfr % Abiding, steadiness (vofLFkfr)
vofV òrks % Abiding, steady, firm (vofLFkr ¾ LFkk)
voRFkks % Naked (v $ oL=k)
vkoÙkh % Returning (vk $ o`Ùk)
vkoV ðks % Whirlpool; circuit; circumference (vkorZ)
vo;oks % Limb; member: a part (vo;o)
vosD[kfr % To look down upon, to look at: to consider: to perceive: to foresee:
to contemplate (vo $ bZ{k)
vkosyk % A garland worn on the crown of the head
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 65


vkosf.kdks % Free from contract, detached, independent (v $ osf.k $ d)
vosja % Friendliness, mildness, kindness (v $ oSj)
vosjh % Free from hatred, mild, peaceable (v $ oSjhu~)
vosjks % Peaceable (v $ oSj)
voslua % A workshop: a dwelling: fury: entrance (vkos'ku)
vkosfldks % Entering, arriving, adventitious (vkns'k $ bd)
vOgk % Name or appellation (vkOgk)
vkOgkua % Calling, addressing (vkOgku)
vkOgk;ua % Invocation, summons (vkOg;u)
vOg;ks % Name, calling, invocatious (vkgw;)
vfOg % A ram or a sheep (vfo)
vkfOg % Full view: close before the eyes (vkfol~)
vkfoHkofr % To become visible or manifest, to appear : to be evident (vkfol~
$ Hkw)
vkfoHkkoks % Appearance, manifestation (vkfol~ $ Hkko)
vohfp % Name of one of the Eight Narakas or hells (v $ ohfp)
vfoílq % Ignorant
vkfo¼ks % Thrown (vkfo¼ ¾ O;/~)
vfonwjks % Not very far, near (v $ fo $ nwj)
vfoXxgks % The God of Love (v $ foxzg)
vfo¯glk % Merry, humanity (v $ fo $ ¯glk)
vfogks % The 12th of 16 Brahma-words (vo`g)
vfoTtk % Ignorance, error (v $ fo|k)
vfoTtekuks % Non-existtent (v $ fo|eku ¾ fon~)
vfodjksfr % To make manifest, to show, to explain (vkfol~ $ Ñ)
vkfodÙkk % One who manifests (vkfol~ $ dr`)
vfoD[ksiks % Equanimity, calmness (v $ fo{ksi)
vfoyfEcrks % Speedy (vfoyfEcr ¾ yEc~)
vkfoyks % Turbid; stained: agitated (vkfoy)
vfou;ks % Wrong or false Vinaya : misconduct : sin (v $ fou;)
vfo××kk.kdks % Without intelligence or consciousness, inanimate (v $ foKku)
vfo××kq % Ignorant, foolish, stupid (v $ foK)
vfojrks % Uninterrupted, continual (vfojr ¾ je~)
vfo:¼ks % Not contrary: unobstructed: certain: absolute (vfo:¼ ¾ #/~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 66


vfo:Ÿgks % Not grown (v $ fo:< ¾ #g~)
vkfolfr % To approach, to enter (vk $ fo'k~)
vfolslsu % Not specially, generally (v $ fo'ks"ks.k)
vforFkks % True (v $ fo $ rFkk)
vkforks % Guarded, protected
voksp % See ofÙk
vk;q/a % A weapon (vk;q/)
vkoq.kkfr $ .kksfr % To cover: to enclose, to string (vk $ o`)
vkoqlks % Friend! Brother! Sir
vkoqrkS % Covered; hedge; enclosed = surrounded: strung (vko`r ¾ o`)
vO;kdrks % Undefined, unexplained (vO;kÑr ¾ Ñ)
vO;kiknks % Absence of malice or desire to injury another person (v $
vO;kiT>ks % Free from suffering
vO;kiUuks % Free from malice or foul-desire (vO;kiUu¾ in~)
vO;klsdks % Charming, fascinating (v $ fo $ vk $ lsd)
vO;;hHkkoks % A grammatical term (vO;;hHkko)
vO;;su % Without loss, safely (v $ O;;)
vO;;ks % Unchangeable (v $ O;;)
vk;kpua % Request (vk $ ;kp~ $ vu)
vk;kpfr % To speak, to ask to request (vk $ ;kp~)
v;a % This (v;e~ ¾ bne~)
v;a % Iron
vk;efr % To draw; to strech; to extend (vk $ ;e~)
vk;kerks % In length (vk;ke $ rl~)
vk;keks % Length (vk;ke)
v;ua % A road: going: motion (v;u)
vk;Lek % Old, venerable (vk;q"eUr~)
v;lks % Ill reputation : disgrace (v $ ;'kl~)
vk;lks % Made of iron (vk;l)
vk;rua % Place: dwelling place: home: abode: seat: rendezvous, haunt,
receptacle, mine = altar, shrine: place of origin, source (vk;ru)
v;fr % To go (v;fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-02 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 67


vk;fr % Futurity, the future : length = majesty (vk;fr)
vk;kfr % To go; to approach: to return (vk $ ;k)
vk;frdks % Future (vk;fr $ d)
vk;rks % Long (vk;r $ ;e~)
vk;Ùkrk % Dependence (vk;Ùk $ vk)
vk;Ùkks % Dependent, belonging to (vk;Ùk ¾ ;r~)
v;ks] v;a % Iron (v;l~)
vk;ks % Gain; revenue: coming in, entrance (vk;)
vk;ks/ua % Battle (vk;ks/u)
v;ksXxks % An iron-lipped pestle for husking paddy (v;l~ $ vxz)
v;ks?kuks % A sledge hammer (v;l~ $ /u)
v;ksxks % Wrong practice (v $ ;ksx)
vk;ksxks % Occupation (vk $ ;ksx)
v;ksxqyks % An iron ball (v;ksxqM)
v;kse;ks % Made of iron (v;l~ $ e;)
v;ksfulks % See ;ksfulks
vk;q % Life vk;ql
vk;q¼a % See voq/a
vk;qdks % Living (vk;ql~ $ d)
vk;qla % Duration of life (vk;q"k)
vk;qÙkks % Endowed, furnished with (vk;qr ¾ ;q)
vk;qÙkdks % An agent, manager, superintendent (vk;qDr $ ,d)
v;qÙkks % Improper, wrong (v $ ;qDr ¾ ;qt~)
vÕ;dks % A grandfather, an ancestor (vk;Zd)
vÕ;ks % A Lord: chief: master: a Buddhist priest (vk;Z)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 68


cCctks % A sort of coarse grass (oYot)
cCcq % A mungoose (cHkzq)
cnjk % Cotton (cnjk)
cnjh % The jujube tree (cnjh)
cnjks % The jujube fruit (cnj)
c¼a % A leather thong or strap (o/Z)
c¼ks % Bound; fixed: continuous: acquired: contracted (c† ¾ cU/~)
ck/k % Annoyance, refutation; affliction (ck/k)
ck/fr % To obstruct; to annoy; to afflict; to oppress (ck/~)
cf/jks % Deaf (cf/j)
ckgk % The arm (ckgk)
cgkyrks % In thickness (cgy $ rl~)
cgkyks % Thick (cgy)
ckgfr&ckgsfr % To remove, to put away, to reject (okg)
cfg $ c¯g % Outward, outside (cfgl~)
cfg¼ka % Outside (cfgl~ $ /k)
ckfgjk % From outside (ckgÔr~)
ckfgjdks % External, foreign, heretical (ckgÔd)
ckfgjrks % From outside (ckgÔrl~)
ckfgjs % Outside, externally (ckgÔ)
ckfgrks % See ckgfr
cgq % Much; many : large : ample (cgq)
ckgq % Arm (ckgq)
cgqCchfg % Equivalent of cgqczhfg % Garrulous (cgq $ Hkk.k $ bu~)
cgqHkkf.krk % Garrulousness
cgqHkkoks % Quality, multiplicity (cgq
$ Hkko)
cgqHksnks % Multiform, various (cgq $ Hksn)
cgqndks % Holding much water (cgq $ mnd)
cgq/k % In many ways (cgq/k)
cgqtkxjks % Keeping many vigils, very watchful (cgq $ tkxj)
cgqtuks % Most people, the multitude, the world, mass of people, crowd
(cgq $ tu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 69


ckgqtks % A Khattiya (ckgqt)
cgqfdPpks % Having many duties: very busy (cgq $ ÑR;)
cgqdks % Much; many (cgq $ d)
cgqyhdjksfr % To increase, to extend (cgqyh $ Ñ)
cgqyhdrks % Enlarged, increased, multiplied (cgqyh $ Ñr)
ckgqŠa % Abundance (ckgqY;)
cgqerks % Esteemed: venerated (cgq $ er ¾ eu~)
ckgqewya % The armpit (ckgq $ ewy)
cgqufndks % Receiving many rivers - an epithet of ocean (cgq $ unh $ d)
cgqidkjks % Very helpful, very useful (cgq $ midkj)
cgqIinks % Liberal, munificient (cgq $ izn)
ckgqlPpa % Great learning (cgq $ Jqr $ ;)
cgqlks % Greatly, abundantly (cgq'kl~)
cgqLlqrÙka % Learnedness, eruadition (cgq $ Jqr $ Ro)
cgqLlqrks % Learned, erudite (cgq $ Jqr ¾ Jq)
cgqrj % More (cgqrj)
cgqÙka % Multitude (cgqRo)
cgqRFka % In many ways cgq $ Fke~)
cgqopu % Plural number
cgqokjdks % The tree eordiamyxa (cgqokjd)
cgqfo/ks % Various, multiform (cgq $ fo/k)
ckgÔks % External (ckgÔ)
cT>fr % To be bound: to be imprisoned (cè'rs ¾ cU/q)
cdks % A crane (the bird) (cd)
ckdqfp % The plant Veronia anthelminthica (ckdqfp)
cyXxa % Front of an army, troops in array (cy $ vxz)
cykdk % A crane (bird) (cykdk)
cydk;ks % An army (cy $ dk;)
cydkjks % Violence (cykRdkj)
ckydks % A boy; a child: young one of an animal (ckyd)
cya % Strength, power, force: an army, troops, forces: Bulkiness(cy)
cykuhdks % With strong array (cy $ vuhd)
ckyrk % Childhood (cky $ rk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 70


ckykriks % The rays of the newly risen sun (cky $ vkri)
cyfr % To live (cy~)
ckyÙka % Childhood (cky $ Ro)
cyRFkks % A royal messenger or peon: a palace servant
cyok % Strong (cycUr)
cyDÙkjks % Stonger (cyoUr~ $ rj~)
ckykorkjks % Name of a well known Pali Grammar (cky $ vorkj)
ckysÕ;ks % Fit for a child: soft (ckys;)
ckŸgks % Hard, severe, excessive (ok<)
cfy % Religious offering, oblation (cfy)
cfy % Strong (cfyu~)
cfydEea % Religious offering, offering of food to Bhutas (cfy $ deZu~)
cfyek % Receiving offerings (cfyeUr~)
cfyiqRFkks % A crow (cfy $ iq"V ¾ iq"k~)
ckfyfldks % A fisherman (cfy'k $ bd)
cfylks % A fish hook (cfy'k~)
ckfylks % Young, childish (ckfy'k~)
cfyoíks % An ox (cfyonZ)
ckyks % Young, ignorant, foolish (cky)
ckY;a % Youth, childhood (ckY;)
ck.kkf/ % Quiver (ck.kkf/)
cU/kxkja % A prison (cU/ $ vxkj)
cU/dh % An unchaste woman (cU/dh)
cU/ukxkja % A prison (cU/u $ vxkj)
cU/ua % Binding: bonds: a fetter: a band: ligature: a snare, a trap: the
state of a leaf or flower (cU/u)
cU/uh;ks % To be bound, fit to be bound (cU/uh;)
cU/kisfr % To cause to be bound: to cause to be embanked (of a river)
cU/fr % To bind: to fasten: to fix: to embank: to acquire, to get, to contract
cU/oks % A kinsman (ckU/o)
cU/sfr % To cause to be bound: to bind: to tie: to fix; to fasten (cU/;fr ¾
cU/ks % Binding: bonds: union: bondage (cU/)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 71


cU/q % A relative, a kinsman (cU/q)
cU/qthoks % The plant Pentapetes Phoenicea (cU/qtho)
cU/qdks % The plant Pentapetes Phoenicea (cU/wd)
cU/qjks % Uneven, undulating (cU/qj)
cU/qek % Having relatives (cU/qeUr~)
ck.kks % An arrow (ck.k)
cIiks % A tear (ck"i)
ckjk.klsÕ;dks % Belonging to Benaras (ckj.kls; $ d~)
ckjk.klh % City of Benaras. (okjk.klh)
ckjl % Twelve (}kn'ku~)
cfjga % A peacock’s tail (cgZ)
cfjgh % A peacock (c£gu~)
cfjfgla % Sacrificial grass (c£gl~)
c¯Ùklk % Thirty two (}kf=ka'kr~)
cOgkck/ks % Much sickness (cgq $ vkck/)
ckohlfr % Twenty two (}k¯o'kfr)
csyqoks % Relating to the vilva tree; made of vilva wood (oSYo)
Hkk % Light, ray, splendour (Hkk)
HkkCcks % Right, proper, good, well-conducted; future (HkO; & HkkO;)
HkPpks % A servant, an attendant (Hk`O;)
HknUr % A venerable man: a Buddhist priest (HknUr)
Hkínkl % The tree Pinus, Deodara (Hknz $ nkl)
HkídPpkuk % Name of Siddhartha’s wife
Hkídks % Good, happy (Hknzd)
HkídqEHkks % A jar with holy water; an auspicious vase (Hknz $ dqEHk)
HkíeqÙka % The grass Eyperus Rotundas (Hknz $ eqrZ)
Hkíink % Name of two Nakkhattas (Hknzink)
Hkís % Madam (Hknzs)
Hkíks $ Hknzks % Good, excellent, noble, worthy, pious; fortunate auspicious,
happy (Hknz)
Hkkx/sÕ;a % Lot, destiny (Hkkx $ /s; ¾ /k)
Hkxa % Power, majesty; fortune, prosperity; fame, glory; virtue, merit:
desire, love: pudendum muliebre (Hkx)
HkxUny % Fistula (Hkxanj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 72


Hkxok % Worshipful, venerable, blessed, holy (HkxoUr~)
Hkkxok % Partaker of, having a share in (HkkxoUr~)
HkXxk % Name of a people of country (HkkxZ)
HkXxoks % A descendent of Bhrigu (HkkxZo)
HkXxks % Broken (HkXu & Hk×k~t)
Hkkxh % Partaking in, undergoing, suffering (Hkkfxu~)
HkkfxusÕ;ks % A sister’s son, nephew (Hkkfxus;)
Hkfxuh % A sister (Hkfxuh)
HkkxhjFkh % The Ganges (HkkxhjFkh)
Hkkxh;ks % Connected with, conductive to (Hkkx $ ;)
Hkkxks % A portion, part, share; region, quarters; lot, destiny (Hkkx)
Hkxq % Name of one of the ten Rishis (Hk`x)
HkkX;a % Fortune, lot, destiny; good and evil aquired in former exist-
ences, karma (HkkX;)
Hkktua % A vessel, bowl, jar: dividing, distribution (Hkktr)
Hkktisfr % (Caus) To cause to be distributed (Hkktisfr)
Hktfr % To serve, to honour; to be devoted to; to follow (Hkt~)
Hkktsfr % To divide, to distribute (Hkkt~)
HkkTtkisfr % To cause to be fried or baked
HkTtfr % To fry, to roast, to bake (HkzTt~)
Hkkdjks % The sun (HkkLdj)
HkD[kdks % Voracious (Hk{kd)
HkD[k.ka % Eating, enjoying (Hk{k.k)
HkD[ksfr % To eat: to devour: feed upon (Hk{k)
HkD[kks % Eating, feeding on (Hk{k)
HkD[kks % Eatable, to he eaten (Hk"; ¾ Hk{k~)
HkŠkrdks $ dh % The marking nut plant, semicarpus anacardium (HkŠkrd)
HkŠh % The marking nut plant (HkŠh)
Hka % A star, a lunar asterium = a planet (Hk)
Hkedkjks % A turner (Hkze $ dkj)
Hkekisfr % (caus) To cause to revolve
Hkejks % A bee (Hkzej)
Hkefr % To whirl about: to revolve, to roam (Hkze)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 73


Hkesfr % To cause to revolve, to whirl (Hkze;fr
¾ Hkze~)
Hkeks % Whirling a lathe: a watercourse, drain (Hkze)
Hkeq] Hkeqdks % An eyebrow
Hkk.kdks % A jar (Hkk.Md)
Hkk.kdks % Reciting, saying, preaching (Hkk.kd)
Hkk.k % Reciting, saying (Hkk.k~)
Hk.ka % Expounding: telling (Hk.ku~)
Hk.kfr % To say, to speak, to recite, to preach (Hk.k~)
Hkk.kokja % A recitation, a portion for recital (Hkk.k $ okj)
Hk.MxCHkks % A store-room (Hk.M $ xHkZ)
Hk.Mkxkfjdks % A treasurer; royal - treasurer (Hkk.Mkxkfjd)
Hk.Mda % A utensil, implement (Hk.Md)
Hk.Mkdh % The plant solanum Melongena (Hk.Mkdh)
Hk.Ma % Utensil, wares; goods property: the stock in trade of a trades-
man (Hkk.M)
Hk.Mua % Quarrelling, strife (Hk.Mu)
Hk.Mfr % To quarrel, to abuse (Hk.M)
Hkf.Mdk % An article: utensil: a bundle (Hkf.Mdk)
Hkf.Mdks % The plant Pentapetes Phoxenicea (Hkf.Md)
Hkf.Myks % The tree Mimosa Sirisha (Hkf.My)
Hk.Mq % Shaven, bald, used as an interjection of emphasis, Like to be
some look here, It is a familiar term of address
Hk.ks % Aterm offen used for addressing inferiors
HkkÄõks % Hemp (HkkÄõ) % Speaking, talking (Hkk.k $ bu~)
Hk.khrks % Speaking, talking ( ¾ Hk.k~)
Hk×k~tua % Breaking, fracturing, injuring, destruction
Hk×k~×kfr % To be spoken, told : preached
HkUrs % Short form of HknUr
HkUrks % Whirling, rolling, confused (HkzkUr ¾ Hkze~)
Hkkuq % The Sun (Hkkuq)
Hkkuqek % Luminous, brilliant (HkkuqeUr)
Hkkj}ktks % Name of one of the ten Rishis
Hkkjdks % A load (Hkkjd)
Hkj.ka % Bearing, supporting, maintenance
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 74

Hkkjiknrk % Elephantiasis of the leg (Hkkj $ ikn $ rk)
Hkkjra % The Mahabharata (Hkkjr)
Hkjfr % To bear, to support, to flourish (Hk`)
Hkkjrh % Speech (Hkkjrh)
Hkkjh % Carrying, bearing (Hkkfju~)
Hkkfjdks % A porter (Hkkfjd)
Hkkfjdks % Serious, grievous (Hkkfjd)
Hkkfjrks % Filled with (Hkfjr)
Hkfj;k % Wife (Hkk;kZ)
Hkkfj;ks % Serious, grievous
Hkjks % Supporting (Hkj)
Hkjks % A load: much, excessive (Hkj)
Hkjks % a weight, burden: charge: duty, business (Hkkj)
Hkklk % Speech, language (Hkk"kk)
Hkklk % Light, radiance (Hkklk)
Hkklua % Lustre, radiance (Hkklu)
Hkklfr % To speak, to say, to address (Hkk"k~)
Hkklfr % To shine (Hkkl~)
Hkklsfr % To illuminate
Hkkflrk % One who speaks or utters (Hkkf"kr`)
Hkkflrks % Spoken; told; spoken to; addressed (Hkkf"kr~)
HkLea % Ashes (HkLeu~)
HkLehHkofr % To be reduced to ashes (HkLeh $ Hkw)
HkLehdj.ka % Reducing to ashes (HkLeh $ dj.k)
Hkklks % A vulture (Hkkl)
HkLla % Talk (Hkk";)
HkLljks % Shining, brilliant (HkkLoj)
HkLlfr % To fall (Hkza'k $ Hkz'k~)
HkLr % A bellows (HkLrk)
Hkklqjks % Shining (Hkklqj)
Hkkrk % A brother; a cousin germane (Hkzkr`)
Hkrdks % A servant or hireling (Hk`rd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 75


Hkfr % Support, maintenance: wages, hire (Hk`fr)
Hkkfr % To shine, to appear (Hkk)
HkkfrdÙka % State of being a brother (Hkzkr` $ d $ Ro)
Hkfrdks % One who works on wages: labourer (Hk`fr $ d)
Hkkfrdks % A brother (Hkzkr` $ d)
HkVks % A soldier (HkV)
HkÙkk % A husband (Hkr`)
HkÙkXx % A refrectory (HkDrkxz)
HkÙkdkjks % A cook (HkÙkQ $ dkj)
HkÙkfdPpa % Business of food i.e. meal (HkDr $ ÑR;)
HkÙka % Boiled rice: meal (HkDr)
HkRFkks % Fallen (Hkz"V ¾ Hkza'k~)
HkRFkks % Fried or roasted (Hkz"V ¾ HkzTt~)
HkfÙk % Division; service: devotion (HkfÙkQ)
HkÙkqísldks % One whose duty is to regulate the distribution of food to the
priests (HkÙkQ $ mís'k $ d)
Hkkrqdks % A brother (Hkzkr` $ d)
Hkkrquks $ HkkrqLlk % See Hkkrk
HkokHkoks % Repeated births; existence under difterent forms successively
(Hko $ Hko)
HkofnfB ò % The heresy of believing matter and being to be everlasting (Hko
$ n`f"V)
HkoXxa % Culmination of ‘existence’ (Hko $ vxz)
HkoD[k;ks % Ceasation of birth or existence, Nirvana (Hko $ {k;~)
Hkoa % Lord, Sir (HkoUr)
Hkkouk % Producing, increasing, developing; being devoted to; realizing,
attaining: earnest cosideration, meditation (Hkkouk)
Hkoua % Being, existence: a house: dwelling, palace (Hkou~)
Hkkoua % Consideration, reputation (Hkkou)
Hkkouke;ks % Consisting of or sprung from meditation (Hkkouk $ e;)
HkousfÙk % Desire, lust (Hkous=kh)
Hkouh;ks % That ought to be; that must be
HkoUrk % See (Hkoa)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 76


HkoUrja % Another birth or existence, either, previous or subsequent (Hko
$ vUrj)
Hkofr $ gksfr % To be: to exist: to become: to take place: to befall: to behave (Hkw)
Hkkosfr % To cause to exist; to produce; to increase, to enlarge,
(caus) to perfect: to be occupied with, to practice, to be versedin: to
develop the idea of: to dwell upon; to contemplate (Hkko;fu ¾ Hkw)
Hkkfo % Future (Hkkfou~)
HkfoLlfUr % Future tense
HkforCcks $ % That is or aught to be (HkforO; ¾ Hkw)
Hkkforks % Increased, enlarged: perfected: trained: practiced: occupied
with, intent; attained: performed (Hkkfor ¾ Hkw)
Hkoks % Being, existence: birth, origin: renewed existence: gain,
increase, welfare (Hko)
Hkkoks % Property, nature: state, condition: meaning, intention: gesture,
amorous, dalliance: substance, thing (Hko)
HkO;ks % Existing: being (HkO; ¾ Hkw)
Hk;a % Fear, fright; danger, calamity (Hk;)
Hk;kudks % Frightful, horrible (Hk;kud)
Hk;Äïjks % Fearful, dreadful (Hk;adj)
Hkk;fr % To fear, to be afraid (Hkh)
Hk;B òks % In danger; terrified (Hk; $ LFk)
Hksndks % One who breaks or causes disunion (Hksnd)
Hksnudks % Liable to be broken (Hksnu $ d)
Hksnua % Breaking, division (Hksnu)
Hksnsfr % To break, to cleave, to divide (Hksn;fr ¾ fHkn~)
Hksnh % Breaking, cleaving (Hksfnu~)
Hksnks % Breaking; division; disunion; = breach: schism, sort kind (Hksn)
Hksdks % A frog (Hksd)
Hksj.Mks % A jackal (Hksj.M)
Hksjoks % Fearful, terrible (HkSjo)
Hksfj % A Kettle-drum, tomtom (Hksfj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 77


Hkslta % A medicine, drug (Hks"kt)
HkslTta % A medicine, drug (HkS"kT;)
Hksleks % Terrible (Hks"k~)
HksÙkk % One who breaks (Hksr`)
HksRok % See fHkUnfr
Hkh % Fear (Hkh)
fHknk % Difference, kind (fHkn~)
fHkTtua % Breaking up dissolution
fHkTtfr % See fHkUnfr
fHkTtks % To be broken (fHk?k ¾ fHkn~)
fHkD[kk % Begging: alms: begged food (fHk{kk)
fHkD[kkpfj;k % Going about for alms, going the rounds (fHk{kk $ p;kZ)
fHkD[kkpkjks % Going the rounds for alms (fHk{kk $ pkj)
fHkD[kfr % To ask for food, to beg (fHk{k~)
fHkD[ % A female mendicant: a Buddhist nun or priestess (fHk{
fHkD[kqlÄ~?kks % A company of priests (fHk{kq $ la?k)
fHkeks % Dreadful, horrible, cruel (Hkhe)
¯Hkluks % Dreadful, horrible (Hkh"k.k~)
¯Hklkisfr % To frighten, to terrify (Hkh"k; ¾ Hkh)
¯Hkfldk % Terrifying, an alarum (comp Hkh"kk )
fHkUnua % Breaking; destroying (fHkUnu)
fHkUnfr % To break, to destroy, to divide, to separate (fHkn~)
fHkfUnokyks % A sort of spear (fHkfUniky)
fHkÄõjktks % Name of a shrub, Eclipata Prostrata (Hk`Äõ $ jkt)
fHkÄïkjks % A golden vase (Hk`Äõkj)
fHkÄïks % A young elephant
fHkUudks % Schismatic (fHkUud)
fHkUuks % Broken; divided; disunited: separated: other: different: joined,
Hkh# % Timid; afraid (Hkh#)
Hkh#dks % Timid; afraid (Hkh#d)
Hkh#rk % Timidity; dread (Hkh#rk)
fHklDdks % Physician (fHk"kt~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 78


fHkla % Film or fibres of the stalk of the water-lily (fHkl)
fHklh % A mat or mattress (o`"kh)
fHklhyks % Timid (Hkh $ 'khy)
Hkhfr % Fear (Hkhfr)
Hkhfr % Frighten, afraid (Hkhr ¾ Hkh)
fHkfÙk % A wall of earth or masonary (fHkfÙk)
Hkh;ks $ fHkÕ;ks % More (Hkw;al~)
Hkh;ks $ fHkÕ;ks % Again, further, besides: repeatedly, frequently: much (Hkw;l~)
fHkÕ;kslkslÙkk; % More and more, exceedingly and abundent (Hkw;'kl~ $ dat ek=k)
Hkks % Sir! Friend! (Hkks
$ vksl~)
Hkksxok % Wealthy (HkksxoUr~)
Hkksxh % A snake, a village headman (Hkksfxu~)
Hkksfxuh % A royal concubine (Hkksfxuh)
Hkksxks % A snake’s body: snake’s expanded hood: a fold: eating, enjoying
food, wealth (Hkksx)
Hkkstdks % A village headman (Hkkstd)
Hkkstu % Food (Hkkstu)
Hkkstuh;ks % To be eaten (Hkkstuh;)
Hkkstkisfr % To feed, to entertain
Hkkst;fr % To cause to eat, to feed: to maintain: to entertain (Hkkst;fr ¾
Hkksth % One who eats (Hkksftu~)
HkksTtks % To be eaten, edible (HkksT; ¾ Hkqt~)
HkkUrks] HkksUrh % See Hkoa
HkksÙkk % One who enjoys eating (HkksÙk`Q)
HkksÙkCcks % To be eaten (HkksÙkQO;)
HkksÙk % See HkqTtfr
Hkksoknh % A Brahman, who utters Bho (Hkks $ okfnu~)
Hkw % The earth (Hkw)
Hkw % An eyebrow (Hkzw)
HkwHkqtks % A king (Hkwtqt~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 79


Hkw/jks % A mountain (Hkw $ /j)
Hkwtk $ Hkwtks % The arm (Hkqt~)
Hkqtxks] HkqtÄõeks] % A snake (Hkqtx
a )
HkqtÄõks %
HkqtiÙkks % The Bhojpatra tree (HkwtZ$ i=k)
Hkqtfljks % The shoulder (Hkwt $ f'kjl~)
HkqftLlks % A feed slave, a freedman: a freeman (Hkqft";)
Hkwedks % Having stages or stories (Hkwe $ d)
Hkwfe % The earth, the stage, place, degree, state: the ground: storey of
a house (Hkwfe)
Hkwfedk % Story or stage (Hkwfedk)
HkwfeUnks % A king (Hkwfe $ banz)
Hkwfeikyks % A king (Hkwfe $ iky)
Hkwfeiks % A king (Hkwfe $ i)
HkqEeRFkj.ka % A carpet (Hkwfe $ vkLrj.k)
HkqEeë òks % Standing on the ground
HkqEeks % Terrestrial (HkwE;)
HkwukFkks % A king (HkwukFk)
Hkq×tua % Enjoying, eating
Hkq×tfr % To eat, to partake of, to enjoy: to possess, to govern (Hkqt~)
Hkq×k~th % Eating (Hkqt $ bu~)
Hkwikyks % A king (Hkw $ iky)
Hkwifr % A king (Hkw $ ifr)
Hkwiks % A king (Hkwi)
Hkwfj % Much, many, abundant, Wisdom (Hkwfj)
Hkwjh % The earth (Hkw£.k or Hkwfjt~)
Hkwlk % Adornment (Hkw"kk)
Hkqla % Chaft or corn (cql)
Hkqla % Much, exceedingly (Hk`'kUV)
Hkwlua % Ornament (Hkw"k.k)
Hkwlsfr] Hkwlkisfr % To adorn (Hkw"k)
Hkwlks % Much, excessive (Hk`'k)
Hkwr/jk % The earth (Hkwr $ /j)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 80


Hkwrxkeks % Vegetation, grass, plants, shrubs (Hkwr $ xzke)
Hkwrifr % Indra (Hkwr $ ifr)
Hkwriks % A yakkha chief or king (Hkwr $ i)
HkwriqCcks % Existing before (Hkwr $ iwoZ)
HkwrÙka % State of being a bhuta (Hkwr $ Ro)
Hkwroknh % Speaking according to facts or truithful (Hkwr $ okfnu~)
HkwrosTtks % An exorcist (HkwroS|)
HkwrfoTtk % Knowledge of spirits or demons, exorcism (Hkwr $ fo|k)
Hkwfr % Being, existence, birth: welfare (Hkwfr)
Hkwfr.ka $ .kda % A fragrant grass (Hkwu`.k)
Hkwrks % Been, become, being: past, former: true, real, right (Hkwr ¾ Hkw)
HkqÙkok % Having eaten (HkqÙkQoUr~)
HkqÙkkoh % Having eaten (HkwÙkQ $ fou~)
HkqfÙk % Eating, enjoying (HkqfÙkQ)
HkqÙkks % Eaten, possessed, used (HkqÙkQ ¾ Hkqt~)
HkqRok % See Hkq×k~tfr
Hkqoua % The world (Hkqou)
Hkqfo % See Hkw
Hkq;fr % See Hkofr
chHkPpks % Loathsome: dreadful: altered: disguised (chHkRl)
chtxkeks % Collection of seeds (cht $ xzke)
chta % A germ; a seed: cause: origin: prudendum (oht~)
fcykya % A sort of salt
fcykyks % A cat (fcMky)
fcya % A hole or charm (fcy)
fcya % A part or a bit (fcM)
fcyÄõks % Sour gruel
fcykjks % A cat (fcMkj)
fcyl % Bit by bit (fcM $ 'kl~)
fcŠks % The tree eagle Masmelos (fcYo)
fcEck % A name of Yasodhara (fcEck)
fcfEcdk % The plant Momordica Monadelpha (fcEc $ bdk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 81


fcfEclkjks % Name of a king of Magadha; convert of Buddha (fcEch $ lkj)
fcEcks $ fcEca % Reflection or image: disc of Sun or Moon (fcEc)
fcEcksgua % A pillow
fcUnq % A drop or spot: a little circle or dot used as a symbol for anusvara
chj.ka % A fragrant grass (ohj.k)
ckS/dkjks % One whose duty is to awaken a prince with music and song (cks/
$ dj)
cks/ua cks/usÕ;ks % Knowing, Understanding (cks/u)
cksf/ifD[k;ks bdks % Accessory to Bodha or supreme knowledge (cksf/ $ ikf{kd)
cks/fr % See cqT>fr
cks/sfr % (caus) To inform: to teach: to cause to blossom (cks/;fr ¾ cq/)
cksf/ % The knowledge possessed by a Buddha; supreme or infinite
knowledge; omniscience, the truth; a Bodhi-tree; a precept
cksf/ekydks % The sacred enclosure in which a Bo-tree stands
cksf/e.Mya % The region surrounding the Bo-tree
cksf/e.Mks % The miraculous throne under Bodhi which was occupied by
Buddha when he attained Buddhahood (cksf/ $ e.M)
cksf/lÙkks % A being destined to attain Buddhahood (cksf/ $ lÙo)
cks/ks % Knowledge, wisdom, intelligence: supreme knowledge,
Buddhaship (cksf/)
cksT>Ä~xks $ % Member or constituent of Bodhi
cksfUn % The body
czgk % Large, great (c`gr~)
czãk % The Hindu Brahma: a Brahmin parents : a Buddha: an arahata
czãkcU/q % A Brahmin (czãu~ $ cU/q)
czãpkjh % A religious student: celible: chaste: holy (czãu $ pkfju~)
czãpfj;a % Duties or practice of a religious student : celibacy, chastity,
purity: life of holiness led by the sanctified : living according to
Buddha’s precepts (czãu~ $ p;Z)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 82


czãpfj;k % Celibate, chaste, holy, virtuous (czãp;Z $ oUr~)
czãpfj;oklks % Living as a religious student; living life according to Buddhist
law (czãp;Z $ okl~)
czã?kkslks % Glorious voice, or voice like that of Mahabrahma (czãu~
$ ?kks"k)
czãtkya % Name of first sermon of the Sutta Pitaka (czãu~ $ tky)
czãtks % Sprang from Brahma or Brahmin (czãu~ $ t)
czãdkf;dks % Belonging to the suit of Mahabrahma (czãu~ $ dk; $ bd~)
czãyksdks % World of Brahma (czãu $ yksd)
czãa % The practice of austere devotion; the vedas (czã)
czkã.kegklkyks % A wealthy Brahmin (czkã.k $ egk'kky)
czkã.kh % A brahmin woman (czkã.kh)
czã×k~×krk % Brahminhood (czkã.; $ rk)
czkã.kks % A Brahmin or an Arahata (czkã.k)
czãifD[kdks % Belonging to the Brahmanical party (czãu~ $ i{k $ bd)
czãikfjlTtks % Belonging to the retinue of Mahabrahma (czãu~ $ ik"kZ/)
czãiqjksfgrks % Minister or priest to Mahabramha (czãu~ $ iqjksfgr)
czãLljks % The voice of a Mahabrahma (czãu~ $ Loj~)
czãfogkjks % Excellent or perfect state; abode in Brahma world (cz ã u~ $
czfo czwfr % To say; to tell; to call, to name (Hkw)
czwgsfr % (caus) To increase, to augment, to develope, to perfect, to devote
oneself to (c`g;fr ¾ o`g)
cqCcqGda % A bubble (cqCcqn~ $ d)
cqCcqGa % A bubble: a blister : a pimple (cqCcqn)
cqHkqD[kfr % To wish to eat, to be hungry (cqHkq{krs ¾ Hkqt~)
cqHkqfD[krks % Hungry (cqHkqf{kr~)
cq¼Hkkoks % Buddhahood (cq¼ $ Hkko)
cq¼Hkwfe % Degree or condition of Buddhahood (cq¼ $ Hkwfe)
cq¼pD[kq % Buddha’s eye or omniscience (cq¼ $ p{kql~)
cq¼/Eeks % Condition or attribute of a Buddha (cq¼ $ /eZ)
cq¼?kkslks % An eminent Buddhist who flourished in the 4th century A.D.
cq¼dIiks % A Kalpa in which one or two Buddhas appear (cq¼ $ dYi)
cq¼fdPpa % That which is to be done by Buddha or his mission (cq¼ $ ÑR;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 83


cq¼Ä~dqjks % One destined to be a Buddha or his embryo-like (cq¼ $ vÄ~dqj)
cq¼Urja % Period between death of and appearance of the other Buddha
(cq¼ $ vUrj)
cq¼lklua % Religion or commandment of Buddha (cq¼ $ 'kklu~)
cq¼rk % Knowledge (cq¼ $ rk)
cqM~<rk % Seniority or old age (oq¼ $ rk)
cqM~<rjks % Elder or senior (oq¼ $ rj)
cq¼Ùka % Buddhahood (cq¼ $ Ro)
cq¼fol;ks % The extent of Buddha’s power or wisdom (cq¼ $ fo"k;)
cqf¼ % Understanding, knowledge, intelligence (cqf¼)
cqf¼dks % Having faith in Buddha (cq¼ $ bd)
cqf¼ek % Intelligent, wise (cqf¼eUr~)
cq¼ks % Known, intelligent, understood, enlightened, wise (cq¼ ¾ cqèk)
cq¼ks % A supreme Buddha : Gautam Buddha or Sakya muni (cq¼)
cqM~<ks % Old, aged (oq¼ ¾ o`/)
cq¼Iiknks % Birth of a Buddha in the world (cq¼ $ mRikn~)
cq/ks % Wise (cqè;u~)
cqT>ua % Knowing
cqT>fr % To know, to perceive, to understand (cqè;rs $ cq/)
cqfUndkc¼ks % Name of a sort of a bed
O;×tua] O;kiua] % See Vyanjanani, Vyapanani and Vyuho etc.
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 84


p (conj) % And, but, even (p)
pPpja % A square, where four roads meet; a courtyard (pRoj)
pkxd % Generous, liberal (R;kx $ oUr~)
pkxh % Giving away, liberal (R;kfxr~)
pkxks % Abondoning, forsaking, resigning, giving away, self sacrifice,
liberality (R;kx)
ptfr % To abandon, to resign, to give up, sacrifice (R;t~)
ptua % Being abandoned, or given away
pdïyD[k.ka % The figure of a wheel under the foot of a Buddha (pØ $ y{k.k)
pdïa % A wheel: a potter’s wheel: a circle: discuss: an army, a multitude:
a body of religious doctrine: a region, tract circuit: happy state,
good fortune (pØ)
pdïiknks % A cast, carriage (pØ $ ikn)
pdïikf.k % Vishnu (pØ $ ikf.k)
pdïjrua % The magic wheel of a cakkavatti moarch, which rolls before him,
when he makes his royal tour (pØjRu)
pdïokdks % The ruddy goose, annas casarca (pØokd)
pdïokGa] ya % A world, a sphere (pØokV or pØoky)
pdïokGiCcrks % The lofty wall of mountains, encircling the cakkavala, forming
the world’s limit (pØokV $ iCcr)
pdïoÙkh % A universal monarch (pØo£ru~)
pdïOgks % The ruddy goose, annas casarca (pØ $ vkg~ok)
pD[kk;ru $ % The organ of the eye, the sense of the sight (p{kql~ $ vk;ru)
pD[kq $ pD[kqa % The eye: insight, perception, supernatural insight or knowledge
pD[kqek % Having eyes or sight, seeing, having supernatural insight or
wisdom (p{kq"eUr~)
pD[kqfUnz;a % The organ of the eye, the faculty of sight, the vision (p{kql~ $
pD[kqiFkks % Range or reach of vision (p{kql~ $ iFk)
pD[kqfo×k~×kkua % The faculty of vision: eye-consciousness (p{kql~ $ foKku)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 85


pdïhdks % A bard or encomiast (pkfØd)
pdksjks % The greek partridge (pdksj)
pykpyks % Unsteady (pykpy)
pyua $ pkyua % Shaking, trembling (pyu $ pkyu)
pyuh % A swift, antelope (pyuh)
pyfr % To move, to shake, to tremble (py~)
pkysfr % (caus) To move, to shake (pky;fr ¾ py~)
pfyrkss Trembling; shaking (pfyu~ ¾ py~)
pykss Trembling, unsteady, uncertain, transient (py~)
pkyks % A shaking (pky)
pkeja % A yak’s tail used as a whisk to drive away flies, it is one of the
insignia of Royalty (pkej)
pejks % The yark ox (pej)
pkehdja % Gold (pkehdj)
pEedkjks % Cobbler (peZdkj)
pEea % Skin, hide; a shield (peZu)
pEik % Name of a town in India, the present Bhagalpur (pEik)
pEidks % The Champak tree, Michelia Champaca (pEid)
pEisÕ;dks % Belonging to, an inhabiting champa (pEik $ ,; $ dS)
pEisÕ;ks % The champak tree (pEik $ ,;)
pew % An army (pew)
pewifr % A general, a commander in chief (pew $ ifr)
peq# % A sort of deer (peq:)
p.kdks % A chick pea (p.kd)
p×pyfr % To move, to proceed: to dance (p×py)
pUnHkkxk % Name of a river in India (panHz kkxk)
pUndks % An eye in the pea-cock’s tail (panzd)
p.Mkyks % A chandala or a man of lowest caste (p.Mky)
pUnua] uks % The sandal-wood, tree : unctuous, fragrant preparations made
from sandal wood (pUnu)
pUnfudk % A dirty pool at the entrance of a village
pfUndk % Moon-light (pafnzdk)
p.Mhdrks % Provoked, angry (p.Mh $ Ñr ¾ Ñ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 86


pfUnek % The moon (panzel~)
pUnks % The moon (pUnz)
p.Mks % Wrathful; harsh; cruel; fierce: savage; violent (p.M)
pUnksn; % The rising of the moon (pUnz $ mn;)
pÄõksVdks % A casket
pÄïeua % Walking up and down: a covered walk or eloister (pÄ~Øe.k)
pÄïefr % To walk up and down (pÄ~Øe~ ¾ Øe)
pÄïeks % A covered walk, arcade, portico, cloister (pÄ~Øe~ ¾ v)
piyks % Tickle; unsteady; swift (piy)
pkfidks % An archer (pki~ $ bd)
pkiks] pki % A bow (pki)
pjkpjks % Movable (pjkpj)
pkjdks % Walking about, wandering (pkjd)
pj.ka % The foot; a fixed observance or practice: good conduct (pj.k)
pjkisfr % To cause to walk; to drive
pjfr % To walk; to wander: to act, to behave: to live (pj~)
pkjh % Walking, living, acting (pkfju~)
pkfjdk % Moving or walking about, wandering, roaming (pj~ $ bdk)
pfjeks % Last: subsequent (pje)
pfjra % Action: conduct, life (pfjr~
¾ pj~)
pfjÙka % Practice; observance (pfj=k)
pfj;k % Walking, roaming: observance, practice, conduct (p;kZ)
pfj;kfiVda % “Treasury of conduct”–15th book of Khuddaka Nikaya
pjks % Going, walking, moving (pj)
pjks % A spy (pj~)
pkjks % Walking, roaming; a spy (pkj)
p# % An oblation to the Devas (p#)
pk# % Agreeable, charming, beautiful (pk#)
pldks $ plda % A drinking vessel (p"kd)
pVdks % A sparrow (pVd)
pkrdks % A sort of cuckoo, Cuculus Melanoleneus (pkrd)
prjlks % See Cattaro
pkfV % An earthenware vessel; a chatty: a jar: water pot (pkfV)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 87


pÙkk % One who resigns or gives away (R;ÙkQ~)
pÙkkfjla] % Forty (pRo¯j'kr~)
pÙkkyhlfr] fjlk
pÙkkjks] prqjks % Four (pRokj)
pÙkks % Relinquished, sacrificed (R;ÙkQ ¾ R;t~)
prq % See Cattaro
prqCcXxks % Assemblance of four things (prqj $ oxZ)
prqfCc/ks % Four-fold (prqj $ fo/k)
prqHkkxks % Fourth part quarter (prqj~ $ Hkkx)
prqHkwfedks % Having four stages (prqj $ Hkwfedk)
prqíl % Fourteen (prqn'Z kZu~)
pkrqífldks % Belonging to the 14th day (pkrqnZ'kh $ d)
pkrqílh % Fourteenth (prqn'Z k)
prqfgla % The four cardinal points (prqj~ $ fn'k~)
prqfílks % Coming from the four quarters; ruling the four quarters (prqj $
prq}kja % Four gates (prqj $ }kj)
prq/k % In four parts, fourfold (prq/kZ)
prqTtkfrxU/h % Perfume of four sorts (prqj $ tkfr $ xU/~)
prqdïa % A square, where four-roads meet, a collection of four things
prqdïala % Four Kamas
prqDd..ka % Four corners (prqj $ d.kZ)
prqdï.kks % Heard only by two people, secret council (prqj~ $ d.kZ)
prqdïks % Consisting of four: four-fold (prq"d)
prqeXx % Four paths(prqj~ $ ekxZ)
prqekla % Four months (prqj~ $ ekl)
pkrqEegkHkfrdks % Consisting of, or relating to, the four elements (prqj $ egk $ Hkwr
$ bd~)
prqEeq[kks % Having four faces or fronts (prqj~$ eq[k)
prqfudk;dks % Versed in the four Nikayas (prqj~ $ fudk; $ d)
prqiPp;a % The four requisites (prqj $ izR;;)
prqifjla % Four assemblies (prqj $ ifj"kn)
prqikfjlqf¼lhya % Four precepts of purity (prqj $ ifj'kqf¼ $ 'khy)
prqIinks % A quadruped (prqj~ $ in)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 88


prqIiknks % Having four Padas (prqj~ $ ikn)
prqjÄõh % Consisting of four divisions (prqj $ vÄõhu~)
prqj…ya % Four fingers or inches (prqj~ $ v…y)
prqjUrk % The earth (prqjUrk)
pkrqjUrks % Lord of the earth or of the four priests
prqjkiLlsuks % Endowed with the four aparsenas
prqjklhfr % Eighty four (prqj'khfr%)
prqjLlks % Quadrangular, regular (prqj $ vJ)
prqjks % See pÙkkjks
prqjks % Skillful, clever (prqj)
prqlPpa % The four truiths
prqlaojlhya % Four precepts of restraint (prqj $ laoj $ 'khy)
prqlV~fB % (prqj $ "kf"B)
Sixty four
prqRFkks % Fourth (prqFkZ)
prq¯Ùklfreks % Thirty-fourth
prqoXxks % Consisting of four individuals (prqj~ $ oxZ)
prqohlfr % Twenty-four (prqj $ fo'kfr)
prqohlfreks % Twenty-fourth
poudks % Disappearing (P;ou~)
pofr % To disappear; to vanish; to leave: to have one world and to be
reborn in another (P;q)
pkosfr % (Caus) To cause to fall, or depart from; to cause to vanish from one
world or reborn elsewhere (P;ko;fr ¾ P;q)
p;ks % A heap, quantity, a bundle (p;~)
ps % Even if (psn~)
psya % A cloth: a garment (psy)
psyqD[ksiks % Throwing up or a waving a cloth (py $ mR{ksi)
psVdks % Servant, a slave (psVd)
psruk % Consciousness, thought, sense, intention (psruk)
psrkiua % Purchase money
psrkisfr % To collect, to get to-gether
psrlk % See psrks
psrfld % Mental (pSrfld)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 89


psrsfr % To think (psr;fr ¾ fpr~)
psfr % Name of a people who inhabitated Bundelkhanda (psfn)
psVh] psVhdk % A maid servant, a slave girl (psVh) (psfVdk)
psfr;a % A religious building or shrine, or temple or Buddhist relic-
shrine (pSR;)
psrks $ psra % The mind, the heart, the thoughts (psrl~)
psVd % A servant or slave (psV)
psrksf[kyks % Hardness of heart or stubbornnes (psrl~ $ f[ky~)
psrksifj;×kk.ka % Encompassing the heart of others, the ways of the heart
prksifj;k;×kk.ka] (psrifjfoKku)
NG % Six ("k"k)
NCofXx;ks % Causing of six individuals ("k"k~ $ oxZ $ ;)
NCo..kks % Six-coloured ("k"k~ $ o.kZ)
NCcLla % Six years ("k"k~ $ o"kZ)
NfCc/ks % Six fold ("k"k~ $ fo/k)
NfCclfr] NCchlk % Twenty-six ("kfÄ~o'kfr)
NCchlfreks % Twenty-sixth ("k"k~ $ fo'kafre~)
Nnua % Covering, roof; a leaf (Nnu~)
Nknua % Covering (PNknua)
Nknkisfr % To cover; to endorse
NM~Mdks % Throwing away, removing
Nía % A roof (PNÁu~)
Níua % Rejecting; see chaddeti
NíUrks % Name of a mythical elephant; name of one of the seven great
lakhs ("k"k~ $ nUr)
Nîókisfr % To cause to be removed
NM~Msfr % To throw away, to remove, to abandon, to reject, to cast off; to
set aside: to leave out, to omit; to put, to place: to throw up, to
vomit (PNnZ] PN`n~)
N¼k % In six ways ("kM/k)
Nfídk % Vomiting (PN£ndk)
Nîóhrks % Thrown away, rejected, abandoned, left
Nknsfr % To cover, to conceal: to render invisible (PNn~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 90


Nfn % A covering or roof (Nfnl~)
Nkfnrks % Covered, concealed (Nkfnr ¾ Nn~)
Nknks % A cover or a leaf; a wing (Nn~)
N}kja % The six apertures or avenues of body ("k"k~ $ }kj)
N}kfjdks % Connected with the six apertures
NTtks % Name of one of the notes of the Hindu gamut ("kMt~)
Ndydks % A he-goat (Nxyd)
Ndyks % A he-goat (Nxy)
Nda % A dung or excrement ('kÑr)
Ndua % The dung of animal ('kÑr)
NDd.kks % Heard only by three people: secret counsel ("k"k~ $ d.kZ)
ND[kÙkqa % Six times ("k"k~ $ ÑRol~)
Ny % See N
NGfHk××kk % The six supernatural faculties ("k"k~ $ vfHkKk)
NGa % Fraud; stratagem; pretext; trembling (PNy~ comp L[kyu~)
NGÄõ % Six qualities ("k"k~ $ vÄõ)
Nek % The earth ({kek)
NEHkfr % To tremble; to be alarmed: to be paralysed with fear (LrEHk~)
NfEHkrÙka % Trembling, consternation, stupefaction (LrafHkr $ Ro)
NEekla % Six months ("k"k~ $ ekl)
NUnlks % Conversant with the csnk¿, a brahmin (NkUnl~)
NUnks % Wish, desire, intention; will, resolve: power: consent: approval
NUnks] NUna % The vedas; metrics; prosody (NUnl~)
NUnksfofpfr % One of the Vedangas-prosody (NUnl~ $ fofpfr)
N…ya % Six finger-breadth or inches ("k"k~ $ v…y)
NUua % See N
NUuoqfr % Ninty six ("k.kofr)
NUuks % An ordinance
NUuks % Concealed; secluded; private; covered; clothed; suitable; appro-
priate (NUu ¾ Nn~)
N..kks % Festival ({k.k~)
Nkiks] Nkidks % The young of an animal ('kko)
NkIinks % A bee ("kV~in)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 91


NIiUukl % Fifty-six ("kV~ip
a k'kr~)
NjÙk % A period of six nights ("k"k~ $ jk=k)
Nkfjdk % Ashes ({kkfjdk)
Nrda % Famine
Nkrks % Hungry, famished (Ilky ¾ Ilk)
NÙk/jks % Parasol bearer (N=k $ /j~)
NÙk % A parasol or umbrella: the royal parasol or canopy, one of the
insignia of royalty: royal dominion, sovereigity (N=k)
Nra % A body or corpse
NÙki..kks % Name of a tree (N=k $ i.kZ)
Nê òks % Sixth ("k"B)
N¯Ùklk] N¯Ùklfr % Thirty six ("kV~¯=k'kr~)
N¯Ùklfreks % Thirty-sixth
NfÙk;fr % To treat as a parasol
Nodks] Noks % A corpse ('ko$ d) ('ko)
Nfo % The skin (Nfo)
Noks % Vile ('ko)
Nk;k % Shade; shadow; reflected image: splendour: pretext, fiction
Nsndks % That ought to be torn (Nsnu $ d)
Nsnua % Cutting, severing: destruction, loss, expenditure (Nsnu~)
Nsnkisfr % To cause, to be cut off (Nsn;fr $ fNn~)
Nsnks % Cutting, loss, severing; destruction waste (Nsn)
NsTtks % That ought to be cut off (Ns?k)
Nsdks % Skilful, expert, elever (Nsd~)
NsRok] fNUnfr] % A hole: aperture: a rent: a gap = a defect (fNnz)
fNíok % Full of holes (fNnz$ oUr~)
fNfírks % Perforated (fNfnzr $ fNnz~)
fNíks % Perforated (fNnz)
fNXxya % A hole
fNUnkisfr % (caus) To cause to be cut off or cut down
fNUnfr % To cut: to cut off: to cut down: to interrupt, to stop: to remove:
to destroy (fNn~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 92


fNUnsfr % To cause to be cut
fNUuks % Cut off, cut down, interputed, stopped, destroyed, removed
(fNUu ¾ fNn)
Nq¼ks % Mean, contemptible ({kqnz)
Nqiua % Touching (Nqi $ vu)
Nqifr % To touch (Nqi~)
Nqfjdk % A knife (Nqfjdk)
fpfPpVa % The splash to the seat; the bubbling or boiling water
fpfPpVk;fr % To spalsh, to hiss, to bubble
fp.g] fpUga % A mask, a sign (fpUg)
fpfdPNfr % To cure (fpfdRlfr ¾ fdr~)
fpD[kŠa % Mud or swamp (fp[ky $ ;)
phukfiêða % Red lead (phu $ fi"V ¾ fi"k~)
phujëò % China (phu $ jk"Vª)
fpukfr % To heap up: to collect: to gather (fp)
fp×pk % Tamarind tree (fp×pk)
fp…yda % A mimic windmill made with palm leaves
fp..kks % Performed or practised (ph.kZ $ pj~)
fpUrk % Thought, meditation (fpUrk)
fpUrsfr % To think: to think of: to devise: to mind: to regard (fpUr~)
fpfUrrks % Thought, thought of (fpfUrr)
fpfiVks % Flattered, stumpy (fpfiV)
fpjfØ;ks % Dilatory (fpj $ fØ;k)
fpja % Bark, fire (phj)
fpjUruks % Old, ancient (fpjaru)
fpjIiHkqfr % Since long
fpjjÙka % A long time (fpj $ jka=k~)
fpjLl % For a long time : long since
fpjLlqrks % Not heared of for a long time (fpj $ Jqr ¾ Jq)
fpjrjks % Longer, slower (fpj $ rj~)
fpjfêòfr % Lasting long, perpetuation (fpj $ fLFkfr $ d)
fpjk;fr % To tarry (fpjk;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 93


phjh] phfjdk % A cricket (phjh) (phjh $ dk)
fpjks % Long continued, lasting (fpj)
fprk % A funeral pyre or pyre (fprk)
fprdk % A funeral pile (fpj $ dk)
fprdks % A funeral pile (fpj $ d)
fprks % Heaped up, heaped or pressed together (fpr ¾ fp)
fp=kdfFk % Eloquent (fp=k $ dFkk $ bu~)
fp=kks % See fpÙkks
fpÙkk % Name of a Nakkhatta (fp=kk)
fpÙkkHkksxks % Consciousness, sensitiveness (fpÙk $ vkHkksx)
fpÙkkxkj % A theatre (fp=k $ vkxj)
fpÙktks % Sprung from the heart, mental (fpÙk $ t)
fpÙkdk % A woolen woven counterpane of many colour (fp=k $ dk)
fpÙkda % A sectarial mark on the fore-head (fp=kd)
fpÙkdrks % Variegated, painted (fp=k $ Ñr ¾ Ñ)
fpÙkD[ksiks % Madness (fpÙk $ {ksi)
fpÙkdks % The plant plumbago Zeylanica (fp=kd)
fpÙkdwVks % Name of a mountain in Bundelkhand (fp=k $ dwV)
fpÙkyrk % Name of one of Indra’s gardens (fp=k $ yrk)
fpÙka % A painting (See Citto)
fpÙka % The heart; the mind; thought; an idea: will, intention (fpÙk)
fpÙkihGk % Swooning (fpÙk $ ihMk)
fpÙkfoCHkeks % Madness (fpÙk $ foHkze~)
fpÙksfr % To paint, to variegate (fp=k~)
fpÙkhdkjks % Consideration, respect (fpÙk $ dkj)
fpÙkks % Name of a month (pS=k or fp=k)
fpÙkks] fp=kks % Shining; varieated, painted: various: beautiful: wonderful (fp=k)
phcja % The tattered dress of a mendicant, the dress or robes of a
Buddhist monk (phoj)
ph;fr % To be heaped up (ph;rs¾ fp)
pksndks % One who rebukes or exhorts (pksnd)
pksnuk % Rousing: inciling: rebuke: reproof, accusation: complaint (pksnuk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 94


pksnukoRFkq % Ground or cause for accusation (pksnuk $ oLrq)
pksnkisfr % To cause to be rebuked, or urged
pksíl % Fourteen (prqn'Z ku~)
pksílks % Fourteenth (prqn'Z k~)
pksnsfr % (Caus) To rouse; to exhort; to urge; to rebuke, to reprove; to complain,
to accuse; to draw a person’s attention, to remind; to speak to,
to warn (pksn;fr $ pqn~)
pksy % Name of a people (pksy)
pksydks % Belonging to the Cola country (pksyd)
pksyks % Cloth (pksy)
pksjsfr % To steal (pksj;fr ¾ pqj)
pksfjdk % Theft (pkSfjdk)
pksj % A thief: robber: bandit: outlaw; a felon (pksj)
pqcqda % The chain (pqcqd)
pqP;q % A radish (pqP;q)
pqpqda % A nipple (pwpwd)
pqíl % Fourteen (prqjn'kZu)
pqílks % Fourteenth (prqn'Z k~)
pwGk % A single lock of hair left on the crown of the shaven head: top
knot; a crest: diadem (pwMk)
pwGkef.k % A jewel worn in the crest or diadem (pwMk $ ef.k)
pwfydk % Root of an elephants ear (pwfydk)
pwŠklhfr % Eighty four
pqŠh % A fire place (pqŠh)
pqŠks] pqyks] pqŠks % Small ({kqYy)
pqEcdks % A load stone, a magnet (pqEcd)
pqEcVa] pqEcVda % A circular roll of cloth used as a support for a vessel carried on
the head (pqEcd)
pqEcfr % To kiss (pqEc~)
pqUndkjks % A turner (dqUn $ dkj)
pq..kda % A romatic powder (pw.kZ $ d)
pq..ka % A romatic powder for the toilet (pw.kZ)
pq.ksfr % To grind, to crush, to pulverise (pw.kZ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 95


pq..ka % Dust powder, Chuman or lime cement (pw.kZ)
pwfr % Disappearance, vanishing, death: leaving one world to be born
in another (P;qfr)
pqrks % See pkofr
pwrks % The mango tree, Magnifera Indica (pwr)
pqrqiikrks] % Vanishing and reappearance; leaving one world and being
pqrqIikrks born in another (P;qfr $ miikr $ mRikr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 96


nCca % Object, thing; material, substance; a fit object; wealth, property;
fuel (nzO;)
nCHkks % Kusa grass (nHkZ)
nCch % A spoon (nohZ)
nkCch % Name of a plant (nkohZ)
nnkfr] nsfr] % To give, to grant, to give up; to allow (nk)
níkŠfr % To blaze, to shine brilliantly (tkToY;fr ¾ Toy~)
níjh] níjhdks % A sort of drum (comp nnZj ) (nnZfjd)
níjks % Name of a mountain (nnZj)
n¼ks % Burned, scorched, consumed (nG/ $ ng)
níq % A kind of entaneous erruption (nêò)
níqjks % A frog (nnqZj)
n/kfr] ngfr % To put, to hold, to bear (/k)
nf/ % Milk curds (nf/)
nnks % Giving (nn~)
nkgdks % Setting on fire (nkgd)
ngua % Consuming by fire, burning (ngu)
nguks % Fire (ngu)
ngjks % Young (ngj)
nkgfr % To burn; to consume by fire; to torment (ng~)
ngks % A lakh (nzg)
nkgks] Mkgks % Burning, conflagration; suffering, torment, grief (nkg)
<Ttk % See nnkfr
nTtfr % To give
nda % Water (nd)
nD[krk % Skill (n{krk)
nD[kfr % See Passati
nfD[k.kk % A gift or present to a Buddhist monk: an offering to a peta
nfD[k.kfXx % One sort of sacred fire, that which is taken from the domestic
fire and placed to the south (nf{k.k $ vfXu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 97


nfD[k.kEcq % Same thing as Dakkhinodakam (nf{k.k $ vEcq)
nfD[k.kkiFkks % The southern country (nf{k.k $ iFk)
nfD[k.krks % On the south; on the right hand (nf{k.kÙkl~)
nfD[k.kkoÙkks % Turning to the right (nf{k.k $ vkorZ)
nfD[k.kkfolqf¼ % Purity of a gift (nf{k.kk $ fo'kqf¼)
nfD[k.kk;ua % The half of the year, when the sun moves to the south of the
equator (nf{k.kk;u)
nfD[k.ksÕ;ks % Worthy of offerings ( comp. nf{;)
nfD[k××ka % Kindness, affability (nkf{k.;)
nfD[k.kks % Right = southern = dextrous (nf{k.k)
nfD[k.kksnda % Water of donation (nf{k.kk $ mnd)
nD[kfUr % See (iLlfr)
nD[kks % Clever, skilful (n{k)
Mkd] Mkda % A vegetable; a herb ('kkd)
nya % A leaf (ny)
nkysfr % (Caus) To split, to break (nky;fr ¾ ny~)
nYg;fr % To make firm (nz<Ô ¯dok n`<Ô)
nGghda] nYghdj.ka % Making firm, strengthening, confirmation(n`<h $ deZu $ dj.k)
nGgks % Hard, firm, strong, excessive (n`< ¾ n`g~)
nfGíks] nfyíks % Poor, neady (nzfjnz)
nkfyeks % Pompergranate tree (nkfye)
nedks % Who practices self mortification by living on the remnants of
offered food (ne $ d)
nkea % A rope, a string or wreath (nkeu~)
neua % Subduing (neu)
neFkks % Self control, self command, subjugation (neFk)
nEHkks % Deceit (nEHk)
nesfr % (Caus) To tame, to subdue, to overcome: to convince (ne;fr ¾ ne~)
nfeGks % A Tamil, Dravidian, a Malabari
nkfeGks % A Dravidian
nferks % Tamed, subdued (nfer ¾ ne)
nesfr % To be tamed or subdued (ne)
nfEe % See nnkfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 98


nEeks % To be tamed (nE; ¾ ne~)
neks % Self command, subjugation of the senses, self-restraint, absti-
nence: long suffering: punishment, discipline: temperance; so-
briety (ne~)
nalks % A gad-Fly (na'k)
nkua % Purification (nku from nS)
nkua % Cutting or breaking off (nku from nk to cut)
nkua % Giving a gift, a donation: almsgiving, charity, liberality (nku)
nkua % The fluit that flows from an elephants temples when in rut
nkue;ks % Consisting of, or connected with alm-giving (nku $ e;)
nkukjgks % Worthy of grifs (nku $ vgZ)
nkulks.Mks % Profusely, liberal, munificent (nku $ 'kkS.M)
nkuoRFkq % Cause for giving: object for a gift (nku $ oLrq)
nkuoks % An Asura (nkuo)
n.MdEea % Atonement, penance, penal, discipline, ecclesistical punish-
ment (n.M $ deZu~)
n.Mdks % A stick, a staff (n.Md)
n.Muhfr % The science of criminal justice (n.M $ uhfr)
n.Msfr % To punish (n.M~)
nU/ks % Idle, slothful, slow, heavy, foolish (rUnz)
n.Mh % One who carries a staff (nf.Md)
nf.M;ks % Punishable (n.M;)
n.Mks % A staff, a pole = a handle: a stalk or stem: punishment, penalty:
violance, cruelty (n.M)
nkfu % Now (bnkfue~)
nUrPNnks % The lip (nUr $ Nn~)
nUr/kouks % The tree acacia catechu (nUr $ /kou)
nUrtks % Dental (nUr $ t)
nUrdV òa % A tooth brush, a piece of wood used for cleaning the teeth (nUr
$ dk"B)
nUre;ks % Made of ivory (nUr $ e;)
nUriks.kks % A tooth cleaner (nUr $ iou)
nUrlV òks % The lime or lemon (nUr $ 'kB)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 99


nUrkoj.ka % The lip (nUr $ vkoj.k)
nfUr % Self control (nkfUr)
nUrh % An elephant (nfUru~)
nUrks % A tooth; an elephant’s tusk: ivory (nUr)
nUrks % Tamed, subdued: trained: broken: self controlled: temperate
(nkUr ¾ ne~)
nUrksB òtks % Dental labial
nuq % Name of the mother of the asuras (nuq)
nkuqIifÙk % Rebirth of an arms giver according to his wish (nku $ mRifÙk)
nkisfr % (Caus) To cause to be given ({ki;fr ¾ nk)
nIiuks % A mirror (niZ.k)
nIiok % Proud (niZ $ oUrq)
nIiks % Pride (niZ)
nkjdks % An infant, a child, a boy, a son (nkjd)
nkj.ka % Clearing (nkj.k)
njFkks % Oppression, Suffering, pain (nj $ Fk)
njh % A cave, a grotto (njh)
nkfjdk % A girl or young woman (nkfjdk)
nkfjrks % Torn asunder, divided (nkfjr $ n`)
njks % Tear, pain, suffering (nj)
nkjk % A wife (nkj)
nk# % Wood (nk#)
nk#gfyík % Name of a plant (nk# $ gfjnzk)
nk#tks % Made of wood (nk# $ t)
nk#da % A wood or log (nk# $ d)
nk#e;ks % Made of wood, wooden (nk#t;)
nk#.kks % Harsh, evere, terrible, dreadful (nk#.k)
nl % Ten (n'ku~)
nl % The skirt or border of a garment: condition, state: period or age
nlcya % Ten forces
nlcyks % One who possesses the ten Balas (n'ku~ $ cy)
nl/k % In ten ways (n'k/k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 100


nl/Eea % Ten objects (nl $ /eZ)
nlfnLla % Ten directions
nlkga % Ten days (n'ku~ $ vga)
nleks % Tenth (n'ke~)
nlua % Biting
nluks % A tooth (n'ku)
nlUrks % The border of the skirt (n'kk$ vUr)
nllru;ks % Thousand eyed, a name of Indra (n'ku~ $ 'kr $ u;u)
nllhya % The ten precepts (n'ku $ 'khy~)
Mlfr % To bite (na'kq)
nloXxks % Consisting of ten individuals (n'ku~ $ oxZ)
nklO;a % Slavery, servitude
nklhnkla % Maid servants and man servants (nklh $ nkl)
nklks % A slave, a servant (nkl)
nLla % See nnkfr
nLlua % Seeing, sight; meeting or associating with: opinion, doctrine,
belief: knowledge (n'kZu)
nLluh;ks] nLlusÕ;ks % Beautiful (n'kZuh; ¾ n`'k~)
nLlfr % See nnkfr
nLlkoh % Seeing
nLlfr % (Caus) To show; to point out; to show oneself (n'kZ;fr ¾ n`'k~)
nLlh] nfLlFk % See iLlfr
nLlh % Seeing, showing (n'kZu~)
nfLlrks % Shown, exhibited (n£'kr ¾ n`'k~)
nfLlok % Having seen (n£'kolq)
nLlh;rh % To be shown
nkrk % A giver (nkr`)
nkrCcks % To be given (nkrO; ¾ nk)
nkBk % A tooth, a tusk, a fang (na"Vªk] nk<k)
nkBk/krq % Tooth-relic (nk<ka $ /krq)
nkBh % Having tusks or fangs (nkaf"Vªu)
nkrks % Cuts (nkr ¾ nks)
nkÙka % A sickle (nk=k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 101


nV òCcks % To be seen (nz"VO; ¾ n`'k~)
nV òks % Held or siezed, in the mouth or teeth: bitten (nz"V ¾ na'k~)
nVq òa % See Passati
nfÙk % Offering (nfÙk)
nfÙkeks % Received by donation (nfÙke~)
nÙkq % Stupid
nkÙkqa] nÙok % See nnkfr
nkR;qgks % A gallinule (nkR;wg)
ncua % Burning, heat
ncFkq % Burning, heat, inflamation (noFkq)
noks % Quick, motion; sport, amusement (nzO;)
noks % Burning, inflamation; a forest (no)
nkoks % A forest (nko)
n;k % Mercy, compassion (n;k)
nk;knks % A kinsman; an heir (nk;kn)
nk;Tta % Inheritance; dowery (nk;k/)
nk;dks % Giving, a giver, a benefactor (nk;d)
n;kyq % Compassionate, merciful (n;kGq)
nk;ua % Reaping ( from nks)
n;kiUuks % Compassionate (n;k $ vkiUu ¾ in~)
n;kijks % Compassionate (n;k $ ij)
n;fr % To give, to allot, to protect (n;~)
nk;fr % To give (nk;~)
Mãfr % See Mgfr
nk;h % Giving (nkf;u~)
nf;rks % Beloved (nf;r ¾ n;~)
nk;ks % A gift, separate property of a wife (nk;~)
nk;ks % A forest, a wood (nko)
nsgqHkks % A kind of lizard without legs
nsguh % A threshold (nsgyh)
nsgh % An animal or creature (nsfgu~)
nsgks] nsga % The body (nsg)
nsf.M;ks % A kind of drum (fMf.Me)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 102


nsldks % A district (ns'k $ d)
nsldks % Showing, teaching, a teacher (ns'kd)
nsluk % Instruction: preaching; a sermon; or discourse; showing(ns'kuk)
nslkisfr % To cause to be pointed out
nslsfr % (Caus) To point out; to teach: to show: to preach: to expound: to confess
(ns'k;fr ¾ fnO;)
nsfldks % One who shows or teaches (nsf'kd)
nsflrok % Having preached or taught (nsf'kr $ oUr~)
nsflrks % Shown, pointed out, taught, preached (nsf'ku~ ¾ fn'k~)
nsfl;ks % Belonging to a country (ns'kh;)
nslks % A place; a region; a district: a country: a part, a side (ns'k)
nsfr % To give
Msfr % To fly (M;fr ¾ Mh)
nso % See (nsoks)
nsojk: % Deodar wood or pine (nso $ nk#)
nsonÙk % Buddha’s cousin and rival (nsonÙkks)
nsonsoks % Angel of angels, highest of celestial beings, an epithel of Buddha
(nso $ nso)
nso/Eeks % Of Celestial nature, godlike(nso $ /eZ)
nsof/rk % A female goddess or angel (nsonqfgr`)
nsonqUnqfHk % Thunder (nso $ nqUnqfHk)
nsonwrks % A messenger from the Gods (nso $ nwr)
nso[kkrda % A natural pond (nso $ [kkr $ [ku~ $ d)
nsodqya % A non-Buddhist temple: a family of royal blood (nso $ dqy)
nsodqlqea % Cloves (nso$ dqlqe)
nsoky;ks % A Hindoo temple (nso $ vky;)
nsoyksd % World of devas or angels, the god, world, heaven: a deva heaven,
a god-world (nsoyksds)
nsoua % Sport: custom: desire to win: praise (nsou)
nsoiqÙkks % A deva (nso $ iq=k)
nsojktk % King of the devas Indra (nso $ jkt)
nsojTta % Sovereignty over the devas (nso $ jkT;)
nsojks % A husband’s brother: a brother-in-law (nsoj)
nsoflda % Daily (fnol $ bd~ $ e~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 103


nsork % A deva, a celestial being, an angel, a deity (nsork)
nsorkMks % The grass lipeoceris (nsorkM)
nsora % A Deva (nSor)
nsokfrnsoks % The deva who is over all devas i.e. Buddha (nsokfrnso)
nsoÙka % Devaship (nsoÙo)
nsoV ðkua % A holy place : a cetiya: celestial abode (nso $ LFkku)
nso;ksuh % Of celestial origin (nso $ ;ksuh)
nsoh % A female deva; a nymph: a goddess, a green (nsoh)
nsfoUnks % King of the Devas Indra (nso $ bUnz)
nsfoÙka % Queenship (nsohRo)
nsfofRFk % A female deva. a goddess or nymph (nso $ L=kh)
nsoks % A god: celestial being, an angel; a cloud, a king, the sky: the air:
the death (nso)
nsÕ;/Eeks % A gift, an offering (ns; $ /eZ)
nsÕ;ks % To be given (ns; ¾ nk)
/tkyq % Adorned with flags (èot~ $ vkyq)
/tok % Adorned with flags (èotoUr~)
/th % Having flags (èofuu~)
/tks % A flag: a mark or symbol (èot)
/kea % Light or splendour or dignity (/keu~)
/euh % A Vein; a nerve (/efu)
/euks % A reed (/eu)
/efr % To blow (èek)
/EeHk.Mkxkfjdks % Treasurer of the law, a name of Ananda (/eZ $ Hkk.Mkxkfjd)
/EekfHkle;ksa % Comprehension of the truith (/eZ $ vfHk $ le;)
/Eepdïa % Dominion of the laws (/eZ $ pØ)
/EepD[kq % The eye of the law (/eZ $ p{kql~)
/Eepkjh % Living according to the law: virtuous (/eZ $ pkfju~)
/Eepfj;k % Religious life, piety (/eZ $ p;kZ)
/Eepkjks % Pious (/eZ $ pkj)
/Eenkua % Gift of the knowledge of the law of Dhamma (/eZ $ nku)
/EenLlh % Name of one of the twenty four Buddhas (/eZ $ n'kZu~)
/Eensluk % Religious teaching, a sermon, a discourse (/eZ $ ns'kuk)
/Eek/Eeks % True and false doctrine (/eZ $ v/eZ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 104


/Ee/jks % Versed in the Buddhist Scriptures (/eZ $ /j)
/Eekf/ilsÕ;lhya % See vf/irsÕ;a
/Eethoh % Living rightously (/eZ $ thfou~)
/EedFkk % A religious discourse, an exposition of the scriptures: conversa-
tion on religious subjects (/eZ $ dFkk)
/EedfFkdks % One who expounds the law; one who has the gift of preaching
(/eZ $ dFkk $ bd)
/Eedsrq % Standard of the law (/eZ $ dsrq)
/EeD[k.Mks % Branch of doctrine; division of the dhamma or scriptures(/eZ $
/Eea % See /Ee
/Eekera % The nectar of the law (/eZ $ ve`r)
/Eeuh % A rat- snake
/Eekuq/Eeks % See vuq/Eeks
/Eeina % A religious sentence: name of one of the books of the Tipitaka:
body or portion of Dhamma
/EeiD[kks % The side, cause or party of true religion (/eZ $ i{k)
/Eejktk % King of Dhamma, Buddha (/eZ $ jktu~)
/Eekjkeks % One who dwells in the law (/eZ $ vkjke)
/Eejlks % Table or sweetness of law (/eZ $ jl)
/Eejfr % Delight in the law, pleasure caused by religion (/eZ $ jfr)
/EelHkk % A religious meeting place (/eZ $ lHkk)
/Eelkyk % A hall where religious scriptures are expounded and read
/Eeklua % A pulpit, a seat on which the priest sat while preaching (/eZ $
/EelÄõf.kIidj.k % Name of the first book of Abhidhammapitaka
/Eelo.ka % Attending the preaching of a sermon or exposition of a religious
doctrine (/eZ $ Jo.k)
/Eelsukifr % Captain of the faith, a name of Sariputta (/eZ $ lsuk $ ifr)
/Eelkeh % Lord of Dhamma - Buddha (/eZ $ Lokfeu~)
/Eerk % Custom, habit: nature (/eZ $ rk)
/EeV ðks % Just, rightous (/eZ $ LFk)
/Eeoknh % Speaking according to the law, orthodox (/eZ $ okfnu~)
/Eefop;ks % Investigation of Doctrine, religious research (/eZ $ fop;)
/Eefou;ks % Doctrine and discipline (/eZ $ fou;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 105


/Eek;rua % Ideas, thoughts
/fEe % Having the nature or quality of (/£eu~)
/Eeh] /EehdFkk % See /Eeks
/fEedks % Religious, pious; orthodox: (/k£ed)
/fEeyks % Braided hair (/fEeŠ)
/fEeLljrk % Supremacy in religion, lordship of Dhamma (/Ee $ bZ'ojrk)
/Eeks] /Eea % Nature, condition, quality, property, characterstic, function,
practice, duty: object, thing, idea, phenomenon: doctrine, law,
virtue, piety: justice law or truth of Buddha: the Buddhist
scriptures, religion (/eZ $ /eZu~)
/Eeks % Religious (/keZ)
/aldks % Destroying (èoal $ vd~)
/alfs r % (Caus) To destroy: to fall (èoal;fr ¾ èoal~)
/afl % Destroying, mischievious, back biting (èoaflu~)
/aflrks % Felled, fallen (èoaflu~ ¾ èoal~)
/kuk % Fried Barly (/kuk)
/uPNsnks % (/u $ Nsn~)
Expense, waste
/ukxeks % Revenue (/u $ vkxe~)
/udhrks % A slave bought with money (/u $ dhr ¾ dh)
/ua % Property, wealth, treasure, money (/u)
/u×tkfu % Loss of wealth (/u $ T;kfu)
/uok % Wealthy (/uoUr~)
/fu % Sound, noise (èofur ¾ èou~)
/fuV ðk % Name of one of the Nakkhattas (?kfu"Bk)
/.kdks % A crow; sort of crane (/kÄõ)
/k××ka % Grain, corn (/kU;)
/k××keklks % A certain measure (/kU; $ ek"k)
/k××kfEcya % Sour rice gruel (/kU; $ vkEy)
/××kks % Fortunate, lucky (/U;)
/uks % A bow, a measure of length (/uqe~)
/uqXxgks % An archer (/uql~ $ xzg)
/jk % The earth (/jk)
/kjk % A torrent, a stream; a shower; the sharp edge of a cutting
instrument (/kjk)
/kjk/jks % A cloud (/kjk $ /j)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 106


/kjdks % Bearing (/kjd)
/jek.kdks % Living (/jek.k ¾ /` $ d)
/j.ka % Bearing; a weight of ten Palas (/j.k)
/kj.ka % Presuming; bearing in mind; bearing, supporting (/kj.k)
/ % The earth (/
/jfr % To like (/`)
/kjsfr % To bear; to carry; to hold: to keep: to wear, to possess: to restrain:
to bear in mind: to know by heart (/kj;fr ¾ /`)
/kjh % Bearing in mind; wearing (/kfju~)
/kfj;fr % To be carried, worn
/jks % Bearing; wearing; possessing, keeping in mind knowing by
heart (/j)
/krdh % The shrub Grislea Tomertoso (/krdh)
/krjV ðks % Name of one of the four Maharajas: a sort of goose (/`rjk"Vª)
/krh % A nurse; a woman servant (/k=kh)
/krq % Primary or elementary substance; principle, element, material;
a property of a primary substance, as a colour, taste, sound: an
organ of sense: a bodily principle or humour of which there are
three phelgm, wind and bile; a Constituent of the body as flesh,
blood, bones; the remains of a body after cremation: a sacred
relic: a fossil: a metal (/krq)
/krqxCHkks % A relic- receptacle or shrine: the inner room of a stupa in which
the sacred relic was deposited (/krq $ xHkZ)
/krqdFkkIidj.ka % Name of the third book of the Abhidhamma (/krq $ dFkk $
/krqdks % Affected with (/krqd)
/krqyksdks % World of Dhatus, the aggregate of different elements (/krq $
/krqa % See Dadhati
/oyks % White, glittering (/oy)
/koua % Running, going: washing (/kou)
/kofr % To run, to go (/ko)
/oks % A husband, a shrub (/o)
/suq % A milch cow (/suq)
/suqdk % A milch cow (/qudk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 107


/souh % Name of one of the notes of the Hindoo gamut (/Sorh)
/sÕ;a % Realm, region (è;s; ¾ /k)
/h] f/ % Shame! fie! woe! (f/d~)
/h % Knowledge, intellect (/h)
/hek % Wise (/heUr~)
/hjÙka % Fortitude (/hj $ Ro)
/hjks % Wise: resolute, firm, brave (/hj)
/hrk % A Daughter (nqfgr`)
f/fr % Wisdom; fortitude; energy; courage (/`fr)
/hfrdk % A daughter (nqfgr` $ dk)
f/frek % A courageous, firm (/`freUr~)
/hojks % A fisherman (/hoj)
/h;fr] /hÕ;fr % To be contained (/h;rs ¾ /k)
/ksjÕgks % A beast of burden, an ox (/qj $ okg $ ;)
/ksrks % Washed, cleaned, clear (/ksy ¾ /ko~)
/ksoua % Washing (/kou)
/ksofr % To wash, to cleanse (/ko~)
/wfy % Dust (/wfy)
/wedsrq % Fire, a comet (/we $ dsrq)
/weks % Smoke, cremation of a dead-body (/we)
/wE;kVks % The fork-tailed strike (/wE;kV)
/wuua % Shaking off
/wukfr % To shake (/q)
/wifr] /wik;fr % To fumigate; to spit smoke (/wi)
/wfirks % Suffering, pain (/wfir)
/wiks % Incense (/wi)
/qja/jks % Bearing a burden: used metaphorically of a priest who supports,
who is a supporter or pillar of religion
/qjks] /qja % A yoke: a burden, an office, charge, trust: a chief, Leader: the
front of the head (/qj)
/wljks % Grey (/qljks)
/wrÄõ % The thirteen Dhutangas are certain ascetic practices, the obser-
vance of which is meritorious in a Buddhist priest
/qrks] /wrks % Shaken: removed (/wr] /wr ¾ /w)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 108


/qÙkks % Fraudulent and gamster (/wrZ)
/qofr % To go (/zq)
/qoks % Firm, stable: continual, permanent: fixed, certain (/zqo)
fnCcpD[kq % Divine eye, supernatural vision (fnO; $ p{kql~)
fnCcpD[kqdks % Possessing the heavenly eye (fnO; $ p{kql~ $ d)
fnCce;ks % Celestial (fnO; $ e;)
fnCclksra % Divine ear, supernatural hearings (fnO; $ Jks=k)
fnCcfr % To play, to sport (fnu~)
fnCcks % Celastial, heavenly, angetic, divine (fnO;)
fnLlfr % To see (n`'k~)
fn¼ks % Smeared (fnX/ ¾ fng)
nhf/fr % Ray, light (fnfFkfr)
fnxPNk % Another form of jigaccha
fnxEcjks % Naked (fnxEcj)
fnfX/dk % An oblong pond or a moat (nh£/dk)
nh?kHkk.kdks % See (Hkk.kdks)
nh?knlks % Having a large fringe or border (nh?kZ $ nlk)
nh?knLlh % Far seeing, prophetic (nh?kZ $ nf'kZu~)
nh?kthoh % Long lived (nh?kZ $ thfor~)
nh?kdkya % For a long time (nh?kZ $ dky)
nh?kdks % Long (nh?kZ $ d)
nh?kfudk;ks % Long collecton (nh?kZ $ fudk;)
nh?kfifV ðdks % A snake (nh?kZ $ i`"B $ bd)
nh?kjra % For a long time (nh?kZ $ jk=k)
nh?klks % In length, lengthways (nh?kZ $ 'kl~)
nh?klqÙkks % Slow, dilatory (nh?kZ $ lw=k)
nh?krk % Length (nh?kZrk)
nh?krks % In length (nh?kZ $ rl~)
nh?kÙk % Length (nh?kZRo)
nh?ko.Vks % The tree calosanthes Indica (nh?kZ $ o`Ur)
nh?kk;qdks % Long lived (nh?kZ $ vk;q $ d)
nh?kks % Long (nh?kZ)
fnxq % A grammatical term, one of the samasas (f}xq)
fnxqPNfr % Another form of Jigucchati
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 109


fnxq.kks % Two fold, double, twice as many (f¼ $ xq.k)
fntks % See (f}tks)
fnD[kk % Sacrifice; worship, devotion (nh{kk)
fnudjks % The sun (fnu $ dj)
fnua % Day (fnu)
fnuifr % The sun (fnu $ ifr)
fnfUnHkks % Name of a bird (fVfV ðHk)
fnUuknk;h % Taking what is given, honest (nÙk $ vknkf;u~)
fnUuks % Given (nÙk ¾ nk)
nhuks % Poor, wretched (nhu ¾ nh)
fnikndks % Biped (f} $ ikn~ $ d)
nhinhiks % Lamp or light of the island (}hi $ nhi)
fninks % Biped-a man (f}in~)
fninqÙkeks % Greatest of men- Buddha (f}in~ $ mÙke)
fnidks % An island (}hi $ d)
nhidks % Illuminating; expounding: illustrating: publishing (nhid)
nhiua % Expounding, illustrating: explaining (nhiu)
nhiÄïjks % Name of one of the 24 Buddhas (nhiadj)
nhiuks % Explaining, proclaiming; illustrating (nhiu)
nhiV ðks % Living of the island i.e. Ceylon (}hi $ LFk)
nhioalks % Royal dynasty of Ceylon (}hi $ oa'k)
nhisfr % To kindle; to illuminate; to throw light on: to illustrate: to
(Cans) explain; to expound: to show, to point out, to announce, to
declare, to publish (nhi;fr ¾ nhi~)
nhih % A panther (}hfiu~)
nhih % Teaching, proclaiming (nhi $ bu~)
nhfidk % A lamp; a torch (nhfidk)
nhfirks % Manifested, declared (nhfir ¾ nhi~)
nhiks % A car covered with a panther’s skin (}Si)
nhiks % A lamp (nhi)
nhiks] nhia % An island: one of the four continents; a resting place, shelter,
refuge (}hi)
fnIifr % To shine; to be illustrious; to prosper (nhi~)
fnjÙka % Two nights (f} $ jk=k)
fnlk % A quarter or point of the compass (fn'k~ $ fn'kk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 110


fnlkHkkxks % A region, quarter (fn'k~ $ Hkkx)
fnlkxtks % One of the elephants at the eight points (fn'k~ $ xt)
fnlEifr % A king (fn'k~ $ ifr)
fnlUrja % A foreign country (fn'k~ $ vUrj)
fnlUrks % End of the earth, a great distance (fn'k~ $ vUr)
fnlkikeksD[kks % Eminent, famed for a wide
fnlkoklh % Living in a foreign country or at a distance foreign (fn'k~ $
fnlkokfldks % Living in a foreign country (fn'k~ $ okflu~ $ d)
fnlks % An enemy (f}"k~)
fnlks % Appearnce, resemblance (n`'k~)
fnLldks % Visible (n`'; $ d)
fnLlfr] fnLok % See iLlfr
fnV òk % An exclamation expressive of joy, Thank heaven! (fn"Vk)
fnV òk/fEedks % Belonging to this world, temporal (n`"V $ /eZ $ bd)
fnV ò/Eeks % The visible conditon, the present state of things; this world, this
life, this state of existence (n`"V $ /eZ)
fnV ò/Eeks % One who has seen the truth (n`"V $ /eZ)
fnV òUrks % Example; illustration (n`"V $ vUr)
fnV òinks % One who has seen a Nirvana Sotapanna
fnV òiqCcks % Seen before: having formerly seen (n`"V $ iwoZ)
fnfV ò % Sight, view, the eye: religious belief, the doctrine: false doctrine:
heresy (n`"Vh)
fnV òks % Seen, met with found (n`"V ¾ n`'k~)
fnV òks % Hateful, hostile (f}"V ¾ f}"k~)
fnfÙk % Splendour, light (nhfIr ¾ nhi~)
fnÙkks % Blazing, radiant (nhIr ¾ nhi~)
fnÙkks % Proud, arrogant (n`i ¾ n`i~)
fnok % A day (fnok)
fnoM~<ks % See fn;Ä~<ks
fnokdjks % The sun (fnok $ dj)
fnolHkkxks % Day time, time of day (fnol $ Hkkx)
fnolks] fnola % A day (fnol)
fnoks % The sky, the heavens: the devaloka (fno~)
fnoksdks % Deva (fnokSdl~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 111


fn;M~<ks] fnoM~<ks % One and half (f}rh; $ v/Z)
nh;fr % See nnkfr
nks % Giving (n)
nksgfyuh % A pregnant woman (nkSgfnuh)
nksgyks % The longing of a pregnant woman; desire; longing (nksgn)
nksgfr % To milk (nqg)
nksyk % A swing, a palanquin (nksyk)
nkseuLla % Melancholy, gloom, dejection, grief (nkSeZuL;)
nkseuLlks % Sorrowful, dejected (nkSeZuLFk) % A trough a coffin: a tub: a dhoney or trough shaped canoe with
an outrigger to steady it (
nks.kks] nks.ka % A dona or measure of capacity (nzks.k)
nksl××kw % Skilled, expert, wise (nks"k $ K)
nksfluks % Clear spotless night
nkslks % By night (nks"kk)
nkslks % Defect, blemish; offence, guilt, sin, crime = injury, damage
nkslks % Anger (}s"k)
nksopLla % Abusiveness, unruliness (nkSoZpL;)
nksopLlrk % Abusiveness, unruliness (nkSoZpL; $ rk)
nksokfjdks % Watchman, warder or gate-keeper (nkSokfjd)
nzoks % Liquid (nzo)
nq % See (f})
nqCck % The grass Panicum Dactylon (nwokZ)
nqCcpra % Unruliness (nqoZpl~ $ Ro)
nqCcpks % Abusive, unruly, violent (nql~ $ cpl~)
nqCcydks % Weak (nqcZy $ d)
nqCcyÙka % Weakness (nqcZyRo)
nqCcY;ka % Weakness (nqcZy $ ;)
nqCc..kks % Ill-favoured, ugly (nql~ $ o.kZ)
nqCHkxks % Unfortunate (nql~ $ Hkx)
nqCHkkflrks % Ill spoken (nql~ $ Hkkf"kr ¾ Hkk"k)
nqfCHkD[ka % Famine, want (nql~ $ fHk{kk)
nfCcuhrks % Miscreant, a scoundrel (nql~ $ fouhr ¾ uh)
nqHHkqfV ò % Drought (nql~ $ o`f"V)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 112


nqPpfjrks % Ill-conducted, bad (nql $ pfjr ¾ pj)
nqPNUuks % Ill covered, badly roofed (nql~ $ PNUu ¾ PNn~)
nqíeks % Difficult to train, or tame (nql~ $ ne)
nqílks % Difficult to see, difficult to perceive or understand: ugly (nql~ $
nq¼ks % Milked (nqX/ ¾ nqg)
nqfíua % A cloudy day (nql~ $ fnu)
nqfîóB òks % Foolish, misguided (nql~ $ n`"V ¾ n`'k~)
nqXxfgrks % Badly grasped: deluded (nql $ x`ghr ¾ xzg)
nqXxeks % Difficult to pass (nql~ $ xe)
nqXxfU/ % Bad smell (nql~ $ xfU/)
nqXxU/ks % Ill-smelling, stinking (nql~ $ xU/)
nqXxfr % Distress, suffering, state of punishment (nql~ $ xfr)
nqXxrks % Distressed, wretched, poor (nql~ $ xr ¾ xe~)
nqXxks % Difficult to pass (nqx)
nwgjks % Difficult to take away (nql~ $ gj)
nqg;fr % To injure (nzqg~)
nqfgrk % Daughter (nqfgr`)
nqTtuks % A bad man (nql~ $ tu)
nqTtjks % Not easy to wear out, imperishable (nql~ $ tjl~)
nqTthoa % Hard to live, a hard life (nql~ $ tho)
nqTthfodk % Hard life (nql~ $ tho $ bd)
nqTthfora % Hard life, wretched life (nql~ $ thfor)
nqda % Pair, two (f}d)
nqDdjks % Difficult (nql~ $ dj)
nqDdra] nqDdVa % An offence; a sinful act: a sin (nql $ Ñr ¾ Ñ)
nqD[kD[k;ks % Ceassation of suffering-Nirvana (nq%[k $ {k;)
nqD[kkisfr % To cause to suffer: to afflict
nqD[kIiÙkks % Grieved, suffering (nq%[k $ izkIr ¾ vki~)
nqD[krka % Suffering (nq%[k $ rk)
nqD[kh % Sorrowful, suffering (nq%[k $ bu~)
nqfD[krks % Afflicted, suffering, grieved; sick, ill: in difficulty or distress
nqD[kh;fr % To be afflicted (nq%[k)
nqD[kks % Painful, grievous, unpleasant, difficult (nq%[k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 113


nqD[kqileks % Ceassation or destruction of suffering (nq%[k $ mi'ke)
nqdwya % Fine cloth (nqdwy)
nqŠHkks % Difficult to obtain, or to find, rare, few and far between (nqyZHk)
nqeÙkks % Two, about two (f} $ ek=k)
nqEcfjdk % The opposite leaved fig. tree
nqfeUnks % Forest king; monarch of trees (nzqe $ bUnz)
nqEeuks % Sad (nql~ $ eul~)
nqEefr % Foolish; evil-minded, wicked (nql~ $ efr)
nqEes/h % Foolish (nql~ $ es/ $ bu~)
nqEes/ks % Foolish (nql~ $ es/)
nqEeksp;ks % Difficult to undo (nql~ cous $ eq[k $ ;)
nqEeq[kks % Foul-mouthed, scurrilous, sad (nql~ $ eq[k)
nqeks % A tree (nzqe)
nqeqIiyks % The plant plerospermum, accriolium (nzqe $ mRiUu)
nqUnqfHk % A kettle drum (nqUnqfHk)
nqUukeda % Hasmorrhoids (nqukZed)
nqUu;rk % Wrong, drawing rut, misunderstanding (nql~ $ u; $ rk)
nqfUuXxgks % Difficult to restrain (nql~ $ fuxzg)
nqfuoVòks % Wrongly or badly dressed
nqfUuokj;ks % Difficult to hold back (nq£uok;Z ¾ o`)
nqiQLlks % Rough (nql~ $ Li'kZ)
nqIiCcTta % The hard life of a Mendicant friar (nql~ $ izozT;)
nqIieq××kks % Difficult to loose (nql~ $ iz $ eqp~)
nqIi××kks % Foolish (nql $ izK)
nqIilgks % Difficult to master or excel (nq"izlg)
nqIifrefUr;ks % Difficult to argue with (nql~ $ izfr ¾ ea=k $ ;)
nqIifViTtks % Difficult to walk in or follow (nql~ $ izfr $ in~ $ ;)
nqIifVfoT>ks % Difficult to penetrate or comprehend (nql~ $ izfr $ O;kè; ¾ O;èk~)
nqIioslks % Difficult to enter (nql~ $ izos'k)
nqIiwjks % Difficult to fall or to fulfill (nq"iwj)
nwjk % See nwjks
nqjfHkjeks % Difficult to enjoy, irksome (nql~ $ vfHkje)
nqjPp;ks % Difficult to overcome (nql~ $ vR;;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 114


nwjxkeh % Going far (nwj $ xkfeu~)
nqjD[kkrks] % Ill-preached or shown (nql~ $ vk[;ku ¾ [;k)
nwjD[kks % Difficult to guard or watch (nwj{k)
nwjea % Absence of enjoyment, irksomeness (nql~ $ je)
nwjÄõeks % Going far (nwjaxe)
nqjUu;ks % Difficult to follow (nql $ vUo;)
nqjuqcks/ks % Difficult of comprehension (nql $ vuq $ cks/)
nqjklnks % Difficult to approach or to equal (nqjkln)
nwjrks % From a far (nwjrl~)
nqjra % Two nights (f} $ jk=k)
nqjkoklks % Disagreeable to live in (nql~ $ vkokl)
nqfjra % Sin (nql~ $ br ¾ b)
nwjks % Far, distant, remote (nwj)
nw#Ùkks % Ill-spoken: abusive: badly pronounced (nql~ $ mDr ¾ op~)
nwldks % Defiling: injuring: destroying (nw"kd)
nwlua % Defilement (nw"k.k)
nwlsfr % (cans) To pollute, to spoil: to injure, to ruin (nw"k;fr ¾ nq"k~)
nqLlgks % Insupportable, voilent (nql~ $ lg)
nLla % Cloth
nqLlfr % To offend, to wrong (nq"k~)
nqLlhyks % Immoral, wicked; impious (nql~ $ 'khy)
nqLlhY;a % Wickedness, impiety (nql~ $ 'khy $ ;)
nqLlqrks % Imperfectly heard (nql~ $ Jqr ¾ Jq)
nwrdks % A messenger (nwrd)
nwrsÕ;ks % Suited to a messenger (nwr $ ,;)
nwrh % Female messenger (nwrh)
nqfr;dks % Second (f}rh; $ d)
nqfr;ks % Second (f}rh;)
nwrks % A messenger, an emissary (nwr)
nwÙkjks % Hard to cross (nql~ $ rj)
nqV òks % Compt, wicked, depraved: Bearing ill-will, angry (nq"V ¾ nq"k~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 115


nqV òŠks % Wicked, lowed (nq"Vq $ y $ ;)
nqV ò % Ill, badly (nql~ $ LFk)
nqokja % A door (}kj)
nqos % See (}s)
nqfo/ks % Two fold, of two sorts (f} $ fo/k)
nqoqilUrks % Ill-calmed, imperfectly tranquelized (nql~ $ mi'kkUr ¾ 'ke~)
nqgÔfr % See (nksgfr)
}kprkGhlk % Forty two (}kpRok¯j'kr~)
}knlk % Twelve (}kn'ku~)
}knlkdkjks % Having twelve aspects, twelve fold (}kn'ku~ $ vkdkj)
}knleks % Twelth
}Una % A couple (}a})
}Unks % Name of one of the samasas (}Un)
}Äõ˜ya % Two finger-breadths or two inches (f} $ vÄõ˜y)
}kija % Name of one of the Yugas or great periods (}kij)
}kjokgk % Door post (}kj $ okgk)
}kjcU/ua % The terrace before a house (}kj $ cU/u)
}kjdksV òdks % The towers or battlements of a town-gate: a gate (}kj $ dks"V
$ d)
}kja % A door, a gate: an entrance, an operature (}kj)
}kjV òks % A door-keeper, a porter (}kj $ LFk)
}klV òh % Sixty two (}k"kf"V)
}klhfr % Eighty-two (}'khfr)
}fÙkDjoÙkqa % Two or three times (}k $ f=k $ ÑRol~)
}¯Ùkl] l] lrh % Thirty two (}k¯=k'kr~)
}¯Ùklfreks % Thirty second
}kohlfr] }kohlk % Twenty two (}k¯o'kfr)
};ks % Of two sorts: two (};)
}s] nqos % Two (f})
}sHkkxks % Broken in two. sundered (f} $ Hkkx $ v)
}sHkkoks % Doubling (f} $ Hkko)
}sHkwedks % Having two storeyed (f} $ Hkwe $ d)
}sHkwrks % Doubled (f} $ Hkwr)
}spÙkkyhlk % Forty two
}s/k % In two parts (}s/k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-03 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 116


}sT>a % Duplicity (}Sè;)
}sdksV òklks % Divided into two parts
}sGd % Doubt (}S/ $ d)
}suoqfr % Ninety-two (}kuofr)
}siD[kks % Divided into two parts (}Si{k)
f}] fn] nq % Two
f}Hkkoks % Doubling (f} $ Hkko)
f}Hkwedks % Two storeyed (f} $ Hkwe $ d)
f}/k % In two ways, of two kinds (f}/k)
}hga % Two days (f} $ vgu~)
f}gRFkks % Two cubits long (f} $ gLr)
f}ftOgks % Double tongued: treacherous (f} $ ftgw)
f}tks % Twice-born: oviparous: proceeding from one cause (f}t~)
f}tks] fntks % A brahmin, a bird, tooth (f}t)
f}da % Two, a pair (f}d)
f}D[kÙkqa % Twice (f} $ ÑRol~)
f}i×p % Ten (f} $ i×pu~)
f}iks % An elephant (f}i)
f}jnks % An elephant (f} $ jn)
f}lgLla % Two thousand (f} $ lgL=k)
f}lra % Two hundred (f} $ 'kr)
f}fÙk % Two or three (f} $ f=k)
f};klhfr % Eighty-two (f} $ v'khfr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 117


,/fr % To prosper, to increase (,/)
,/ks % Fire-wood (,/)
,nh % Such (bne~ $ n`'k~)
,fnD[kks] ,fjD[kks % Such (bne~ $ o`{k)
,fnlks] ,fnldks % Such (bne~ $ n`'k~)
,fgifLldks % Inviting
,fglkxroknh % One who says to come and to be-welcomed ( ehi $ Lokxr $ xe~
$ okfnu~)
,fglh] ,fgfr % See ,fr
,tk % Desire, lust, craving, distraction, motion (,t)
,dkc¼ks % Contiguous; continuous (,d $ vkc¼ $ cU/~)
,dHkÙka % One meal a day (,d $ HkDr)
,dHkfÙkdks % Having one meal a day (,d $ HkDr $ bd)
,dpfj;k % Walking alone, solitary (,d $ p;kZ)
,dkpfj;ks % Having the same teacher (,d $ vkpk;Z)
,dpjks % Walking alone, solitary (,d $ pj)
,dPNUnks % Unanimous (,d $ PNUn~)
,dPNÙka % A single, dominion (,d $ N=k)
,dPpks % One or a certain (,drj)
,dfpÙkks % Having the same thought, of one mind (,d $ fpÙk)
,dphojks % Wearing a single garment (,d $ phoj)
,dnk % One day, once: on the same day (,dnk)
,dknl % Eleven (,dkn'ku~)
,dknleks % Eleventh (,dkn'ke~)
,dnlh % Eleventh day of the half month (,dkn'kh)
,dnslks % A part, a portion (,d $ ns'k~)
,d/k % In one way (,d/k)
,d/hfrdk % An only daughter (,d $ nqfgr` $ dk)
,dfnola % One day, on a certain day (,d $ fnol)
,dkxkfjdks % A thief, a robber (,dkxkfjd)
,dXxrk % Tranquillity of the mind, abstraction of the mind, contempla-
tion (,dkxz $ rk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 118


,dXxks % Calm, tranquil (,d $ vxz)
,d?kuks % Solid (,d $ ?ku)
,dkga % One day (,d $ vga $ e~)
,dkgsu % In one day
,dtkyhHkofr % To become one mass of fame (,d $ Toky $ bZ $ Hkw)
,dT>a % In the same place, in conjunction, together (,dkè;e~)
,dT>kl;rk % Unanimity (,d $ vf/vk'k; $ rk)
,dtks % Proceeding from one cause (,dt)
,dkdh % Alone, solitary (,dkfdr~)
,dD[k.ks % At the same moment (,d $ loc. {k.k)
,dD[kÙkaq % Once (,d $ ÑRol~)
,dD[kh % One eyed (,d $ v{k $ bu~)
,ddks % Alone, solitary (,dd)
,dekulks % Unanimous (,d $ ekul~)
,deuks % Unanimous (,d $ eul~)
,deUra % On one side, apart (,d $ vUr $ e~)
,deUrs % On one side (,d $ vUr loc)
,defUrda % On one side (,d $ vUr $ bd)
,desdks % Each (,d $ ,d)
,dfenkga % See (bna)
,dala % One one shoulder (,d $ val)
,dafldks % Certain (,d $ va'k $ bd)
,dalks % This word is a compound of (,d $ va'k)
,dfuUuknks % Filled with noise (,d $ ful~ $ ukn)
,dUrks] ,dUra % One end, one side (,d $ vUr)
,dinh % A path (,dinh)
,dIigkjsu % Unanimously, in unison, simultaneously ( Inst. ,d $ izgkj)
,diqÙkks] ,diqÙkdks% An only son (,d $ iq=k $ iq=kd)
,djTta % Solve sovereignty (,djkT;)
,dkjEe.kks % Having the same substratum, basis or object (,d $ vkyEcu)
,dkjl % Eleven (,dkn'ku~)
,dkjks % The letter (,dkj)
,dklua % Sitting apart or alone (,d $ vklu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 119


,dklfudÄõa % Precept enjoying eating at one sitting(,d $ vklu $ bd $ vÄõ)
,dlsÕ;k % Sleeping alone, or apart: single couch (,d $ 'kÕ;k)
,dlks % One by one (,d'kl~)
,dkriÙka % One dominion, lit, one parasol (,d $ vkri=k)
,drks % Together: on one side; apart, alone (,drl~)
,dÙka % Unity (,dRo)
,dV ðkua % One place, the same place (,d $ LFkku)
,dopua % One word: the singular number in grammar (,d $ opu)
,doRFkq % One subject (,d $ oLrq)
,doRFkqdks % Having the same ground or cause (,d $ oLrq $ d)
,dfo/ks % Single (,d $ fo/k)
,dk;ua % The only way or means
,dsdks % One by one, each, severally (,dsd)
,dhHkkoks % Solitude (,dhHkko)
,dks % One, single: alone: a certain: the same: chief: pre-eminent,
unique: general (,d)
,dksfnHkkoks % One pointedness, concentration
,dqíslks % Having the same teaching or studies (,d $ mís'k)
,dwudks % Deficient by one (,d $ mQu $ d)
,dwuks % Deficient by one, minus one (,d $ mQu)
,yk % Cardamoms (,yk)
,Gk % Saliva
,Gxyks % The plant Cassia Tora (,Mxy)
,Gdks % A ram a wild goat (,Md)
,Gdks % A threshold
,Gkyqda % A kind of Cucumber (,okZ: $ d)
,ua % Fault, sin (,ul~)
,Gewxks % Deaf and dumb (,Mewd)
,fGdk % See (,ddks)
,u % ‘This’ or ‘it’–a pronominal base (,u)
,.ksÕ;ks % A kind of antelope (,.k $ ,;)
,.kks % A kind of antelope (,.k)
,j.Mks % The castor-oil plant (,j.M)
,jko.kks % Indra’s elephant (,sjko.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 120


,jkor % The orange tree (,sjkor)
,fjlks % See (,fnlks)
,lk % See (,lks)
,ldks % Seeking (,l $ vd)
,la] ,lkua] ,lq % See (v;a)
,luk % Wish, desire (,"k.kk)
,lfr % To seek, to search, to desire, to strive, to obtain (,"k~)
,lh % Seeking, desiring (,f"ku~)
,fldk % A pillar in front of a city gate
,fldV òk;h % Stable as a pillar (Esika $ LFkkf;u~)
,lks] ,lk % This, this one; that (,rn~)
,rCcks % That ought to go (,rO; ¾ b)
,rn % See ,lks
,rnXxa % Chief place, pre-eminance, the chief, the best (,rn~ $ vxz)
,rkfnlks] ,rkfjlks % Such (,rkn`'k)
,ra % See ,lks
,rjfg % Now (,r£g)
,r] ,rsla % See ,lks
,fr % To come, to go, to attain, to undergo (b)
,frgÔa % Oral tradition (,sfrgÔ)
,Ùkdks % So great, so much, so many
,Ùkkork % So far, to that extent, thereabout, thus (Instr ,doUr~)
,RFk % Here, herein, now
,Ùkks % So great, so much
,Ùkks % Hence (bne~ $ rl~)
,o] ;so] gso % Just, quite, even, only (,o)
,oa % Thus
,oekfn % Beginning thus, such and the like (,oekfn $ d)
,oekgkjks % Living on such and such a food (,oe~ $ vkgkj)
,oa/Eeks % Of such a nature, such (,oe~ $ /eZ)
,oeso % In this very way, even thus (,oe~ $ ,oe~)
,oaegkuqHkkoks % Of such great power (,oe~ $ egk $ vuqHkko)
,oa ukeks % Having such and such a name (,oe~ $ ukeu~)
,oal××kh % Having this thought (,oe~ $ laKk $ bu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 121


,deqPpks % Of such a height (,oe~ $ mPp)
,oaoknh % Saying thus, holding this doctrine (,oe~$ okfnu~)
,oaokfnrk % Saying thus, adherance to this doctrine (,oe~ $ okfnu $ rk)
,oafo/ks % Of such kind, such (,oe~ $ fo/k)
,oafoikdks % Having such and such a result (,oe~ $ foikd)
,oÄõ#dks % Of such importance or value (,oe~ $ xq: $ d)
,oÄõfrdks % Such, similar, analogous (,oe~ $ xr $ bd)
,oÄõksÙkks % Of such a family (,oe~ $ xks=k)
,oafg % See ,oa
,oaukedks % So named (,oe~ $ uked)
,o:iks % Such, of this sort (,oe~ $ :i)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 122


xCHkja % A cavern (xgwj)
xCHkkl;ks % The womb (xHkZ $ vk'k;)
xCHkklsÕ;k % The womb (xHkZ $ 'kÕ;k)
xCHkkodïfUr % Entrance of the embreyo into the womb, commencement of
pregnancy (xHkZ $ voØkfUr) % A pregnant woman (x£
xCHkks % The womb: interior: an embreyo: a foetus: a sprout: an inner
room, a closet, a private sitting room, a bed room, : the early
stage of a flower (xHkZ)
xCHkqIifÙk % Conception (xHkZ $ nRifÙk)
xfCcrks % Proud (x£or)
xCcks % Pride (xoZ)
xHkhjks] xEHkhjks % Deep (xHkhj)
xPNkisfr % To cause to go; to send
xPNfr % To go; to go to; proceed: to depart (xe~)
xPNks % A shurb, a plant (xPN)
xnk % A club (xnk)
xnfr % To speak (xn)
xíHk.Mks % The tree, the spesia, Populneoides (xnZHkk.M)
x¼ks % A vulture (x`/)
xk/fr % To stand fast; to have a firm footing (xk/~)
xf/rks % Clinging to, desiring (x/~)
xfnrks % Spoken; said (xfnr ¾ xn~)
xnks % Disease (xn)
xíHkks % An ass (xnzHk)
xxua % The sky (xxu)
xXxjh % A churn: a blacksmith’s bellows (xxZj comp.)
xkgdks % Taking, receiving, holding (xzkgd)
xga] xgks % A house (x`g)
xgua % See xguks
xg.ka % Taking, receiving, holding, grasping, seizing; acquiring, learn-
ing, mastering, comprehension; clinging to the world, attach-
ment, desire; an eclipse (xzg.k) % The belly, the internal fire promoting digestion (
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 123


xguks % Impervious, tangled, impenetrable (xgu)
xkgiPpks % The sacred fire kept up by the house-holder (xkgZiR;)
xkgkidks % Causing to take distributing
xkgiua % Causing to take
xgifr % A householder; the head of a household, master of a house (x`g
$ ifr)
xgifrdks % A householder (x`gifr $ d)
xgifregklkyks % A wealthy house-holder (x`gifr $ egk $ lkj)
xgkisfr % To cause to be taken: to deliver to (caus x.gkfr)
xgV ðks % One who lives in a house: a gentleman, as opposed to priest
xkgfr] xgsfr % To wade, to dive, to enter (xkg)
xkgsfr] % (Caus) To cause to take; to include, to embrace, to hold, to contain, to
x.gkfr take, to seize; to obtain, to receive, to acquire, to buy; to inform,
to teach; to undergo (xzkgÔfr ¾ xzg~)
xfgrdks % Accepted (x`fgr $ d)
xfgrks % Taken, received: held, kept: grasped, seized: caught, captured:
occupied, taken possession of (x`ghr ¾ xzg~)
xgks % Taking, holding (xzg)
xgks % Taking, receiving, seizing: a planet: a yakkha: a shark: a
crocodile (xzg)
xkgks % Taking, holding, seizing (xzkg)
xkgks % Taking, acceptance: capture, seizure: holding: a seizure or
eclipse of a planet: one that seizes, a yakkha, a crocodile: idea,
inclination attachment, desire (xzkg)
xtrk % A herd of elephants (xt $ rk)
xTtua % Roaring or thundering (xtZu)
xTtfr % To roar, to thunder (xtZ~)
xtks % An elephant (xt)
xdkjks % The letter G. (x $ dkj)
xyfr % To flow away; to fall; to vanish; to eat (xy~)
xkyuks % The tree symplokos Racemosa (xkyu)
xyks % The throat (xy)
xGksph % The shrub loceulus cordifolins (xqMwph)
xek % See (xPNfr)
xke/Eeks % Sexual intercourse, fomication (xzke $ /eZ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 124


xkedks % A village (xzked)
xeua % Going, journey: march: departure, walk, (xeu~) % Chief or head of a village (
xeuh;ks % Transient; accessible: that ought to go (xeuh;);ks % An elephant or horse trainer (;)
xkeUrja % Distance between two villages (xzke $ vUrj)
xkeUrks % Border or outskirts of a village (xzke $ vUr)
xekisfr % To cause to go, to send (xe) ( caus xPNfr)
xkerk % A collection of villages (xzkerk)
xEHkhjrk % Depth (xEHkhj $ rk)
xEHkhjrks % In depth (xHHkhj $ rl~)
xEHkhjks] xHkhjks % Deep, unfathomable: profound, abstruse; full of meaning;
important, weighty (xEHkhj] xaHkhj)
xesfr] xkesfr % To cause to go, to send (xe;fr ¾ xe~) ( caus xPNfr)
xfe % See xPNfr
xkeh % Going, loading to, attaining (xkfeu~)
xfedks % Going, travelling (xe~ $ bd)
xkfedks % Travelling (xfed)
xkfedks % A villager, or perhaps a village headman (xzkfed)
xfeLlfr % See xPNfr
xferCcks % That ought to go
xferks % Gone (xe ¾ xPNfr)
xeh;fr % See xPNfr
xEek % See xPNfr
xEeks % Accessible, attainable (xE; ¾ xe~)
xEeks % Belonging to villages, rustic, pagan (xzkE;)
xeks % Going (xe)
xeks % Going, journey, march (xe)
xkeks % A village; a multitude, a collection (xzke)
xkeqpkjks % Outskirts or entrance of a village (xzke $ mipkj)
xE;rs % See xPNfr
x.kdEea] x.kHkkstua % See x.kks
x.kdks % An accountant, treasurer = an astrologer (x.kd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 125


xkua % A song (xku)
x.kuk] x.kua % Counting, calculation; number (x.kuk)
x.kuiFkks % Range of calculation or counting (x.ku $ iFk)
x.kkisfr % To cause to be counted
x.klT>k;ks % A repetition by a number of priest in unison, a chorus (x.k $
xf×N % See xPNfr
x.Mdks % A rhinseeros: a sort of fish (x.Md)
x.MEcks % Name of a tree
xU/Ccks % A Gandharva or celestial musician (xU/oZ)
xU/dqVh % Perfumed chamber, name of a room or hut occupied by the
Buddha (xU/ $ dqVh)
xU/eknuks % Name of a mountain (xU/ $ eknu)
xU/ua % Injuring, destroying (xU/u)
xU/kjk % Name of a people (xU/kj)
xU/kjks % One of the notes of the Hindu Gamut (xkU/kj)
xfU/ % A substitute for Gandhs at the end of some compounds
xfU/dks % A perfume seller (xkfU/d)
xU/ks % Smell, odour: perfume, fragrance; fragrant substances, a mere
whiff or scent of a thing (xU/)
x.Mks % Elephant’s temples: cheek: a boil (x.M)
x.Mqyks % Humpbacked (x.Mqy)
x.MqIiknks % A sort of worm (x.Mwin)
x.ksfr % To count, to reckon: to value, to regard (x.k)
xÄõk % The river ganges, the milky way (xÄõk)
xÄsõÕ;ks % Belonging to the Ganges (xÄõs;)
x.gua % Taking, receiving, catching
x.gkisfr % To cause to be taken
x.gkfr % To take, to receive, to accept; to catch, to capture; to arrest, to
sieze: to buy: to acquire, to obtain, to get possession of; to adopt,
to grasp with the mind, to perceive, to comprehend, to learn, to
approve, to agree to, to mind, to regard (xzg) % Having many disciples (xf.ku~)
xf.kdk % A courtesan (xf.kdk)
xf.krks % Counted, reckoned ( ¾ x.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 126


x.kks % A multitude, number, assemblege, troop, herd: a chapter of
priests: the priesthood
xUrCcks % That ought to go (xUrO; ¾ xe~)
xUFkfr] xUFksfr % To connect; to tie to connect, to compose (xzFa k~)
xfUFk % A joint; a knot; a tie, bond (xzfUFk)
xUFkks % A bond, a tie; a literacy composition, book (xzUFk)
xUrqa] xURok % See xPNfr
xjgk % Blame, reproof, contempt (xgkZ)
xjgua % Blame, contempt (xgZ.k)
xjgfr % To blame, to disparage, to despise (xgZ)
xjgh % Censuring, despising (x£gu~)
xjya % To venom of a snake (xjy] xjn~)
xkjcrk % Respect (xkSjoRo)
xkjoks % Respect, reverence; weight, authority, importance (Gara + v]
comp. xkSjo)
xkjgÔks % Contemptible, blamable, low, base, absurd (xkgÔZ)
x# % Heavy: large, weighty: important: venerable (xq:)
x# % A parent; a teacher; a religious preceptor (xq:)
x# % A bird’s wing (x:r)
x:xCHkrk % Pregnancy (xq: $ xHkZ $ rk)
x#dks % Heavy; severe: serious: grievous: weighty, important (x#d)
x#Gks % A Garuda, bird (x:M)
xr¼h % One whose journey is ended, who has reached his destination
(xr $ vèou~ $ bu~)
xrlÙkks % Lifeless (xr $ lÙo)
xkFkk % A verse or stanza (xkFkk)
xfr % Journey, going, march: course: refuge, resting place, abode: way
of turning out, result, issue, consummation: mode of rebirth
after death, state of existence, future state, destiny: rebirth,
transmigration, existence: good state, safety, happiness:
discretion, prudence, wisdom (xfr)
xfrek % Having the power for motion (xfreUr~)
xÙkks % Gone to, reached : walking, going: having come to, having
attained: directed to, devoted to, occupied with; having entered,
being in, being upon: departed, gone, disappeared (xr ¾ xe~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 127


xÙka % The body = a limb (ek=k)
xotks % See (xo;ks)
xoD[kks % A round window: air-hole: bull’s eye (xok{k)
xoa] xkoa % See xks
xoEifr % One who owns or herds cattle (xks $ ifr)
xoLlda % Cows, horses (xks $ v'o $ d)
xo;ks] xotks % A species of ox (xo;)
xosGd % Cows and sheeps (xks $ ,Md)
xosldks % Seeking (xos"k~ $ vd)
xosluk % Search (xos"k.kk)
xoslfr] xoslsfr % To seek (xos"k~)
xoslh % Seeking (xosf"ku~)
xkosÕ;ks % Belonging to cattle (xks $ ,;)
xkoh % A cow
xkoks % See (xks)
xkoqr % A measure of length - the fourth part of a ;sktu league (xO;wfr)
xO;ks % Bovine (xO;)
xk;dks % A singer, chorister (xk;d)
xk;ua % Singing (xk;u)
xk;fr % To sing (xS)
xk;fÙk % Name of a metre (xk;=kh)
xgÔ] xgÔfr % See (x.gkfr)
xgÔks % That can be taken, seized, grasped (xzkgÔ ¾ xzg)
xs/ks % Greed, desire ( from x`/)
xsga] xsgks % A house (xsg)
xsy××ka % Sickness, illness (Xykfu)
xs.Mqdks % A ball to play with (xs.Mqd)
xs#da % Red chalk (xSfjd)
xsÕ;a % Mixed prose and verse (xs ¾ xS)
?kPpks % To be destroyed (?kkR;)
?kEefr % To go
?kEeks % Heat, hot season; sweat (?keZ)
?kalfr % To grind, to rub (?k`"k~)
?kuPNk;ks % Deep standed, thickly wooded (?ku~ $ Nk;k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 128


?kkua % The nose, the organ of smell (?kzk.ka)
?kulkjks % Comphor (?ku $ lkj)
?k××ka % Destruction (from gu~)
?kuks % Dense, solid, firm uninterupted (?ku)
?kuksiya % Hail (?ku $ miy)
?k.Vk % A bell (?k.Vk)
?kf.Vdks % A balled singer (?kkf.Vd)
?kjxksfydk % A lizard (x`g $ xksf/dk)
?kjda % A house (x`g $ d)
?kja] ?kjks % A house (x`g)
? % A wife (x`
?kjkoklks % Living in a house or at home; the householder’s or layman’s life
as oposed to the life of an ascetic (x`g $ vkokl)
?klfr % To eat (?kl~)
?kLejks % Gluttonous (?kLej)
?kklks % Eating, pastering; food, fooder, medow’s grass (?kkl)
?kVk % Multitude, many: junction (?kVk)
?kkrdks % Killing, destroying, murdering, sacking (?kkrd)
?kra % Ghee or clearified butter (?k`r)
?kVua % Junction (?kVu)
?kkrua % Slaughter (?kkru)
?kkruks % Destroying (?kkru~)
?kkrkisfr % To cause, to be slain (?kkr)
?kkVkisfr % To cause to be united
?kkVfr % To endeavour, to strive, to exert oneself; to join, to adapt (?kV~)
?kkVsfr % To join, to unite: to endeavour, to strive (?kV;fr] ?kkV;fr ¾ ?kV~)
?kkrsfr % To kill; to cause to kill (?kkr;fr ¾ gu~)
?kVh % A jar (?kVh)
?kkfr % Killing (/kfru~)
?kfVdk % The sixtieth part of a day and night, twenty four minutes
?kkfrdks % Mixed with clearified butter (?kk£rd)
?kkfrrks % Slain (?kkfrr $ gu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 129


?kVh;Ura % The rope and bucket of a well (?kVh $ ;U=k)
?kVks % A jar: a bowl (?kV)
?kkrks % Slughter, destruction (?kkr)
?kV ðua % Touching, knocking, rubbing, shaking (?kV ðu)
?kVfðs r % To touch: to shake: to speak spitefully to, to annoy: to join(?kV )
?kkrqdks % Mischievious, destructive (?kkrqd)
?kk;uh;ks % Odorous (?kzkFkuh;)
?kk;fr % To smell (?kzk)
?ksIifr % To take (xzHk~)
?kksjks % Dreadful, terrible (?kksj)
?kksluk % Sounding, proclaiming (?kks"k.kk)
?kksluks % Sounding (?kks"k.k)
?kkslok % Sounding, sonant (?kks"koÙk~)
?kkslsfr] ?kkslkisfr % To shout, to proclaim (caus. ?kq"k)
?kkslks % Sound, noise: rumour: voice: a village of herdsmen (?kks"k)
?kksVdks % A sort of horse(?kksVd)
?kqV òks % Shouted, proclaimed (?kq"V ¾ ?kq"k~)
fx¼h % Greedy (x`?kz)
fxgh % A layman, as opposed to a priest (x`fgu~)
fxT>fr % To be greedy (x`?k~)
fxT>ks % A vulture
fxykudks % Ill (Xyku $ d)
fxykuks % Sick or ill (Xyku ¾ XyS)
fxyfr % To devour, to swallow (x`)
fxEgkua % The hot season (xzh"e)
fxEgks % The hot season; summer (xzh"e)
fxÄõkeda % A sort of ornament
fxfu % Fire (vfXu)
fx×tdk % A tile; a brick
fxjk % Voice, utterance, speech (fxfj)
fxfj % A mountain (fxfj) % The plant, elitoria tematea (fxfjd..khZ)
fxfjefŠdk % The plant wright a auldysenterica (fxfj $ efŠdk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 130


fxfjes[kyks % Name of Mara’s elephant (fxfj $ es[kyk)
xhra % Singing, a song or hymn (xhr ¾ xS)
xhfrdk % A song (xhfrdk)
xhok % The neck or throat: debt (xzhok)
xhofV ò % The collar-bone (xzhok $ vfLFk)
xhosÕ;a % A neck ornament, necklace (xSos;)
xks] xq % Going: being (x) only at the end of a compound word
xks % A bullock, a bull, an ox : a cow, the earth: speech xks
xkspfj;ks % Brown, reddish
xkspjks % Pasture: food: prey: abode, resort: sphere, range, province: an
object of sense, as form, sound (xkspj)
xksPNdks % A bunch; or a cluster of blossome (xqPN~d)
xks/k % An iguana a very large sort of lizard (xks/k)
xks/ua % Property in cattle (xks $ /u)
xks/weks % Wheat (xks/weks)
xks/krdks % A cow-killer (xks $ /krd)
xksd..kks % A large species of deer, called elk, in Ceylon: a span (xks
$ d.kZ)
xksd.Vdks % The hoof of an ox: the plant astracantha, longifolia (xksd.Vd)
xks[khja % A cow’s milk (xks $ {khj)
xksdqya % A shed for cows: cow-stable (xks $ dqy)
xksfGdks % A ball or hump (xksyd)
xksfGdks % Prepared with molasses (xkSfMd)
xksfylks % Name of a plant (xksfyg or xksfy<)
xksGks % A ball (xksy)
xksykseh % Name of several plants (xksykeh)
xksek % A cattle owner (xkseUr~)
xkse;ks] xkse;a % Cow-dung (xkse;)
xksfedks % A cattle owner (xksfeu~ $ d)
xksudks % A woollen coverlet with a very long fleence
xksuÄõ˜yks % The black faced monkey (xks $ ykÄõ˜y)
xksulks % A kind of large snake, viper (xks $ ul)
xks.kks % A bullock, an ox (xks $ .k)
xksi[kqeks % Having eyelashes like a heifer (xks $ i{eu~)
xksidks % A cow-herd (xksid)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 131


xksidks % One who guards or takes care of, guardian, watchman (cans
from xqi)
xksikulh % The A shaped rafters of the roof of a hut (xksikulh)
xksifr % A bull (xks $ ifr)
xksifr] xksi;fr] % To guard, to keep, to protect (xqi~)
xksisfr] xksik;fr %
xksih % A cowherd, a herdsman (xksi)
xksIiQdks % The ankle (xqYiQ $ d)
xksIiQks % The ankle (xqYiQ)
xksiqja % The towers or battlements over the gates of a fortified town; a
watch tower (xks $ iqj)
xksiqjV òks % Standing on the battlements (xksiqj $ LFk)
xksjD[kk % Cow-keeping (xks $ j{kk)
xksjD[kks % A cowherd (xks $ j{k)
xksjlks % Produce of the cow (xks $ jl)
xksjks % White (xkSj)
xkslkyk % Cow-stable (xks $ 'kkyk)
xkslkfedks % A cattle-owner (xks $ Lokfeu~ $ d)
xkslÄõ;ks % A cowherd (xks $ la[;)
xkslhla % A kind of sandlewood (xks $ 'kh"kZ)
xksreks % Descended from or belonging to Gotama, a Gautama or Gotamid
xks=kHkw % One who is in a fit state to receive sanctification, a priest (xks=k
$ Hkw)
xksÙka % Family, lineage, family name (xks=k)
xksV òa % A cattle shade, a cow stable (xks"B)
xksfoUnks % A cattle owner: a head herdsman (xksfoUn or xksiUs nz)
xks;wFka % A herd of cattle (xks $ ;wFk)
xw % See (xks)
xqna % The anus (xqn)
xqXxqyq % A fragrant gum (xqXxqy) q
xqgk % A cave: the heart (xqgk)
xqgkl;ks % Whose seat is the heart (xqg $ 'k;)
xqgsfr % To conceal (xwg;fr cans. xqg)
xqyk % A pock, or a pimple (xqyk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 132


xqGdks % A ball (xqMdks)
xqGkiQyks % The tree careya urborea (xqM $ iQy)
xqOOgks % Secret, concealed (xw< ¾ xqg)
xqfGdhGk % Game of a ball (xqyh $ ØhMk)
xqGks % Molasses, sugar: a ball, a globle: a ball or mouthful of food (xqM)
xq.kok % Excellent, virtuous (xq.koUr~)
xq.Mk % The grass cyperus perteruis or its root (xqUnk)
xqf.krks % Multiplied ( ¾ xq.k)
xq×tk % The shrub abms precatorius: the smallest weight of a jeweller
xqf.k;ks] xqf.kV òks % Better and best
xq.kks % A bow string: a lime: a quality: property characteristic, merit;
efficiency; virtue: excellence: piety (xq.k)
xq.Bsfr % To cover, to ensnare (xq.B)
xqf.Bdks % See (vfgxqf.Bdks)
xq# % Heavy
xq#okjks % Thursday(xq# $ okj)
xwBa] xwBks % Excrement (xwFk)
xqÙkh % Preserved, protected; guarded, hidden (xqIr ¾ xqi~)
xqgÔdks % A class of demigods, who are attendants of Kuvera (xqgÔd)
xqgÔ % A secret; pudendum (xqgÔ ¾ xqg)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 133


g % An emphatic particle, the sanskrit, g, sometimes used after Iti
gk % Ah! Oh! alas! (gk)
ân;ksx % Going to the heart, vital(ân; $ x)
ân;kyq % Good hearted, kind, the beat (ân;kyq)
ân;a % The heart, the mind, the breast (ân;)
ân;Äõeks % Going to the heart, touching, affectionate, touching, kind
ân;Äõrks % Learn by heart (ân;e~ $ xr ¾ xe~)
gnf; % Benevolent, kind (ânf;u~)
gTtks % Beloved, dear, pleasant (â/)
gykgyks % A sort of poison (gykgy)
gya % This is another form of alam (vya)
gya % A plough (gy)
gfyík % Turmeric (gfjnzk)
gfyíkHkks % Yellow (gfjnz $ vkHkk)
gEHkks % Here! Sirrho! (gagks)
gfEe;a % A house (gE;Z)
gafl;fr % To bristle (from â"k~ )
galks % A goose, a swan (gal)
gkua % Relinquishing, falling away from (gku)
guua % Killing, destroying: removing (guu)
gukisfr % To cause to be killed (caus. gu)
gufr % To smile, to kill (gfUr)
gUr % Come! alas! (gUr)
gusfr % To cause to be killed (caus. gu )
gkfu % Loss, deterioration, decay, abandonment
g××kfr % See gufr
gUrk % One who strikes or kills (gUr`)
gfUr % To strike, to beat: to kill, to murder; to destroy, to put an end to:
to remove(gu~)
guq % The jaw (guq)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 134


guqfr % To conceal oneself (gq)
gkisfr % To dismiss: to forego: to forsake: to neglect: to loose: to omit
(gki;fr ¾ gk)
gkjdks % One who takes (gkjd)
gj.ka % Taking: stealing: removal (gj.ka)
gjkisfr % To cause to be removed
gjfr % To carry, to convey, to bring; to carry away, to remove; to take,
to sieze; to steal, to plunder: to bring, to offer: to charm (â)
gjs % Here! Sirrah!
gkjsfr % To cause to be carried: to take away, remove (gkj;fr ¾ â)
(caus gjfr )
gfj % Green, yellow, towny (gfj)
gfj % Green or yellow colour: gold: Vishnu (gfj)
gkfj % Handsome (gkfj)
gkjh % Taking, robbing: captivating(gkfju~)
gfjpanua] panuks % Yellow sandlwood (gfj $ pUnu~)
gkfjf.kdks % A deer- hunter (gkfjf.kd)
gfj.kks % A deer or antelope (gfj.k)
gjhrdh] dks % Yellow myrobalan (gjhrdh)
gfjrkya % Yellow orpiment (gfjrky)
gfjrÙka % Yellowness (gfjr $ Ro)
gfjrks % Green (gfjr] gfjr~)
gkfj;ks % To be taken, removed (gk;Z ¾ â)
gjks % Taking, seizing (gj)
gjks % Siva (gj)
gkjks % Taking: necklace (gkj)
glekudks % Laughing, merry
glua % Laughter (glu)
glfr % To laugh, to be merry (gl~)
gflrks % Smiling, laughing, merry (gflr ¾ gl~)
gklks % Laughter; mirth, joy (gkl)
gLlks % Ridiculous (gkL; ¾ gl~)
gkrCcks % That ought to be abandoned (gkrO; ¾ gk)
gkVda % Gold (gkVd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 135


gkrÙka % Destruction (gr ¾ Roa)
grkodklks % One who has removed all occasions for good or evil (gr ¾ gu~
$ vodk'k~)
gBks % Voilence, force, rapine (gB)
grks % Killed, destroyed, injured, spoilt: removed, put an end to (gr ¾
gVks % Seized, carried away (âr ¾ â)
gêòfpÙkks % Joyful (â"V $ fpÙk)
gRFkxrks] gRFkÄõrks % Passed into a person’s hands, in his power or possession, secure,
certain (gLr $ xr ¾ xe~)
gRFkxks % In one’s power, in one’s possession, secure (gLr $ x)
gRFkdEea % Manual labour (gLr $ deZu~)
gêòykseks % Astonished, overjoyed (â"V $ ykseu~)
gRFkkuhda % The elephants of’ an army, elephant-host (gfLru~ $ vuhd)
gRFkiklks % A measure of distance (gLr $ ik'k)
gRFkIiÙkks % Come to hand, received, obtained (gLr $ izkIr ¾ vki~)
gRFkkjksgks % One who rides on an elephant, an elephant driver, mahout
(gfLru~ $ vkjksg)
gRFkLla % Elephants and horses (gfLru~ $ v Üo)
gRFkrya % The palm of the hand (gLr $ ry)
gRFkh % An elephant (gfLru~)
gfRFkdks % Carried in the hand (gLr $ bd)
gfRFkfyÄõks % A vulture with a bill like an elephant’s trunk (gfLru~ $ fyÄõ)
gfRFku[kks % A covered way, covering the access to the gate of a town
(gfLru~ $ u[k)
gfRFkuh % See Hatthi
gfRFkfudk % A she elephant for riding (gfLruh $ dk)
gfRFkiks % An elephant’s keeper or driver (gfLri)
gRFkks % The hand: an elephant’s trunk: a name of a Nakkhatta: a enbit:
the measure from the elbow to the tip of the little finger, a
quantity (gLr)
gRFkks % (â"V $ â"k~)
Bristling: joyful, delighted
gkodks % One who sacrifies (from caus gq )
goua % Sacrifice (gou)
gos % Indeed, certainly
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 136


goh % An oblation, sacrifice: clarified butter (gfol~)
goks % A summons, challenge (go)
gkoks % Coquetry; dalliance (gko)
gO;a % An oblation (gO; ¾ gq)
gk;ua % Diminution, decay (from gk;fr)
g;kuhda % Cavalary (g; $ vuhd)
gk;uks % A year (gk;u)
gk;fr % See tgfr
g;ks % A horse (g;)
gs % Oh! gs
gsfgfr % A fut, from Bhavati
gsyk % Sport, dalliance (gsyk)
gsea % Gold (gseu~)
gseUrks % The cold season, winter (gseUr)
gseks % A sort of elephant (gse)
gsjf××kdks % A royal treasurer (fgj.; $ bd)
gslk % Neighing (gs"kk)
gsflra % Neighing (gsf"kr)
gsLlfr % See Hkofr
gsBsfr % To injure, to harass (gsy~)
gsfr % A weapon (gsfr)
gsRFkk % Under; below, low down (v/Lrkr~)
gsRFkrks % Below, underneath (v/Lrkr~ $ rl~)
gsfRFkeks % Lower, lowest: last
gsrq % Cause, reason, motive: origin: the reason or middle term of an
inference (gsr)q
gsrq % On account of, by reason of, by means of, for the sake of (gsrkS)
gsrqtks % Produced by a cause (gsrq $ t)
gsrqdks % Having a cause: causing, instrumental (gSrqd $ gsrqd)
gsrqek % Having a cause (gsreq Ur~)
gsrqIiHkkoks % Proceeding from a cause, having its origin in a pre-existing
cause (gsrq $ izHko)
gsrqlks % Casually, necessarily (gsrq $ 'kl~)
gsok % Quite, just, even
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 137


gsÕ;ks % To be abandoned (gs; ¾ gk)
fg % For, because: certainly: indeed: alas!
fgyknfr % To be glad(âkn~)
fgyknks % Pleasure (âkn~)
fgfyrks % Ashamed (ghr ¾ gh)
fgekpyks % The Himalayan mountain (fge $ vpy)
fgeok] fgeoUrks % Cold, snowy (fgeoUr~)
fgeks % Cold (fge)
¯glk % Hunting, killing (¯glk)
¯glua % Injuring, killing (¯glu)
¯glkiua % Injury
¯glfr % To hurt, to injure: to kill (¯gl~)
ghuktPpks % Of low family, low-caste (ghu $ tkR;)
ghudks % Deprived of (ghu $ d)
ghuIi.khrrk % Inferiority and superiority; goodness and badness (ghu $ iz.khr~
$ rk)
ghulhya % Keeping the moral precepts imperfectly or from unworthy
motives (ghu $ 'khy)
fgÄõqydks % Vermilion (fgÄõ°y $ d)
fgÄõqfy % Vermilion (fgÄõ°fy)
ghuks % Wasted, decayed, low, bad, inferior: poor, wretched: forsaken,
deprived (ghu ¾ gk)
fgUryks % A sort of palm (fgUrky)
fgj××ka % Gold, bullion, treasure (fgj.;)
fgjh % Shame, modesty: the shame which deters a man from sinning
fgjhek % Modest (fgeUr~)
fgfjosja % A perfume (ghosj)
fgjksÙkIia] % Shame and fear of sinning
fgrdkjks % A benefactor (fgrdj)
fgrks % Fit, suitable; beneficial (fgr ¾ /k)
fgRok] gh;fr % See tgfr
fg;Ùkuks % Of yesterday (gÔLru)
gh;ks] fgÕ;ks % Yesterday (gÔl~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 138


gkseks % An oblation (gkse)
gksjkikBdks % An astrologer (gksjk $ ikBd)
gksrCcks % That ought to be offered or sacrificed (gsfrO; ¾ gq)
gksfr % See Hkofr
gqÄïkjks % Making a noise, roaring (gqadkj)
gqjkgqja % In various existences; in successive: births
gqja % In other birth or existence (Loj)
gqlk % Daughter -in-law (Luq"kk)
gqrklks % Fire (gqrk'kk)
gqrok % That has sacrificed (gqr $ oUr~)
gqrkogks % Fire (gqr $ vkog)
gqrkoh % That has sacrificed (gqr $ vkfou~)
gqfr % Calling, challenge (gwfr)
gqrks % Sacrificed (gqr ¾ gq)
gqÙka % Sacrifice (gks=k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 139


bCHkks % Wealthy (bH;)
bHkks % An elephant (bHk)
bPp % See bfr
bPNk % Wish, desire, covetousness, ambition (bPNk $ pkj)
bPNkisfr % To cause, to desire
bPNfr % To wish, to desire; to approve, to like, to endeavour to obtain, to
seek (bPNfr ¾ b"k~)
bfPNrks % Wished, desired (bZfIlr)
bn % See b/
bna % This (bne~)
bna % Here, now, even (bne~)
bnkfu % Now (bnkuhe~)
bnIiPp;k % From an assignable cause, from an ascertained cause (bne~ $
abl. izR;;)
bnÙka % These three (bne~ $ =k;)
bf¼ % Prosperity, power, majesty; supernatural power, magical power,
miraculous faculty; a miracle (Íf¼)
bf¼ek % Possessed of supernatural power (Íf¼eUr~)
bf¼e;ks % Created or made to appear by supernatural powers (Íf¼ $
bf¼iknks % Constituent or basis of magic power (Íf¼ $ ikn)
bf¼IiHksnks % The different sorts of magic power (bf¼ $ izHksn)
bf¼IiÙkks % Possessed of miraculous power (Íf¼ $ izkIr ¾ vki~)
bf¼fo/k % The various sorts of Iddhis
bf¼fol;ks % Range of power, extent of Iddhi (Íf¼ $ fo"k;)
b/k % Here, hither, in this world (bg)
b/kxrÙka % Fact of having come (bg $ vkxr ¾ xe~ $ Ro)
b/yksdks % This state of existence, this world (bg $ yksd)
b/qea % Firewood (bèe)
bZnh % Like this, such (bn`'k~)
bZfnD[kks % Such (bZn`{k)
bZfnldks % Like this, such (bZn`'k $ d)
bfnlks] bZfnlks % Like this, such, of such a sort, so great (bZn`'k~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 140


bg % Here (bg)
bZgk % Exertion, endeavour (bZgk)
bgyksfddks % Belonging to this world (bgyksd $ bd)
bZgfr % To endeavour (bZg)
bTtk % Sacrifice (bT;k)
bTtfr % See (;tfr)
bTtfr % To prosper, to succeed, to be accomplished (Í/)
bD[kua % Sight, looking (bZ{k.k)
bD[kf.kdks % Fortune teller (bZ{kf.kd)
bD[kfr % To look, to see (b{k~)
bDdks % A bear (Í{k)
bŠh % One edged weapon or short sword (bZyh)
bek] bea] bes % See v;a
b.ka % Debt (Í.k)
b.kkf;dks % A debter, a borrower (Í.k $ vk; $ bd)
bUn/uq % The rainbow (bUnz $ /uql)
bUnxksidks % A sort of insect (bUnz $ xksid)
bUntkfydks % A magician, juggler, conjurer (bUnz $ tkfyd)
bUn[khyks % A threshold: a large slab of stone let into the ground at the
entrance of the house: a pillar infront of a city gate (bUnz $ uhy)
bUnuhyks] bUnuhya % A sapphire (bUnz $ uhy)
bUniÙka % Name of a town (bUnzizLFk)
bUnlkyks % Name of a tree (bUnz $ 'kky) % Coloquintida (bUnz $
bUn;oks % The seeds of wrightia qualidysentricas (bUnz $ ;o)
bUn;q/a % The rainbow (bUnz $ vk;q/)
bUn/ua % Fire wood, fuel (bU/u)
bUnhoja % The blue water lily; the cassia fistula (bUnhoj)
bUnks % Chief Lord; a king; Indra (bUnz)
bfUnz;XxgÔks % Perciptible to the senses (bfUnz; $ xzkgÔ ¾ xzg)
bfUnz;a % An organ of sense; a power, faculty, function organ; a moral
quality; sense, perception aquisition (bfUnz;)
bfUnz;laojks % Restrain or subjugation of-the senses (bfUnz; $ laoj)
bUnq % The moon (bUnq)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 141


bÄõfr % To move (bÄõ)
b†k % Come! Pray!
bÄõks % Gesture, sign (bÄõ)
bÄõqnh % The plant terminalia calappa (bÄõnh)
b×tfr % To move, to be shaken (bÄõ)
bZjsfr % (caus) To cause to move, to shake; to cause to utter (bZj;fr ¾ bZj)
bZfj.ka % Barren-soil: a desert (bZfj.k)
bZfjlks % See Idiso
bZfjrks % Thrown; uttered; spoken, said (bZfjr ¾ bZj)
bfjfRotks % An officiating (Brabmanical) priest (ÍfRot~)
bfj;k % Movement; posture; deportment (bZ;kZ)
bfj;kiFkks % Way of deportment (bZ;kZ $ iFk)
bfj;rks % After the manner of; according to the custom of (bZ;kZ $ rl~)
b#a % The Rigveda (Íp~)
b#Ccsnks % The Rigveda (ÍXosn)
bZlk % The pole of a plough (bZ'kk)
bZlk/jks % Concentric circles of rock the surround Meru (bZ"kk $ /j~)
bZlda % A little (b"kZr~ $ d)
bZlDdjks % Easy to do (b"kZr~ $ dj)
bZla % A little (b"kZr~)
bfl % A sage: a saint (Íf"k)
bflfxyh % Name of a mountain in Magadha (Íf"k $ fxfj)
bfldk % A reed (bf"kdk)
bfliCcTtk % The life of an anchorite (Íf"k $ izozT;k)
bflirua % Name of a place near Banaras (Íf"k $ iru)
blks] bLlks % A sort of bear (b'k)
bZlks % Lord or Master (bZ'k)
bLlk % Envy, jealousy, ill-will (bZ"kkZ)
bLlfj;a] bLlsja % Dominion, supremacy (,s'o;Z)
bLljks % Lord; Ruler: Siva (bZ Üoj)
bLlkla % A bow (b"okl)
bLl;fr % To envy, to be jealous (bZ";Z~)
bLlqdh % Envious, jealous (bZ"kZq $ d ¾ bu~)
brjFkk % In another way (brjFkk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-04 MK D.S. 4-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 142


brjFkÙkk % In another way (brjFkk $ Ro)
brjhrjks % One and another; of all sorts (brj $ brj)
brjks % Other; different (brj)
bfr] fr % Thus
bZfr % Calamity, accident (bZfr)
bfrg % See bfr
bZfrgk % Oral tradition (bZfr $ g $ vk)
bfrgklks % Legendary lore, tradition, history (bfr $ gkl)
bfrfi % See bfr
bfroqÙkda % This is a name of the forth book of Khuddakanikaya (bfr $ mDr
¾ op~ $ d)
bfroqÙka % A legend or tradition (bfr $ mDr ¾ op~)
brks % Gone (br~ ¾ b)
brks % Hence, from this world: from this time: ago: here (brl~)
bÙkjks % Low; poor: mean (bRoj)
bêòxU/ks % Fragrant (b"V $ xU/)
bRFkkxkja % Women’s apartment (L=kh $ vkxkj)
bêòdk % A brick, a tile (b"Vdk)
bêðdke;ks % Made of Bricks (b"Vdk $ e;)
bRFka % Thus (bRFke~)
bêòa % As one wishes (b"Ve~ ¾ b"k)
bRFkEHkwrks % Such (bRFke $ Hkwr ¾ Hkw)
bRFkUukeks % Such and such a name; so and so (bRFke $ ukeu~)
bRFkÙka % Existence in this world (bRFke~ $ Ro)
bRFkh % A woman: a female (L=kh)
bfRFkdk % A woman (L=kh $ dk)
bfêòdk % A brick or tile (bf"Vdk)
bfRFkfyÄõa % Pudendum Mulibre: feminine gender (L=kh $ ¯yx~)
bfRFkfUnz;a % The female sex (L=kh $ bfUnz;)
bfRFkjrua % Beautiful or noble woman (L=kh $ jRu)
bêòks % Desired, good (b"V ¾ b"k~)
bo] fo;] o % Like, as (bo] o)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 143


tPpU/fd;ks % Connected with being born blind
tPpU/ks % Born blind (tkR;U/)
tPpks % Belonging to a family (tkR;)
tkxjfr % To wake, to watch (tkx`)
tkxfj;k % Waking, watching, vigil (tkx;kZ)
tkxjks % Waking, vigil (tkxj)
txfr % The earth; the floor of a terrace (txrh)
tXxfr % To watch (tkx`)
t?kua % The buttocks (t?ku)
tgkisfr % To cause to leave
tgkfr % To leave, to forsake, to renounce (gk)
tgks % Leaving, (comp tgd)
tTtfjrks % Weakened (ttZfjr)
tkyk % A flame (Tokyk)
tykcq % The womb (tjk;q)
tykHkqtks % Born from the wound, viviparous (tjk;qt)
typjks % A fish (ty $ pj)
tynk;dks % A golden vase (ty $ nk;d)
tyk/kjks % A tank, a reservoir (ty $ vk/kj)
tyn % A rain-cloud (tyn~)
tytks % Water-born (ty $ t)
tkyda % A bud: a net (tkyd)
tyky;ks % A reservior, a lake (ty $ vky;)
tya % Water (ty)
tkya % A net: a web: window or lattice: reticulation, a multitude,
quantity, accumulation: intricacy: illusion (tky)
tyfu/h % The ocean (ty $ fuf/)
tykisfr % To cause to be kindled
tykl;ks % A tank, lake, reservoir (ty $ vk'k;)
tylqfÙk % A bi-valve, shell (ty $ 'kqfDr)
tyfr % To burn, to blaze, to glow, to shine (Toy~)
tGÙka % Dullness; stupidity (tMRo)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 144


tyêòks % Living in the water (ty $ LFk)
tkysfr % To kindle (Toky;fr $ Toy)
tkfydk % A coat of mail (tkfydk)
tkfydks % Living by nets, a fisherman, a fowler (tkfyd)
tkfyuh % Desire or lust(tkfyuh)
tGks % Stupid, dull (tM)
tyksxh % Toddy or fresh juice of palm
tywdk % A leech (tywd)
tkekrk % A son-in-law (tkekr`)
tEckyh % A dirty pool at the entrance to a village
tEckyks % Mud (tEcky)
tkEcoa % The fruit of the Jambu tree (tkEco)
tEchjks % The lemon or lime tree (tEchj)
tEcksuna % See tEcqun
tEcq % A rose apple-tree (tEcq)
tEcqnhiks % Jambudvipa- one of the four Mahadipas, it is the southernmost
and includes India (tEcq $ }hi)
tEcqdks % A jackal (tEcqd)
tEcquna] tEcksuna % Gold (tkEcqun] tkEcwun)
tEea % Birth, appearance (tUeu~)
tEeks % Reckless, worthless, low, contemptible (tkYe)
tukf/iks % A king (tu $ vf/i)
tudks % Producing, causing (tud)
tkudks % Knowing
tuky;ks % A mandapa or temporary hall (tu $ vky;)
tkua % Knowing, or understanding, wise: consciously, intentionally
(tkuUr~) ¾ Kk)
tkuudks % Knowing
tuua % Production, bringing forth, causing (tuu)
tkuua % Knowing, ascertaining (from Kk)
tuuh % Mother (tuuh)
tuuks % Producing, bringing forth, causing (tuu)
tuinks % A country, province, district: a people (tu $ in)
tkuinks % Living in a country (tkuin~)
tkukisfr % To cause to know: to teach
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 145


turk % People, mankind (turk)
tkukfr % To know: to perceive: to comprehend: to be intelligent. (Kk)
tuoknks % Scandal, gossip (tu $ okn)
tusfr % To beget, to give rise, to produce, to cause, to bring forth (tu;fr
¾ tu~)
tusfÙk % A mother (tuf;f=k)
tÄõyks % A forest (tÄõy)
tÄõefr % To go about (taxE;rs ¾ xe~)
tÄõeks % Movable (taxe)
t†k % The leg (t†k)
tkfu % Loss, decay (T;kfu)
tfudk % A mother (tfudk)
tkfuifr % Husband and wife (tkfu $ ifr)
tfurk % A father (tfur~)
tkfurCcks % That ought to be produced (tfurO;~ ¾ tu~)
tfurCcks % That ought to be known
tfurks % Produced or caused
t××kk % See tkukfr
t××kfr % To be begotton or produced
t××kks % To be produced (tU;~)
tUuq] tkuq % The knee (tkuq)
tUuda % The knee (tkuq $ d)
tuqeÙkks % Knee-deep (tkuq $ ek=k)
tUuqrX/ks % Knee-deep
tuks % Human-beings: men: a person or a creature (tu~)
tUrk?kja % A room in which fire is kept, a hot room for steam bath
tUrq % An animal: a creature: a man (tUrq)
tkuq % See tUuqa] tkuq
tik % The China rose (tik)
tiua % Whispering, muttering (tiu)
tifr % To whisper, or mutter (ti~)
tIik % Desire, or lust, greed
tIiua % Speaking (tYiu)
tIifr % To speak, to mutter, to whisper (tYi~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 146


tfIirks % Muttered, whispered, said, spoken (tfYir)
tIiks % Words or speech (tYi)
tjk % Old-age (tjl~)
tjXxoks % An old-ox (tjn~xo)
tjkej.ka % Old-age and death (tjl~ $ ej.k)
tjrk % Old-age (tjl~ $ rk)
tkjh % An adulteress (tkjh)
tjks % Fever (Toj)
tkjks % A lover, paramour (tkj)
tVk % Matted hair worn by ascetics: desire: lust: the tangled branches
of Bamboos and other trees
tkrHkwfe % Birth-place (tkr $ Hkwfe)
tVk/jks % An ascetic with matted hair (tVk $ /j)
tkrda % Birth, nativity: birth or existence in Buddhist sense (tkrd)
tkra % See Jito
tkrkiPpk % A woman who has brought forth a child (tkr $ viR;)
tkr#ia % Gold (tkr $ :i)
tkrLljks % A natural pond, a lake (tkr $ lj)
tkrosnks % Fire (tkrosnl~)
tBjks % The belly (tBj)
tkfr % Birth: re-birth in Buddhist sense: lineage, family, caste: sort,
kind, variety (tkfr)
tkrh] tkfr % The great flower jasmine (tkrh)
tVkS % Matted-hair (tfVu~)
tkfVfd;ks % Congenital
tkfrD[k;ks % Ceassation of existance by the attainment of arahatta (tkfr $
tkfrdks] tkfr;ks % Belonging to a family or spacies, having a particular nature or
particular habits (tkfr $ d $ ;)
tkfrdkslks % Nutmeg (tkrh $ dks'k)
tkfVyks % An ascetic wearing long hair (tfVy)
tkfrek % High-born: of good quality (tkfreUr~)
tkfre;ks % Caused by birth or species, congenital (tkfr $ e;)
tkfriQya % A nutmeg (tkfr $ iQy)
tkfrLljks % One who remembers his former existences (tkfr $ Lej)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 147


tkfrlqeuk % The great flowered jasmine (tkfr $ lq $ eul~)
tkfr;ks % See tkfrdks
tkrks % Born: produced: caused: arisen, sprung-up, grown: become,
being: taken place, happened (tkr ¾ tu~)
tUrq % The collar-bone (t=kq)
trq % Lac (trq)
tkrq % Surely, certainly (tkrq)
trqdk % A bat (trqdk)
trqe;ks % Made of lac, lacquered (trq $ e;)
tokf/dks % A fleet-horse, a racer (to $ vf/d)
tofudk % A curtain (tofud)
touks % Quick, fleet (tou)
tofr % To hasten, to hurry, to run (tw)
toks % Spead (to)
tk;k % A wife (tk;k)
t;Xxgks % Victorious (t; $ xzg)
t;ifr % Husband and wife
t;ua % Victory (t;u)
t;ikua % Drink of a victorious worrior (t; $ iku)
tk;kirh % Husband and wife (tk;k $ ifr)
t;lqeua % The plant Pentapetesh Phoenica (t; $ lq $ eul~)
t;fr] tsfr] % To conquer, to defeat, to win, to surpass, to exceed (ft)
tk;fr % To be born, to be produced, to grow, to spring up, to arise (tu~)
t;h % Victorious (tf;u~)
tkf;dk % Wife (tk;k $ bdk)
t;ks % Victory, conquest (t;)
ts % Oh!
tsxqPNks % Contemptible, loathsome
tsuknfÙk % Son of Jinadatta (ftu $ nÙk $ b)
tsrk % A conqueror (tsr`)
tsrCcks % To be conquered (tsrO; $ fu)
tsroua % Name of a famous monastery in Savatthi; Name of a monastery
in Ceylon
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 148


tsfr] tsRok % See t;fr
tsê òk % Name of one of the lunar mausions (T;s"Bk)
tsê òdks % Eldest: first: chief (ts"B $ d)
tsê òewyks % Month of Jyaishtha (T;s"Bk $ ewy)
tsê òks % Chief, first, best: eldest (T;s"B)
tsê òks % Name of a month (T;S"B)
tsrqÙkja % Name of a town
tsÕ;ks % Better, elder(T;k;al~)
tsÕ;ks % To be conquered (ts; ¾ ft)
>k % Name of a plant
>kfŠdk % (f>fŠdk)
A cricket
>keks % Consumed, burnt ({kke ¾ {kS)
>kua % Meditation, contemplation, religious meditation: mystic medi-
tation or ecstasy or trance (è;ku)
>kiua % Conflagration or consumption
>kisfr % To cause to be burnt, to burn, to consume
>lk % Shrub Urari, a Laqpodiades (>"kk)
>lfr % To hurt (>"k~)
>lks % A fish (>"k)
>kVyks % The tree Bignonia Sanveolens (>kVy)
>koqdks % The tree tamarix Indica (>kuqd)
>k;fr % To burn, to consume, to waste away ({kS)
>k;fr % To meditate, to contemplate, to practice mystic meditation
>k;h % Thoughtful, meditating, practicing jhana (è;k $ bu~)
th] fn] ftrks % Victorious (ftr~)
ft?kPNk % Hunger (ft?kRlk)
ft?kPNfr % To wish to eat, to be hungry (ft?kRlfr ¾ ?kl~)
ft?k××kks % Last: lowest: inferior: vile (t?k.;)
ft¯xlfr % To wish to take
ftxqPNk % Disgust, dislike, loathing, contempt (tqxIq lk)
ftxqPNua % Dislike, contempt (tqxIq lu)
ftxqPNfr % To dislike, to loathe, to despise (tqxqIlfr ¾ xqi~)
ftEgks % Crooked, oblique (ftEg)
thewrks % A cloud (thewr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 149


ftuky; % A Buddhist temple (ftu $ vky;)
ftukfr % See t;fr
ftusfjrks % Uttered by Buddha (ftu $ bZfjr)
ftfurCcks % To be conquered
¯t×tdks % Ganja plant
ft..kdks % Old, aged: worn out: dilapidated (th.kZ $ d)
ft..kks % Old aged; worn out: decayed (th.kZ $ t`)
ftuks % Victorious (ftu)
thj.ka % Growing old; decay
thjfr] ftÕ;fr % To grow old: to decay: to wear out: to be digested (t`)
ftfr % Victory (ftfr)
ftfrUnz;ks % One whose senses are subdued; a Rishi or arahata (ftr $
ftrks % Conquered, defeated (ftr $ ft)
thoxkga % Taken alive (thoxzkge~)
thodks % Name of a certain medicinal plant (thod)
thoa % See thoks $ thofr
thoua % Subsistance or livelihood, living (thou)
tho×thoks % A kind of pheasant(thoathi)
thofUr] thofr % Medicinal plant (thofUr)
tholqeua % The china-rose (tho $ lq $ eul~)
thofr % To live; to maintain oneself: to get one’s living (tho~)
ftOgk % The tongue (ftOgk)
thoh % Living (thfou~)
thfodk % Life, livelihood, means of subsistence (thfodk)
thforD[;ks % End of life or death (thfor $ {k;~)
thfora % Life (thfor)
thfofrfUnz;a % Principle of life; life: vitality (ftfor $ bfUnz;)
thoks % Living (tho)
ft;k] T;k % Bow-string (T;k)
th;fr] ftÕ;fr % See ftjfr
tks % Born; produced: proceeding from: caused (t)
tksrdks % Illuminating, illustrating (|ksrd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 150


tksr;fr % To illuminate (|ksr;fr ¾ |qr~)
tksrua % Illumination (?kksru)
tksrfr % To shine (?kqr] T;qr~)
tksr;fr] tksrsfr % To cause to shine: to illumine: to glorify: to exalt (|ksr;fr]
T;ksr;fr] ?kqr] T;qr~)
tksfr % Light, fire (T;ksfrl~] |ksfrl~)
tksfrdk % See tksrdks
tksfriFkks % The sky (T;ksfrl~ $ iFk)
tksfrjlks % A certain jewel having the power of conferring every wish
tksfrlRFka % Astronomy (T;ksfrl~ $ 'kkL=k)
tqgua % Sacrifice: offering
tqgksfr % To sacrifice(gq)
tq.gk % Moonlight (tksRLuk)
twra] twrks % Gambling: dicing (|wr ¾ fno~)
tqfr % Splendour, ray (|qfr)
tqfrdkjks % Brilliant (|qfr $ dj)
tqfrek % Brilliant (|qfreUr~)
tqfrU/jks % Light giver (|qfr $ /j)
T;k % See ft;k
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 151


dk % See dks
dcfyÄïkjks % Made into balls or mouthfuls (doy $ dkj)
doyks] doya % A mouthful, a morsel (doy)
dojks % Mixed, confused, variegated (doj)
dCcdj.ka % Making poems or ballads (dkO; $ dj.k)
dCcdkjks % A poet (dkO; $ dkj)
dpojks % Sweepings, dust, rubbish
dPpfr % To shine (dp~)
dPpk;uks] % Name of a famous grammarian-name of the Pali grammarian
dPpkuks (dkR;k;u $ v)
dPpk;uks % Belonging to kaccayana (dkR;k;u $ v)
dPNk % A girdle: a girth: the end of the loin-cloth tucked into the waist-
band: an enclosure: a room (d{kk] d{;k)
dPNdks % The tree Cedrela Toona (dPN~ $ d)
dPNUrja % A king’s private room or cabinet (d{kk $ vUrj)
dPNiks % A tortoise (dPNi~)
dPN % The arm-pit; the end of a loin-cloth; a spreading creeper; grass-
weeds (d{k)
dPNks] dPNa % Marshy land (dPN~)
dPNq % The scab (dPNq)
dfPp % Perhaps, surely (dfPpn~)
dkpks % A siliceons earth or clay used in making glass: glass:ophthalmia
dkpks] dktks % The string of a balance or of a carrying pole (dkp] dkt)
dnk % When? at what time? (dnk)
dnkfp % At sometimes: sometimes: perhaps (dnk $ fpn~)
dnfy % The plantain or banana tree (dnyh)
dnfydk % The plantain or banana tree (dnfydk)
dnEcda % Abundance, plenty (dnEcd)
dnEcdks % The tree Nauclea, Cadamba
dknEcks % A kind of goose
dnUua % Bad food (dnUu)
dnfj;ks % Avaricious, slingy, miserly (dn;Z)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 152


dnj % The white Mimosa (dnj)
dnlua % Bad food (dn~ $ v'ku)
díesÕ;ks % Muddy (dnZe $ ,;)
dn~neks % Mud (dnZe)
dîôua % Resigning, rejecting (d"kZ.k)
dîôfr % To draw: to drag (Ñ"k~)
dga % Where? whither?
dkgkif.kdks % Worth a kahapana (dk"kkZif.kd)
dgki.kks $ .ka % A certain weight: a certain coin (dk"kkZi.k)
dkgfr % See djksfr
dTtya % A sort of collyrium (dTT×ky)
dktks % See dkpks
ddpks % A saw (Ødp)
dkdyh % A soft sound in music (dkdyh)
dkdf.kdk % A very small coin, a farthing (dkfdf.kdk)
dkd.Vdks % A chameleon
dkdiD[kks % A tuff of hair on the shaved head of a child or boy (dkd $ i{k)
dkdlwjks % An Impudent fellow (dkd $ lwj)
dkdrkfy;ks % Inconsiderate: accidental (dkdrkfy;)
dkdfrUnqdks % A sort of ebony (dkdfrUnqd)
dkdh % A hen-crow (dkdh)
déïkjsfr % To express disgust (dkr~ $ caus Ñ)
déïkjh % A kind of cucumber
déïlks % Rough, hard, cruel (ddZ'k)
ddVkdks % A crab (ddZVd)
dD[kkyks % Hard: solid: rough, harsh: cruel (dD[kV)
dDdks % Sediment: paste (dYd)
dkdks % A crow (dkd)
dkdksnqEcfjdk % The opposite leaved fig-tree (dkd $ mnqEcj $ bdk)
dkdksyks % A raven (dkdksy)
dkdksywda % Crows and owls (dkd $ mywd)
ddq % The hump of an Indian bull (ddqn~)
ddq/ks % The hump of an Indian bull an ensign or symbol of royalty
(ddqn] ddqHk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 153


ddqlU/ks % Name of one of the 24 Buddhas (ddqn~ $ la/k)
ddqVks % A pigeon or dove
dyk % A part, a fraction; the 16th part of the moon’s disk: a mechanical
or elegant art: a division of time (dyk)
dkGk % The plant, Ipomoea Turpethum (dkyk)
dGHkks % A young elephant (dyHk] djHk)
dkGkx# % Black agallochum (dky $ vx#)
dkGgalks % The Kadamba goose (dky $ gal)
dygks % Quarrel, strife, battle (dyg)
dkGdk % A squirrel (dkydk)
dydyks % A confused noise: hullabaloo (dydy)
dkGd×tdks % A sort of Preta (dkyd×t $ d) % Adversity: adversity personified: goddess of adversity (dkyd.khZ)
dkGd.Bdks % A gallinule (dkyd.Bd)
dkydrks % Dead (dky $ Ñr ¾ Ñ)
dkyfdfj;k % Death (dky $ fØ;k)
dkGD[kU/ks % A sort of ebony (dky $ LdU/)
dkGdks % A black grain in rice: a black speck (dkyd)
dkGdwVks % Name of one of the Himalayana peaks,, sort of poison (dky $
dyya] yks % The embreyo immediately after conception (dyy)
dyya % Mud
dkGyks.ka % Dark, coloured salt (dky $ yo.k)
dyEcdks % Name of a potherb (dyEcd)
dyUndks % A squirrel (dyUrd)
dyUnks % A squirrel (dyUrd)
dyÄkï s % Spot: blemish: mark: defamation (dyÄ) ï
dkyUrja % Lapse of time, interval of time: period (dky $ vUrj)
dkykuqdkya % From time to time (dky $ vuq $ dky)
dkGkuqlkjh % A dark fragrant sandalwood (dky $ vuqlkfju~)
dkGiD[kks % The dark half of a month during which the moon is waving (dky
$ i{k)
dykidks % a string or row of pearls (dykid)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 154


dkyifj;Urlhya % Taking upon oneself the Sila precepts for a definite terminable
period(dky $ ia;ZUr $ 'khy)
dykih % A peacock (dykfiu~)
dykiks % A bundle: a tuft: a peacock’s tail: a row, string, multitude: a
quiver (dyki)
dGkjks % Tawny, tan-coloured (dMkj)
dylks] lh] la % A water-pot, a cup (dy'k)
dkGlksdks % Name of an Indian monarch who reigned from 453 to 425 B.C.
and was a supporter of the Buddhist religion in his reign the
Second General Council was held (dky $ v'kksd)
dkGlqÙkks % Name of one of the eight Narakas or hells (dky $ lw=k)
dkGkfrifÙk % The conditional tense (dky $ vfrifÙk)
dkGrks % See (dkGks)
dyÙka % A wife (dy=k)
dyok % Long, tasting (dkyoUr~)
dkyoknh % Speaking at the right time or appropriately (dky $ okfnu~)
dkGkcdh % Name of a sort of Elephant
dkyo.ka % A very little salt (dn~ $ yo.k)
dyfoÄïks % A sparrow (dyfoÄï)
dkGk;la % Iron (dkyk;l)
dyk;ks % A chick: pea (dyk;)
dky;qÙkks % See Kalo
dkys % Sea Kalo
dysoja % A corpse (dysoj)
dkysu % See Kalo
dfy % Sin, demerit, depravity: name of one of the Yugas (dfy)
dfydk % A flower-bud (dfydk)
dkfydks % Belonging to the time (dkfyd)
dfyyks % Choked, in pervion, impenetrable (dfyy)
dfyek % Sinful (dfyeUr~)
dfyÄõ % Name of a people and country on the coromandal coast (dkfyÄõ]
dfGÄõjks % A log, or faggot
dfyÄõks % The fork, tailed shrike (dfyÄõ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 155


dyhjks % The top sprout of a plant or tree
dkGh;a % A dark sandalwood from which a perfume is made (dkyh;)
dfy;qxa % See ;qx
dŠgkja % The white water lily (dYgkj)
dŠ.kks % See dY;k.kks
dŠfr % To sound indistinetly (dŠfr)
dŠks] dY;ks % Healthy: ready: prepared: skilful: possible (dYi)
dŠksyks % A billow (dŠksy)
dyks % Low, soft, indistinct (dy)
dkyks % Time: meal time: right time: due-season
dkGks % Black, dark-blue, dark (dky)
dkyqfl;a % pollution, obscuration(dkyq";)
dyqlks % Polluted, turbid, impure (dyq"k)
dY;k.kks] dŠk.kks % Fortunate, blest, happy: beautiful, charming, pleasant: good,
virtous (dY;k.k)
dYirk % State of being ready (dY; $ rk)
da % See Ko
da % Water, the head (d)
dkeHkoks % Sensual existence (dkeHkoks)
dkePNUnks % Wish for sensual enjoyment (dke $ PNUn~)
dkenks] dkennks % Giving what is wished for giving pleasure (dken~)
dkexq.kks % Quality or constituent of sexual pleasure (dkexq.k)
dketks % Proceeding from or caused by desire (dket)
dkedkeks % Fond or desirous of sensual pleasure (dke $ dke)
dkedks % Desirous (dke $ d)
deya % A lotus (dey)
dkeyksdks % World of sense: sensual pleasure (dke $ yksd)
dke % At pleasure, certainly indeed (dkee~)
de.Myq % Water-pot used by ascetics (de.Myq)
dkeÄõeks % Going as one lists (dke $ xe)
deuh;ks % Beautiful (deuh; $ de)
dkeuks % Lustful (deu)
dkerk % Desirousness (dke $ rk)
derks % Successively, respectively (Øerl~)
dkeÙka % Desirousness (dkeRo)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 156


dkekopjks % Belonging to the Kamaloka, within the domain of sensual
pleasure (dke $ vopj)
dke;fr % To love, to desire (de~)
dkef;rk % Lustful (dkef;r`)
dEcyks] ya % A blanket or woolen garment (dEcy)
dEckstks % Name of a country and it’s inhabitants (dEckst)
dEcq % A shell, a couch: a bracelet: gold (dEcq)
dEcqxhok % A neck marked with three lines or folds like a shell, considered
indicative of exhalted fortune (dEcq $ xzhok)
dEcqxhoks % Prosperous: fortunate
desu % By degrees: successively: in due course (Øes.k)
dkfe % Lustful (dkfe)
dkeh % Desirious (dkfet~)
dferk % A lustful, wanton (dkfer`)
dEe/kj;ks % A grammatical term, one of the Samasas (deZ/kj;)
dEitks % Caused by Karma (deZu~ $ t)
dEedkjdks % A workman, a labourer (deZdkj $ d)
dEedjks % Hired labourer, a servant (deZdkj)
dEedkjks % A hired labourer, a servant (deZdkj)
dEea % Doing; action, work, labour, business: a dead, action operation:
a religious or ecclesiastical act: moral merit, karma (deZu~)
dEefu;ks] dEe××kks %Workable, malleable: fit for work, pliant, ready, alert, active
dEe××krk % Adaptability, pliancy, readiness
dEiUrks % Business, work, occupation, craft, profession (dekZUr)
dEiiFkks % Course or means of action (deZu $ iFk)
dEekjks % A blacksmith, a smith (dekZj)
dEelks % Dirt, stain, guilt (dYe"k)
dEeklks % Variegated, spotted (dYek"k)
dEekLldks % Having karma for his portion; having his own individual karma
(deZu~ $ Lod)
dEiV òkua % Basis of action (deZu~ $ LFkku)
dEiV òkfudks % Connected with or practising karmasthana (deZLFkku $ bd)
dEeokpk % An ecclesiastical vote or resolution (deZu $ okpk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 157


dEeokpa % Collection of kammavacas
dEeh % Acting, working (d£eu)
dfEedks % Working (deZu $ bd)
dEequk % See dEi
deks % Order, step, succession, method (Øe)
dkeks % Wish, desire, desired object; the God of Love, Kama or cupid;
sensual desires or pleasures, pleasure, passion, lust (dke)
dEiua % Shaking (dEiu)
dEifr % To shake, to tremble (dEi)
dEiks % Trembling agitation (dEi)
daldwVa % Counterfeit metal (dkL; $ dwV)
daluhya % Blue vitriol (dkL; $ uhy)
dalrkyks % A gong (dkL; $ rky)
dalFkkya % A bronze dish or plate (dkL; $ LFkky)
dalks % Metal; bronze; a gong: a bowl to eat from (dkL;] dal)
dalks % A coin worth four Kahapanas (Ø"kZ)
deqdks % The areca palm (Øeqd)
dkeqdks % Desirious (dkeqd)
dkeqiifÙk % Sensual existence (dke $ miifÙk)
dE;rk % Desire(dkE;rk)
duda % Gold (dud)
dkuua % A forest, a grove (dud)
d.kfr % To sound (d.k)
d.k;ks % A sort of spear (d.k;]
d×pua % Gold (dk×pu)
df×p % See dksfp
d×pqfd % An attendant on the women’s apartment (d×pqfdu)
d×pqfdrks % Having the hair bristling with joy (d×pqfdr)
d×pqdks % A jacket: the skin or slough of a snake: a coat of mail: a case,
sheath, covering, envelope (d×pqd)
d.Mjk % A tendon (d.Mjk)
dUnfj] dUnjks % A cave: a grotto (dUnj)
dUnfr % To cry, to wail, to weep (ØUn)
dU/jk % The neck (dU/jk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 158


dfUnra % Wailing, crying, weeping (ØkfUnr ¾ ØUn)
dUnks % A bulb (dUn)
d.Mks] d.Ma % The part of a plant from one joint to another: a stalk; an arrow
a section or chapter of a book: a part, a portion, a piece:
opportunity, season (dk.M)
d.Mq % The itch (d.Mq)
dUnqdks % A ball to play with (dUnqd)
d.Mqfr % Itching (d.Mwfr)
d.Mw;ua % Itching (d.Mw;u)
d.Mwofr % To scratch (d.Mw;)
d.Mw;k % Itching (d.Mq;k)
djs.kq % An elephant (djs.kq)
d.ks#dk % A female elephant (djs.kqdk)
daxq % A sort of millet- Panicum ltalicum
d.go.Vk % The plant Bignoria Sunaveolens (Ñ".k $ o`.V)
d.goÙkuh % Fire (Ñ".koReZu~)
d.gk;uks] d.gkuks % Offspring of Krishna (dk".kkZ;u)
df.g % Offspring of Krishna (dkf".kZ)
d.gks % Black, dark, sinful (Ñ".k)
df.kdk % An ear-ornament: the plant Premma Spindso (d£.kdk)
df.kdkjks % The tree pterospermum aceifolium (d£.kdkj)
duhfudk % The pupil of the eye (duhfudk)
dfuV òdk] % A younger sister (dfuf"Bdk)
dfufV òdk
dfuV òks % A smallest, very small: youngest (dfu"B)
dfu;ks % Less, smallest; younger (duh;al~)
df×tda] df×t;a % Sour rice-gruel (dkf×td)
dÄï.ka % An ornament; a bracelet (dÄ.ï ka)
dÄïVks % Mail (dÄïV)
dÄkï % Doubt (dkÄkï )
dÄïfr % To doubt (dkÄï)
dÄkï s % A heron (dÄ) ï
d××kk % A young woman: a girl: a virgin (dU;k)
d..k/kjks % A steersman, pilot (d.kZ/kj)
d..ktywdk % A centipede (d.kZ $ tywdk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 159


d..ktiks % (d.kZ $ ti)
A tale, bearer, informer
d..keq.Mks % Name of one of the Mahasaras (d.kZ $ eq.M)
df..kdk % Earring or ear-ornament: the Pericarp of the lotus: the peak or
dome of a hut or pagoda (df.kdk)
d..kks % The ear; a rudder; a corner edge (d.kZ)
d.kks % The fine red powder which adheres to the grain of rice beneath
the husk a particle, bit, atom (d.k)
dk.kks % One-eyed; blind of one eye (dk.k)
d.Vfdrks % Having the hair-bristling with joy (d.Vfdr)
d.Vdks] d.Bdks % A thorn: an enemy; horripitation; an obstacle; pest, nuisance
d.Vdqj.Mks % The plant baneria cristata (d.Vdqj.M)
dUrua % Cutting; spinning (ÑUru)
dUrjks % A forest, a wilderness; a difficult road (dkUrkj)
dUrfr % To cut (Ñr~)
dUrfr % To spin (Ñr~)
d.Btks % Guttural (d.Bt~)
dUFkk % Patched cloth (dUFkk)
d.Bdks % See dUrdks
d.Bks % The neck or throat (d.B)
dfUr % Beauty, wish, pleasure (dkfUr)
dfUrrks % Cut
dUrks % Loved; beautiful, charming, - delightful, agreeable (dkUr ¾
dikya] yks % The skull, forehead; a Potsherd (diky)
dif.k % A miserable man, a pauper (Ñif.ku~)
di.kks % Miserable, afflicted, poor: miserly (Ñi.k)
diVa] dira % Fraud, hypocrisy (diV)
dkisÕ;ks % Belonging to the apes (dkis;)
dfi % Monkey (dfi)
dfidPNq % The plant Mucuna-Pruritus (dfidPNq)
dfiyks % Reddish (dfiy)
dfiyofRFkdks % Belonging to Kapilavastu (dfiyoLrq)
dfilhlks % A Lintel of a door
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 160


dihruks % The tree The spesia Populneoider (dihru)
dfiRFkks % The tree feronia Elephantum (dfiRFk)
diksyks % The cheek (diksy)
diksf.k % The elbow (diQksf.k)
dkiksrdks % Grey, White (dkiksr $ d)
diksrks % A pigeon, a dove (diksr)
dkiksrks % Belonging to pigeons (dkiksr)
dIifcUnq % A black spot which Buddhist Priests are instructed to attach to
a new robe to disfigure it (dYi $ fcUnq)
dIiD[k;ks % That period of the kalpa when the process of destruction is going
on (dYi $ {k;)
dIidks % A Barber (dYid)
dIiuk % Thought Cutting (dYiuk)
dIiua % Cutting: making: caparisoning an elephant or horse (dYiu)
dIiuh;ks % To be thought or believed (dYiuh;)
dIiuks % The trappings of an elephant (dYiu)
dEikisfr % To cause to be caparisoned or made ready ( Caus dEisfr)
dIijks % The skull (diZj)
dIijks % The elbow (dwiZj)
dIi#D[kks % A celestial tree, yielding all wishes: it grows in Indra’s Heavens
(dYi $ o`{k)
dIifldks % Made of cotton (dkikZfld)
dIikfl] dIilks % Cotton (dikZl)
dIifr % Befitting, allowable, right, proper(Dy`i)
dIiVks % Soiled or tattered cloth, rags (diZV)
dIik;qdks % Whose age is a kalpa, living a kalpa (dYi $ vk;q"k $ d)
dIisfr % To arrange to make, to establish, to enter upon: to think: to
imagine: to cut (dYi;fr $ Dy`i~)
dfIidks % Thinking, reasoning ( tr. Dyi~)
dfIidks % Belonging to a kalpa (dYi $ bd)
dfIirks % Made ready; cut, cut off (dfYir)
dIih;fr % To be thought or imagined
dfIi;ks % Right, proper, suitable, appropriate, acceptable, agreable
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 161


dIiks % Fit, suitable, worthy: nearly equal to, rivalling resembling like
(dYi $ dYI;)
dIiks % Time, a moment: precept, rule, ordinance: the rules concerning
rites, one of the Vedangas; practice, usage, mode; alternative,
permission; a chapter or section of a book: thought: all the
whole; a vast period; age; cycle (dYi)
dIiwjks] dIiwja % Camphor (diwZj)
dkiqIiQa % Bad flowers (dk $ iq"i)
dkjk % A jail (dkjk)
dkjHkks % The metacarpus: a camel (djHk)
djHkwl % A bangle or bracelet (dj $ Hkw"kk)
djXxa % The lip of an elephants trunk (dj $ vxz)
djgfp % Sometimes (d£g $ fpn~)
djgkVa % A bulbous root (djgkV)
djtks % A finger— nail (djt)
djdk $ dks % Hail (djd)
dkjda % Relation of a noun and verb in a sentence, construction, case-
relation (dkjd)
djdks % A water-pot: the pomegranate tree (djd)
dkjdks % Making, doing, causing (dkjd)
djeíks % The shrub carissa carandes (djenZ)
djejks % A prisoner (comp.djefju~)
dkj.kk % Agony, torture (dkj.k)
dkj.kk % (adj) On account of, for the sake of (dkj.kkr~)
dj.ka % Making; doing: action;, instrument; the body; an organ of sense
dkj.ka % Motive, cause, reason, means, thing, matter, case event, sub-
stance; destruction (dkj.k)
dj.Mdks % A box (dj.Md)
dkj.Moks % A sort of duck (dkj.Mo)
dkj.Mks] .Ma % A basket, a wicker-work box (dj.M)
dkjf.kdks % Investigating, judging (djf.kd);ks % That ought to be done or made (; ¾ Ñ)
dj×tks % The plant Pongamia Globra (dj×t)
dj.kks % Making, causing (dj.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 162


djkuks % See (djksfr)
dj.VdhiQyks % The jack-tree or bread-fruit tree
djikfydk % A wooden sword a cudgel (djikfydk)
dkjkiua % Causing to be made
dkjkisfr % To cause to be made or done
(cans, karoti)
djiqVks % The cavity formed by joining the bent palms of the hands (dj
$ iqV)
djlkjok % A finger (dj $ 'kk[kk)
dkjosŠks % The plant Momordica charantia (dkjosŠ)
djohdks % The Indian Cuckoo
djohjks % Oleander (djohj)
dkjuks % See dk#
djs.kq % An elephant (djs.kq)
djsfj % The tree lapparis trifoliata
dkjsfr % To cause to be done or made, to make, to perform (dkj;fr ¾ Ñ)
djh % An elephant (dkfju~)
dkjh % Doing, acting (dkfju~)
dkfjdk % Work, action, a memorial verse: a metrical explanation (dkfjdk)
djhjks % The plant Capparis aphylla (djhj)
djhla % Excrement (djh"k)
djhla % A superficial measure = four ammanas
dfjlki.kks % A karshapana (dk"kkZi.k)
dfjLla % See djksfr
dkfjrks % Caused to be made or done, made, constructed or performed
(dkfjr ¾ Ñ)
dkfj;k % See djksfr
dfj;k] dfj;fr % See djksfr
dkfj;ks % That ought to be done (dk;Z)
djks % The hand, an elephant’s trunk: tax, toll, revenue; a ray of light
djks %(adj) Making, causing, doing (dj)
dkjks % Making, action; a prison; a song of praise (dkj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 163


dkjks % Making (dkj)
djksfr % To act: to do: to cause: to cause to become, to render, to make:
to perform (Ñ)
dk# % An artisan (dk#d)
dk#dks % An artisan (dk#d)
d#.kk % Compassion, mercy (d#.kk)
d#.kkok % Merciful (d#.kkoUr~)
dk#f.kdks % Compassionate, merciful (dk#f.kd)
dk#××ka % Compassion (dk#.;)
dk#××krk % Compassionateness (dk#.; $ rk)
dk#.kks % That which moves compassion, the pathetic pathos (d#.k)
dlk % A whip (d'kk)
dldks % A plough share (Ñ"kd)
dkla % See (dklks)
dkleíks % The plant Carria Sophora (dklenZ)
dlEcq % Sweepings, rubbish
dlkisfr % To cause to be ploughed
dlfr % To plough, to till the ground (Ñ"k~)
dklfr % To shine (dk'k)
dlkf;rks % Stained (d"kkfpr)
dlk;ks] dlkoks % Having astringent test; fragrant (d"kk;)
dklk;ks] dklkoks % Reddish yellow, yellow (dk"kk;)
dls: % Name of a kind of grass (d'ks#)
dfl % Ploughing, agriculture (Ñf"k)
dkfl % Name of a people and country (dkf'k)
dkfldks % Belonging to Kashi country (dkf'kd)
dflek % A husband-man, cultivator (Ñf"k $ eUr~)
dfl.kks % All entire (ÑRLu)
dfl.kks] dfl.ka % This is a name for one of divisions of karmasthanas of a process
by means of which mystic meditation may be induced
dfljks % Painful, grievous, miserable (ÑPN~)
dflrks % Ploughed
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 164


dLek] d¯Le % See (dks)
dLehjta % Saffoon
dLehjks % Kashmere (dk'ehj)
dklks] dkla % The grass Sacchurum Spontaneum (dk'k)
dklks % Cough (dkl)
dLlk] dLlfp % See dks] dksfp
dLldks % A husbandman, farmer, cultivator (d"kZd)
dLliks % Name of one of the 24 Buddhas, the last before Gotama; Name
of a famous disciple of Buddha, president of the first Mahasangiti,
name of a Rishi (dk';i)
dklq % Hole in the ground; a pit; a multitude (d"kZw)
dkrCcks % See dÙkCcks
drkfHkuhgkjks % Having formed the resolution to become a Buddha (Ñr $
drkfHklsdks % Whose inauguration ceremony has been performed (Ñr $
dVPNq % A spoon
dVkga] dVkgda % A jar, vase, flower-pot (dVkg] dVkgd)
drgRFkks % Skilful (Ñr $ gLr)
dVda] dVdks % A bracelet, The side of a mountain
drkdrks % Wrought and unwrought; done and not done (Ñr $ vÑr)
drdks % Artificial, feigned (Ñrd)
drdks % The nut plant, strychnos Potatorum, the seed of which is used
to clear water (drd)
drekyh % The tree Carsia fistula (Ñreky)
dreks % What? Which? (dre)
dr×tfy % Saluting respectfully (Ñr $ v×tfy)
dr××kq % Grateful (ÑrK)
dr××kqrk % Gratitude (ÑrKrk)
driq××krk % Meritoriousness; state of having done good works (Ñriq.; $
drjks % What? which? (drj)
dr % Fact of having been done or made (Ñr $ Ro)
drdk % Having done or made (ÑroUr~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 165


drkodklks % Having obtained an opportunity, having received permission
(Ñr $ vodk'k)
dkros % See djksfr
drosfn % Grateful (Ñrosfnu~)
drkoh % Having done or made (Ñr $ fou~)
dFkk % Speech, discourse: conversation; discussion; a story, tale,
account (dFkk)
dByks % A pot-sherd or fragments of broken pottery; gravel (dBj)
dFka % How? (dFke~)
dFkua % Saying, talking; conversing, relating (dFku~)
dFkkua % One of the high numerals or 1 followed by 126 ciphers
dFkf×p % Scarcely, with difficulty (dFke $ fpV~)
dFkadFkk % Doubt
dFkkisfr % To cause to be said; to cause to be told, to learn (from dFk~)
dFkkoRFkq % Subject to discourse (dFkk $ oLrq)
dFkkoRFkqidj.ka % Book of subjects of discussions; book of contraverted points
(dFkk $ oLrq $ izdj.k)
dFksfr % To say, to narrate, to recite, to repeat, to preach, to converse, to
speak to, to mean (dFk)
dFkh % Speaking (dFkk $ bu~)
dfFkdk % Talk, parley, a pact or agreement (dFk $ bdk)
dfFkdks % Speaking, preaching (dfFkd)
dfBuks % Hard, solid: severe, difficult (dfBu)
dfFkrks % Spoken, said, related: told: spoken of, meant (dfFkr ¾ dFk~)
dfBrks % Boiled, boiling ( from ÑFk~)
dFkh;fr] dRFkfr % See dFksfr
dfr % How many? dfr
dfV % The waist, the hip(dfV)
dfrfp % Few, some (dfrfpn~)
dfrdk % See dfFkd
dfrikga % A few days (dfri; $ vg)
dfri;ks % A few, some, several (dfri;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 166


drks] dVks % Made: done: composed: performed (Ñr ¾ Ñ)
dVks % Matting; temples of an elephant; mon-veneris (dV)
dVks % Made, done (Ñr)
drksidkjks % Having had a service done for one, assisted (Ñr $ midkj)
dÙkk % An agent, a doer, maker(drZ`)
dÙkCcks] dkrCcks % Duty; work to be done (drZO; ¾ Ñ)
dÙkjsfr % To be loose, flaccid, weak
dÙkjks % A weak, or deceipt man; an oldman (( from, d=kZ~)
dRFk % Where? whether? wherein (dq=k)
dRFkfp % Anywhere, somewhere: in some places; in some cases, ever (dq=k
$ fpn~)
dV òdks % Name of a sort of reed
dV òa % A piece of wood, a stick: a jungle (dk"B)
dV òe;ks % Made of wood (dk"B $ e;)
dRFkuk % Praise, or boasting (dRFkUu)
dRFkfr % To praise, to boast (dRFk~)
dfV òLla % A silken coverlet embroidered with gems
dV òks % : (adj) Miserable, bad (d"V)
dV òks % Ploughed (Ñ"V ¾ Ñ"k~)
dRFkwfjdk % Musk (dLrwfjdk)
dfÙkdk % Name of a Nakkhatta (ÑfÙkdk)
dfÙkdsÕ;ks % The God of war (dk£rds;)
dfÙkdks % Name of month (dk£rd)
dÙkq % See dÙk] dEeks
dÙkqa % See djksfr
drq % Sacrifice, oblation (Ørq)
dVq % Harsh, severe, pungent or acrid taste
dVqdks % Harsh, severe, pungent or acrid taste (dVqd) % Black hellebore (
dkrqa] dkrwu % See djksfr
dRok %
dopks % Mail (dop)
doU/ks] /a % A headless trunk, especially one retaining the power of motion
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 167


dokVdks] da] % A door: a trap-door: a window (dikV] dokV)
dokVks $ Va
dkosjh % (dkosjh)
River in India
dkosÕ;a % Poetry (dfo $ ,;)
dfo % A monkey (dfi)
dfo % Wise (dfo)
dfoV òiQfydks % Belonging to the fruit of faronia Elephantum (dfiRFk $ iQy $
dfoV òks % The tree, Belonging to the fruit of faronia Elephantum (dfiRFk)
dk;cU/ua % A waist-band, girdle (dk;cU/u)
dk;xrks % Referring to the body (dk; $ xr ¾ xe~)
d;éï;a % Trading; commerce (Ø; $ Ø;)
dk;kuqiLluk % See (lfriV òku)
d;foéïf;dks % A trader (Ø; $ foØ; $ bd)
df;dks] dkf;dks % A buyer (Øf;d] Økf;d)
dkf;dks % (adj) Bodily, corporeal (dkf;d)
dkf;jekudks % Being made
df;jfr % See djksfr
df;jks % That ought to be done (dk;Z $ Ñ)
d;ks % Purchase (Ø;)
dk;ks % The body; a collection, multitude (dk;)
dÕ;fr % See djksfr
dÕ;ks % That ought to be done (dk;Z ¾ Ñ)
ds] dsfp % See dks] dksfp
dsnkja] jks % Cultivated filed, especially one irrigated (dsnkj)
dsag % An anomalous sandhi for Kim-aham
dsfg % See dks
dsdk % The cry of pea-cock (dsdk)
dsdjks % (adj) Squinting (dsdj)
dsdh % A peacock (dsfdu~)
dsyklks % Name of a mountain in India(dSykl)
dsfy % Amusement: sport: amorous sport (dsfy)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 168


dsu % See (dks)
dsfuikrks % A rudder (dsfuikr)
dsjoa % The white esculent water lily (dSjo)
dslXxa % The tip of a hair (ds'k $ vxz)
dsla % See (dks)
dsliklks % A tuft or mass of hair (ds'k $ ik'k)
dslja % The filament of a lotus or other plant; the mane of a lion or horse
dsljh % A maned lion, a lion (ds'kfju~)
dsljks % The filament of a lotus or other plant
dsloks % Name of Vishnu (ds'ko)
dsl % Hair (ds'k)
dslks % See dks
dsrdh % The tree Pandanus Odoratissimus (dsrdh)
dsrua % A sign or device on banner: a banner: a dwelling or house (dsru)
dsroa % Gamling; fraud, deceit (dSro)
dsrq % A sign by which an object may be recognised; a banner (dsrq)
dsVqHka % The ritual the kalpa as it is called as one of the Vedangas
dsrqekyk % A lambent flame depicted as resting on the head of Buddha and
answering to our halo (dsrq $ ekyk)
dsoydIiks % (adj) All, whole, entire (dsoy $ dYi)
dsoyh % One who is accomplished (dsofyu~)
dsoyks % (adj) Only, mere, alone, exclusive: all, entire, whole, complete (dsoy)
dsoV òks % Fisherman (dSorZ)
ds;wja % A bracelet or bangle worn on the arm (ds;wj)
[kfprks % In-laid ([kfpr)
[kkndks % One who eats ([kknd)
[kknua % Eating; food ([kknu)
[kknfu;ks % Eatable ([kknuh;)
[kknfr % To eat, to clear ([kkn~)
[kfnjks % The tree ocacia catechu ([kfnj)
[kkfnrk % One who eats ([kkn $ r`)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 169


[kkfnrCcdks % (adj) Eatable ([kkn $ rO; $ d)
[kkfnrks % Eaten ([kkfnr)
[kXxks % A sword: a rhinoceros ([kM~x)
[kxks % A bird ([kx)
[kTtk % See ([kks)
[kTtHkksTta % Various kinds of food ([kk| $ HkksT;)
[kTtda % Various kinds of food ([kk| $ HkksT;)
[kTtfr % To be eaten ([kk|rs)
[kTtks % That can be eaten or chiewed ([kk|)
[kTtq Itching, seratching ([ktqZ)
[kTtwjh % Wild date palm tree, phoenix sylvestris ([ktwZjh)
[kyXxa % First fruits of the threshing floor ([ky $ vxz)
[kya % A threshing floor
[kyfr % To stumble, to fall (L[ky~)
[kyhuks] ua % The bite of a bridle ([kyhu)
[kfyra % Stumbling, fall: error, failing, fault (L[kfyr)
[kŠkVks % Bald ([kYokV)
[kyks % Mischievous, vile ([ky)
[kyks % A threshing floor; oil-cake, paste ([ky)
[kyksih % A pot
[kyq % Indeed, truly ([kyq)
[kyqÄkï s % A sort of horse
[ka % The air, the sky ([k)
[keua % Patience, forbearance ({ke $ vu)
[keuks % (adj) patient, forbearing ({ke $ vu)
[kekisfr % To forgive; to apologize: to propitiate: to cause to beg pardon
[kefr % To endure, to have patience; to forgive; to be permitted; to be
approved, to approve or command itself ({ke~)
[kEHkdrks % Having one or both hands resting on the hip (LdEHk $ v $ Ñr)
[keks % Patient; enduring, forgiving, durable: suitable, favourable :
able ({ke)
[;ks % See eqgÙq kks
[kukisfr % To cause to be dug; to cause to be intered
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 170


[kufr % To dig ([ku~)
[k.Mk[k.Ma] % In pieces ([k.M $ [k.M)
[k.Mua % Dividing, breaking ([k.Mu)
[k.MiQqŠks % (adj) Broken ([k.M $ iqQŠ)
[k.Msfr] [k.Mu % To divide, to break ([k.M)
[kU/kfnlks % Like the skandhas (LdU/ $ n`'k~)
[kU/da % See fou;ks
[kU/kokjks % A stockade; a fortified camp; an army (LdU/okj)
[kfU/dks % Carried on shoulders (LdfU/ $ d)
[kU/ks % The God skanda (LdUn~)
[kU/ks % The shoulder: the turn of a tree: Quantity one of the five
elements of being (LdU/)
[kf.MPpa % State of being broken ([kf.Mr $ ;)
[k.Mks % Broken, fragmentary, imperfect ([k.M)
[kusfr % See [kufr
[kfufÙk % A spade or hoe ([kfu=k)
[kkfufÙkdks % One who digs ([kfu=k $ bd)
[k×tuks % A wagtail ([kXtjhV)
[k×tÙka % Lameness ([k×t $ Ro)
[k×tks % Lame ([k×t)
[k×tfr % See ([kufr)
[k.kks % Moment; a brief measure of time: leisure, right moment: oppor-
tunity ({k.k)
[kUrCcks % See [kufr
[kfUr % Patience, longsuffering, forebearance, endurance ({kkfUr)
[kfUrek % Patient, forebearing ({kkfUreUr~)
[kUrks % Patient, enduring ({kkUr ¾ {ke~)
[kk.kq % The stump of a tree
[kk.kqdks] da % The stump of a tree
[kkuqek % Having stumps
[kjkfn;k % A proper noun
[kkjdks % Alkali, potash soda: a bud: name of a tree ({kkjd)
[kj.ka % Pouring, flowing ({kj.k)
[kjfr % To flow, to stream ({kj)
[kkjh % A measure of grain containing about three bushels ([kkjh)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 171


[kjks % Solid, sharp, severe, hoarse, rough, harsh ([kj)
[kkjks % Salty, alkaline({kkj~)
[kVdks % The fist ([kVd)
[kkra % Pond or tank ([kkr ¾ [ku~)
[kfr % Digging, excavating ( from [ku~)
[krks % Dug, excavated
[kÙkk % A door-keeper; a charioteer ({k=k`)
[kÙka % A kshatriya ({k=k)
[kfÙk;egklkyks % A wealthy kshatriya ({kf=k; $ egk $ lkj)
[kfÙk;ks % A kshatriya, a warrior; nobleman ({kf=k;)
[kÙkqa % Adverb forming multiplicative numerals (ÑRol~)
[kka;fr % To be known, to be seen, to appear ([;k;rs ¾ jO;k)
[kkf;dks % Eating ([kkfnu~ $ d)
[kkf;rks % Eaten ([kkfnr)
[kk;ks % An abode; diminution, loss, decay; phthisis, end, destruction
[ksnua % Suffering ([ksnu)
[ksnks % Affliction, suffering, weariness ([ksn)
[ksyks % Saliva, phlegm ([ksV)
[ksfe (adj) % Safe, tranquil ({ksfeu~)
[kseks (adj) % Safe, secure, prosperous, peaceful ({kse)
[ksidks % Throwing, letting fall ({ksid)
[ksiua % Throwing ({ksi.k)
[ksisfr % ({ksi;fr ¾ f{ki~)
To throw, to spend, to pass
[ksiks % Throwing, abuse, contempt, blame ({ksi)
[ksrda % A shield ([ksVd)
[ksÙkkthoks % A husbandman, farmer, cultivator ({ks=k $ vktho)
[ksÙka % Landed property: cultivated field; a wife, the body; place, region,
domain, extent ({ks=k)
f[kM~Mk % Play, sport (ØhMk)
f[kTtfr % To be afflicted (f[kn)
f[kytkrks % Stubborn (f[kyh $ Hkwr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 172


f[kyks % Stubborness, obstinacy, waste or follow land (f[ky)
f[kyks % A pin, a stake (dhy)
[kh.kchtks % Whose germ of existence has withered, whose karma is ex-
hausted, an Arhata ({kh.k $ oht)
[kh.kiquOHkoks % One for whom rebirth has come to an end, an Arhata ({kh.k $
iquj~ $ Hko)
[kh.kkloks % One in whom human passion is extinct, an Arhata ({kh.k $
f[kUuks % Tired, distressed (f[kUu ¾ f[kn~)
[kh.kks % Decreased, decayed, ceased, died out ({kh.k ¾ f{k)
f[kiua % Throwing (f{ki~ $ vu)
f[kifr % To throw, to discharge to shoot (f{ki~)
f[kifr % To sneeze (f{ko~] {khow] {khcw] {kqa)
f[kfirda % A sneeze
f[kIiks % (adj) Quick, speedy (f{kiz)
[khja % Milk ({khj)
[khj..koks % The mythical ocean or sea ({khj $ v.kZo)
[khjkidks % Drinking milk ({khji $ d)
[khfjdk % A sort of dali-tree Buchanania Latifolia ({khfjdk)
[khjksnd] [khjksnks % Water from the milk ocean ({khj $ mnd)
f[krks % Exhausted (f{kr ¾ f{k)
f[kÙkks % Thrown; darted (f{kIr ¾ f>i~)
[kh;ua % Being angry, complaining, murmuring
[kh;fr % To waste away, to be exhausted, to come to an end: to be angry,
to complain ({kh;rs ¾ f{k)
[kks % Indeed ([kyq)
[kksHksfr % To shake, to agitate, to stir-up ({kksHk;fr ¾ {kqHk~)
[kkseks % Flaxen ({kkSe)
[kks.Mks % Lame ([kksM)
[kksiu % See [kks
[kqnk % Hunger ({kq/k)
[kqí?kf.Vdk % A fringe of bell used as ornaments ({kqnz?kf.Vdk)
[kqítUrq] Urqdks % A worm ({kqnz $ tUrq)
[kqídks % Small ({kqnzd)
[kqía % Honey ({kkSnz)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 173


[kqíkuq[kqídks % Small and trifling ({kqnz $ vuq $ {kqnz $ d)
[kqíks % Small, vile, low, poor, miserable ({kqnz)
[kqfnrks % Hungry ({kqf/r)
[kqT×kks % Hump backed, crooked (dqCt)
[kqyq[kqyqdjdks % Making a scraping noise
[kqfIiiklk % Hunger and thirst ({kq/ $ fiiklk)
[kqfIiikflrks % (Adj) Hungry and thirsty ({kq/fiikflr)
[kqjXxa % Hall in which the heads of Buddhist-priest were shaved ({kqj $
[kqjdks % Name of a tree ({kqjd)
[kqjIiks % An arrow with a horse-shoe head ({kqjiz)
[kqjfr % To cut, to scratch ({kqj~] [kqj~)
[kqjks % A razor; a sharp-blade ({kqj)
[kqjks % The hoof of a horse or ox ([kqj)
[[k % See [kks
[;k % Indication, sign ([;k)
[;krks % Known, famous ([;kr ¾ [;k)
fdfCc/kua % Rules of Krit affixes (Ñr~ $ fo/ku)
fdfCcla % Fault, demerit, sin (fdfy"k)
fdpdks % A sort of Bamboo arundo kaska (dhpdks)
fdPpkf/dj.ka % A question or case that arises in connection with the perfor-
mance of ecclesiastical duties or rites (ÑR; $ vf/dj.k)
fdPpdkjks % Performing services or duties (ÑR; $ dj)
fdPpkfdPpkfu % Duties great and small, all sorts of duties (ÑR; $ ÑR;)
fdPNks % (adj) Difficult, troublesome, wearisome, labourious, painful (ÑPN~)
fdPpks % That ought to be done (ÑR;)
dhnh % Like what ? (dhn`'k~)
dhfnD[kks % Of what sort ? (dhn`'k~)
dhdh % The blue jay (fdfd)
fdy % So they say (fdy)
fdGk % Sport, amusement, play (ØhMk)
fdyeua % Fatigue (Dye~ $ vu~)
fdyeFkks % Fatigue (DyeFk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 174


fdyefr % To be tired, worn out, troubled, exhausted (Dye~)
dhGua % Playing, sport (ØhMu)
fdyTtks % A mat, matting (fdfyTt)
fdyUrks % Wearied, exhausted (DykUr~ ¾ Dye)
fdyklks % A contagious complaint, dry leprosy (fdykl)
dhGfr % To play, to sport (ØhM)
fdyslks % Sin, depravity, corruption, human-passion, moral defilement,
lust (Dys'k~)
fdfyUuks % Wet (fDyUu $ fDyn~)
fdfyLlfr % To suffer, to be injured; to be depraved (fDy'k~)
dhfGra % SeedhGfr
dhfyrks % Bound (dhfyr ¾ dhy~)
fdfyV òks % Afflicted, suffering: depraved; sinful, polluted, vicious: soiled:
dirty: contradictory (fDy"V ¾ fDy'k~)
dhyks % A pin; a stake(dhy)
dhykseda % This word is (Dyheu~ $ d)
¯d % Why? Pray! What! (fde~)
fdeÄõ % (adv) Far more (fde~ $ vÄõ)
fdefi % Far more (fde~ $ vfi)
fdeRFkks % What need? (fde ~ $ vFkZ)
fdfe % A worm, an insect (Ñfe)
fdfetks (adj) % (Ñfet)
Produced by a worm; silken
¯dukeks] fdUukeks % Having what name (fde~ $ ukeu~)
¯dfufeÙkks (adj) % Having what mark? (fde~ $ fufeÙk)
¯diPp;k % By means of what? (fde~ $ izR;;kr~)
¯diek.kks (adj) % How large? of what dimensions? (fde~ $ izek.k)
¯dEiqfjlks % A class of demigods in the service of kuvera (fde~ $ iq#"k)
¯dl.Bkuks (adj) % Having what shape? (fde~ $ laLFkku)
¯dlq (adv) % How? (fde~ $ fLon~)
¯dlq (neut. pron.) % What (fde~ $ fLon~)
¯dlqdks % The tree Butea frondosa (¯d'kqd)
fdeq % How much more! (fde~ $ m)
fdeqrk % How much more! (fde~ $ mr)
¯dcnUrh % Report, rumour (¯donUrh)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 175


¯dEoknh (adj) % Saying what? holding what doctrine? (fde $ okfnu~)
¯dE;Fkk (adv.) % How? (fde~ $ ;Fkk)
fd.kkfr % To buy (Øh)
¯d×pua % Anything, something; moral defilement, sin, clinging to the
world, attachment(¯dpu)
fd×pkfi % However much, although (¯dfpn~ $ vfi)
fd×psfr % To crush, to trample
fdf×p (adv) % A little, rather (¯dfpn~)
fdf×pda % A small thing, any trifle
fdf×peÙka % (¯dfpn~ $ ek=k)
A little, some trifle
fdfT“D[kks % A filament, especially of the lotus (fd×tYd)
fdÄkï j.kk (adv) % On account of what? Why?
fdÄï;a % Business, job (fde~ $; ¾ Ñ)
fdÄïjks $ fdÄïkjks % A servant (¯ddj)
fdfÄï.kh % A small bell (fdfÄï.kh)
fdfÄï.khda $ dks % A small bell (fdfÄïf.kd)
fdfÄïjkrks % Name of a plant (¯dfdjkr)
fd..ka % Ferment, yeast (fd.o)
fdUukeks % See Kimnamo
fdUujks % A class of semigods in the service of Kuvera (¯duj)
fdfUufeÙkks (adj) % Having what mark? (fde~ $ fufeÙk)
fdUuq % See dks] ¯d
fdfUr (adv) % How? Pray! (fde~ $ bfr)
fdfiyks % An ant (fiihy)
fdfifŠdks % An ant (fiihfyd)
fdjk (adv) % They say: its said (fdy)
fdj.kks % A ray of light (fdj.k)
fdjkrks % A man of a tribe of out caste hillmen or aborigines (fdjkr)
fdjhVks $ Va % A diadem (fdjhV)
fdfj;k $ fdfj;a % Action, performance, work, deed (fØ;k)
fdjks % A parrot (dhj)
fdly;a % A sprout, a shoot (fdly;)
fdfLefp % See Koci
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 176


fdlks % (adj) Thin, emaciated; small, poor, mean (fDy'k~)
fdlksjks % A colt (fd'kksj)
fdLlk % See dks
fdr $ fdrks % A grammatical term, a krit affix (Ñr~)
fdrdks % A word formed with a krit affix (Ñr~ $ vd)
fdroks % A gambler; a cheat, a rogue (fdro)
fdrks % Bought (Øhr ¾ Øh)
dhVks % A worm, an insect (dhV)
fdÙkdks (adj) % How much? How great? How many?
fdÙkua % Mention, report (dhrZu)
fdÙkkork (adv) % How far? to what extent? In how many ways?
fdÙksfr % To proclaim, to celebrate, to publish, to announce, to propound,
to call (o`r~)
fdVqa % Growing corn, the crop of the ground (Ñ"V ¾ Ñ"k)
fdfÙk % Fame, renoun; report, rumour (dh£r)
fdfÙkek (adj) % Renowned (dh£reUr~)
fdfÙkeks (adj) % Artificial, factitious, false (Ñf=ke~)
fdfÙklíks % Fame reputation (dh£r $ 'kCn)
dhok (adv) % How? how much? (fd;Ur~)
dks (Interr. pron.)% Who? which? what? of what sort? (fde~)
dksPpa % A comb: some sort of couch
dksfp $ dksfpn~ % Any, some (fde~ fpn~)
dksn.Ma % A bow (dksn.M)
dks/uks (adj) % Angry, passionate (Øks/u)
dks/sfr % To make angry (Øks/;fr ¾ Øq/)
dks/ks % Anger, wrath (Øks/)
dksg××ka % Hypocrisy, deceit (dqgu $ ;)
dkstoks % A goat’s hair, cover-let of fine workmanship
dksduna % The red lotus (dksdun)
dksdkldks % The red lotus
dksfdyks % The Indian cuckoo (dksfdy)
dksdks % A wolf (dksd)
dksykgyks $ ya % Uproar, tumult, shouting, screaming (dksykgy)
dksyda % Black-pepper: a particular perfume (dksyd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 177


dksya $ dksyks % The jujube fruit (dksy)
dksyacks % A pot
dksykoŠh % A sort of pepper: Piper chaba (dksyoŠh)
dksyÕ;ks % Of noble family (dksys;)
dksyh % The jujube tree (dksyh)
dksfyrks % A name of apostle Moggallana (dksfyr)
dkseyks (adj) % Soft (dksey)
dksekjHkPpks % A proper-name (dkSekjHk`R;)
dkseqnh % Moonlight (dkSeqnh)
dks.kkxeuks % Name of one of the twenty four Buddhas
dks.kdks % A corner (dks.k $ d)
dksukeks (adj) % Having what name?
dks×pks $ dks×pk % A heron (ØkSap)
dks.M××kks % Name of one of the twenty four Buddhas (dkSf.M.;)
dks.kks % A corner or angle : a bow or a quill for musical instrument : the
point of a sword (dks.k)
dksisfr % To make angry, to annoy, to offend: to disturb, to spoil: to throw
into confusion (dksi;fr ¾ dqi~)
dksih (adj) % Warthful (dksfiu~)
dksihua % Pudenda : improper act: a cloth to cover Pudenda (dksfiu~)
dksi % Anger, ill temper (dksi)
dksjda $ dks % A flower, bud (dksjd)
dkslTta % Indolence, sloth (dkSlh|)
dksly % Name of a country and its people (dksly)
dkslŠa % Skill, proficiency, knowledge, mastery (dkS'kY;)
dkslyks (adj) % Belonging to kosala (dksly $ v)
dkslEcdks (adj) % Belonging to the kausamba country (dkS'kkEc $ d)
dkslEch % Name of the capital of the Kausamba Country (dkS'kkEch)
dksliQya % Bolellium, a fragrant gum (dks'k $ iQy)
dkslsÕ;ks (adj) % Made of silk (dkS'ks;)
dkslh % See dks
dkslh % The sheath of a sword (dks'kh)
dksfldks % Bolellium, a fragrant gum (dkSf'kd)
dksflukjks % Belonging to Kusinara
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 178


dksfl;ks (adj) % Silken (dks'k $ ;)
dksfl;ks % Indra: an owl (dkSf'kd)
dkslks % A shout, a call; a measure of length, equal to 600 yards (Øks'k)
dkslks $ dksla % (dks'k)
A sheath: a bud: treassure: a testicle
dkslksfgrks (adj) % Sheathed, hidden (dks'k $ vofgr ¾ /k)
dksVjkoua % Proper name (dksVjko.k)
dksVjks $ ja % The hollow of a tree (dksVj)
dksfV % Point, tip, end, extremity, top, summit, length; emmence,
exceeds; ten-million (dksfV)
dksfVŠa % Crookedness, deceitfulness (dkSfVY;)
dksfVIidksfV % One of the high-numerals followed by twenty one ciphers (dksfV
$ iz $ dksfV)
dksfVIiÙkks (adj) % Having reached the end or summit, having fully accomplished
or attained; perfectly attained, perfect (dksfV $ izkIr ¾ vki~)
dksV ðdks (adj) % Breaking, cutting
dksV ðua % Pounding, cutting
dksV ðkisfr % To cause to be pounded
dksVfðs r % (dqV ð)
To strike, to break, to pound, to cut
dksV òkxkja % A store-room, store house (dks"B $ vkxkj)
dksV òkxkfjdks % A treasurer or store-house keeper (dks"Bkxkj $ bd)
dksV òdks % A room: a store-room (dks"B $ d)
dksV òa % A granary (dks"V)
dksV òkl;ks (adj) % Contained in the intestine (dks"B $ vk'k;)
dksV òklks % A part, a portion, a share : portion, lot, destiny
dksV òks % A Granary; a store-room; the abdomen: a room: a closet (dks"Ba)
dksV ò % A jackal (Øks"V ò)
dksfV òeks (adj) % Smoothed, beaten (?) (dqfV e)
dksfV òeks $ ea % A floor or pavement made of pounded stones (dqfV ðe)
dqV ðks (adj) % Breaking (dqV )ð
dksVwgya % See Kutuhalam
dksVqEcja % A sort of cloth
dksfonks % Knowing, acquainted with, skilled, wise (dksfon)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 179


dksfoGkjks % A sort of ebony, Bauhinia Variegata: a tree in the Devaloka
fØ;k % Action, act, performance (fØ;k)
dq % The earth (dq)
dq % A pronomical base found in interrogatives
dqCckuks % Doing, making (dqokZ.k)
dqCcjks % The pole of a carriage (dwcj)
dqCcfr % See djksfr
dqcqf¼ (adj) % Weak-mind: foolish (dqcqf¼)
dqPNk % Blame; contempt (dqRlk)
dqPNua % Contempt (dqRlu)
dqfPN % The belley, the womb, cavity, hollow; interior (dqf{k)
dqfPNrks (adj) % Contemptible, vile, bad (dqfRlr)
dqfPNV òks (adj) % Contained in the abdomen (dqf{k $ LFk)
dqpks % The female-breast (Øqp)
dqnkpua (adv) % Ever, sometimes (dnk $ pu)
dqnkjks % A bad-wife (dq $ nkj)
dqnklks % A bad-servant (dq $ nkl)
dqíkfydks % One who digs with a kudala (dqíky $ bd)
dqíkya $ yks % A spade (dqíky)
dqM~Ma % A wall (dqMk)
dq¼ks % Angry; indigrant (Øq¼ ¾ Øq/~)
dqfnfV ò % Septism, unbelief, heresy (dq $ n`f"V)
dqnzwlks % A sort of grain
dqMqcks % A measure of capacity equal to a forth of pattha (dqMo)
dqMqeyks % An opening bud (dqM~ey)
dqxfU/ (adj) % Ill-smelling (dq $ xfU/)
dqxsga % Bad-house (dq $ xsg)
dqgdks (adj) % Deceitful, cheating (dqgd)
dqga (adv) % When? Whither? (dqg)
dqguk % Deceit, hypocrisy (dqguk)
dqguks (adj) % Deceitful, hypocritical (dqgu)
dqgja % A hole, a cavity (dqgj)
dqgsfr % To deceive (dqg)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 180


dq¯g (adv) % Where? Whither? (dqg)
dqfg×pua (adv) % Anywhere, somewhere (dqg $ pu)
dqfgfPÓ (adv) % Anywhere, to any place (dqg $ fpn~)
dq×>fr % To be angry (Øq/)
dqtks % A tree (dqt)
dqéï˜ % A measure of length
dqéï˜Ppdks (adj) % Remorseful, sensitive (dkSÑR; $ d)
dqéï˜Ppa % Misconduct: remorse: doubt: moroseness, querulousness, rest-
lessness (dkSÑR;)
dqéï˜Ppk;fr % To feel remorse
dqéï˜gks % A osprey
dqéï˜yks % Hot ashes, embers
dqéï˜jks % A dog (dqéï˜j)
dqéï˜Vks % A cock (dqéï̃V)
dqdVq òdks % A sort of bird
dqykpyks % Principal mountain (dqy $ vpy)
dqytks % Of good family (dqyt)
dqydks % Of good family (dqyd)
dqykyks % A bird of the falcon tribe
dqykyks % A potter (dqyky)
dqya % A flock, a herd, a multitude: family, species: a house, a building,
lineage, good family, nobility (dqy)
dwya % (dwy)
A slope, a bank
dqyVk % An unchaste woman (dqyVk)
dqyRFk % (dqyRFk)
A kind of vetch, Dolichos, uniflows
dqyok % Belonging to a high family (dqyoUr~)
dqykoda % A nest (dqyk; $ d)
dqfydks (adj) % Belonging to a family (dqfyd)
dqyhudks % A thorough bred horse (dqyhud)
dqyhuks (adj) % Belonging to a family: of good or noble family (dqyhu)
dqyhjks % A crab (dqyhj)
dqfylks $ la % Indra’s thunderbolt (dqfy'k)
dqfyfRFk % A woman of good family: a lady (dqy $ L=kh)
dqŠks % A winnowing basket: a raft (dqY;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 181


dqyqidks] dqyqixks % A family friend: a confident (dqy $ mix)
dqekjdks % (dqxkjd)
A child, a youth: a royal infant or youth: a prince
dqekj % A child: a youth: a prince: skunda the God of war (dqekj)
dqEHkda % The mast of a ship (dqEHkd)
dqEHkdkjks % A potter (dqEHk $ dkj)
dqEHk.Mks % Demons, supernatural beings: name of a plant (dqEHkk.M)
dqEHkFkwua % A drum or similar musical instrument
dqEHkh % A pot: name of a plant (dqEHkh)
dqfEHkdks % Containing a kumbha-measure (dqEHk $ bd)
dqEHkhyks % A crocodile or alligator (dqEHkhj)
dqEHkks % A water-pot, a pitcher, one of the frontal lobes of an elephant
which swell in the utting season a measure of capacity (dqEHk)
dqfeua % Tunnel-shaped basket, fish-net
dqEeklks % Sour gruel (dqYek"k)
dqEeks % A tortoise (dweZ)
dqeqna % White water-lily: one of the high numerals followed by 105
ciphers (dqeqn)
dqeqfndk % Name of a plant (dqeqfndk)
dq.kkyks % The Indian Cuckoo (dq.kky)
dq.kiks $ ia % A corpse (
dq×puknks] % The roaring or trumpting of an elephant
dqf×pdk % A key (dqf×pdk)
dqf×prks % Bent, crooked (dqf×pr ¾ dqp~)
dq.Mdks % The red powder which adheres to the grain of rice under the
dq.My % Ring, an earring, an ear-ornament (dq.My)
dq.Myh % Having rings (dq.Mfyu~)
dqUna % Jasmine multiforum (dqUnk)
dq.Ma % A jar, a water-pot (dq.M)
dq.Mfr % To heat (dq.M~)
dqf.Mdk % The water-pot of an ascetic (df.Mdk)
dq.Mks % An iguana or Ichene umon (dq.M)
dqf.k % Having a crooked limb (dqf.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 182


dq×tjks % An elephant (dq×tj)
dq×tks $ dq×ta % A place overgrown with creeping plants (dq×t)
dqÄ~dqea % Saffron, Crocus salivus (dqÄ~dqe)
dqÄ~dqeks % Dyed with saffron (dqÄï̃e)
dqUunh % A very small river (dq $ unh)
dqUryks % Hair (dqUry)
dqUruh % A curlew
dq.Fkks (adj) % Slow, lazy (Øq.B)
dqUrks % A lance or spear (dqUr)
dwidks % The mast of a ship (dwid)
dqfirks % Angry, enraged excited (dqfir ¾ dqi~)
dwiks % A pit; a well: the mast of a ship (dwi)
dqIia % Any metal except gold or silver, as copper, zinc etc. (dq";)
dqIiua % Being angry
dqIifr % To be angry, to be disturbed, shaken, agitated, thrown into
confusion (dqi~)
dqiqfjlks % A bad-man (dq $ iq#"k)
dqiqÙkks % A bad-son (dq $ iq=k)
dqja % Boiled rice (dwj)
dqj.Mdks % A sort of’ Amaranth (dqj.Md)
dqjÄõ % An antelope (dqjÄõ)
dqjjks % Sea-eye or Osprey (dqjj)
dqjohdks % A fine-voiced bird
dq# % From Karoti
dq: % Name of a people (dq:)
dq#ekuks % From ‘Karoti’ formed upon ‘Kurute’
dq#fUn % Name of one of the three great collection of Atthakatha
dq#Äõks % A sort of deer
dq:jks (adj) % Cruel; hard: severe: formidable (Øwj)
dq:rs % See djksfr
dq#foUnks % A ruby (dq#foUn)
dqlk % A rein, bridle (dq'kk)
dqlXxa % The lip of a blade of kusa grass(dq'k $ vxz)
dqlydEeiFkks % Way of virtuous action or merit (dq'ky $ deZu $ iFk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 183


dqlykdqlya % Good and bad (dq'ky $ vdq'ky)
dqlyrk % Skill, knowledge (dq'kyrk)
dqlyÙka % Skillfulness (dq'ky $ Ro)
dqlyh (adj) % Prosperous, meritorious (dq'kfyu~)
dqlyks (adj) % Skilful, expert, clever, lucky, happy, prosperous good, right,
virtuous, meritorious (dq'ky)
dqlsl;a % Water-lily or lotus (dq'ks'k;)
dqfl % One of the four cross-seams of the robe of a Buddhist-monk
dqflukjk % The capital of the Mallas, in India (dqf'kuxjh)
dqlhrks (adj) % Slothful, inert, indolent (dqlhn)
dqlks % A blade of grass: the sacrificial grass (dq'k~)
dqlqCHk % A small pond, a puddle (dqToHkz)
dqlwyks % Granary (dq'kwy)
dqlqea % The flower: the menses (dqlqe)
dqlqEHka % Safflower, carthamus timetorius (dqlqEHk)
dqV/kfjdk % A maid-servant (dqV $ /kfjdk)
dwVkxkja % A pagoda or a building with a peaked roof or pinnacles: a room
at the top of a palace: a Belvedere, attic: a funeral hearse, a
catafalque (dwV $ vkxkj)
dqVtks % The plant Wrighlia antidysentica (dwVt)
dwVda % A heap, a mound: a peak (dwV $ d)
dqVUuVa % The plant, cyperus Rotindus (dqVUuV)
dwVflEcyh % A variety of the silk-cotton-tree (dwV $ 'kYeyh)
dwVLlks % A vicious horse (dwV $ v Üo)
dwVV òks (adj) % Continuing unattested, inchargeable, permanent (dwVLFk)
dwVV ksð % A false suit or action at law, one supported by fake or frivolous
evidence (dwV $ vFkZ)
dqVsRFk % dwVks ,RFk
dqBkjh % An axe (dqBkjh)
dqFkks $ dqFka % A woollen blanket (dqFk)
dqVh % A hut, a cabin, a house, a tent, shed (dqVh)
dqfVdk % A hut or tent (dqfVdk)
dqfVyks (adj) % Crooked, shifty, deceitful (dqfVy)
dqfVEca % See Kutumba
dqVhja % A box, a kennel (dqVhj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-05 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 184


dqrks (adv) % Whence? how? much less (dqrl~)
dqVks $ dqVa % A water-pot (dqV)
dqVks $ dwVa % Top, summit, peak: a leap, a mass, a multitude: a sledge-
hammer; a trap: deceit; deception, falsity, fraud: a part of a
plough (dwV)
dwVks (adj) % (dwV)
False, fraudulent, lying
dqVksfp (adv) % From any place (dqrl~ $ fpn~)
dq=k (adv) % Where? (dq=k)
dqÙkda % A woollen carpet
dqRFkk (adv) % Where? (dq=k)
dqRFka % Leprosy, the plant costus speciosus (dq"B)
dqV òh % A laper (dqf"Bu)
dqfÙkeks (adj) % Artificial (Ñr`e)
dqrwgya & dksrwgya % Eagerness, desire, passion: vehemance, voilence: excitement,
tumult (dqrwgyw] dkSrwgy)
dqVqEca] dqfVEca % Family: family property: family estates wealth (dqVqEc)
dqVqEch % The head of a family: a landed proprietor, a man of property
dqVqfEcdks] dqfVfEcdks % Same as last (dqVqfEcd)
dqoy;a % The water lily (dqoy;)
dqoa (adv) % Where? (‡) % A funnel–shaped wicker-basket for catching fish
dqcsjks % A name of Vessavana (dqcsj)
‡ (adv) % Where? Whither (‡)
‡fp (adv) % Somewhere: sometimes: in some cases: in some places (d $
‡ RFkks % What need of ? (d% $ vFkZ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 185


yCHkk % Allowable, possible (yH;)
yCHkusÕ;ks (adj) % Obtainable
yCHkfr % To be taken: to be obtained: to be received: to be permitted
(yH;rs ¾ yHk~)
yCHkks % Obtainable; proper, right, suitable, admissible (yH; ¾ yHk~)
ykHkk % See ykHkks
ykHkXxa % Highest gain (ykHk $ vxz)
yHkua % Taking, receiving, acquisition (yHku)
yHkfr % To obtain, to get, to acquire: to met with, to fix: to receive; to
take: to obtain permission: to allow; to receive an opportunity,
to get a chance: to be able (yHk~)
ykfHk (adj) % Possessed of (ykfHku~)
ykHkks % Gain; receipts; receiving; obtaining; acquisition (ykHk)
ykcq % A pumpkin (ykcq)
ycqtks % The tree artocarpus lacucha (ydqp)
yPNfr % See yHkfr
y¼k % Ger from Labhati (yC/k)
y¼Ccks % That ought to be received or obtained (yC/O; ¾ yHk~)
y¼dks (adj) % Delightful, pleasing (yC/ $ d)
yf¼ % Religious belief: wrong views: heresy (yfC/)
yf¼dks % Heretical, schismatic (yfC/ $ d)
y¼ks % Taken, obtained, received (yC/ ¾ yHk~)
y¼a % See yHkfr
yXxkisfr % To cause to be hung up
yXxfr] yxfr % To adhere, to stick fast, to hang from (yx~)
yXxsfr] yxsfr % To fasten, to tie, to hang up
yXxks % Attached, tied, adhering (yXu ¾ yx~)
yfxrks % Adhering (yfxr ¾ yx~)
yxqGks % A club, a mallet (yxqM)
ygq (adj) % Light; quick: vain: frivolous, flighty: trifling, insignificant: beau-
tiful delightful (y?kq)
ygq] ygqa (adv) % Quickly; surely, certainly (y?kq)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 186


ygqdks (adj) % Light, trifling(y?kq $ d)
ygqrk % Lightness, buoyancy (y?kqrk)
ygqV òkua % Bodily, vigour (y?kq $ mRFkku)
yTtk % Shame, modesty, timidity (yTtk)
yTtkua % Being ashamed (yTt $ vu)
yTtfr % To be ashamed (yTt~)
yTth (adj) % Feeling ashamed, modest, quiet, well-conducted (yTtk $ bu~)
yfTtrks (adj) % Ashamed, shameful (yfTtr)
yktks $ yktk % Fried-grain; parched corn (ykt)
ydkjks % The letter L (y $ dkj)
ydkjks % A part of a ship
yk[kk % Lac, an animal dye (yk{kk)
y[ka % A mask: a target: a lac or 100,000 (y{k)
yD[k.ka % Mask, sign, symptom, characteristic: attribute, property, na-
ture, quality: a definition: a grammatical rule: a lucky mark; a
personal characteristic from which good fortune may be pre-
dicted; the art of fortune telling (y{k.k)
yD[k.k××kw (adj) % Knowing signs, skilled in predicting man’s future from the
marks on his future (y{k.kK)
yD[;ks (adj) % Distinguished, characterised (y{;)
yD[k××kks (adj) % Auspicious, beautiful (y{k.;)
yD[ksfr % To mark, to characterize, to distinguish, to discuss (y{k)
yD[kh % Prosperity, splendour, beauty, royal, power: Lakshmi, the God-
dess of prosperity (y{eh)
yfD[krks % Distinguished, marked, renowned (yf{kr)
ydq.Vdks % A dwarf
ykyk % Saliva (ykyk)
yyuk % A woman (yyuk)
ykyua % Dalliance, sport (ykyu)
ykyIifr $ % To lament (ykyk;rs ¾ yi~)
ykylk % Ardent desire (ykylk)
yykVa % Fore-head (yykV)
yykfr % To sport, to dolly (yy~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 187


ykedks (adj) % Low inferior, vile
yEcd..kks (adj) % Having hanging ears or ears with long holes (yXcd.kZ)
yEcfr % To drop, to fall; to hang down, to be suspended (yEcfr)
yfEcdks % Hanging, suspended (yfEcu~ $ d)
yfEcrks % Suspended; hanging downwards (yfEcr)
yEcks % Pendulous, long, large (yEc)
y×pua % A mark, the seal of a letter (yk×Nu)
y×Nfr $ y×Nsfr % To seal (y×N~)
y×Nks % A mark, an imprint (y×N~ $ v)
y×pks % A present; a bribe (y×p)
y.Ma % The dung of animals (y.M)
yÄõyh % Name of a plant (ykÄõyh)
y†fr % To disregard, to step over, to jump over (y†)
y†sfr % To jump over, to lift-up (y†)
yfÄõ % A bolt or bar (yfÄõ)
yÄïk % Ceylon (yÄïk)
yÄïknhiV òks % Living in Ceylon (yÄïkf}i $ LFk)
yÄïknhiks $ ia % Island of Ceylon (yÄïk $ }hi)
yfÄïdks % Belonging to Ceylon (yÄïk $ bd)
yfÄïUnks % King of Ceylon (yÄïk $ bUnz)
yfÄïLljks % King of Ceylon (yÄïk $ b'oj)
yidks % One who fawns or intrigues (yi~ $ vd)
yiutks % A tooth (yiu $ t)
yiua % Speaking: the mouth (yiu)
yik;sfr % To cause to talk or beg
yifr % To talk; to prattle: to mutter; to whine; to lament (yi~)
yi;fr % To talk, to prattle, to whine: to beg
yki;fr % See yifr
yfira % Talk, voice (yfir ¾ yi~)
ykiks % A sort of quail Perdix chenensis (ykc] yko)
ykiq % See (vykiq)
yklua % Dancing (yklu)
ylfr % To shine, to sport (yl)
ylh % Brains
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 188


yfldk % The fluid which lubricates the joints (yfldk)
ylqua % Garlic (y'kqu)
yrk % Creaper: a branch (yrk)
ykfr % To take (yk)
yÙkda % Lac, a red animal dye (yÙkQd)
yfV ]ò yfV òdk % A staff, a stick: an offshoot, a plant (;f"V] ;f"Vdk)
yVqfddk % The diminutive Indian quail (yV~odk $ bdk)
ykodks % A reaper (ykod)
youa % Cutting, reaping (you)
yo.ka % Salt (yo.k)
yoÄõa % Clove (yoÄõ)
youks (adj) % reaping (you)
ykosfr % To cut, to reap (yko;fr ¾ yw)
yk;fr % To reap (yw)
y;ks % A brief measure of time (y;)
ysbMq % A clod of earth (ys"Vq)
ysgfr % To lick (fyg)
ys[kk % A line, a streak, a scratch (ys[kk)
ys[kdks % A secretary (ys[kd)
ys[kua % Writing: a letter (ys[ku)
ys[ksfr % To write, to delineate (ys[k;fr ¾ fy[k~)
ys[kks % Writing, manuscript, inscription: a letter epistle: a drawing,
delineation (ys[k)
ys[k;a % Writing (ys[; ¾ fy[k)
ys.ka % A rock cavern, a cave: retreat, refuge, Nirvana (y;u)
ysiua % Smearing, plastering (ysiu)
ysiks % Plaster, mortar (ysi)
ysI;a % Plastering, modelling in clay (ysE;)
yslks % A bit, a little (ys'k)
yslks % A trick, a stratagem
yÕ;ks % To be licked or lapped, or sipped (ysgÔ ¾ fyg~)
fyPNoh % A race of Indian princes, also called Vajji’s (fyPNfo)
fy[kua % Writing (fy[ku)
fy[kkisfr % To cause to be written: to cause to be cut
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 189


fy[kfr % To inscribe; to write; to scratch (fy[k~)
fyf[krdks (adj) % Written (fyf[krd)
fyf[krks % Scratched, written: inscribed (fyf[krd ¾ fy[k~)
fyD[kk % A measure of weight (fy{kk)
fydkspdks % The plant alangium flexapetalum
fydqpks % A sort of bread-fruit, artocarpus Lacucha
yhyk % Play, spot, dalliance (yhyk)
yhGgk % Ease, grace, playfirllness, facility, adroitness, skill proficiency,
mastery (yh<k ¾ fyg~)
fyEiua % Smearing, plastering (fyi)
fyEifr % To smear, to daub, to plaster, to stain (fyi~)
fyÄõa % A mark, sign, characteristic: pudendum, gender, sex (fyÄõ)
fyÄõok (adj) % Having marks or characteristicks (fyÄõ $ oUr~)
fyfÄõ (adj) % Having gender (fyfÄõu~)
yhuks % Attached, adhering (yhu ¾ yh)
fyfi % Writing, script (fyfi)
fyIifr % See Limpati
fyÙkks % Smeared, plastered (fyIr ¾ fyi~)
yh;fr % To adhere (yh)
yksHkuh;ks (adj) % Connected with covetousness (yksHkuh;)
yksHkks % Covetousness, desire, cupidity, greed (yksHk)
ykspua % The eye (ykspu)
yksíks % The tree symplocos Raccmosa (yksHk)
yksgxqGks % An iron or metal ball (yksg $ xqM)
yksgta % Brass, bronze (yksgt)
yksgdkjks % A black-smith (yksg $ dkjd)
yksgdqEHkh % An iron cauldron: name of a lake in hell (yksg $ dqEHkh)
yksga % Agallochum (yksg)
yksgfiêòks % A heron (yfg $ i`"B)
yksfgrdks (adj) % Red (yksfgrd)
yksfgrÄïks % A ruby (yksfgr $ vÄï)
yksfgrikf.k (adj) % Red-handed, bloody, murderous, destroying life whether ani-
mal or human (yksfgr $ ikf.ku~)
yksfgrks (adj) % Red (yksfgr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 190


yksfgrqIikndks % One who has committed the crime of shedding the blood of
yksfgrqIiknks % The crime of wounding supreme Buddha so as to drop blood
(yksfgr $ mRikn)
yksgks $ yksga % Iron, copper, brass: any metal (yksg)
yksd/Eerk % The vicissitudes of life, the vanity of worldly things (yksd $ èkeZ
$ rk)
yksd/Eeks % World conditions (yksd $ /eZ)
yksd/krq % A world or sphere (yksd $ /krq)
yksdkf/irsÕ;a % Influence of the world (yksd $ vkf/irsÕ;k)
yksdx: % Teacher of the world, an epithet of Buddha (yksd $ xq#)
yksdXxks % Chief of the world i.e. Buddha (yksd $ vxz)
yksdD[kf;dk % See Akkhayika and Lokayatam
yksdkfela % Temptation of the world, pleasures of senses (yksd $ vkfe"k)
yksdukFkks % Protector or Saviour of the world, an epithet of Buddha (yksd
$ ukFk)
yksdUrfjdks (adj) % Belonging to the lokantaram or space between three (yksd $
vUrj $ bd)
yksdikyks % Guardian of the world (yksy $ iky)
yksdfonw (adj) % Knowing the universe, a common epithet of a Buddha (yksd $
yksdk;ra % Controversy on fabulous or absurd points casuistry (yksdk;r)
yksdslks % Brahman (yksd $ bZ'k)
yksfd;ks (adj) % Common, popular: worldly, earthly, temporal (ykSD;)
yksdks % The universe; the world: the inhabitants of a world or region;
mankind: a being, a creature (yksd)
yksdqÙkjks (adj) % Transcending the world, supernatural, spiritual (yksd $ mÙkj)
yksyrk % Longing, eagerness (yksy $ rk)
yksyks (adj) % Tremulous; desirous, longing: greedy: unsteady, agitated (yksy)
yksyqiks (adj) % Desirous, covetous, greedy (yksyqi)
yksegalua % Horripilation or bristling of the hair of the body caused by
astonishment or fear or delight (ykseu~ $ g"kZ.k)
yksegaluks (adj) % Causing horripitation, astounding, stupendous (ykseg"kZ.k)
yksegalks % Horripiltation (ykseu~ $ g"kZ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 191


yksegêòtkrks (adj) % Having the hair of the body erect with wonder or fear, terrified,
astounded, thunderstruck (ykseu~ $ â"V ¾ â"k $ tkr ¾ tu~)
yksea % The hair of the body (ykseu~)
ykselks (adj) % Hairy (ykse'k)
ykseh (adj) % Having hair (ykseu~ $ bu~)
yks.ka % Salt (yo.k)
yksf.kdks (adj) % Relating to salt, having a salt taste(ykof.kd)
yksiks % Cutting off; in grammar elision, a pocope (yksi)
yqîd ó ks % A huntsman, a sportsman (yqC/d)
yq¼ks % Greedy, covetous (yqC/ ¾ yqHk~)
yqíks (adj) % Cruel, muderous (yqC/ ¾ yqHk~)
yw[kks (adj) % Rough; unpleasant; hard, harsh (#{k] yw{k)
yqyk;ks % A buffalo (yqyk;)
yqukfr % To cut, to reap (yw)
yq×pfr % To pull up or out (yq×p)
ywuks % Cut, reaped (ywu ¾ yw)
yqiua % Cutting off (yqi $ vu~)
yqI;fr % To be elided (yqI;rs ¾ yqi~)
ywrk $ ywfrdk % A spider (ywrk $ ywfrdk)
yqÙkks % Cut off, elided (yqIr ¾ yqi~)
yw;fr % To be cut or reaped (yw;rs ¾ yw)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 192


ek % The moon (ekl~)
ek % Not, do not (Prohibitive Particle) (ek)
ePNk % Good-soil (e`Rlk)
ePNcU/ks % A fisherman (eRL; $ cU/)
ePNdks % A fish (eRL;d)
ePN.Mh % Inspissated juice of the sugar-cane (eRL;.Mh)
ePNjk;fr % To be envious (eRlj)
ePNjh (adj) % Envious, niggardly (eRlfju~)
ePNfj;a $ ePNsja % A vice, niggardliness, selfishness, envy, churlishness (ekRl;Z)
ePNjks (adj) % Niggardly, envious, grudging (eRlj)
efPNdks % A fisherman (ekfRldks)
ePNks % A fish (eRL;)
ePpks % Mortal (eR;Z ¾ e`)
ePpks (adj) % Maternal (ekr` $ ;)
ePpq % Death, yama (e`R;q)
ePpq/sÕ;a % The realm of Death (e`R;q $ /s; ¾ /k)
eknua % Delighting: clover (eknu)
enuh;ks (adj) % Intoxicating (enuh;)
enuks % Kama, the God of love; the plant Vanguiera spinosa (enu)
eík % Name of a country and its inhabitants (enz)
eíyks % A sort of drum (enZy)
eíua % Rubbing, grinding, crushing, trampling (enZu)
eífr % To rub, to compress, to crush, to trample, to destroy (e`n~)
eíoks (adj) % Flaccid, withered (eknZo)
e/q (adj) % Sweet, pleasant, nice honey (e/q)
e/qCcrks % A honey-bee (e/q $ ozr)
e/qfPNêòa % Wax (e/qfPN"V)
e/qíqeks % The tree Bassia latifolia (e/q $ nzqe)
e/qdjks % A bee (e/qdj)
e/qdjks (adj) % Sweet (e/qdj)
e/qdks (adj) % Sweet (e/qd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 193


e/qyfêòdk % Liqorice(e/q $ ;f"Vdk)
e/qyhgks % A bee (e/qfyg~)
e/qesgks % Diabetes (e/q $ esg)
e/qiks % A bee (e/q $ i)
e/qjdks % The Jivaka plant (e/qjd)
e/qjlk % A grape; the plant sanseveria Roxburghinia (e/q $ jl)
e/qjLljks % A sweet voice (e/qj $ Loj)
e/qjÙka % Sweetness (e/qj $ Ro)
e/qjks (adj) % Sweet, agreeable (e/qj)
ek/qjks (adj) % Belonging to the town of Madhura
eèokloks % Wine made from the flowers of Bassia Latifolia (e/q $ vklo)
eknh (adj) % Like me (ekn`'k~)
efnjk % Spirituous liquor (efnjk)
ekfnlks $ ekfjlks Like me, such as I (ekn`'k)
(adj) %
enh;ks (adj) % Mine (enh;)
enks % Intoxication; pride, enjoyment: the juice that flows from an
elephants temples when in rut (en)
eknks % Pride (ekn)
ex/ % Name of a people and country: southern Behar (ex/)
ekx/dks $ % Belonging to Magadha (ekx/)
ekxf/dks (adj)
ekx/ks (adj) % Belonging to Magadha (ekx/d)
exflja % Name of a Nakkhatta (e`xf'kjl~)
ekxfljks] eXxfljks % Name of a month (ekxZf'kj)
ekxfodks % A deer-stalker; sportsman; huntsman (e`x;l $ bd)
eXxkeXxks % The right and wrong way (ekxZ $ vekxZ)
eXxuk $ ua % Research, tracing out (ekxZ.k)
eXxfr $ eXxsfr % To trace out, to seek (ekxZ)
eXxV~Bks (adj) % Walking in one of the four paths (ekxZ $ LFk)
efXxdks % A traveller (ek£xd)
eXxks % Road: path: track: passage: urethra (ekxZ)
eXxqjks % A sort of fish (en~xqj)
e/k % Name of a Nakkhatta (e/k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 194


ek?kkrks % Non-slaughter, interdiction of slaughter (ek $ ?kkr)
e?kok % Indra (e?kou~)
ek?kks % Name of a month (ek?k)
ek?;a % The blossom of the many flowered jasmine (ek?;)
exks % A deer or antelope (e`x)
egk (adj) % Great (egk)
egk % Great, a Vedic adjective much used as a substitute for egr~ in
the formation of compound noun and adjectives
egkvêòdFkk % The great commentary (egk $ vFkZ $ dFkk)
egkcya % Great strength (egk $ cy)
egkcyks (adj) % Strong, mighty (egk $ cy)
egCoya % Great strength; a strong force, a great army (egr~ $ cy)
egkcyks (adj) % Having great strength, powerful, might (egr~ $ cy)
egkCHk;a % Great fear, horror(egn~Hk;)
egkHkídIiks % The great auspicious cycle (egk $ Hknz $ dYi)
egkHk;a % Great fear (egk $ Hk;a)
egkfHkfuD[kseua % The great retirement (egk $ vfHkfu"Øe.k) D[ks
egkHkksxks (adj) % Wealthy; having a great hood (cobra) (egk $ Hkksx)
egkHkwrks $ ra % A principal element (egk $ Hkwr)
egkcksf/ % The great Bo-tree (egk $ cksf/)
egkczãk % The archangel Brahman, also called Brahma Sahampati (egk
$ czãku~)
egkpxks (adj) % Munificent (egk $ R;kx)
egPN.kks % A great festival (egr~ $ {k.k)
egknkua % Great gifts or charity (egk $ nku)
egknjks % Anguish (egk $ nj)
egkn;ks (adj) % Very compassionate, all merciful (egk $ n;k)
eg¼uks (adj) % Wealthy (egr~ $ /u~)
egkf/fr (adj) % Having great fortitude or perseverance (egk $ /`fr)
egknhiks % Great island (egk $ }hi) % Having crowds of diciples or followers (egkx.k $ bu~) frequently
used of eminent divines or apostles
egXxrks (adj) % Enlarged, extensive, great, lofty (egr~ $ xr ¾ xe~)
egX?klks (adj) % Eating much, highly fed (egr~ $ ?kl~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 195


egfX?k;ks (adj) % Costly (egk?;Z)
egX?kks (adj) % Of great value, costly, valuable(egk $ v?kZ)
egkxq.kks (adj) % Having great qualities, virtuous (egk $ xq.k)
egkglks % Loud laughter, a horse-laugh (egk $ gkl)
egkgoks % War (egk $ vkgo)
egktfudks (adj) % Belonging to the people (egktu $ bd)
egktuks % The people, the public, the populaee, mankind, a great number
of people, a multitude (egk $ tu)
egkdUnks % Garlic (egk $ dUn)
egkdIiks % See Kappo (egk $ dYi)
egkdk#f.kdks % Very compassionate (egk $ dk:f.kd)
egkdLliks % Name of a famous apostle of Buddha, who was president of the
Mahasangiti (egk $ dk';i)
egkdFkkua % One of the high numerals or followed by 133 cipher
egkdqya % A high-family, a noble family (egk $ dqy)
egkdqyks (adj) % Belonging to a high or noble family (egk $ dqy)
egŠdÙka % Old age, seniority (egŠd $ Ro)
egŠdks (adj) % Oldage; spacious, large, broad, big (egŠd)
egŠks (adj) % Old (egŠ)
egkePpks % A chief minister (egk $ vekR;)
egkeXxks % A high-road (egk $ ekxZ)
egkegh % The earth (egk $ egh)
egkegks % A great festival, pomp, festivity (egk $ eg)
egkekrk % Grand-mother (egk $ ekr`)
egkefr (adj) % Wise (egk $ efr)
egkeÙkks % A king’s minister or companion, a great noble at court (egk $
egkes?kks % A storm of rain, a thunderstorm (egk $ es?k)
egkeq[kks (adj) % Having a big month (egk $ eq[k)
egkeqfu % A great sage or philosopher (egk $ eqfu)
egkunh % A great river (egk $ unh)
egkukxks % A great elephant; a state elephant; a great snake or cobra: a
great Naga; an eminent person; a leader, a king; a bold warrior,
a champion (egk $ ukx)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 196


egkua % A kitchen (egk $ vul~)
egkukeks % Name of a plant: name of the author of Mahavamsa (egk $
egkula % A kitchen (egkul~)
egkfuCckua % Nirvana (egk $ fuokZ.k)
egkfuyks % A gate of hurricane (egk $ vfuy)
egkfulk % Midnight (egk $ fu'kk)
egkfulalks % Great advantage, great blessing (egk $ vkfula{k)
eg..koks % The great ocean (egk $ v.kZo)
egUrrk % Greatness, bigness
egUrrjks (adj) % Greater, superior, bigger
egUrks $ ega $ % Great, large, big, eminent: much excessive: excellent (egr~)
egk (adj)
egkuqHkkork % Great power
egkuqHkkoks (adj) % Powerful, mighty (egkuqHkko)
egki××krk % Great wisdom (egk $ izK $ Ro)
egki××kks (adj) % Having great wisdom, wise, learned (egk $ izKk)
egkijk/ks (adj) % Very guilty, criminal (egk $ vijk/)
egkifjPpkxks % See Pariccago
egkifjfuCckua % Greatest attainment of Nirvana: it also means death of Buddha
egkikrda % A great sin, a crime (egk $ ikrd)
egkiFkks % A high-road (egk $ iFk)
egIiQyks (adj) % Very fruitful; having great reward (egr~ $ iQy)
egkiq××kks (adj) % Possessing great virtue or merit (egk $ iq.;)
egkiqfjlks % A great man, an eminent man, a man born to greatness (egk $
egkjgks (adj) % Valuable, costly (egk $ vgZ)
egkjktk % A great king (egk $ jktu~)
egkj××k % A great forest (egk $ vj.;)
egkjêòa % Siam (egk $ jk"Vª)
egkjks#oks % Name of one of the eight Narkas or hells (egk $ jkSjo)
egkl¼ks (adj) % Having great faith (egk $ J¼k)
egklíks % A great noise, a loud shout (egk $ 'kCn)
egklgk % Globe amaranath, Gomphrena globosa (egklgk)
egklkyks % A man of great wealth and position, a magnate (egk'kky)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 197


egkle.kks % The great ascetic, the great philosopher, an epithet of Buddha
(egk $ Je.k)
egklEerks % The Great Elect (egk $ lEer ¾ eu~)
egkljks % A great lake (egk $ ljl~)
egklÙkks % A noble or excellent man: Bodhisatta (egk $ lRo)
egklkodks % A great disciple (egk $ Jkod)
egkfljk % A tondon (egk $ fljk)
egkr.gks (adj) % Lustful (egk $ r`".kk)
egkFksjks % A great or eminent thera (egk $ LFkfoj)
egkFkwiks % The great Dagoba in Anuradhapur (egk $ Lrwi)
egfr % To revere, to worship (eg~)
egfr % See Mahanto
egkfrfe % Name of a mythical fish of vast size (egk $ frfe)
egÙkk (adj) % Great souled, magnanimous (egk $ vkReu~)
egfRFkdks (adj) % Productive of great good; very advantageous (egk $ vFkZ $ bd)
egkoXxks % See fou;
egkoalks % The great dynasty (egk $ oa'k)
egkoua % A great forest (egk $ ou)
egkokVks % A great pit
egkfogkjks % Great monastery (egk $ fogkj)
egkfojsdks % Cholera (egk $ fojsd)
egkohjks % A might man, a great man (egk $ ohj)
egk;lks (adj) % Illustrious (egk $ ;'kl~)
egslD[kÙka (adj) % Power, eminence, superiority
egslD[kks (adj) % Possessing great authority or influence; eminent (egk $ bZ'k $
egslh % Great stage(eg£"k)
egslh % A queen (efgf"k)
egsflÙka % Queen-ship (efgf"k $ Ro)
egh % The earth, the ground: place: land: name of a river (egh)
efgPNrk % Lust, desire (egk $ bPNk $ rk)
efgPNks (adj) % Lustful (egk $ bPNk)
efgf¼drk % Magical power
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 198


efgf¼dks $ ;ks % Possessing supernatural power, miraculous: magical (egk $
(adj) Íf"k $ d)
egh/jks % A mountain (egh $ /j)
efgdk % Frost (efgdk)
efgyk % A woman (efgyk)
eghyrk % An earth-worm (egh $ yrk)
e¯glde.Mya % The Andhra-country (efg"kd $ e.My)
efgu/jks % A mountain (egh $ /j)
efgUnks % Indra; Mahindra, a great Buddhist Missionary (egk $ bUnz)
eghikyks % A king (egh $ iky)
eghifr % A king (egh $ ifr)
eghiks % A king (eghi)
egh#gks % A tree (egh $ #g)
efgle.Mya % The Andhra country (efg"k $ e.My)
ekfgldks % Belonging to buffaloes (ekfg"kd)
efglks % A buffalo (efg"k)
ekfglks (adj) % Belonging to buffaloes (ekfg"k)
efgLljks % Vishnu (egk $ bZ'oj)
efgLljks % A king (egh $ bZ'oj)
eghrya % The ground (egh $ ry)
efgrks % Revered, worshipped (efgr ¾ eg)
egh;rs % To be revered
egks % A festival (eg] egl~)
egksnf/ % The sea (egk $ mnf/)
egks?kks % A torrent, a flood (egk $ vks?k)
egks?kks (adj) % Having a mighty stream (egk $ vks?k)
egksjxks % A great snake, a Naga (egk $ mjx)
egksl/a % Dry ginger, the plant alivisa (egk $ vks"k/)
egqLloks % A great festival (egk $ mRlo~)
eTta % Spirits, wine, liquor (e/)
eTtua % Intoxication, pride
eTtua % Rubbing, polishing (ektZu)
eTtiks (adj) % A drunkard; one who drinks strong drinks (e| $ i)
eTtkjks % A cat (ektkZj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 199


eTtfr % To be joyous; to be intoxicated (en~)
eTtfr % To polish; to rub (e`t~)
eT>xrks (adj) % Being in the midst of: (eè; $ xr ¾ xe~)
eT>xks (adj) % Being in the midst of : going among (eè;x)
eT>Ugks $ .gks % Mid-day (eè; $ vUg)
eT>fUrdks % Midday (eè; $ vUr $ bd)
eT>Ùkrk % Impartiality, moderation, indifference (eè;LFk $ rk)
eT>Ùkks (adj) % Impartial, neutral (eè;LFk)
efT>enslks % The central region, Central India (eè;e $ ns'k)
efT>eks (adj) % Central middle, mean, moderate, of medium size (eè;e)
eT>ks $ eT>a % Middle, centre, interior; the waist (eè;)
eT>ks (adj) % Middle, central (eè;)
edjUn % The nectar of a flower (edjUn)
edjks % Name of a mythical fish or sea-monster (edj)
eldks % A mosquito (e'kd)
eDdVdks % A spider (edZVd)
eDdVks % A monkey (edZV)
ekDdoks % The shrub Eclipta prostrata (ekdZo)
eD[k.ka % Smearing oil (ez{k.k)
eD[kkisfr % To cause to be anointed
eD[ksfr % To smear, to anoint, to rub out (ez{k~)
eD[kh (adj) % Conacaling one’s vices (ez{k~ $ bu~)
efD[kdk % A fly; a bee (ef{kdk)
efD[krks % Smeared, anointed, stained, soiled (ezf{kr ¾ ez{k~)
eD[kks % Conancaling one’s vices, hypocrisy (ez{k~)
edqyks $ ya % An opening bud; a knob (edqy)
edqVks $ Va % A crest, diadem, topknot (edqV] eqdqV)
ekyk % A wreath, a garland; a necklace: a flower: a row: a line (ekyk)
ekykxqGks % A bouquet of flowers (ekyk $ xqM)
ekykxq.kks % A garland of flowers (ekyk $ xq.k)
ekykdkjks % A gardener (ekyk $ dkj)
ekydks % A circular enclosure, yard, terrace, a consecrated enclosure
(eky $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 200


eya % Dirt, filth; exorement, stain taint; fault, defect; impurity sin:
rust (ey)
eyrja % A greater or worse taint(ey $ rj)
ekyrh % The great flowered jasmine (ekyrh)
ey;tks % Sandal-wood
ey;ks % A mountainous in the Dekkan: a mountainous dist in Ceylon of
which adam’s peak is in the centre; a garden, a park: a jungle
ekyh (adj) % Having a garland or row (ekfyu~)
ekfydk % A garland, double jasmine (ekfydk)
ekfydks % A gardner, a florist (ekfyd)
eyhelks (adj) % Dirty, polluted, stained (eyhe"k~)
efyuhHkofr % To be stained (efyuh $ Hkw)
efyuhdjksfr % To stain, to pollute (efyuh $ Ñ)
efyuks (adj) % Dirty; dark; brown, black (efyu)
eŠdks % A cup
efŠdk % Arabian Jasmine (efŠdk)
efŠdks % A sort of goose with brown legs and bill(efŠdks)
eŠks % A professional wrestler: name of a people (eŠ)
ekyks % A pavilion, a pagoda (eky)
ekywjks % The tree Egle Marmelos (ekywj)
ekyqrks % Wind, air (ek:r)
ekyqok % A creeper
ekY;a % A flower, a garland of flowers (ekY;)
ea] ee] eea % See vga
eedks (adj) % Mine
ekedks (adj) % Mine, my own; treating as one’s, loving (eked)
eek;fr % To be attached or devoted to (eek;~)
eekf;rks % Concerning, belonging to oneself, own
eEePNsndks (adj) % Breaking the joints: (eeZu~ $ Nsnd)
eala % Flesh, meat (ekal)
ekunks (adj) % Inspiring: a term of respect ekun
euDdkjks % Acute consciousness of pain, or pleasure
eua % See Mano
eua (adj) % A little (eukd~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 201


ekua % Measuring, a measure (eku)
ekuuk $ ua % Honouring, reversing, offering (ekuuk] ekuu)
ekuuh;ks $ fuI;ks % Honourable, venerable (ekuuh;)
eukiks (adj) % Pleasing, pleasant, charming, pretty (euvki)
euklks % See Mano
ekula % The mind: intention: purpose (ekul~)
eufl % See Mano
euflPpfr % To wish, to desire (eufl $ b"k~)
eufldkjsfr % To fix the attention (eufl $ dkj;fr $ Ñ)
eufldkjks % Attention (eufl $ dkj)
eufldjksfr % To mind, to attend, to pay attention to, to bear in mind, to think
about, to pounder, to fix the mind on to take to heart (eufl $
eufldrks % Attended to, bore in mind, pondered (eufl $ Ñr)
ekufldks (adj) % Mental (ekufld)
eulks % See Mano
ekulks % Lust (ekul)
euLlh (adj) % Sensible, intelligent, clever, prudent (eufLou~)
ekuÙka % This is the name of some sort of punishment attached to the
commission of a Sanghadisesa offence (eku $ Ro)
ekuok (adj) % Proud (ekuoUr)
ek.kodks % A student: a young man or a Brahmin (ek.kod)
ekuoh % A woman (ekuoh)
ek.kfodk % A young girl, a girl-student (ek.kfodk)
ekuoks % Mankind (ekuo)
ek.koks % A youth, a boy: especially a young Brahmin (ek.ko)
euk;rua % The mind (eul~ $ vk;ru)
e×pk/kjks % A bed-stead (e×p $ vk/kj)
e×pdks % A bed (e×pd)
e×pks % A bed (e×p)
e.MCcks % Patronymic from Mandu (ek.MO;) (adj) % Speaking little (eUn $ Hkk.k $ bu~)
eUnxkfe (adj) % Slowly marching (eUn~ $ xkfeu~)
e.MdIiks % See dIiks
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 202


eUnkfduh % A name of the akasaganga or ecclestial rivers: a name of one of
the great lakes of Himvanta (eUnkfduh)
e.MyXxks % A crooked sword; a sabre (e.My $ vxz)
e.Mya % A disk, a circle; a circuit, circumference; a district comprising
number of villages; a region, a province; a heap; a multitude
e.Myekyks % A circular house with a peaked roof; a pavillion (e.My $ eky)
e.Myh (adj) % A circle, a disk (e.Myh)
e.Mfyda % Anything round, a circle or globle
(e.My $ bd)
e.MfyLljks % A ruler, a sovereign (e.My $ bZ'oj)
e.Mua % Adornment, an ornament (e.Mu)
e.Muks (adj) % Adorning (e.Mu)
e.Mia % A roofed open hall, generally built for a temporary purpose, a
pavillion (e.Mi)
e.Mkisfr % To cause to be adorned
eUnkjoks % Erythrina fulgens (eUnkjo)
eUnkjks % A name of the western mountain behind which the sun sets
e.Msfr % To adorn, to decorate (e.M)
eUnhHkkoks % Slackening, dulling (eUnh $ Hkko)
efUnja % A house, an edifice: a town (efUnj)
ef.Mrks % Adorned (ef.Mr)
eUnks % Slow: stupid: dull: small: low: slight: weak (eUn)
e.Mks % Scum (e.M)
e.Mqd.Vdks % A Mandu thorn, supposed to destroy a tree or plant piecered
with it
e.Mwdks % A frog (e.Mwd)
eusfldk % One of the amusements forbidden to a Bhikkhu, guessing the
thoughts of others (eul~ $ ,"k~ $ bdk)
ekusfr % To honour, to revere (eku;fr ¾ eu~)
eÄõfyêòdk % Foundation stone (eÄõy $ b"Vd)
eÄõyks (adj) % Auspicious, lucky: joyous festive; belonging to state occasions
ef.k % A gem, a jewel: a waterpot (ef.k)
ekf.k % Proud, thinking, fancying (ekfuu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 203


ef.kcU/ks % The wrist (ef.k $ cU/)
ekfudk % A weight = four Donas (ekf.kdk)
ef.kda $ dks % A waterpot (ef.kd)
ef.kD[kU/ks % A magic jewel (ef.k $ LdU/)
ef.kyD[k.ka % Telling a person’s fortune from the jewels in his possession
(ef.k $ y{k.k);ks (adj) % Made of jems or jewelled (;)
efufUnz;a % The mind, the intellect (eul~ $ bfUnz;)
ef.klIiks % A sort of venomous snake (ef.k $ liZ)
ekfurks % Honoured (ekfuu~ $ eu~)
efuÙka % See Mannati
e×tjh % A sprout, a compound pedicle (e×tjh)
e×tsêkò s (adj) % Light red (e×th"B)
e×thjks % A foot ring, bangle (e×thj)
ef×têòk % Bengal madder (ef×t"B)
e×tq (adj) % Beautiful, lovely, delightful(e××kq)
e×tqlk % A basket, or casket (e×tw"kk)
e×twldks % Name of a eclestial flower (e×tw"kd)
eÄï (adj) % Troubles, restless, disturbed, put out, irritable, annoyed,
angry-fretful, discontented (eÄ~)
e××kfr % To think, to suppose, to imagine, to consider; to esteem, to know,
to believe, to understand (eu~)
euks $ eua % The mind, the intellect, the thoughts, the heart (eul~)
ekuks % Pride, arrogance, variety, honour, respect (eku)
euksHkw % Kama, the God of love, Indian Cupid (euksHkw)
euksnqPpfjra % Sin of the mind or thoughts (eul~ $ nql~ $ pfjr)
euksgjks (adj) % Striking, beautiful, charming, captivating (euksgj)
eukse; (adj) % Springing from the mind, caused by the mind (euks $ e;)
euksiqCcÄõeks (adj) % Having mind for its predecessor, following upon, one resulting
from the mind or thoughts, caused by the mind (eul~ $ iwoZ $
euksjeks (adj) % Pleasant, delightful, beautiful (euksje)
euksjFkks % Wish, desire (eul~ $ jFk)
eukslsêkò s (adj) % Governed by the mind, founded on the mind (eul~ $ Js"B)
euksflyk % Redgar or red arsenic, vermillion (eul~ $ f'kyk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 204


eUrk % Wisdom
eUrCcks % To be thought, to be considered (eUrO; ¾ eu~) (adj) % Speaking wisely
eUr?kjks (adj) % Versed in the Mantras (eU=k $ /j)
eUr.ka % Deliberation, consultation, resolution (eU=k.k)
eUrsfr % To consult, to deliberate, to discuss; to talk, to converse (eU=k~)
eUFkuh % A churn (eUFkuh)
eUFkkuks % A churning-stick (eUFkku~)
eUFkjks % Stupid, slow (eUFkj)
eUFkks % A churning-stick: a sort of rice-cake (eUFk)
eUrh % A councellor, a minister (efU=ku~ $ bUnz)
eUrks % Deliberation resolution, council, design, plan, artifice: Vedic
hymns: a sacred text: a mystic verse; a charm, an incantation
eUraq $ eURok % See e××kfr
euqtkf/iks % A king (euqt $ vf/i)
euqt % A man (euqt)
ekuqUuda % Beauty, charm (ekuksKd)
euqUuks (adj) % Beautiful, pleasing, delightful (euksK)
ekuqldks (adj) % Human (ekuq"kd)
ekuqlks (adj) % Human (ekuq"k)
euqLldks (adj) % Human (euq"; $ d)
euqLlÙka % Man’s condition, humanity (euq";Ro)
euqLlks % Human being, a man (euq";)
ekidks % Causing to appear by supernatural
ekisfr % To make, to prepare: to cause to appear by supernatural power,
to create (eki;fr ¾ ek)
ekj/sÕ;a % The realm of Mara or Death, Sansara or continued existence
(ekj $ /s; ¾ /k)
ekjth % Conqueror of Mara, epithet of Buddha (ekj $ ftr~)
ekjdks % A slayer (ekjd)
ejEeks (adj) % Burmese
ej.ka % Death (ej.k)
ej.ka % Killing, Slaughter (ekj.k)
ej.klfr % Recollection of death, meditation on death (ej.k $ Le`fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 205


ekjkisfr % To cause to be killed, to put to death
ejfr] eh;fr] % To die (e~)
ekjÙka % State of being Mara, Maraship
ekjsfr % To destroy, to kill, to murder (ekj;fr $ e`)
efjpa % Pepper (efjp)
ejhfp % A ray of light: mirage (ejhfp)
ejhfpdk % Mirage (ejhfpdk)
ekfjfpdks (adj) % Prepared with pepper, peppered (ekfjfpd)
ekfjlks (adj) % Madiso
ekfjlks % A venerable person: the plant amaranthus polygamus (efj"k)
ekfjrks % See Mareti
efj;knk % A boundary, limit: relitude good conduct (e;kZnk)
ejks % Death (ej)
ekjks % Death: killing: the tempter, the Evil Principle (ekj)
e# % A sandy desert: a mountain (e#)
e# % A deva (e#r~)
ek:rks % Wind (ek:r)
elDdlkjks % A name of Indra’s city
ekldks % A bean or vetch: a weight: two ganjas, a coin of low value (ek"kd)
elkjxŠa % A precious stone: a sort of cats-eye (eqlkjxRo)
elkjdks % A sort of bed
efl % Soot, ink (ef"k)
eklks % A sort of kidney-bean; a coin=Masaka (ek"k)
eklks $ ekla % A month (ekl)
eLlq % The beard ('eJq)
elqj % A sort of lentil (elqj)
ekrk % Mother or maternal grandmother (ekr`)
ekrCcks % To be measured (ekrO; ¾ ek)
erdks (adj) % Dead, belonging to the dead (e`rd)
ekrfy % Name of a character of Sakka or Indra (ekrfy)
ekrkegks % Maternal grandfather (ekrkeg)
erÄõtks % An elephant (erÄõt)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 206


ekrÄõks % An elephant; low-caste person (ekrÄõ)
ekrkisfÙkHkjks (adj) % Supporting ones parents (ekr` $ fir` $ Hkj)
ekrkisfÙkdks (adj) % Belonging to father and mother (ekr`] fir` $ d)
ekrkfirjks % Parents (ekrkfir`)
erihfrdks % One whose father is dead (er $ fir` $ d)
ekrjk % See ekrk
eFkua % Churning, crushing (eFku)
eFkfr % To churn; to stir up, to agitate: to crush, to destroy (eFk~)
efr % Mind; intelligence: thought: imagination: knowledge: wisdom:
wish: advise (efr)
ekfr % See ekrk
ekrh % A conduit, canal
ekfrdk % A canal for irrigation: a conduit, watercourse: heading, outline,
sketch: text: list: table of contents
efrek (adj) % Sensible, intelligent, wise (efreUr~)
ekfrrks (adj) % On the mother’s side (ekr` $ rl~)
ekfr;ks (adj) % Maternal (ekr` $ ;)
erks % Having died: dead (e`r $ e`)
erks % Thought, considered; believed: understood; known (er ¾ eu~)
eÙkk % Measure, quantity: right or suitable quantity, modernation:
little: greatness, importance (ek=kk)
eÙkdkfluh % A charming woman (eÙk $ dkf'kuh)
eÙkda % A substitute for mattam
eÙka % This word is used only as the latter part of a compound with the
meaning “measure, quantity” or exact quantity or “exact time,
as soon as (ek=kk)
eÙk××kw (adj) % Moderate, temperate (ek=k $ K)
eÙk××kwrk % Moderation (ek=k $ K $ rk)
eÙkkflrk % Moderation in eating, temperance (ek=k $ vkf'ku~ $ rk)
eÙksÕ;rk % State of being a mother, maternity (ekr` $ ,; $ rk)
eÙksÕ;ks (adj) % Maternal (ekr` $ ,;)
eRFkdks $ da % The head: top; summit, end: excellence, eminance (eLrd)
eRFkyqÄõa % The brain (eLrqyqÄõ)
eêòks $ eêðks % Polished, cleansed, pure (e`"V ¾ e`t~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 207


eRFkq % Whey (eLrq)
efÙkdk % Earth, loam, clay, mud (e`fÙkdk)
efÙkdke;ks % Earthen (e`fÙkdk $ e;)
efÙkdks % Consisting of one syllable (ekf=kd)
efÙkdks % Maternal (ekf=kd)
efÙk;ks % Maternal (ekr` $ ;)
eÙkks % Intoxicated, drunk: mad, furious: excited: glad, joyful (eÙk~ ¾
eV kð s % See (eBkò s)
ekrq % See ekrk
ekrqPNk % Mother’s sister, aunt (ekr`";l`)
ekrqxkeks % Woman kind; a woman, a female (ekr` $ xzke)
ekrq?kkrdks % A matricide (ekr` $ ?kkrd)
ekrq?kkrks % Matricide (ekr` $ ?kkr)
ekrqtks (adj) % Born of a mother (ekr` $ t)
ekrqdks (adj) % Having a mother (ekr`d)
ekrqykuh % A mother’s brother’s wife- aunt
ekrqyqÄõks % The citron tree (ekrqyqÄõ)
ekrq;k % See ekrk
e;k] e;a % See vga
ek;k % Illusion, phanton, deceptive appearance, deceipt; jugglery, magic:
name of Buddha’s mother (ek;k)
ek;koh (adj) % Deceiptful, hypocritical: subject to illusion: deluded (ek;kfou~)
egÔa] ef; % See vga
e;ks (adj) % Made of, consisting of (e;)
ek;ks (adj) % Measuring (ek;)
ek;q % Bite, gall (ek;q)
e;w[kks % A ray of light (e;w[k)
ek;wfjdks % A peacock-hunter (ek;wfjd)
e;wjks % Peacock (e;wj)
ek;wjks (adj) % Belonging to peafowl (ek;wj)
es % A substitute for the instru dat and gen. cases of vga (es)
espdks (adj) % Black, dark blue (espd)
es/k % Intelligence (es/k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 208


es/xks % Quarrel, strife
es/Äïjks % Name of a Buddha (es/k $ dj)
es/k (adj) % Intelligent, wise (es/kfou~)
es/ks % Sacrifice(es/)
esfnuh % The earth (esfnuh)
esnks % Fat: serious secretion that spreads among the muscular fibres
es?ko..kks (adj) % Cloud- coloured (es?k $ o.kZ)
es?kks % A cloud, storm, rain (es?k)
esgua % Membrum virile (esgu)
esgks % Urine, urinary disease (esg)
esT>ks (adj) % Pure (esè;)
es[kyk % A zone, a girdle (es[ky)
esydks % Assemblage (esyd)
es.Mks % A ram; a groom (es.M)
esfudks % A fisherman (eSfud)
esj;a % Intoxicating liquor, spirits, rum, arrack (eSjs;)
es# % Mt. Meru-a vast mountain occupying the centre of each cakkavala
eslks % A ram: the zodiacal sign aries (es"k)
esrCcks % To be measured
esFkquks % Relating to sexual intercourse (eSFkqu)
esÙkk % Friendliness, goodwill, kindness, love, charity (eS=kh)
esÙkkHkkouk % Development of friendly feelings and goodwill towards all living
beings (eS=k $ Hkkouk)
esÙksÕ;ks % Name of a Bodhisatta; who is to be the next Buddha (eS=ks;)
esÙkh % Friendship, goodwill, love(eS=kh)
esÙkks (adj) % Friendly, kind, benevolent (eS=kh)
esR;a % Friendship (eS=;)
esÕ;ks % To be measured; measurable (e; ¾ ek)
fePNk % Falsely, wrongly (feF;k)
fePNkpkjh % Living wrongly; behaving wrongly (feF;kpkj $ bu~)
fePNkpkjks % Wrong conduct or living (feF;k $ vkpkj)
fePNkfnfV ò % Wrong views, false doctrine scepticism, heresy, unbelief
(feF;k $ n`"Vh)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 209


fePNkfnfV ò (adj) % Heretical (feF;k $ n`f"V)
fePNfnfV òdks (adj) % Holding false doctrine, heretical, unbelieving, pagan (feF;k $
n`f"V $ d)
fePNkfnfV òrk % False doctrine, heresy (feF;k $ n`f"V $ rk)
fePNklÄïIiks % Wrong resolve (feF;k $ ladYi)
fePNÙka % Wrongness, falsity, wrong conduct (feF;k $ Ro)
fe¼a % Sleepiness, drowsiness, somuolence, topor, stupor (fe†)
fe¼h (adj) % Sleepy, drowsy, torpid (feÄ~?k $ bu~)
fexcfU/uh % A hunting net (e`xcfU/uh)
fexknuks % A hyena (e`xknu)
fexnk;ks % A deer park (e`x $ nko)
fexkf/Hkw % King of beasts, the lion (e`x $ vf/ew)
fexenks % A musk (e`x $ en)
fexekrqdk % A sort of antelope (e`x $ ekr`dk)
fexrf.gdk % Mirage (e`xr`f".kdk)
fexoks % Hunting, deerstalking, the chase (e`x".k~)
fexO;/ks % The chase (e`x $ O;/)
fexh % A doe (e`xh)
fefxUnks % King of beasts, the lion (e`x $ bUnz)
fexks % A deer or antelope: an animal, a game (e`x)
fefgra % A smile (fLer ¾ fLe)
feyD[kks $ % A barbarian, outcaste, a hillman, one of the aborigines (XysPN~)
ehyfr % To wink (ehy~)
feykrks % Withered, faded: languid, faint (Eyku ¾ EyS)
feyk;fr % To longuish, to fade, to wither (EyS)
ehOga % Excrement (eh< ¾ feg)
fefyUnks % Menander—king of the yonakas whose theological discussions
with the great Buddhist divine Nagasena from the subject of the
well-known Pali-work Milindapanha
fefyrh % Mixed, conjoined (fefyr)
feuua % Measuring, surveying
feukfr % To measure, to gauge, survey (ek)
fe×tk $ fe×ta % Marrow; pith; kernel of a fruit or vegetable (eTtk)
fe×tda % Marrow; pith; kernel of a fruit or vegetable (eTtk $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 210


ehuks % A fish; zodiacal sign (ehu)
feLldks (adj) % Mixed; combined (feJd)
feLlfr % To be mixed (feJ)
feLlsfr % To mix (feJ)
feLlhHkwrks (adj) % Mixed, joined, associated with (feJhHkwr)
feLlks (adj) % Mixed (feJ) (adj) % Speaking in moderation, a moderate talker (fer $ Hkk.k $ bu~)
fefFkyk % Capital of Videhas (fefFkyk)
feFkks $ % Mutually, reciprocally, with each other, together, privately
feFkq (adv) (feFkl~)
feFkqua % A couple (feFkqu)
ferks % Measured, reckoned: moderate (fer ¾ ek)
feÙkíq $ % Injuring one’s friends, treacherous, perfidious (fe=knzqg)
foÙknq (adj)
feÙknqHkh] % Injuring one’s friends, treacherous (fe=knzksfgu)
feÙknqfHkdks (adj)
feÙknwHkks] % Treacherous (fe=knzqg)
feÙkok % Having friends (fe=koUr~)
feÙkks % A friend (fe=k)
eh;fr % To be measured (eh;rs ¾ ek)
eh;fr $ feÕ;fr % See ejfr
ekspua % Release, removing (ekspu)
ekspsrk % One who liberates (ekspf;r`)
ekspsfr % To be liberate; to release; to loose: to detach (eksp;fr ¾ ewp~)
ekspks % The plantain or banana (eksp)
eksndks % Sweet-meat; ferment (eksnd)
eksnua % Rejoicing (eksnu)
eksnfÄõdks % One who plays the mutinga (e`nÄõ $ bd)
eksnfr % To rejoice (eqn~)
eksXxŠkuks % Name of a famous apostle of Buddha, one of the aggasavakas =
name of a Pali-grammarian who lived in the 12th century
eks?kks % Useless, vain, foolish (eks?k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 211


eksfgrks % Infatuated, deluded (eksfgr ¾ eqg~)
eksgks % Fainting, loss of consciousness, ignorance, error, folly, infatua-
tion (eksg)
eksD[k¯pd % Acrobatic feats
eksD[kfr % See eq×pfr
eksD[kks (adj) % Principal, pre-eminent (ekS[;)
eksD[kks % Release, arhatship, nirvana (eks{k)
eksysÕ;k % Name of a people (ekSys;)
eksfy % Top-knot of a hair: chignon: a crest; diadem aigrette (ekSfy)
eksewgks (adj) % Silly, mad (ekseq?k)
eksua % Silence (ekSu)
eksusÕ;a % Moral Perfection
eksjks % A peacock (e;wj)
eksldks % A thief (eks"kd)
ekslfydks (adj) % Armed with a club (eqly $ bd)
ekslks % Theft, robbery (eks"k)
eqCck % The creeper sanseviera zeylancia (ewokZ)
eqpfyUnks % The tree Barringtonia acutangula : name of a Naga king
eqPpua % Being released
eqPpfr % See eq×pfr
eqPNk % Fainting; swooning, faintness (ewPNkZ)
eqPNuk % A musical note, the seventh part of the scale (ewPNZuk)
eqPNua % Fainting (ewPNZu)
eqPNfr % To become faint (ewNZfr)
eqnk % Joy, pleasure (eqnk)
eqík % Seal, a signet: a seal-ring stamp (eqnzk)
eqísfr % To stamp
eq/k % In vain: gratis, for-nothing (eq/k)
eqfnrkHkkouk % Feeling of kindliness (eqfnrk Hkkouk)
eqfnrks % Pleased, glad (eqfnr ¾ eqn~)
eqnq (adj) % Soft: mild: weak: blunt, slow (e`nq)
eqnqdks % Soft (e`nq $ d)
eqnqrk % Softness, impressibility (e`nqrk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 212


eqXxfjuks % Armed with a club (eqn~xj $ bd)
eqXxjks % A hammer, mallet, club (eqn~xj)
eqXxks % A sort of kidney bean (eqn~x)
ewxks (adj) % Dumb (ewd)
eqgq $ eqgqa (adv) % Momently, repeatedly (eqgqj)
eqgqfÙkdks % An astrologer (eqgwrZ $ bd ¾ ekSgw£rd)
eqgqÙkks % A moment, a while (eqgwrZ)
eq[kk/kua % The bit of a girdle (eq[k $ vk/ku)
eq[ka % The mouth: the face: front: entrance: commencement: brim:
means, cause (eq[k)
eq[kikBks % Verbal recital (eq[k $ ikB)
eq[kjrk % Garrulity (eq[kjrk)
eq[kjks (adj) % Scurrilous: garrulous, noisy (eq[kj)
eq[kokllks % Mouth perfume: a fragrant substance used to make the breath
smell sweet (eq[k $ okl $ d)
eq[kksnda % Water to rinse the mouth with (eq[k $ mnd)
eq[kqŠksddks (adj) % Looking in a person’s face, cheerful willing: said of a good
eq[;ks (adj) % Chief (eq[;)
eqéïks % Another form of mutto (eqYd)
eqdqyks $ eqdqya % A bud (eqdqy)
eqdqjks % A mirror (eqdqj)
ewyk % See eya
ewyda $ dks % Raddish (ewyd)
ewyadks (adj) % Having its root or origin in: springing from (ewyd)
eqGkyks % The stalk of lotus (e`.kky)
ewya % A root: lowest part: base, foundation: origin, source, commence-
ment: front, foremost, first: cause: nearness: sum: amount:
mass: price, money: capital, principal (ewy)
ewGgks % Foolish: ignorant: deceived: erring, astray: misguided, infatu-
ated;. perplesed, confused (xw< % ewg)
ewY;a % Wages, price (ewY;)
equkfr % To gain knowledge of, to learn, to know (eu~)
eq/kisfr % To cause to be released
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 213


eq×pfr % To loose, to release: to dismiss: to give up: to abandon, to omit:
to send forth (eqp~)
eq.MPNMks % A sort of house (eq.M $ PNn~)
eq.Mda % Tonsure (eq.Md)
eq.Mdks % A shaveling (eq.Md)
eq.Mua % Tonsure (eq.Mu)
eq.Msfr % To shave (eq.M)
eqf.Mdks (adj) % Shaven, bald (eqf.Mu~ $ d)
eq.Mks % Shaved, bald, bare (eq.M)
eqÄõ˜lks % The mungoose or ichueumon
eqfu % A sage, an inspired man, a holy ascetic, a saint (eqfu)
eqfuUnks % Chief of sages : an epithet of Buddha (eqfu $ bUnz)
eqfuLljks % Chief of sages : Buddha (eqfu $ bZ'oj)
eq×tk;uks] eq×tkuks % A common name patronymic from Munja (ekS×tk;u)
eq×tks % A sort of grass, from the fibre of which the Brahmanical string
is made = a sort of fish (eq×t)
eqjtks % A sort of drum, a tambourine (eqjt)
eqlk % (adv.) Falsely (e`"kk)
ewlk % A erucible (ew"kk)
ewlkHkf.krk % A liar (ew"kk $ Hk.k~ $ r`)
eqlyh % (adj) Armed with a club (eqlkfyu~)
eqlyks $ eqly % A club or pestle (eqly)
eqlfr % To steal; to rob: to plunder (eq"k~)
eqlkokfn % Lying; speaking falsely (e`"kk $ okfnu~)
eqlkoknks % Lying, falsehood (e`"k $ okn)
ewfldks % A mouse, a rat (ewf"kd)
eqfr % Intelligence: understanding (efr)
eqfrek % Sensible, intelligent, wise (efreUr~)
eqfrÄõks % A small drum, a labour (e`nÄõ)
eqrks % Thought, supposed, considered (er ¾ eu~)
eqÙkk % A pearl (eqÙkQk)
eqÙkkxq.kks % A string of pearls (eqÙkQk $ xq.k)
eqÙkkgkjks % A string or necklace of pearls (eqÙkQk $ gkj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 214


eqÙkdke;ks % Made of pearls (eqÙkQk $ dk% e;)
eqÙka % Urine (ew=k)
eqÙke;ks % Made of pearls (eqÙkQk $ dk $ e;)
eqÙkkeqÙka % A weapon which is both missile and non-missile as a bludgeon
(eqÙkQ $ veqÙkQ)
eqÙkkoyh % A string of pearls (eqÙkQk $ vkoyh)
eqV òlPpa % Forgetfulness, bewilderment
eqV òklfr (adj) % Forgetful, careless, inattentive, unconscious, bewildered
eqfV ò % The fist : a handful, a smith’s hammer (eqf"V)
eqfÙk % Deliverance; release; Nirvana (eqfÙkQ)
eqfÙkda % A pearl (eqÙkQ $ bd)
eqÙkks % Released: delivered: free from: discharged: shot (eqÙkQ ¾ eqp~)
eqgÔfr % To faint: to be perplexed; bewildered: infatuated (eqg~)
E;k;a % Me ayam
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 215


u% (Negative particle), Not (u)
uHka $ uHkks % The sky, the air (uHkl~] uHk)
ukfHk % The navel: the nave of a wheel; centre (ukfHk)
uPpdks (adj) % Dancing (u`R; $ d)
uPpa % Dancing, nautch; acting, pantomine; acrobatic, performance
uPpfr % To dance (u`r~)
ufpjks (adj) % Not long, short (ufpj)
unfr % To sound, to make a noise with the voice, to shout, to roar (un~)
u¼ks % Bound, fastened, covered (u¼ ¾ ug~)
uknsÕ;ks % Belonging to a river, fluviatile (ukns;)
unh % A river (unh)
unhekfrdks % (adj) Watered by rivers, provided with rivers (unhekfrd)
ufnÙka % See unfr
uknks % Sound, noise: cry, shout, roar
ukxcyk % The shrub uraria lagopodisides (ukxcyk)
ukxnUrdks % A peg fastened into the wall to hang things upon (ukxnUrd)
ukxnhiks % A large island said to be inhabited by Nagas, and visited by
Buddha when he introduced his religion among the Nagas (ukx
$ }hi)
ukxyrk % The betel-vine, Piper Betel (ukx $ yrk)
ukxekfydk % The iron-wood tree (ukx $ ekfydk)
ukxjktk % King or a chief of Nagas: said of noble elephant (ukx $ jktu~)
uxj % A town or city: a fortified town, a fortress or citadel (uxj)
uxjh % A town or city (uxjh)
ukxfjdks (adj) % Belonging to a town: urbane, civilised (ukxfjd)
ukxjh % Belonging to a town (ukxj)
uXxks (adj) % Naked (uXu~)
ukxh % A female Naga (ukxh)
ukfxUnks % A Naga king (ukx $ bUnz)
uxks % A mountain: a tree (ux)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 216


ukxks % A serpent: a cobra or hooded snake; an elephant: the iron-wood
tree, a chief (ukx)
ugkua % Bathing (Luku)
ugkfu;ks (adj) % Used for bathing: ablutionary (LUkkuh;)
ugkidks % A bath attendant (Lukid)
ugkiua % Bathing a person, attending him at the bath (Lukiu)
ugkisfr % To cause to bathe (Luki;fr ¾ Luk)
ugkfirks % A barber (ukfir)
ugk# % A tendon, a muscle (Luk;q)
ugkrdks % One whose spiritual instructions are complete (Lukrd)
ugkrks % Bathed, washed, cleansed, pure (Lukr ¾ Luk)
ugk;fr % To bathe (Luk)
ufg % See u
ugqÙka % A vast number, or 1 followed by 28 ciphers
uTtk % Nadi (unh)
u[kks] u[ka % A nail of the finger or toe (u[k)
uD[kÙka % A star: a constellation: an asterism in the moon’s path, a lunar
mansion; festival (u{k=k)
uéïks % A crocodile(uØ)
ukdks % Heaven (ukd)
udqyks % A mungoose (udqy)
uydkjks % A basket maker (uy $ dkj)
ukya % Not sufficient, not able
ukya % A tubular or hollow stalk–that of the water-lily a tube: a tubular
vessel (uky)
uyehuks % A sort of fish
(uy $ ehu)
uykVa % The fore-head (yykV)
ukGh] ukyh % A hollow stalk: a tube: a pipe: an artery: a measure of capacity
(ukMh] ukyh] ukfy)
ukfGdk % A tube, pipe, hollow cylinder (ukfMdk)
ukfGdsjks % A coconut tree (ukfjdsj] ukfMdsy] ukfjdsy)
ukfGdksnua % A nali–measure of rice (ukMh $ d $ vksnu)
ufyua % A lotus flower (ufyu)
ukfyU/eks % A gold-smith (ukfM/e)
ufyuh % A pond (ufyuh)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 217


ukfyiêkð s % A covering for the head, a cap
ukGho.ka % A fistula, an ulcer (ukMh $ oz.k)
uyks] uGks % A kind of reed (uy] uM)
ua % See So
uke % By name: indeed (uke)
ukeè;sÕ;a % Name, appelation (ukeu~ $ /s; ¾ /k)
ueéïkjks % Veneration, reverence; worship (ueLdkj)
ukedks (adj) % Bearing the name of: named (uked)
ukea % A name: a noun (ukeu~)
uke:ia % Name and form: mind and body: individual (ukeu~ :i)
ueLlk % Reverence, veneration, worship (ueL;k)
ueLlfr % To honour, to pay attention to, to revere, to venerate, to worship
uefr % To bow to, to be inclined (ue~)
ukerks (adj) % By name (ukerl~)
ukeRFkq % See ukeks
ukeok (adj) % Bearing the name of (ukeu~ $ bu~)
uesfr] ue;fr] % To bend (ue;fr ¾ ue~)
ukeh (adj) % Bearing the name of (ukeu~ $ bu~)
ukfedks % Bearing the name of
ukferks % Bent (ukfer ¾ ue)
uEenk % River Narbada (ueZnk)
ueks % Salutation, reverence, honour (uel~)
ueqfp % Name of a Mara (ueqfp)
ukuk (adv) % Various, different, away from (ukuk)
×kkunLlua % Insight given by knowledge (Kku $ n'kZu)
ukukf/eqfÙkdks % Having various dispositions or inclinations (ukuk $ vf/eqfDr $
(adj) d)
×kkua % Knowledge (Kku)
uuUnk % Husband’s sister (uukUn`)
ukuIidkjrks (adj) % In many ways (ukuk $ izdkj $ rl~)
ukuIidkjsu (adj) % In many ways (ukuk $ izdkj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 218


ukukIidkjks $ % Of various sorts (ukuk $ izdkj)
ukukIidkjdks (adj.)
ukuk:iks % (adj.) Various, diverse (ukuk $ :i)
ukurk % Variety, diversity (ukuk $ rk)
ukukrks % (adv) In various ways (ukuk $ rl~)
ukuÙka % Diversity (ukukRo)
ukukfo/ks % (adj) Of various sorts (ukuk $ fo/k)
uUnk % Name of a pleasure - lake in Indra’s Heaven (uUnk)
uUnua % Gladdening: name of a garden in Indra’s heaven
uUnfr % To enjoy: to rejoice: to be pleased (uUn~)
uUnsfr % To cause to delight or rejoice (uUn;fr)
ufUn % Joy (ufUn)
uUnh % A leathern thong or strap (uÄ~/h)
uUnh (adj) % Rejoicing in (ufUnu~)
ufUn;koêkð s (adj) % Turning auspiciously, turning to the right (ufUn $ vkorZ)
uÄõya % A plough (ykÄõy)
uÄõq ê að % The tail of an animal
×kkuh % Learned (Kkfuu~)
ukfudkelsÕ;k % Uncomfortable bed (u $ fudke $ 'kÕ;k)
u××kks % See u (Na)
ukuks % See ukuk (Nana)
uuq % A word generally used in questioning where an affirmative
answer is expected (uuq)
×kkidks (adj) % Informing, declaring (Kkid)
×kkiua % Information, declaration (Kkiu)
×kkisfr % To make known, to declare, to tell, to inform, to teach, to show,
to inform (Kki;fr ¾ Kk)
uIi:iks (adj) % Abundant (u $ vYi $ :i)
uiqaldks (adj) % Of neuter gender; of no sex (uiqald)
ukjkpks % An iron weapon of some sort, an arrow or light javelin (ukjkp)
ujk/eks % Vilest of men (uj $ v/e)
ujkf/iks % A king (uj $ vf/i)
ukjnks % Name of one of the 24 Buddhas (ukjn)
ujdks % Hell (ujd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 219


ukjdks % A person suffering in hell (ukjd)
ukjÄõks % An orange-tree (ukjÄõ)
ujklHkks % Chief of men an epithet for Buddha (uj $ Í"kHk)
ujlhgks % Lion amongst men: greatest of men (uj $ ¯lg)
ujojks % Greatest of men, an epithet of Buddha (uj $ oj)
ukjh % A woman (ukjh)
ufjUnks % A king (uj $ bUnz)
ufjLljks % A king (uj $ b'oj)
ujks % A man (uj)
ukjks (adj) % Belonging to a man, human (ukj)
uklk % The nose (uklk)
uklua $ ukluk % Destruction, ruin (uk'ku)
uklÄõa % A sin involving expulsion from priest hood (uk'ku $ vÄõ)
uklkiqVks % A nostril (uklk $ iqV)
uklkokrks % The breath of the nostrils (uklk $ okr)
uklsfr % To cause to disappear, to destroy, to ruin, to expel from priest
(uk'k;fr ¾ u'k~)
ukfld % The nose: a nostril (ukfldk)
ukflrks % Destroyed: demolished: ruined: expelled from the priesthood
(ukf'kr ¾ u'k~)
uklks % Disappearance; destruction; ruin; death (uk'k~)
ukLl % Not to him; not to her: should not be
uLljÙka % Impermanence (u ÜojRo)
uLlfr % To be lost, to disappear, to perish (u'k~)
×kkrk % One who knows (Kkr`)
×kkrCcks % That ought to be known, perceptible (KkrO; ¾ Kk)
ukVfdfRFk % A dancing girl (ukVd $ L=kh)
×kkrfdfRFk % A female-relative (Kkrd $ L=kh)
uVdks % A dancer; an acrobat (uVd)
ukVdks % A dancer or mime a drama (ukVd)
×kkrdks % A relative, kinsman (Kkr $ d)
uVua % Dancing, gymnastics, pantomine (uVu)
×kkrÕ;ks (adj) % To be known (KkrO; ¾ Kk)
ukFkks % A protector, a seviour; lord, master, chief (ukFk)
×kkfr % A relative, a kinsman (Kkfr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 220


ukfrnwjs (adv) % Not far off (u $ vfr $ nwjs)
uVks % A dancer, an acrobat (uV)
×kkrks % Known, ascertained (Kkr ¾ Kk)
uÙkk % A grandson, a descendant (uIr~)
uÙkda % Dirty or tattered clothes (uÙkQd)
uÙkdks % A dancer (u`r $ d)
uêða % Dancing (u`r ¾ u`r~)
×kkÙka % Knowledge (Kk=k)
uÙkekyks % The plant Pongamia Glabra (uÙkQ eky)
uÙkua % Dancing (urZu)
ufRFk % There is not
ufÙFkdoknks (adj) % Holding nihilist views, sceptic
(ukfLrd $ okn)
ufRFkrk] ufRFkra % Non-existence (ukfLrrk ukfLrRo)
uêðks % Lost, destroyed, ruined (u"V ¾ u'k~)
uRFkq % The nose
×kfÙk % Announcement, declaration (KfIr)
×kÙkks % Made known, announce (KIr ¾ Kk)
×kÙkks (adj) % Near
uÙkqra % Grandsonship (uIr $ Ro)
×kkrqa] ×kRok % See tkukfr
ukVÔa % Scenic art, the drama (ukVÔ)
uo % Nine (uou~)
ukok % A ship, a boat (ukS)
uoxq.ka % Nine attributes (uou~ $ xq.k)
uodrjks % Newer, younger (uod $ rj)
uoD[kÙkqa % Nine times (uou~ $ ÑRol~)
uodks (adj) % New, young, junior (uod)
uoekfydk] % Arbian jasmine (uoekfydk $ uoefŠd)
uoeks (adj) % Ninth (uoe~)
uoÄõks (adj) % Having nine members or divisions (uou~ $ vÄõ)
uouhra] uksuhra % Butter (uouhr)
ukouhrks (adj) % Resembling butter (ukouhr)
uoIiHksnks (adj) % Nine-fold (uor~ $ izHksn)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 221


uofj;ks (adj) % Irresistible (u $ ok;Z ¾ o`)
uofo/ks (adj) % Nine-fold (uou~ $ fo/k)
ukfodks % A sailor, a pilot, a helmsman (ukfod)
uoks (adj) % Recent, new, fresh, young (uo)
uoqfr % Ninety (uofr)
uk; % See lkS
uk;dÙka % Lordship (uk;d $ Ro)
uk;dks % A chief, a lord (uk;d)
u;ua % Leading, bringing, the eye (u;u)
u;fr $ usfr % To lead, to conduct, to guide, to bring, to trace: to ascertain: to
infer (uh)
×kk;fr % See tkukfr
u;rks (adv) % By implication, inferentially (u; $ rl~)
u;sua % See u;ks
uk;sfr % See u;fr
ugÔua % Binding
ugÔfr % To bind (ug~)
uf;es % See u
u;ks % Leading, guidance: conduct: prudent conduct, prudence policy,
polity: way, manner, means, mode, method: inference, logical
deduction (u;)
uk;ks % Method, manner, means, suitable manner, propriety, right
conduct, justice (U;k;)
us % See lks
usnh;ks] usfnêòks (adj) % Nearer, very near, nearest (usnh;l~ usfn"B)
usxeks % Townsman; trader; produce (uSxe)
usd/k (adv) % In many ways (uSd/k)
usddks (adv) % Many (ukSd $ d)
usdfrdks (adv) % Fallacious (uSÑfrd)
usdkf;dks (adv) % Versed in four Nikayas (fudk; $ bd)
usD[kEea % Forsaking, separating from: giving up the world, developing
oneself to the ascetic life, entering the priesthood; self abnega-
tion, giving up all pleasures
usD[kks % See fuD[kks
usdks (adv) % Several, many (uSd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 222


usGks % Blameless, innocent (u $ ,ul~)
usfe % The circumference of a wheel (usfe)
usfeU/jks % Name of one of the Kulacalas (usfe $ /j)
usfeÙkdks % One who predicts the future from bodily signs or omens: a
fortune-teller: necromancer (fufeÙk $ d camp uSfefÙkd)
usfeÙkks % A fortune teller (uSfeÙk)
usiPpa % Adornment of the person, dressing up: costume of an actor
usiéïa % Prudence, discrimination
usiq××ka % Cleverness (uSiq.;)
usj×tjk % Name of a river flowing through Magadha (uSj×tuk)
usjf;dks % One suffering in hell, an inhabitant of one of the hells (uSjf;d)
us# % A name of Mt. Meru
us#fÙkdks % An etymologist or philologist (uS#fÙkQd)
uslknks % A hunter; an aboriginal tribe (uS"kkn~] fu"kkn)
uslfTtdÄõa % Precept enjoining a sitting posture (fu"k/k $ bd $ v)
usla % See lks
usrk % A guide, a leader, a commander-in-chief (usr`Ro)
usfr % See u;fr
usÙka % The eye; a kind of cloth (us=k)
usfÙkdks % One who makes conduits for irrigating rice-fields (us=k $ bd)
us¯Ùklks (adj) % Merciless (fu¯Ïl)
uso % See u $ ,o
usoUrukUroknks (adj) % Holding the doctrine that the universe is neither finite nor
infinite (uSo $ vUr $ u $ vUrr $ okn)
usol××kkukl××kk % Neither consciousness nor unconsciousness (uSo $ l×Kk $ u $
usol××kkukl××kh % One who is in a state of semi-consciousness
usolsD[kuklsD[kks % One who is neither a Sekha nor an Asekha viz. unconverted man
(uSo $ 'kS{k $ u $ v'kS{k)
usokfldks (adj) % Inhabiting; dwelling in (fuokl $ bd)
uSÕ;kf;dks % A dialectician, an adherent of the Nyaya philosophy (uS;kf;d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 223


uSIiks % To be led, to be inferred (us; ¾ uh)
×ksÕ;ks % That should be known; cognisable, ascertainable (Ks; ¾ Kk)
fu % A preposition with the meaning downwards
fu % Before, a vowel, a preposition meaning outwards
fuc¼a (adj) % Continually, constantly, always (fuc¼ ¾ cU/)
fucU/ua % Binding, bonds: cause, motive (fucU/u)
fucU/fr % To bind, to continue (fu $ cU/~)
fucU/ks % Binding, continuance, perseverance (fucU/)
fuCckgdks (adj) % Accomplishing (fuokZgd)
fuCcgfr % To remove (ful~ $ og or o`ga)
fuCca % The caves of a roof (uhoz)
fuCckua % Extinction, destruction, annihilation: Nirvana annihilation of
being: arahatship or final sanctification (fuokZ.k)
fuCcuFkks (adj) % Free from desire or human passion (ful~ $ ou $ Fk)
fuCcU/fr % To press hard (ful~ $ cU/~)
fuCcuks (adj) % Free from desire or human passion
fuCckidks (adj) % Extinguishing, destroying
fuCckisfr (caus) % To extinguish, to destroy, to put an end to, to sooth, to pacify, to
delight, to annihilate(fuokZi;fr ¾ ck)
fuCcluks (adj) % No longer worn, cast off (ful~ $ olu)
fuCcfr $ fuCck;fr % To be extinguished, to attain Nirvana to cease to exist, to be
annihilated (ful~ $ ck)
fuCcÙkua % Springing up, growing, being born: being re-born at death in
another world, causing to arise, producing (fuoZrZu)
fuCoÙkfr % To spring up, to be born, to be produced, to grow, to arise: to be
reborn after death in another world (ful~ $ o`r~)
fuCcÙksfr (caus) % To cause to rise, to produce (fuoZrZ;fr ¾ o`r~)
fuCcfÙk % Birth, rebirth, after-death in another-world (fuo`fÙk)
fuCcÙkks % Spring-up, arisen; born: re-born in a new existence (fuo`Ùk ¾
fuCck;fr % See fuCcfr
fuCcs/dks (adj) % Penetrating, discreminating (ful~ $ os/d)
fuCcs/sfr % To pierce (ful~ $ O;k/;fr ¾ O;/~)
fuCcs/ks % Penetration (ful~ $ os/)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 224


fuCcsfndks (adj) % Connected with disgust or dissatisfaction (fuosZn $ bd)
fuCcsefrdks (adj) % Unanimous, consentment (ful~ $ foefr $ d)
fuCcslks % Payment, wages (fuosZ'k)
fuCcsBua % Unwinding, explanation (ful~ $ os"V.k)
fuCcsBsfr % To untwist, to unwind, to unravel; to explain: to say, to reject
(ful~ $ os"V~)
fuCHkjks (adj) % Excessive, ardent (ful~ $ Hkj)
fuCHkjks (adj) % Free from fear or danger, (ful~ $ Hk;)
fuCHkksxks (adj) % Deprived of enjoyment, miserable (ful~ $ Hkksx)
fufOcfpfdPNk % Free from doubt (ful~ $ fpfdRlk)
fufCcnk (adj) % Disgust with worldly life, aversion (ful~ $ fon~ $ vk)
fufCcT>fr % To pierce, to transfix, to wound (ful~ $ O;/~)
fufCcdkjks (adj) % Free from perturbation or emotion (ful~ $ fodkj)
fufCcD[ksia (adv) % Clearly, without confusion (ful~ $ fo{ksi)
fufCcUnfr % To be disgusted, to be wearied of the vanity of life (ful~ $ fon~)
fufCc..kks % Disgusted, wearied (fu£o.k ¾ fon~)
fufCcfj;ks (adj) % Powerless, weak (ful~ $ oh;Z)
fufCclfr % To find, to obtain, to enjoy (ful~ $ fo'k~)
fufCclsouks (adj) % Not self, indulgent, self-denying (ful~ $ fo $ lsou~)
fufCclks (adj) % Free from poison (ful~ $ fo"k)
fuCcq¼a % Close struggle, wrestling
fuCcqfr % Peace, tranquility, calm, serenity of mind, happiness, Nirvana
fuCcqrks % Free from care or passion, serene, calm, peaceful, tranquil,
happy: annihilated (having attained Nirvana), dead (fuo`Zr ¾
fuHkklks % Appearance (fu $ Hkkl~ $ v)
fuHkks (adj) % Like, resembling (fuHk)
fucks/fr % To know, to learn (fu $ cq/~)
uhpdqya % Any one of low origin (uhp $ dqy)
uhpdqyhuks (adj) % Coming from a low family
uhprjks (adj) % Rather low (uhp $ rj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 225


uhp;ks % Heap, store, accumulation (fup;)
fuPpyks (adj) % Firm, steady, quiet, at rest, immovable, unchangeable (ful~ $
fuPpekudks (adj) % Unwilling, reluctant (u $ bPNeku ¾ b"k~ $ d)
fuPNUnks (adj) % Free from wish or desire (ful $ PNUn)
fuPNkjdks (adj) % Putting out, emitting (fu'pkjd)
fuPNjfr % To come or go out, to proceed (ful~ $ pj~)
fuPN;ks % Determination, resolution, decision: conviction (fu'p;)
fufPNufr % To ascertain; to decide, to resolve: to investigate, try: inquire
into (fuf'p)
fufPNrks % Convinced, having ascertained (fuf'pr)
fufPpÙkks (adj) % Without thought or mind (fuf'pr)
fuPpks (adj) % Perpetual, lasting, constant (fuR;)
fufprks % Piled up, accumulated (fufpr)
uhpks (adj) % Low: mean: base (uhp)
fupqyks % The tree Barringtonia aculangula (fupqy)
funk?kks % A hot season; heat, drought; sweat (funk?k)
fungfr] funsfr] % To put down, to lay aside, to deposit, hide, to bury: to enshrine
fu/sfr (fu?kk)
uhMa % See fu…
funkua % Primary source, origin, cause: cause of a disease: introduction
funLlua % Pointing out, indicating, designation: example, illustration:
sight view (fun'kZu)
funLlsfr % To point out, indicate, show, tell, set-fourth, communicate,
advise (fun'kZ;fr ¾ fun`'k~)
fuík % Sleep, slumber, sloth (funzk)
fuíkyw (adj) % Sleepy, drowsy, sluggish, slothful (funzkyq)
fuíjks (adj) % Free from suffering (funZj)
fuíklhyh (adj) % Drowsy, slothful (funzk $ 'khy $ bu~)
fuík;ua % Sleeping, sleepy
fuík;fr % To sleep (funzk)
fuíkf;rk % One who sleeps, drowsy, slothful (funzS $ r`)
fuí;ks (adj) % Merciless, cruel (funZ;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 226


fuíslks % Pointing out, designation, specification, description, showing
forth (funZs'k)
fuM~M % A nest
fu¼efr % To remove, get rid of (fuèekZ)
fu¼uks (adj) % Poor, needy (fu/Zu)
fu¼kj.ka % Singling out, separating, specifying one of the many causes
fu¼ksrks % Washed (fu/ksZr)
fu¼wuda % Throwing about the hands in eating
fufílfr % To point out, specify, mention, enumerate declare, to describe,
to narrate, explain (fu£n'k)
fuíkslks (adj) % Faultless, guiltless (funksZ"k)
fuíqD[kks (adj) % Free from suffering, Sootheless (funqZ%[k)
fu/kuxks (adj) % Treasured up (fu/ku $ x)
fu/ua] uks % Death (fu/u] fu/ul~)
fu/kua % Depositing, enshrining: a receptacle, treasury: store, wealth
treasure (fu/ku)
fu/kuok (adj) % Worth treasuring up: precious (fu/ku $ ou~)
fu/k; $ fu/sfr % See fu/fr
fuf/ % A depository: treasure (fuf/)
fu/k;fr % See fu/sfr
fu/qjks % A bracelet
fufnf¼dk % A sort of prickly nightshade (fufnfX/dk)
fuxPNfr % To enter, come into: to undergo (fuxe~)
fuxnfr % To tell, declare, recite explain (fuxg)
fuxknks % Speech, recitation (fuxn] fuxkn~)
fuxyks % A chain, fetter (fuxM)
fuxeua % Deduction (fuxeu)
fuxeks % The Veda: a market town (fuxe)
fux.Bks % A naked ascetic (fuxzZUFk)
fuXxPNfr % To go out, depart, proceed or come forth from
fuXxkgdks % One who rebukes: one who coerce or oppresses (fuxzkg $ d)
fuXxg.kks (adj) % Free from attachment
fuXxgua % Censure, chastisement (fuxzg.k)
fuXxgsLlfr % See fuXx.gkfr
fuXxghrks % Restrained, confined, held-back: rebuked, punished (fux`ghr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 227


fuXxgks % Restrained, subduing, rebuke, censure, punishment, degrada-
tion (fuxzg)
fuXxeua % Exit, departure (fuxZeu)
fuXxeks % Going forth, departure: an issue, out-let (fuxZe)
fuXxU/ks (adj) % Inoderous: sweet: free from bad smell (fuxZU/)
fuXx.gua % Restraint (fuxzg)
fuXx.gkfr % To restrain, coerce, subdue: to rebuke, humble: to chastise,
degrade (fuxzg)
fuXxrks % Gone-out: departed (fuxZr)
fuXxgÔoknh (adj) % One who censures another for his faults instead of winking of
fuX?kkslks % Noise, uproar (fu?kksZ"k)
fuXxqEcks % (adj) Free from bushes, clear, even (fuxqZYe)
fuXxq.Mh % Name of a shrub (fuxqZ.M)
fuXxq.kks (adj) % Devoid of good qualities, bad (fuxqZ.k)
fu?k.Mq % A collection of names or vocabulary, a lexicon in which the words
classed according to subjects and not alphabetically (fu?k.Vq)
fu?kkrsfr % To kill, destroy (fu?kkr;fr)
uh?kks % Grief, suffering, woe
fuxzks/ks % The banyan or Indian fig tree (U;xzks/)
fuxwfgrks % Covered, concealed (fuxwfgr ¾ xqg~)
fugfUr % To put down: to settle, to put an end to: to strike down, destroy
uhgkjdks (adj) % Carrying away (fugkZjd)
uhgj.ka % Removal, taking out, expulsion (fugZj.k)
uhgjfr % To draw out, release, take out, carry away, remove, dismiss
uhgkjks % Way, manner (fugkZj)
uhgkjks % Fog: frost (uhgkj)
fugrks % Struck down, destroyed, ruined: put an end to, decided, settled
fugVks $ fugrks % Removed, taken-away (fuâZr)
fughudks (adj) % Low, vile (fughu $ d)
fufguks % Low, vile, bare, contemptible (fughu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 228


fufgrks % Laid down: treasured up (fughr)
fugh;fr % To deteriorate, perish, decay (fugh;rs ¾ fugk)
fuft¯xluk % Covetousness
fuftfxalfr % To wish to take, try to get: covet
(fu $ ftgh"kZfr)
fuft¯xlfr (adj) % Covetous, rapacious (fu $ ftgh"kZ $ r`)
fuTtyks (adj) % Without water, dry (futZy)
fuTtjks (adj) % Free from decay: not growing old (futZj)
fuTtVks (adj) % Disentagled (ful~ $ tVk)
fuT>kerf.gdks % A class of Pretas, wandering about the world of men tormented
with perpetual thirst
fuT>kua % Sight: insight: intuition: perception (fuè;ku)
fuT>kisfr % To give to understand
fuT>jks % A caseade (fu>Zj)
fuTthcks (adj) % Lifeless (futhZo)
futks (adj) % Own (fut)
fudkea (adj) % Willingly, voluntarily (fudkee~)
fudkesfr % To long for, care for (fude~)
fudkeks % Desire (fudke)
fudf..kda % To whisper into ear (fu $ d.kZ $ bd)
fudfUr % Desire, wish (fu $ dkfUr)
fudjks % A multitude, quantity (fudj)
fudlks % A touch stone: a whet-stone (fud"k)
fudfr % Baseness, dishonest, fraud (fud`fr)
fudrks % Base, dishonest, wicked (fuÑr)
fudVks (adj) % Near (fudV)
fudV s ò (adj) % In the neighbourhood, near: shortly, soon (fuÑ"V)
fudk;ks % A multitude, assemblege: a collection: a class, order, group: an
association, fraternity, congregation a house, dwelling (fudk;)
fudsrua % A house, habitation (fudsru)
fudsrks % A house, dwelling, home (fudsr)
fu[kufr % To dig into, to bury (fu[ku~)
fuf[kyks (adj) % Entire, all (fuf[ky)
fufdV òks % Low, vile, out-cast (fuÑ"V)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 229


fuéïMôfr % To cast-out, expel, dismiss(fu"Ñ"k~)
fuéïkeh (adj) % Free from kama to desire (fu"dke)
fuéïEeks (adj) % Without occupation (fu"dke)
fuéïÄõk % Absence of doubt, certainty (ful~ $ 'kadk)
fuéïÄõks (adj) % Free from doubt (fu $ 'kad)
fuéïlkoks (adj) % Free from impurity or sin (ful~ $ d"kk;)
fuésïlks (adj) % Bald (fu"ds'k)
fuD[keua % Going out, or away, departure (fu"Øe.k)
fuD[kefr % To go out, to set out, start, go-forth, go away depart (fu"Øe~)
fuD[keks % Going-out, exit(fu"Øe)
fuD[kUrks % Gone-out, departed (fu"dkUr)
fuD[ksiks % Putting down, depositing, rejection (fu{ksi)
fufD[kdks % A royal-treasurer or mint-master (uSf"dd)
fufD[kiua % Putting-down (fuf{ki.k)
fufD[kifr % To put down, throw down: to lay or throw aside: to lay up,
deposit, keep (fuf{ki~)
fufD[kÙkks % Put down, thrown down: laid aside: deposited (fuf{kIr)
fuD[kks $ fuD[ka % A golden ornament for neck or breast: gold, a weight of gold
equal five suvannas (fu"d)
fuféïyslks (adj) % Free from kilesa (fu"Dys'k)
fuéïlTtks (adj) % Overturned, upside down (ful~ $ dqfCtr)
fudqCofr % To deceive, cheat, defraud (fuÑ)
fudqTtfr % To attach importance to, to lay at heart
fudq×tks] ta % A thicket, a bower (fudq×t)
uhyÙka % Dark blue-colour, blueness (uhy $ Ro)
fuy;ks % A dwelling, habitation, nest (fuy;)
uhyh % The indigo plant (uhyh)
uhkfydk % Name of an acqualic plant (uhfydk)
uhfyuh % The indigo-plant (uhfyuh)
fuyh;fr % To settle-down, alight: to lurk, hide (fuyh)
fuŠTtks (adj) % Shameless (fuyZTt)
fuŠsgda % Licking (ful~ $ ysg $ d)
fuŠksiks % Plundering (ful~ $ yqi~ $ d)
uhyks (adj) % Black : dark blue: dark green (uhy)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 230


uhGks $ uhGa % A nest: a haunt, receptacle (uhM)
fueUrua % Invitation (fueU=k.k)
fueUrsfr % To invite, offer
fuEcks % Nimb tree (fuEc)
fuehysfr % To close the eyes (fuehy)
fufeÙka % A sign, mark, token, omen: cause, reason: pudendum (fufeÙk)
fuEeíua % Crushing subduing (fu $ enZu)
fuEeísfr (caus) % To crush, subdue, overcome
fuEefD[kdks (adj) % Free from flies (fueZf{kd)
fuEeyks (adj) % Stainless, pure, innocent (fueZy)
fuEealks (adj) % Fleshless (fuek±l)
fuEekua % Measuring: forming, making, creation, fabrication (fuekZ.k)
fuEeUF;ks (adj) % To be stirred or rubbed (fueZUF;)
fuEekrk % A maker, creator (fuekZr`)
fuEekrkfifrdks % Without father or mother: orphan (ful~ $ ekrkfir` $ d)
fuEekfFkrks % Agitated (fueZfFkr)
fufEeukfr $ % To form, make, fashion, build, to create, cause to appear by
fuEek;fr supernatural power (fuek)
fufEerks % Made, fashioned, created (fu£er)
fuEeksdks % The slough or cast off skin of a snake (fueksZd)
fueqXxks % Sunk, immersed (fueqxz)
fueqTtfr] % To sink, dive, plunge (fueTt] fueZTt)
fuuknok (adj) % Noisy (fuukn $ oUr~)
fuunks] fuuknks % Noise (fuun] fuukn)
fuUnk % Blame, rebuke, reproach: to despise (fuUn~)
fuUnfr % To blame, to reproach: to despise (fuUn~)
fuÄõks % A sort of deer (U;ƒ)
fuUuknh (adj) % Resounding
fuUuknks % Noise, sound (ful~ $ ukn~)
fuUuxk % A river (fuUuxk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 231


fuUukgqÙka % One of high numerals : followed by 35 ciphers (ful~ $ Luqr)
fuUua % Depth, low ground: the sea the deep (fuEu)
fuUukesfr % To put out as the tongue (ful~ $ uke;fr ¾ ue~)
fuUu;ks % Certainty (fu.kZ;)
fuUustdks % A washerman (fu.kZstd)
fuUuks (adj) % Deep, lowlying (fuEu)
fuiPpkdkjks % Subjection, inferiority, servitude, service (fuiR; $ vkdkj)
fuiPpfr % To be laid-down, settled, determined (fuiR;rs)
fuiTtfr % To lie down (fu $ i|rs ¾ in~)
fuidks (adj) % Prudent, wise (fuid)
fuikua % A trough near a well (fuiku)
fuiUuks % Lying down (fu $ iUu ¾ in~)
fuikrua % Causing to descend; striking: flying down or about (fuikru)
fuirfr % To fall down, to descend: to rush or fly about (fuir~)
fuiBks $ fuikBks % Reading, studying (fuiB] fuikB)
fuikfr (adj) % Flying down or about, wandering (fuikfru~)
fuikrks % Falling down, descending (fuikr)
fuih;fr % To be drunk in, imbided
uhiks % The tree Nauclea, Cadamba, a species of Asoka tree (uhi)
fuIiPp;ks (adj) % Unprovided wish requisites, destitute (ful~ $ izR;;)
fuIiTtfr % To be accomplished, effected, to succeed: to ripen (fu"in~)
fuIiéïks (adj) % Boiled, infused (fu"iéï)
fuIi××kks (adj) % Unwise, foolish (ful~ $ izK)
fuIii×pks (adj) % Free from delay: free from the conditions, such as lust, pride
anger, which delay a man in his spiritual progress (u"izi×p)
fuIiiks (adj) % Sinless (fu"iki)
fuIikoks % Winnowing, clearing (fu"iko)
fuIisfldks % A juggler(uS"isf"kd)
fuIiQknua % Accomplishment (fu"iknua)
fuIiQknsfr % To accomplish, effect, settle, bring to a successful termination,
perform, produce, procure (fu"ikn;fr)
fuIiQyks (adj) % Fruitless, useless, without reward, unprofitable (fu"iQy)
fuIiQUuks % Arisen, produced: formed, effected, accomplished: springing
from, made (fu"iUu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 232


fuIiQkfrrks % Ruined, destroyed (fu"ikfrr)
fuIiQfÙk % Perfection, accomplishment (fu"ifÙk)
fuIihGsfr % To importune, vex
fuIihfrdks (adj) % Free from active joy
(ful~ $ izhfr $ d)
fuIiqfjlks (adj) % Without men, without people (fu"iq:"k)
fuiq.kks (adj) % Clever, skilled, sharp, intelligent: delicate, subtle abstruse
fujCcqna % A vast number or 1 followed by 63 ciphers
fujCcqnks (adj) % Free from boils or tumours: free from heresy (said of religion)
(ful~ $ vcqZn)
fujXxyks (adj) % Unobstructed (fujxZy)
fujkgkjks (adj) % Without food, fasting (fujkgkj)
fujkdfr % Rejection, contradiction (fujkÑfr)
fujkdqyks (adj) % Clear, undisturbed, tranquil (fujkdqy)
fujkyEcks (adj) % Having no prop.: unsupported (fujkyEc)
fujky;ks (adj) % Free from attachment or desire (ful~ $ vky;)
uhja % Water (uhj)
fujke;ks (adj) % Healthy (fujke;)
fujkfelks (adj) % Free from worldly taint, disinterested, pure (fujkfe"k)
fujUrjks (adj) % Without interstices, compact, dense, solid coarse (fujUrj)
fujijk/ks (adj) % Innocent, free from fault or error (fujijk/)
fujisD[kks] is[kks % Disregarding (fujis{k)
fujkldks (adj) % Free from desire (ful~ $ vk'kk $ d)
fujlua % Rejection (fujlu)
fujklÄïks (adj) % Without apprehension, safe: without hesitation (fujk'kÄï)
fujluks (adj) % Fasting (fuj'ku)
fujkl;ks (adj) % Free from desire (ful~ $ vk'k;)
uhjlks (adj) % Sapless, juiceless: tasteless, insipid, nasty (uhjl)
fujklks (adj) % Free from desire (ful~ $ vk'kk)
fujkrÄïks (adj) % Free from disquiet, safe, peaceful (ful~ $ vkuÄï)
fujrks % Pleased, delighted in (fujr)
fujRFkdks] fujRFkks % Vain, unmeaning, useless, unprofitable (fujFkZd] fujFkZ)
fujolslks (adj) % Without a residue, complete (fujo'ks"k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 233


fujoks (adj) % Noiseless, silent (fu $ jo)
fuj;iks % Name of one of the guardians of hell (fuj; $ i)
fuj;ks % Hell (fuj;)
fujks/ks % Cessation, annihilation: Nirvana: obstruction impeding (fujksèk)
fujksxks % Healthy (fujksx)
fujkstks (adj) % Tasteless, insipid(ful~ $ vkstl~)
fu#ndks (adj) % Free from water, waterless (fu#nd)
fu#¼ks % Destroyed, brought to an end: annihilated: dead (fu#¼)
fu#T>fr % To cease, perish, be destroyed, annihilated
fu#iHkksxks (adj) % Useless, unattractive (fu#iHkksx)
fu#if/ % See mif/
fu#idkjks (adj) % Useless (ful~ $ midkj)
fu#Llqéïks (adj) % Careless, indifferent, idle (ful~ $ vkSRlqD;)
fu#fÙk % One of the vedangas, explanation of difficult Vedic words:
artificial explanation of the meaning of words (fu#fÙkQ)
fulk % Night (fu'kk)
fulnk $ fulnks % A grandstone or milestone nether
fulknh (adj) % Lying down, resting (fu"kkfnu~)
fulknks % The first of the seven musical notes of the Hindu gamut (fu"kkn)
fulXxks % Natural state, nature (fulxZ)
fulTtk % Sitting, session (fu"k|k)
fulkdkjks % The moon (fu'kkdj)
fulkeua % Seeing, observing, attending to, listening (fu'keu)
fulkesfr % To attend, to listen to, hear, observe, mind, be careful of
fulEidkjh (adj) % Acting with care or attention, circumspect (fu'kE; $ dkfju~)
fulkukFkks % The moon (fu'kkukFk)
fulfUr % Careful, attention or observation (fu $ 'ke~ $ fr)
fuls/ua % Prevention (fu"ks/u)
fuls/sfr (caus) % To prevent, prohibit, put a stop to, dissuade (fu"ks/;fr)
fuls/ks % Prevention, prohibition, restraint (fu"ks/)
fulsofr % To attach oneself to, serve, wait upon, follow, embrace practice:
to resort to, inhabit (fu"kso~)
fulhnua % Sitting, a mat to sit on
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 234


fulhnfr % To sit down: alight: settle down (fu"kn~)
fuflUudks (adj) % Seated (fu"k.kd)
fuflUuks % Seating, setting, perched (fu"k.k)
fulhFkks % Midnight (fu'khFk)
fuLusgks (adj) % Without love, indifferent (fuLusg)
fulíks (adj) % Noiseless, silent (fu%'kCn)
fuLlfXx;ks (adj) % That should be rejected, given up, abandoned; to be forfeited
fuLlXxks % Giving up, surrendering (fu $ lxZ)
fuLlTtua % Giving up, forfeiture
fuLlTtfr % To give-up, abandon, surrender, forfeit
fuLléïua % Going out
fuLldks % A name of the ablative (Grammatical term)
fuLlal;ks (adj) % Certain, undoubted (fu] lal;)
fuLlUns % Consequence or result (fu%L;Un] fuL;Un)
fuLluks % Sound, noise (fuLou)
fuLlj.ka % Departure, going out: exit, egress, outlet; outcome, result:
escape from sansara, salvation (fu%lj.k)
fuLlkj.ka % Expulsion (fu%lkj.k);ks % Connected with expulsion (;ks)
fuLljfr % To depart, escape (fu%l`)
fuLlkjks (adj) % Sapless: vain, unsubstantial; non-existant (fu%lRo)
fuLlkoks % The scum or water of boiling rice (fu%L=kko)
fuLlk; % Leaning upon, or towards, dependent upon: close to near by: on
account of, by reason of, through, for
fuLl;nks % One who gives protection (fu%J;)
fuLl;fr % To depend on, belong to (fu $ fJ)
fuLl;ks % That on which anything depends or rests, refuge, shelter, help,
protection, resource, requisite, necessary % Ladder, stairs (fu%Jsf.k)
fuLlslks (adj) % Complete, all, entire (fu%'ks"k)
fuLlhyks (adj) % Irreligious (ful~ $ 'khy)
fuLlheks (adj) % Outside the boundary (fu% lheu~)
fufLljhdks (adj) % Unfortunate, ill-fated, inglorious (fu%Jhd)
fufLlrdks % A pupil, adherent
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 235


fufLlrks % Inhabiting: placing or stationing oneself in: having recourse to,
dependent on, inherent in, connected with, resting on
fuLlksdks (adj) % Free from sorrow (fu%'kksd)
fulwnua % Destroying, slaughter (fulwnu)
furEcks % The swell of the loins, the buttocks; the swell or slope of a
mountain (furEc)
uhrRFkks % Natural meaning (uhr $ vFkZ)
uhfr % Guidance, management, practice, conduct: habit, institutions:
propriety, right conduct, prudent council, statemanship, polity
uhfrek (adj) % Prudent, politic(uhfrer~)
uhrks % Led, inferred (uhr)
uhÙkpks (adj) % Free from bark (ful~ $ Rop~)
fuÙkyks (adj) % Spherical (fuLry)
fuÙk.gks (adj) % Free from desire or lust (ful~ $ r`".k)
fuV òk % Completion, accomplishment, perfection: end, conclusion:
ascent, ascertainment: disappearance, destruction (fu"Bk)
fuRFk¼ks (adj) % Paralysed, slittened (fuLrC/)
fuV òkua % Accomplishment, completion (fu"Bku)
fuV òkisfr % To complete, finish, accomplish (fu $ LFkki;fr)
fuRFkj.ka % Release, escape (fuLrj.k)
fuRFkjfr % To get across, get over, get clear of, escape from (fuLr`)
fuV òkfr % To terminate, be finished or completed, to come to an end (fu
$ LFkk)
fufRFk..kks % Passed through, escaped from (fuLrh.kZ)
fufV òrks % Completed, finished, accomplished, ended (fuf"Br)
fuVqHkfr % To spit out(fu"Bho~)
fuRFkqukfr % To bewail (fu $ Lru~)
funqjks (adj) % Harsh, hard (fu"Bqj)
fuRFkqlks (adj) % Without husks (fuLuq"k)
fuogks % A multitude, quantity (fuog)
fuokiks % Oblation to the manes of deceased relative; offering to Petas:
offering, charity, alms: ration, allowance, bhatta: provision,
food (fuoki)
fuokj.ka % Keeping off, warding off: preventing (fuokj.k)
uhoj.ka % Obstacle, hindrance (ful~ $ o` $ vu)
fuokjsrk % One who keeps off
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 236


fuokjsfr % To keep off, ward off: to restrain, hinder, prevent, stop (fuokj;fr)
fuokjks % Prevention (fuokj)
uhokjks % Wild rice or paddy (uhokj)
fuoklua % Clothing, an undergarments (fuoklu)
fuoklua % Dwelling (fuoklu)
fuoklsfr % To put on, dress, wear (especially of an undergarment (fuokl;fr)
fuoklsfr % To cause to dwell
fuoklh (adj) % Dwelling (fuokflu~)
fuoklks % Residence, dwelling, abode, station, night-quarters (fuokl)
fuokrks % Lonliness, humility
fuoÙkua % Turning back: refutation (fuorZu)
fuoÙkfr % To turn back, return, depart, to stop, halt: to cease, desist
fuoRFkks % Dressed, clothed: put on, worn
fuofÙk % Turning back: returning, stopping (fuoZfr)
fuoÙkks % Returned, turned back:recoiling: stopped, ceased (fuo`Ùk)
fuosnua % Informing, announcement (fuosnu)
fuosnsfr % To make know, inform, announce, report, relate (fuosn;fr)
fuosnh (adj) % Making known, informing (fuosfnu~)
fuoslua % Resting-place, residence, dwelling (fuos'ku~)
fuoslsfr % To cause to enter, to introduce, to place: to cause to settle or
dwell: to fix, place, establish: to found, build (fuos'k;fr)
fufolfr % To settle, encamp (fufo'k~)
fufoV ðks % Encamped, settled, established, fixed on, devoted; married
fuoqrks % Surrounded, hemmed-in, obstructed (fuo`r)
fuoqRFkks % Inhabited
fu;kedks (adj) % Curbing, governing, restraining, guiding (fu;ked)
fu;eua % Restraining, regulation (fu;eu)
fu;esfr % To restrain: to fix: to prescribe: ordain (fu;e;fr)
fu;eks % Ascertainment, certainty: restraint, training, self-imposed, re-
ligious observance: voluntary performance of a meritorious act
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 237


fu;keks % Way, manner (fu;ke)
fu;Urk % One who restraints, guides or governs (fu;Ur`)
fu;fr % Fate, luck, destiny (fu;fr)
uh;fr] uh;kfr % See fuÕ;fr] fuÕ;kfr
fu;rks % Fixed, certain, self-controlled, temperate (fu;r)
fu;ks (adj) % Own (fut)
fu;ksxks % Injunction, appointment, order (fu;ksx)
fu;kstua % Appointment, ordinance, bidding, enjoining (fu;kstu)
fu;kstfudks (adj) % One who orders or urges (fu;kstu $ bd)
fu;kstsfr % To appoint, commission, enjoin, ordain, decree, urge (fu;kst;fr)
fu;qjks % A bracelet
fu;qÙkks % Attached or appointed to (fu;qÙkQ)
fuÕ;knsfr] % To give back, restore: to hand over, give up (fu;Zr~)
fuÕ;eks % See fu;eks
fuÕ;kua % Setting out, departure, marching (fu;kZ.k)
fuÕ;kfudks (adj) % Leading to salvation (fu;kZ.k $ bd)
fuÕ;krua % Return of a deposit, gift (fu;kZru)
fuÕ;krsfr % See fuÕ;knsfr
fuÕ;fr] uh;fr % To be led, carried along, led away (uh;rs)
fuÕ;kfr] uh;kfr % To go out, depart, escape: to fall out, result, conduct, lead to,
conduce tend (fu;kZ)
fuÕ;wgks % A chaplet, crest: a clothes peg: exudation of trees as sap, gum:
a door gate (fu;wZg)
uks % A substitute for some of the cases of the plural of the pronoun
of the first person (ul~)
uks % no (uks)
uksuhra % See uouhra
uq % Pray ! I wander uq
uqndks (adj) % Dispelling, putting away (uqn~ $ vd)
uqnua % Repulsion, rejection (uqn~ $ vu~)
uqnfr % To remove, dispel, avert, reject, put-away (uqn~)
uqnks (adj) % Dispelling (uqn~)
uwu (adj) % Surely : perhaps I suppose (uwue~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 238


uqUuks % Thrown, cast, dismissed, impelled (uqUu)
uwiqjks % An anklet (uwiqj)
uqru (adj) % New, fresh (uwru)
uqfr % Praise (uqfr)
uqrks % Praised (uqr)
ó % See (fuVHkfr)
uqÙkks % Thrown (uqÙk)
U;klks % A deposit, pledge, mortgage: multitude, assemblage (U;kl)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 239


vksHkXxks % Broken (voHkXu)
vksHkklfr % To shine (voHkkl~)
vksHkklfr] voHk % To speak, to address (voHkk"k~)
vksHkklks] voHk % Lustre, radiance, light: appearance, manifestation : reach,
range: a hint (voHkkl)
vksfpD[kfr % To point out, draw attention to (vop{k~)
vksfpufr % To gather, pick (vofp)
vksngua % Depositing, stowing away
vksngfr % To pit in, to deposit: to attend, apply (vo/k)
vksndfUrdks % A deep pit or hole in the earth
vksnd (adj) % Belonging to water-watery, aqueous (vksnd)
vksnua] uks % Boiled rice (vksnu)
vksnfudks % A cook (vksnfud)
vksnkrks % White: pure, clean, clear (vonkr)
vksf/ % Limit, limitation: district, division (vof/)
vksf/lks (adj) % At the end of a period, ultimately (vof/ $ 'kl~)
vksfnLlk % A ger, from fn'k~ with vo - meaning expressly
vksnqEcjks (adj) % Belonging to the udumbara tree (vksnqEcj)
vksxPNua % Going out
vksx/ks (adj) % Belonging to, connected with, contained in (vo $ xk/)
vksxkgfr] % To dive, plunge into, enter (voxkg)
vksxkgks % Plunging into, wading fording (voxkg)
vksxkŸgks % See (vksxkgfr)
vksxeua % Going down, setting (voxe~ $ vu)
vksxgÔ % See (vksxkgfr)
vks?kks % Flood, inundation, torrent, overflow: multitude, quantity (vks?k)
vksfxyfr % To swallow (vox`)
vksxqf.Brks % Covered, veiled, wrapped-up (voxqf.Br)
vksgkj.ka % Removing
vksgkjsfr % To remove (voâ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 240


vksgkjh (adj) % Dragging down (vogkj $ bu~)
vksgk; % See vkstgfr
vksfgrks % Put in, deposited: put down, laid aside (vofgr)
vksgh;fr % To be left (vogh;rs)
vkstk % Strength, sap of life, vitality: sap, juice (mQtZ~)
vkstnhiks % A name of Ceylon (mQtZ $ }hi)
vkstgfr % To leave, forsake, abandon, renounce (vogk)
vkstok (adj) % Juicy, succulent, sweet luscious (mQtZLor~)
vkstks % Light, splendour: strength, vigour (vkstl~)
vksda % Water (mnd)
vksdIiuh;ks (adj) % Becoming, suitable, proper
vksdkjks % Vileness, worthlessness
vksdklyksdks % World or realm of space (vodk'k $ yksd)
vksdklks] vodklks % Place, room, space: interval, occasion, opportunity: leave, per-
mission: leisure, cause (vodk'k)
vksfdj.ka % Sprinkling
vksfdjfr % To sprinkle (vo $ Ñ)
vkséïkdks % A proper name (b{okdq)
vkséïeua % Descent
vkséïefr % To descend, step down: to disembark: to fall into, enter or come
into (voØe~)
vkséïfUr % Descent, falling upon (voØkfUr)
vkséïUrks % Descended, entered: embarked (vo $ ØkUr)
vkséïLlk % Having dragged away, abducted (voÑ"k~)
vkséïV òks % Lowered, low (voÑ"V)
vksfD[kÙkks % Cast-down, lowered (vof{kIr)
vksyfXxrks % Hanging down (vo~ $ yfxr~)
vksyEcdks (adj) % Hanging (voyEcd)
vksyEcfr % To hang down (voyEc)
vksyEcks % Something hanging, an appendage (voyEc)
vksGkfjdks (adj) % Large, great: gross: coarse: material (vksnkfjd)
vksfyxŠks % A dirty pool near a village
vksyksdua % Looking, looking at (voyksdu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 241


vksyksdsfr] % To look, see at, behold, look-down upon: to look for, await watch:
vksyksdfr] to consider, regard (voyksd)
vksyqfEidks (adj) % Belonging to a raft (mMqi $ bd)
vksedks (adj) % Low, inferior, vile (voed)
vkselfr % To revile, to reproach (vo $ e`'k~)
vkseloknks % Scornful, contemptous, reproachful speech (voe`'k $ v $ okn~)
vkse×pfr % To take off, unloose, remove
vkseqÙksfr % To make water upon (voew=k)
vksu¼ks] vou¼ks % Covered, bound (vouÄ?k)
vks.kefr % To stoop, to bow (voue~)
vksuU/ua % Tying, entangling
vksuU/fr % To cover, to bind
vks.krks % Bent, stooping (vour)
vks×kkrks] v×kkrks % Low-born (vo $ Kkr)
vksuohlfroLlks % One who is there twenty years old i.e. under age for ordination
vks.khrks % Drawn out, removed (vo $ uhr)
vksif/dks % (adj) Belonging to Upadhi (vkSixo~)
vksiEea % A simile, comparison, mataphor, analogy (vkSiE;)
vksiuf;dks % (adj) Conducive (miu; $ bd)
vksiikfrdks % (adj) Accidental, phenomenal, apparitional (mitkr $ bd)
vksijTta % The office of sub-king: royalty (mijkt $ ;)
vksilfedks % (adj) Leading to quiet or ceassation (mi'ke~ $ bd)
vksiflysfldks % Relating to immediate contract, containing, embracing
(vkSi Üysf"kd)
vksifrrks % Fallen down (vo $ ifrr)
vksiogÔks % (adj) Intended for riding on (vkSiokgÔ)
vksikf;dks % (adj) Proper, fit, right (mik; $ bd] vkSif;d)
vksiukfr % To winnow, sift: metaphorically, to expose, lay-bear, faults of
others (vo $ iw)
vkiq×tfr % To heap or collect to-gether (vo $ iq×t~)
vksjfCHkdks % A butcher (vkSajfHkzd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 242


vksja % See vksjks
vksjeÙkdks % (adj) Belonging to the present life, mundane, sublinary (voj $ ek=k
$ d)
vksjEHkkfx;ks % (adj) Belonging to the lower part: belonging to the Kamabhava
(voje~ $ Hkkx $ ;)
vksjikja % The hither and further side (vokj $ ikj)
vksjllwurk % Own-sonship (vkSjl $ lquq $ rk)
vksjlks % Legitimate, own (vkSjl)
vksjlks % (adj) On this side (vokj $ 'kl~)
vksfjeks % (adj) On this side (vokjrl~)
vksfjeks % (adj) Hither, on this side (vokj $ be)
vksjks % (adj) Below, less: posterior, later: hither, on this side
(voj] vkokj)
vkjks/ks % Harem, Seraglio, apartments of the royal ladies (vojks/)
vksjksg.ka % Descent (vojksg.k)
vkjksgfr] vks#gfr % To descend; to disembark (vo#g)
vksjksiua % Taking down, removal (vojksi.k)
vksjksisfr % To cause to descend, take down, put down (vo $ jksi;fr)
vkslksnsfr % To cause to sink, to depress (volkn;fr)
vksl/a % a herb: a herb used in medicine; medicine or drug (vkS"k/)
vkslf/ % a herb, plant, annual (vks"kf/] vkS"k/h)
vkslf/lks % a moon (vks"k/h'k)
vksléïfr % To draw back, refuse; to give way; retreat
vkslkua] volkua % End, conclusion (volku)
vkslkisfr % To finish, complete (caus. volks)
vkslkj.kk] .ka % Restoration of a priest who has been temporarily secluded from
brother priests as a penance for an offence
vksljfr] voljfr % To go to, resort, repair, approach (vo $ l`)
vkslhnua % Sinking
vkslhnkiua % Causing to sink
vkslhnfr % To settle down, to sink, to decline (voln~)
vksfl×pfr % To sprinkle (voflp~)
vkslks % Beam, ray (vks"k)
vksLlTtfr] % To give up, relinquish, renounce (vol`t~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-06 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 243


vkslqfedks (adj) % Relating to heat (m"eu $ bd)
vksrj.ka] vorj.k % Descent, entrance into, going down into (vorj.k)
vksrkj.ka % Causing to descend (vorkj.k)
vksrjfr] vorjfr % To descent, to disembark; to depart, to betake oneself to, go to,
enter (vor`)
vksrkjks] vorkjks % Descent; entrance; a landing-place; a defect; a fault (vorkj)
vksrrks % Covered, overspread overgrown (voru)
vks¯r..kdks (adj) % One who descends
vksfr..kks] % Gone down, descended; disembarked; having entered (vorh.kZ)
vksÙkkih (adj) % Fearful of sinning, conscientious (mÙkki $ bu~)
vksÙkIia % Fear of sinning, shrinking from sin, having a tender conscience,
vksê ðtks (adj) % Labial (vks"B $ t)
vksRFkjfr] % To spread, to cover; to scatter; to overspread, pervade (voLr`)
vksêkò s % The lip(vks"B)
vksêkò s % A camel (m"Vª)
vksokndks (adj) % Admonishing (vookn $ d)
vksonfr % To admonish, exhort, edify, advise, instruct (voon~)
vksoknks % Admonition, exhortation (vookn)
vksojdks % An inner room, store room (vo $ o` $ vd)
vksoêðks % Rained down (vo $ o`"V)
vksfoP>fr % To pierce, annoy (vo $ O;/~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 244


i % A preposition used in composition with verbs and their deriva-
tives (iz)
ik % izkd~
icyÙk % Power (izcy $ Ro)
icyks (adj) % Strong, mighty (izcy)
icU/ks % A continuous series: a narrative: literary composition, fiction
iCotua % Embracing asceticism; becoming a Buddhist monk (izozt~ $
iCcktua % Banishment; causing to become a Buddhist monk, ordination
(izokz tu)
iCctfr % To go forth; to exile oneself: to give up the world: to embrace
ascetic life to become a Buddhist Monk; to take the robe, to take
orders (izot z ~)
iCcftrrk % State of being an ascetic or Buddhist monk, or nun (izoTz ;k)
iCcTtrk % State of being a Buddhist monk (izozT; $ rk)
iCctks (adj) % Made of bulrushes (ioZu~ $ t)
iCca % A knot or joint in a branch or creeper; or in a crane or reed or in
grass; certain days of lunar month, the full and change of moon
etc. (ioZu)
iCcrk;fr % To act like a mountain
iCcrsÕ;ks (adj) % Belonging to mountains (ikoZrs;)
iCcrks % A mountain (ioZr)
iCHkkjks % A cave in a mountain (izkXHkkj)
iHkk % Light, radiance (izHkk)
iHk….ka % Breaking up, disolution destruction, decay, corruption
(izHk Û“u)
iHkÄïjks (adj) % Light-giving i.e. the sun (izHkk $ dj)
iHkklfr % To talk, to prate (izHkk"k~)
iHkklsfr % To illumine (izHkkl;fr)
iHkklks % Shining, illumination (izHkkl)
iHkkLljks (adj) % Shining, bright (izHkkLoj)
ikHkra % Money, price; a present (izkHk`r)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 245


iHkkfr % To begin to down (izHkk)
iHkkrks % Become clear, or light (izHkkr)
iHkofr % To spring up, arise, originate, to be able (izHkw)
iHkoks % Production, birth; origin, source, cause, place where an object is
to perceived, birth-place (izHko)
iHkkoks % Powers, might, majesty, dignity (izHkko)
iHksnua % The juice that flows from an elephant’s temples when in rut
iHksnks % Difference, distinction; sort, kind (izHksn)
ifHkTtfr % To be split, to be broken up, to perish (izfHk|rs)
iHkw (adj) % Able, powerful (izHkq)
iHkqfr % Commencement (izHk`fr)
iHkqfr (adv) % Since, after, subsequently to (izHk`fr)
iHkqÙk % Lordship (izHkwÙo)
icks/ua % Walking, arising; instruction (izcks/u)
icks/sfr % To arouse, to set going, to give rise to (izcks/;fr)
icks/ks % Awakening, enlightenment, instruction (izcks/)
icqT>fr % To wake up, rouse oneself; to be awake, to watch, to be vigilant
ipk % Ripeness (ip~ $ vk)
ikpk % Cooking, digesting (ikpk)
ikpdks % A cook (ikpd)
ipkydks (adj) % Shaking, swinging (izpkyd)
ipykf;dk % Nodding, dozing (izpyk;~ $ bdk)
ipyks (adj) % Shaking, trembling (izpy)
ipua % Cooking (ipu)
ikpua % A goad (izktu)
ip.Mfr % To be furious (iz $ p.M~)
ikpuks (adj) % Causing to ripen, or came to perfection (ikpu)
ipkisfr % To cause to be cooked
ikpfj;ks % A pupil, Teacher’s Teacher (izkpk;Z)
ipfr % To cook, to dress food; to digest; to be tormented in hell (ip~)
iPpkHkklfr % See ifVHkklfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 246


iPpkfpD[kfr % To reject, repudiate, disallow (izR;kp{k~)
iPpknslks % Rejection, refusal (izR;kns'k)
iPpkxPNfr % To return (izR;kxe~)
iPpkxeua % Return (izR;kxe~u)
iPpkX/ks (adj) % New (izR;xz)
iPpkgjfr % To bring back, take back (izR;kg~)
iPpkgkjks % Drawing back, refusal, objection; restrain of the Dragons,
abstraction (izR;kgkj)
iPpktk;fr % To be born, to be reborn in a new existence (izfr $ vk $ tku)
iPpD[kkua % Rejection, denial, refusal (izR;k[;ku)
iPpD[kkfr % To reject, refuse, deny, disallow, repudiate abandon (izR;k[;k)
iPpD[kks (adj) % Perceptible to the senses, visible, evident, present (izR;{k)
iPpDdkslua % Recrimination
iPpDdkslfr % To revile in return, to recriminate (izR;kØq'k)
iPpkfeÙkks % An enemy, adversary (izR;fe=k)
iPpua % Being tormented
iPpÄõ % Miner limb, minor requisites (izfr $ vÄõ)
iPpuhdks (adj) % Opposite, adverse, hostile (izR;uhd)
iPp×tua % Anointing (izR;×tu)
iPp××kfl % See ifVtkukfr
iPpUra (adv) % Finally (izfr $ vUr)
iPpfUreks % Bordering on, adjacent, skirting (izR;Ur $ be)
iPpUrks (adj) % Bordering on, adjacent, skirting (izR;Ur)
iPpuqHkksfr % To enjoy one by one (izR;uqHk~)
iPpikfn % See ifViTtfr
iPpjh % A raft
iPpkjkspsfr % To say in return (izfr $ vk $ jksp;fr)
iPpklk % Expectation, desire, hope (izR;k'kk)
iPpk¯llfr % To desire, long for, look for, expect (izfr $ vk $ 'kalh)
iPpLlksfl % See ifVlq.kkfr
iPpfr % See ipfr
iPpÙka (adv) % Singly, severally, individually (izR;kRize~)
iPpRFkj.ka % A cushion or carpet to sit on: the cushion or bedding of a couch
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 247


iPpfRFkdks (adj) % Hostile, adverse (izR;£Fkd)
iPposD[kua % Looking at, consideration, contemplation (izR;os{k.k)
iPposD[kfr % To look at, regard, consider, contemplate (izR;os{k)
iPp;kdkjks % A compound of the adverb (izR;d $ dkj)
iPpkf;dks (adj) % Trustworthy (izkR;f;d)
iPp;ks % Belief, conviction, trust, faith, ground, motive; cause; a requi-
site or necessary; in grammar an affix (izR;;)
iPpsdks (adj) % Each one, single; several(izR;sd)
iPpsfr % To return, to come back upon (izrh)
iPpk (adv) % Behind, back, afterwards; westwards (i Üpk] i Üpkr~)
iPNkcU/ks % A nautical term designating a large oar used by way of rudder.
iPNkHkkxks % Hind or after part (i Üpkr~ $ Hkkx)
iPNkHkÙka % After a meal, after the noon day meal, in the afternoon (i Üpkr~
$ HkDr)
iPNkHkfÙkdks (adj) % One who eats afterwards (i Üpr~ $ HkDr $ bd)
iPNkHkkoks % Posterity (i Üpkr~ $ Hkko)
iPNktkrks (adj) % Born afterwards, junior (i Üpkr $ tkr)
iPNkeq[kks (adj) % Looking Westwards (i Üpkr~ $ eq[k)
iPNkfuikfr (adj) % One who retires to rest after another (i Üpkr~ $ fuikfru~)
iPNkuqrkiua % Remorse (i Üpkr~ $ vuqrkiu)
iPNkle.kks % A junior priest who accompanies a senior priest when he leaves
the monastery to beg alms or to make a journey and walks
behind at a short distance (i ÜpkPNØe.k)
iPNkrkiks (adv) % Remorse, repentance (i p Ü krki)
iPNrks (adv) % After, behind, back (i Üp $ rl~)
iPNsnua % Cutting off removal (izPNsnu)
ifPN % A basket
ifPNTtfr % To be cut off, to be destroyed; to be cut short, to cease (izfPNn~)
ifPNeks (adj) % Hindarmost; last; western (if Üpe)
ifPNUuks % See ifPNTtfr
iPpks#gfr % To come down again (izR;o#g~)
iPpkslDdfr % To retreat
iPpqnkoÙkfr % To retreat (izfr $ mn~ $ vk $ o`r~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 248


iPpq¼jks % Some formally ceremony gone through when a priest was
presented with a robe
iPpqXxPNfr % To go out, to set out, to go to meet (izR;qn~xea)
iPpqXxeua % Going forth to meet a guest as a sign of respect (izR;qn~xeu)
iPpqgks % An obstacle (izR;wg)
iPpqidkjks % Service in return, requital (izR;qidkj)
iPpqiêòkisfr % To obtain, provide (Cans. izfr $ mi $ LFkk)
iPpqifêòrks % Approaching emminent, present (izfr $ mi $ fLFkr~)
iPpqIiUuks % Existing, ready, present (izR;qRiUu)
iPpwlks % Morning, dawn (izR;w"k)
iPpqÙkja % Reply (izR;qÙkj)
iPpqÙkjfr % To be take oneself to (izR;qÙk)
iPpqê ðkua % Rising from one’s seat as a mark of respect to a visitor (izR;qRFkku)
iPpqê ðkfr % To rise from one’s seat as a token of respect: to rise in the
morning; to rise in another place reappear (izR;qRFkk)
ipsLlfr % See ifpufr
ikpsfr % See ipfr
ikpsfr % To drive (iz $ vu~)
ikph % The east (izkph)
ikphuks (adj) % Eastern (izkphu)
ifprk % A cook (ip~ $ r`)
ifprks % See ipfr
ikfpfÙk;ks (adj) % Requiring expiation, expiatory (izk; $ fpfÙk $ ;)
ipqjks (adj) % Much, many, frequent (izpjq )
ink % See iknfl
inHkktua % A sort of commentary, separating words of a sentence, analysing
and explaining them, a scholium (in $ Hkktu)
inHkk.kdks % One who recites or preaches the scripture inHkk.kd
inHkk.ka % Reciting or preaching the scripture (in~ $ Hkk.k)
inpsfr;a % A holy foot-print, a miraculous foot print left on the ground by
a holy-man, as a Buddha or arahat and ever afterwards treated
with veneration (in $ pSR;)
iknxf.B % The ankle (ikn $ xzfUFk)
iknXxa % The point of the foot (iknkxz)
inxks % a foot soldier (inx)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 249


ingfr % To strive, to exert (iz $ ng)
ikndVdks % An anklet or foot bangle (ikndVd)
infD[k.kks] .kk] .ka % A mode of reverental salutation by walking round a person,
keeping the right side turn to him (iznf{k.k)
indks % One aquainted with words, an etymologist (ind)
ikndks (adj) % Having feet (iknd)
inkysfr % To cleave, break, burst open; to destroy (iznky)
ina % Stride, step: foot-print, trac, track, vestige, mark; a foot: footing:
station, site place: office, rank, appointment: abode, home, lot:
Nirvana: business matter, thing; subject, occassion, cause: a
part, portion, a quarter or line of a stanza; a word; a sentence
iknewya % The sole of the foot, the foot (ikneqy)
inkua % Giving, imparting (iznku)
iknÄqõê ðks % The great-toe (iknkÄõ˜"B)
inkuqxks (adj) % Following in the foot steps of, attendant on (inkuqx)
iknifjpkfjdk % A wife (iknifjpkfjdk)
ikniQksVks % A tumour on the foot (ikn $ LiQksV)
iknihBa % A foot stool (iknihB)
ikniks % A tree (ikni)
injks % Splitting, rending, a crevice or chasm in the earth: (iznj)
inlk % See inks
iknkfl] iknk % He gave (aorist from iznk)
inlks (adv) % Sentence by sentence; word by word; step by step; by degrees
(in $ 'kl~)
iknlks (adv) % For the worth of Pada (ikn $ 'kl~)
inLlsfr % To show (izn"kZ;fr)
inkÃrCcks % To be given or presented (iznkrO;)
iknrya % The sole of the foot (iknry)
inkfr % A pedestrian, peon, foot soldier (inkfr)
iknrks (adv) % At or by the feet (iknrl~)
inê ðkua % A proximate cause (inLFkku)
inRFkks % Meaning of a word (in $ vFkZ)
inoh % A road (inoh)
i¼fr % A road, a line (i¼fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 250


inslua % A present, gift (izns'kua)
inslks % A place, spot, region, district, country (izns'k)
i/kua % A king’s chief companion or minister; exertion, energetic effort,
striving (izèkku)
i/kfu;Äõ % Quality to be striven after (iz/kuhl $ vaÄõ)
i/kuks (adj) % Principal, chief, pre-eminent, excellent (iz/ku)
i/kfjrks % Considered, understood (iz/kj;fr)
ifndks % A pedestrian, a foot soldier (ifnd)
inhidks (adj) % Illuminating, illustrating, explaining (iznhid)
inhisfr % To kindle (iznhi;fr)
inhisÕ;a % That which is connected with lighting, lamps and their accesso-
ries (iznhi~ $ ,;)
inhiks % A lamp: an enlightener (iznhi)
ifnLlfr % To be seen
inks % Giving, bestowing (izn~)
inks % The foot, a sentence (in~)
iknks % A foot, a hill at the foot of a mountain; a ray of light; a quarter
inksnda % Water for washing the feet (iknksnd)
inkslks % Fault, corruption, sin; twilight, evening (iznks"k)
iknw % A shoe (iknw)
iknwnjks % A snake (iknksnj)
iknqdk % A shoe, a slipper (iknqdk)
inqeda % A lotus ornament in architectural decoration (iÁd)
inqfeuh % A lotus plant, a lotus pond (ifÁuh)
inqeks $ ea % A lotus, lotus-flower: name of a hell; one of the high numerals;
1 followed by 119 ciphers (iÁ)
inqeqÙkjks % Name of one of the twenty-four Buddhas (iÁksÙkj)
inqLlua % Deterioration, corruption, difement (izn"w k.k)
inqLlfr % To be corrupt, to sin; to sin against, to offend
inqî óks % Corrupt, wicked (iznq"V)
ixCHkks (adj) % Bold, daring; audacious, impudent, forward (izxYHk)
ixs % In the morning, at dawn, early (izx)s
ixsok] ix $
,ok (adj) % Much more, a fortiori (izkxso)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 251


iXxgslfl % See iXx.gkfr
iXxgks % Energy, striving (iz $ xzkg)
iXx.gkfr % To hold out, stretch forth; to favour, befriend, to strain, exert; to
persevere, continue; to take hold of, grasp (izxgz )
i?kkuks % A covered terrace before a house (iz?k.k] iz?kk.k)
iX?kj.ka % Oozing, trickling, fluidity
iX?kjfr % To ooze, trickle flow (iz $ ?k`)
ixqEcks % Forest, jungle, thicket (iz $ xqYHk)
ixq.kuk % Knowing by heart, familiarity with (izxq.k $ rk)
ixq××ka % Familiarity with, experience (izxq.k $ ;)
ixq.kks (adj) % Straight, plain; familiar, well-known, known by heart (izx.q k)
igalfr % To strike
igkua % Leaving, abandonment, getting rid of, rejection (izgk.k)
igkjkMks % Name of an asura
igj.ka % Striking a weapon (izgj.k)
igjfr % To strike, to hurt, to assail (izâ)
igkjks % Striking, hitting; a stroke, blow, shot; a yama or watch of four
hours (izgkj)
igklks % Loud laughter (izgkl)
igLlfr] igkrCcks % See itgfr
igkjks % Struck, smitten, wounded, hurt (izâr)
igë òks % Glad, delighted (izâ"V)
igk; % See itgfr
igkf; (adj) % Forsaking, abandoning (iz $ gkf;u~)
igs.kda $ ifg.kda % An offering, a present, especially food (izgs.kd)
ifg.kfr $ ikgsfr % To send (izfg)
ighuks $ igh;fr % See itgfr
ifgrks % See ifg.kfr
igks (adj) % Dismissing ( from izgk)
igksudks (adj) % Competent, adequate, sufficient
igksfr % To be able, competent, useful : to be effectual, to suffice (izHkw)
ikgq.ksÕ;ks (adj) % Worthy of being guests, worthy of hospitality (ikgq.k $ ,;)
ikgq.kks % A guest (izkgq.k)
igqrks % Much, abandant, large, sufficient, considerable (izHkwr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 252


itk % Progeny, descendants, race, family; creature, living being: people,
mankind (iztk)
itgfr % To foresake, abandon, give up, renounce, get rid off, escape from
itkua % Knowledge ( from izKk)
itkuua % Knowing, understanding, discernment
itkukfr % To know, understand, discern, distinguish, find-out (izKk)
itkifr % A name of the Hindu-Brahman; a name of Mara; the Hindu God
Prajapati (iztkifr)
itIiks % Muttering, murmuring, complaint (iztYi)
iktsfr $ ikpsfr % To drive (iz $ vt~)
ikftrk % A driver, charioteer (izkftr`)
iTtyfr % To burn, blaze (izToy~)
iTta % A verse (i|)
iTtjdks (adj) % Febrile (iz $ Toj $ d)
iTtks % A path, road (iÁ)
iTtks (adj) % What belongs to or is suitable to the feet (ik|)
iTtksrdks % Illumining (iz $ |wr $ vd)
iTtksrfr % To shine brightly (iz|qr~)
iTtksrks % Light, lustre, splendour, brilliancy; a lamp (iz|ksr~)
izTtqUuks % A cloud (itZU;)
idIisfr % To plan design, appoint (izdYi;fr)
idj.ka % Dissertion, exposition, literary composition, work book (izdj.k)
idkjks % Sort, kind, way, manner (izdkj)
ikdkjks % An encircling wall, inclosure, fence (izkdkj)
idjksfr % To make, perform (izÑ)
idkldks (adj) % Explaining, illustrating, making known (izdk'kd)
idklua % Illumination; illustrating, explaining; making known, exposi-
tion, publication (izdk'ku)
idkluh;ks (adj) % To be explained (izdk'kuh;)
ikdlkluks % A name of Sakka or Indra (ikd'kklu)
idklfr % To be visible, to become known (izdk'k~)
idklks (adj) % Manifest, known, public (izdk'k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 253


idfr % Original or natural form, origin: natural state: pudendum
muliebre: the seven rajjangas or constituent elements of state;
the crude or uninflected form of a word (izÑfr)
idfrtks (adj) % Springing from nature (izÑfrt)
ikdVhdrks (adj) % Manifested (izdVhÑr)
idfrdks (adj) % Natural, original, ordinary: in its original state, sound, healthy
idrks % Made (izÑr)
ikdVks (adj) % Clear, evident, manifest, public, well-known, renowned (izdV)
ikdV òkua % A kitchen (ikdLFkku)
ikdV òks % Pre-eminent, excellent, prominent, high (izÑ"V)
i[kqea $ iEga % An eye-lash (i{eu~)
ifd..kdks (adj) % Miscellaneous (izdh.kZd)
ifdfj;ks % The plant Guilandina Bondue (izdh;Z)
ifdÙksfr % To proclaim (izÑr~)
iDdefr % To set out, start: to depart, go away (izØe~)
iDdeks % Departure, flight; beginning (izØe~)
iD[kfcGkyks % A flying fox(i{k $ foMky)
iD[kyfr % To stumble, trip, stagger (iz[[ky)
iD[kkysfr % To wash, to cleanse (iz{kky;fr)
iD[kUnu % Leaping, springing (izLdUnu)
iD[kUnfr % To spring-forwards (izLdUn~)
iD[kUnh (adj) % Bold, braggart (izLdfnu~)
iD[kfUndk % Diarrhea, dysentery (izLdfUndk)
iD[kUrjks (adj) % Belonging to the opposite party, changing one’s mind (i{k $
iD[kiklks % The planks of a ceiling
iD[kikfrÙka % Partisanship (i{kikfrR;)
iD[krks (adv) % On the side of (i{k $ rl~)
iD[kÙka % Partisanship (i{kRo)
iD[ksiua % Putting or throwing (iz{ksi.k)
iD[ksiks % Throwing-in, insertion, interpolation (iz{ksi)
iD[kh % A bird (if{ku~)
ifD[kdks (adj) % Belonging to a party or faction (ikf{kd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 254


ikfD[kdks % A fowler (if{ku~ $ d)
ifD[kifr % To throw or put-in: to insert; add; interpolate (izf{ki~)
ifD[k;ks (adj) % Siding with, belonging to a party (i{;)
iD[kks % A wing: feathers of an arrow: a side, party, faction: a partisan,
adherent: multitude, host: half a lunar-month, a fortnight
iD[kks % A cripple
iéïks % Cooked: heated: ripe: decaying, ripe for destruction (iDo)
iéïksluk % Summons
iéïkslfr % To call, summons, send for (izd'q k~)
iéïks % See (f[kjidks)
ikdks % Cooking, ripeness, maturity, accomplishment, fulfilment,
result (ikd)
idksiks % Effervescence, abullition, anger, fury (izdksi)
idksfr % One of the high numerals = a hundred billions (izdksfV)
idksV ðks % The fore-arm (izdks"B)
idqT>fr % To be angry (iz $ Øq/~)
idqIifr % To be angry (izdqi~)
iGPpja % Old clothes, rags (iVPpj)
iyx.Mks % A mason (iyx.M)
ikydks % A keeper, guardian (ikyd)
iykyks $ iykya % Straw (iyky)
iya % See iQya
iyHksfr % To cheat, trick, deceive (izyHHk)
ikyua % Guarding, keeping, maintaining (ikyu)
iy.Mq % An onion (iyk.Mw)
iykisfr % To cause to go away, escape; to drive away, put to flight
iyfira % Idle-talk (izyfir)
iykiks % Chaff of corn (izyki)
iykiks % Prattle, nonsense (izyki)
iyklknks % A rhinoceros (iyk'k $ vn~)
iykla] lks % A leaf (iyk'k)
iyklks % The tree Butea frondosa, the colour-green (iyk'k)
iykrks % See iyk;fr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 255


iyk;ua % Flight (iyk;u)
iyk;fr % To run away, flee, retreat (iyk;fr)
iy;ks % Destruction, dissolution; death, destruction of a universe at the
end of a kappa (izy;)
iysfr % See iyk;fr
ikysfr % To guard, keep, preserve, maintain, observe (iky;fr)
ikfy % A line, row, range; a ridge, bank, cause-way; a sacred text: a
passage in a text (ikfy)
ikfyHkíks % The kimcuka tree: Butea frondosa (ikfyHkn)
ikfycks/ks % Obstacle, hidrance, drawnback, impediment (ikfycks/)
ikfycq¼ua % Hindering
ikfycq¼fr % To hinder
ikfyPpa % Hoariness, greyness of hair (ikfyR;)
ify/ks % An iron-beam or bar for fastening up a door; an obstacle,
hindrance (ifj?k)
ifGxqf.Brks % Entangled (ifj $ xq.B)
ikfydk % See ikydks
ikfydk % Having lines or ridges (ikfy $ d)
ifyiUuks % Said in Payoga Siddhi, to be another form of paripanno
ifyiFka % A miry road, slough, guamire (ifj $ iFk $ v)
ifyrks % See iQfyrks
ikfyrks (adv) % According to the text or words of scriptures (ikfy $ rl~)
ikfyrks % Preserved, guarded, maintained (ikfyr)
ifyosBua % Surrounding, encumberance (ifjos"Vu)
ikfyosBsfr % To wrap up, clothe, cover, surround, encircle, encumber, fetter
iYyya % A small tank, pool (iYoy)
iŠÄïks % Couch, bed, sofa, divan, thrown; a litter, pallanquin (i;ZÄï)
iŠfRFkdk % Sitting on the hams, squatting, lolling (i;ZfLrdk)
iŠoks $ iŠoa % A sprout, shoot, spray (iŠo)
ikyks % A guardian, keeper (iky)
iyksHkua % Allurement, temptation (izyksHku)
iyksHksfr % To allure, tempt, seduce (izyksHk;fr)
iyqTtfr % To fall down, crumble (iz#t~)
iek % True knowledge (izek)
ienk % A handsome woman, or a woman in general (izenk)
ieknok (adj) % Remiss, indifferent (izeknor~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 256


ieíuks (adj) % Crushing, destroying (izenZu)
ieknh (adj) % Negligent, slothful (izHkkfnu)
ienks % Pleasure (izen)
ieknks % Carelessness, remissness, indifference, sloth, indolence, delay
ieTtua % Indifference, beedlessness
ieTtfr % To delay, waste one’s time: to be negligent, heedless, indiffer-
ent, slothful, remiss: to be tempted (izen~)
ikea % Scab, herpes (ikeu~)
iek.kdks (adj) % At the end of a compound (izek.kd)
iek.ka % Measure, rate, scale, standard, dimensions size, weight; rule
sanction, authority warrant; a decider; cause; motive (izek.k)
ikekf.kdks (adj) % Forming a measure or standard (izekf.kd)
iekrk % Knowing well, competent to judge, an authority (izekr`)
ieÙkks % Slothful, indolent, careless, reckless, indifferent; tempted (izxÙk)
ie;k % Having measured
iEga % See iD[kqea
ifefr % Correct knowledge, certainty (izfefr)
iekspua % Deliverance (izekspua)
iekspsfr % See ixq×pfr
ieksnuk % Joy (izeksnu)
ieksnfr % To rejoice (izeqn~)
ieksnks % Joy, happiness (izeksn)
ieksgua % Delusion, infatuation (izeksgu)
ikeksTta $ ikeqTta % Joy, delight, bliss, happiness (izeksn $ ;)
ieksD[kfr % See ieq×pfr
ieksD[kks % Release, deliverance (izeks{k)
ikeksD[kks (adj) % Principal, chief, eminent (ize[k $ ;)
iEidks $ IiEiVdks % A loris
ialq % Dust, dirt, earth, soil (ikalq)
ialqdwfydks (adj) % One who wears clothes made of rags taken from a dust hill
ieqPpfr % See ieq×Pkfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 257


ieqfnrks % Please, glad (izeqfnr)
ieqnks % Joy (izeqn~)
ikeqTta % See ikeksTta
ikeq[kzks (adj) % In front of, facing; first, chief, principal (izeq[k)
ieqDdks % See next
ieq×pfr % To emit, utter, to loose, release; to cast off (izHkqp~)
ieqLlfr % To leave behind, forget, lose (ize"q k~)
ieqV ðks % See last
ieqÙkks % See ieq×pfr
ieqgÔfr % To be bewildered, to swoon (izegq )
iqu (adv) % Now, further; but, on the other hand, on the contrary, however
ik.kHkwrks % A living being, creature (izk.kHkwr)
ikukxkja % A tavern (ikukxkj)
ik.k?kkrks % Destroying life, killing (izk.k $ ?kkr)
i.kdks % Name of a water-plant
ik.kdks % A small creatue, worm or insect (izk.kd)
ikudwiks % A drinking-well (iku $ dwi)
iukyh $ i.kkyh % Water course, gutter, drain (izukyh] iz.kkyh)
ikua % Drinking; draught; drink, beverage; enjoyment (iku)
ik.ka % See ik.kks
i.kefr % To bend, be bent or inclined (
i.kkeks % Bending, salutation (iz.kke)
ik.kleks (adj) % Dear as one’s life; greatly beloved (izk.kle~)
iulks % Jack or bread fruit tree, artocarpus integrifolia (iul)
ik.kkfrikrks % Taking the life of a living creature, destroying life, killing
i.krks % See i.kefr
ik.kfodks % One who plays the Pramava
ik.koks % A small drum or tabor (iz.ko)
iuk;a % iu $ v;a Pana-ayam
i.k;ks % Affection, confidence; solicitation (iz.k;)
i×p % Five (i×pu~)
i×pcya % The five forces
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 258


i×ppD[kq % The five sorts of vision (i×pu~ $ p{kql~)
i×pnl % Fifteen (i×pn'ku~)
i×pnlh % Day of full or new moon (fifteenth day of half month) (i×pn'kh)
i×p/k (adv) % In five ways, five-fold (i×p/k)
i×p/Eea % Five things or conditions (i×pu~ $ /eZ)
i×pxq.ka % Five qualities as rewards of virtue (i×pu~ $ xq.k)
i×pkga % Five days (i×pkg)
iPpkfgdks (adj) % Lasting five days
i×pT>kfudks (adj) % One who practices the five Jhanas (i×pu~ $ d $ è;ku $ bd)
i×pdkea % Five modes of desire or pleasure
i×pfdysla % Five kilesas or evil passion
i×pD[kU/a % The five skandhas
i×pD[kÙkqa (adv) % Five times (i×pÑRol~)
i×pdks (adj) % Consisting of five, five in a number (i×pd)
i×pkyk % Name of a warrior tribe in the north of India (i×pky)
i×pkfydk % A doll, a puppet (i×pkfydk)
i×pedks (adj) % Fifth (i×ped)
i×pe (adj) % Fifth (i×pe)
i×pkuUrfj;dEea % Five sins which bring with them immediate retribution (i×pu~a
$ vkuUr;Z $ deZu~)
i×pkusÙkks (adj) % Having five sorts of vision (i×pu~ $ us=k)
i×pkÄõ % Five qualities (iz×pkÄõ)
i×pkfÄõdks (adj) % Having five members or divisions, five-fold
i×pi×plks (adj) % In sets of five each (i×pu~ $ i×pu~ $ 'kl~)
i×pifrfVrað % Setting down or fixing of five things (i×pu~ $ izfr $ fLFkr~)
i×plra % Five hundred (i×p'kr)
i×plfrdks (adj) % Consisting of five hundred
i×pfl[kks % A proper-name, one of the Gandhabbas (i×pf'k[k)
i×plhya % The five precepts of or five branches of moral practice (i×pu~ $
i×plhyok (adj) % One who keeps the five precepts
i×plks (adv) % By fives (i×p'kl~)
i×pofXx;ks (adj) % Belonging to a group of five (i×poxZ $ ;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 259


i×pfo/ks (adj) % Five fold (i×pfo/)
i×pfolfr % Twenty five (i×pfo'kfr)
i×pk;q/a % Five sorts of weapons (i×pu~ $ vk;q/)
if×pfUnz;a % See bfUnz;a
i.Mdks % A eunuch (i.Md)
i.Mjks % White, pale, yellowish (ik.Mj)
i.Moks % A son or descendant of Pandu: name of a mountain (ik.Mo)
ikf.MPpa % Scholarship, learning, erudiction (ikf.MR;)
if.Mrdks % A pendant (if.Mrd)
if.Mrrk % Learning, skill, wisdom (if.Mrrk)
if.Mrks (adj) % Learned, skill, clever, wise
i.Mq (adj) % Light, yellow (ik.Mq)
i.ksfr % To bring, perform, execute (
iÄõ˜ $ iÄõy ˜ ks (adj) % Lame, crippled (iÄõ˜ $ iÄõ˜y)
if.g] ikf".k % The heel (ikf.k)
if.g (adj) % Variegated (i`f'u)
i×gks % A question (iz Üu)
ikf.k % The hand, a wooden hand or trowel (ikf.k) % A living being, a sentiment being, a creature animal, man
if.kngfr] % To long for, wish for, pray for, resolve, aspire to: to direct, stretch
if.k/sfr (izf.k/ku)
if.k/kua % earnest resolve, aspiration, prayer (izf.k/ku)
if.kf/ % Wish, resolve, aspiration, prayer (izf.kf/)
ikf.kXxgks % Marriage (ikf.kxzg)
ikf.k?kks % One who strikes with the hand; one who plays the tabor or any
similar instrument (ikf.k?k)
if.kfgrks % Resolved, determined, intent (izf.kfgr)
ikf.kfgrks (adj) % Kind to living beings, benevolent (izkf.kfgr)
ikf.keÙkks (adj) % As much as can be held in the hand (ikf.kekÙk~)
ikf.keqÙka % A missile weapon (ikf.keqDr)
ikf.kirfr % To prostrate oneself (izf.kir~)
if.kikrks % Prostration (izf.kikr)
ikf.kLlja % A sort of music (ikf.k $ Loj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 260


ikf.krya % The palm of the hand (ikf.kry)
ikf.krks % Accomplished; excellent; eminent, exhalted; sweet nice (iz.khr)
ikf.koknks % One whose uses an instrument played with the hand as a drum
or tambourine (ikf.kokn)
if.k;ks (adj) % Saleable (i.;)
ikf.k;ks (adj) % Same meaning as panigho (ikf.k $ ;)
ikf.k;ks (adj) % Drinkable (ikuh;)
i×tfydks (adj) % Holding up the clasp hands in token of respectful salutation
i×tja $ jks % A cage or frame (i×tj)
iÄïs#ga % A lotus (iÄsl
ï g)
iÄïks] iÄï % Mud, moral impurity, sin (iÄï)
i××kk % Wisdom, intellect, reason (izKk)
iUuxks % A snake (iUux)
i..kkdkjks % A present
i..ka % A leaf; a written leaf, an epistle (i.kZ)
i××kk.ka % Knowledge, wisdom, intelligence; mark, sign (izKku)
i××kkidks (adj) % Appointing, declaring (izKk $ vd)
i××kkiua % Appointment, declaration
i××kkisfr % To make known, declare, proclaim, appoint (izKki;fr)
iUujl~ $ i..kjl % Fifteen (i×pn'ku~)
iUujleks] % Fifteenth (i×pn'ke] i×pn'k)
iUujlh % The fifteenth day of the half month, the day of the full or new
moon (i×pn'kh)
iUujfldks % Belonging to the 15th day of the half month
i××kkl] i××kkla] % Fifty (i×pk'kr~)
iUukl %
iUuklda A collection of fifty (i×pk'kd)
iUulkyk % The hut of an ascetic made of branches and leaves a hermitage
i××kkrks % Known, famous (izKkr)
i××kfÙk] iUufÙk % Making known, manifestation, declaring, enactment, ordinance,
precept, regulation (izKfIr)
i××kkÙkks % See i××kkisfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 261


i××kok (adj) % Wise (izKkor~)
i××kk;ua % Manifestation, appearing (izKk;u)
i××kk;fr % To be known, to be perceived, to appear, to exist; to be well-
known, to be renowned (izKk;rs)
iUuks % Fallen, gone (iUu)
i××kks (adj) % Wise, intelligent (izK)
iUuqfolfr % Twenty-five
i.kks % A bet, stake; wages, hire: a sum of money: wealth, property:
trade, shop
ik.kks % Breath; life; vitality; a living being, a creature; energy; vigour;
strength (izk.k)
ifUFkdks % A traveller
iUFkks % A road (ifFku~)
ifUr % A row, range, line, series (iafDr)
iUrks % Border; verge, end (izkUr)
iuqnua % Removal
iuqnuks (adj) % dispelling
iuqnfr % To remove, drive away, reject (iz.kqn)
iUuqUuks % Put away, removed, dispelled (iz.kqUu)
ik.kqisrks (adj) % Possessed of breath; living (izk.k $ misr)
i.;a % A ware, commodity; traffic (i.;)
iik % A shed on the road side where travellers are supplied with water
ikifHk:rk % Fear of sinning (iki $ Hkh: $ rk)
iinks % The lip of the foot, toes (izin)
ikidks (adj) % Evil, bad, wicked, sinful (ikid)
ikifeÙkrk % Friendship or association with sinners, evil communications
(iki $ fe=k $ rk)
ikiua % Attainment (izki.k)
ii×psfr % To linger, tarry, delay (izi×p;fr)
ii×pks % Diffuseness, prolixity, delay (izi×p)
ikireks (adj) % Most sinful (iki $ re)
iirua % Falling down (iziru)
ikirjks (adj) % Most sinful, worse (ikirj)
iirfr % To fall down, to fall from (izir~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 262


iikrks % A precipice, declivity (izikr)
ikisfr % See iiq.kkfr
ikih % Sinful (ikfiu~)
ifiPNrk % State of having sinful desires (iki $ bPNk)
ikfiPNks (adj) % Having sinful desires (iki $ bPNk)
ikfiek (adj) % Sinful (ikIeu~)
ikfifLedks (adj) % More sinful, very sinful (ikih;l~ $ bd)
ifirkegks % The paternal great grand father (izfirkeg)
ikfirks % See ikiq.kkfr
ikfi;ks (adj) % Worse, wicked (ikih;l~)
ikfiÕ;fldk % See rLlkikfiÕ;fldk
ikiks (adj) % Evil, bad, wicked; sinful (iki)
iIiQkla % The lungs (iqÝiQql)
iIiksBsfr % To shake, strike, knock
iIiksfr % See ikiq.kkfr
ikiq.kua % Attainment
ikiq.kkfr] % To attain, reach, arrive, obtain, find (izkIuksfr ¾ izki~)
ikiq.kksfr iIiksfr
iiqUukxks % The tree cassia Tora (iziqUukV)
iiqIiQda % An arrow tipped with a flower (iz $ iq"id)
iiqj.ka $ ikiqjfr % See ik#iua $ ikiqjfr
iiqÙkks % A grand-son, descendent (iziÙq k)
ijk % Preposition with the meaning “away”, “aside”, “back” much
used in composition with verbs and their derivatives (ijk)
ijHkkxks % Superiority, pre-eminence (ijHkkx)
ijHkrks % Indian cuckoo (ijHk`r)
ijkHkoks % Decay, loss, ruin: discofiture, humiliation, contempt (ijkHko)
ijfpÙka % The mind of another (ij $ fpÙk)
ijnkfjdks % An adulterer (ikjnkfjd)
ijnkjks % Another man’s wife, neighbour’s wife(ijnkj)
ijkf/uks (adj) % Dependent on another; subject (ijk/hu)
ikjnks % Quick silver (ikjn)
ijkxks % The pollen of a flower (ijkx)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 263


ikjxq $ xks (adj) % One who has crossed to the other side, who has passed beyond
escaped from : one who is accomplished or versed in (ikjx)
ij¯glk % Injuring another, cruelty (ij $ ¯glk)
ijfgra % The good or welfare of others (ijfgr)
ijkt;ks % Defeat: losing at play or in a lawsuit (ijkt;)
ijktsfr] ijkt;fr % To conquer, overcome, defeat: to be conquered, succumb (ijkft)
ikjkft;ks (adj) % Meriting expulsion
ijkftrks % See ijktsfr
ijdrks (adj) % Done or made by another (ij $ Ñr)
ijfd;ks (adj) % Belonging to another (ijdh;)
ijéïefr % To put forth one’s strength, exert oneself, strive (ijkØe)
ijéïeks % Energy, exertion, striving (ijkØe)
ijdqya % The family of another, a neighbour’s family or house (ij $ dqy)
ikjyksfdda % The next-world, another world (ikjykSfdd)
ijyksdks % Another worlds or next world (ijyksd)
ija % See ijks
ikja % The further or opposite shore of a sea or bank of a river; Nirvana,
as being the goal reached by the pilgrim, crossing the ocean of
existence (ikj)
ijek.kq % A practicle or atom (ijek.kq)
ijkelua % Touching, handling
ijkelfr % To touch, rub, stroke, seize, handle(ijke`'k~)
ijkeklks % Touch, contact, being affected with (ijke'kZ)
ijeÙkk % The pali from of the non-Buddhist term (ijekReu~)
ijeRFkks % Best or highest sense, the truth, reality, completeness, perfec-
tion (ijekFkZ)
ijkeRFkks % Touched, handled, taken hold of: affected, touched, actuated,
influenced (ijke`"V)
ijek;q % The longest period of life (ijek;ql)
ikjeh] ikjferk % Completeness, perfection, highest state
ikjaeq[kks % Having the face averted, averse from, a voiding regardless of
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 264


ijeks (adj) % Highest, first, best, greatest, chief, principal, extreme, exceed-
ing (ije)
ijEijk % Series, row, succession, lineage (ijEijk)
ikjEifj;a % Traditional instruction, tradition (ikjEi;Z)
ijEijks (adj) % Successive, repeated (ijaij)
ikjÄõrks (adj) % Versed or accomplished in (ikja $ xr)
ijfufEerks (adj) % Created or brought into being by others (ij $ fu£er)
ijUriks (adj) % Tormenting others (ijUri)
ikjkikja % The hither and further, shore, the far bank and near bank
ikjkikrks % A dove, piegeon (ikjkir)
ijiqV ðks % The kokila or Indian cuckoo (ijiq"V)
ijLlina % A grammatical term, the active or transitive verb (ijLeSin)
ijlqos (adv) % The day after to-morrow (ij Üol~)
ijrhja % The opposite shore (ij $ rhj)
ijrks (adv) % Further, afterwards, beyond (ijrl~)
ijRFkk (adv) % Elsewhere, in another world, hereafter (ij=k)
ijRFkks % The advantage of another, the public good (ijkFkZ)
ijoknks % The gossip; public rumour (ijokn)
ijk;ua % Final end or aim, chief object, destiny, rest, support
ijk;uks (adj) % Attached to, dependent on, supported by (ijk;.k)
ijk;Ùkks (adj) % Dependent on another, subservient (ijk;r)
ijs % See ikjks
ijsrks % Dead, destroyed, ruined (ijsr)
ikjsorks % A dove or piegeon
ifj % Around or about (ifj)
ifjc¼ks % Bound to-gether (ifjc¼)
ifjckfgjks (adj) % External (ifj $ ckgÔ)
ifjCcktdks % A wandering religious mendicant, priest (Buddhist), pilgrim
ifjCcktfr % To wander about, to lead the life of a religious mendicant, to
renounce the world and become Buddhist monk (ifjozt~)
ifjCckftdk % Female ascetic or pilgrim; a Buddhist nun (ifjozkftdk)
ifjCcktks % Same as ifjCcktdks (ifjozkt)
ifjCHkeua % Revolving, circumference (ifjHkze.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 265


ifjCHkefr % To walk round; to describe a circle round (ifjHkze~)
ifjcwŸgks % Surrounded, accompanied attended;attended by in strength or
in great numbers, strengthened by strong, furnished with,
proprietor of (ifjo`<)
ifjHk.Ma % A girdle, zone, belt, ring (ifj $ Hkk.M)
ifjHkklk] % Censure, abuse (ifjHkk"kk] ifjHkk"k.k)
ifjHkklua % Light, lustre (ifjHkkl $ vu~)
ifjHkklfr % To censure, revile, defame (ifjHkk"k~)
ifjHkrks % Nourished (ifjHk`r)
ifjHkoks % Disrespect, contempt, humiliation, contumely (ifjHko)
ifjfHkUnfr % (ifjfHkn~)
To split, to create division
ifjHkksfxdks (adj) % Belonging to use or enjoyment (ifjHkksx $ bd)
ifjHkksxks % Enjoyment, use, possession; partaking of, eating (ifjHkksx)
ifjHkq×tua % Enjoying
ifjHkq×tfr % To enjoy, use, possess, partake of; to eat; to wear (ifjHkqt~)
ifjHkwrks % Despised disregarded (ifjHkwrks)
ifjHkwÙkks % See ifjHkq×tfr
ifjpkjdks % An attendant, servant (ifjpkjd)
ifjpj.ka % Serving (ifjpj.k)
ifjpjfr % To attend, minister to, serve, honour(ifjpj~)
ifjpfj;k % Service ministration, honour (ifjp;kZ)
ifjpkjh % Attendance, service, honour (ifjpkj)
ifjp;ks % Acquaintance (ifjp;)
ifjPpk % During encircled, grasped, perceived, understood, known (ifjR;)
ifjPpkxh (adj) % Forsaking (ifjR;kfxu~)
ifjPpkxks % Abandonment, renunciation, sacrifice, expenditure, liberality
ifjPptfr % To surrender, sacrifice, expend, bestow in charity (ifjR;t~)
ifjPNnks % A cover, covering (ifjPNn~)
ifjPNÙkdks % The coral tree; Erythmia Indica, a tree in Indra’s heavens (ifj
$ PN=k $ d)
ifjPNsnks % Division, separation, discrimination; exact determination, defi-
nition; exact discerment, decision, judgment; limit, boundary,
termination, extent; division, section, region; chapter of a book
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 266


ifjfPNUnfr % To limit, define, mark out, discriminate, determine, fix, accu-
rately (ifjfPNn~)
ifjfprks % Heaped up, accumulated (ifjfpr)
ifjpqEcfr % To cover with kisses (ifjpqEc~)
ifjngua % Putting on
ifjngfr] ifjngsfr] % To put on (ifj/k)
ifj/sfr] ifjn/kfr
ifjnkgks % Burning; pain, suffering (ifjnkg)
ifjMgÔfr % To be scorehed (ifjngÔrs)
ifjíoks % Lamentation (ifj $ nzo)
ifjnsouk % Lamentation (ifjnsouk)
ifjnsofr] osfr % To wail, lament (ifjfno)
ifjnso % Lamentation, wailing (ifjnso)
ifj/kofr % To run about (ifj/ko)
ifjf/ % Circumference, circle, halo (ifjf/)
ifjnhidks (adj) % Illustrating, explaning (ifj $ nhi~ $ vd)
ifjnhiua % Illustration, explanation (ifj $ nhi~ $ vu)
ifjnhisfr % To illustrate, explain, describe (ifj $ nhi~)
ifjxyfr % To sink down, to slip off (ifjxy~)
ifjx.ksfr % To calculate (ifjx.k)
ifjx.gua % Comprehension
ifjx.gkfr % To take hold of, grasp, carry along with one, embrace, include,
surround, take possession of, possess occupy; to treat kindly
ifjXxkgdks (adj) % Including, occupying (ifjxzkg $ d)
ifjxgsRok] % See ifjx.gkfr
ifjXxgks % Occupation, possession, dependents, belongings, household, a
wife; taking in, embracing, including: grace; favour, kindness,
reverence (ifjxzg)
ifjxwgfr % To conceal (ifj $ xqg)
ifjgkua % Deterioration, falling off (ifjgk.k)
ifjgkuh % Decrease, decay, diminution, loss, falling off (ifjgkuh)
ifjgkfu;ks (adj) % Connected with or causing decay, or loss
ifjgkisfr % To abandon, set aside; to diminish (ifjgki;fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 267


ifjgkjda % An armle (ifjgkjd)
ifjgj.ka % Keep up, keeping in existence (ifjgj.k)
ifjgjfr % To move, advance, move round; to keep up; keep going; to keep,
practice use; to attend, tend; take care of, preserve, honour; to
embrace, surround (ifjâ)
ifjgkfjdks (adj) % Keeping, preserving, cherishing
ifjgkjks % Attention, care honour, pomp, state, ceremony, rite; keeping,
preserving, guarding; forsaking; avoidance (ifjgkj)
ifjgklks % Jest, pleasantry (ifjgkl)
ifjgk;fr % To decay, waste, diminish, fall away, deteriorate; to be deprived
of, to suffer loss
ifjghuks % Fallen away from, waisted, decayed, perished, deficient, waiv-
ing (ifjgh.k)
ifjtkuua % Knowledge, ascertainment
ifjtkukfr % To perceive, learn, know exactly (ifjKk)
ifjtuks % Attendants, suite (ifjtu)
ifjtifr % To whisper mutter, practice, divination (ifjti~)
ikfjtkrdks % The coral tree or Erythrina Indica (ikfjtkrd)
ifjft..kks % Worn with age, decrepit, decayed (ifjth.kZ)
ifjtq××ka % Decay, loss (ifj $ tw.kZ $ ;)
ifjdEea % Preparation, preparatory, proceedings or ceremony; getting
ready by clearing, cleaning etc.; dressing cleansing or perfum-
ing the body (ifjdeZu~)
ifjdIiks % Inclination, determination (ifjDyi~ $ v)
ifjdjks % A girdle (ifjdj)
ifjdFkk % Story, exposition (ifjdFkk)
ifj[kk % A trench, ditch (ifj[kk)
ifjdhj.ka % Strewing about (ifjÑ $ vu)
ifjfdÙksfr % To declare, publish (ifjÑr~)
ifjéïeua % A path or approach to or round a house (ifjØe.k)
ifjD[kdks (adj) % Investigating, examining (ijh{kd)
ifjD[kkjks % Surrounding, retinue; decoration; furnishing; requisite; uten-
sil; apparatus, furniture, household stuff (ifj"dkj)
ifjD[kfr % To inspect; investigate (ifj{k~)
ifjD[krks % Prepared, adomed (ifj"Ñr)
ifjD[k;ks % Loss, ruin, decay, destruction (ifj{k;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 268


ifjD[ksiks % Surrounding, enclosure fence, covering, circumference, bound-
ary (ifj{ksi)
ifjD[kh.kks % Decayed, wasted, exhausted, extinct, destroyed (ifj{kh.k)
ifjfD[kifr % To throw over or around, to surround, to go round, encircle; to
put into (ifjf{ki~)
ifjGkgks % Burning, fever; grief, pain, distress (ifjnkg)
ifjeíua $ ifjeíks % Crushing, Kneading; rubbing the body, shampooing (ifjenZu]
ifjeífr % To go beyond, excel (ifje`n~)
ifjeTtfr % To touch, stroke, handle; to cleanse, polish (ifje`t~)
ifjeyks % Fragrance (ifjey)
ifjek.ka % Measure, extent, duration (ifjek.k)
ifje.Myks (adj) % Circular, round, spreading around, covering, entirely (ifje.My)
ifjekjsfr % To cause to die
ifjelfr % To touch, stroke (ifje`'k~)
ifjesÕ;ks % Measurable (ifjes;)
ifjferks % Measured, limited, moderate (ifjfer)
ikfjeks (adj) % Further, opposite (ikj $ be)
ifjekspua % Release
ifjeqPpfr % To be released, escape (ifjeqPprs)
ifjeq[ka (adv) % In front, before (ifjeq[ke~)
ifjeqfÙk % Release (from ifjeqp~)
ifj.kkgks % Breadth, extent, compass (ifj.kkg)
ifj.kefr % To stoop (
ifj.kkeks % Change, alteration, issue, extent, termination: digestion
ifj.krks % Ripe, mature (
ifjuk;dks % Governor, chief, prince (ifj.kk;d)
ifju;ks % Marriage (ifj.k;)
ifjusfr % To lead, guide, rule (
ifjfuCckua % Attainment of Nirvana, extinction: annihilation (ifjfuokZ.k)
ifjfuCckfudks (adj) % Tending or conducive to Nirvana
ifjfuCckisfr % To cause to attain Nirvana
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 269


ifjfuCckfr] % To be extinguished; to attain Nirvana or the extinction of being;
to attain arhatship (ifj $ fuokZ)
ifjfuCck;h (adj) % One who attains Nirvana or the extinction of being (ifj $ fuokZ
$ bu~)
ifjfuCcqrks % Extinguished, extinct: having attained Nirvana or annihilation
of being, dead (ifj $ fuo`Zr)
ifjfufV òrks % Accomplished (ifjfuf"Br)
ifj××kk % Exact knowledge, ascertainment (ifjKk)
ifj××kkrks % Well understood, exactly known (ifjKkr)
ifj××ksÕ;ks % See ifjtkukfr
ifjikpfu;ks (adj) % Bringing to maturity, completing, achieving (ifjikpu)
ifjikpsfr % To bring to maturity, to perfect, complete
ifjiDdks % Fully ripe (ifjiDo)
ifjikdks % Maturity, perfection (ifjikd)
ifjikysfr % To protect, guard (ifjiky;fr)
ifji.gkfr % To weigh, compare, consider
ifjiUFkks % An obstacle in the way, hindrance, annoyance, danger, misfor-
tune (ifj $ ifFku~)
ifjirfr % To fall down (ifjir~)
ifjiQUnfr % To tremble quiver, throb, totter (ifjLiUn~)
ifjIyoks (adj) % Unsteady, wavering (ifjIyo)
ifjIiQjfr % To fill, cause to be pervaded by (ifj $ LiQj~)
ifjIiQksldks (adj) % Besprinkled, moistered, all round
ifjIiQqVks % Filled in every part, permeated, pervaded (ifjLiqQV)
ifjiqPNk % Questioning, interogation (ifji`PNk)
ifjiqPNfr % To question, inquire about (ifji`PN)
ifjiqfPNrk % One who questions, or inquires (ifjizN $ r`)
ifjiw..kks % Perfect: complete: fulfilled (ifjiw.kZ)
ifjiwjdks (adj) % Fulfilling (ifjiwjd)
ifjiwjfr % To be completely full: to be full-filled, to become perfect (ifji`)
ikfjiwjh % Accomplishment, fulfilment, perfection
ifjjD[kfr % To preserve, retain, maintain, keep-up (ifjj{k~)
ifj#U/fr % To be set, plot against (ifj $ #/~)
ifjlk % Assembly, suite, congregation, company (ifj"kn~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 270


ifjlTtks (adj) % Belonging to an assembly (ifj"k|)
ifjlDdua % Going about
ifjléïfr % To go about
ifjleÙkks % Finished (ifjlekIr)
ifjlackgfr % To stroke, rub (ifj $ lokg~)
ifjlaoqrks % Restrained or guarded in all sides (ifj $ lao`r)
ifjlUnsfr % To drench (ifj $ L;Un;fr)
ifjlÄïk % Suspicion, misgiving (ifj'kÄï $ vk)
ifjlÄõfr % To suspect (ifj'kÄï)
ifjlUuks % Drenched (ifj $ L;Uu)
ifjlIifr % To run to and fro, to creep about (ifjl`i~)
ifjljks (adj) % Neighbourhood, border (ifjlj)
ifjlfr % See ifjlj
ifjfl×pfr % To sprinkle all over, bathe (ifjf"kp~)
ifjlks/sfr % To purify (ifj'kks/;fr)
ifjLltfr % To embrace (ifj";×t~)
ifjLleks % Fatigue, exertion (ifjJe] ifjJke~)
ifjLlÄõks % Embrace (ifj"oÄõ)
ifjLlkoua % A water strainer (ifjL=kko.k)
ifjLlkosfr % To strain or filter
ifjLl;a % A danger, risk
ifjlqf¼ % Purity, perfection, freedom from blame, innocence (ifj'kq¼h)
ikfjlq¼ks % Pure, clear, innocent, holy; perfect, intact (ifj'kq¼)
ifjlqLlfr % To dry-up, waste away (ifj'kq"k)
ifjrkiua % Tormenting, afficting
ifjrkiks % Heat, fever, inflammation: anguish, grief, suffering (ifjrki)
ifjrLluk % Fear, hesitation
ifjrLlfr % To treamble, be afraid (ifj $ =kl~)
ifjrLlh (adj) % Trembling (ifj=kkflu~)
ifjrks (adv) % Around, on everyside, everywhere (ifjrl~)
ifjrkslua % Satisfying (ifjrks"k.k)
ifjrkslsfr % To satisfy, please, gratify (ifjrks"k;fr)
ifjrksfldks (adj) % Gratifying, rewarding (ifjrks"k $ bd)
ifjÙkk $ ifjÙka % Protection, defence
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 271


ifjÙkkHkks (adj) % Of minor brilliancy (ifjÙkkHk)
ifjÙkdks (adj) % Lesser, small, limited, brief (ifjÙk $ d)
ifjÙkkua % Protection, defence, warding off (ifj=kk.k)
ifjÙkklks % Fear, dread, anxiety (ifj=kkl)
ifjÙklqHkks (adj) % Of lesser beauty (ijhÙk $ 'kqHk)
ifLrra % Smallness
ifjÙkks % Small, brief, limited (ijhÙk)
ifjoPpa % Preparation
ifjokfnuh % A lute of seven strings (ifjokfnuh)
ifjoknks % Censure, reproach, accusation, detraction (ifjokn)
ifjoTtua % Forsaking, avoidance (ifjotZu)
ifjoTtsfr % To avoid, abstain from, reject, forsake, put away (ifjotZ;fr)
ifjo..ksfr % To describe, to praise (ifjo.kZ)
ifjokjdks (adj) % Accompanying, forming, retinue
ifjokjsfr % To surround, escort, accompany, attend-upon (ifjokj;fr)
ifjokjks % Covering: a scabbard: encourage, retinue, following, pomp
ifjolfr % To dwell (ifj $ olfr)
ifjoklsfr % To put on a robe so as to cover the whole body (ifj $ okl;fr)
ifjokflrks % Perfumed
ifjoklks % Living apart, being put under restraint, one of the acclesiastical
punishments (ifjokl)
ifjokrks % Blown up (ifj $ okr)
ifjoÙkda % An embrace (ifjo`Ùk)
ifjoÙkua % Inverting, changing: exchange, barter (ifjorZu)
ifjoÙkfr % To turn, to turn round, to be changed; to place oneself; to be
whirled about; revolve (ifjo`Ùk~)
ifjoÙksfr % To turn over, roll; to change; to repeat; to exchange (ifjorZ;fr)
ifjoV ðCoks % That must dwell apart (ifj $ oLrO;)
ifjoÙkks % Change, exchange, return (ifjorZ)
ifjoV òks % Circle, succession, revolution (ifjorZ)
ifjos.ka % A hermits cell, the cell or hut, forming a monk’s private chamber
in a Buddhist monastery
ifjoslua $ uk % Distribution of food: attendance: surrounding (ifjos"k.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 272


ifjoslks % A halo round sun or moon (ifjos"k)
ifjosBsfr % To envelope (ifjos"V~)
ifjfoealfr % To examine, search
ifjfolfr % To present, offer food, wait upon (ifjfo"k~)
ifjforDdsfr % To reflect(ifj $ fo $ rdZ)
ifjforDdks % Thought, reflection (ifj $ fo $ rdZ)
ifjoqrks % Surrounded, accompanied (ifjo`r)
ifjoqV ðks $ RFkks % Dwelt apart
ifj;knkua % Taking up, using up, finishing (i;kZnk $ u)
ifj;knkfr % To seize, lay hold of (i;kZnk)
ifj;Äïks % Another form of Pallnko
ifj;Urd (adj) % Discriminating accurate (i;ZUr $ or~)
ifj;Urks % Boundary, border, limit, term, end (i;ZUr)
ifj;kiUuks % Included, contained, belonging to (ifj $ vk $ iUu ¾ in~)
ifj;kiq.kkfu % To learn thoroughly, to learn by heart (i;k±i)
ifj;kfr % To attend on, serve (ifj;k)
ifj;Ùka (adj) % Voluntarily (i;kZIra)
ifj;fÙk % Adequacy, sufficiency, fullness, plenitude, learning by heart:
that which is learnt by heart—the text of Buddha’s word, the
Tiptaka (i;kZfIr)
ifj;Ùkks % Able, sufficient; learnt by heart, mastered (i;kZIr)
ifj;k;ks % Succession, order; turn, a synonym; opportunity; way, manner;
a cause: teaching: exposition: a surrounding wall (i;kZ;)
ifj;sldks (adj) % One who seeks (i;sZ"k $ vd)
ifj;sluk % Search (i;s"Z k.kk)
ifj;slfr % To search, seek for, seek out (i;s"Z k~)
ifj;sfl (adj) % Seeking (i;sZ"k~ $ bu~)
ifj;sfV ð % Search (ifj;sZf"V)
ifj;ksnkua % Cleansing (ifj $ vonku)
ifj;ksniua % Cleansing, purification
ifj;ksnisfr % To cleanse, purify(ifj $ vo $ nS)
ifj;ksnkrks % Cleansed, pure (i;Zonkr)
ifj;ksxkYgks % Dived into (ifj $ vo $ xk<)
ifj;ksuU/fr % To cover envelope (ifj $ vo $ ug~)
ifj;kslkua % Termination (i;Zolku~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 273


ifj;ksflrks % Concluded (i;Zoflr)
ifj;qfV ðrks % Arisen; possessed (ifj $ mn~ $ fLFkr~)
ijks (adj) % Distant, further: opposite; other, different, adverse; subse-
quent, highest, pre-eminent (ij)
ijks (adv) % Beyond, more than (ijl~)
ijksnfr % To burst into tears (iz:n~)
ijksD[kks (adj) % Invisible, imperceptible (ijks{k~)
i#Ÿgks % Grown up, increased (iz#n~)
i#i?kkrh (adj) % Injuring others, cruel (ij $ mi?kkfru~)
i#i?kkrks % Injuring others, cruelty (ij $ mi?kkr)
ik#iua $ ik#i.ka % Dressing, putting on a garment; a covering mantle, clock, upper
robe (izkoj.k)
ik#ifr] ikiqjfr % To dress or put on an outer garment (izko`)
i#ioknks % Reproaching others (ij $ miokn)
ik#rks % See ik:ifr
ilkndks (adj) % Causing serenity or happiness: converting to Buddhist faith
ilknua % (izlknu)
Gratification, favour
ilknuh;ks (adj) % Causing happiness (izlknuh;)
ilknkisfr % To cause to be gratified
ilknok (adj) % Delighted, pleased, having faith in (izlknor~)
ilknsfr % See iflnfr
ilk/ua % Decoration; ornament; parure; wearing ornaments (izlk/u)
ilk/sfr % To put on, wear ornaments (izlk/~)
iklkfndks (adj) % Pleasing, engaging amiable, gracious (izklkfnd)
ilnks % The spotted antelope (i`"kr)
ilknks % Brightness, clearness; favour, grace; refreshing joy; serenity of
mind : faith (izlkn)
iklknks % A building errected on high foundations and approached by
means of steps, a terrace tower; palace, mansion (izklkn)
ilgfr % To use force, overcome, subdue, opress (izlg)
il[kk % A branch or twig (iz'kk[kk)
ilk[kks % The abdomen and thighs (iz'kk[k)
ikldks % A die (izkld)
ilefr % To allay (iz'ke~)
ilalk % Praise (iz'kalk)
ilalua % Praising, commendation (iz'kalu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 274


ilalfr % To praise, to declare (iz'kal~)
ilalh (adj) % Praising (iz'kaflu~)
iklf.Mdks (adj) % Heretical (ik"kf.Md)
ikl.Mks % Hertical (ik"k.M)
ilÄõks % Attached, being addicted to (izlÄõ)
iklfu % See if.g
ilUurk % Clearness, serenity (izlUurk)
ilUuks % See ilhnfr
iklk.kks % A stone, a rock (ik"kk.k)
ilj.ka % Spreading, being streched out (izlj.k)
ilkjsfr % To stretch out, spread out, expand, exhibit, expose (izlkj;fr)
iljks % Spreading, extension (izlj)
ilrks % A measure of capacity; palm streched out and hollowed as if to
hold liquid (izl`r)
ilRFkks % Praised, asteemed, good, excellent (iz'kLr)
ilofr % To beget, generate; to give birth to (izlq)
iloks % See ilq
iloks % Bringing forth; generating, production; a flower, fruit (izlo)
ilgÔks % Force, voilence (izlgÔ)
ilsufn % Name of a king of Kosala, a contemporary of Buddha (izlsuftr~)
iflCcda $ dks % A bag, sack (izlsod)
ilhnfr % To be clear, serene, tranquil: to be content, satisfied, pleased,
glad; to be favourable or gracious; to rejoice in, take pleasure in;
to have faith in, to believe, be converted (izln~)
iflf¼ % Fame (izflf¼)
ifl¼ks % Notorious; celebrated (izfl¼)
ikfldks % Connected with snares, using snares, caught in snares (ikf'kd)
iflfr % A fetter (izflfr)
iklks % A noose, string, snare, fetter (ik'k)
iLlf¼ % Calming down, calmness, repose, tranquillity (izJkfC/)
iLlEHkfr % To calm down, be quiet (iz $ JEHk~)
iLlua % Seeing
iLllfr % To expel the breath, exhale (iz $ vk $ Üol~)
iLlklks % Exhaled breath (iz $ vk $ 'ol~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 275


iLlfr % To see, look, behold, observe: to see with the mind, learn, know,
understand: to discover, find, meet-with (i'k~)
iLlkoh (adj) % Seeing
iLlkoks % Urine (izlzko)
iLlks $ iLla % Side, flank (ik ÜoZ)
ilq % Cattle; an animal, beast: a goat (i'kq)
ilwfr % (izlwfr)
Birth, bringing forth: childbirth, delivery
izlwfÙkdk % That has brought forth, that has had a child (izlwfrdk)
ilqrks % Intent upon, devoted to, seeking (izflr ¾ fl)
ilwrks % Engendered, born; delivered (izlwr)
ilqÙkks % Sleeping (izlqÙk)
ikrOoks % Drinkable (ikrO;)
iVfXx % Fire in return (izfr $ vfXu)
iVgks % A battle-drum Kettle drum (iVg)
irkdk % A banner or flag (irkdk)
iVdks % Cotton cloth (iVd)
ikrkya % The lower regions: Naga-world, submarine fire (ikrky)
iVya % A covering; coating: membrane, film: catarract of the eye: roof
thatch: a heap, multitude, quantity (iVy)
ikVyh % The trumpet flower, Bignomia Suaveolens (ikVyh)
iVfydk % A woollen coverlet thickly woven with flowers (iVy $ bdk)
ikVfyiqÙka $ Ùkda % Name of a city in Magadha (ikVfyiq=kd)
ikVyks (adj) % Light, red, pink (ikVy)
irua % Falling (iru)
irÄõks % A bird (irÄõ)
iVÄõks % A flying insect, moth, beatle, grass-hopper (iQfMÄõ)
irkfu (adj) % Spreading, extending (izrkfuu~)
ikr×tfy (adj) % Having the hands clasped (ikr×tfy)
irUrks % A bird (iur~)
iVUrks % The skirt or seam of a garment (iV $ vUr)
irkiuks % Name of one of the eight Hells (izrkiu)
irkook (adj) % Burning, scorching (izrkior~)
irkiks % Heat; splendour, majesty, dignity (izrki)
irkih (adj) % Burning, schorching (izrkfiu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 276


irkj.ka % Elevation; aggrandisement (izrkj.kk)
ikrjklks % Morning meal: breakfast (izkrjk'k)
irkjsfr % To mislead, deceive (izrkj;fr)
irfr % To fall, alight (ir~)
irÙka % A wing (ir=k)
ikVoa % Skill (ikVo)
ikrO;rk % Injuring, destroying
ir;ks % See ifr
ikVséïa (adv) % Singly, severally (izR;sd $ ;)
ikrsfr % See irfr
ikBk % The plant Clypea Hernandifolia (ikBk)
iBf¼ % A throughfare, street
ikBdks % One who reads or recites; studies (ikBd)
iBeT>kfudks (adj) % Connected with the first Jhanas (izFke $ è;ku $ bd)
iBedfIidks (adj) % Belonging to the commencement of a Kalpa (izFke $ dYi $ bd)
iBedks (adj) % First, previous (izFked)
iBeks (adj) % First, foremost; earliest, previous, principal, chief, best (izFke)
iBfr % To read, recite (iB)
iBoh] iFkoh] % The earth (i`fFkoh] i`Foh)
iqFkqoh $ iqFkoh
iFkkoh % A traveller (iFk $ vkfou~)
ikBsfr % To cause to read, to teach (ikB;fr)
ikFksÕ;a % Provisions for a journey (ikFks;)
ifFkdks % A traveller (ifFkd)
ikBhuks % The fish Silurus Boalis (ikBhu)
iFkks % Path, road, way, course, reach (iFk)
ikBks % Reading, recitation, text, passage of a text (ikB)
ifr % Master, owner, chief, ruler; husband (ifr)
ifV (Prep) % Towards : back, in return: against (izfr)
iVh % Coarse-cloth, canvas (iVh)
ikfr % To protect (ik)
ikrh % A vessel, dish, bowl (ik=kh)
ifVc¼ks % Bound, obstructed, dependent (izfrc¼)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 277


ifVckgua $ % Warding off; repulsion
ifVckgfr $ % To put away, reject, avert, repel (izfrokg)
ifVcyks (adj) % Able, adequate, competent (izfrcy)
ifrCcrk % Devoted or faithful wife (ifrozrk)
ifVHkkxks % One who belongs to the opposite side, an enemy (izfrHkkx)
ifrHkkua % Understanding, intelligence; wisdom; readiness: confidence of
speech; promptitude; wit (izfrHkkoku)
ifVHkkuok (adj) % Possessed intelligence or ready wit (izfrHkkuor~)
ifVHkklfr % To address in return or reply (izfrHkk"k~)
ifVHkkfr % To appear, to be evident, to occur or present itself, to the mind
ifVHk;ks (adj) % Terrible, fearful (izfrHk;)
ifVHkk;qÙkks (adj) % Bold, ready, confident (izfrHkk $ ;qDr)
ifVHkksxks % A surety, sponsor (izfrHkksx)
ifVHkw % A surety (izfrHkw)
ifVfcEca % Reflection, counterpart, image (izfrfcEc)
ifVfcfEcrks % Reflected, image (izfrfcfEcr)
ifVcks/ks % Awaking (izfrcks/)
ifVcqT>fr % To awake (izfrcq/~)
ifVPp % Following from anything as a necessary result; by means of, on
account of, by reason of, through, by
ifVPpleqIiknks % Origination as a necessary result from an antecedent cause,
chain of causation
ifVPNkndks (adj) % Covering, Concealing (izfrPNn~ $ vd)
ifVPNknua % Concealment (izfrPNn~ $ vu)
ifVPNknfu;a % The flavour of meat
ifVPNknsfr % To cover, conceal, keep secret, deny, to clothe oneself (izfrPNn~)
ifVPNkfn (adj) % Covering, protecting (izfrPNn~ $ bu)
ifVPNnks % Covering, shelter (izfrPNn~ $ v)
ifVPNUuks % See ifVPNknsfr
ifVPNkisfr % To cause to receive, to deliver to, entrust to
ifVPNfr % To receive, take (izrh"k~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 278


iVhfp % The west (izrhph)
ifVfpD[kfr % To resolve (izfrp{k~)
ifVpksnsfr % To blame, reprove (izfrpqn~)
ifVnnkfr $ % To give in return, to restore (izfrnk)
ifrnkua % Restitution, restoration (izfrnku)
ifVn.Mks % Retribution (izfrn.M)
ifVnLlsfr % To cause to see again (izfrn'kZ;fr)
ifVnslsfr % To confess (izfrns'k;fr)
ifrnsork % Devoted wife (ifrnsork)
ifrfnLlfr % To be seen with, visit
ifrfnola (adv) % Daily (izfr $ fnol)
ikfV,éïks $ % Individual separate (izR;sd $ ;)
ikfV;séïks (adj)
ifrx.gkfr % To take, receive, accept; to welcome, recognise, assent (izfrxzg)
ifVXxkgdks (adj) % Receiving a recipient(izfrxzkgd)
ifVXxg.ka % Acceptance, receiving (izfrxzg.k)
ifVXxgsRok % See ifVx.gkfr
ifVXxghrk % One who receives (izfrx`ghr`)
ifVXxghrks % Received, assented to, admitted, approved (izfrx`ghr)
ifVXxgks % Acceptance, receipt (izfrxzg)
ifV?kkrks % Concussion; warding off, repulsion (izfr?kkr)
ifV?kks $ ?ka % Anger, hatred (izfr?k)
ifV?kkslks % Echo (izfr $ ?kks"k)
ifrft.kkfr % To agree, persuit, approve (izfrx`)
ifVgfUr % To strike, wound: ward off (izfrgu~)
ifVgj.ka % Striking in return (izfrgj.k)
ifVgjfr % To strike in return (izfrâ)
ikfVgkfj;a] % A miracle, portent (izkfrgk;Z)
ikfVgsja $ ikfVghja
ifVgkjks % Carrying back: a door; a door keeper (izfrgkj)
ifVgrks % See ifVgfUr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 279


ifVtXxua % Watching over
ifVtXxfr % To watch over, guard, look after, tend, take care of (izfrtkx`)
ifVtkukfr % To acknowledge, confess, recognise; to approve, consent, pro-
mise: to profess, assent, maintain: to discern, perceive (izfrKk)
ifVdk % White woollen cloth (ifVdk)
ikfVdk % A stone step at the entrance of the house
ifVdEea % Treatment, cure; repair, redress, atonement (izfrdeZu~)
ifVd…fr % To expect, await, desire (izfrdk…)
ikfVd…h (adj) % Expecting, hoping for, desiring (izfrdk… $ bu~)
ikfVd…ks % To be expected
ifVdkjdks (adj) % Requiting (izfr $ dkjd)
ifVdkjks % Repair, amends; atonement, remedy (izfrdkj)
ifVdjksfr % To repair, make amends for (izfrÑ)
ifVdLlua % Drawing back (izfr $ d"kZ.k)
ifV[kekfirks % Forgiven in return
ifVfdê òks % Inferior, low, vile (izfrÑ"V)
ifVéïeua % Stepping backwards, retreat: a hall with seats of distinction
ifVéïefr % To step backwards, retreat, depart: to return (izfrØe~)
ifVéïeks % Going back, reverse order (izfrØe~)
ifVD[ksiks % Opposing, refusing (izfr{ksi)
ifVfD[kifr % To oppose, to refuse, to reject (izfrf{ki~)
ifVéïkslua % Reviling ; scorn
ifVéïkslfr % To blame, revile, scorn(izfr $ Øq'k~)
ifréï™yks (adj) % Contrary; disagreeable (izfrdwy)
ifrfØ;k % Giving medicine: counteracting: remedying (izfrfØ;k)
ifrdqya % Husband’s family (ifr $ dqy)
ifrdqê òks % Miserable, vile (izfrdq"V)
ifVyHkfr % To obtain; receive; to regain (izfryHk~)
ifVykHkks % Obtaining, attainment, aquisition (izfrykHk~)
ifVy¼ks % See ifVyHkfr
ifVys[kua % A letter sent in reply (izfr $ ys[ku)
ifVykse % Contrary, reverse, in reverse order (izfrykse)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 280


ifVek % Image, picture, figure (izfrek)
ifVeXxks % A confronting road (izfr $ ekxZ)
ifref.Mrks % Adorned, decorated (izfref.Mr)
ifrekusfr % To revere (izfreku;fr)
ifreUrsfr % To discuss in argument, to reply to, refute (izfreUrk)
ifreklsfr % To explore, search (izfr $ e`'k~)
ifVekspsfr % See ifVeq×pfr
ikfreksD[ka % Name given to a collection of the various sikkhapadas contained
in the Vinaya, beginning with the four Parajikas and ending
with the 75 Sekhiyadhammas It’s a sort of criminal code for the
ifVeksD[kks % A sort of remedy
ifVeq[kks (adj) % Opposite, at hand, present (izfreq[k)
ifVeqéïks % Fastened, tied: clothed, accounted (izfreqDr)
ifVeq×pfr % To put on, fasten, bind (izfreqp~)
i¯rojk % A woman who chooses her husband (i¯rojk)
ifVuUnfr % To express gratification, to welcome (izfruUn~)
ifVfuf/ % Image, likeness (izfrfuf/)
ifVfuLlXxks % Forsaking, getting rid off (izfr $ ful~ $ lxZ)
ifVfuLlTtsfr % To forsake, renounce (izfr $ ful~ $ lxZ)
ifVfuLlê òks % Forsaken : having forsaken (izfr $ ful~ $ l`"V)
ifVfuoÙkfr % To turn back again, to return (izfrfuo`r~)
ifVfuosnsfr % To bring back news, announce
ifV××kk % Agreement, promise, vow (izfrKk)
ifj××kkrks % Asserted; admitted; acknowledged: promised (izfrKkr)
ifVikHkra % A present or gift in return (izfr $ izkHk`r)
ifVink % Ingress, access, way, step, course, practice conduct: the first day
of a lunar fortnight (izfrin~] izfrink)
ifVina (adv) % Step by step, in due order (izfrine~)
ifViknua % Imparting, giving, informing, declaring (izfriknu)
ifViknsfr % See ifViTtfr
ifViknks % That which supports the bed-stead (izfr $ ikn)
ikfVinks (adj) % Belonging to the first— day of Lunar fortnight (izfrin $ v)
ifViTtfr % To enter upon, walk upon; to follow, embrace, regulate once, life,
live, act, practice: enter upon, obtain (izfrin)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 281


ifVikdfrdks (adj) % Restored or set right again (izfr $ izkÑfrd)
ifViD[kÙka % Opposition (izfr $ i{kRo)
ifViD[kks % An opponent, enemy; hostility (izfri{k)
ifVi.kkesfr % To bend down again
ifViUuks % See ifViTtfr
ifViFkks % Confronting road (izfr $ iFk)
ifVikfV % Order, succession (izfr $ ikVh)
ifVifÙk % Conduct, practice, performance, occupation: religious duties or
practice, moral conduct: attainment: acquisition: knowledge:
ascertainment (izfrifÙk)
ifVihGua % Pressing, pinching (izfrihMu~)
ifVIiLlEHkua % Subsidence
ifVIiLlEHkfr % To be calmed, quieted, to subside, to come to an end (izfr $ iz
$ JEHk~)
ifViqPNk % Question in return (izfr $ i`PNk)
ifViqPNua % Questioning in return (izfrizPN $ vu)
ifViqPNfr % To inquire, question: to put a question in turn (izfrizN~)
ifViqfPNrk % One who inquires (izfrizPN $ r`)
ifViqXxyks % A person equal to another, a rival (izfr $ iqn~xy)
ifViwtsfr % To honour in return (izfr $ iwt~)
ifVjktk % Hostile king, royal adversary (izfrjkt)
irhj;a % A shore, bank (izrhj)
ifVjoks % Echo (izfrjo)
ifr#idks (adj) % Resembling, counterfeiting (izfr#id)
ifr#ia % A counterfeit (izfr#i)
ifr#iks % Suitable, fit, proper, right, good (izfr#i)
ifrlŠk.ka % Solitude, retirement for the purpose of meditation, seclusion,
privacy (izfrlay;u)
ifrlŠh.kks % Secluded, retired, abstructed, plunged in meditation (izfr $ le~
$ yhu)
ifVlkeua % Putting away
ifVlfEHknk % Discrimination, analysis
ifVlkesfr % To set in order, put away
ifVlagjfr % To draw back; to fold; to change (izfrlâ)
ifVlEeTtfr % To sweep over again (izfr $ le`t~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 282


ifVlEeksnua % Friendly greeting in return
ifVleks (adj) % Equal to (izfrle)
ifVlaosnsfr $ % To feel experience, enjoy, perceive
ifVlaosnh (adj) % (izfrlaosfnu~)
Experiencing, feeling, enjoying
ifVlafofnrks % Having informed (izfr $ le~ $ fofnr)
ifVla;qÙkks $ % Connected with (izfr $ le~ $ ;qDr)
ifVlf×pD[kfr % To agree with oneself, to consider, revolve a matter in mind (izfr
$ le~ $ p{k~)
ifVlUngfr % To be re-born, to transmigrate (izfre?kk)
ifVlfU/dks (adj) % At the end of a compound as a substitute for last
ifVl…kua % Reflection, contemplation (izfrl…k $ u)
ifVlfU/ % Entering the womb in a new existence, conception, re-birth,
transmigration (izfrlaf/)
ifVl…j.ka % Restoration, repairs
ifVl…kj.ka % Causing to be repaired
ifVl…kjks % Restoration, repairs
ifVl…jksfr % To restore, repair, mend (izfrlaLÑ)
ifVl…kfr % To reflect, meditate (izfrl…k)
ifVl…rks % Restored, repaird (izfr $ le $ Ñr)
ifVl××kÙkks % See ifjlE;qrks
ifVlUFkjfr % To be favourably disposed to, to be interested in (izfr $ le~ $
ifVlUFkkjks % Friendly greeting, welcom, kindness, affection, friendliness
(izfr $ laLrkj)
ifVlj.ka % Refuge, help, defence, protector (izfr $ 'kj.k);ks % It seems to be p. f p. from the caus of (izfrLe`)
ifVlkjh (adj) % Trusting in, leaning on (izfrlkfju~)
ifVlklua % A message in return or reply (izfr'kklu~)
ifVlÙkq % An enemy (izfr'k=kq)
ifVlk;uh;ks % To be tasted or partaken of or enjoyed (izfr $ Loknuh;)
ifVls/ua % Preventing, stopping (izfr"ks/u)
ifVls/sfr % To keep or ward off: to Prevent, prohibit restrain (izfr"ks/;fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 283


ifVls/ks % Prohibition (izfr"ks/)
ifVlsoua % Practising
ifVlsofr % (izfr $ lso)
To receive, to practice
ifVflCcfr % To sew, embroider (izfr $ flo~)
ifVfl¼ks % Forbidden (izfrf"k¼)
ifVlksra (adj) % Against the stream (izfrÏksrl~)
ifrLlk % Amenability, assent, obedience
ifrLlrks % Recollecting, thoughtful (izfr $ Le`r~)
ifVLlkoh (adj) % Assenting, ready, willing (izfr $ Jkfou~)
ifVLloks % Assent, promise (izfrJqo)
ifrLl;ks % A house, dwelling, asylum (izfrJ;)
ifVlq.kkfr % To assent, promise (izfrJq)
ifrlq××kk % A widow (ifr $ 'kwU;)
ifVfrRFkks % A landing place on the opposite bank of the river (izfr $ rhFkZ)
ifrrks % Fallen; fallen in battle, slain: gone, got rid off (ifrr)
irhrks] ifrrks] % Known, established, true; famous, pleased delighted (izrhr)
ifrrks % See ikrsfr
ifrê kò % Fixity, strength, resting place, stay, help, home, asylum (izfr"Bk)
ifrê gò fr % See ifrêòkfr
ifrê kò ua % Fixing, establishment (izfr"Bku)
ifrê kò idks % One who establishes
ifrê kò iua % Fixing, setting up (izfr"Bkiu~)
ifrê kò firkrk % Fact of having been established (izfr"Bkfir $ rk)
ifrê kò fr $ % To stand fast or firmly, to be established, to fix oneself, to be set
ifrê kò gfr to be set up, to stay,(izfr"Bk)
ifrfê rò Ùka % Fact of being established (izfrf"Br $ Ro)
ifVopua % Answer, rejoinder (izfropu)
ifVonfr % To answer, retort (izfron~)
ifVoknks % Retort, recrimination (izfrokn)
ifVokD;a % Reply (izfrokD;)
ifVok.ka % Opposition, resistance (izfr $ ok.k) (adj) % Resisting
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 284


ifVolfr % (izfrol~)
To live, dwell
ifVokra (adv) % Against the wind (izfrokre~)
ifVoÙkk % One who answers or contradicts (izfr $ oÙkQ`)
ifVoÙka % See oÙka
ifVoêfðs r % To roll something against, knock, strike
ifrofÙk;ks % That can be subverted
ifVosnsfr % To make known, announce, assist (izfrosn;fr)
ifVos/ks % Penetration, comprehension, attainment (izfr $ os/)
ifVfoHkÙkks % Distributed with partiality or favour (izfrfoHkt~)
ifVfo¼ks % Penetrated, acquired (izfr $ fo¼)
ifVfofnrks % Known, ascertained (izfr $ fofnr)
ifVfoT>kua % Penetration; comprehension
ifVfoT>fr % To cleave, split: to penetrate, comprehend, acquire, master,
learn (izfrO;/~)
ifrfoyfXxrks % Stuck, entangled
ifV¯olks % Portion, Share
ifVfousfr % To repress, subdue (izfr $ fo $ uh)
ifVfouksua % Removal,
ifVfouksnsfr % To remove, dismiss, dispel (izfr $ fo $ uqn~)
ifVfojfr % Abstinence from (izfrfojfr)
ifVfojrks % Abstaining from (izfr $ fo $ jr)
ifVfo#¼ks % Opposed, hostile (izfr $ fo $ #¼)
ifVfoLldks (adj) % Neighbouring (izfros'k or izfros';u~ or izfros'; $ d)
ifV;knsfr % To prepare, make ready, provide (izfr;kr;fr)
ifV;Ùkks % Prepared, made ready: dressed (izfr $ ;Ùk)
ikfV;séïks % See ikfV,éïks
ikVks $ ikVa % Cloth; a cloth or garment (iV)
ikrks % Falling, fall; a cast, throw; discharge (ikr)
ikrks % Before a vowel sometimes Patar (adv) at dawn, early, to-morrow
morning (izkrj)
irksnda % Poking or tickling (izrksnd)
irksnks % A goad (izrksn)
iVksyks % A species of cucumber
iÙkCcks $ % Attainable (izkIrO;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 285


iÙkphoja % Bowl and robe (ik=k $ phoj)
iÙk/Eeks (adj) % One who has mastered the truth (izkIr $ /eZ)
iÙkxkgks (adj) % Holding a bowl (ik=k $ xzkg)
iÙkdŠa % Timeless, seasonableness (izkIrdky $ ;)
iÙkdkyks % Right moment, seasonable time (izkIrdky)
iê ðdks % A cloth (iêðd)
iÙka % A wing; a leaf; or petal (iÙk)
iê ðua % A port; seaport (iêðu)
iÙkÄõ % Red sandal (iÙkkÄõ)
iÙkkuhda % Infantry (ifÙk $ vuhd)
iÙkfif.MdÄõa % This is the sixth Dhutanga precept and enjoins eating from one
vessel only(ik=k $ fi.M $ vÄõ)
iÙkiwjks % A bowlful (ik=k $ iwj)
iÙkiwVa % A small basket made of leaves (i=k $ iqV)
iÙk;kuks % A bird (i=k $ ;ku)
iÙksÕ;ks (adj) % Obtainable (izkIr $ ,;)
iRFkuk % Desire, request, prayer, aspiration, hope, resolve (izkFkZuk)
iê òkua % Setting out, departure, march of an army or assailant; origin,
cause (izLFkku)
iëòisfr % To set going, set on foot, establish furnish provide (izLFkki;fr)
iRFkjfr % To spread, strew: to overspread, pervade (iz $ Lr`)
iRFkjks % A flat surface(izLrj)
iRFkrks % Spread, streched (izLr`r)
iRFkkouk % Introduction; dramatic prologue (izLrkouk)
iê òk; % Setting out from, beginning from, since, after, from
iRFksfr % To wish for, aspire to, pray for (izkFkZ)
ifRFkoks % A king (ik£Fko)
iRFkks % A weight and measure of capacity; a table-land on the top of a
mountain (izLFk)
iRFkks (adj) % Secluded, solitary (izkLr)
ifÙk % A foot soldier; going, walking (ifÙk)
ifÙk % Obtaining, acquisition, attainment, gain, advantage (izkfIr)
iÙkh % An arrow (if=ku~)
ifê ðdk % A slip, a lablet; a bandage, ribbon (ifêðdk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 286


ifÙkdks (adj) % Going on foot (ifÙkd)
ifÙkiÙkks (adj) % Having obtained the highest-gain (izkfIr $ izkIr)
iÙkks % Obtained, reached; having reached (izkIr)
iÙkks % A bowl–a Buddhist monk’s begging-bowl or alms-bowl (ik=k)
iê ðks % Ship, ribband, tablet, plate, slab; a cloth, bandage, turban (iêð)
iÙkksnda % Water to wash a bowl with (ik=k $ mnd)
iÙkqa % See ikiq.kkfr
iÙkq..ka % Wove silk cloth (iÙkks.k)
iVq (adj) % Sharp; skilful; sensible; wise; healthy (iVq)
ikrq % Before a vowel Patur (adv) evidently, manifestly (izknql~)
ikrqHkofr % To become visible or manifest, to appear, to arise, to spring into
existence (izknqHkwZ)
iVqHkkoks % Skill (iVq $ Hkko)
ikrqHkkoks % Appearance, manifestation, apparition, arising (izknqHkkZo)
irqTtk % Having struck off
ikrqdj.ka % Production, manifestation (izknq"dj.k)
ikrqdjksfr % To produce, manifest (izknq"Ñ)
ikrqa % See fiofr
ikrqj % See ikrq
iRok % See ikiq.kkfr
ikok % A city of Mallas, near Rajagaha (ikok)
ikopua % The word of Buddha or the holy scriptures (izopu)
ikonfr % To speak out, express (izon~)
ioM~/fr % To grow, increase (izo`/~)
ioknh % A disputant (izokfnu~)
ioknks % Disputation, litigious language, defamation (izokn)
iog.ka % A ship’s boat (izog.k)
iokgsfr % To cause to be carried by stream
iokgks % Current, stream: course or stream of action, occupation (izokg)
ioTtfr % To be played, or sounded
ikofd % An epithet of skanda or Kartikkeya (ikodh)
ikodks % Fire (ikod)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 287


ioD[kfr % He will tell, declare, recite
iokyks $ ya % A sprout or germ (izoky)
iokGks $ Ga % Coral (izokM)
ioua % (izo.k)
Side of a mountain, declivity, height
ioua $ ikoua % Purification; winnowing (iou] ikou)
iouks % Air, wind (iou)
iokj.kk % Invitation; prohibition; name of a certain festival (izokj.kk)
iokjsfr % To cause to choose, to give a person his choice, to invite, to offer:
to join in the festival(izokj;fr)
iojks (adj) % Chief, best, noble, excellent (izoj)
iokjks % A woollen cloth (izokj)
ikokjks % A cloak or mantle (izkokj)
ioklh (adj) % Living abroad or away from home (izokflu~)
ioklks % Absence from home (izokl)
ioLlfr % To rain (izo`"k~)
iokfr % To diffuse, a scent (izok)
iokÙka % A draught of air, breeze (izokr)
ioÙkka % One who informs, points out (izoÙkQ`)
ioÙkudks (adj) % Bringing about, producing, promoting (izorZu $ d)
ioÙkua % Behaviour, conduct, procedure (izorZu)
ioÙkfr % To arise, begin, take place; to start, set out, to roll or flow
onwards; to become, be exist, to go on, proceed, to be kept up
ioê ðfr % To revolve, whirl round (izo`r~)
ioÙksfr % To cause to arise or to flow onwards, or to proceed to set going,
to set on foot, establish, produce, make, originate, begin (izorZ;fr)
ioêfðs r % To throw back, turn-aside, to set rolling, to roll (izorZ;fr)
iofÙk % Flow onwards; going on, affairs, occurance, incident proceeding;
news tidings practice, conduct; beginning setting on foot, estab-
lishment; being, existence (izo`fÙk)
iofÙkrks % Setting going, established, made (izo£rr)
ioÙkks % Starting, proceeding, setting out, begun, set on foot, kept going;
kept up; going on, being, existing, settled, fixed (izo`Ùk)
iok;fr % To be wafted abroad (izok)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 288


iosPpfr % To give
iosnsfr % To make known, tell, utter (izosn;fr)
ios/fr % To tremble (izC;Fk~)
iosD[kfr % See ifolfr % A long braid of hair; a coloured woollen cloth used for a saddle
or housings: series, succession line; tradition, custom, usage
ioslua % Entrance (izo's ku)
ioslsfr% See ifolfr
ioslks% Entrance (izo's k)
ikosÕ;dks (adj) % Belonging to Pava (ikok $ ; $ d)
ifo/krqa % To place, appoint (izfo/k)
ifop;ks % Investigation (izfop;)
ifoP>kfr % To throw down (izO;/~)
ioh.kks (adj) % Clever, skilful (izoh.k)
iohjks % Heroic; best (izohj)
iohlua % Entrance (izo's k)
ifolfr % To enter (izfo'k~)
ifofLlyslks % Separation (izfo Üys"k)
ifoê òks% See ifolfr
ifoÙkks (adj) % Sacred, ho1y (ifo=k)
ifoosdks % Retirement, solitude, seclusion (from iz $ fo $ fop~)
ifofoÙkks % Separated, detached, retired, secluded (izfofoÙkQ)
ioks % Purification, winnowing grain (io)
ioqPpfr % To be spoken of, to be called or termed
ioq¼ks % See io¼fr
ikoqlks % The rainy season; a sort of a fish (izko`"k)
ikoqLldks (adj) % Belonging to the rainy season (izko`"; $ d)
ioqÙkks % Spoken to, told(iz $ mÙkQ)
ik;dks % One who drinks (ik;d)
i;keks % Length (iz;ke)
ik;klks % Rice boiled in milk, milk rice(ik;l)
i;kfr % To go, proceed, advance (iz;k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 289


i;rks % Pure (iz;r)
i;krks % Gone, departed (iz;kr)
ik;sfr % See fiofr
ik;h % Drinking (ikf;u~)
i;h:nkg % To utter (ifj $ mn~ $ vkg ¾ vg~)
if;#iklfr % To sit beside, attend on, associated with, serve honour (i;qZikl~)
i;ks] i;a % Water: milk (i;l~)
ik;ks % Drinking (ik;)
ik;ks % Abandance (izk;)
ik;ks (adv) % Abundantly (izk;l~)
i;ks/jks % A cloud; a women’s breast (i;ks/j)
i;ksnks % A cloud (i;ksn)
i;ksxks % Practice, use, usage; means, instrumentality; motive, occasion,
object (iz;ksx)
i;kstua % Appointment, command, direction, advantage, use, need;
object, aim (iz;kstu)
i;kstsfr % To perform, practice, conduct, carry on; to instigate cause,
direct, command: to employ, suborn, hire (iz;kst;fr)
ik;q % The anus (ik;q)
ik;q×tfr % To yoke, harness; to employ, appoint; to practice, behave (iz;t
q )~
i;qÙkdks (adj) % Employed, hired, suborned (iz;qÙkQ $ d)
iÕ;dks % Paternal great-grandfather (iz $ vk;Zd)
iÕ;sluk % Search (i;s"Z k.kk)
is % See isÕ;kya
isPp % Having departed, after-death, in the next world or existence,
hereafter (izsR;)
is[kk $ isD[kk % Wish, desire, expectation (izs{kk)
is[kh (adj) % Desiring, looking for, awaiting (izsf{ku~)
is[kq.ka % A wing
isD[kk % See is[kk
isD[kfr % To look at, to hold, observe, watch with expectation, to look out
for; expect (iz{s k~)
isGk % A basket (isMk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 290


isydks % A hare
isyoks (adj) % Delicate,tender (isyo)
isea % Love; affection: kindness: joy, pleasure (izseu~)
iseuh;ks (adj) % Affectionate
isldkjks % A weaver (is'kl~ $ dkj)
islyks (adj) % Beautiful, delightful, amiable; skilful(is'ky)
islua % Sending, dispatching; message, dispatch (iz"s k.k~)
islsfr % To send (izs"k;fr)
islh % A piece of flesh or meat (is'kh)
isfldk % Rind or shell (isf'kdk)
isLla % Servitude (izS";)
isfLldks % A servant (izS"; $ bd)
isLlks % A messenger, servant, slave, hireling, menial (izs";)
islq××ka $ islq.ksÕ;a % Back-biting, slander, evil speaking (iS'kqU; $ fi'kqu $ ,;)
isVdks % A basket (isVd)
isrks % Dead, departed (izsr)
isÙksÕ;rk % Paternity
isÙksÕ;ks (adj) % Paternal (fir` $ ,;)
isfÙkdks % Paternal, ancestral (iSr`d $ iS=;)
$ isfÙk;ks (adj)
isfÙkfol;ks % The Preta realm or world
isÕ;kya % This word answers to our Etcetera, or to the dotted line used,
when words are intentionally omitted. It’s etymology is exceed-
ingly doubtful
isÕ;koTta % Kindwordedness, kindness of language
isÕ;ks % See fiofr
isÕ;h (adj) % Beloved, dear (izs;l~)
iQXxoks % A sort of pot herb
iQXxq.kks % The month of Phalguna (iQkYxq.k)
iQyda $ dks % A board, slab; a shield (iQyd)
iQya % A certain measure or weight (iy)
iQya % A fruit; grain; crop; produce: result; consequence: reward,
profit, advantage: a testicle (iQy)
iQkyua % Splitting, bursting
iQkykisfr % To cause to be split or torn
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 291


iQykiQya $ ykfu % Wild fruits, berries
iQykjkeks % Fruit garden, orchard (iQy $ vkjke)
iQyfr % To split asunder, break open, burst; to bear fruit (iQy~)
iQyok (adj) % Bearing fruit (iQyor~)
iQkysfr % To split, cut, severe, break open (iQky;fr)
iQyh % Bearing fruit (iQfyu~)
iQfydks $ dk % Crystal, quartz (LiQfVd)
iQfyuks (adj) % Bearing fruit (iQfyu)
iQfyrks (adj) % Bearing fruit or crop: fruitful; broken; grey grey-haird (iQfyu
$ iQfyr)
iQYyfr % To bear fruit
iQkyks % A ploughshare (iQky~)
iQyq % A knot or joint in a reed (i#)
iQUnuks (adj) % Palpitating, trembling, agitated, unsteady (LiUnu~)
iQUnfr % To throb, palpitate, tremble, struggle (LiUn) % A snake (iQf.ku~)
iQf.kTtdks % The plant Samirana (iQf.kT>d)
iQf.kUnks % A hooded snake, cobra (iQ.khUnz)
iQkf.kra % The inspissated juice of the sugar-cane, raw sugar, molasses
iQ.kks % The hood of a cobra or snake
iQj.ka % Pervading (LiQj.k] LiQqj.k)
iQjlq % A hatchet, axe (ij'kq)
iQjfr % To flash, shine forth; to thrill or dart through, to pervade; to
diffuse, send-forth, emit
iQk#lda % Name of one of Indras groves (ik#"kd comp ik#";)
iQ#lks (adj) % Harsh, unkind, fierce, savage; rough, rugged; severe, cruel
iQLlua % Contact (Li'kZu)
iQLlsfr % See iQqlfr
iQfLlrks % A derivative of Li`'k~
iQLlks % Touch, contact (Li'kZ)
iQklq (adj) % Enviable, agreeable, pleasant, easy, comfortable (iQklq)
iQklqdk % A rib (ik'kZqdk or i'kqd
Z k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 292


iQklqdks (adj) % Pleasurable, agreeable, comfortable
iQklqfydk % A rib
iQkfr % Increase, growth (LiQkfr)
iQsXxq % Empty, vain, poor (iQYxq)
iQsuhyks % The soap plant, sapindue Detergencs (iQsfuy)
iQs.kks % Foam, froth (iQsu)
iQhrks % Prosperous (LiQhr)
iQksVks % A swelling, boil, tumour (LiQksV)
iQksê ðCca % See iQqlfr
iQqfyÄõa % A spark (LiQqfyÄõ)
iQqfŠrks % Blossoming
iQqŠks % Expanded, blown; split, broken(iQqŠ)
iQqluk % Touching, attaining (Li`'k $ vu)
iQqlfr % To touch; to reach (Li`'k~)
iQqflrks % i`"kr
iQqfLlrks (adj) % Flowered, blossoming
iQqLlks % Name of a Nakkhatta; name of a month; name of a Buddha
iQqVua % Tearing, bursting (LiQqVu)
iQqVks (adj) % Thrilled, pervaded
iQqê òks % See iQqlfr
fi % See vfi
ficfr % See fiofr
fifPpyk % The silk cotton-tree, Bombax Heptophyllum (fifPNyk)
fipq % Cotton (fipq)
fipqyks % The tanarisk tree (fipqy)
fingua $ fi/ua % Covering, closing, fencing; sheath; a lid; cover (fi/ku)
fingfr % To cover; to shut, close; to guard (fi/k)
fi/kua % See fingua
figk % Desire, envy (Li`gk)
figda % The spleen (fIygu~ $ d)
figsfr % To desire, to envy (Li`g)
fifgrks % See fingfr
fidks % The Indian Cuckoo (fid)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 293


ihGk % Pain, suffering: wrong, injury(ihMk)
fiGdk % A boil, pimple, pustule (fiMdk)
fiyD[kks % The wave-leaved fig tree– ficus Infeetoria (Iy{k)
ihGua % Pressing or weighing on: oppresson (ihMu)
fiyU/ua % Wearing or putting on an ornament; ornament parure
fiyU/fr % To put on or wear, to deck oneself (fiug~)
fiyoks % A kind of duck (Iyo)
ihGsfr % To press, crush, weigh upon; to vex, to opress, ravage, harass,
hurt (ihM)
fiŠdks % A child or the young one of an animal
fiyksfrdk % A cloth, bandage (Iyksr $ bdk)
ihyq % The tree careya arborea (ihyq)
fiyqorh % To float (Iyq)
fiElkisfr % To cause to be ground, or bruised or crushed
ih.kua % Satisfaction
fiuklks % Cold in the head, catarrha (ihul)
fi.Mpkfjdks (adj) % Going about in search of alms (fi.M $ pkfju~ $ d)
fi.Mdks % Incense, myrrh (fi.Md)
fi.Mua % Rolling together, forming into a lump (fi.Mu)
fi.Mikfrdks % One who keeps the Pindapatikanga (fi.Mikfrd)
fi.Mikrks % Food received in the alms bowl of a Buddhist monk (fi.Mikr)
fi.Msfr % To roll into lump; to assemble (fi.M)
fi¯.M % A lump, mass (fif.M)
fif.Mdk % The nave of a wheel (fif.Mdk)
fif.M;kyksiks % Morsels of food, broken, meat (fif.M $ vkyksi)
fi.Mks % A lump, ball, mass; uniting, putting to gether; a lump of food,
morsel; food given in alms: sustenance, livelihood the body
ih.ksfr % (izh.k;fr)
To gratify, cheer, regale, please
fiÄõyks (adj) % Reddish yelow, brown, tawny (fiÄõy)
fiÄõks (adj) % Brown, tawny (fiÄõ)
fi×ta % A feather of a peacock’s tail, a peacock’s tail or train, a wing
fi×tjks (adj) % Yellow, tawny (fi×tj)
ihuks % Fat, bulky (ihu)
fiiklk % Thirst (fiiklk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 294


fiikflrks % Thirsty (fiikflra)
fiIiQya % Scissors, shears
fiIiQyh % The wave-leaved fig tree, long pepper (fiIiyh)
fiIiQyks % The sacred fig tree, ficus Religiosa (fiIiy)
filkpks % A class of demons, a globia, sprite (fi'kkp)
filÄõks % Brown, tawny (fi'kÄõ)
fiflra % Flesh (fif'kr)
fiLlk % fi] vLlk (from v;a)
filquks (adj) % (fi'kqu)
Back-biting, calumnious, malicious
firk % Father; a name of a Hindoo Brahma (fir`)
fiVdÙk;a % The three baskets or treasures, a name of Buddhist Scriptures
(fiVd $ =k;)
fiVdks % See frfiVda
firdks (adj) % Yellow (ihrd)
firkegks % A grandfather; a name of a Hindoo Brahma (firkeg)
ihrudks % The heg-plum, Spondias Mangifera (ihrud)
ihruks % Yellow orpiment (ihru)
firjk] firjks % See firk
ihrlkyks % The tree terminalia Tomentosa (ihr'kkyk)
ihBda % A chair, stool (ihBd)
ihBa % A chair, stool, bench; the counter of a shop (ihB)
fiBjks % A pot or pan (fiBj)
fiBllIih % A cripple (ihBl£iu)
ihfBdk % A bench, stool; a platform, frame-work (ihfBdk)
fiBh;fr % Is covered, is hindercd
fifr % See fiVk
ihfr % Drinking (ihfr)
ihfr % Joy, delight (izhfr)
ihfr (adj) % Drinking (ihfru~)
fifrrks (adv) % In the father’s side (fir`rl~)
ihrks (adj) % Yellow (ihr)
ihrks % Drunk, swallowed (ihr)
ihrks % Delighted (izhr)
fiÙka % Bile, the bilious humour (fiÙk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 295


fiêòdks % A cake made of flour, a meal (fi"Vd)
fiêòa % See fiêòks
fiêòa $ fiêòh % The back; the hinder part; the surface, top (i`"B)
fifêòdk % Grits, porridge (fif"Vdk)
fifêòdks (adv) % From the back, from behind, behind
ihêòks % Ground, crushed (fi"V)
fifÙkdks % Bilious (iSfÙkd)
firq $ firqUua % See firk
firqPNk % Father’s sister, aunt (fir`"kl`)
ihRok % See fiofr
ihojks (adj) % Fat, bulky (ihoj)
fioklfr % To be thirsty (fiiklfr)
fiofr $ ficfr % To drink, imbibe, swallow, drink-in, enjoy, feast upon (ik)
fi;nLlh % Name of one of the twenty four Buddhas (fiz;n£'ku~)
fi;dks % A kind of spotted dear; Nanclea cadamba; termivalia Tomantosa
fi;kyks % The Piyal tree, Buchanania Latifolia (fiz;ky)
fi;aonks (adj) % Speaking kindly, affable (fiz;okfnu~)
fi;k;fr % To be fond of, to be devoted to, honour
fi;ks % An oar
fi;ks (adj) % Dear, beloved; agreeable, pleasant; kind, loving (fiz;)
ih;wla % Ambrosia (ih;w"k)
IyoÄõeks $ IyoÄõ % A monkey (IyoÄõe $ IyoÄõ)
Iyofr % To float; to soar; to spring; to vibrate, hover (Iyq)
Iyo % A raft, float (Iyo)
iks % Guarding, ruling (i)
iksD[kja % A lotus, Nelumbium Speciosum; the tip of an elephant’s trunk:
water: the body: the head of a drum (iq"dj)
iksD[kjf.k % A lotus-pond, tank; reservoir (iq"
iksD[kjlkrdks % Name of a bird (iq"dj $ lkn $ d)
iksD[kjrk % Beauty (iq"dj $ rk)
iksD[kjks % The body of a lute (iq"dj)
iks…kuqiks…a (adv) % Shot after shot
iks.kks % Sloping (izo.k)
iksuksHkfodks (adj) % Connected with re-birth in another existence (ikSuHkZfod)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 296


iksjk.kks $ % Ancient, primeval, former (ikSjk.k $ d)
iksj.kdks (adj)
iksfjla % Manliness, the height of a man with his arms extended over his
head (ikSj"k)
iksfjlks $ ikslks % A human being, a man, a person (ikS#"k)
iksjks (adj) % Belonging to a town: urbane: polite (ikSj)
iksjksfgPpa % The office of a Purohita (ikSjksfgR;)
iksjksfgrks % A Purohita or priest (ikSjksfgr)
iksldks (adj) % Nourishing (iks"kd)
ikslua % Nourishing (iks"k.k)
ikslfr % To feed, nourish, support, cherish, bring up (iq"k~)
ikslkoua % Supporting, cherishing
ikslks % See iksfjlks
iksVxyks % The grass Sacctirum Spontaneum (iksVxy)
iksrdks % The young of any animal (iksrd)
iksFkua % Beating
iksFksfr % To strike, beat (iksFk;fr)
iksFksfr % To speak many languages
iksBfs r % To crack: snap; to knock, to throw (LiQksV;fr)
iksfByks % A proper name
iksFkqTtfudks $ % Belonging to an unconverted person
iqFkqTtfudks (adj)
iksfrdk % See iksrdks
iksrks % The young of an animal: a boat, ship (iksr)
iksRFkdkjks % A modeller in clay (iqLr $ dkj)
iksRFkdks $ da % A manuscript, a book; working in clay, modelling etc. (iqLrd)
iksR;kfydk % A doll or puppet
iksRFka % Plastering, working in clay, modelling (iqLr)
iksê òiknks % Name of a month (izks"Vikn)
iqCckpfj;ks % Ancient teacher, scholar of previous times (iwoZ $ vkpk;Z)
iqCc¼ks % Upper-part (iwokZ/Z)
iqCctks % Older, elder (iwotZ )
iqCcdks % Former, accompanied by (iwoZd)
iqCcÄõeks (adj) % Going before, preceding, prior: leading, chief (iwoZÄõe)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 297


iqCc.gks % Forenoon, morning (iwokZ.g)
iqCc..ka % A name given to the seven Dhannas, rice etc. (iwoZ $ vUu)
iqCcUrks % Beginning, the east (iwokZUr)
iqCckijks (adj) % First and last, preceding and following, successive mutual
iqCcoqÙkdks (adj) % Before mentioned (iwoZ $ mÙkQ $ d)
iqCoks % Pus, matter (iw;)
iqCcks % First, foremost, eastern; earlier, former, preceding; ancient,
customary: at the end of a compound means preceded by,
attended by, accompanied by (iwoZ)
iqCcqÙkjks (adj) % North-eastern (iwokZÙs kj)
iqCcqV òk;h (adj) % An epithet of a faithful servant - one who rises earlier than his
master; getting up from his seat when he sees his master
approach (iwoZ $ mRFkkf;u~)
iqPNk % Questioning, a question (i`PNk)
iqPNdks (adj) % Asking (i`PNd~)
iqPNua % Asking, inquiring (i`PNu~)
iqPNfr % To ask, to question, to ask about or for (izPN~)
iqPNks $ iqPNa % A tail (iqPN)
iqfpeUnks % The Nimba-tree (fipqeUn)
iqXxfydks (adj) % Connected with an individual
iqXxyks % An individual or person as opposed to a multitude or class; a
creature, being, man (iqn~xy)
iwxks % A multitude; the arcea nut-tree (iwx)
iwtk % Attention, care; veneration; offering (iwtk)
iwtdks (adj) % Honouring (iwtd)
iwtuk % Veneration (iwtu)
iwtsfr % To honour, revere; to honour with, to present with: to offer;
present (iwt~)
iqéïlks % A man of the Pukkusa caste (iqéïl)
iqGoks % A worm, maggot
iqfyua % Sand bank; island of alluvial formation in a river (iqfyu)
iqfŠÄõa % Male sex: masculine-gender (iqfyÄõ)
iqykseks % The asura Vepacitta (iqykse)
iqek % A male, a man (iqal~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 298


iqu] iquks % Before a vowel Punar and Punad (adv)–again, anew, afresh;
back: after that, next, further, moreover (iquj~)
iquCclq % Name of a Nakkhatta (iquoZlw) –also name of one of Gautama
Buddha’s earliest converts
iqUuHkoks % Renewed existence, re-birth, transmigration (iquHkZo)
iqUuuok % Hogweed, medicinal plant (iquuZo)
iquIiqua $ u (adv) % Again and again, repeatedly (iquj~ $ iquj~)
iqu#Ùkks $ % Repeated (iqu#ÙkQ)
#Ùkdks (adj)
iqukfr % To purify (iw)
iq×Nua % Wiping, cleaning; a towel (izk×s Nu~)
iq×Nfr % To wipe (izk×s N~)
iq.Mfjda % A white lotus flower; one of the Buddhist high numerals, one
followed by 112 ciphers (iq.Mfjd)
iq.Mfjfduh % A pond of white lotuses (iq.Mfjd $ bu~)
iq.Mfjdks % A fragrant kind of mango; a tiger (iq.Mfjd)
iqÄõoks % A bull; at the end of a compound, best, chief (iqÄõo)
iq×tks % Heap, mass, multitude (iq×t)
iq…ks % The feathered part of an arrow (iq…)
iÄïksfdyks % See (iqek)
iqUukxks % The tree Rottleria Tinetoria (iqUukx)
iqUuek % The day or night of a full moon (iw.kZek)
iqUuialqdks % See iqek
iq××krk % Meritoriousness, merit, good works (iq.;rk)
iq××kok (adj) % Meritorious, righteous; fortunate (iq.;or~)
iq..kks % Full, fulfilled, complete, entire (iw.kZ)
iq××kks (adj) % Good, virtuous: just, rightcous, meritorious, pure, holy (iq.;)
iquks % See iquk
iwfi;ks % A cake-seller, confectioner (iwi $ ;)
iwiks % A cake, sweet-meat (iwi)
iqIiQa % A flower; the menses (iq"i)
iqIiQua % Flowering
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 299


iqIiQfr % To blossom (iq"i~)
iqIiQofr % A menstruous woman (iq"iorh)
iqIiQh (adj) % Bearing flowers (iqf"iu~)
iqjk (adv) % Formerly, previously, in a former existence (iqjk)
iqjD[kjksfr % To put in front, to make a person one’s leader, to follow, revere,
honour (iqjLÑ)
iwjdks (adj) % Filling, completing (iwjd)
iwjGklks % A sort of offering made by Brahmins (iqjksMkl)
iwja % A town, city, fortress; a house (iqj)
iwj.ka % Filling (iwj.k)
iwjkisfr % To cause to be filled
iqjLljks (adj) % Going in advance (iqj%lj)
iqjkruks (adj) % Ancient, pristine (iqjkru)
iwjfr % To be filled, to get full; to be fulfilled (iw;Zrs ¾ i`)
iqjrks (adv) % Before, in front, in the presence of (iqjrl~)
iqjRFkk (adv) % In front; first and foremost: on the east: formerly (iqjLrkr~)
iqjRFkrks (adv) % Eastward
iqjfRFkeks (adj) % Eastern (iqjLrkr~ $ be)
iqjfV òrks (adj) % Standing before (iqjl~ $ fLFkr)
iqjs % Loc from Puram
iqjs (adv) % Formerly, previously, first, originally: in front, before (iwjl~)
iqjsHkÙka % Before the morning meal (iwjl~ $ HkÙkQ)
iqjspkfj (adj) % Preceding, leading (iqjl~ $ pkfju~)
iqjspkfjdks (adj) % Leading
iqjspjks (adj) % Leading (ijl $ pj)
iqjs}kja % Front-door (iqjl~ $ }kj)
iqjxs keh (adj) % Preceding, leading (iqjksxkfeu~)
iqjsD[kkjks % Precedence, preference, deference (iqjLdkj)
iqjsrja (adv) % Forward, further, infront; before, sooner (iqjLrj)
iwjsfr % To fill, to complete, to fulfill, to attain (iwj;fr)
iqjh % A town (iqjh)
iqfjedks (adj) % Previous
iqfjeks (adj) % Former, preceding, foremost, first, eastern (iqjl $ be)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 300


iqfjUnnks % A name of Sakka or Indra
iqfjlkt××kks % This word means A man of noble birth, a superior, distinguished
iqfjlÙka % Manhood, virility (iq#"k $ Ro)
iqfjlks % A man: a person; individual, an attendant (iq#"k)
iqfjrks % See iqjsfr
iwjks (adj) % Full (iwj)
iwjksfgPpa % See iksjksfgPpa
iwjksfgrks % A Brahmin who is a king’s domestic chaplain (iqjksfgr)
iq#Ùkea % A noble or splendid city (iqj $ mÙke)
iqVHksnua % A town (iqVHksnu)
iqVda % A small basket made of a rolled leaf (iqVd)
iqFkx % See iqFkq
iqFkéïkrCcks (adj) % That ought to be separated (i`Fkd~ $ drZO;)
iqFkoh % See iBoh
iqFkq % And before a vowel sometimes Puthag– (adv) separately, with-
out, except (i`Fkd~)
iqFkq (adj) % Broad, extensive, great, big: abundant, numerous (i`Fkq)
iqFkqHkwrks (adj) % Separated (i`Fkd $ Hkwr)
iqFkqHkwrks (adj) % Become great: become numerous
(i`Fkq $ Hkwr)
iqFkqxÙkrk % Discrimination (i`FkxkRerk)
iqFkqTtfudks % See iksFkqTtfudks
iqFkqTtuks % A man of lower classes, or of low character; a common or
ordinary man, one who is yet unconverted as opposed to one who
has entered the paths, a worlding, natural or unsatisfied man
iqFkéïj.ka % Separation (i`Fkéïj.k)
iqFkqdks % A child; rice in the ear (i`Fkqd)
iqFkqyks (adj) % Broad, large (i`Fkqy)
iqFkqykseks % A fish (i`Fkqjkseu)
iqFkqoklua % A large seat or chair (i`Foklu ¾ i`Fkq $ vklu)
iqFkoh % See iBoh
iqVh % A vessel, cup (iqVh)
iwfV (adj) % Stinking, foul, putrid(iwfr)
iwfVdks % Stinking, foul (iwfrd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-07 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 301


iwVks $ iwVa % A cup, vessel, basket (iqV)
iwrks % Clearified, clean, pure (iwr)
iqÙknkjks % Son and wife, wife and child (iq=knkj)
iqÙkdks % A little son: a beloved son (iq=kd)
iqÙkÙka % Sonship (iq=k $ Ro)
iqV òks % Nourished
iqfÙkdks (adj) % Connected with sons (iq=k $ bd)
iqfÙkeks (adj) % Having sons (iq=k $ bl)
iqfÙk;fr % To treat as a son (iq=kh;fr)
iqfÙk;ks (adj) % Relating to or connected with sons (iqf=k;)
iqÙkks % A son, a child (iq=k)
iwodks % A cake (iwi $ d)
iwfodks % A cake seller, confectioner (iwi $ bd)
iwoks% A cake, sweatmeat (iwi)
iw;ks % Pus (iw;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 302


jpuk % A literary production, composition (jpuk)
jpfr % To prepare, compose (jp~)
jpf;rk % Composer, author (jpf;r`)
jPNk % A street (jF;k)
jnuks % A tooth (jnu)
jkf/rks % Accomplished, performed (jk/;fr)
jnks % A tooth (jn)
jxk % Name of one of Mara’s daughter
jkxks % Dyeing, dye: colour; human passion, evil desire, greed, attach-
ment, vest (jkx)
jgnks % A deep pool, a lake (gn~)
jgfl % See jgks
jgLlks (adj) % Secret, private (jgL;)
jfgrks % Deprived of, without (jfgr)
jgks % Solitude, secrecy, privacy (jgl~)
jkgq % Name of an asura, who is supposed to cause eclipse by taking the
sun and moon into his mouth; the ascending mode of the moon
jkgqy % Name of Gautama Buddha’s son (jkgqy)
jktk % A king, a prince, a ruler, a governor (jktu~)
jktkfHkjktk % King of kings (jktkf/jkt~)
jktHkksXxks % A king’s servant or minister, courtier (jktu~ $ HkksX;)
jkt/Eeks % Duty of a king (jkt/eZ)
jkt/kuh % A capital or Royal city (jkt/kuh)
jktxga % Name of the capital of Magadha (jktx`g)
jktxfgdks (adj) % Belonging to Rajgriha
jktxsgks % A palace (jktxsg)
jkt?kja % A palace (jktu~ $ x`g)
jktgalks % A sort of goose or swan(jktgal)
jktddq/Hk.Ma % Symbol of royalty (jktu~ $ ddqn $ Hkk.M)
jtD[kks (adj) % Having defilement or passion (jtLd)
jtdks % A washerman (jtd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 303


jktdks % A king (jktd)
jktdqya % A royal family; royal palace or household: a court of justice
jktk.kk % Royal authority or punishment, inflected by the king (jktu~ $
jtua % Colouring dye (jtu)
jktÄõ.ka % The court or guadrangle in a royal palace, a palace yard
jtuh % Night (jtuh)
jtuh;ks % Lustful (jtuh;)
jkt××kks % A Kshatriya (jktU;)
jktkuqjkta (adv) % From king to king, during succession of kings (jktu~ $ vuq $
jtkiFkks % A narrow dark place (jtl~ $ iFk)
jtkisfr % To cause to be dyed
jktiqÙkks % A king’s son, a prince (jktiq=k)
jkt:D[kks % The tree, Cassia fistula
jtLlkyk % A menstruous woman (jtLoyk)
jtra % Silver (jtr)
jtfr % To colour, dye (j×t~)
jktfr % To shine (jkt~)
jktÙka % Royalty (jktu~ $ Ro)
jktk;rua % Name of a tree, apprantly an umbrageous one (jktu~ $ vk;ru~)
jkft % A streak, line, row (jkft)
jkftyks % Stupid (jkfty)
jkftuh % A queen (jkKh)
jkthfRFk % A royal lady (jktu~ $ L=kh)
jTta $ jkft;a % Sovereinty, royalty, monarchy, government; kingdom empire,
country (jkT;)
jTtÄõa % Requisites of regal administration (jkT;kÄõ)
jTtq % A rope, sting (jTtq)
jTtqdks % A sting
jtks $ jta % Dust, dirt; the poller of flowers; human passion, impurity moral
defilement, the menstrual flow (jtl~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 304


jtksgj.ka % Water (jtl~ $ gj.k)
jktksjks/ks % Royal harem; a lady of the royal harem (jktu~ $ vojks/)
jtksoTtya % Dust and dirt
jktqyks % An amphisbana, a sort of lizard without legs (jkfty)
jktwua $ jktqlq % See jktk
jktqÕ;kua % A royal garden (jktu~ $ m|ku)
jD[kk % Protection (j{kk)
jD[kdks (adj) % Protecting, guarding (j{kd)
jD[kudks % One who guards (j{k.k $ d)
jD[kua % Protection, defence (j{k.k)
jD[klks % A Rakshasa, demon, ogre (jk{kl~)
jD[kfr % To protect, guard; to ward off; to keep, preserve: to beware of,
guard against (j{k~)
jke.ksÕ;dks (adj) % Delightful (je.k $ ,; $ d);da % Delightfulness (;d);ks (adj) % Delightful, beautiful (;)
je.kks % Pleasing, charming (je.k)
jefr % To enjoy oneself, to delight in (je~)
jEHkk % A banana or plantain tree, name of an Apsara (jEHkk)
jEedks % A name of the month Citta (jE;d)
jEeks % Agreeable, beautiful (jE;)
jkeks % Joy, delight (jke)
jafl % See jfLe
jaflek (adj) % Radiant (jf'er~)
jU/a % A hole, cavity; a fault, defect (jU/z)
jU/sfr % To make subject to; to hurt; destroy (jU/;fr)
j.ksft (adj) % Victorious in battle (j.ks $ ftr~)
jÄõks % Colour, paint; theatre, play-house(jÄõ)
j×tua % Dyeing, delighting; red sandal-wood (j×tu)
j×tsfr % To dye redden, to illuminate; to gratify, charm; to conciliate
jÄï % A species of deer (jÄï)
j××kk $ j××kks % See (jktk)
j.kks % Sin, turmoil; battle, war (j.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 305


jlXxlk % A nerve of sensation (jl $ xzl)
jldks % A cook (jld)
jlkyks % Sugar-cane (jlky)
jluk % The tongue (j'kuk)
jluk % A woman’s zone (j'kuk)
jlua % Taste, flavour (jlu)
jlkrya % The infernal region or lower world (jlkry)
jlorh % A kitchen (jlorh)
jkfl % A heap, quantity; a sign of the zodiac (jkf'k)
jfldks (adj) % Spirited, witty (jfld)
jflra % Thunder (jflr)
jfLe $ jafl % A rope, a rein, a bridle; ray of light (jf'e)
jlks % Sap, juice, best part or extract of a thing, essence, sweetness;
liquid, fluid: juices of the body; quicksilver; flavour, taste (jl)
jLlks (adj) % Short (gLo)
jrua % A jewel; a precious or desirable thing (jRu)
jrfudks (adj) % A ratana in length
jFkkpkfj % A charioteer (jFk $ vkpkfju~)
jFkkuhda % A array of chariots (jFkkuhd)
j/js.kq % A very minute measure of weight, a mite (=kljs.kq)
jFkkjksgks % One who fights from a chariot (jFkkjksg)
jFkslHkks % A king
jfFkdk % A carriage road or street (jfFkd)
jFkks % A car, two-wheeled carriage, chariot (jFk)
jfr % Pleasure, love, attachment; sexual intercourse (jfr)
jfrek % Having pleasure in (jfrer~)
jrks % See jefr
jÙkD[kh $ % With blood shot eyes, grim, fearful (jÙkQkf{ku] jÙkQk{k)
jÙkD[kks (adj)
jÙk % Night (jk=k)
jÙk××kq (adj) % Experienced (jk=k $ K)
jÙkik % A leech (jÙkQi)
jV òa % Kingdom, realm, country, land, district (jk"Vª)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 306


jfÙk % Night (jkf=k)
jfV òdks $ jfV ò;ks% An inhabitant (jkf"Vªd] jkf"Vª;)
j¯Ùkfnoks % A day and a night (jk¯=kfnu)
jÙkks (adv) % By night (jk=kh)
jÙkks % Coloured, dyed: red, agitated or inflamed by passion; fond of,
attached to (jÙkQ)
jok % Noise (from #)
jofr % To cry, make a noise (#)
jfo % The sun (jfo)
joks $ jkoks % Noise, cry, shout (jo] jko)
js (Interj) % Heigh! hallow! (js)
js[kk % A line, streak (js[kk)
js.kq % Dust, pollen (js.kq)
jsorh % Name of a Nakkhatta (jsorh)
fjiq % An enemy (fjiq)
fjjh % Brass (fjfj)
fjrs (adv) % Except, without (Írs)
fjÙkdks (adj) % Empty (fjÙkQd)
jkspuks % Shining (jkspu)
jkspfr % To appear good, please (#p~)
jksnua % Weeping (jksnu)
jksnfr $ #nfr % To weep, wail (#n~)
jks/aea % A bank or dam (jks/l~)
jks/ua % Obstructing (jks/u~)
jks/ks % Stopping, obstruction (jks/)
jksxh (adj) % Sick, ill (jksfxu~)
jksxks % Disease (jksx)
jksfg % The tree Andersonia Rohitaka (jksfg) % A red cow, name of a Nakkhatta (
jksfgrks % A kind of deer (jksfg"k)
jksfgrdks % The tree Andersonia Rohitaka (jksfgrd)
jksfgrks (adj) % Red (jksfgr)
jksea % The hair on the body of men and animals (jkseu~)
jkse×pks % Horripilation (jksek×p)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 307


jks..ka % See (#..ka)
jksiua % Planting (jksi.k)
jksisfr % To set up; to put in the ground, plant, sow (jksi;fr)
jks:oks % Name of a Naraka (jkSjo)
jksldks (adj) % Wrathful (jks"kd)
jkslusÕ;ks (adj) % Capable of being enraged; irritable
jksluks (adj) % Angry (jks"k.k)
jkslsfr % To annoy (jksl;fr)
jkslks % Anger (jks"k)
#Ppudks (adj) % Pleasing, satisfying
#Ppua % Choice, pleasure
#Ppfr % See jkspfr
#fp % Light, splendour, ray; desire; inclination, pleasure, preference
#fpek (adj) % Brilliant (#fp $ r`)
#fpjks (adj) % Brilliant, beautiful, agreeable (#fpj)
#nfr % See jksnfr
:¼ks % Obstructed (#nz)
#¼ks % Furious (#nz)
:f/ja % Blood (:f/j)
:gfr % To grow up, flourish (#g)
:gks (adj) % Growing (#g)
#tk % Disease, pain (#tk)
#tfr % To cause: pain (#t~)
:D[kdks % A small tree (o`{kd)
:D[kewfGdks (adj) % One who lives at the foot of a tree
#D[kok (adj) % Having trees; wooded (o`{k $ or~)
#D[kks % A tree (o`{k)
#D[kks % Rough, cruel (#{k~)
#U/fr $ #U/hfr % To restrain, shut up (#/~)
:..ka % Weeping, lamentation
:ida % A figure, image, representation (#id)
:ia % Form, figure, shape; image, representation; the body; in gram-
mar a verbal or nominal form; beauty; natural state, character-
istic (:i)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 308


#iok (adj) % Having form, beautiful (#ior~)
:fi % Silver
:ih % Having beauty and form (:fiu~)
#fidk % An image, statute
:fi;a % Silver, bullion (#I;)
:Iiua % Being formed
#iqithfouh % A harlot (#iksithfouh)
## % A sort of deer (##)
#ra % Cry, noise (#r)
#V òks % Enraged (#"V)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 309


l % Own
l % See (lks)
l % A prefix much used in the first part of compound adjectives and
adverbs and generally conveying the idea of possession or
similarity (l)
lk % A dog ( Üou~)
loy (adj) % Variegated, mottled ('koy)
lCcHkqEeks % A universal monarch (loZ $ Hkwfe $ v)
lCcnk % Always (loZnk)
lCcf/ (adv) % Everywhere, on everyside, in every respect
lCcdks (adj) % All, every (loZd)
lCcÄõiPpfÄõ (adj) % Provided with greater or less requisites of or members, com-
plete in all parts
lCc×tgks (adj) % Leaving everything
lCc××kw (adj) % Omniscient (loZK)
lCc××kqrk $ ××kwrk % Omniscience (loZKrk)
lCclks (adv) % Wholly, altogether, from beginning to end, throughout (loZ'kl~)
lCcFkk % In everyway, throughly (loZFkk)
lCcFkÙkk (adv) % In every way (loZFkk $ Ro)
lCcrks (adv) % From every side (loZrl~)
lCcÙkrk % Identification of all beings with oneself i.e. universal goodwill
(loZ $ vkReu~ $ rk)
lCcRFkk $ lCc=k % Everywhere (loZ=k)
lCcRFkda (adv) % Everywhere
lCckok (adj) % Entire
lfCHk % See lUrks
lCHkwrks (adj) % Real, true (ln~Hkwr)
lCcks (adj) % All, every; whole, entire (loZ)
lHkk % An assembly; a hall, court, mansion; a court of justice (lHkk)
lHkkxks (adj) % Common, shared by all, identical (l $ Hkkx)
lHkkxks % Own share (Lo $ Hkkx)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 310


lHkktua % Courtesy (lHkktu)
lHkÙkks (adj) % Accepting an invitation to a meal
lHkkoks % Natural state, nature (LoHkko)
lHkk;a % A hall of assembly
lfHkD[kqdks (adj) % Containing monks (l $ fHk{kq $ d)
lHkksxks % Wealthy (l $ Hkksx)
lH;ks (adj) % Polite, well-bred, refined (lH;)
lczãpkjh % One who practices religious duties in association with others,
fellow student, fellow priest (lczãpkfju~)
lczãdks (adj) % Including the Brahma world (l $ czEgu~ $ d)
lPpdkjks % Retification; pledge, earnest (lR;dkj)
lPpfdfj;k % Truth, act, asseveration (lR; $ fØ;k)
lPpkiua % Ratification of a bargain (lR;kiu)
lPNUnks (adj) % Self-willed (LoNUn)
lfPNdjksfr % To bring before one’s eyes, to see face to face, realize, experience,
lPpks (adj) % True (lR;)
lps (Indee) % If (l $ psrq)
lpsruks (adj) % Conscious, animate, rational (lpsru)
lfpÙka % One’s own mind or heart or thoughts (Lo $ fpÙk)
lfpoks % A minister, statesman (lfpo)
lnk (adj) % Always (lnk)
lnkpkjks % Good-manners, right or virtuous conduct (lnkpkj)
lnua % A house (lnu)
lknkuks (adj) % Having attachment to the world, worldly, unconverted (l $
lnkjks % One’s own wife (Lonkj)
lknjks (adj) % Reverential; affectionate; enthusiastic (lknjks)
lnkruks (adj) % Perpetual (lnkru)
lnRFkks % One’s own advantage or good (Lo $ vFkZ)
lígfr % To believe have faith (Jr~ $ /k)
líyks (adj) % Grassy ('kk}y)
líua % Making a noise ('kCnu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 311


l¼k % Faith (J¼k)
l¼kyw (adj) % Believing (J¼kyq)
l¼a % Alms offered to Petas (Jk¼)
l¼a % Indeclinable with the sense of Anukulya
l¼Eeks % Good doctrine, true religion, the true faith, the religion of
Buddha; good condition (lr~ $ /eZ)
l¼kf;dks (adj) % Trustworthy (J¼k $ bd)
l¯¼ (adv) % With (lk/Ze~)
lf¼fogkjh $ % A fellow or brother priest, one who lives at the same
fogkjhdks monastery with another (lk/Ze $ fogkfju $ fogkfjd)
l¼ks (adj) % Faithful, believing (J¼k)
lk¼ks] lkèna;ks % Practicable (lkè;)
$ lkf/;ks
líks % Word, sound, noise, voice ('kCn)
líwyks % A leopard ('kknwZy)
lknsfr % See flnfr
lnsodks (adj) % Together with the Devas or devaworld (l $ nso $ d)
lnsfodks (adj) % Accompanied by his queen (lnsfod)
lk/dks (adj) % Accomplishing (lk/d)
l/Eeh (adj) % Practicing similar duties (l/£eu~)
lk/ua % Accomplishment, effecting; materials (lk/u)
l/uks (adj) % Rich (l/u)
lk/kj.kks (adj) % Common, joint, general (lk/kj.k)
lk/sfr % To accomplish, to effect, to prepare (lk/;fr)
lkf/Õ;ks % Better lkf/;l $ lkaf/d
lkf/êòks % Best
lk/q % Good; excellent, right, proper; reputable, well-born (lk/q)
lk/qda (adv) % Well, thoroughly (lk/q $ d)
lk/qdkjks % Approval, congratulations (lk/q $ dkj)
lk/qrjks (adj) % Better (lk/q $ rj)
lkfnD[kks % Similar (ln`'k)
$ lkfjD[kks (adj) %
lfnlrk % Similarly (ln`'krk $ ln`'kRo)
$ lfnlÙka
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 312


lfnlks % (ln`'k~)
Similar, like
lkfnLla % Resemblance (lkn`';~)
lkfn;fr % To be willing, like, acquiesce, accept, persuit
lknks % Taste (Lokn~)
lknq (adj) % Sweet, agreeable (Loknq)
lnqea % A house (lÁu~)
lxCHkks % A uterine brother (lxHkZ)
lkxyk $ lkxya % Name of the capital of king Milinda ('kkdy)
lxU/dks (adj) % Fragrant (lxU/ $ d)
lx.kks (adj) % Having a retinue; attended by an army (lx.k)
lxkjoks (adj) % Respectful(l $ xkSjo)
lkxjks % An ocean (lkxj)
lxkFkdks (adj) % Containing gathas (l $ xkFkk $ d)
lXxks % Abandonment; natural state, nature; making, creating, chap-
ter, section (lxZ)
lXxks % Heaven, paradise (LoxZ)
lXxq.kks % Good quality (ln~x.q k)
lxksÙkks % A kinsman (lxks=k)
lg (adv) % With, together with (lg)
lgHkkoks % Endurance (lgHkko)
lkgpfj;a % Association (lkgp;Z)
lg/fEedks (adj) % Practising the same religious duties(lg/£eu~ $ d)
lg/suqdks % Accompanied by a cow (lg $ /suq $ d)
lgxkeh % Accompanying (lgxkfeu~)
lgtkfr % Name of a town in India (lgtkr)
lgtkrks (adj) % Born at the same time (lgtkr)
lgthoh (adj) % Living with (lg $ thfou~)
lgtks % Uterine brother (lgt)
lgdkjks % A sort of fragrant mango tree (lgdkj)
lga % Power (lg~] lgl~)
lkga % See lks
lgEifr % An epithet of Mahabrahma
lgua % Endurance (lgu)
lglk % Hastily, arbitrarily (lglk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 313


lkgla % Voilence; punishment, fine (lkgl)
lkgfldks (adj) % Voilent, cruel ferocious (lkgfld)
lgLl/k (adv) % In a thousand ways (lgÏ/k)
lgLla % A thousand (lgÏ)
lkgfLldks (adj) % Belonging to a thousand, casting a thousand (lgÏ $ bd)
lgfr % To bear, endure, resist, overcome (lg~)
lgRFkks % One’s own hand (LogLr)
lgO;rk % Companionship
lgk;dks % A companion, ally, friend (lgk;d)
lgk;rk $ lgk;Ùka % Companionship (lgk; $ Ro)
lgk;ks % A companion, ally, friend (lgk;)
lgsrqdks (adj) % Having a cause (lgsrqd)
lfgfjdks (adj) % Modest (l $ ghdk)
lfgrks (adj) % Endowed with, accompanied by; united (lfgr)
lgks (adj) % Enduring (lg)
lgksndks (adj) % Containing water (lg $ mnd)
lkgq (adj) % Good
ltyks (adj) % Water (lty)
ltuks % Kinsman (ltu)
ltfr % To cling (l×t~)
ltkfr % Of the same class or species
$ ltkfrdks
$ ltfr;ks (adj)
lkthoa % Rule of life, precept governing the monastic life of the Buddhist
priests (l $ vktho)
lthoks (adj) % Alive; living with (ltho)
lTtua % Decking, equipping (lTtu)
lTtuks % Well-born, respectable, good, virtuous (lTtu)
lTtfr % See ltfr
lTtsfr % To prepare, equip, deck ( cav lTt~)
lT>a $ lT>q % Silver
lT>k;fr % To repeat, release, read aloud (Lokè;k;)
lT>k;ks % Repitition, rehearsal (Lokè;k;)
lT>q % See lT>ga
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 314


lTtks (adj) % Diligent
lTtks % The sal tree, shorea Robusta (ltZ)
lTtks (adj) % Prepared, ready, equipped, decorated (lTt~)
lTtq] lTtqda (adv) % Instantly, immediately, quickly, suddenly
lTtqylks % Resin (ltZjl~)
ldcyks (adj) % Containing a mouthful, full (l $ doy)
lkdPNk % Conversation
ldnkxkeh (adj) % Returning once (lÑnkxkfeu~)
ldyks % All (ldy)
ldyks $ ldya % A potsherd; a portion ('kdy)
lkdY;a % Totality (lkdY;);ks (adj) % Having duties to perform (l $;)
lkdkjks % With its characteristics (lkdkj)
lkdklks (adj) % Near (ldk'k)
ldVa % A cart, waggon; a measure of capacity, a cart load ('kdV)
lkdVkuks % A proper name ('kkdVk;u)
lkdfVdks (adj) % Belonging to a cart ('kkdfVd)
ldÙkk % One’s ownself (Lod $ vkReu~)
ldLFkks % One’s own object or advantage (Lod $ vFkZ)
lkdsra % Name of the city of Ayodhya (lkdsr)
l[kk % Companion, friend (l[kk)
lk[kk % Branch ('kk[kk)
lk[kY;a % See lf[kyks
l[kh % A female friend (l[kh)
lk[kh % A tree ('kkf[ku~)
lf[kyks (adj) % Friendly (lf[k $ y)
l¯d (adv) % Atonee; simultaneously (lÑr)
lfd×puks (adj) % Having something, wealthy (l $ ¯dpu)
lfd;ks (adj) % Own (Lodh;)
lkfd;ks] lD;ks] $ % Name of the princely family to which Gautama Buddha
lDdks belonged ('kkD;)
léïk % See léïks
léïPpa (adv) % Respectfully, attentively, carefully, zealously, thoroughly
léïkjks % Hospitable reception, hospitality, honour, festival (lRdkj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 315


léïjksfr % (lRÑ)
To receive hospitality, to honour, revere
léïr××kq (adj) % Acquainted with the Sanskrit language (laLÑr $ K)
léïfr % To go
léïfr % See léïksfr
léïrks % Entertained, honoured (lRÑr)
léïrks $ léïVks % Sanskrit (laLÑr)
léïra % Shakraship ('kØ $ Ro)
léïk;ks % Own body or person (Lo $ dk;)
lD[kjk % A potherd; gravel; clayed or brown sugar, juggery, sugar ('kdZjk)
lkD[kjIiHksnks (adj) % To-gether with the distinction of letters (l $ v{kj $ izHksn)
lfD[k] % See léïksfr
lD[kh % A witness (lkf{ku~)
léïks % Shakra or Indra ('kØ)
léïks % Able; possible
léïksfr $ léïfr % To be able or competent
$ léï.˜ kkfr
ldks (adj) % Own (Lod)
lkdks $ lkda % A pot herb ('kkd)
ldqCca % See lk
ldq.kX/h % A kind of hawk ('kdqu $ ?k) $ % A bird ('kdqfu $ 'kdqfu $ d)
lkdq.khdks % A fowler ('kkdqfud)
ldq.kks % A bird ('kdqu)
ldqUr % ('kdqUr)
A bird, the Indian vulture
lkD;iqfÙkdks % Belonging to the Shakya prince ('kkD; $ iq=k $ bd)
$ iqfr;ks
lkD;ks % See lkfd;ks
lkyk % A house, hail, room('kkyk)
lyHk % A grasshopper or moth ('kyHk)
lykHkks % One’s own advantage, self gain (Lo $ ykHk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 316


lykdk % A peg, slip, bit of wood; a blade or sprout ('kykdk)
lkykfd;a % A branch of surgery ('kkykD;)
lyD[k.ka % See lke××kks
lya % A porcupine quill ('ky) % The shrub Hedysarum gangeticnm ('kkyi.kZ)
lykVq (adj) % Unripe ('kykVq)
lGk;rua % The six organs of sense ("kMk;ru)
lkysÕ;ks (adj) % Fit for rice ('kkys;)
lkfy % Rice, especially, hill Paddy ('kkfy)
lkfydk % The Mayna bird, Gracula Religiosa ('kkfjdk)
lfyya % Water (lfyy)
lŠgqdks (adj) % Light (la $ y/q $ d)
lŠdfÙk;a $ da % The art of the surgeon or physician
lŠdÙkks % A surgeon or physician ('kY; $ dr`Z)
lŠdh % The tree Boswellia Thurifera ('kŠdh)
lŠD[ka % Distinguishing, testing (lay{k.k)
lŠ[ksfr % To observe, perceive, distinguish, consider, intend (lay{k~)
lŠdks % A porcupine ('kY;d)
lŠa % A javelin; an arrow; a stake, a splinter ('kY;)
lŠifr % To talk with(layi~)
lŠkiks % Conversation (layki~)
lŠosTtks % A surgeon or physician ('kY; $ oS|)
lŠsf[k;a $ lŠs[kks % Scartching out, erasing
lŠhuks % Bent together, cowering, depressed (layhu)
lŠks % A javelin, arrow, stake; a porcupine ('kY;)
lkyks % The tree shorea, Robusta; a tree in general ('kky)
lkyks % A brother-in-law (';ky)
lkyksfgrks % A blood or near kinsman, sapinda
lkywda % Root of the water-lily ('kkywd)
lkGqjks % A dog
le~ % With, together (le~)
la (Indee) % Happily ('ke~)
la % See lks
lek % A year (lek)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 317


lkek % See lkeks
lefHkfl×pfr % To sprinkle or inaugurate as a king (le~ $ vfHk $ flp~)
lefHkokîôsfr % To encourage (lefHko/Z;fr)
lefHkokgh (adj) % Leading up together (le~ $ vfHk $ okfgu~)
lekpj.ka % Good manners (lekpj.k)
lekpjfr % To follow, practice; to act, behave (lekpj~)
lepkjh (adj) % Living tranquilly ('ke $ pkfju~)
lepfj;k % Living tranquilly ('ke $ pfj;k)
lekpkjks % Conduct, manners (lekpkj)
lEePNfr % To sit down (lekl~)
lefPNUuks % Cut off (lekfPNn~)
lkePpks (adj) % Accompanied by ministers of state (lkekR;)
lekfp..kks % Practiced, performed (lekph.kZ)
lekfprks % Overspread (lekfpr)
lekfpÙkrk % Equanimity (lefpÙkrk)
lekngfr % To put to-gether (lek/k)
leknkua % Undertaking; acquiring (leknku)
leknisfr % See lekfn;fr
$ leknk;
lekf/ % Agreement, peace, reconciliation; tranquility, self-cocentration,
calm (lekf/)
lef/xPNfr % To attain (lef/xe~)
lekf/tks (adj) % Originating in self-absorption(lekf/ $ t)
lekf/dks (adj) % Connected with self-absorption (lek/h $ d)
lekf/ê gò fr % To practice resolutely (lekf/"Bk)
lekf/;fr % See lekngfr
lekfnUuÙka % Fact of having been undertaken
lekfnlfr % To indicate, to command (lekfn'k~)
lekfn;fr % To take away; to take upon oneself: solemnly undertake (leknk)
lekxPNfr % To assemble; to associate with (lekxe)
lekxPNks % Assembly; intercourse, society (lekxe)
lkeXxh % Concord (lkexzh)
leXxks (adj) % All, entire; friendly, harmonious, reconciled (lexz)
lekgjfr % To collect to-gether (lekâ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 318


lekgkjks % Collection (lekgkj)
lekfgrks % Steadfast, firm, fixed; tranquil, attentive, established in
letkfrdks (adj) % Of equal birth, of the same caste (letkfr $ d)
lekftdks % A member of an assembly (lekftd)
leTtk % An assembly (leT;k)
lektks % An assembly (lekt)
lekdîôfr % To pull along; to attract; entice (lekÑ"k~)
lekfd..kks % Covered, crowded (lekdh.kZ)
ledks (adj) % Equal, same, similar (le $ d)
lekdqyks (adj) % Covered, filled (lekdqy)
leyÄïjksfr % To adorn splendidly; decorate (le $ vya $ Ñ)
lekyifr % To speak (lekyi~)
lkeyrk % The creeper Ichnocarpus (';keyrk)
lkeyks (adj) % Brown, dark (';key)
lea % See leks
lkea % Conciliation; name of one of the three Vedas (lkeu~)
le.kdks % A bad or contemptible, ascetic (Je.k $ d)
lke.kdks (adj) % Belonging to a monk or Buddhist priest, monachal, sacerdotal
(Je.k $ d)
leua % Stopping, suppression ('keu)
le.kepyks % Shramana Rock-an epithet of the Sotapanna
leuUrjk $ rja % Immediately after
lekuÙkrk % Impartiality, feeling towards others as towards oneself (leku
$ vkReu~ $ rk)
lke.ksjks % A Buddhist monk in dicons orders, a novice, neophyte (Je.k $
lekusfr % To bring to-gether; put to-gethcr: to assemble, compare (lekuh)
leÄõh (adj) % Possessing, endowed with (le~ $ vÄõ $ bu~) % See le.kks
le××kk % Name, designation, term (lekKk)
leUukxrks % Endowed with (leUok $ xr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 319


lke××ka % Shramanship, state of being an ascetic or a Buddhist priest
(Je.k $ ;)
lke××krk % Shramanship
leUuslfr % To seek (lefUo"k~)
lke××kso % Of one’s own accord
lke××kks (adj) % General, universal, common (lkekU;)
le.kks % An ascetic, a Buddhist ascetic or monk, a Buddhist priest
lekuks (adj) % Similar, equal, same (leku)
lekuks % Being
leUrks (adj) % Entire, all (leUr)
lkeUrks % Neighbouring, bordering (lkeUr)
leuqcU/fr % To start to-gether in pursuit (leuq $ cU/)
leuqHkkluk % Addressing
leuqHkklfr % To join in addressing a person (leuq $ Hkk"k~)
leuqXxkfg;ekuks % Being taken up
leuq××krks % Approved, allowed (leuqKkr)
leuqiLluk % Consideration
leuqiLlfr % To see, perceive (leuqí'k~)
leuqlklfr % To direct, rule, exhort (leuq'kkl~)
leuq;qf×t;ekuks % Being inquired about
lefUorks % Possessed of (lefUor)
lekiTtfr % To come into, enter upon, undergo, attain (lekin~)
lekiua % Conclusion, completion (lekiu)
lekifÙk % Attainment (lekifÙk)
lekisfr % To complete, conclude (leki;fr)
leIisfr % To put, deposit, fix; to consign, commit, deliver; to give back
lekjHkfr % To begin, undertake (lekjHk~)
lekjdks (adj) % Including the Mara world (l $ ekj $ d)
lekjEHkks % Undertaking; injury, instruction (lekjEHk)
lejks $ ja % Battle (lej)
lek#gfr % To ascend (lek#g)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 320


leleks (adj) % Exactly the same (le $ le)
leklUuks % Near (leklUu)
leklsFk % Associate with the good
leklsfr % To abbreviate, condense
lekl % An abridgement (lekl)
lekLlklsfr % To console, encourage: to relieve; refresh (lek Üokl;fr)
leL;fr % To be compounded (in gram) leL;rs
lerk % Sameness, equality (lerk)
lerya % A level surface (le $ ry)
leFkks % Tranquility, calm, quietude; cessation
lefréïefr % To cross over (lefrØe~)
lefréïeks % Rising above, getting beyond (lefrØe)
le¯rl % See leks
lefrfRFkdks (adj) % Said of the ganges when quite brimming
lefrfoT>fr % To penetrate (lefr $ O;/~)
leÙka % Equality (le $ Ro)
leRFkua % Allaying disputes (leFkZu)
lkefRFk;a % Strength; ability, competence (lkeF;Z)
leRFkks (adj) % Fit, able, adequate, competent, strong; significant (leFkZ)
leÙkks % Concluded; complete, entire, all (lekIr)
leofêòrks % Ready (leofLFkr)
leok;ks % Combination; union; multitude (leok;)
leosikfduh (adj) % Promoting good digestion (From leoSikdhu~)
leosfr % To be united (leos)
leOg;ks % A name (lekgq;)
lkef;dks (adj) % Temporarily (lkef;d)
le;ks % Agreement, combination; multitude; season; time; custom, rule,
religious obligation; order precept; religious belief, doctrine
lek;ksxks % Combination, multitude (lek;ksx)
lEc¼ks % See lEcU/fr
lEck/sfr % To oppress, afflict (lEck/~)
lEckgua % Rubbing the body, shampooing (laokgu)
lEckgfr % To rub, shampoo (laokg~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 321


lEcgqyks (adj) % Many (le $ cgqy)
lEcya % ('kEcy)
Provision for a journey
lEcU/ua % Binding (lEcU/~ $ vu)
lEcU/fr % To bind (lcU/)
lEcU/ks % Connection, relationship, kinship (lEcU/)
lEcjh % Jugglery ('kkEcjh)
lEcjks % Name of an Asura ('kEcj)
lEHkXxks % Broken (lEHkXu)
lEHkTtfr % To be broken (lEHkT;rs)
lEHkeks % Confusion, excitement; fear (laEHkze)
lEHkkjks % Preparation; materials; necessaries, constituent parts, ele-
ment (lEHkkj)
lEHkklk $ % Conversation (lEHkk"kk] lEHkk"k.k)
lEHkÙkks % Devoted, faithfully attached (lEHkÙkQ)
lEHkkouk $ ua % Honour, fame; imagination, idea, reflection (lEHkkoua)
lEHkofr % To arise, be produced, spring from; to meet with (lEHkzw)
lEHkoks % Production, birth: origin, cause: union, semen (lEHko)
lEHksnks % Confluence of two rivers; difference (lEHksn~)
lfEHkUuks % Broken, interrupted (lfEHkUuks)
lEHkhrks % Terrified (lEHkhr)
lEHkksxks % Sensual enjoyment; happiness; use (lEHkksx)
lEHkw % Progeny (lEHkq)
lEHkw×tfr % To eat with (lEHkqt~)
lEHkwrks % See lEHkofr
lEcksf/ % Perfect knowledge or enlightenment; perception of the truth,
attainment of Buddhaship; Buddhahood (le~ $ cksf/)
lEcksT>Äõks % See cksT>Äõks
lEcq¼ks % Thoroughly known or understood; one who is thoroughly en-
lightened, has discovered the truth, a Buddha (lEcq¼)
lEcqT>ua % Knowing thoroughly ( from lEcq¼)
lEcqdks % A bivalve-shell ('kEcqd)
lesPp % Having acquired, learnt, known (lesR; ¾ les)
lesfD[krks % Considered, reflected upon (lehf{kr~ or lek $ bZf{kr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 322


lesu % See leks
lesfr % To meet to-gether: to harmonise: to be equal to; correspond with
lesfr % See lEefr
lesrks % Brought into contact with, connected with, possessing (lesr)
laguua % Striking, destroying (laguu)
lagjfr % To collect; to fold, up (laâ)
lagkjks % A compilation, abridgement (lagkj)
lagfr % Assemblage, mass (lagfr)
lagrks % Firm, well-knit, compact (lagr)
lafgrks % See lUngfr
leh % The tree acacia suma ('keh)
lkfe % Half: blambly (lkfe)
lkeh % Lord, master, owner: husband (Lokfeu~)
lkehfp % Correctness, propriety, proper or respectful act or duty
lfef¼ % Success; prosperity (le`f¼)
lfe¼ks % See lfeT>fr
lfe/k % Fire-wood (lfe/~)
lfeT>ua % Success, accomplishment
lfeT>fr % To succeed, prosper, take-effect (le`/~)
lfeD[ka % Investigation (leh{k)
lkfedks % Lord, master, husband (Lokfed)
l¯elq % See lesfr
lkfeuh % See lkeh
lfe×tfr % To be moved, tremble, falter (lfeÄõ)
lkehixks (adj) % Approaching (lehix)
lkehidks % At the end of a compound
lehiêòks (adj) % Standing near (lehiLFk)
lkehfidks (adj) % Proximate
lehiks (adj) % Near (lehi)
lehj.kks % Air, wind: name of a plant (lehj.k)
lehjfr % To be moved (lehj~)
lehjks % Air, wind (lehj)
lkfelks (adj) % Having food (l $ vkfe"k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 323


lfera % See lesfr
lferÙka % State of being quelled or removed ('kfer $ Ro)
lfefr % Union; an assembly (lfefr)
lferks ¾ 'kfer % See lEefr
lEe % A term of familiar address used by equals or by a superior to an
inferior, my good sir!
lEek % The pin of a yoke ('kE;k)
lEek % Fully, thoroughly, accurately, rightly, properly well, really,
lEenfr % To trample (lEe`n~)
lEensfr % To intoxicate, exhilarate (lEen~)
lEenks % Exhilaration (lEen~)
lEeXxrks (adj) % Walking rightly, living a blameless life (lE;~d $ xr)
lEeTtua % Sweeping (lEektZu)
lEeTtuh $ % A broom (lEektZuh)
lEeTtfr % To sweep (lEektZfr)
lEekua $ lEekuua % Honour, veneration (lEeku $ lEekuu)
lEeUufr % To agree to, decide, resolve; to sanction, approve, select (lEeU;fr)
lEeUrsfr % To consult to-gether (lEeU=k~)
lEekiklks % See ;kxks
lEeIi/kua % Right exertion (lE;d $ iz/ku)
lEelfr % To seize, grasp (lEe`'k~)
lEeklfr % See lfr
lEefr % To be appeased or calmed; to cease ('ke~)
lEerks % See lEeUufr
lEeÙka % Correctness, truth (lE;ÙkQ)
leê òks % See lEeTtfr
leÙkks % Delighting in, intoxicated with (lEeÙk)
lfe×tsfr % To bend back or together: double-up
lfEeLlks (adj) % Mixed (lfEeJ)
lEeksnfr % To agree with, be in harmony with, be friendly with (le~ $ eqn~)
lEeksgks % Bewilderment, infatuation, error (lEeksg)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 324


lEekslks % Confusion
lEeq[krk % Presence, confrontation (lEeq[k $ rk)
lEeq[kks (adj) % Face to face with, in the presence of (lEeq[k)
lEeŸgks % See lEeqgÔfr
lEeq×tuh % See lEeTtkuh
lEeqfr % Consent, authorization; permission; choice, selection; general
consent or use (lEefr)
lEeqgÔfr % To be stupefied, bewildered, paralysed (lEeqg~)
leks % Tranquility ('ke)
leks % Toil, fatigue (Je)
leks (adj) % Even, level; like, similar, same; equal; upright, just, impartial;
full, complete, entire (le)
lkeks (adj) % Black, dark(';ke)
leks/kua % Combination (leo/ku)
leks/kusfr % To join, connect
leksfdjfr % To spinkle all over (leoÑ)
leks#gÔ % Having descended
lekslj.ka % Union junction
leksljfr % To come together (leo $ l`)
leksrjfr % To descend, disembark (leor`)
lEink % Success, happiness, blessing; successful attainment; success in
obtaining; attainment, possession (lEin~)
lEinkysfr % To cleave, rend
lEinkua % Giving (lEiznku)
lEiknua % Effecting, accomplishment, preparing, obtaining (lEiknu)
lEiknuh;ks % To be prepared or effected (lEiknuh;)
lEiknsfr % See lEiTtfr
lEi/wik;fr % To send forth clouds of smoke (lEiz $ /wi)
lEiVqê òks % Impure, wicked (lEiznq"V)
lEiXxgks % Favour, patronage (lEizxg
z ~ $ v)
lEigalk $ % Satisfaction, pleasure, approval
lEigalsfr % To gladden, delight; to express approbation of a person, to
praise (lEizg"kZ;fr)
lEigkjks % Wounding; strife, battle (lEizgkj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 325


lEit××ka % Consciousness, intelligence (lEiztU;)
lEitkuks % Knowing, understanding, conscious
lEiTtfyrks % Kindled, burning (lEizTofyr)
lEiTtfr % To turn out, happen: to succeed, prosper; to be obtained, fall into
any one’s possession (lEin~)
lEidEifr % To tremble, be shaken voilently (lEizdEi~)
lEidkflrks % Displayed (lEizdkf'kr)
lEifd..kks % Strewn; crowded (lEizdh.kZ)
lEiD[knua % Leaping forward, aspiration (lEiz $ LdUn~$ vu)
lEikysfr % To protect, keep (le~ $ iky;fr)
lEikidks (adj) % Causing to obtain, bringing, procuring
lEikiq.kkfr % To attain; to come to, find, meet with (lEizki~)
lEijkf;dks (adj) % Relating to the future state (lkEijkf;d)
lEijk;ks % Futurity, the future state, future life, the next world (lEijk;)
lEifjokjsfr % To surround (lEifjokj;fr)
lEifjoÙkfr % To roll oneself, grovel; to turn over, revolve (lEifjo`r~)
lEilknua % Making serene, tranquillization
lEilhnfr % To be tranquilized, re-assured (lEizln~)
lEiLlfr % To behold, discern, see clearly (lEi';fr)
lEifr (adv) % Now (lEizfr)
lEifVPNua % Assent
lEifVPNfr % (lEizrh"k~)
To assent, agree; to accept, receive, take
lEifVXxgks % Favourable reception, welcome (lEizfrxzg)
lEikrks % Fall, descent (lEikr)
lEifÙk % Success, prosperity, glory, magnificence, beauty; successful,
attainmcnt, (lEifÙk)
lEiÙkks % See lEikiq.kkfr
lEioÄïks % A friend, companion
lEiokjsfr % To cause to refuse (Caus lEiz$ o`)
lEioÙkua % Causing to proceed (lEizorZu)
lEioÙksfr (Caus) % To set going (lEizorZ;fr)
lEios/fr % To be shaken violently (lEizO;Fk)
lEiosf/ (adj) % Shaky, loose
lEi;krks % Gone away (lEiz;kr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 326


lEi;ksxks % Union (lEiz;ksx)
lEi;qÙkks % Connected with, dependent on, resulting from (lEiz;qÙkQ)
lEiQIiykiks % Frivolous talk
lEiQLlks % Contact (laLi'kZ)
lEiQqfŠrks (adj) % In full blossom
lEiQqlfr % To come in contact with, touch (laLi`'k~)
lfEi.Mfr % To be added together (lfEi.M)
lfEi;ks (adj) % Friendly (lfEiz;)
lEiwtsfr % To venerate (lEiwt~)
lEiw..kks $ % Filled, full (lEiw.kZ] lEiwfjr)
lEiqVks % A box, casket (lEiqV)
lajfgrks % Deprived or devoid of (le~ $ jfgr)
lajD[kua % Preservation (laj{k.k)
lajEHkks % See lkjaHkks
lajkoks % Uproar (lajko)
lalnks % Session, assembly (laln $ v)
lalXxks % Connection, conjunction, association (lalxZ)
lalgks (adj) % Able (le~ $ lg)
lalUnfr % To run together, unite, associate (le~ $ L;Un~)
lalUuks % Distressed, weak (laln~)
lalIifr % To creap along (lal`i~)
lalj.ka % Transmigration (lalj.k)
laljfr % To go through continually, to transmigrate (lal`)
lalkjks % Passing through a succession of births, continued existence,
transmigration (lalkj)
lalfr % To proclaim ('kal~)
lalê òks % Joined, associated; living in society (lal`"V)
lalÙkks % Adhering (lalÙkQ)
lal;ks % Doubt (la'k;)
lalsnks % Sweat, moisture, vapour (le~ $ Losn)
lalsoua $ lalsoks % Attending on, asseociating
lalfCcua % Entwinning
laflCcfr % To entwine, entangle (le~ $ flc~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 327


laflrks % See laljfr
lalwpdks (adj) % Indicating (lalwp~ $ vd)
lalq¼ks % Pure (la'kq¼)
leqCcgfr % To pull out (leqíg~)
leqCHkoks % Springing up, production (leq‰o)
leqPp;ks % Collection, accumulation (leqPp;)
leqPNsnks % Extirpation (leqPNsn)
leqfPNn % To extirpate: to break off, put an end to (leqfPNn~)
leqfPpufr % To select, appoint (leqfPp)
leqnkpjfr % To treat, behave towards; to lay claim to (leqnkpj~)
leqnkpkjks % Behaviour, practice (leqnkpkj)
leqnkxeks % Beginning (leqnkxe)
leqnkgVks % Got ready; brought forward
leqn;ks % Rise, origin, commencement: origination, cause: multitude
leqnk;ks % Quantity, entirely (leqnk;)
leq¼Vks % Entirely removed, extirpated (leq¼`r)
leqfíê òks % Pointed out, illustrated (leqfí"V)
leqíks % A sea (leqnz)
lkeqíks (adj) % Marine (lkeqnz)
leqnsfr % To arise (leqfn)
leqXxghrks % Accepted, understood
leqXxrks % Arisen (leqn~xr)
leqX?kkrks % Removal
leqXxks % A box, basket (leqn~x)
lewgua % Removal (le~ $ mn~ $ gu~)
lewgsfr % To bring to-gether, assemble
lewgks % Multitude, assemblage, aggregation, mass (lewg)
lewTtfyrks $ % Blazing, resplendent
leqTtyks (adj)
leqfT>rks % Abandoned (leqfT>r)
leqéïalfr % To elevate, exalt (leéï`"k~)
lkeqéfaï ldks (adj) % Originally discovered
lewydks (adj) % Roots of all (lewy $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 328


leqŠiua % Speaking with
leqUunfr % To utter loud cries (leqUun~)
lewiCcwŸgks % Conflict (leqio`ag)
leqixPNfr % To come to (leqikxe)
leqieks (adj) % Resembling (le~ $ mie)
leqilksfHkrks % Splendidly adorned (leqi $ 'kksfHku)
leqiê òfr % To serve, supply (leqiLFkk)
leqisfr % To approach, meet (leqisr)
leqIiknks % Arising, production, origination (leqRikn)
leqIiUuks % Arisen, produced (leqRiUu)
leqLl;ks % Accumulation, the body (leqPN~;)
leqLlsfr % To raise, lift up (leqPN`)
leqÙkstsfr % To stir, excite, fill with delight
leqê ògfr % To rise up, to come to life again (leqRFkk)
leqê òkua % Rising, origination (leqRFkku)
laoPNjks $ ja % A year (laoRlj)
laoPNjks (adj) % An astrologer (lkaoRlj)
laonu % One of the magic arts forbidden to Buddhist priest (laonu)
lao¼ua % Causing to grow (lao/Zu)
laof¼rks % Reared, fostered, brought up; enlarged; grown-up; flourishing
lao¼ks % Brought up, grown-up, flourishing (lao`¼)
lao..kuk % Explanation, commentary; description; praise
lao..ksfr % To describe, explain, praise (lao.kZ)
laoj.ka % Covering (laoj.k)
laojh % Night ('koZjh] 'kRojh)
laojks % Closing, restraint (laoj)
laolFkks % A village (laolFk)
laolfr % To live, pass one’s time; to hire with (laol~)
laoklks % Living with (laokl)
laoÙkfudks (adj) % Conducive to
laoÙkfr % To lead, conduce (lao`Ùk~)
laoê òks % The destruction of a kappa (laorZ)
laosfnrks % Admonished (laosfnr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 329


laosxh % Quick, vehement (laosx $ bu~)
laosxks % Agitation, emotion, grief (laosx)
laostua % Agitating, alarming
laostsfr % To agitate, cause emotion, or alarm (laost;fr)
laosBsfr % To wrap (laos"V;fr)
lafoHkkxks % Partition, distribution (lafoHkkx)
lafoHktfr % To divide (lafoHkt~)
lafongfr % To dispose, fix, arrange, direct, appoint, assign, accomplish
lafo/kua $ % Appointment (lafo/ku)
lafoXxks % Excited, agitated, alarm, vexed, grieved (lafoXu)
lafofgrks % See lafongfr
lafoTtfr % To exist, to be found (lafo|rs)
lfoTtfr % To be moved, or agitated (lafot~)
laohuks % Surrounded, shut-in (laohu)
laoksgkjks % Business, traffic (laO;ogkj)
laoq.kkfr $ .kksfr % To cover (lao`)
lkE;a % Equality, equipoise (lkE;)
la;eks $ l××keks % Restraint, self-control, abstivence, sobriety(la;e)
la;eks $ l××keks % Tied, fastened; restrained, self-controlled (la;r)
la;fÙkdks % A voyaging merchant; sea-trader (lak;f=kd)
la;ksxks $ l××kksxks % Union, bond: connection: association: society (la;ksx)
la;kstua $ % Bond, attachment (la;kstu)
la;kstsfr % To put to-gether, prepare (la;kst;fr)
la;qxa % Strife (la;qx)
la;qÙkks $ l××kqÙkks % Joined, connected (la;qÙkQ)
lukfHkdks (adj) % Having a nave (l $ ukfHk $ d)
lua (adj) % Always (lur~)
lk.ka % Hempen-cloth, coarse-cloth ('kk.k)
lukedks (adj) % Having a name (luked)
luUruks (adj) % Perpetual, ancient, primeveal
l×pj.ka % Wandering about, uniting (l×pj.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 330


l×pjfr % To go about, wander; to meet, unite (l×pj~)
l×pfjdk % A female passenger (l×pkfjdk)
l×pfjÙka % Going backwards and forwards, acting as, go between
l×pjks % Defile, passage(l×pj] l×pkj)
l×p;ks % Accumulation, quanlity (l×p;)
l×psruk % Thought, intention
l×psrfudks (adj) % Intentional
l×psrsfr % To be aware, intend (l×psr;fr)
l×Nknsfr % To cover, hide (l×Nn~)
lf×NUu % Cut (lf×NUu)
lf×pPp % Intentionally, consciously, purposely (lf×pUR;] lf×pR;)
lf×pufr % To accumulate (lf×p)
l×pw..kks % Crushed, shattered
lUngfr $ lU/sfr % To connect; to get ready, arrange (lU/k)
lUnkysfr % To break
lUnkua % A cord (lUnku)
lUnuks % A war chariot (L;Unu)
l.Mkl % A smith’s tongs
lUnLlua % Showing, exhibition (lUn'kZu)
lUnLlsfr % To show, teach
lUnfr % To flow (L;Un~)
lUnê òks % Bitten, compressed(lUn"V)
lUnsgks % Doubt, accumulation (lUnsg)
lUnslks % News, message, communication (lUns'k)
lU/kfurks (adj) % Bound (lfU/fur)
lU/kjsfr % To hold back, repress; bear, carry(lU/kj;fr)
lU/krk % One who joins or reconciles (lU/kr`)
lU/kofr % To run through, traverse (lU/ko~)
lU/k; $ lU/sfr % See lUngfr
lfU/ % Junction; union; agreement: a joint of the body (lfU/)
lU/qik;fr % To smoke (le~ $ /qi~)
lfUn¼ks % Smeared (lfUnX/)
lkfUnfê òdks (adj) % Visible, actual. belonging to this life (lkUn`f"Vd)
lfUnê òks % Seen (lUn`"V)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 331


lUnks (adj) % Thick, coarse (lknz)
l.Mks $ l.Ma % An assemblage of totuses ('k.M)
l.Mks % A multitude ("k.M)
lUnksgks % An assemblage (lUnksg)
lusfedks (adj) % Having a felly or tire (lusfe $ d)
lÄõkgdks (adj) % Compiling (laxzkgd)
lÄõkgsfl] lÄõfgrks % See lÄõ.gkfr
lÄõkfgdks (adj) % Including, embracing (laxzkfgu $ d)
lÄõgks % Taking, collection; conjunction, assemblage; a compilation,
abridgement; favour, kindness (laxg z )
lÄõkgks % Collecting, taking (laxkz g)
lÄõketh $ ftrks % Victorious in battle (laxzkeftr~)
lÄõEe % Having assembled or united with
lÄõeks % Meeting: intercourse, connection, association (laxe)
lÄõkeks % Conflict, battle (laxzke)
lÄõ.gkfr % To take, to sieze, collect: to compile: to abridge: to contain,
embrace, include: to treat kindly, favour, conciliate, provide for
the welfare of, help, protect (laxgz )
lÄõ.kh % One of the books of the Abhidhamma is named Dhammasangani
means something “enumeration of conditions”
lÄõf.kdk % Communication, association (la $ x.k $ bdk)
lÄõjks % Calamity; war; promise (lÄõj)
lÄõfr % Union, intercourse (laxfr)
lÄõrks % Meeting, associating or uniting with (laxr)
lÄõk;ua % Rehearsing
lÄõk;fr % To chant; rehearse (lax)S
l†HkÙka % Food belonging to a community of monks as opposed to food
belonging to an individual monk (la?k $ HkÙkQ)
l†Hknks % Causing divisions or schisms among the priesthood; one of the
Abhithanas (la?k $ Hksn)
l†kHkksxks % Maintenance of priests (la?k $ Hkksx)
l†kfnlslks (adj) % Requiring a Sanghkamma at every stage (la?k $ vkfn $ 'ks"k)
l†dEea % An act of ceremony performed by a chapter of priests assembled
in solemn conclave (la?k $ deZu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 332


l†kjkeks % A Buddhist monastery (la?k $ vkjke)
l†Vua % Junction (la?kV $ vu)
l†kVh % One of the three robes of a Buddhist monk (la?kkVh)
l†fVrks (adj) % Struck, sounded (la?kfrr)
l†krks % Assemblage, multitude: killing, hurting: name of one of the
eight principal hells (la?kku)
l†kVks % One of the perpendicular timbers of the house: junction
l†V fð r % To knock against, or together (la?kV )ð
l†h (adj) % Having a crowd of disciples (la?k $ bu~)
lf†dks (adj) % Belonging to, or connected with the priesthood (la?k $ bd)
l†ks % A multitude, assemblage; the assembly of Buddha’s Priests, the
priesthood, clergy, church: a fraternity of priests: a chapter of
priests (la?k)
la?kqV òks % Sounded, resounding (la?kq"V)
lÄõhfr % Chanting together (laxhfr)
lfÄõrks % See lÄõk;fr
lÄõks % Attachment, bond, tie (lÄõ)
lkÄõks (adj) % Together with its angas or divisions (lkÄõ)
l.gks (adj) % Smooth; soft, gentle, mild: delicate: minute, subtle, abtruse
( Üy{.k)
lkfu % See lks
lkf.k % A curtain, screen, tent ('
lf.kda (adj) % Slowly, softly; gently, gradually
lf.k (adj) % Same as above ('kuSl~)
lfurks % Sounding (Lofur)
l×tuua % Producing (latuu)
l×tkuua % Perceiving
l×tkukfr % To think, suppose, recognise, perceive, comprehend, to call
name (laKk)
l×tfurks % Arisen, produced (latfur)
l×tkfr % Birth, origin
l×tk;fr % To arise, be produced or born (latu)
l×>k % Evening (laè;k)
l×thoks (adj) % Alive (latho)
lÄïk % Doubt, uncertainty ('kÄïk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 333


lÄï¼fr % To collect (laÑ"k~)
lÄïyua % Addition (ladyu)
lÄïefr % To go, pass on (laØe~)
lÄïeks % Difficult, progress (laØe)
lÄïEifr % To tremble (ladEi~)
lÄïuh;ks % See ladfr
lÄïIisfr % To will, determine, arrange (ladYi;fr)
lÄïIiks % Resolve: determination (ladYi)
lÄïjks % Confusion (ladj)
lÄïkjks % Dust, sweeping, rubbish (ladkj)
lÄïklks (adj) % Resembling (ladk'k)
lÄïLla % Name of a town in India (lkÄïk';)
lÄïLljks (adj) % Anxious, hesitating
lÄïBk % Conversation (ladFkk)
lÄïfr % To hesitate, doubt, suspect ('kÄï)
lÄïrhja % A dust heap(le~ $ dVhj)
lÄïVks % Narrow (ladV)
lÄïsrks % Engagement, appointment, rendezvous (ladsr)
lÄïk $ laÄï;k % Calculation, number, sum: numerals: understanding, reason,
intelligence (la[;k)
lÄïyk] ya] yks % A chain ('ka`[kyk)
lÄïfydk % A chain
lÄïkjD[kU/ks % See next
l…kjks % Constructing preparing, perfecting, embellishing; aggregation;
matter; karma: the skandhas (laLdkj)
l…kfr % To calculate, reckon (la[;k)
la…rks % Put together, agreegated, organised, made, wrought, built,
created, perfected, embellished: cooked, dressed, compounded
l…krks $ l…;krks % Reckoned, numbered; considered, called, named, estimated;
learnt (la[;kr)
l…;ks % Loss, destruction; end(la{k;)
l…siks % Abridgement, abstract (la{ksi)
l…sÕ;ks % Calculable (la[;s;)
lf…ifr % To shorten, abridge (laf{kIr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 334


l…ks $ la… % A shell; conch-shell: a conch triumpet the frontal bone, the
anckle bone ('k…)
l…ksHkks % Commotion (la{kksHk)
l…ksHkfr % To be shaken or agitated (la{kqHk)
l…;k] l…;krks % See l…k $ l…Ùkks
l…;kua % Calculation (la[;ku)
l…h % Anxious ('kafdu~)
lfÄïyslks % Impurity (laDys'k)
lfÄïfyLlfr % To be impure, deprived, sinful
lfÄï..kks % Confused, crowded; of mixed caste, impure (ladh.kZ)
lfÄïj.ka % Collecting to-gether
lfÄïrks % Anxious, alarmed ('kfÄïÙk)
lÄï˜ % A stake or stumps: a javelin('kÄï̃)
lÄï˜pfr % To contract, draw together (ladqp~)
˜ ks (adj) % Crowded; confused, contradictory (ladqy)
lÄï˜Iiks % That can be shaken
l××kk % Sense, consciousness, perception; intellect, thought: sign ges-
ture: name (laKk)
lUu¼ks % See lUugÔfr
lUukgks % Armour, mail (lUukg)
lUudV ð˜ % The tree Buchanania Latifolia (lUudnzq)
l××kkD[kU/ks % See l××kk
lUukesfr % To restrain
l××keks % See la;eks
l××kk.ka % Perception; sign, monument (laKku)
l××kkiua % Pacifying (lKkiu)
l××kkisfr % See l×tkukfr
l××krks % See la;rks
l××krks] l××kÙkks % See l×tkukfr
l××kk;] l××kk;fr
lUugÔfr % To bind, fasten(lUug)
lUusfr % To mix, knead (lUuh)
l××kh (adj) % Conscious, perceiving, thinking, imagining (lafKu~)
lfUuHkks (adj) % Resembling (lfUuHk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 335


lfUup;ks % Piling up, accumulation, hoarding (lfUup;)
lfUu/kua % Proximity (lfUu/ku)
lfUu/kisfr % To bring about, cause to come to pass (lfUu/ki;fr)
lfUu/h % Proximity, presense, visibility (lfUuf/)
lfUu/h;fr % To be combined
lfUufgrks % Stored up (lfUufgr)
lfUudklks (adj) % Resembling (lfUudk'k~ $ v)
lfUuD[ksiks % Placing
lfUuuks (adj) % Bent, inclined (le~ $ fuEu)
lfUuirfr % To assemble, meet to-gether (lfUuir~)
lfUuikrks % Union, collection, assemblage; assemble, congregation (lfUuikr)
lfUu#Egfr $ % To impede, restrain, block
lfUulTtk % Sitting to-gether
lfUuflnfr % To subside, to be quiet (lfUu"kn~)
lfUufLlrks % Connected with devoted to
lf××krks (adj) % Called, named (lafKr)
lfUuV òkua % Conclusion, consummation, ascertainment, resolve
lfUuoklks % Living with, association
lfUuoslks % Construction, preparation; station, encampment (lfUuos'k)
lfUu;kstsfr % To appoint, enjoin, command (lfUu;kstfr)
lUuks % See lhnfr
l××kksxks] l××kkstua % See lafe
$ l;qÙkks
lkuks % A dog ( Üoku)
lk.kks % A touchstone; a grindstone ('kk.k)
lUrTtsfr % To menace, abuse (lartZ)
lUrkuks % Spreading; extension; lineage; name of a tree in heaven (lUrku)
lUrkiua % Burning up (larkiu)
lUrkisfr % To burn, scorch, inflame, torment (larki;fr)
lUrki % Burning, fire; torment (larki)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 336


lUrIisfr % To satisfy (lariZ;fr)
lUrjokfgjks (adj) % Inside and out
lUrjfr % To be in haste, to be agitated, to trouble (laRoj)
lUrklsfr % (la=kkl;fr)
To terrify
lUrklh (adj) % Trembling, fearful (larkl $ bu)
lUrrk % Goodness
lUrra (adv) % Continually (larre~)
lUrfr % Extention, continuity, duration, lineage (larfr)
lUrÙkks % Scorched (larIr)
lUrok % Tranquil ('kkUr $ or~)
lUFkkxkja % A royal rest-house; a building at which kings transacted busi-
ness when travelling in provinces (laLFkk $ vkxkj)
l.Bgfr] l.Bkfr % To stand, to remain (laLFkk)
lfUrV òfr
lUFkEHkfr % To restrain oneself (laLrEHk~)
lUFkkua % Appeasing ('kkURou~)
l.Bkua % Form, figure, mark; position, station (laLFkku)
l.Bkiua % Arranging, fixing (laLFkkiu)
lUFkjfr % To spread, strew (laLr`)
lUFkkjks % A layer, a stratum; a couch (laLrj] laLrkj)
lUFkoks % Acquaintance, intimacy, friendship (laLro)
lf.Bfr % Position, stratum (lafLFkfr)
lf.Brks % See l.Bgfr
lUFkqrks % Praised (laLrqr)
lfUr % See vfRFk
lfUr % Calm, tranquility, peace; Nirvana; bliss; pacification: settle-
ment ('kkfUr)
lfUrdks (adj) % Near (l $ vfUrd)
lfUrV òfr % See l.Bgfr
lUrks % See lEefr
lUrks % Wearied (JkUr)
lUrks % Being; good; wise; (lr~)
lUrkslks % Contentment, happiness (larks"k)
lUrqLldks (adj) % Contented (larq"; $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 337


lUrqLlfr % To be satisfied, pleased, happy (larq"k)
lUrqfV ò % Contentment, satisfaction, happiness (larqf"V)
lkURoa % Conciliation ('kkURo)
lkuq % Table-land (lkuq)
lkuqpjks (adj) % To-gether with, followers or dependents (l $ vuqpj)
lipks % A pariah, out-caste ( Üoip)
linkua % Beggin regularly
lkinslks (adj) % Figurative (l $ vins'k)
lifn (adv) % Instantly (lifn)
lkinks % A beast of prey-tiger ( Üokin)
likdks % A pariah, Candala ( Üoikd)
liua % An oath ('kiu)
lijRFkks % One’s own good and the good of others (Lo $ ij $ vFkZ)
lifjokjks (adj) % Accompanied by an escort or attendants (lifjokj)
lifj;Urks (adj) % Limited (l $ o;ZUr)
lkirsÕ;a % Property, wealth (Lokirs;)
liFkks % An oath ('kiFk)
lifr % To swear, revile ('kiw)
liÙkks % Hostile (liRu)
lkisD[krk % Longing (lkis{k $ rk)
liQyks (adj) % Bearing fruit (liQy)
liQa % A horse’s hoof ('kiQ)
liQjh % The fish cyprius sophore ('kiQjh)
lfi.Mks % A near kinsman (lfi.M)
lkiks % Curse, abuse ('kki)
lIiHkks % Brilliant (lizHk)
lIiPp;ks (adj) % Having a cause (lizR;;)
lIik.kdks (adj) % Containing insects or animals (l $ izk.kd)
li××kks (adj) % Wise (l $ izKk)
lIifVHkkxks (adj) % Resembling (l $ izfrHkkx)
lIifVHk;ks (adj) % Dangerous, beset with fear (l $ izfrHk;)
lIik;ks (adj) % Desirable, advantageous, beneficial (l $ izk;)
lfIi % Clearified butter or ghee (l£il~)
lIihfrdks (adj) % Joyful (l $ izhfr $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 338


lIiks % A snake (liZ)
lIiqfjlks % A good or pious man (lRiq#"k)
liqfjlks (adj) % Accompanied by attendants (l $ iq#"k)
liqÙkks (adj) % To-gether with his son (liq=k)
ljHkÄõks % Indistinctness of the voice or broken articulation (LojHkÄõ)
ljHk××ka % A particular mode of reciting or intoning sacred composition
(Loj $ Hk.k~ $ ;)
ljHkks % A sort of deer ('kjHk)
ljHkq % Name of a river (lj;q)
ljkH;klks % Archery ('kjkH;kl)
ljHkw % A lizard
lkj¼ks % lq $ vkj¼ks
lkjfndks (adj) % Autumnal ('kkjfnd)
ljnks % The year: autumn, the two months succeeding the rains
lkjnks (adj) % Autumnal ('kkjn~)
lkjkxks (adj) % Affection, passion (lajkx)
ljgLlks (adj) % Along with the Upanishadas (ljgL;)
ljktdks (adj) % Including the king (ljktd)
lkjTta % Modesty, timidity, shyness
ljdks $ da % A drinking vessel (ljd)
ljyks % The tree Pinus Longifolia (ljy)
lja % See ljks
lkjEHkks % Clamour, angry talk (lajEHk)
lkjEHkks (adj) % Accompanied with danger or injury (l $ vkjEHk)
lkjesÕ;ks % A dog (lkjes;)
lj.ka % Remembrance (Lej.k)
lj.ka % Refuge, protection, salvation; Nirvana; a protector; a house,
home; killing ('kj.k)
lkjÄõks % The bird Cuculus Melanolencus: a deer ('kkjÄõ);ks % Used when exchanging of compliments
ljklua % A bow ('kjklu)
ljfl % See ljks
ljlh % A large pond (ljlh)
lkjlks % The Indian crane (lkjl)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 339


ljLorh % The name of a river (ljLorh)
lkjrk % Reality, strength (lkjrk)
lkjFkh % A charioteer, coachman (lkjfFk)
ljfr $ lqejfr % To remember (Le`)
ljVks % A chameleon (ljV)
lkjRFkks % Essential or true meaning (lkj $ vFkZ)
lkjÙkks % Impassioned, inflamed with desire (lajÙkQ)
ljoks % Noisy (l $ jo)
ljkoks % A shallow-cup, saucer ('kjko)
ljO;a % A target ('kjO;)
lkjsfr % See ljfr
lkfj % A piece or man at chess, draughts (lkfj)
lkjh % Going (lkfju~)
lkfjck % Name of a plant ('kkfjok)
lfjD[kks % Resembling (ln`{k)
lkfjiQydks % A chess-board ('kkfjiQyd)
lkfjiqÙkks % A famous apostle and a contemporary of Gautama ('kkfjiq=k)
ljhja % The body ('kjhj)
ljhjh % An animal, man ('kfjjhu~)
lkjhfjdk (adj) % Corporeal ('kkjhfjd)
lfjrk % One who remembers
lfjrk % A river (lfjrk)
lfjrks % Flowing, running (lfjr)
ljks (adj) % Flowing, going (lj~)
ljks % An arrow ('kj)
ljks % Sound, voice: a musical tone; a vowel (Loj)
ljks $ lja % A large sheet of water or lake (ljl~)
lkjks % Essence, substance, choicest part, pith, marrow: main point,
real truth; strength, vigour: wealth (lkj)
ljks#ga % A lotus (ljks#g~)
l#ia % Own form, natural state, nature (Lo:i)
ljksiks % Resembling (l:i)
lk:Iiks (adj) % Fit, proper, suitable in conformity with (l:i $ ;)
lLlda (adv) % Certainly
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 340


lldks % A hare, a rabbit ('kld)
llua % Slaughter ('klu)
lklua % Order, command: message: epistle; instruction: discipline: scrip-
tures: Buddhist religion or dispensation ('kklu)
ll…kfjdks % See l…kjks
llÄïks % The moon ('k'kkÄï)
lklÄïks (adj) % Dangerous (l $ vk'kÄïk)
lkliks % A mustared-seed (l"kZi)
lklfr % To command ('kkl~)
llsudks (adj) % Accompanied by an army (llsu $ d)
llh % The moon ('kflu~)
llhlks (adj) % Together the head (l $ 'kh"kZ)
lLusgks (adj) % Loving (lLusg)
llks % A hare ('kl)
lklks % Asthama ( Üokl~)
lLla % Corn in the field, crop ('kL;)
lLle.kczkgkz.kks % To-gether with monks and Brahmins (l $ Je.k $ czkgkz.k)
lLlkfedks (adj) % Having a master (l $ Lokfed)
lLlfrdks (adj) % Eternal ('kk Üofrd)
lLlrks (adj) % Perpetual, eternal ('kk Üor)
lfLljhdks (adj) % Auspicious, glorious, blessed (lJhd)
lLlw % Mother-in-law ( ÜoJw)
llqjks % Father-in-law ( o Ü 'kqj)
lrfHkltks % Name of a Nakkhatta ('krfHk"kt~)
lkrPpa (adj) % Constantly, perserveringly (lkrR;)
lrda % A hundred ('krd)
lrD[kÙka % A hundred times ('krÑRol~)
lkVdks $ da % Cloth: a cloth, an inter-garment, tunic, cloak ('kkVd)
lkrdqEHka % Gold ('krdkSEHk)
lra % See lUrks
lra % A hundred ('kr)
lrewyh % Asparagus Racemosus ('krewyh)
lrinh % A Cealipede ('krinh)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 341


lriÙkks % The Indian-crane ('kri=k)
lrjaLeh % The sun ('kr $ jfLe)
lkrfrdks (adj) % Preserving (lrr $ bd)
lrrks (adj) % Continual (lrr)
lroÄïks % A sort of fish ('kr $ oØ)
lrkojh % Asparagus Racemosus ('krkojh)
lrsjrk % Lighting ('krßnk)
lkBsÕ;a % Craft, treachery
lkfByks (adj) % Crafty, treacherous
lBks (adj) % Crafty, treacherous, fraudulent, wicked ('kB)
lfr % Recollection; active state of mind, fixing the mind strongly upon
any subject, attention, attentiveness, thought, reflect, con-
sciousness (Le`fr)
lfr] lrh % See lUrks
lkfr % Name of a Nakhatta (Lokfr)
lkVh % An upper robe, mantle, cloak ('kkfVdk)
lfrdks (adj) % Belonging to a hundred, consisting of a hundred, costing a
hundred ('kfrd)
lfrek (adj) % Of rententive memory, or active mind, thoughtful reflecting
lfriV òkua % Fixing the attention, earnest meditation
lkfrjsdks (adj) % Excessive (l $ vfrjsd)
lkfrl;ks (adj) % Excessive (lfr'k;)
lfrfou;ks % Name of one of the adhikarana samathas (Le`fr $ fou;)
lrks % Recollecting, mindful, attentive, thoughtful, conscious (Le`r)
lkrks % Joyful ('kkr)
lÙka % A sacrifice; munificence, liberality (lÙkz)
lÙkk % Seven (lIru~)
lÙkk % Existence
lÙknlk % See lÙkkjl
lÙk/k (adv) % In seven ways, in seven pieces (lIr/k)
lÙkxq.kks (adj) % Seven-fold (lIru~ $ xq.k)
lÙkkg % A week (lIrkg)
lÙkkfgdks (adj) % Belonging to a week, hebdomadal
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 342


lÙkda % A collection of seven(lIrd)
lÙkD[kÙkqa (adj) % Seven times (lIru~ $ ÑRol~)
lÙkyk % A sort of jasmine (lIryk)
lÙkyksdks % World of sentient being (lRo $ yksd)
lÙka % Substance, thing; form, body; sentient being: strength: breath,
life (lÙo)
lÙkeks (adj) % Best, excellent(lÙke)
lÙkeks (adj) % Seventh (lIre)
lÙki..kks % The tree Echitcs Scholaris (lIri.kZ)
lÙkjl % Seventeen (lIrn'ku)
lÙkfÙk % Seventy (lIifr)
lÙkV ò % Seven or eight (lIru~ $ v"Vu~)
lÙkkoklks % Abode of beings (lRo $ vkokl)
lRFkk % A teacher, master ('kkLr`)
lRFkda % A small weapon ('kL=kd)
lkV òdFkks (adj) % To-gether with the commentary
lkRFkdks (adj) % Useful, profitable (lkFkZd)
lRFka % A weapon, word; iron, steel ('kL=k)
lRFka % A treatise book; a science or art ('kkL=k)
lfRFk % See lfÙk
lfRFk % The thigh (lfDFk)
lfV ò % Sixty ("kf"V)
lkfRFkdk % See lkRFkdks
lRFkks % A troop, a caravan (lkFkZ)
lkRFkks (adj) % To-gether with the meaning (lkFkZ)
lV òks (adj) % Sixtieth ("k"V)
lRFkq % See lRFkk
lRFkq % See lÙkq
lRFkqdks (adj) % Belonging to a teacher ('kkLr` $ d)
lV ò;a % Villany, fraud ('kkBÔ)
lfÙk $ lfRFk % Ability, power; an iron spear, javelin ('kfÙkQ)
lfÙk % A knife ('kL=kh)
lÙkks % Being, a creature, animal, sentient being, man (lÙo)
lÙkks % Able, strong ('kÙkQ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 343


lÙkks % See ltfr
lÙkq % An enemy ('k=kq)
lÙkq % Barley meal or flour generally, also a cake made of meal ('kÙkQq)
lÙkqdks % An enemy ('k=kq $ d)
lkoTtks (adj) % Censurable, faulty, wrong, sinful (lko|)
lkodks % A hearer, listener, pupil; a disciple (Jkod)
lofy (adj) % Wrinkled (lofy)
lo.ka % Hearing, the ear (Jo.k)
lo.ka % Flowing (L=ko.k
louh;ks (adj) % Pleasant to hear (;)
lo.dks % A sort of a fish (l $ oØ)
louks % Name of a Nakkhatta (Jo.k)
lkouks % Name of a month (Jko.k)
lkolslks (adj) % Imperfect, incomplete (lko'ks"k)
lofr % To flow (L=kq)
lkoRFkh % Name of a town in India, the capital of Kosala (JkoLrh)
lkosrk % One who informs (Jko; $ r`)
lkosfr % See lq.kksfr
lOg;ks (adj) % Called, named (lkgw;)
lfoHkfÙk % Having inflections (l $ foHkfDr)
lkfodk % See lkodks
lfo××kk.kdks (adj) % Possessed of intelligence or consciousness, animate (l $ foèkku
$ d)
lkfofRFk % The vedic verse Savitri
loks % Flowing, dripping (L=ko)
lkoks (adj) % Dark brown, bay (';ko)
loqikfnlslks % See mifnlslks
lO;ks (adj) % Left, on the left hand (lO;)
lk;dks % An arrow, a sword (lk;d)
l;a % Oneself, by oneself; spontaneously (Lo;e~)
lk;a % See (lk;ks)
lk;eklks % Evening meal, supper (lk;e~ $ vk'k)
l;EHkw (adj) % Self-produced, self-sufficient, independent (Lo;aHkq)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 344


l;EiHkks (adj) % Self-resplendent (Lo;aizHk)
l;aojk % A maiden who chooses a husband (Lo;aojk)
l;ua $ lsua % Lying, sleeping: a bed, a couch ('k;u)
lk;.gks % Evening (lk;kg~)
l;fuXxga $ % A sleeping room, bed-chamber ('k;ux`g)
lk;fu;ks % See lk;fr
l;Ttkrks % Spring up spontaneously (Lo;atkr)
l;Äïrks (adj) % Made by onself (l;aÑr)
l;kuks % See l;fr
l;Fkq % Swelling ('o;Fkq)
l;fr $ lsfr % To lie down ('kh)
l;fr % To go, to take refuge (fJ)
lk;fr % To taste (Lon~)
lgÔfr % The part
lk;h (adj) % Lying ('kkf;u~)
lkf;dk % Lying, sleeping ('kf;dk)
l;ks (adj) % Lying, sleeping ('k;)
lk;ks % Evening (lk;)
lspsfr % To cause to sprinkle (lsp;fr)
lsntks (adj) % Sprung from moisture (Losnt~)
lsfnrks % Steamed, heated (Losfnr)
lsnks % Sweat, moisture, boiling steam (Losn)
lsfg % See lks
ls[kfjdks % The plant Achyranthes Aspera ('kS[kfjd)
ls[kjks % A crest, chaplet ('ks[kj)
lsf[k;ks (adj) % Connecting with training ('kS{;)
ls[kks % One who is under training ('kS{k)
lsdks % Sprinkling (lsd)
lyua % Noise, shouting
lsysÕ;a % Benzoin ('kSys;)
lsfy;ks (adj) % 'kSY;
lsyks (adj) % Rocky ('kSy)
lsyq % The tree Cordia Myxa ('ksyq)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 345


lsEga $ lsEgks % Phlegm, the phlegmatic humour ( Üys"eu~)
lsfEgdks (adj) % Phlegmatic, produced by phlegm ( ÜySf"ed)
lsuk % An army (lsuk)
lsua % See l;ua
lsukuh % A general (lsukuh)
lsukiPpa % Post of general or commander in chief (lsukiR;)
lsukifr % A general or commander-in-chief (lSukifr)
lsuklua % See l;ua
lsfu $ % A line, row; a multitude, community; a guild of artisans (Jsf.k]
lsfu;ks (adj) % Belonging to an army (lSU;)
lsuks % A hawk (';su) % Name of two sorts of plants (Jhi.kZ] Jhi£.kdk)
lsiQkfydk % Name of a plant (JhiQfydk)
lsjsÕ;dks % The plant, Barleria Cristata (lSjs;d)
lsjh (adj) % Self willed (LoSfju~)
lsldks (adj) % Remaining, omitted ('ks"k $ d)
lslsfr % To omit, leave ('ks"k;fr)
lslks (adj) % Remaining ('ks"k)
lsrPNnks % A goose ( ÜosrPNn~)
lsrPNÙka % A white parasol or umbrella, an emblem of royalty: kingship,
royalty ( ÜosrPNn~)
lsrEcks % A sort of mango (Jsr $ vkez)
lsrÄõks (adj) % White bodied ( Üosr $ vÄõ)
lsrfV òdk % Bright or mildew ( Üosr $ vfLFk $ d)
lsfFkŠa % Looseness ('kSfFkY;)
lsfu % See l;fr
lsrhHkks % A white elephant ( Üosr $ b~Hk)
lsrks (adj) % White ( Üosr)
lsV òrk % Superiority, eminence (Js"Vrk)
lsfV ò % Ashes
lsfV ò % Foreman of a guild: a cashier, treasurer: a wealthy merchant
lsV òks (adj) % Best, excellent, eminent, supreme (Js"V)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 346


lsrq % Bridge, embankment dike, causeway: a cause (lsrq)
lsok % Service (lsok)
lsodks (adj) % Serving, following, devoted to(lsod)
lsokyks % The aquatic plant Vallisneria ('ksoky)
lsouk $ ua % Service, following, practicing, devotion to (lsou)
lsofr % To serve, follow, practice; to resort to, to use, enjoy (lso~)
lsÕ;k % Lying, sleeping: a bed, couch ('kÕ;k)
lsÕ;Fkk (adj) % As, just as
lsÕ;ks % Better, excellent (Js;l~)
flCcua % Sewing (lhou)
flCcuh % Desire (lhouh)
flCcfr % To sew, stich (flo~)
lhnua % Sinking
lhnfr % To sink, subside, settle; to be dejected, despond, yield, give way
fl¼Urks % Religious belief (fl¼kUr)
fl¼RFkks % While mustard: Gautama Budda’s name when a prince (fl¼kFkZ)
flf¼ % Formation, accomplishment: success, prosperity (flf¼)
fl¼ks % See flT>fr
flxkyks % A jackal (fJxky)
flXxq % The tree Hyperanthera Moringa (f'kxz)q
lh/ks (adj) % Quick, swift ('kh?kz)
lhgyks (adj) % Sinhalese (¯lgy)
lhgks % A lion (¯lg)
flT>fr % To be accomplished, take place, succeed; to be practiced or
established or in use(fl/~)
lhdjks % Drizzling rain ('khdj)
¯ldrk % Sand (fldrk)
fl[kk % Peak, point, summit; crest, top-knot; flame (f'k[kk)
fl[k.Mdks % A tuft or lock of hair (f'k[k.Md)
fl[k.Mh % A pea-cock (f'k[kf.Mu~)
fl[k.Mks % (f'k[k.M)
A tuft or lock of hair; peacock’s tail
fl[kja $ jks % A peak, top; the point of a sword (f'k[kj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 347


fl[kjh % A tree, a mountain (f'k[kfju~)
fl[kh % Fire; a peacock; name of Buddha (f'kf[ku~)
fléïk % A string by which a weight is suspended; the strings of a
balance; the strings of a kaya (f'kD;k)
flD[kk % Learning, study, training (f'k{kk)
flD[kua % Training, learning, study
flD[kfr % To learn, train oneself (f'k{k~)
flyk % A stone, rock (f'kyk)
lhyCcÙk % Religious practice or rites ('khy $ ozr)
flykHkw % A sort of snake (f'kyk $ Hkw)
flyk?k % Praise ( Üyk?kk)
flyk/fr % To praise ( Üyk?k~)
lhya % Nature, character; moral practice, piety, morality; a moral
precept ('khy)
flyke;ks (adj) % Made of stone (f'kyke;)
lhyke;ks (adj) % Consisting of moral conduct, virtuous ('khy $ e;)
flyklua % A stone seat or throne (f'kyklu)
flyRFkEHkks % A stone-pillar (f'kyk $ LrEHk)
lhyok (adj) % Observing the sila precepts, moral, virtuous ('khyor~)
flysflfr % To embrace
flyslks % Embrace; union ( Üys"k)
flyslqeks % Phlegm ( Üys"eu~)
lhyh (adj) % Having a habit or disposition ('khy $ bu~)
flfyV~Bks % Adhering, connected (f Üy"V)
flyksdks % Fame; a verse, a stanza ( Üyksd)
flyqPp;ks % A mountain (f'kyksPp;)
flyqÙkks % A rat, snake
lhek % A boundary, limit (lhek)
lhefUruh % A woman (lhefUruh)
lheUrks % A boundary, a mood of parting the hair (lheUr)
flEcyh $ flEckyks % The silk cotton tree Bombax, Heptaphyllum
¯llik % The tree Dalbergia Sisu (¯'k'kik)
flukua % Bathing, washing (Luku)
fl×pfr % To sprinkle (flp~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 348


flU/oks (adj) % Belonging to Sindha (lSU/o)
flU/q % The sea, occean; the Sindha country (flU/q)
flU/q % A river(flU/q)
flU/qjks % An elephant (flU/qj)
flUnh % Name of a tree
flUnqja % Red lead (flUnwj)
flUnqokjks % The tree Vitex Negundo (flUnqokj)
flusgdks % An intimate friend (Lusg $ d)
flusfgrks (adj) % Lustful, connected with desire or coveteousness (Lusfgr)
flusgks $ Lusgks % Friendship, affection, love: lust, desire (Lusg)
flus: % A name of Mount Meru
flÄõda % A horn ('k`Äõd)
flÄõa % A horn; peak, summit; height, dignity, pre-eminence ('k`Ä)
flÄõkjks % Love, sexual passion ('k`Äkõ j)
fl†k.khdk % Mucus of nose (¯lgk.kd] ¯l?kk.kd)
fl†kVda % A place where four roads meet ('k`ÄõkVd)
fl†kVks % Name of a plant ('k`ÄõkV)
flÄõh (adj) % Horned ('k`fÄõu)
flÄõh % A kind of gold: name of a plant ('k`Äõh)
flfÄõo..kks (adj) % Gold-coloured
flfÄõosja % Ginger
flfu¼ks % Oily, greasy; smooth, glossy; affectionate (fLuX/)
lhina % Elephantiasis of the leg ( Üyhin~)
flIia % A mechanical art; a fine art; a piece of work; a job; skill,
proficency (f'kYi)
flIih % An artisan, artificer (f'kfYiu~)
flIih % A pearl oyster
flfIidks $ ;ks % An artisan, artificer(f'kfYid $ f'kYi $ ;)
fljk % A nerve, tendon; a vein, artery (f'kjk)
flja] fljlk % See fljks
fljh % Fortune, prosperity; a name of Lakshmi; majesty, royalty; a
magnificence, glory (Jh)
fl¯jliks % A snake; any creeping thing, as a centiped, chameleon (ljhl`i)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 349


fljhlks % The tree Acacia, Sirisa (f'kfj"k)
fljks $ flja % The head; top of a tree; acme, elevation (f'kjl~)
lhjks % A plough (lhj)
lhldks % A substitute for Sisa at the end of a compound
lhla % Lead (lhl)
lhla % The head; front ('kh"kZ)
lhlrks (adv) % Head ways, towards the head; carried on the head
flfljks (adj) % Cold (f'kf'kj)
flLldks % A pupil (f'k"; $ d)
flLlkuqflLlda % From pupil to pupil; through a succession of pupils (f'k"; $ vuq
(adv) $ f'k"; $ d)
flLlks % A pupil (f'k";)
lhrk % A furrow (lhrk)
flrCHkks % Camphor (flrkHkz)
lhryks (adj) % Cold, cool ('khry)
lhrkyq (adj) % Chilled ('khrkyq)
flra % A smile (fLer)
flfFkyks (adj) % Loose, flabby, bending, yielding(f'kfFky)
lhfrHkwrks (adj) % Cold, calm, tranquil, impossible ('khrhHkwr)
flrks % White (flr)
flrks % Bound
flrks % Clinging, devoted to; resting upon (fJr)
lhrks % Cold, cool ('khr)
flRFka $ flRFkda % Bees wax; a lump of boiled rice (flDFk] flDFkd)
flÙkks % See fl×pfr
lhrqUgks % Cold and heat ('khr $ m".k)
flok % A jackal (f'kok)
lhofRFkdk % A carnel house; place where dead bodies are thrown to rot away
instead of being burned
floh % Name of a people (f'kfo)
flfodk % A litter, palanquin (f'kfodk)
floks % Auspicious, happy, fortunate (f'ko)
fl;k % See vfRFk
Lusgks % See flusgks
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 350


lks (adj) % Own (Lo)
lks % He, this; that
lksCHka % A hole; an excavation containing water; pool; pond ( ÜoHkz)
lksCHkkuq % The ascending mode (LoHkkZuq)
lksHkks % Splendour, radiance, light; beauty ('kksHkk)
lksHkXxa % Auspiciousness, fortune, prosperity (lkSHkkX;)
lksHk×tuks % The tree Hyperanthera Moringa (lkSHkkTtu)
lksHk.kks (adj) % Shining, resplendent, beautiful, good ('kksHku)
lksHkfr % To shine, to be radiant or beautiful ('kqHk~)
lkspua % Mourning, sorrow ('kkspu)
lkspfr % To mourn ('kqp~)
lksPps;a % Purification ('kkSps;)
lksPps;ks % A washerman ('kkSps;)
lksfpdks % A tailor (lkSfpd)
lksndks (adj) % Containing water (lksnd)
lksnfj;ks % A uterine brother (lksn;Z)
lksnjks % A uterine brother ('kksn;Z)
lks/dks % One who cleanes ('kks/d)
lks/ua % Cleansing ('kks/u)
lks/uh % A broom ('kks/uh)
lks/sfr % See (lqT>fr)
lksxfU/da % The white lily; one of the high numerals or, followed by 91
ciphers (lkSxfU/d)
lksxrks (adj) % Belonging to the Sugata, Buddhist (lkSxkr)
lksgnks % A friend (lkSân)
lksgTta % Friendship (lkSâ|)
lksfgPpa % Satiety (lkSfgR;)
lksdjks (adj) % Swinish (lkSdj)
lksdok (adj) % Sorrowful ('kksdor~)
lksf[k;a % Happiness (lkS[;)
lksdh (adj) % Sorrowful ('kksfdu~)
lksdks % Sorrow, grief, mourning ('kksd)
lksGl % Sixteen ("kksM'ku~)
lksGlda % A collection of sixteen
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 351


lksGlD[kÙkqa % Sixteen times ("kksM'ku~ $ ÑRol~)
lksGleks (adj) % Sixteenth ("kksM'k)
lkseuLla % Satisfaction, enjoyment, joy (lkSeuL;)
lkseoéïks % The tree Acacia Catechu (lkseoYd)
lkseofŠdk % Name of a plant (lkseofŠdk)
lkEeks (adj) % Beautiful, pleasing (lkSE;)
lkseks % The noon, Soma Juice (lkse)
lksudks % The tree Celosanthes Indica (lks.kd)
lks.Mk % A tavern; an elephants trunk ('kq.Mk)
lks.Mh $ lksf.Mdk % A natural tank, in a rock, a rocky pool
lksf.Mdks % A distiller and seller of Spirituous liquors (lkSf.Md)
lks.Mks % An elephant’s trunk ('kq.M)
lks.Mks (adj) % Addicted to drink; intoxicated ('kkS.M) % The buttock (
lksf.kra % Blood ('
lks..ka $ Lo..ka % Gold (Lo.kZ)
lks.kks] lwuks] lkuks] % A dog ( Üoku)
Lokuks] lqokuks
lks.kks (adj) % Red, crimson ('kks.k)
lksipkja (adj) % Accompanied with civility, deferential (lksipkj)
lksidkjks (adj) % Useful, helpful (lksidkj)
lksikua % Stairs, staircase (lksiku)
lksiQks % Swelling ('kksiQ)
lksIia] lksIiua] % Sleep (Loki)
lqfiua % Dream (LoIu)
lksjCHkks % A name of Kuvera (lkSjCH;)
lksjPpa % Tenderness, sympathy (lksjr)
lksjl % See lksGl
lkslkfudks (adj) % Visiting a cemetry
lkslsfr % See lqLlfr
lkslks % Drying up: phthisis ('kks"k)
lksrk % A hearer (Jksr`)
lkÙka % The ear or organ of hearing (Jksrl~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 352


lkra $ lksrks % Stream, flood, current (L=kksrl~)
lksrkiUuks % One who has entered the stream; one who has attended the first
grade of Sanctification, a converted man (L=kksrl~ $ vkiUu)
lksrkiÙkh % The state of a Sotapanna, conversion, sanctification (L=kksrl~ $
lksros % See lq.kksfr
lksFkks % Swelling ('kksFk)
lksrks % See lksra
lksRFkkua % Blessing, prosperity
lksfRFk] lqofRFk % Health, welfare, blessing, happiness (LofLr)
lksfRFk % That woman
lksfLFkdks] % A Brahmin (Jksf=k;)
lksfRFkdks $ lksfRFk;ks
lksrqa % See lq.kksfr
lksrqua % See lksrk
lksopLla $ % Meekness
lksofXxdks (adj) % Connected with the Devaloka, tending to heaven
lksof..kdks (adj) % Belonging to gold (lksSo£.kd)
lkso..kks (adj) % Golden (lkSo.kZ)
lksfonŠks % An attendant on the harem (lkSfoíy)
lksohje % Sour, gruel, vinegar (lkSohj)
lq] lqna] vLlq % A particle used, generally in asking questions, but sometimes
also in narration (fLon~)
lqcgq (adj) % Very much, a great many (lqcg)
lqCcpks $ lqopks % Compliant, meek (lqopl~)
lqCcrks (adj) % Virtuous, pious devout (lqozr)
lqCcÙka % Good practice, piety (lq $ o`Ùk)
lqCcqfV ò % Abundance of rain (lq $ o`f"V)
lqHkíks % Name of Gautama’s last convert: name of a renegade monk who
tried to stir up schism among the priests immediately after
Gautama’s death
lqHkxks % Agreeable, beloved, amiable (lqHkx)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 353


lqHkfd.gks $ % Entirely lustrous ('kqHk $ ÑRLu)
fd..kks $ fd..kdks
lqHkjks (adj) % Easily supported by others, frugal (lqHkj)
lqHkklqHkks (adj) % Good and bad ('kqHkk'kqHk)
lqfHkD[kks (adj) % Having abandance of food; fertile (lqfHk{k)
lqHkks (adj) % Radiant, lustrous; beautiful; good; auspicious, happy ('kqHk)
lwpua % Indicating, exhibiting (lwpu)
lqpfjrks (adj) % Well done, right, good (lqpfjr)
lqPpUuks (adj) % Well covered or roofed (lq $ NUu)
lwpsfr % To indicate, show; to inform against, betray (lwp~)
lqfp (adj) % Bright, clear, pure, clean, white ('kqfp)
lwfp % A needle (lwfp)
lwfpek (adj) % Pure ('kqfp"er~)
lqfpja (adv) % For a very long time (lwfpje)
lqfpÙkks (adj) % Much variegated or ornamented (lqfp=k)
lqna % See lq
lwnua % Destruction (lwnu)
lqnUrks (adj) % Thoroughly subdued or tamed (lqnkUr)
lqnLluks (adj) % Beautiful (lqn'kZu)
lqnLlh (adj) % Seeing well (lq $ n£'ku)
lqnLlks (adj) % Easily seen, obvious (lqn'kZ)
lwnfr % To distil, flow, exude (lwn)
lqnÙkks % A name of Anathapindika (lqnÙk)
lq¼kthoh (adj) % Living a pure life ('kq¼ $ vktho $ bu~)
lq¼Urks % Woman’s apartments, harem ('kq¼kUr)
lq¼koalrk % Purity of lineage ('kq¼ $ oa'k $ rk)
lq¼koklks % Pure abode ('kq¼ $ vkokl)
lqf¼ % Purity, purification; Nirvana ('kqf¼)
lq¼ks % See lqT>fr
lq¼ksnuh % Son of Suddhodana, an epithet of Gautama Buddha
lq¼ksnuks % Name of a king of Kapilvatthu–the father of Gautama Buddha
lqíks % A shudra ('kwn)z
lq/k % Ambrosia or Nectar; white-wash, cement, chunam, stucco
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 354


lq/Eek % Name of Sakka’s hall of justice (lq/ekZ)
lq/klh % A deva or angel (lq/k $ vkf'ku~)
lq¼h (adj) % Wise (lq/h)
lwnks % A cook (lwn)
lqílks (adj) % Very difficult to see, invisible (lq $ nqn`Z'k~)
lqnqTt;ks (adj) % Very difficult to conquer or win (lqnqtZ;)
lqnqÙkjks (adj) % Very difficult to cross, to escape from (lqnqLrj)
lqxg.kks (adj) % Well held, light (lq $ xzg.k)
lqxfgrks % See lqXxfgrks
lqxfU/] lqxU/ks % Fragrant (lqxfU/] lqxU/)
lqxfr % Happy condition, being reborn in heaven, heaven, svarga (lqxfr)
lqxfr (adj) % Reightous (lqxfr)
lqxrks (adj) % Who walks well, happy, blest (lqxr)
lqXxfgrks $ % Grasped tightly (lqx`fgr)
lqxfgrks (adj)
lqXxfr % See lqxfr
lqgn;ks (adj) % Friendly (lq $ ân;)
lqgnks % Friendly, affectionate (lqân)
lqgTtks % A friend (lqân~ $ ;)
lqfgrks (adj) % Satiated (lqfgr)
lqgqtks % See lwtq
lqgfq V òrks (adj) % Clearly arisen (lq $ mfRFkr)
lqtk % A sacrificial ladle (L=kqp~)
lqtk % Name of the wife of Sakka ('kq $ t)
lqtEifr % Husband of Suja, a name of Sakka
lqtuks % A good man (lqtu)
lqtkfr % Of high family (lqtkr)
lqthoks (adj) % Easy to live (lqtho)
lqT>fr % To be pure ('kq/~)
lwtq $ lqgt q q (adj) % Very upright, conscientions (lq $ Ítq)
lqdUndks % An onion (lqdUnd)
lwdfjdks % A boar-hunter (lwdj $ bd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 355


lwdjks (adj) % Easy, feasible (lqdj)
lwdjks % A hog, a boar (lwdj)
lqdrh (adj) % Fortunate (lqÑfru~)
lqdrks $ Vks (adj) % Good, virtuous (lqÑr)
lq[kkokgh % A well-trained horse (lq[k $ vkokg $ bu)
lq[kkogks (adj) % Bringing happiness (lq[kkog)
lq[kfogkjh (adj) % Having a feeling of ease or serenity (lq[k $ fogkfju)
lq[kk;fr % To be pleased, contented (lq[kk;rs)
lq[ksf/rks (adj) % Delicate
lq[kslh (adj) % Seeking pleasure or ease (l[kSf"ku~)
lq[ksfr % To make happy (lq[k;fr)
lq[kh (adj) % Happy, blest; healthy (lqf[ku~)
lqf[krks (adj) % Happy, blest; pleased, contended; healthy (lqf[kr)
lq[kks (adj) % Blest, happy; delightful, pleasant; easy (lq[k)
lq[kqPpkj.ka % Facility of pronunciation, euphony (lq[k $ mPpkj.k)
lq[kqekyks $ % Youthful, tender, delicate, soft, graceful (lqdqekj)
lqdqekjks (adj)
lq[kqeks (adj) % Small, minute; subtle; accurate; delicate, exquisite (lw{e)
lq[kqiifÙk % Blissful birth (lq[k $ miifÙk)
lqéïa % Semen ('kqØ)
lqéïa % see lqéïks
lqéïokjks % Friday ('kqØokj)
lqD[kfr % See lqLlfr
lqD[kks (adj) % Dry, dried up ('kqYd)
lqéïks % White, bright, pure, good ('kqYd)
lqdks $ lqoks % A parrot ('kqØ)
lqdqekjks % See lq[kqekyks
lqyHkks (adj) % Easy to obtained or meet with (lqyHk)
lwya $ lqyks % Any sharp pointed instrument, a pike, lance, stake; severe pain,
colic, rheumatism ('kwy)
lwGkjks (adj) % Magnificient (lq $ mnkj)
lwyh % A name of Siva ('kwfyu~)
lqeuk % The great flowered jasmine (lqeuk)
lqeudwVks % Adam’s peak, a mountain a Ceylon
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 356


lqekulks (adj) % Joyful (lq $ ekul)
lqeuks (adj) % Satisfied, happy (lqeul~)
lqeuksgjks (adj) % Very charming (lqeuksgj)
lqeuksjFkks (adj) % Having pious wishes (lq $ euksjFk)
lqejfr % See ljfr
lqefr (adj) % Wise (lqefr)
s lks $ lqe/ s ks % Wise (lqes/l~)
lqes: % Mount Meru (lqes:)
lqeks % The moon (lqe)
lqalqekjks % A crocodile (f'k'kqekj)
lqeÙq kks (adj) % Happily released (lq $ eqÙkQ)
lw.kk % A slaughter-house ('kwuk)
lqu[kks % A dog ('kqud)
lq.kkfr % See lq.kksfr
lqUnjks (adj) % Beautiful; good (lqUnj)
lq.gk $ % A daughter-in-law (Luq"kk)
lq.khlk $ gqlk
lqfulUuda % The pot herb Marsilia Quadrifolia (lqfu"k.kd)
lqÄï $ lqÄïks % Tax, tribute, revenue ('kqYd)
lq××kkxkja % An empty place where there are no houses or pupil ('kwU;kxkj)
lq××kkrks (adj) % Empty, void
lq××kks (adj) % Empty, void, deprived of ('kwU;)
lq.kks % A dog ('kqu)
lwuks % See lks.kks
lq.kksfr $ lq.kkfr % To hear (Jq)
lwuq % A child, a son(lwuq)
lqidïks (adj) % Thoroughly ripe (lqiéï)
lqi..kks % A Garuda (lqi.kZ)
lqiUFkks % A good road (lq $ iFk)
lqifr % To sleep (Loi~)
lqfiua % See lksIia
lwiks % Soup, broth, sauce, condiment, the gravy of curry and rice (lwi)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 357


lqIicq¼ks (adj) % Wide awake, vigilant (lqizcq¼)
lqIixCHkks (adj) % Very bold (lq $ izxYHk)
lqIilUuks (adj) % Very joyful or full of faith (lqizlUu)
lqIifrdks (adj) % Overjoyed (lqizrhr)
lqIifrfê òrks (adj) % Firmly established; well-placed (lqizfrf"Br)
lqIifVfo¼ks (adj) % Thoroughly understood (lqizfrfo¼)
lqIiks $ lqIia % A winnowing basket ('kwi)
lqjk % Spirituous liquor (lqjk)
lqjfHk (adj) % Fragrant (lqjfHk)
lqjEeks % Very delightful (lqjE;)
lqjra % Sexual intercourse (lqjr)
lwjrks % Compassionate, tender (lwjr)
lwjÙka % Heroism ('kwjÙo)
lwjÙkks (adj) % Very red (lqjÙkQ)
lwjh (adj) % Wise (lwfju~)
lqfj;ks % The sun (lw;Z)
lqjks % A deva, deity (lqj)
lwjks % A hero, valiant man; the sun ('kwj)
lq#fpjks (adj) % Resplendent (lq $ #fpj)
lq#Äõk % A mine, pit (lq#Äõk)
lq:ih (adj) % Handsome (lq#i $ bu~)
lq#iks (adj) % Handsome (lq:i)
lq:lq: % A word imitative of the sound made when curry and rice is eaten
lqlek % Exquisite beauty(lq"kek)
lqlkudks % A Candala employed in a susana
lqlkua % A cemetery or charnel house, an inclosed ground in which bodies
are buried ('kolku)
lqloh % The plant Momordica Charantia (lq'koh)
lqlsuks % The karamadda tree (lq"ks.k)
lqlh % A hole in the ground ('kq"kh)
lqlhyks (adj) % Moral, vartuous (lq'khy)
lqflfIidks % A skillful workman (lq $ f'kfYid)
lqfljks (adj) % Full of holes, perforated ('kqf"kj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 358


lqLlua % Desication
lqLljrk % Melodiousness of voice (lqLoj $ rk)
lqLlfr % To be dried up, waste away ('kq"k~)
lqLloua % Good news (lq $ Jo.k)
lqLlqlk % Desire to hear, obediance, attention, service ('kqJ"w kk)
lqLlwlfr % To listen, attend ('kqJw;rs)
lqLlqrs % To be heard
lqLlqrks (adj) % Well-known (lqJqr)
lqlq % A boy, lad (f'k'kq)
lwlw % A noise made to frighten away a bird
lqlqdks % A child or youth; an alligator or crocodile; the Gangetic porpoise
lqrok (adj) % Learned in religion; mighty in the scriptures (Jqror~)
lqfr % Dozing (L=kqfr)
lqfr % Hearing; the ear, sound; report, rumour; tradition; the Veda; in
music one of the twenty-two quarter tones or intervals (Jqfr)
lwfr % Birth, chldbirth (lwfr)
lqrks % A son (lqr)
lqrks % Flowing, dripping (Ïqr)
lqrks % Heard; renowned (Jqr)
lwrks % A charioteer; a bard, poet-laureate (lwr)
lqÙka % A string, thread; a portion of the Buddhist scriptures; a rule,
aphorism (lw=k)
lqÙkfUrdks (adj) % Versed in the Sutta Pitaka
lqrUrks % A sutta (lw=k $ vUr)
lqÙklks (adj) % Sutta by sutta (lw=k $ 'kl~)
lqfRFkjks (adj) % Firm (lqfLFkj)
lqfêòrks (adj) % Well-established, firm (lqfLFkr)
lqê ó (adj) % Well; exceedingly (lq"Bq)
lqfÙk % A pearl oyster ('kqfÙkQ)
lqfÙkdks (adj) % Belonging to a thread (lkSf=kd)
lqÙkks % Sewn, stiched (L;wr)
lqÙkks % Asleep (lqIr)
lqRok % See lq.kksfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 359


lqopks (adj) % See lqOopks
lqoku;ks % Easily led (lq $ vku;)
lqo..kks (adj) % Of good colour, bright, brilliant; of good mien or complexion,
comely (lqo.kZ)
lqokuks % See lks.kks
lqofRFk % See lksfRFk
lqos % See Los
lqohjks % Name of Sakka’s son (lqohj)
lqoqilUrks (adj) % Thoroughly calmed (lq $ mi'kkUr)
lqofq ê òdk % Abundance of rain (lq $ o`f"V $ d)
lw;fr % See lq.kksfr
Lokxra $ lkxra % Welcome, salutation (Lokxr)
Lokga % See lks
LokD[kkrks (adj) % Well-told or shown or taught (lq $ vk[;kr)
Lo..ka % See lks..ka
Lokuks % See lks.kks
LoIiks (adj) % Very little or few (LoYi)
LoLlk % lks $ vLlk
Lokruks (adj) % Belonging to tomorrow ( o Ü Lru~)
Los $ lqos (adv) % To-morrow ( Üol~)
Losok % lks $ ,o
L;kxzê òa % Siam
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 360


rCcafldks (adj) % Belonging to that race (rn~ $ oa'k $ bd)
rCc..kuk % The commentary there on (rn~ $ o.kZuk)
rCHksnks % A variety there of (rn~ $ Hksn)
rfCcijhrks (adj) % Contrary to it, the opposite of it (rn~ $ foijhr)
rfColslks % A variety there of (rn~ $ fo'ks"k)
rplkjks % A bamboo (Rop~ $ lkj)
rPpdks % A carpenter (r{kd)
rPpa % Truth, reality (rF;)
rPpuh % A hatehat chip-axe (r{kuh)
rPNfr % To pare, cut, slice, chop, hew (r{k~)
rpks % Skin, bark, rind
rn % See lks
rnk (adv) % At that time, then (rnk)
rngs $ rngq (adv) % On that day (rn~gl~)
rnkdkjks (adj) % Of that appearance, similar (rn~ $ vkdkj)
rnkfeuk % Know this also, hereby
rnkfu (adv) % Then (rnkuhe~)
rnu:iks (adj) % Suitable there to (rn~ $ vuq:i)
rn××kks (adj) % Different from it (rnU;)
rnUrjs (adv) % In the man time (rn~ $ vUrj)
rnUo;ks (adj) % Following it, connected there with (rn~ $ vUo;)
rnkÙka % That time (rnkRo)
rnRFka % On that account (rnFkZe~)
rnolfj % See lks
rnOg;ks (adj) % Having that name (rn~ $ vkgw;)
rkfn (adj) % Like that, such (rkn`'k~)
rfnna % See lks
rkfnD[kks (adj) % Such (rkn`{k)
rkfnldks (adj) % Such
rkfnlks (adj) % Such (rkn`'k~)
rnqHk;ka % Both of them (rn~ $ mHk;)
rnwfi;ks (adj) % Suitable, corresponding
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 361


rxja % The shrub Tabernaemontana coronaria and a fragrant powder
obtained from that (rxj)
rX/ (adv) % Certainly, verify, truely
rga] r¯g (adv) % There
rTtuh % The fore-finger (rtZuh)
rTtuh;dEea % Name of one of the Sanghakammas (rtZuh; $ deZu~)
rTtjh % A measure
rTtkfr % Such and such a race (rn~ $ tkfr)
rTtsfr % To threaten, revile, blame, scold, frighten (rtZ;fr)
réïkya % At that time (réïkye~)
réïa % Butter-milk (rØ)
réïkjh % The tree sesbania Oegypliea (rdkZjh)
réïjks (adj) % Doing that (rRdj)
réïjks % A thief (rLdj)
réïflyk % The city of Takshashila in the Punjab (r{kf'kyk)
réïrk % One who does that (rn~ $ dr`Z)
rféïdks % One who reasons, a logician, a philosopher (rk£dd)
rféïrks % Thought, reasoned (r£dr)
réïks % Thought, reflection, reasoning (rdZ)
réïks % Date-fruit
réïksya % Bdellium, a particular sort of perfume made from the berry of
the kakkola plant (déïksy)
rkyXxa % Top of a palmyra tree (rky $ vxz)
rGkd % A pond, pool, lake (rMkd)
rya % Surface, level, plane; lowerpart, base (ry)
rkGua % Striking (rkMu)
rkGsfr % To strike, beat;to strike a musical instrument (rM~)
rkyh % The tree coryph Taliera; musical measure; (rkyh)
rkfyla $ l % Forty (pRokfj'kr~)
rŠ×Nua % Mark or imprint there of (rn~ $ yk×Nu~)
rkyks % The fan plam, palmyra; a measure, the short span; a musical
instrument of metal struck with the hand or a stick, gong,
cymbal (rky)
rkGks % A key (rky)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 362


rkyqtks (adj) % Palatal letters (rkyq
$ v)
ryq.kks (adj) % Tender, delicate (r#.k)
ra % See lks
ra % See Roa
rekyks % The tree xantochymus Pictorius (reky)
rEcdks % Name of a plant (rkezd)
rEcks (adj) % Coppery, red (rkez)
rEcqyh $ ya % The betel vine, piper betel and its leaf which is chewed (rkEcwyh)
reks $ rea % Darkness, gloom; in the Sankhya philosophy one of the three
Gunas (rel~)
rk.ka % Defence, shelter, refuge; Nirvana (=kk.k)
ru;ks % A son (ru;)
rfUn % Drowsiness, sloth (rUnzh)
r.Mqyh;ks $ ysÕ;ks % The plant amaranthus Polygonoides (r.Mqyh;)
r.Mqyks % Rice husked and winnowed and ready for boiling (r.Mqy)
r.gk $ rfl.kk % Lust, desire, human-passion (r`".kk)
r.gD[k;ks % Extinction of desire; Arahataship or Nirvana (rq".kk{k;)
r.gÄïjks % Name of a Buddha (r`".k $ dj)
r×gh % See lks
r….ka $ r….ks % At that moment, instantly, at once (rR{k.k)
r…f.kdks (adj) % Momentary
r…ks % A stone-mason’s chisel (VÄï)
rUukedks (adj) % Having that name or the same name (rn~ $ uked)
r××kso % See Roa
rfUuUuks (adj) % Strong inclination towards a thing
ruksfr % To stretch (ru~)
rUra % A thread; main point; a literary work, religious treatise (rU=k)
rfUr % A string, line, cord; the string of a lute; a sacred text (rfUr)
rUrq % A thread (rUrq)
ruq (adj) % Thin, slender, delicate; small, slight (ruq)
ruqtks % A son (ruqt)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 363


ruqdks (adj) % Small, thin (ruqd)
ruqÙka % Smallness, thinness (ruqRo)
rkiua % Tormenting, self, mortification (rkiu)
riuh;a % Gold (riuh;)
riuks % The sun; name of a hell (riu)
rkilks % A hermit, ascetic (rkil)
riLlh % A mendicant, pauper; a religious ascetic or hermit (rifLou~)
rifr % To burn, blaze; to shine, be brilliant, to scorch, torment (ri~)
rkfi×pks $ % The plant Xanthochymus Pictorius (rkfi×N~ rkfi×t~)
riks] ria % Religions austerity; self mortification; religious duties, moral
practice, piety, virtue, devotion (ril~)
rIiCHkkjks % See rfUuUuks
riPp;k (adv) % On account of that (ran~ $ izR;;kr~)
rIiua % Being satisfied, saliety, gratification (riZ.k)
rIiua % Torment
rIijks (adj) % Subsequent; deligent, devoted (rRij)
rIifr $ rIisfr % See rifr
rIisfr % To satisfy, refresh (riZ;fr)
rIiks.kks % See rfUuUuks
rIiqfjlks % In gram, name of a particular sort of samasa (rRiq:"k)
rkjk % The star, planet, the pupil of the eye (rkjk)
rjPNks % A hyena (rj{k)
rjfg (adv) % Then (r£g)
rkjdk % A star, the pupil of the eye (rkjdk)
rjya % Rice gruel
rjyks (adj) % Trembling, unsteady (rjy)
rj.ka % Carrying over (rj.k)
rjÄõks % A wave (rjÄõ) % A boat (
rkjkiFkks % The sky (rkjkiFk)
rjfr % To cross, traverse, get beyond, escape from (r`)
rjfr % To be hurried or flurred, tremble (Roj~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 364


rjoks % See r:
rfj % A boat (rkfj)
rjks % A boat, a raft (rj] rjl~)
rkjks (adj) % Shrill, high (of a musical sound) (rkj)
r# % A tree (r:)
r#.kks (adj) % Young, fresh, new (r#.k)
rljks % A shuttle (=klj)
rlfr % To tremble, to be afraid of (=kl~)
rfl.g % See r.Mk
rLek % See lks
rlks (adj) % Moving, movable (=kl)
rLlua % Thirst (r"kZ.k)
rLlifiÕ;fldk % Name of one of the adhikaranasamathas(rL; $ ikih;l~ $ bdk)
rkr % See rkrks
rVa % See rVks
rVrVk;fr % To rattle, rustle ( from rVrV)
rFkk (adv) % So thus; also (rFkk)
rFkHkkoks % Thuth
rFkkxrks % A sentient being; a Buddha (rFkkxr)
rFkfjo % See rFkk
rFkk#iks (adj) % Of such a description, such; suitable, appropriate, adequate
rFkrks (adj) % As it is, rightly, correctly, truly
rFkÙka % Being so, such a state of things (rFkkRo)
rFkso % See rFkk
rFkwieks % See miek
rVh % See rVks
rfr;ks (adj) % Third (r`rh;)
rrks % See ruksfr
rrks (adv) % From that place, thence, thereform; from that time; thereafter;
subsequently; further, moreover (rrl~)
rVks] rVh] rVa % A shore or bank (rV] rVh)
rkrks % See rk;fr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 365


rkrks % Respected, dear (rkr)
r=k $ rRFk (adv) % There; thither; in that case, now, here; in that; therein (r=k)
rÙkdks (adj) % Burning (rIr $ d)
rÙkdks (adj) % As many, as great
rRFk % See r=k
rÙkks % See rifr
rRda % Essence, reality (rRo)
ro] roa % See Roa
rko (adv) % At once; now, just; realy, indeed, still (rko)
rkork (adv) % So far, to that extent, on that account (rkork)
rkordks (adj) % So many, so much, so great, so long (rkor~ $ pØ)
rkofrga % See ;kofrge
rko¯rlks (adj) % Belonging to thirty three
r;k % See Roa
rk;] rk;a % See lks
rk;fr % To protect, preserve, save (=kk)
r;h % The three Vedas (=k;h)
r;ks % three (=k;ks)
r;ksnl % Thirteen (=k;ksn'ku~)
rs % See lks $ Roa
rsHkkfrdks (adj) % Consisting of three brothers (f=k$ Hkzkr` $ d)
rsHkwedks (adj) % Belonging to three stages of being (f=kHkwl $ d)
rsfpofjdks (adj) % Wearing three robes (=ksphofjd)
rs/k (adv) % In three ways (=ks/k)
rstua % An arrow, shaft (rstua)
rstLlh (adj) % Bright, glorious (rstfLou~)
rstsfr % To sharpen (rst;fr)
rstks] rsta % Flame, heat, fire; light; brilliancy, spendour; majesty, dignity,
prestige, glory, fame; influence, efficacy, power (rstl~)
rsdkfydks (adj) % Relating to the three times, past, present, future (=ksdkfyd)
rsfdPNks (adj) % Curable
rsyda % A little oil (rSyd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 366


rsya % Oil from Tila-seeds (rSy)
rsyl] rsjl % Thirteen (=k;ksn'ku~)
rsfydks % An oil manufacturer (rSfyd)
rseua % Wetting (rseu)
rsekla % Three months, a quarter (f=kekl $ v)
rsesfr % To wet, moisten
rsuk % See lks
rsfiVdks (adj) % Belonging to the Tipitaka (f=kfiVd $ v)
rs¯Ùkl] rs¯Ùklfr % Thirty three (=k;fLra'kr~)
rsfoTtks (adj) % Possessed of three Vijjas (=kSfo/)
rsohl] rsohlfr % Twenty three (=k;ks¯o'kfr)
Fkcdks % A cluster of blossoms, bunch of flowers (Lrod)
Fk¼ks % Firm, hard, solid, dense; obstinate, stolid, stubborn (LrC/)
Fkdua % Covering, a lid (LFkxu)
Fkdsfr % To cover, conceal, stop up (LFkx;fr)
Fkytks % Land born (LFkyt)
Fkkyda ¾ Fkkya %
Fkya $ Fkyh % Land; ground (LFky] LFkyh)
Fkkya % A metal bowl or bason; a plate, dish (LFkky)
Fkyêðks (adj) % Standing on dry grounds (LFkyL;)
Fkyh % See Fkya
Fkkyh % A cooking pot, boiler, kettle (LFkkyh)
Fkkeok % Resolute (LFkkeu~ $ ou~)
FkEHkdfj % Rice (LrEcdfj)
FkEHkks % A clump of grass, a bush, thicket; a post, pillar: column: the post
to which an elephant is tied: stupor, insensibility(LrEc $ LrEHk)
Fkkeks % Strength
Bkua % Standing, stopping, halting: place, spot, situation: station,
state, condition: place, post, office, appointment rank: dignity:
point, matter; subject, topic, proposition, thesis, thing: basis,
source, origin, cause, reason LFkku
FkkuUrja % A particular post, a certan office, an office, appointment (LFkku
$ vUrj)
Fkuiks] Fkuik;h % A suckling, infant (Lrui $ ikf;u~)
Bkulks (adv) % Casually, necessarily (LFkku $ 'kl~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 367


BkukBkua % Right and wrong place or site (LFkku $ vLFkku~)
Fkf.Mylkf;dk % Sleeping on the bare-ground (LFkf.My'kkf;u~ $ bdk)
Bkfudks (adj) % Holding the place of (LFkkfud)
Fkfurks (adj) % Holding, thundering (Lrfur)
Bkfu;ks (adj) % Based upon (LFkkuh;)
Fk××ka % Mother’s milk (LrU;)
Fkkuks % Female breast (Lru)
Bkiua % Placing (LFkkiu)
Biuh;ks % That should be set aside
Fkifr % A carpenter (LFkifr)
Bkisfr] Bfi;fr % See frêòfr
Fk: % The hilt of a sword (Rl#)
BLlfr] Bkrqa] BRok % See (frêòfr)
Fkkofj;a % Security (LFkkoj $ ;)
Fkkojks (adj) % Stationary, fixed: stable, firm, strong (LFkkoj)
Fkfodk % A purse
Bk;h (adj) % Lasting, living (LFkkf;u~)
Fksusfr % To steal (Lrsu~)
Fksuks % A thief (Lrsu)
Fksfj;ks (adj) % Belonging to theras (LFkkfoj $ o)
Fksjks % An oldman; a Buddhist monk of a certain standing, a senior
priest, an elder (LFkkfoj)
Fksrks (adj) % Firm, trustworthy
Fksoks % A drop of water (Lrsi~ $ v)
FksÕ;a % Theft (Lrs;)
Fkh % A woman (L=kh)
Fkhua % Idleness, sloth, dullness (LRFkku)
fFkjks (adj) % Firm, hard, solid, strong, immovable, permanent, lasting(fLFkj)
fBrdks (adj) % Standing up (fLFkrd)
fBrÙka % Remaining firm: continuance (fLFkr $ Ro)
fBfr % Durability, stability, continuation, existence, life (fLFkrh)
fBfrdks (adj) % Lasting, continuing, living on, existing
fBrks] Bh;rh % See frêòfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 368


Bks (adj) % Standing, staying (LFk)
Fkksddks (adj) % Small, brief, slight
Fkksdks (adj) % Small, short, slight (Lrksd)
Fkkseua % Praise (Lrkseu)
Fkksesfr % To praise (Lrkse;fr)
Fkkseks % Praise (Lrkse)
Fkwyks] FkwŠks (adj) % Big, large, thick, coarse, clumsy, stupid (LFkwy)
Fkw.kk % A pillar, column, post (LFkw.kk)
Fkwiks % A conical heap, a pile, a mound; a conical or bell-shaped shrine
containing a retic, a dagaba, cetiya, tope (Lrwi)
Fkwlks % Husk of grain (rq"k)
Fkqfr % Praise, thanks (Lrqfr)
Fkqrks % Praised (Lrqr)
fr % See bfr
fr % See r;ks
frCcks (adj) % Sharp, keen; acute, intense, excessive, severe (rhoz)
frHkkxks (adj) % Consisting of three portions (f=k$ Hkkx)
frHkoa % Three forms of existence (f=k $ Hko)
frHkwedks (adj) % Three storied (f=k $ Hkwe $d)
frphoja % The three robes (f=k $ phoj)
frn.Ma % The three staves of a Brahmin ascetic (f=kn.M)
frnlks % A deva (f=kn'k)
fr/k (adj) % In three ways of parts (f=k/k)
frfnoks % The dava world or heaven (f=kfno)
frxkoqra % Three leagues (f=k $ xO;wfr)
rhga % Three days (=;g)
rhfg % See r;ks
Vhdk % A Pali commentary on an atthakatha, a scholium, gloss(Vhdk)
frda % A triad, three (f=kd)
frf[k.kks] frD[kks % Sharp: pungent, fiery, acrid: acute, clever (rh{.k)
fr.gks (adj)
frfdPNk % The practice of medicine, curing, healing (fpfdRlk)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 369


frfdPNdks % A physician (fpfdRld)
frfdPNfr % To treat medically, to cure (fpfdRlfr)
frD[kÙkaq % Thrice (f=k $ ÑRol~)
fryD[k.ka % Three characteristics (f=k $ y{k.k)
frydks % Name of a tree: a moade or freckle: a seetarial mark on the
frfyPpks % A sort of snake (frfyRl] frfyPN~)
fryks % The sesamum plant; the seed of sesamum Indicum (fry)
fryksda % The three worlds (f=kyksd)
frea.Mya % Three circles (f=k $ e.My)
frEc:] % The Tinduka tree
frfe] frfeUnks] % Names of certain fish of enormous size, that haunt the oceans,
freÄõyks between kutackalas (frfe_ frfe] bUnz] fr¯efxy)
frfeja % Darkness (frfej)
frfejkf;rÙka % Gloominess (frfejk;rs $ Ro)
frfela % Darkness (rfeL=k or rel~)
frfefldk % A very dark night (rfeL=k with bd)
¯rl] ¯rlfr % Thirty (f=k'kr~)
¯rlks (adj) % Thirtieth (¯=k'k)
frua % Grass, herb, wead (r`.k)
fr.koRFkkjdks % Name of one of the adhikaranasamathas (r`.k $ voLrkj $ d)
fr.koks % A sort of drum
fru;ua % Three eyes (f=ku;u)
frUnqdks % The tree Diospyros Embryopteris (frUnqd)
fr.gks % See frf[k.kks % See r;ks
frfrlks % The tree Dalbergia Onqeinensis (frfu'k)
fr..kks % See rjfr % The tamarind tree
frUrks % Wet
fr.kqdïk % A torch made of a wisp of hay or dry grass (r`.kksYdk)
frinfD[k.ka % The padakkhina thrice repeated (f=k $ iznf{k.kk)
friQya % Three fruits (f=kiQy)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 370


frfiVda % Three Baskets or Treasuries, a name of the Buddhist Scriptures
friq % Tin, lead (=kiq)
friqrk % White Teori, convalvulus Turpenthum (f=kiqVk)
frjPNkuks % An animal, beast
rhja % A shore, bank (rhj)
rhj.ka % Deciding
frjÙka % Three nights or three days (f=kjk=k)
rhjsfr % To accomplish, finish, decide (rhj;fr)
frjhVdks % The tree Symplocos Racemosa (frjhV $ d)
frfj;a (adv) % Across (fr;Zd)
frjks (adv) % Across, beyond, over, on the other side (frjl~)
frjks/kua % A curtain, cover, lid, veil (frjks/ku) % A curtain or screen (
frjksdfjÕ;fr % To be veiled ( Pass frjLÑ)
frjkséïkjks % Disrespect, blame, abuse (frjLdkj)
frlj.ka % The three refuges (f=k'kj.k)
frlrks (adj) % Numbering three hundred (f=k'kr)
frflÄõ % Three horns or peaks (f=k'k`Äõ)
frLlks % See r;ks
frfFk % A lunar day (frfFk)
frfrD[kfr % To bear, endure, belong-suffering (frfr{krs)
frÙkdks (adj) % Bitter (frÙkQd)
frRFkdjks % A sect founder; religious teachers (rhFkZdj)
frRFka % A landing place, or bathing place in a river or tank, a ghat: a
landing place on the sea-coast, a harbour: a Guru or precaptor:
the usual way, right way: a piece of water: religious belief (rhFkZ)
frV òfr&Bkfr % To stand, stand aside: be expected or omitted, remain behind;
to stay, stop, remain: to dwell, continue, abide, last, endure,
remain constant, live, exist, be (LFkk)
frfRFk;ks % An adherent of a heretical sect or system of philosophy, a
sectarian, heretic, unorthodox believer (rhF;Z)
frfÙk % Saliety, fulness (r`fIr)
frfÙkdks (adj) % Brimful (le $ r`fIr $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 371


frfÙkjks % The francoline partrige (frfÙkj)
frÙkks % Satisfied, full (r`Ir)
froXxks % Three objects of life viz. Dhamma, kamo and artho, Religion,
pleasure and wealth (f=koxZ)
frofÄõdks (adj) % Having three angas (f=k $ vÄõ $ bd)
frfo/ks (adj) % Threefold (f=kfo/)
frfoTtk % Three branches of knowledge (f=kfo|k)
froqrk % White teori, convolvulus Turpethum (f=ko`Ùk~)
fr;kek % Night (f=k;kek)
fr;klhfr % Eighty three (=;'khfr)
rksefjdks % A spearman
rksej] ja % A lance, spike (rksej)
rksj.ka % An arch, gateway, pandal or triumphal arch used on state
occasions (rksj.k)
rkslks % Satisfaction, joy (rks"k)
rks;xks (adj) % Floating on water (rks; $ x)
rks;a % Water (rks;)
rq % A particle, never used at the beginning of a sentence, which may
be rendered by “now” “but” “indeed” (rq)
rqPNks (adj) % Empty, vain (rqPN)
rqnEifr % Husband and wife
rqfnRFk % He qnawed, pierced
rqfgua % Dew frost (rqfgu)
rqTtfr % To be struck, pierced, poked
rqyk % A balance, pair of scales: resemblance, equality a beam or
rafter: a measure of weight (rqyk)
rqysfr % To weigh, measure; to consider, weigh with the mind (rwy] rqy)
rqfydk % A painter’s brush or pencil (rqfy $ dk)
rqfydk % A mattress (rwfydk)
rqfy;ks % A flyig fox
rwyks $ rwya % Cotton (rwy)
rqY;ks (adj) % Similar, equal (rqY;)
rqEch % The gourd laqenaria vulgaris (rqEch)
rqEcks % A sort of water-vessel with a spout; a measure of grain (rqEc)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-08 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—09-12-2013 372


rqEgkfnlks (adj) % Like you
rqEgs % See Roa
rq.Ma % A beak, snout etc. (rq.M)
rqf.Myks (adj) % rqf.My
rqÄõks % High, prominent (rqÄõ) (adv) % Silently, without speaking (rw".khe)] rw.kks] % A quiver (] rw.k] rw.khj)
rw.khjks] ja
rqUua % A suture, a patch (rqUu)
rqUuok;ks % A tailor (rqUuqok;)
rq..kks % Quick (rw.kZ)
rqjxks] rqjÄõks % A horse, courser (rjx] rqjÄõ)
rqfjrks % Hastening, hurried, eager, swift (Rofjr)
rqfj;a % A musical instrument (rw;Z)
rqjD[kks % Indian incense (rq:"d)
rqflrk % Name of the angels inhabiting the fourth Devaloka (rqf"kr)
rqlks % Substance, wealth
rqLlfr % To be satisfied, pleased, joyful (rq"k~)
rqÙka % A pike used to guide the elephant, a goad (rksuz)
rqfV ò % Satisfaction, joy, happiness (rqf"V)
rqV òks % See rqLlfr
rqVqHka % The trishtubh metre
rqo % See Roa
rqoVa (adj) % Quickly
rqoVfr ðò % To lie down
Roa] rqoa % Thou (Roe~)
Roso % (bfr ,o)
R;ga] R;kga % See bfr] Roa
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 373


m] mn % A preposition only used as the first of part of a compound,
generally conveying the idea upward or “above” or “away” (mn~)
mCcgfr % To raise up to remove, drive away (m}g~)
mCckfgdks % Rules for expulsion of, schismatic priests
mCcV ðua % Shampooing the body (m}rZu)
mCcÙksfr % To tear up, tear out (m}rZ;fr)
mCcs/ks % Height (mn~ $ os/)
mCcsxks % Agitation; excitement, anxiety(m}sx)
mCcstfu;ks (adj) % Causing alarm, agitating (m}stuh;)
mCHka % See m¼a
mCHkkjks % See m¼kjks
mCHkrks % Thrown up, thrown out (m‰qr)
mCHkkosfr % To produce, use (m‰ko;fr)
mCHkoks % Birth, origination (m‰w)
mfCHkna % Kitchen salt (mf‰n)
mfCHkTtfr % To burst upwards, to spring up out of the ground, to sprout,
germinate ( Pass mf‰n~)
mCHkwrks % Born, produced (m‰wr)
mCoh % The earth (mohZ)
mfCctfr % To be afraid of ( Pass mf}t~)
mfCcŠkfirks % Unduly elated, puffed up
mfCcu;ks % Wrong or false Vinaya (mn $ fou;)
mHkrks (adv) % On both sides, in two ways (mHk $ rl~)
mHk;rks (adv) % On both sides (mHk;rl~)
mHk;RFkk (adv) % In both places (mHk;=k)
mHk;ks (adj) % Both (mHk;)
mHkks % Both
mPp (Indecl.) % Above, high (mPp)
mPpkysfr % To irritate
mPpkfyÄõks % A caterpillar
mPpa (Indecl.) % High (mPpSl~)
mPpkj.ka % Utterance, pronunciation (mPpkj.k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 374


mPpkjsfr % To raise aloft, lift up (mPpkj;fr)
mPpkj % Excrement (mPpkj)
mPprk % Elevation (mPprk)
mPprjks (adj) % Higher (mPprj)
mPpfr % See ofÙk
mPprks (adv) % According to height, in height (mPp $ rl~)
mPpkrqa % To raise, lift
mPpkopks (adj) % (mPpkop)
Various, irregular
mPpk;ks % Accumulation (mPp;)
mPNknua % Destruction; rubbing the body with perfume (mRlknu)
mPNÄõks % The hip, flank, haunch: the lap (mRlÄõ)
mPNsnks % Extirpation, annihilation (mPNsn)
mfPNUnfr % To cut off, extirpate, destroy (mfPNn~)
mfPNrks % Lofty, exalted (mPN`r)
mfPNsV òks % Left, rejected, impure (mfPN"V)
mPNq % Sugar cane (b{kq)
mfPpufr % To choose, select: to pick up (mfPp)
mPpks (adj) % High, tall (mPp)
mfprks % Suitable, convenient (mfpr)
mn (Indecl) % Or, on the other hand (mr)
mnCcgfr % To draw out, derive (mn~ $ vk $ o`g)
mnfcUnq % A drop of water (mn~fcUnq)
mnfPNnks % See mfPNUnfr
mnf/ % The sea (mnf/)
mnXxks (adj) % High, delighted (mnxz)
mngkjdks % One who makes conduits for water (mngkj $ d)
mnkgj.ka % An example, instance (mnkgj.k)
mnkgjfr % To utter, recite: to command (mnkâ)
mnkgkjks % Utterance (mnkgkj)
mnkgq (Indecl.) % Or (mrkgq)
mnda % Water (mnd)
mndqEHkks % A water pot (mndqEHk)
mnkua % Upward aspiration, enthusiastic or joyous utterance, expres-
sion of intense feeling in words (mnku)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 375


mnkusfr % To breathe forth, make a joyous utterance ( caus. mnu~)
mnikuks % A well (mniku)
mnja % The belly, stomach (mnj)
mnjkonsgda % To eat to satiety
mnfj;a % The stomach (mn;Z)
mnkjks % See mGkjks
mnklhuks (adj) % Indifferent, neutral (mnklhu)
mnkf;Hkíks % Name of the son of Ajatasattu
mn;ks % Rise, beginning, appearance: the eastern mountain behind
which the sun rises (mn;)
míkyks % The tree Cassia fistula (míky)
míykseh % A woollen coverlet with a fringe at each end
míkua % Binding (míku)
míkiks % Foundation of a wall(m}ki)
mísldks (adj) % Appointing, arranging (mísld)
mísfld/krq % Illustrative or commemorative retic, name of one of the three
classes of relics or memorials of Buddhas
mísflrks % A lumbar room, store
míslks % Prescription, ordinance; enunciation, recitation: region, period,
oceasion (mísl)
m¼Ppa % Being puffed up, vanity, pride (vkS¼R;)
m¼fPNídks % Skylight (mèoZ $ fNnz $ d)
m¼nsfgda % Funeral obsequies (vkSèoZnsfgd)
mènzkxkeh (adj) % Going upwards (mQèoZxkfeu~)
m¼xfr % Going up, ascent (mèoZxfr)
m¼fXxdks (adj) % Having spiritual progress for its end or object (mQèoZ $ vxz $
m¼xks (adj) % Pointing upwards, standing on end (mQèoZ $ vxz)
m¼dks % A kind of drum (mQèoZd)
m¼yksdks % The world above, heaven (mQèoZyksd)
m¼a] mCHkga (adv) % Upwards: up: above: after (mQèoZe~)
m¼EHkkfx;ks (adj) % Belonging to the upper part (mQèoZe~ $ Hkkx $ ;)
m¼Eeks % Wrong or false Dharma, perverted doctrine (mn~ $ /eZ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 376


m¼alfr % To be thrown or scattered upwards (mn~ $ èoal~)
m¼alksrks % One who ascends the stream (of existence) (mèoZe~ $ L=kksrl~)
m¼eq[kks (adj) % Upturned (mQèoZeq[k)
m¼ewyks (adj) % Having the roots upwards (mQèoZ $ ewy)
m¼ua % An oven
m¼Äõeks (adj) % Going upwards, ascending (mQèoZe~ $ xe)
m¼inks (adj) % Heels upwards (mQèoZikn)
m¼j.ka % Drawing out (m¼j.k)
m¼jfr % To draw out, lift up: raise (m¼`)
m¼kjks % Pulling out: debt (m¼kj)
m¼rks % Puffed up, haughty (m¼r)
m¼Vks % See m¼jfr
m¼ks] mCHkks (adj) % Raised, errect, high (mQèoZ)
m¼ek;fr % To be blown up, and hence to be swollen
m¼qrks % Shaken ( P.P.P. m¼w)
m¼q;fr % To be driven away
mfílfr % To point out, to declare; to determine, appoint; to recite (mfí'k~)
míks % Name of an animal (mnz)
mnsfr % (mfn)
To rise
mnhfp % The North (mnhph)
mfnD[kfr % To look at, survey; to see, perceive (mnh{k~)
mnhj.ka % Uttering, saying (mnhj.k)
mnhjsfr % To utter, speak, say (mnhj;fr)
mfnrks % Risen, arisen: high (mfnr)
mnzsdks % Vomiting (mnzsd)
mnzh;ua % Bursting or splitting open
mnqD[kya % A mortar (mnw[ky)
mnqEcjks % The tree ficus Glomerata (mnqEcj)
mXxPNfr % To rise, ascend: to depart, come back (mn~xe~)
mXxg.ka % Taking or lifting up; learning acquisition (mn~xg
z .ka)
mXxgsrCcks % See mXx.gkfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 377


mXxgks % Learning, acquisition (mn~xzg)
mXxeua % Rising, ascent: arising, origin, production (mn~xeu)
mXxeh] mXxEe % See mXxPNfr
mXxeks % Rising up (mn~xe)
mXx.gkfr % To raise, lift, pick up: to learn, acquire by study (mn~xzg)
mXxkjks % (mn~xkj)
Spitting out, vomiting
mXxfr % Ascent, appearance (m}fr)
mXxrks % See mXxPNfr
mXxRFkua % A sort of Ornament
mX?kjfr % To ooze (mn~ $ ?k`)
mX?kkVua % The rope and bucket of a well (m¼kVu)
mX?kkVsfr % To open, unfasten; to reveal, make known (mn~?kkV;fr)
mX?kfVr××kq (adj) % Understanding what is revealed (mn~?kkVuK)
mX?kkslsfr % To shout out, proclaim (m¼ks"k;fr)
mX?kkslks % Proclaimation (m¼ks"k)
mfXxyfr % To vomit (mn~x`)
mfXxj.ka % Spewing, vomiting
mXxks (adj) % Voilent, severe, cruel, sharp (mxz)
mQgk % Life
mgnsfr % To be foul with excrement(mn $ gn~)
mQgua % Arrangement, synthesis (mQgu)
mQgrks % Destroyed (mn~ $ gr)
mgÄïkjks % An owl
mTtyua % Lighting or burning (of a lamp) (mToyu)
mTtyfr % To flash up, shine (mTToy~)
mTtyks (adj) % Blazing, flashing; bright, beautiful (mTToy)
mTtsuh % The city of Onjein (mTt;uh)
mT>fXxdk % Loud laughter
mT>kua % Taking offence, captiousness
mT>kiudks (adj) % One who stirs up another to discount, makes him murmur, or
mT>fr % To abandon; to throw (mT>~)
mT>k;fr % To be irritated, annoyed, to be offended, to murmur
mTtksrua % Illumination, glorification
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 378


mTtksrks % Light, lustre (m|ksr)
mtq $ mTtq (adj) % Straight, direct: straight-forward, honest, upright (Ítq)
mtqdks (adj) % Straight, direct, right (Ítqd)
mQdk] mQdks % A louse; a weight of seven likkhas (;wd)
m[kk % A boiler, cooking vessel (m[kk)
méïk % A torch, firebrand; a meteor (mYdk)
méïM~<fr % To cast out, remove (mRÑ"k~)
méïykiks $ mDyyiks % Sweepings, rubbish
méïeua % Stepping, aside, passing (mRØe.k)
méïekisfr (caus) % To cause to step aside or get out of the way
méïalsfr % To exalt (mRd"kZ;fr)
méïalks % Excess; excellence: exaltation (mRd"kZ)
méï.Bfr % To regret, pine, be unhappy, distressed, discontented (mRd.B)
méïkjks % Dung, excrement
méïklfr % To hem, clear the throat (mn~ $ dkl)
méïV òk % Name of a town
méïV òks % High, eminent; exceeding, excessive: excellent, superior (mRÑ"V)
mD[kfy % A pot to boil rice in
mD[ksidks (adj) % One who excommunicates (mR{ksid)
mD[ksiua % Excommunication (mR{ksi.k)
mD[ksiuh;ks % Excommunication-like
mD[ksiks % Lifting, raising (mR{ksi)
mfD[kifr % To throw upwards, raise, lift: to get rid of: eject (mfR{ki~)
mfD[kÙkdk % Tucking up the rob (mfR{kIr $ dk)
méïkspks % A bribe (mRdksp)
méïksVua % Perverting justice
méïksVsfr % To disturb what is settled, to open up again a question that has
been set at rest (mRdksV;fr)
méï˜Ttua % Setting up again
méï˜Ttsfr % To set up again, what has been overturned
méï˜lks % An osprey (mRØks'k)
méï˜fVdks (adj) % Sitting on the mams, squatting, crouching, kneeling (mRdVqd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 379


mé˜ïfê ò % Crying out, shouting (mRØq'k $ fr)
mDykiks % See méïykiks
mŸkjks % Great: lofty: noble, excellent, eminent (mnkjks)
mŠ†fr % To leap up (mŠ†)
mŠifr % To lay claim to, assert oneself the owner of (mn~ $ yi~)
mŠflrks % Shinning (mŠflr)
mfŠÙkks % Smeared (mn~ $ fyIr)
mŠkspks $ pa % A canopy, awning (mŠksp)
mŠksdsfr % To look up, look at (mn~ $ yksd~)
mŠksy % A wave, surge (mŠksy)
mGq % A lunar mansion (mMq)
mywdks % A owl (mywd)
mGEiks&ia % A raft (mMwi)
mGÄïks % A ladle (mnÄï)
myqih % A porpoise (myqfiu)
mQfe % A wave (mQ£e)
mEek % Flax (mek)
mEeíkisfr % To cause to be rubbed
mEeknsfr % To madden (mUekn;fr)
mEeknks % Madness, distraction, mental aberration (mUekn)
mEeXxks % An underground waterrcourse, a main (mUekxZ)
mEeTtua % Shampooing the body (mUektZu)
mEekjks % A threshold
mEeÙkks] mEeÙkdks % Mad, out of one’s mind, in a state of mental aberration (mUeÙk_
(adj) Ùkd)
mEehysfr % To open
mEeqTtk % Emerging
mEeqTtfr % To emerge, rise out of (mUeTt~)
mEeqda % A fire-brand (mYeqd)
mEeqD[kks (adj) % Expecting, awaiting (mUeq[k)
mEewysfr % To root up (mUewy;fr)
mQudks (adj) % Deficient (mQud)
mUnqjks % A rat (mUnqj)
m.ghlks $ la % A crest, diadem : crown : a turban : part of a staircase (m".kho)
m.gks (adj) % Hot (m".ka)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 380


m..kk $ m..ka % Wool, hair between the eye-brows (mQ.kZ)
m××kk % Contempt (voKk)
mUunfr % To shout or roar (mUun~)
mUuyks % Evil disposed
mUuefr % To ascend, rise up (mUue~)
mUueks % Elevation, height (mUue~ $ v)
m..kukfHk % A spider (m.kZukfHk & mQ.kZukHk)
m..kra % A sort of ornament
mUufr % Haughtiness (mUufr)
mUurks % Raised, high (mUur)
mUuks % Wet (mUu)
mQuks (adj) % Deficient, less (mQu)
mik % Below, less (mi)
miHkksXxks % To be enjoyed(miHkksX;)
miHkksxks % Enjoyment (miHkksx)
mipfjrks % Served (mipfjr)
mikpfj;ks % A teacher’s successor
mipkjks % Approach, entrance, neighbourhood: a present, offering; atten-
tion, civility; practice, conduct (mipkj)
mip;ks % Accumulation, increase (mip;)
miPpdk % Land at the foot of mountain (miR;dk)
miPNsnks % Cutting off, stopping
mifPNUnfr % To cut off, interrupt, bring to an end (mi $ fNn~)
mifpdk % White ant
mifpufr % To heap up, accumulate (mifp)
mink % A present (mink)
miknkua % Firewood, fuel; clinging to existence, attachment (miknku)
miknkuh;ks (adj) % Connected with attachment, sensual
minê ðk % A supervisor (min`"V)
miknk; % See mikfn;fr
miíoks % Accident, misfortune, distress, oppression (minzo)
mi¼ks (adj) % Half; partial (mi $ v/Z)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 381


miíqrks % Distressed, annoyed, oppressed (minzqr)
minslks % Instruction, direction (mins'k)
mi/kua % Putting under; supplying, imposing; a pillow, cushion(mièkku)
mi/kjsfr % To consider, reflect, investigate, search with the mind, look out
for, ascertain (mik/kj;fr)
mi/kofr % To run after, run-up to (mi/ko~)
mif/ % A wheel; the body; a substratum of being (mif/)
mifnlfr % To command, advise (mifn'k~)
mikfnlslks (adj) % Having the skandhas remaining
mifnLlfr % To be seen, discovered (min`';rs)
mifnêðks % See mifnlfr
mikfn;fr % To take hold of; to cling to the world; to have attachment(miknk)
minqLlfr % To be angry, revengeful (mi $ nq"k~)
mixk % See misfr
mixPNfr % To come to, approach, visit, reach; to undergo, suffer; to under-
take, begin; to enter upon (mixe~)
mikxPNfr % To come to; arrive at, reach (mikxe~)
mixeua % Approaching (mixeu)
mixeks % Approaching, entering upon etc. (mixe)
mixk;fr % To sing (mixS)
mi?kkrua % Hurting
mi?kkrks % Hurting, injuring (mi?kkr)
mi?kfêðrks % Knocked against (mi $ ?kêð)
mixks (adj) % Going to, entering; entering on, undergoing (mix)
mixwgua % Embracing, an embrace (mixwgu)
mixwŸgks % Embraced (mixw<)
migPp % See migfUr
mikguk % A shoe, sandal (mikug)
miguua % Hurting, injury
migfUr % To injure, vex, impair (migu~)
migkjks % A complimentary present to a superior; an oblation to a deva
mikgkjks % Bringing forward, adding (mikgkj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 382


migrks % See migfUr
mitusfr % To produce (mitu;fr)
mitkiks % Suggesting treason; sowing disunion (mitki)
mithoua % Maintainance (mithou)
mithofr % To subsist by (mitho~)
mithoh (adj) % Subsisting by (mithfou~)
miT>k;ks $ miT>ks % A spiritual preacher or preceptor (mikè;k;)
midîôfr % To drag down (miÑ"k)
mid..ka % Into the car (mid.kZe~)
midIiua % Preparation, fabrication (mdYiu)
midIifr % To serve or profit (miDy`i~)
midkjdks (adj) % Benefiting, helping (midkjd)
midj.ka % Help, benefit, service, instrument; implement; furniture, appa-
ratus (midj.k)
midkjh (adj) % Benefiting (midkfju~)
midkfjdk % A benefactress; the foundation of a wall (midkfjdk)
midkjks % Help; advantage, benefit, use, service: helper; benefactor(midkj)
midê òks % Near, approaching (mi $ Ñ"V)
miéïekyfy % To devise plans, manoevre
miéïefr % To approach, come: to begin (miØe~)
miéïeks % Beginning (miØe)
miD[kjks % A part of a carriage (miLdj)
miD[krks $ Vks % Got ready, prepared (miLÑr)
miféïyslks % Depravity, sin: molestation, distress
miféïfyê òks % Stained, depraved (mi $ fDy"V)
miéïkslks % Blame (miØks'k)
miéï˜ê òks % Blamed, reproached (mi~ $ Øq'k~)
miyf¼ % Acquisition, knowledge (miyfC/)
miyD[k.ka % Syneedoche (miy{k.k)
miyD[ksfr % To look at, regard, note (miy{k~)
mifyEifr % To smear, defile (mifyi~)
miyks % A stone, rock (miy)
miek % Similarity; equality; comparison: a similitude, simile, illustra-
tion, figure, allegory, parable (miek)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 383


miekua % Resemblance (mieku)
miekrk % A wet-nurse (miekr`)
miukgks % Enemity (miukg)
miukesfr % To offer; present: to place close to: hold out to (miuke;fr)
miugÔfr % To tie or wrap up (miug~)
miukf;dks (adj) % Referring or belonging to (miukf;d)
miusfr % To present, bestow; to bring to, to conduce (miuh)
mikÄõa % A minor limb or section (mikÄõ)
mifucU/ua % Fastening, attachment
mifucU/fr % To attach (mi $ fu $ cU/~)
mifuf/ % A deposit, pledge (mifuf/)
mifu?kalfr % To rub up against (mi $ fu $ i`"k~)
mifuT>kua % Meditation
mifufD[kifr % To deposit, lay up (mifuf{ki~)
mifulk % Cause ; means ; likeness
mifulhnfr % To sit beside or in the presence of (mi $ fu $ ln~)
mifuLlk; % Near, close to
mifuLl;ks % Basis, ground work
miuhrks $ % See miusfr
miuhrks % Led away (miuhr)
mi××kklks % An exordium (miU;kl)
mi××kkrks % Found out learnt; known (miKk)
mifUr (adv) % Before, in the presence of(mi $ vfUr)
mifUrdks (adj) % Close to, adjoining (mifUrd)
miUrks (adj) % Adjoining (mikUr)
miinks % Conformity, accordance
miiTtfr % To come to, attain, be produced, be reborn (miin~)
miikjeh % Minor perfection
miifjD[kk % Investigation (miijh{kk)
miifjD[kfr % To investigate, ascertain (mi $ ifj $ bZ{k~)
miifr % A paramour (miifr)
miifÙk % Birth, rebirth (miifÙk)
miihGdks (adj) % Oppressive (miihM~ $ vd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 384


mijktk % A viceroy (mijkt)
mijTta % Post of viceroy, viceroyalty (mi $ jkT;)
mijeua % Cessation (mije.k)
mijefr % To cease (mije~)
mikjEHkks % Being angry with a person (mi $ vk $ jHk~)
mijfr % Cessation (mijfr)
mijrks % Having ceased or desisted; deseased, dead (mijr)
mijoks % Noise and bustle (mijo)
mifj (adv) % Above, upon, over upwards, beyond, further (mifj)
mifjeks (adj) % Uppermost, over-head (mifj $ e)
mifjruks (adj) % Upper (mifjru)
mifjÙka % Superposition (mifj $ Ro)
mijks/ks % Obstacle; detriment (mijks/)
mi#T>fr % To be stopped, to cease, be annihilated ( Pass
mi:ifj (adv) % Higher and higher, one above another (mifj $ mifj)
milXxks % Trouble, misfortune, danger; preposition (milxZ)
milk[kk % A minor branch (mi'kk[kk)
mikldks % A pious Buddhist not in orders, a devout or faithful layman, lay
devotee (mikld)
mileua % Appeasing (mi'keu)
milaEH;kua % The outer garment, the cloak (milaO;ku)
milaEgjfr % To bring to-gether (milaâ)
milafEgrks % Accompanied or furnished with (milafgr)
milEefr % To grow calm; to cease; to be settled(mi'ke~)
milEink % Taking, obtaining, acquiring; priest orders (milain~ $ vk)
milEiTtfr % To attain, enter on, take upon oneself; to reach, approach
milaolfr % To take up one’s abode in (mi $ la $ ol~)
miklua % Attendance, service, homage (miklu)
miklua % Archery (miklu)
milÄïeua % Approaching
milÄïefr % To go to, approach (milaØe~)
milUrks % See milEefr
milIifr % To approach (mil`i~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 385


miklfr % To attend, honour, serve, revere (mikl)
milsok % Service, honouring (milsok)
milsofr % To serve, to honour: to practice, frequent (milso~)
milsoh (adj) % Serving, frequenting (milsfou~)
mikfldk % See mikldks
milksHksfr % To adorn (mi'kksHk;fr)
miLlXxks % See milXxks
miLlêòks % Oppressed, beset, ruined (mil`"V)
miLl;ks % Asylum, dwelling (mikJ;)
miLlqfr % Listening to (miJqfr)
milqLlfr % To dry up (mi'kq"k~)
mirkisfr % To vex, torment (mirki;fr)
mifrLlks % A name of Sariputta (mifr";)
mifroÙkks % Escaped from
miêògua $ % See miêòkua $ miêòkfr
miêòkdks % A servitor, personal attendant (miLFkk;d)
miRFkEHkua % Supporting (miLrEHku)
miRFkEHkfr % To support, prop (miLrEHk)
miRFkEHkks % Stay, support, prop, help, encouragement (miLrEHk)
miêòkua $ miêògua % Waiting on, attendance, service, keeping near, readiness
miêòkidks (adj) % A teacher (miLFkkid)
miêòkiua % Providing etc. (miLFkkiu)
miêòkfr] miêògfr % To serve, wait on, attend, minister to, support; to be ready; to be
present (miLFkk)
miêòkf;dk % A female disciple (miLFkkf;d)
miokndks (adj) % Blaming
mioknuk % Blame (mion~)
mionfr % To blame (mion~)
mioknks % Blame (miokn)
miogfr % To bring about (miog)
mioua % A park (miou)
mio..ksfr % To describe fully (mio.kZ)
miolfr % See mikslFkks
mioklks % Temporary abstinence for a time from all wordly enjoyment,
fasting, self-mortification, penance (miokl)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 386


mioLla (adj) % At the approach of the rainy season (mi $ o"kZ)
mikoÙkks % Refraining (miko`Ùk)
mioslua % Sitting down (mios'ku)
mioh.ksfr % To play the lute to a person (mioh.k;fr)
mioh.kks % The neck of a lute (mi $ oh.kk)
mifolfr % To sit down (mifo'k~)
mioqRFkks % See mikslFkks
mi;eks % Marriage (mi;e)
mi;kua % Approaching (mi;ku)
mik;ua % A present (mik;u)
mik;klks % Desperation, despair (mi $ vk;kl)
mi;kfr % To go to, to approach (mi;k)
mik;ks % Means of success, expedient, stragtegem (mik;)
mi;ksxks % Employment, use (mi;ksx)
misPp % See misfr
misD[kk] misD[k % Indifference to pain and pleasure, equanimity resignation,
stoicism (mis{kk)
misD[kdks (adj) % Resigned, patient (mis{kd)
misD[kfr % To be indifferent, stoical (mis{k)
misfr % To go to approach, enter, undergo, incur (mis)
miksX?kkrks % An example (miks¼kr)
mikslfFkdks (adj) % Fasting, keeping the Uposatha vows; belonging to the Uposatha
mikslFkks % The Buddhist Sabbath or fast-day: fasting abstinence from
sensual pleasure: monastic ceremony of reading the Patimokkha
mikslFkks (adj) % Belonging to the Uposatha (miolFk $ v)
mIiCctfr % To leave the priesthood, throw off the robes (mn~ $ izozt)
mIiknua % Production, causing (mRiknu)
mIiknsfr % See mIiTtfr
mIiknks % Springing up, appearance, birth: an omen (mRikn)
mIiTtudks (adj) % Arising, being born
mIiTtua % Arising
mIiTtfr % To arise, originate, be produced, be born, appear (mRin~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 387


mIiéïeks % An expedient
mIiya % The blue lotus; a water lily: one of the high numerals or 1
followed by 98 ciphers (mRiy)
mIifyuh % An assemblage of blue lotuses (mRifyuh)
mIi.Msfr % To ridicule(mn~ $ i.M~)
mIiUuks % See mIiTtfr
mIifjD[kfr % To investigate (mn~ $ ifj $ bZ{k~)
mIikVudks (adj) % Rooting out (mRikVu $ d)
mIirua % Springing up, arising: jumping up (mRiru)
mIirfr % To fly or rise up into the air: to spring upwards, to jump (mRir~)
mIikVsfr % To root out, tear out, tear off (mRikV;fr)
mIiFkks % Wrong road, error, sin (mRiFk)
mIifÙk % Arising, birth, production (mRifÙk)
mIihGsfr % To press together (mRihM)
mjCHkks % A ram (mjHkz)
mjpéïa % An iron wheel which forms an instrument of a torture in one of
the hells (mjl$ pØ)
mjPNnks % Mail armour (mj pÜ n~)
mjxks % A snake; a Naga (mjx)
mj.kks % A ram (mj.k)
mjflykseks (adj) % Hairy - breasted
mjks] mja % The breast, chest (mjl~)
mjRFkya % The breast (mj%LFky)
m# (adj) % Large: excellent, eminent (m#)
m# % Sand
mQ# % Thigh (mQ#)
m#osyk % Name of a town in the Magadha country (m#foYok)
mlHka % A measure of twenty yatthis
mlHkks % A bull:name of one of the notes of the Hindu gamut: best,
eminent (at the end of a compound) name of a drug (Í"kHk)
mQljks (adj) % Saline (mQ"kj)
mQlok (adj) % Saline (mQ"k $ or~)
mlhjks $ ja % The fragrant root of andropogon Muricantum (m'khj)
mLek % Heat (m"eu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 388


mQlks % Salt-ground (mQ"k)
mLlnks % Protuberance (mRln~)
mLlgfr % To be able; to endeavour (mRlg~)
mLlkgks % Strength, effort, endeavour (mRlkg)
mLlfÄï (adj) % Distrustful, anxious (mn~ $ 'kfÄïu~)
mLluks % Increased, extensive, prevalent, rife, intense (mRlUu)
mLlfÄïrks (adj) % Distrustful; anxious (mn~ $ 'kfÄïr~)
mLlkisfr % To lift up, raise, exalt ( caus mfPNª)
mLlkj.ka % Driving away (mRlkj.k)
mLloks % Festival, merry-making, holiday (mRlo)
mLlkoks % Hoar-frost dew (vo';k;)
mfLl×pfr % To bale out, exhaust (mfRlp~)
mLlhlda % A pillow, the head of a bed (mPNh"kZd)
mLlksfŸg % Exertion
mLlqéaï % Zeal, energy, hardwork: eagerness, longing (vksRlqD;)
mLlqdks (adj) % Zealous, eager, active, energetic (mRlqd)
mLlwjlsÕ;k % Sleeping after the sun-rise (mRlwj $ 'kÕ;k)
mLlqLlfr % To become dried up (mPNq"k)
mlq % An arrow (b"kq)
mlqek % Heat (m"eu~)
mlw;k] mlwÕ;k % Envy, jealousy, detraction (vlw;k)
mlw;fr] mlqÕ;fr % To be envious, jealous, disconted (vlw;fr)
m=klks % Alarmed (m=kLr)
mÙkeks (adj) % Best, highest, chief, excellent, eminent, supreme, first-rate
mÙkalks % A chaplet; an earring (mÙkal)
mÙkkuks % Lying on its back, supine: shallow; open, evident, clear, easy
mÙkkisfr % To heat (mÙkki;fr)
mÙkjfr % To cross over, escape from (mÙk`)
mÙkjh (adj) % Superior, highest, best (mÙkfju~)
mÙk¯j (adj) % Beyond, above: furthur, besides, more, longer
mÙkfjrjks (adj) % Superior, better, higher, more eminent (mÙkjrj)
mÙkjh;a % An outer garment, cloak, scarf (mÙkjh;)
mÙkjks (adj) % Higher, high, superior, upper: northern, subsequent (mÙkj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 389


mÙklfr % To be alarmed (mR=kl~)
mÙkklks % Terror (mR=kkl)
mÙkÙka % Dried flesh (mÙkIr)
mV ògua % See mV òkua
mV ògfr] mV òkfr % To rise, stand-up, get up: to arise, be produced, to rouse or exert
oneself, to be aetive (mRFkk)
mV òkua] mV òkgua % Rising, standing up: rise, origin: exertion manly vigour
mV òkuo (adj) % Strenous, active (mRFkkuor~)
mV òkiua % Rising exhorting (mRFkkiu)
mV òkisfr] mV òk; % See mV ògfr
mV òk;h % See iqCcqV òk;h
mfV òrks % See mV ògfr
mV òHkfr % To spit out (mn~ $ f"Vo)
mfÙk Speech, utterance (mfÙkQ)
mfÙk..kks % See mÙkjfr
mfÙkV òs % See mV ògfr
mÙkks % See oqÙkks
mrq % Season time; season of the year: the menses (½rq)
mrqtks (adj) % Produced by the season (½rq $ t)
mrquh % A menstruating woman
mÕ;keks % Exertion (m|ke)
mÕ;kua % Going forth; a royal garden or pleasure grounds (m|ku)
mÕ;kfr % To go out or forth (m|k)
mÕ;ksf/da % A sham fight
mÕ;ksxks % Setting out, departure; near approach of death, decay (m|ksx)
mÕ;kstua % Inciting, instigation
mÕ;q×tfr % To exert oneself (m|qt~)
mÕ;qrks % Striving, busy (mn~ $ ;qr)
mÕ;qÙkks % See mÕ;q×tfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 390


o % See bo
ok (conj) % Or (ok)
opk % Orris root (opk)
okpk % Word saying; speech (okpk)
okpdks (adj) % Speaking, expressing (okpd)
okpkyks (adj) % Talkative (okpky)
opE;eks % A muni or Sage (opl~ $ ;e~)
opuk] ua % Recitation, reading, teaching, declaring (okpu)
opua % Speaking, saying, declaring; enjoying, injunction; advice; word,
speech, utterance, expression; sentence, passage, text (opu)
opuh;ks] okpkisfr % See ofÙk
oplk % See opks
okpfldks (adj) % Connected with speech, verbal (opl~ $ bd)
oplks (adj) % At the end of a compound a substitue for opl~ (opl)
oPpa % See oPpks
oPNdks % A calf (oRlda)
oPNyks (adj) % Affectionate (oRly)
oPNrjks % A bullock, steer (oRlrj)
oPNfr % See olfr
oPNk;uks] oPpkuks % A proper name (okRL;k;u~)
oPNks % a calf (oRl)
oPpks] oPpa % Lustre; form: excrement (opZl~)
okPpks] okpsfr % See ofÙk
oph % Speech, words (op~ $ bZ)
okfpda % News (okfpd)
okfprks % See ofÙk
opks % Speech, words, saying; advise, injunction, order (opl~)
okndks (adj) % Playing (music) (oknd)
onua % The mouth, the face; speech, utterance (onu)
oknua % Playing on a musical instrument, music (oknu)
onkuh;ks (adj) % Bountiful
on××kq (adj) % Bountiful: affable (onU;)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 391


onfr] onsfr % To speak, say: to declare, proclaim (on~)
oífydk % Rainy weather (oknZy $ bdk)
oM fô d % An artisan, carpenter, mason (o/Zfd)
oM dô ks (adj) % Augmenting, enlarging (o/Zd)
oM eô kudks (adj) % Growing (o/Zekud)
o¼e;ks (adj) % Leathern (o/z $ e;)
oM uô a % Increase, enlargement (o/Zu)
oM uô ks (adj) % Augmenting (o/Zu)
o¼rjks % See next
oM fô r % To grow, increase, multiply; to prosper (o`/~)
ofM ô % See oqf¼
ofM rô ks] o¼ks % See oMfrô
onsfr] oknsfr % See onfr
o/dks (adj) % Murderous (o/d)
o/fr % To strike, to kill (o/)
o/ks % Killing, slaughter, murder, assassination: striking (o/)
o/q % Bride, a young wife; a girl: a daughter-in-law
o/qdk % A daughter-in-law (o/qdk)
oknh (adj) % Saying, speaking, asserting, holding doctrine; disputing, argu-
ing (okfnu~)
okfndks (adj) % At the end of a compound a substitute for vadi
okfnra % See onfr
okfnÙka % A musical instrument; instrumental music (okfn=k)
okfnÙka % okfnRo
onks (adj) % Speaking sensibly (on)
oknks % Speaking, speech, talk: assertion: controversy, discourse, doc-
trine, creed: belief, heresy
oXxfr % To jump (oYx~)
ofXx;ks (adj) % Belonging to a class (oX;Z)
oXxks % A class, troop, multitude, company, tribe, party (cxZ)
oXxq (adj) % (oYxq)
Beautiful, pleasant
okxqfjdks % A sportsman using nets (okxqfjd)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 392


ogk % A river (ogk)
okgua % Carrying; a vehicle; an animal used in riding (okgu)
okglks % A boa constrictor or python (okgl)
ogfr % To carry, transport, draw; to bear along; carry off; to experience,
okgh (adj) % Carrying (okfgu~)
ogks (adj) % Carrying (og)
okgks % A bearer, leader; a horse, a vehicle; a cart; a measure of capacity
otfr % To go, to walk (ozt~)
oftjks $ ja % The thunderbolt of Indra; diamond, admant, a stone which
bores gems (otz)
oTta % A musical instrument (ok|)
oTta % That which should be avoided, fault, sin (oT;Z)
oTtua % (otZu)
Avoiding, forsaking, escaping
oTtfu;ks % That should be shunned, improper (otZuh;)
oTtfr % See onfr
oTtsfr % To avoid, abstain from, renounce, escape, leave out, pass over,
expect; to remove dispel (otZ;fr)
oT>k % Execution (oè;k)
oT>ks % To be killed or destroyed, meriting death(oè;)
oTth % Name of a people, the Licchavi princess (o`ft)
otks % A cow-pen (ozt)
oktks % The feather of an arrow (okt)
okda % Bark of a tree (oYd)
okdjk % A net of snare (okxqjk)
oéïya] yks % Bark garment worn by ascetics (oYdy)
oéïa % The kidney (o`éï)
oéïÄõks % The ruddy goose (oØkÄõ)
okéïj.ka % Talk, assertion (okp~ $ dj.k)
oD[kfr % See ofÙk
oéïks % Crooked (oØ)
odks % A wolf (o`d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 393


odqy % The tree Mimusops Elengi (odqy)
okD;a % A speech, a sentence (okD;)
oGckuyks % A submarine-fire at the south pole (oMok $ vuy)
oGHkkeq[ka % A hollow or pool
oGfHk % A roof (oMfHk)
okyf/ % A horse’s or cow’s tail(ckyf/)
okGxkgh % A snake charmer (O;kyxzkfgu~)
okyXxa % The tip of a hair (ckykxz)
oykgdks % A cloud (oykgd)
okygRFkks % A horse’s tail (ckygLr)
oytks % A sort of fish
okya % Water (okj~)
okGfexks % A tiger, leopard or other beasts of prey (O;kye`x)
oy×tdks (adj) % Using, frequenting
oy×tua % Use, resorting to
oy×tsfr % To use, to resort to, to spend
oy×tks % Use expenditure; a mark: resorting to: frequenting (vc $
oGok % A mare (oMok)
okyosf/ % An archer who can hit a hair (cky $ osf/u~)
okyohtuh % A fan made of a yak’s tail, a chowrie (cky $ chtuh)
oyf;rks (adj) % Encircled (oyf;r)
oy;a] oy;ks % A bracket, ring, circle (oy;)
oyh % A fold of the skin, wrinkle; a line, streak (ofy)
okfydk % Sand (ckfydk)
oyheq[kks % A monkey; wrinkled face (oyheq[k)
ofyjks (adj) % Squint-eyed (ofyj)
ofyrks (adj) % Wrinkled (ofyr)
ofyÙkpks (adj) % Wrinkled skin (ofy $ Rop~)
oŠHkks (adj) % Beloved (oŠHk)
oŠdh % An Indian Lute (oŠdha)
oŠjh % A compound pedicle a bunch, a cluster (oŠjh)
oŠh % A creeper, creeping plant (oŠh)
ofŠHkks % The plant Kumbhanda
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 394


oŠwjks] jk] ja % Dried flesh (oŠwj)
okyks % Hair of the head; hair of animals; the hairy tail of an animal
okGks % A snake; a beast of prey (O;ky)
okyqdk % Sand (okyqdk)
okensoks] okedks % See bfl
oeua % Vomitting; an emetic (oeu)
okeuks % Dwarfish (okeu)
oeFkq % Vomitting (oeFkq)
oefr % To vomit; to eject, discharge (oe~)
okerks % On the left side, to the left (oke $ rl~)
oEea % Armour (oeZu~)
ofEedks] da % An ant-hill(ofYed)
ofEerks % Wearing armour (o£er)
oeks % Vomitting (oe)
okeks (adj) % Left; reverse; opposite; beautiful (oke)
oalkxrks (adj) % Come down from father to son, hereditary (oa'kkxr)
oaltks (adj) % Belonging to a race (oa'kt)
oaléïeks % Lineage, pedigree (oa'kØe)
oalo..ka % The veluriya gem (oa'k $ o.kZ)
oafldks % A flute-player, piper (okaf'kd)
oalks % A bamboo; a file; race family, lineage; dynasty; hereditary
custom, tradition (oa'k)
oupjdks % A forester (oupj $ d)
oupjks % Wandering in the forest (oupj~)
oua % A wood, forest, water (ou)
o.kks] o.ka % A sore, wound, boil (oz.k)
okua % Sewing (okua)
okua % Desire, lust (okua)
ouUrks % The edge or skirt of a forest (oukUr)
okuiRFkks % A Brahmin of the third order, an anchorite (okuizLFk)
ouIifr] ouLirh % A tree bearing fruit but without apparent blossoms; any tree
oujkth % A tract of forest; an open glade or ride in a forest (oujkft)
okujks % A monkey (okuj)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 395


oul.Mks % A forest, wood (ou $ "k.M)
ouLifr % See ouIifr
ouFkks % The undergrowth in a forest, brushwood, shrubs, saplings:
desire, lust (ouFk)
ouoklks % Name of a country, according to Vijesiha it is Thibet (ouokl)
o×pdks (adj) % Deceitful (o×pd)
o×pua % Deception, illusion (o×pu)
o×psfr (caus) % To deceive, clude, delude (o×p;fr)
oUnkdk % A parasitical plant (oUnkdk)
oUnuk]&ua % Salutation, paying, reverence; veneration, homage (oUnuk]
oUnuh;ks (adj) % Deserving homage (oUnuh;)
oUnkiua % Causing to-do homage
oUnfr % To salute, make obeisance, pay homage to, revere venerate
ofUn % A prisoner (ofUn)
ofUn % A bard, panegyrist (ofUnu~)
okusÕ;a % The fragrant grass Cyperus Rotundus (okus;)
oÄõks % Bengal (oÄõ)
oÄõks % Discolouration of the face: a entaneous complaint (O;Äõ) % Voice, speech (
ofuCcdks % A beggar, mendicant, pauper (ouhid)
okf.ktdks % A trader (okf.kt)
of.kTtk % Trade (of.kTtk)
of.kIiFkks % A trading town, mart; trade (of.kdiFk)
ofurk % A woman (ofurk)
of.krks (adj) % Wounded, bruised (
o×>ks (adj) % Barren, sterile (cUè;)
o×tqyks % The ratan, calamus rotang (o×tqy)
oÄïks (adj) % Crooked, bent: cunning, dishonest
o..knklh % A prostitute (o.kZ $ nklh)
o..kda % Paint, rouge (o.kZd)
o..kuk % Description, narration: explanation, a comment, commentary
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 396


o..kok (adj) % Having colour, having beauty (o.kZor~)
o..konh (adj) % Eulogizing, a panegyrist (o.kZokfnu~)
o..ksfr % To depict, describe; to praise, applaud, approve; to explain,
comment upon (o.kZ) (adj) % Having colour, having the appearance of (o£.ku~)
o..kks % Appearance, form, figure: colour: sort: kind: tribe, caste: com-
plexion: beauty: praise, fame, a letter, vowel, syllable: quality,
property (o.kZ)
o××kks (adj) % Sylvan (oU;)
o..kq % Sand
o.kks % See o.ka
o.Va % A stalk (o`Ur)
oUrkfldks % Name of a sort of Peta–eating what has been vomitted (okUrkf'ku~
$ d)
oUrklks % One who has renounced all desires, an Arahata (okUr $ vk'kk)
oUrks % See oefr
oik % The serous secretion or fat that spreads among the muscles
oiua % Sowing (oiu)
oifr % To sow: to shave (oi~)
okfi % See ok
okih % A reservoir, lake, tank (okih] okfi)
okfirks % Sown (okfir)
okiks % Sowing (oki)
oIiks % Sowing; the bank of a river (oiz)
oiq % The body (oiql~)
okjok.ka] .kks % A woman’s jacket or bodice (okjok.k)
ojnhiks % The glorious isle viz. Ceylon (oj $ }hi)
ojnks % An epithet of Buddha, as having shown the way to Nirvana–lit,
giver of the boon (ojn)
ojkgjks % Bringing the boon (oj $ vkgj)
ojkgks % A boar, wild hog: an elephant (ojkg)
ojdks % The bean Phaseolus Trilobus (ojd)
ojkdks (adj) % Wretched, miserable (ojkd)
ojkdks % A pot, jar
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 397


oja % See ojks
okj.ka % Resistance (okj.k)
ojÄõa % The head, the female pudenda (ojkÄõ)
ojkÄõuk % A noble or beautiful woman (ojkÄõuk)
oj××kq % One who has discovered Nirvana, an epithet of Buddha (oj $ K)
oj.kks % A surrounding wall, rampart; the tree Cartaeva Roxiburghii
okj.kks % An elephant; the Hatthilinga bird(okj.k)
oji××kks (adj) % A noble-wisdom, epithet of Buddha (oj $ izKk)
ojkjksgk % A noble lady
ojklu % An excellent seat, chair of state (ojklu)
ojrjks (adj) % Better, more, excellent(ojrj)
ojÙkk % A strap, thong (oj=kk)
okjfÙkdks (adj) % Bound with a thong (oj=kk)
ojof..kuh % An excellent woman (ojo£.kuh)
okjsfr % See oq.kkfr
okfj % Water (okfj)
okfjnks % A cloud (okfjn)
okfjta % A lotus (okfjt)
okfjtks % A fish (okfjt)
okfjeXxks % An issue from a sluice, watercourse (okfj $ ekxZ)
okfjrks % See oq.kkfr
okfjÙka % Avoidance
okfjokgks % A cloud (okfjokg)
okfj;fr % See oq.kkfr
ojks % Choosing, appointing; a boon, blessing, favour (oj)
ojks (adj) % Exellent, best, precious, noble (oj)
okjks % Time, oceasion: turn, day of the week (okj) % Spirituous liquor (
o#Fkks % A wooden ledge or fender round a chariot (o#Fk)
olk % A barren cow: an obedient wife (o'kk)
olk % Serum, marrow of the flesh, fat (olk)
olHkks % A bull (o`"kHk)
oklpq..ka] ..kda % Toilet perfume (okl $ pw.kZ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 398


oklkxkja % A bed-room (okl $ vxkj)
olxks (adj) % Subject, obedient (o'kx)
olyks % An outcaste, pariah; a low person, reprobate (o`"ky)
ola % See olks
okluk % Impression of mind from past good or evil actions and producing
pain or pleasure (okluk)
olua % Dwelling (olu)
olua % Cloth, clothes, clothing (olu)
oklua % Perfuming and decorating the person (oklu)
oklUrh % The creper Gaertura Racemosa (oklUrh)
olUrks % One of the seasons, spring (olUr)
olfr % To dwell, stay, live, abide, spend time (ol~)
olfr % Dwelling, residence: a dwelling place, abode (olfr)
oloÙkh (adj) % Bringing into subjection (o'ko£ru~)
oklo % A sakka or Indra (oklo)
okl;ksxks % Toilet powder (okl $ ;ksx)
olsu % See olks
oklsfr % See olfr
oklsV ðks % Name of a Rishi: a proper-name (okfl"B)
oklh (adj) % Having the sense under control (okf'ku~)
okfl % A razor (okfl)
oklh % An axe, adze, hatchet (ok'kh)
oklh % Dwelling (okflu~)
olhHkkoks % Subjection: self-control, subjugation of the senses (o'kh Hkko)
olhHkwrks (adj) % Subjected, self controlled (o'khHkwr)
olhdjksfr % To bring into subjection (o'khÑ)
ofldrk % Subjection
ofldks (adj) % Subject to (of'kd)
okfldks % Dwelling, inhabiting (okflu~ $ d)
okflrdks (adj) % Perfumed (okflr $ d)
oflrks] okflrks % See olfr
okflrks % Scented (okflr)
okflV ðks % A proper-name (okfl"B)
olks] ola % Wish, desire: will, authority, power, influence, control, master-
ship, ownership (o'k)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 399


oklks % Pefrume (okl)
oklks % Clothing, cloth (okl)
oklks % Dwelling, staying, stopping, living; an abode, habitation, lodg-
ing, house (okl)
oLldEea % One of the low arts giving virility (o"kZ $ deZu~)
oLla % See oLlks
oLlua % Rain (o"kZ.k)
oLlkuks % The rainy season
oLllra % A century (o"kZ'kr)
oLlfr % To utter a cry (of an animal)
oLlfr % To fall, pour down, rain (o`"k)
oLlojks % A eunuch (o"kZoj)
oLlokfldks (adj) % Connected with spending the rainy season
ofLldh % Great flowered jasmine
ofLldks (adj) % Belonging to the rainy season: belonging to a year (o£"kd]
oLlks % A he-goat (cLr)
oLlks] oLla % Rain, a year (o"kZ)
oLlqiukf;dk % Entrance upon lent or commencement of vassa residence (o"kZ
$ miukf;dk)
oLlksdlkjk % A name of Sakka’s city
olq % A class of Hindu gods (olq)
olq % Wealth; a gem (olq)
oklqnsoks % The Hindu god Krishna (oklqnso)
olq/k % The earth (olq/k)
oklqfd % The king of snakes (oklqfd)
olqefr % The earth (olqefr)
olqU/jk % The earth (olqa/jk)
or (indecl.) % (or)
O! ah! alas! indeed, verily
okrkok/ks % Rheumatism (okr $ vkck/)
okr/krdks % The tree Cassia fistula (okr $ ?kkrd)
oVkdkjks % A cord
okVdks % Enclosure, circle (okV $ d)
ora % See orks
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 400


okrfexks % A swift antelope (okre`x)
okr.Ma % Elephantiasis of the scrotum (okrk.M)
okrikua % A window (okr $ iku)
orok (adj) % Devout, observant of religious duties (ozr $ or)
okrk;ua % A window (okrk;u)
oBjks % Bulky, gross (oBj)
ofr % A fence (o`fr)
okfr % See ok;fr
okfrdks (adj) % Rheumatic (okfrd)
okfrÄõ.kks % The egg-plant Solanum Melongena (ok¯rx.k)
orks] ora % Observance, practice, habit: religious duty or act, rite (ozr)
oVks % The banyan or Indian fig tree (oV)
o=kHkw % A name of Indra
oÙkk % One who says or tells: one who speaks sensibly (oÙk`Q)
okÙkk % Rumour, news (okÙkkZ)
oÙkCcks % See ofÙk
oV ðdk % A quail (orZdk)
okÙkkdh % The egg plant (okrkZdh)
oÙka % The mouth, face (oÙk`Q)
oÙka] oV ða % See oÙkfr
oÙkua % Livelihood, subsistence: going on, continuing to exist (orZu)
oÙkuh % Abiding, living: a road (orZuh)
oÙkkidks (adj) % Causing to take place
oÙkkisfr % See oÙkfr
oÙkkjks % See oÙkk
oÙkfr % To begin: to proceed: to go on, to be carried on, to take place: to
stay: remain: to exist: to occupy oneself with, practice: to
conduce, tend: to prevail, be customary
oV ðfr % To behave, to be right
oRFkxqgÔa % Pudendum (oL=k $ xqgÔ)
oRFkda % A cloth, garment (oL=k $ d)
oRFka % Cloth: clothes: raiment (oL=k)
ofRFk % The abdomen, the bladder (ofLr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 401


ofRFkdks (adj) % Belonging to cloth (oL=k $ bd)
oRFkh;fr % To wish for clothes
oRFkq] oRFkqa % Substance; object, thing, matter: occasion, cause; plot or sub-
ject, story, narrative (oLrq)
oRFkq % A site, building ground, floor (okLrq)
oRFkqya] oRFkqysÕ;da % A plant–Chenopodium album
oRFkqa % See olfr] oRFkq
oRFkqÙk;a % The three objects viz. Buddha, law and church (oLrq $ =k;)
oRFkqfoTtk % A magic art by which the proper site for a building etc. is
ascertained the Scienee of building-Sites (okLrq $ fo|k)
ofÙk % To speak, to say: to speak to, address (op~)
ofV ð] oV ðh % A fringe; a rim, brim: a wick: a lump, ball (o£r] orhZ)
ofV ðdk % A thong: a wick: a rim: a lump: ball: pill (o£rdk)
oÙkks % Shaven (mIr)
oÙkks] oV ðks % Round see oÙkfr
oV ðks % Expenditure (orZ)
oV ðks % Rained–see oLlfr
oVq ðyks % Circular (orqZy)
oÙkqa % See ofÙk
oVqea % A road (oReZu~)
oRok % See ofÙk
oodV òks % Withdrawn, secluded (O;oÑ"V)
ooRFkkua % Fixing (O;oLFkkiu)
ooRFkkisfr % To place, fix, settle; establish (O;oLFkki;fr)
oofRFkrks % Fixed, arranged, appointed (O;ofLFkr)
ok;efr % To struggle, strive, endeavour (O;k;ke~)
ok;keks % Toil, fatigue, exertion, effert, contention (O;k;ke)
ok;ua % Weaving (from os)
ok;kisfr (caus) % To cause to be woven (caus os)
o;IiÙkks] o;lk % See o;ks
ok;lkfj % An owl (ok;lkfj)
ok;lks % A crow (ok;l)
o;Llks % A friend (o;L;)
ok;fr] okfr % To blow; to breathe forth; emit; to be emitted (ok)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 402


o;V òks (adj) % In the prime of life, young (o; ¾ LFk)
o;ks % See O;;ks
o;ks] o;a % Youth, prime of life: any period of life, age (o;l~)
ok;q] ok;ks % Air, wind (ok;q)
os (particle) % Indeed, truely, verily (oS)
osHkkjks % Name of a mountain
osHkLla % Bullying or threatening language
osHkwfr;a % Slander
osnxq (adj) % Knowing the vedas (osn $ x)
osnŠa % Name of one of the nine angas or divisions of the Buddhist
scriptures according to matter
osnuk % Feeling, sensation, perception; pain, suffering (osnuk)
osnukD[kU/ks % The second khandha, sensation (osnuk $ LdU/)
osnua % Sensation (osnuk)
osnuÙkua % Sensation
osnuV ðks (adj) % Agonised (osnuk $ LFk)
osnÄõa % A vedanga (osnkÄõ)
osnuh;ks] osnf;ra] % See fonfr
osnfs r
osnsgks (adj) % Belonging to the Videhas (oSnsg)
os/fr % To tremble, quake (O;Fk~)
os/osjks % The son of a widow (oS/os;)
osf/ (adj) % Trembling (O;fFk)
os/h (adj) % Piercing, shooting, hitting (osf/u~)
os/ks % Piercing (os/)
osfn] osnh % An altar; a bench; a ledge, cornice, caves (osfn] osnh)
osnh (adj) % Knowing (osfnu~)
osfndk % A bench; a cornice, caves (osfn $ dk)
osfnlks (adj) % Belonging to the town of Vidisa (oSfn'k~)
osfnrCcks % See fonfr
osnks % Knowledge: pleasure, emotion, excitement: a Hindu Veda (osn)
osxh % A courier (osfxu~)
osxks % Impetus, impulse, shock, attack: speed, velocity; stream: im-
pulse of the mind, emotion; passion (osx)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 403


osgxeua % Coming through the air (fog $ vkxeu)
osgIiQyks % Name of the inhabitants of the tenth Brahmaloka (o`gRiQy)
osgklV òks (adj) % In the air
osgkl;ks % The air, sky
osgklks % The air, sky, heaven
ost;fUrdk % Name of a tree (oSt;fUrdk)
ost;Urks % Name of the palace of sakkas (oSt;Ur)
osT>a % A target (osè;)
osTtks % A physician (oS|)
osdŠa % Deficiency (oSdYi)
osyk % Time, shore, boundary; multitude (osyk)
osfŠrks % Shaken, trembling: crooked (osfŠr)
osGq] os.kq % A bamboo, reed: a flute (os.kq)
osGqe;ks (adj) % Made of bamboo (os.kq $ e;)
osGqfj;a % A precious stone, perhaps lapis lazuli (oSnw;Z)
osGqoua % A bamboo-grove: a name of monastery presented by king
Bimbisara to Gautam Buddha (os.kq $ ou)
oseT>a % The middle, centre (fo $ eè;)
osefrdks (adj) % Inconsistent, variable (foefr $ d)
osekfrdks (adj) % Born of a different mother
oseÙka % Difference (foek=k)
oseks % A loom (ose)
osursÕ;ks % A Garuda (oSurs;)
os.kfodks % A flute-player (oS.kfoda)
osuf;dks (adj) % Versed in the Vinaya (oSuf;d)
oSusÕ;ks % Tractable, that can be converted
osf.k % A woman’s hair, simply platted without ornament (osf.k)
osf.kdks % A lute-player (oSf.kd)
os.kks % A worker in Bamboo or wicker work (oS.k)
os.kq % See osGq
os.kq/eks % A flute-player (os.kèe)
os.kqdkjks % A bamboo or wicker worker (os.kq $ dkj)
osifpfÙk % Name of an asura (foizfpfÙk)
osikdh % See leosikdh
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 404


osiua] osiFkq] osiks % Trembling, tremor (osiu] osiFkq] osil~)
osiqŠa % Development abundance (oSiqY;)
osjTtdks (adj) % Belonging to various provinces or kingdoms (fo $ jkT; $ d)
osja % Wrath; anger; hatred; sin (oSj) % Abstinence
osjofldks (adj) % Hatred or revenge (oSj $ o'k $ bd)
osjh (adj) % Hating, hostile, revengeful (oSfju~)
osfjok % An enemy (oSfju~ $ ou~)
osjkspuks % The sun (oSjkspu)
oslk[kks % Name of a month, April, May (oS'kk[k)
oslkyh % Name of a town in the Licchavi country (oS'kkyh)
oslkfydks] ;ks(adj) % Belonging to Vesali
oslua % Inequality (fo"ke $ v)
oslkjTta % Confidence (oS'kkj|)
oslk;h % A name of yama
oslf;dks (adj) % Belonging to a sphere of action (oS"kf;d)
oslh] osfl;k % A harlot (os';k)
osfl;kuks % A Vaisya
osLea % A house (os'eu~)
oslks % Dress, apparel, equipment; disguise (os'k)
osLlHkw % Name of a Buddha (fo ÜoHkw)
osLlkfeÙkks % Name of a Rishi (oS ÜokfeÙk)
osLlkujks % Fire (oS Üokuj)
osLlUrjks % Name of a king who was the Bodhisattva in the last birth but one
(fo ÜokUrj)
osLlo.kks % A name of Kuvera (oSJo.k)
osLlks % A Vaisya (oS';)
osrkGa % A magic art
osrkfydks % A bard whose duty it is to awaken a king at dawn with music and
song (oSrkfyd)
osrua % Hire, wages (osru)
osrfudks % A hired servant; labourer (oSrfud) % The river of hell (
osrlks % The ratan reed, Calamus Rotang (osrl)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 405


osBdks (adj) % Surrounding, enveloping (os"Vd)
osBua % Surrounding enveloping; a turban, diadem: an envelope, wrap
osBsfr % To surround, encompass, envelope, wrap, clothe (os"V;fr)
osBks % Surrounding etc. (os"V)
osÙka % A stick, staff (osÙk)
osopua % A synonym
osof..k;a % Change, diversity (oSo.;Z)
oso..kks (adj) % Various, different (fo $ o.kZ)
osO;kckf/dks % An adj. formed from vyabadho
osO;X?kks (adj) % Belonging to a tiger (oS;k?kz)
osÕ;kdj.ka % Answer; exposition, explanation, exegesis (oS;kdj.k)
osÕ;kdj.kks&.khdks % A grammarian (oS;kdj.k)
osÕ;koPpa % Service or duty performed by an inferior for a superior (O;ko`r
$ ;)
osÕ;kofVda % Same meaning as last (O;ko`r $ bd)
fo % A preposition used in composition with verbs and their deriva-
tives, frequently with the sense of separation, difference, oppo-
sition (fo)
foCHkeua % Roaming
foCHkefr % To roam, wander (foHkze~)
foCHkeks % Whirling; agitation, hurry, flurry, amorous dalliance (foHkze)
foHkk % Light, lustre (foHkk)
foHkkxks % Division (foHkkx)
foHktua % Division, sharing with others
foHktfr % To divide, apportion; to distinguish, go into details, be minutely
accurate (foHkt~)
foHkÄõks % Division; distinction, determination, explanation (foHkÄõ)
foHkklk % An alternative (foHkk"kk)
foHkkfr % To glitter (foHkk)
foHkfÙk % In gram, inflection of nouns and verbs; declension; conjugation
foHkÙkks % See foHktfr
foHkkoua % Making clear; ascertainment (foHkkou)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 406


foHkkojh % Night (foHkkojh)
foHkkosfr % To understand clearly (foHkko;fr)
foHkkoh (adj) % Wise (foHkkfou~)
foHkoks (adj) % Power, prosperity, majesty, splendour, property, wealth (foHko)
foHkoks % Absence or cessation of existence, non-existence, Nirvana
(fo $ Hko)
foHkkoks % Condition or sentiment of the body or mind (foHkko)
foHksnua % Division (foHksnu)
foHksfndk % The Palmyra tree
fofHkUuks % Scattered, divided, at variance (fofHkUu)
foHkhrdks] dh] da % Beleric myrobolan (foHkhrd)
foHkq % A lord, ruler (foHkq)
foHkwlua % Adornment (foHkw"k.k)
foHkwflrks % Adorned (foHkwf"kr)
foHkwfr % Splendour, dignity (foHkwfr)
focks/ua % Awakening (focks/u)
focqf¼ % Enlightenment
focq/ks % A learned or wise man: a deva (focq/)
fopD[kuks (adj) % Knowing, wise, discerning, sensible, skilful (fop{k.k)
fopkjdks % One who investigate, a judge (fopkjd)
fopj.kk] .ka % Investigation, doubt (fopkj.k)
fopjfr % To walk or go about (fopj)
fopkjks % Investigation, examination (fopkj)
fop;ks % Research, investigation (fop;)
foPNk % Succession (ohIlk)
foPNMs ófr % To throw away (fo $ PN`n~)
fofPNída % One of the Asubha Kammatthanas, obtained by the contempla-
tion of a corpse fissured from decay (fo $ fPNnz $ d)
fofPNdks % A scorpion (o`f Üpd)
fofPNUnfr % To break off, interrupt (fofPNn~)
foPpqrks % Fallen down (foP;qr)
fopsÕ;ks % Accompanied with discrimination (fops;)
ohfp % A wave; leisure (ohfp)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 407


fofpfdPNk % Doubt, uncertainty (fofpfdRlk)
fofpfdPNfr % To doubt, hesitate (fofpfdRlfr)
fofpufr % To seek, search, investigate, examine; togather, collect (fofp)
fofpUrdks (adj) % Devising, finding out
fofpUrsfr % To think, consider, imagine (fofpUr~)
fofpfr % Examination (fofpfr)
fofprks % Separated
fofp=kks] fofpÙkks % Variegated, painted, ornamented, embroidered (fofp=k)
fopq..kks % Crushed
ô % Gallantry, wit (fonX/rk)
fongfr % To allot, assign, appoint, fix, order, prescribe; to provide, prac-
tice (fo/k)
fonkyuks (adj) % Breaking up
fonkysfr (eaus) % To break open, split, rip up
fonkj.ka % Rending (fonkj.k)
fonkfjrks % Rent, split (fonkfjr)
fonkjks % Tearing (fonkj)
fonfr % To know, ascertain (fon~)
fonfRFk % A span of twelve angulas (forfLr)
foílq (adj) % Skilled, wise
foísfl % An enemy (fo}sf"ku~)
foíslks % Anemity, hatred (fo}s"k~)
fo¼alua % Crushing, destruction
fo¼alsfr] lkisfr % To crush, destroy, overthrow, scatter; disperse (foèoal;fr)
fo¼alks % Demolition (foèoal)
fo¼Lrks % Broken, fallen to pieces (foèoLr)
fo¼ks % See foT>fr
foíqeks % Coral (fonzqe)
fonsgk % Name of a people (fonsg)
fo/k % Pride (fo/k)
fo/eua % To scatter, dispel (foèek)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 408


fo/kua % Arrangement, disposal, assignment: act: performance; precept,
rule, ceremony, rite (fo/ku)
fo/ok % A widow (fo/ok)
fo/kofr % To run about (fo/ko~)
fo/k;] fo/sÕ;ks % See fongfr
fof/ % Rule, precept; ceremony; destiny, luck (fof/)
fo/h;fr % See fongfr
fo/ks % Form, measure, hind, sort; part, fold (fo/)
fo/q % The moon (fo/q)
fo/wufr % To shake (fo/w)
fo/wiua % A fan
fo/wfirks % Scattered, destroyed
fo/qja % Absence, seclusion (fo/qj)
fofnlk % An intermediate point of the compass (fofn'k~)
fofnrks] fofnRok % See fonfr
foMtks % A name of Indra (foMkst)
fonw (adj) % Knowing, skilled: wise (fonq] fon] fon~)
fonqjks (adj) % Wise (fonqj)
fonwflrks % Corrupted (fonw"k;fr)
fo}k (adj) % Wise (fo}l~)
foxPNfr % To depart (foxe~)
foxkgfr] foxkgsfr % To plunge or wade into, to enter (foxkg)
foxeks % Departure, dispelling (foxe)
foxjgfr % To reproach, rebuke, censure (foxgZ~)
foxrks % See foxPNfr
foxgÔ % See foxkgfr
foXxgdks (adj) % Quarrelsome
foXxgok (adj) % Having the form of: handsome (foxzgor~)
foXxgks % The body; the strife: in gram resolution of a word into its
elements, analysis (foxzg)
foX?kks % An abstacle (fo?u)
fo?kklknks % One who eats the remains of food
fo?kklks % Remains of food, broken meat, scraps, orts (from fo?kl~)
fo?kkVua % Overthrow, removal
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 409


fo?kkVsfr % To overthrow, remove, batter down
fo?kkVks % Destruction, annoyance, vexation, opposition (fo/ku~)
foxqf.Brks % Arrested, foiled (fo $ xq.B~)
fogxks % A bird (fogx)
fogkfgfl % See fogjfr
fogÄõeks (adj) % Going through the air, flying (fogaxe)
fogÄõks % A bird (fogax)
fog××kfr % To be vexed, grieved, afflicted (fogU;rs)
fogjfr % To dwell, sojourn, live (foâ)
fogkjh (adj) % Dwelling, living (fogkfju~)
fogkfj;ks (adj) % Living (fogkj $ ;)
fogkjks % Rambling, roaming, recreation: a Buddhist monastery or con-
vent: state of life, condition: stopping, staying, sojourn, living,
abiding, dwelling (fogkj)
fogrks % See fog××kfr
fogRFkks (adj) % Perplexed (fogLr)
fogk; % See fotgfr
fogk;lk (adj) % Through the air (fogk;lk)
fogk;lks % The air, sky (fogk;l)
fogkf;ra % A gift (fogkf;r)
fogslk % Annoyance, vexation, weariness, fatigue
fogsldks (adj) % Annoying, troubling, wearying
fogsBdks (adj) % Harassing (fogsBd)
fogsBua % Harassing, hurting (fogsBu~)
fogsBsfr % To annoy, harass, hurt
fogh % Rice, paddy (ozhfg)
fo¯glk % Hurting, injury, cruelty
fo¯glfr % To hurt, injure (fo¯gl~)
foghuks % See fotgfr
fofgrks % See fongfr
fotgfr % To leave, forsake, relinquish, reject (fogk)
fotHHkfr % To rouse oneself, display activity (fot`EHk~)
foTkkuua % Knowing
fotkua % Understanding
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 410


fotkukfr % To discern, distinguish, be wise, perceive, learn, understand,
know exactly, find out ascertain (foKk)
fotuh % A fan
fotuks % Lonely, deserted (fotu)
fotkrk % See fotk;fr
fotkVua % Disentangling
fotVsfr] fotVkisfr %To comb out, disentangle; metaphorically, to unravel, explain
ohtfr % To fan a person (oht~)
fot;ua % Bringing forth, delivery
fotk;fr % To bring forth young (fotu~)
fot;ks % Victory, triumph; name of the first aryan coloniser and
soverign of Ceylon (fot;)
fotsfr] foftufr % To conquer, master, triumph over (foft)
foftxqPNfr % To loathe (fo $ tqxqIl~)
foftuua % Conquering
foftrkoh (adj) % Victorious (foftr $ fou~)
foftrks % See fotsfr
fothforks (adj) % Dead (fothfor)
foTtk % Knowledge, learning, scholarship, science; wisdom (fo|k)
foTt % See fonfr
foT>ua % Piercing
foT>fr % To pierce, perforate: to strike, hit, break through; to hurt,
wound; to shoot with an arrow (O;/~)
foT>k;fr % To burn out; go out, be extinguished
foTtksrfr % To shine (fo|qr~)
foTtq] foTtqrk % Lightening (fo|qr~)
foTtqyšrk % Forked, lightening (fo|qŠrk)
foTtqrk % See foTtq
fodpks % Blossing (fodp)
fodkyks % Afternoon, evening; wrong time (fodky)
fodÄïrks % Name of a plant (fodÄïr)
fodIiuk % Apportioning, assignment
fodIiua % Option, alternative; decision (fodYiu)
fodIisfr % To apportion, assign (fodYi;fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 411


fodIiks % Option, uncertainty: thinking over, considering (fodYi)
fodkjks % Change, alteration; perturbation; wrong state of mind (fodkj)
fodjksfr % To alter (foÑ)
fodlk % Bengal madder (fodlk)
fodlfr % To expand, blossom (fodl~)
fodklh (adj) % Illumining, delighting (fodkf'ku~)
fodrh % Change; emotion, anger, : sort, kind: altered form, product
fodfrdk % A woollen coverlet embroidered with figures of lions tigers
fodrks % Changed (foÑr)
fodVks (adj) % Changed, altered (fodV)
fofdj.ka % Dispersing; investment of money (fofdj.k)
fofdj.kks (adj) % Dispersing, spending, squandering (fofdj.k)
fofdjfr % To scatter, sprinkle, spread-abroad to overwhelm(foÑ)
foéïeks % Advancing, walking; strength, heroism, prowess (foØe)
foéïUrks % Stepping, walking; heroic (foØkUr)
foéï;h]foéïf;dks % A vendor (foØf;r~] foØf;d)
foéï;ks % Sale (foØ;)
foéïsrk % A vendor (foØsr`)
foéïsÕ;ks % Saleable, for sale (foØs;)
foD[kkyua % Washing
foD[kkysfr % To wash (fo{kky;fr)
foD[kEHkua % Obstructing, stopping (fo"dEHk.k)
foD[kkfEHkrks % Obstructed, stopped (fo"dfEHkr)
foD[kEHkks % Diameter (fo"dEHk)
foD[kkf;rda % One of the asubha kammatthanas
foD[ksiks % Scattering, confusion; perplexity, puzzle, disorder of mind
fofD[kifr % To scatter (fof{ki~)
foD[kksHksfr % To agitate (fo{kksHk;fr)
foféï.kkfr % To sell (foØh)
fodksiua % Injuring
fodksisfr % To cause or suffer to be injured
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 412


fodqCcra % Assuming a different form by supernatural power, magical or
miraculous transformation
fodwtfr % To chirp, warble (fodwt)
foyXxks % Fastened (foyXu)
foGEcua % Disguise, masquerade (foMEcu)
foyEcfr % To loitter, tarry (foyEc~)
foyÄõa % The plant Erycibe Paniculata (foMÄõ)
foyifr % To lament, wail; to talk, idly, to lie (foyi~)
foykiks % Lamentation (foyki)
foyklks % Sport, pastime; dalliance; charm, beauty (foykl)
foy;ks % Destruction (foy;)
foysf[krks % Smooth
foys[kks % Perplexity (foys[k)
foysiua % Toilet perfume (foysiu)
fofyEifr % To smear, to anoint (fofyi~)
foyhuks % Clinging, adhering (foyhu)
foyhodkjks % A basket maker
foykspua % The eye (foykspu)
foyksdua % Looking, a look (forksdu)
foyksdsfr % To look at, look-over, examine(foyksd~)
foyksGsfr % To stir, move about (foyksM;fr)
foykse;fr % To disarrange, invert
foykseks % Against the grain, reversed different, wrong (foykse)
foyksidks (adj) % Pillaging, larcenous
foyksiks % Plunder, pillage (foyksi)
foyqEifr % To plunder (foyqi~)
foywuks % To cut off (foywu)
foeVRð™ Fkks % Scent arising from the trituration of perfumes (foenksZR;)
foeyks (adj) % Pure, clear, spotless (foey)
ohealk % Investigation, examination, trial (ehekalk)
ohealua % Trying, testing (ehekalu)
ohealfr % To think over, consider, reflect upon; to examine, investigate,
try, test
foekua] uks % A pagoda or palace of seven stories; the abode of Deva, a eclestial
mansion: a residence, abode (foeku)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 413


foeuks (adj) % Perplexed, distressed (foeul~)
foefr % Perplexity, doubt (foefr)
foeV òks % Soft (foe`"V)
foEgkisfr % To astonish (foLeki;fr)
foEg;ks % Astonishment (foLe;)
fofEgrks % Astonished, amazed (fofLer)
foekspua % Release (foekspu)
foeksgdks (adj) % Bewitching, deluding
foeks[kks % Deliverance, release, escape, salvation; release from human
passion, Arhatship; release from existence, Nirvana or annihi-
lation (foeks{k~)
foeq[kks (adj) % Averted, neglectful (foeq[k)
foeq×pfr % To release, to given up, to spend (foeqp~)
foeqÙkk;rua % Point of emancipation (foeqfÙkQ $ vk;ru)
foeqfÙk % Release, emancipation, Arhatship, Nirvana or annihilation
foeqÙkks % Released, emancipated (foeqÙkQ)
foeqgÔfr % To be confused or bewildered (foeqg~)
fouk (adj) % Without, except (fouk)
oh.kk % The Indian lute (oh.kk)
foukesfr % To bend about, twist (fouke;fr)
fouU/fr % To encircle, cover (fo- ug~)
fouklsfr % See fouLlfr
fouklh (adj) % Destructive (foukf'ku~)
fouklks % Loss, destruction, ruin (fouk'k)
fouLlfr % To be lost; to perish, be destroyed (fou'k~)
fourk % The mother of Carulas (fourk)
fourdks % Name of one of kulacalas (four $ dks)
fouk;dks % A spiritual teacher a Buddha (fouk;d)
fou;ua % Instruction, conversion (fou;u)
fou;ks % Putting away; avoidance; subduing, conversion, training, disci-
pline; name of a portion of the Buddhist Scriptures (fou;)
foUnuks % Fighting, getting
foUnfr % See fonfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 414


fousfr % To remove, put away; subdue, conquer, restrain; to instruct,
educate, train (fouh)
fofucU/ks % Bondage
fofuPN;ks % Investigation, trial; ascertainment, decision (fofu Üp;)
fofufPNufr % To investigate, try; to judge, decide, determine (fofuf Üp)
fofu/k; % Having deposited (fofu/k;)
fofuXxeks % Departure (fofuxZe)
fofuXxrks % Departing; free from (fofuxZr)
fouhydks (adj) % Purple, black and blue (fouhy $ d)
fofuEeqÙkks] % Released; discharged (fofueqZÙkQ)
fofuikfrdks (adj) % This term is applied to beings belonging to the four apayas
(fofuikr $ bd)
fofuikrsfr % To do away with, destroy (fofuikr;fr)
fofuikfrrks % Fallen down (fofuifrr)
fofuikrks % State of punishment or suffering (fofuikr)
fouhrks % See fousfr
fouhoj.kks (adj) % Unbiassed
fofuoV ðfr % To roll back (fofuo`Ùk~)
fofuosBua % Unwrapping, explaining, refuting (fofuos"V $ vu)
fofufoT>fr % To pierce, through and through (fofu O;/~)
fo×tks % The Vindhya mountain range (foU/;)
fo××kk.ka % Intelligence, knowledge; consciousness; thought, mind (foKku)
fo××kk.k×pk;rua % Realm of infinity of intelligence, name of the second
Arupabrahmaloka, it is so called because the beings who in-
habit it are filled with the idea that Vinnana is infinite (foKku
$ vkuUR; $ vk;ru)
fo××kk.kfV òfr % (foKku $ fLFkrh)
Station or abode of intelligence
fo××kkiuks (adj) % Informing, instructing (foKkiu)
fo××kkisfr % One who informs
fo××kkisfr % See fotkukfr
fo××kfÙk % Information, intimation: intimation of a want, asking (foKfIr)
fo××kk;] % See fotkukfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 415


fo××kqrk % Intelligence
fouksndks (adj) % Dispelling
fonksua % Dispelling, removal (fouksnu)
fouksnsfr % To dispel, put away, get rid of (fouksn;fr)
foiPpuhdks (adj) % Hostile (fo $ izR;uhd)
foiPpfr (pass) % To be cooked, scorch etc. (foiPprs)
foikpsfr % To work oneself upto indignation, to be indignant, angry,
annoyed (foikp;fr)
foiTtfr % (foin~)
To fail, to perish
foikdh (adj) % Having a result (foikfdu~)
foifD[kd (adj) % Opposite
foiD[kks (adj) % Opposite; hostile (foi{k)
foikdks % Result, product, consequence; good result, fruit, profit, reward;
evil result, retribution (foikd)
foiŠklks] % Reversal, change (foi;kZl)
foiUuks % See foiTtfr
foijkekslks % High-way robbery
foijkoÙkks % Reversed, changed (foijk&o`Ùk)
foifj.kkesfr (caus) % To transform oneself
foifj.kkeks % Change, reverse
foifj.krks % Changed (fo&ifj&ur)
foijhrks % Reversed, opposite, contrary, different, changed; wrong false
foifj;klks % See foiŠklks
foifj;;ks % Reversal, change (foi;Z;)
foiLldks (adj) % Contemplating; endowed with
foiLluk % Seeing clearly, spiritual insight
foiLlfr % To see clearly, to obtain spiritual insight (fon`'k~)
foiLlh (adj) % Seeing clearly, wise (fo $ i'p $ bu~)
foikrsfr (caus) % To crush (foikr;fr)
foikfrdk % An abscess on the foot (foikfndk)
foifÙk % Misfortune; failure (foifÙk)
foisD[kfr % To stare about (foizs{k~)
fofiua % A groove, wood (fofiu)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 416


fofifV òdjksfr % To throw behind one (fo $ i`"B $ Ñ)
foiksFksfr % To bruise (fo $ iksFk;fr)
foIitgfr % To abandon, give up (fo $ iz $ gk)
foIidkjks % Change of state, impropriety (foizdkj)
foIidrks % Imperfectly executed, left unfinished (foizÑr)
foIidV òdks (adj) % Distant (foizÑ"Vd)
foIifdjfr % To scatter (foizÑ)
foIifD[krks % Scattered about (fo $ izf{kIr)
foIiy¼ks % Disappointed, deceived (foizyC/)
foIiyEHksfr % To mock, delude (foizyEHk;fr)
foIiyifr % To chatter, talk, nonsense; to lament (foizyi~)
foIiykiks % Wrangling (foizyki)
foIieq×pfr % To cast off, free onself from (foizeqp~)
foIiuV òks % Ruined, sunk, lost (foiz.k"V)
foIilhnfr % To become calm or serene (foizln~)
foIifVlkjh (adj) % Remorseful
foIifVlkjks % Remorse, regret, repentance (foizfrlkj)
foIiolfr % To go abroad, leave home, be away from home, be absent
foIioklks % Absence (foizokl)
foIifo¼ks % Pierced, through and through (foizfo¼)
foIicqRFkks % See foIiolfr
foIi;ksxks % Separation (foiz;ksx)
foIiQUnfr % To struggle, writhe (fo"iUn~)
foIiQUnÙka % State of writhing (fo"iUn~ $ Ro)
foIiQj.ka % Thrilling, pervading (foLiQj_ foLiQqj)
foIiQkfjdks (adj) % Pervading, spreading, diffusing
foIiqQfyÄõ % A spark of fire (foLiqQfyÄõ)
foIiqQj.ka % Another form of above
foIiqQjfr % To vibrate, wave, flash (foLiqQj)
foIiks % A Brahmin (foiz)
foiqCcda % One of the asubhakammatthanas, obtained by the contempla-
tion of a festering corpse (fo $ iw; $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 417


foiqyks (adj) % Large, great, broad, extensive (foiqy)
fojfprks % Made, composed (fojfpr~)
fojk/sfr % See fojT>fr
fojkxks % Absence of desire or human passion; Arhatship; Nirvana (fojkx)
fojfgrks % Bereft of, exempt from (fojfgr)
fojktfr % To shine, be conspicuous, or eminent (fojkt~)
fojktsfr % See next
fojTtfr % To be displeased, disgusted, to loathe (fojT;fr)
fojT>fr % To fail, go wrong, miss; lose (fojkè;fr)
fojtks (adj) % Free from corruption or human passion (fojtl~)
fojy×tuks (adj) % Thinly peopled (fojy $ tu)
fojyks (adj) % Delicate, fine (fojy)
foje.ka % Abstaining
fojefr % To abstain, refrain, desist (foje~)
fojfr % Abstinence (fojfr)
fojrks % See fojefr
fojÙkks % See fojTtfr
fojofr % To cry aloud, shout, cry out; to rattle; jingle (fo#)
fojoks] fojkoks % Crying, shouting, clamour (fojo] fojko)
fojspua % Purging, a purgative (fojspu)
fojsd % Purging, diarrhoea (fojsd)
fofj;a % Strength, vigour, energy, fortitude, effort, exertion, dignity,
fofj;ok (adj) % Energetic (oh;Zor~)
ohjks (adj) % Strong, mighty, heroic (ohj)
fojkspu (adj) % Shining (fojkspu)
fojkspfr % To shine, be brilliant or splendid, to be eminent, conspicuous
fojks/ua % Opposition, contradiction (fojks/u)
fojks/h (adj) % Opposing, obstructing, adverse (fojksf/u~)
fojksf/rks % Rendered hostile (fojksf/r)
fojks/ks % Opposition; contradiction, inconsistency, enemity (fojks/)
fojks/ksfÙk % Contradiction, quarrel (fojks/ksfÙkQ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 418


oh# % A spreading creeper (oh#/~)
fo#¼ks % See fo#T>fr
fo#/udks (adj) % Growing
fo#Ttfr % To fall to pieces, to decay
fo#T>ua % Being obstructed
fo#T>fr % To be obstructed, annoyed, disturbed, troubled (fo#è;rs)
fo#fGg % Growth, increase (from fo:g)
fo#Ggks % Grown, blossoming (fo#<)
fo:iD[kks % Name of the Regent of the west, and chief of the Nagas (fo#ik{k)
fo#iks (adj) % Deformed, monstrous, ugly (fo:i)
ohlk % See fola
folHkkxks (adj) % Not common to all, different, dissimilar
folnÙka % Purity (fo'kn $ Ro)
fol/jks % A snake (fo"k/j)
folnks (adj) % Pure, white; clear, manifest (fo'kn~)
folknks % Dejection (fo"kkn)
folgfr % To be able, to dare, to venture (fo"kg)
folTt] folTtsfr % See foLlTtfr
fold.Bda % A sort of sugar
folk[kk % Name of a Nakkatta: name of a celebrated female saint, a
contemporary and disciple of Buddha (fo'kk[kk)
folŠks (adj) % Free from pain or grief (fo'kY;)
folkyks (adj) % Wide, extensive, great (fo'kky)
fola % Poison, venom (fo"k)
ohla % Twenty (¯o'kr~)
foleks (adj) % Uneven, unequal; unjust, lawless, wicked (fo"ke)
folaokndks (adj) % Deceiving, lying
folaxnsfr (caus) % To break one’s word to a person, deceive, disappoint (folaokn;fr)
folaoknks % Deceiving, disappointing (folaokn)
fola;ksxks] % Separation, disjunction (fola;ksx)
fola;qÙkks] % Separated, detached (fola;qÙkQ)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 419


folk.ka % A horn, elephant’s tusk (fo"kk.k)
fol…kjks % Destruction, annihilation (fo $ laLdkj)
folf…rks % Destroyed, annihilated (folaLÑr)
fol××khHkwrks (adj) % Unconscious, swooned away (fo $ l×Kk $ Hkwr)
folf××krk % Unconsciousness, syncope (fotf×>u~ $ rk)
fol××kks (adj) % Unconscious (fo $ l×>k)
fol××kksxks] % See (folaf;)
foliQyrk % Unprofitableness (fo $ liQy $ rk)
folIiua % Spreading (foliZ.k)
folkjnks (adj) % Bold, confident, ready, self-possessed: wise skilled (fo'kkjn~)
folkjh (adj) % Spreading (folkfju~)
foljks % A multitude (folj)
ohlfr % Twenty (¯o'kfr)
ohlfreks (adj) % Twentieth (¯o'kfre)
folVks] folrks % Spread, diffused (fol`r)
folfV ò % Emission (fol`f"V)
folfÙkdk % Desire, lust (fo"kÙkQ $ bdk)
folf; % An organ of sense (fo"kf;)
fol;ks % District, region, country; realm, domain, range, sphere, scope:
an object of sense (fo"k;)
folsldks % A sectarial mark on the forehead (fo'ks"kd)
folslua % Distinguishing (fo'ks"k.k)
folsl××kq (adj) % Knowing distinctions, discerning, critical (fo'ks"kK)
folslfs r (caus) % To distinguish, define, specify (fo'ks"k;fr)
folslks % Distinction, discrimination, speciality, specification; sort, kind;
peculiar merit, advantage, excellence, superiority (fo'ks"k)
folsLlks % Principal, chief (fo'ks";)
foflCcfr % To unsew, unpick (fo $ flu~)
folhnfr % To be afflicted (fo"kn~)
fofl[kk % A street, road, an arrow (fof'k[kk)
folhyks (adj) % Immoral (fo'khy)
foflV òks % Superior, excellent (fof'k"V)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 420


folhoua % Warming oneself
folhosfr % To warm oneself
folks/ua % Cleansing; emending (fo'kks/u)
folks/sfr % See folqT>fr
folksdks (adj) % Free from sorrow (fo'kksd)
folkslsfr % See foLlqLlfr
foLlXxks % In the phrase bhattavissaggam karoli which seems to make a
meal ; donation ; distribution
foLlTtuk % An answer, reply
foLlTtua % A gift (foltZu)
foLlTtfr % To send forth, emit, throw, shoot : to let go, dismiss:
to answer: to leave: forsake: to spend
foLléïeks % Name of the celestial architect, a deva of the catummaharajika
heaven, who acts as an architect and artist to the devas
foLla % Smell like raw-meat (foLu)
foLleua % Resting
foLlefr % To cease from toil, rest, repose (foJe~)
foLlEHkks % Trust, confidency, intimacy (foJEHk)
foLlk.kua % Gift, donation (foJk.ku)
foLlUnfr % To flow, well up, overflow (foL;Un~)
foLljfr % To forget (foLe`)
foLljks % Out cry (foLoj)
foLllfr % To confide in, trust to (fo o
Ü l~)
foLlkfldks (adj) % Intimate, confidential, trusty (fo Üokfld)
foLlkfl;ks (adj) % Confidential, trustworthy (fo ÜokL;)
foLlklks % Intimacy, confidence, trust (fo Üokl)
foLlRFkks % See foLllfr
foLlV òks % See foLlTtfr
foLlofr % To ooze (folzq)
foLlks (adj) % Whole, entire (fo'o)
foLlqLlfr % To be dried up (fo'kq"k)
foLlqrks % Renowned (foJqr)
folwfpdk % Cholera (folwfpdk)
folq¼;fr % To become bright or clear
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 421


folqf¼ % Purity, holiness, rectitude, correctness; Nirvana (fo'kqf¼)
folqT>fr % To be cleansed, to be pure (fo'kq/~)
folwda % A show, spectacle, worldly amusement
folqa (adv) % Separately, individually
foVHkh % The fork of a tree
foVfPNdk % Scabies (fop£pdk)
foVfPNrks % Planned, smoothed
ohríjks (adj) % Fearless
foréïua % Reasoning (fordZ.k)
foréïsfr % To reason argue, consider, reflect (fordZ)
foréïks % Reflection, thought, argument, reasoning (fordZ)
ohreyks (adj) % Pure, clear, spotless (ohrey)
for.Mk % Frivolous or captions discussion (for.Mk)
foVÄïks] da % A dove-cot, aviary (foVÄï)
for××kfr % To be spread, diffused
forkuks] ua % Spreading, expansion; multitude; a canopy, awning (forku)
foVih % A tree (foVfiu~)
foViks % The fork of a tree: a clump, thicket (foVi)
ohrjkxks (adj) % Free from human passion, Arhata (ohrjkx)
forj.ka % Donation, gift; abandoning, escaping from (forj.k)
forjfr % To continue, to go through; to perform (fo $ rjfr)
forFkks (adj) % False, unreal (forFk)
forrks % Extended, diffused, overspread (forrks)
ohfFk % A row, line; a road; a bazzar, street (ohfFk)
ohfFkdks (adj) % Substitute for Vithi at the end of a compound
ohfrgkjks % (O;frgkj)
A long footstep, stride
ohfréïefr % To exceed, transgress (O;frØe~)
ohfréïeks % Going beyond bonds, transgression, sin (O;frØe)
ohfrukeudks (adj) % Spending one’s time, living
ohfrukesfr % To spend or pass the time, to live: to wait
fofr..kks % See forjfr
ohfrirfr % To fall away, transgress (fo & vfrir~)
ohfrlkjsfr % To remind mutually (fovfr & Lekj;fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 422


ohfroÙkks % Having passed, exceeded, past
ohrks % See fo;fr
ohrks % Devoid of, free from (ohr)
foÙka % See fonfr
foRFkEHkua % Instability (from fo"VEHk~)
foRFkkjsfr % To expand, detail (foLrkj;fr)
foRFkkfjdks (adj) % Extended, diffused (foLrkj $ bd)
foRFkkjks % Width, breadth; extention; amplification, detail (foLrkj)
foRFkkfl % This is an aor from (fo=kl~)
foRFkrks % Extended, wide (foLr`r)
fofRFk..kks % Extensive, large (foLrh.kZ)
fofÙk % Joy; feeling, sensation (fofÙk)
forwnfr % To strike, sting (forqn~)
foonua % Causing separation
foonfr % To dispute quarrel (foon~)
fooknrks % O;onkr
fooknks % Dispute, contention; litigation (fookn)
fookgua % Getting a husband for a girl
fookgks % Marriage (fookg)
fooTtsfr % To forsake, to avoid (foo`t~)
foo..kda % Dispraise, reviling, contempt (foo.kZ $ d)
foo..kks (adj) % Discoloured, wan (foo.kZ)
fooja % A hole, hollow, fissure, eleft: gap, interstice, an empty space,
vaccum; recess, core; a flaw, defect (fooj)
fooj.ka % Explanation, comment (fooj.k)
foojfr % To open (foo`)
foolks (adj) % Unrestrained, independent (foo'k)
fooVks % See foojfr
fooÙkPNíks] PNíks % One by whom the veil is rolled away (foo`Ùk $ NÁu~ $ Nna)
fooÙka % Part of the dress of a Buddhist priest; turning round the other
way, rolling back (foo`Ùk)
fooÙka % Absence of Vatta or transmigration, Nirvana (fo&o`Ùk)
foofÙk % To roll on or round, revolve (foo`r~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 423


fooV ðks % Beginning again, renovation (foorZ)
foospua % Investigation (foospu)
foospsfr % To separate, seclude (foosp;fr)
foosdtks (adj) % Caused by seclusion or detachment (foosdt)
foosdks % Separation, seclusion; discrimination (foosd)
foosPpk % Separating oneself from (fofoP;)
fofoPpfr % To separate oneself, retire
fofoPNk % Said to mean doubt
fofo/ks (adj) % Various; manifold (fofo/)
fofoÙkks % See fofoPpfr
fo; % See bo
fo;Xxks] fo;×tua] % See O;kXxks] O;×tua] O;kdjksfr
oh;fr] foÕ;fr % To be woven
fo;ksxks % Separation, disumion; absence, deprivation ; loss, death (fo;ksx)
fo;kstsfr % To separate (fo;kst;fr)
fo;wgfr % To remove, take out, disengage (O;wg)
fo;qÙkks % Separated (fo;qÙkQ)
fo;fr % See oh;fr
oks % See Roa
oksp % See ofÙk
oksfPNTtfr % To be cut off (O;ofPN|rs)
oksnkua % Purification, purity
oksnkiua % Purification
oksnisfr % To purify
oksgjfr % To give currency to, use: express (O;og)
oksgkfjdks % A royal officer, skilled in the law, a magistrate (O;kogkfjd)
oksgkjks % Practice, custom, law: lawsuit: business, trade: common use,
currency: current speech, vernacular, current appellation, name
oksdkjks % Worthlessness: the khandhas: difference
oksfd..kks % Separated from (O;oÑ)
oksfeLldks (adj) % Miscellaneous (fo&vo&feJd)
oksjksisfr % To deprive of (O;ojksi;fr)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 424


okslkua % End, consummation
okslklfr % To give orders: act authoritatively (fo- & vo $ 'kkl~)
oksflrks % Ended, accomplished
oksLlXxks % Relinquishment, relaxation; gift, donation
oksLltua] % Relinquishment
oksLlTtfr % To relinquish (vol`t~ or O;ol`t~)
oksLldEea % Making a man a eunuch
oqPpfr % See ofÙk
oqf¼] oqfM ô % Increase, growth; prosperity, advantage (o`f¼)
oqf¼ek (adj) % Prosperous (o`f¼er~)
oq¼ks] oqM ôks % See oM fô r
oqGgfr % See ogfr
oq.kkfr % To restrain, prevent (o`)
owidBksò (adj) % Distant, removed
owileua % Suppressing, cessation, extinction
owilekiua % Suppression
owilEefr % To be assuaged or quieted, or suppressed, to cease, be extin-
guished (fo&mi'ke~)
owileks % Pacification, suppression, cessation
oqflrok % Dwelling, residing (mf"kr $ or~ $ fou~)
oqflrkoh (adj) %
oqflrks % See oflr
oqlks % A bull (o`"k)
oqLlfr % See olfr
oqrinua % Point of conduct
oqfr % Enclosure, fence (o`fr)
oqÙkdks (adj) % A substitute for Vutto at the end of a compound
oqÙka % See oÙkfr
oqÙkUrks % Tidings (o`ÙkkUr)
oqÙkfj % See mÙkfj
oqÙkfljks % See oqÙkks
oqÙkks % See ofÙk
ò oqBkua
ò % See mfB ò
oqfB ò % Rain o`f"V
ò % See mBgfr
oqRFkks % See olfr
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 425


oqfÙk % Conduct, behaviour, manner; business; profession, livelihood;
in poetry, measure, rhythm, metre; explanation, gloss (o`fÙk)
oqÙkks % Shaven (mIr)
oqÙkks % See oÙkfr] ofÙk
oqgÔfr % To be carried (mgÔrs)
O;kok/sfr % To oppress, injure
O;kHkÄõh % A kaja or pole for carrying burdens
O;kf/ % Sickness, malady, diseases: the plant Costus Speciosus (O;kfèk)
O;kf/rks (adj) % Sick ill(O;kf/r)
O;/ks % Piercing (O;/~)
O;k/ks % A huntsman, deer-hunter (O;k/)
O;X?khulks % A hawk
O;X?kks % A tiger(O;k?kz)
O;kXxks] fo;Xxks % Bewildered (O;xz)
(adj) %
O;kgjfr % To utter (O;kâ)
O;kdj.ka % Explanation, exposition; declaration, answer; utterance,
response, oracle, prediction, grammar (O;kdj.k)
O;kdjksfr % To expound, explain: declare, call, name: to answer: to give a
response, predict, prophesy (O;kÑ)
O;k[;k % A comment, gloss (O;k[;k)
O;kdqyks (adj) % Bewildered, agitated (O;kdqy)
O;Ega % A celestial mansion
O;kfeLlks (adj) % Mingled (O;kfeL=k)
O;keks] O;keks % A fathom of about 6 feet, being the distance between the tips of
the fingers of the two hands when the arms are extended (O;ke)
O;×tua] O;×tua % A consonant; a letter, syllable, word; the words or letters as
opposed to the sense: sign, mark, characteristic: sauce, condi-
ment, curry (O;×tu)
O;×th;fr % To be expressed, indicated
O;fUrdjksfr] % To abolish, remove, get rid of, destroy (fo & vfUrÑ)
O;kinks] O;kinks % Wish to injure, malevolence, hatred, fury (C;kikn)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 426


O;ixPNfr % To depart, be dispelled (O;ixe~)
O;kiTtfr] % To be malevolent (O;kin~)
O;kidks] % Pervading (O;kid)
O;kidks (adj)
O;kiua] O;kiua % Pervading, penetration (O;kiu)
O;kiUuks % See O;kiTtfr
O;kikjsfr % To employ, suborn, incite (O;kikj;fr)
O;kikjks] O;kikjks % Occupation, business, profession, exertion, action, work (O;kikj)
O;kisfr % To pervade, permeate, fill(O;ki;fr)
O;kih (adj) % Pervading, extending (O;kfiu~)
O;kjksluk] % Anger, hatred
O;lua] O;lua % Misfortune; unhappiness, destruction, loss: bad habit, sin
O;luh (adj) % Meeting with ruin, unfortunate (O;lfuu~)
O;lÙkks] O;lÙkks % Attached to pleasure, covetous etc. (O;klÙkQ)
O;klks % Diffusion (O;kl)
O;Ùk;ks % Contrariety, opposition, reversal (O;R;;)
O;Ùkks] O;Ùkks % Evident, manifest: perspicuous: wise, learned (O;ÙkQ)
O;o/kua % Covering, screen (O;o/ku)
O;ouqTt % Having dispeller
O;koVks % Covered, obstructed (O;ko`r)
O;ok;ks % Coition (O;ok;)
O;;ks] ok;ks % Loss, perishing, decay; expenditure (O;;)
O;wgks] O;wgks % An array of troops; a host, multitude; a street closed at one end
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 427


;kpdks] ;kpudks % A beggar (;kpd] ;kpud)
;kpuk % Asking, begging (;kpuk)
;kpfr% To ask, beg, entreat (;kp~)
;n % See ;ks
;nk (adv) % When, whenever (;nk)
;nklUuks (adj) % Is One of the eleven descriptions of karma
;fn (indeel) % If (;fn)
;knh (adj) % Of which sort (;kn`'k~)
;fnPNk % Self-will, independence (;n`PNk)
;fnPNda % Whatever one wishes (;n~ $ bPN~d)
;fnfPNrks (adj) % Whatever is desired
;fnna (adj) % Namely, that is to say (;n~ $ bne~)
;kfnD[kks (adj) % Of what sort, like what or which (;kn`{k)
;kfnlks (adj) % Same as last (;kn`'k~)
;fnok % See ;fn
;X?ks (indecl) % An exclamation used in addressing a person
;kxks % A sacrifice (;kx)
;kxq % Rice gruel (;okxq)
;¯g (adv) % Where, wherever
;ktdks % A sacrificing priest (;ktd)
;tfr % To sacrifice, make an offering, to give alms (;t~)
;tua % Sacrifice (;tu)
;kft % An institutor of sacrifice (;kft)
;Ttsoa % See ;fn
;Ttq % The Yajurveda (;tql~)
;tqCcsnks % The Yajurveda (;tqosZn)
;dua % The liver (;Ñr~)
;fD[kuh % A female yakkha (;f{kuh)
;D[kks % Name of a certain superhuman beings (;{k)
;a % See ;ks
;kedkfydks (adj) % Last for a watch (;ke $ dky $ bd)
;eda % A pair, a couple (;ed)
;edks % Double, twin (;ed)
;eya % A pair (;ey)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 428


;ea % A pair (;e)
;erfXx % Name of a Rishi (tenfXu)
;Egk % See ;ks
;eks % Restraint, temperance, moral duty; a pair or couple; name of the
sovereign of the internal region
;keks % Restraint, a watch of three hours; name of the inhabitants of the
deva worlds (;ke)
;equk % The river Jamuna (;equk)
;kuda % A cart, carriage, car (;kud)
;kua % Going, proceeding; a conveyance, vehicle, carriage, car (;ku)
;×ps % See ;ks
;kfudrks (adj) % Used as a vehicle
;Äïkj.kk (adv) % Because (;Rdkj.kkr~)
;××knso % See ;ks
;××kÄõks % The Glomerous fig-tree (;KkÄõ)
;××kks % A Brahmanical sacrifice (;K)
;Uuwu % See ;ks
;Ura % Implements, appliance, machine, engine (;UR=k)
;kiua % Living, maintainance (;kiu)
;kisfr % See ;kfr
;kÕ;;kua % A palanquin (;kI;;ku)
;lLlh (adj) % Famous (;'kfLou~)
;lfLlok (adj) % Surrounded by eminent men (;'kfLou~ $ or~)
;lok (adj) % Famous (;'kl~ $ or~)
;Lek % See ;ks
;lks % Fame, renown, reputation, honour (;'kl~)
;lks/jk % Name of wife of Siddhattha, before he became Buddha
;kruk % Torment (;kruk)
;;Ùkks % See ;rks
;Fkk (adv) % As, like, how, when (;Fkk)
;Fkkcya (adv) % According to one’s power or means, to the best of one’s ability
;FkkfHkjUra (adv) % As long as one likes
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 429


;FkkHkqPpks (adj) % Real (;FkkHkwr $ ;)
;FkkHkwra (adv) % According to the reality, rightly, truly, correctly (;FkkHkwre~)
;FkkcqM a ô (adv) % According to seniority (;Fkko`¼Ze~)
;Fkk?kEe (adv) % Equitably, legally, righteously (;Fkk/eZ)
;Fkk/Eeks % Just award, righteous punishment (;Fkk $ /eZ)
;Fkk/ksrks (adj) % Washed, clean (;Fkk $ /kSr)
;Fkkxrks (adj) % As contained in a book, as written (;Fkkxr)
;Fkkg % As he has said (;Fkk $ vkg)
;Fkkfg % See ;Fkk
;Fkkdkya (adv) % As long as possible (;Fkkdkye~)
;FkkdEea (adv) % According to one’s Karma or actions (;Fkk $ deZu~)
;Fkkdjks (adj) % Acting in which way (;Fkk $ dj)
;Fkkéïea (adv) % In due order, successively (;FkkØee~)
;FkkyÄïrks (adj) % All decorated as he was, without changing his state (;Fkk $
;Fkkerks (adj) % As if dead, like a dead man (;Fkk $ e`r)
;Fkkuke % See ;Fkk
;Fkk×kk;a (adv) % Rightly fitly (;FkkU;k;e~)
;Fkkuq:iks (adj) % Suitable, commensurate (;Fkk $ vuq:i)
;FkkuqflV ða (adv) % According to instructions, in accordance with what has been
taught (;Fkk $ vuqf'k"V)
;Fkkisea (adv) % Out of love or affection (;Fkk $ izseu~)
;FkkiQklqdks (adj) % According to comfort, pleasant
;Fkkfi % See ;Fkk
;Fkkjga (adv) % According to worth or station: properly, satisfactorily, correctly,
appropriately, duely (;FkkgZe~)
;Fkkfjo % See ;Fkk
;Fkk#¯p (adv) % According one’s taste or wish, as one likes, at will
;Fkk#fprks (adj) % As liked, pleasant (;Fkk $ #fpr)
;Fkk#fp;k (adv) % As one likes; at pleasure
;Fkk:iks (adj) % Of that kind, which, such (;Fkk:i)
;Fkkl¼a (adv) % According to faith, in faith (;FkkJ¼e~)
;Fkkldks (adj) % Each his own, respective (;FkkLo $ d)
;Fkkl…a (adv) % According to number or order, respectively (;Fkkla[;e~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 430


;FkklUFkfrÄõa % This is the 12th Dhutanga precept (;Fkk $ laLr`r $ bd $ vÄõ)
;FkklfÙk] % According to one’s ability (;Fkk $ 'kfÙkQ] ;Fkk'kDR;k)
;FkklfÙk;k (adv)
;Fkklq[ka (adv) % As one likes, at pleasure, comfortably, at one’s ease (;Fkklq[ke~)
;FkkrFkks (adj) % Real, true (;FkkrFk)
;FkÙk $ ;FkÙkk % Rightly, exactly (;Fkk $ Ro)
;FkkV òkua $ Bkua % Former or original place (;FkkLFkku)
;FkkoTta % Mimicry of a person’s defects (;Fkk $ oT;Z)
;Fkkosta % As quickly as possible (;Fkk $ osx)
;Fkkfo¯/ (adv) % Duly, fitly (;Fkkfof/)
;Fkkfofgrks (adj) % As appointed, regular (;Fkk $ fofgr)
;FkkoqÙkks (adj) % As above mentioned (;Fkk $ mÙkQ)
;Fkfona] ;Fksna % As: so that (;Fkk $ bne~)
;Fkso % See ;Fkk
;fFkfPNra (adv) % (;FksfIlre~)
To one’s liking, to one’s heart content
;fr % A pious ascetic, a Buddhist monk (;fr)
;fr % Caesura (;fr)
;kfr % To go; to go away; to undergo (;k)
;rks (adv) % From what, from whom: in as much as since, because: from the
time when (;rl~)
;rks % Restraint, temperate (;r)
;krks % See ;fr
;=k % Since, as much as
;RFka (adv) % Where, in which place, wherein, whereon, whither (;=k)
;k=kk % A march or expedition; livelihood (;k=kk)
;Ùkdks (adj) % However much, of whatever size
;RFk % See ;=k
;fV ò % A staff, stick, pole; a stem, stalk; a measure of length (;f"V)
;ko] ;koa (adv) % Until, while, as long as, in order that (;kor~)
;konRFka (adv) % As much as required (;konFkZe~)
;kons % See ;ko
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 431


;kofnPNda (adv) % As much as desired (;kor~ $ bPNk $ d)
;kotjk (adv) % Until old age (;kor~ $ tjk)
;kothoa (adv) % As long as life lasts, all one’s life
;kothfodks (adj) % Life-long
;kodks % Lac (;kod)
;koegUrks (adv) % However big (;kor~$ egr~)
;ouiqIiQa % Name of a perfume (;ou $ iq"e)
;kof×pna % See ;ko
;koUrks % As many as
;olks % Pasture, fodder (;ol~)
;kork (adv) % As far as, in as much as, because (;kork)
;kordks (adj) % As long, as far, as much, as many
;korfr;a (adv) % Up to the third time (;kor~ $ r`rh;)
;kork;qda (adv) % As long as life should last (okprk $ vk;ql~ $ d)
;kofrga (adv) % As many days as
;oks % Barley (;o)
;k;h (adj) % Going (;kf;u~)
;sHkqÕ;fldk % Name of one of the Adhi-karanasamathas
;sHkqÕ;rk % Abundance, preponderance
;sHkqÕ;ks (adj) % Abundant, numerous
;su % See ;ks
;sudkea (adv) % Wherever, one likes, at will (;su $ dke)
;sudEea (adv) % Where one’s karma leads (;su $ deZu)
;sfuPNda (adv) % Wherever one likes (;su $ bPNk $ d)
;so % See bo
;ks % Who, what, which; he who; whoever (;n~)
;ksCcua ;ksCc××ka % Youth (;kSou)
;ksf/ % A warrior (;ksf/u~)
;ks/ks % A warrior, soldier (;ks/)
;ksxD[kseks % Security: Nirvana (;ksx{kse)
;ksXxk % Training, practice (;ksX;)
;ksXxa % A conveyance, carriage (;ksX;)
;ksXxks (adj) % Worthy, proper fit, adapted (;ksX;)
;ksxh % An ascetic (;ksfxu~)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 432


;ksxks % Junction, union; method, means, plan, device; application,
endeavour, diligence, devotion, mental concentration; connec-
tion, attachment; relation, order, series, in gram, a rule,
aphovism (;ksx)
;kstua % Junction, union: a measure of length four gavuta (;kstu)
;kstfudks (adj) % A yojana in extent (;kStfud)
;kstfu;ks (adj) % A yojana in length or height (;kstu $ v)
;kstsfr % See ;q×tfr
;ksudks % See ;ksuks
;ksfu % The womb; the vagina; source, origin, material cause; a class of
beings: form of birth on existence: knowledge or wisdom (;ksfu)
;ksfutks % Born from the womb, born of a mother (;ksfut)
;ksfulks (adv) % Casually, really, wisely (;ksfu $ 'kl~)
;ksuks] ;ouks] Foreign, barbarian; Ionian, Greek (;ou&;oud)
;udks (adj) %
;ksÙka % The tie of the yoke of a plough (;ksÙkqQ)
;q¼a % See ;qT>fr
;qxya % A pair, couple (;qxy)
;qxa % A pair, couple: a generation, an age of the world (;qx)
;qxU/jks % See dqykpyks
;qxUrks % The end of a Kappa (;qxkUr)
;qxiÙkks % Mountain ebony (;qxi=k)
;qxks $ ;qxa % The yoke of a carriage or plough (;qx)
;qTtfr % See ;q××kfr
;qT>fr % To fight, make war (;q/~)
;q×tfr % To turn one’s attention to, be zealous, active, devote oneself
;wuks (adj) % Young
;wiks % A pillar, column: a sacrificial post: a pasada (;wi)
;wlks] ;wla % Juice (;w"k] tw"k)
;wfFkdk % A sort of jasmine(;wfFkdk)
;wFkks] ;wFka % A herd of animals (;wFk)
;wrks % Furnished or fitted with; yoked, harnessed (;qr)
;qÙkdks (adj) % Worthy, proper, right (;qÙkQ $ d)
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 433


;qfÙk % Use; application; aptness, fitness, propriety; an emblem (;qfÙkQ)
;qÙkks % Yoked, joined, connected, attached; right, fitting; possessing,
used, adopted, performed, engaged in, devoted to, versed (;qÙkQ)
;qok (adj) % Young (;qor~)
;qokuks (adj) % Young
;qojktk % A crown prince, associated with the king in the Government
;qofr % See ;qok
O;kga] O;k;a % See ;ks
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 434


vCHkkgrks % Afflicted
vfHk/kjsfr (caus) % To raise up aloft, to hold up
vfHknksfldks (adj) % Belonging to the evening
vfHktusfr (caus) % To call into existence, to produce
vfHk.glks (adv) % Frequently
vfHkfuCcqrks % Calmed
vfHkIifd..kks % Completely strewn or spread
vfHkIilUuks % Greatly pleased
vfHkjofr % To sound loudly
vfHklEHkoks % Meeting with, finding, getting
vfHklEcqT>ua % Attaining Buddhahood
vfHklUnfr % To trickle, flow
vfHkLlTtuk % Being angry
vfHkRFkqufr % To praise, laud
vfHkrqUuks % Struck down
vfHkoLlfr % To pour down
vfHkfoftufr % To conquer
vkHkwtua] vkHkwtks % Bending, turning
vHkwfe % Wrong place
vfpjV òk;h (adj) % Of short duration
v¼qoks (adj) % Impermanent
vk/kjda % A seat, stool
vf/ikrsfr (caus) % To knock off, remove
vf/okguks (adj) % Carrying or conveying to
v/ksdrks (adj) % Knocked down, upset
v/ksfljks (adj) % Head downwards
vfnLlekuks (adj) % Invisible
vkxeuh;ks % That should be attained
vxkjh % A householder
vgsrqdks % One who does not believe in the cause, an infidel
vkgqfr % Offering, oblation
vkgw; % Having summoned
D:\AMBEDKAR-13\PALIDIC-13\AMB-09 MK D.S. 5-10-2013 S.K.—10-12-2013 435


vtikyks % A goathered
vtjkejks (adj) % Free from decay and death
vT>k;dks (adj) % Engaged in study
vT>ksxgsfr % To plunge into, enter
vdkedks (adj) % Unwilling
vfD[kÙkks (adj) % Not blamed, not reviled, blameless
véïV˜ òks % Reviled, cursed
vkdksVfðs r % To beat, knock
vyÄïEefu;ks (adj) % Suitable for coition
veeks (adj) % Covetous, unselfish
vkeUruk % Taking leave
vkeksfnrks % Pleased, delightful
veks?kks (adj) % Unfailing, unerring
vufHkfT>rks (adj) % Not coveted
vufHkLljks (adj) % Not a master, powerless
vuxkjh vuxkfj;k % Homeless state
v××kkrks (adj) % Undistinguished, unrecognised
vuisD[kks (adj) % Indifferent
vujgk % One who is not an Arhata
vukoVks (adj) % Unobstructed, unlimited
vukofÙk % Non-return
vfuV òks (adj) % Unpleasant
v××kkrk % One who learns or understands
v××kRFkÙka % Variation, contraiety
vuksokndks (adj) % Not listening to admonition, untutored
vUrda % Extremely, border
(into English Marathi, Gujarathi and Hindi)
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)
v % Used only as an inseparable µ µ µ

vk % Until : as far as tksi;±r_ ikosrks T;k lw/h] R;ka lw/h tc rd] tc rd
vdV××kw % Ungrateful vÑrK ÑrÁ ÑrÁ
vdV××kw % Knowing Nirvana, an vgZrkaps xq.k okpd fo'ks"k.k vgZr ekVs mi;ksxek vgZrds fy;s mi;ksxes ysus
(adj) epithet of an araha ysok; tsok xq.kuke ;ksX; fo'ks"k.k
vdV××kqyk % Ingratitude Ñrèui.kk Ñrèurk vÑrKrk
vdVÄïFkh % Free from doubt fu%la'k;] fuLlansg fuLlansg
(adj) fu Üp; fu%'kad
vÄï;ks % A sort of tambourine µ [katjh >akt yxk gqok
okMdkuq MiQ MiQ] [k¡tMh
vd.kks % Free from kana viz rice Hkkrkojps VjiQG dk<Y;kuarj iQksrjk vFkok Nhydk oxjkuk Nhydk ;k Hkwlk gVk;k gqok
(adj) freed from the red coating tks rkanwG fu?krks rks pks[kk pkoy
which underlies the husks
vdrks $ % Not done; left undone; u dsysyk] vlkf/r] foLdGhr ik;ey FkbZ x;sy_q d;kZflok;uq u djk gok] ugh cuk; gqoka
vdVks % (adj) not made; natural, not vÑf=ke] vaxpk] vukSjl] dqnfjr] LokHkkfor vÑf=ke_ LokHkkfod] uSl£xd] lkekU;_
artificial; not cultivated tksikl.ks_ [kpZ.ks] ukaxj.ks] u [ksMsyq_ mtkM crkoq [ksr ugh tksruk_ fulkj] Hkz"V

waste m/G] mMfo.ks
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vdfuV òks $ % Greatest, Highest Fkksjyk] eksBk] mPp- mUur] eksVq] izkS<] tksjkoj] mapq] fo'kky] cMk- mPp] mapk
ò (adj) Js"B egku] foLr`.k izfrf"Br] Js"B

vdfIi;ks % Unsuitable, improper, v;ksX;] ukyk;d] vuqfpr] vuqfpr] v;ksX;] v?kfVr v;ksX;] vuqfpr
(adj) wrong xSjoktoh] vijk/] tqywe] xfyr] [kksVq v'kq¼] v/eZ
vdEedks % Intransitive of Verbs µ µ µ
vdj.ka % Not doing, omission VkGkVkG] oxG.ks R;kx] xiQyr] yksi] otZoq] R;kx] Hkwy] yksi] vyx jguk
abstuning from oT;Z] okpwu jkg.ks eqdh nsoaq] Fkh nwj jgsoq
vdjh % See djksfr µ µ µ
vdŠks % Impossible v'kD;] vlaHkouh;] v'kD;] vlaHkohr] vlkè;] nq"dj] vlaHkouh;
(adj) vlkè; v?kVeku
vdŠa % Disease, illness vktkj] jksx] nq[k.ks njn] ihMk] chekjh] eka/q jksx] chekjh] O;k/h
vdRok % See djksfr µ µ µ
vdk % See djksfr µ µ µ
vdkeks % Unwilling ukdcqy] uk[kq"k] ukjkth uk[kq"k] ukjkt] vlarks"kh foeq[k vuhPNqd
vdkj.ksu % Without cause, unreasonably,foukdkj.k] vleatli.kkus] dkj.k fouk_ veFkqa xSjoktoh cxj dkj.k] cqf¼foijhr
(adv) unjustly xSjoktoh] v;ksX; fjrhus fjrs] vU;k;Fkh vU;k;ls
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vdkfj;ks % That ought not to be done, u dj.ks] rs dsysys cjs_ u Fkoq tksf;;s] u¯g djuk pkfg;s]

(adj) That may not or can not be rs dj.ksa v'kD; u djoaq tkf;;s u¯g gksuk pkfg;s
vdkjks % The Vowel A Loj&v Loj&v Loj&v
vdkfydks % Without delay foyac yko.ks] VkGk ns.ks] foyac djoks] <hy djoh] foyac djuk] le; fcrkuk]
(adj) immediate lk{kkr laca/kpk] rRdkfyd] iklsuq] uthduaq] rkRdkyhd vfr lehidk
toGpk lk{kkr~
vdkyks % Unseasonableness, wrong vdkfyd] vle;ksfpr v;ksX; voljuq] dqle;dk- vlkef;d]
time vdkfyd csekSlhe
vfdPpks % That ought not to be u dsys ikfgts vls] vU;k;] u¯g djoqa tso]aq xfyr] m/q oSlk u djuk pkfg;s Fkk_
(adj) done wrong tqywe] uqdlku [kksVqa vuqfpr] v;ksX;] v/eZ
vfd×puks % Having nothing poor, v¯dpu] xfjc] nfGnzh] xfjc] daxky] raxh nfjnz] ghu] vHkkx] fujkJ;]
(adj) destitute daxky] fujkfJr ikMoh foghu
vfdf×p % Not a little much, iq"dG] cjkpa ?k.kq] o/kjs] iq"dG cgqr] vR;ar] fo'ks"k:i ls]
(adv) considerably vfr
vfdfj;ks % Unpractical, useless, foolish fujFkZd] fu:i;ksxh] vdkj.k] veFkq] udkeq] fujFkZd] vdq'ky] fujFkZd] fu"iQy]
(adj) véïy'kwU;] vfopkjh] ew[kZ ew[kZ O;FkZ] fucqZ¼] csodwiQ
vfdyklq % Diligent m|ksxh] esgurh] m|ksxh] esgurq m|ksxh] ifjJeh
(adj) n{k] rRij

(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vdqrkHk;ks % Quite safe fuHkZ;] fcu/ksd] lfglykeri.ks] lqjf{kr] Hk;jfgr
(adj) lqjf{kr fuHkZ;i.ks

voqQIiks % fixed, immovable ?kV ð] u gky.kkjk] fLFkj] v<G] nz<] tMsyq] Bjosyq] vpy] LFkkfir] vpy] vVG] n`<]
(adj) sure, certain vpy] [kfpr] fuf Üpr LFkkoj] Hkjkslknkj] t#j] fLFkj] fuf Üpr] vo';
pkséïl] eqdjj
vdqlydEea % Evil action, bad works nq"V] [kjkc] dqdeZ] nq"Ñfr] nq"V dk;Z] [kjkc dke] v/ehZ] ¯ufnr deZ] cqjk
demerit nq"deZ] nks"k] O;ax] iki nks"k] vi;'k] Hkwy dqdk;Z] voxq.k] nks"k] U;qurk
vdqlydEiiFkks % Course or path of sinful nq"dekZpk ekxZ] nq"V okx.kwd ikiekxsZ toq] dqiFk] nq"V ekxZ
action Sinful course ikrdh xfr nq"deZ
vdqly/krq % Element of sin, Sinful ikrdh rÙo] ikrdh deZ ikih] dqd.khZ] ikrdh gsrq ikih fl¼kar
(f) principle ikih fl¼kar
vdqlyewya % Root of principle of sin, evil okbZV nq"V vFkok vik;dkjd ikih] [kjkc] ewyrÙo vFkok v/eZ] ¯ufnr] gsrq]
principle rÙo lkjk rÙo ;k lkj
vdqlyforéïks % Sinful thought nq"V fopkj] okbZV dYiuk] nq"V fopkj vFkok ikih cqf¼
ikihrdZ ladYi
vdqlylÄïIiks % Sinful resolve iki cq¼h] iki o'krk] ikiijk;.k fjrs] ikiiw.kZrk] nq"Vrk
nq"Vi.kk dqdeZi.k
vdqlyl××kk % Sinful idea ikih] dYiuk vFkok dqdehZ] ikih fopkj] vFkok ikih ;k nq"V Hkkouk ;k fopkj
(f) gsrw dYiuk
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vdqlyks % Unskilled, unable, bad, evil, vukMh]] vleFkZ] vdq'ky] v'kD;] ikih fcukpkrqjhds] vfuiq.krk]

(adj) sinful, unhealthful okbZV vFkok ikih] dqØeZ] jksx] fcekj] jksx okGq v;ksX;] ikih] ?kkrdh] vleFkZ
vik;dkjd] ck/d
véïe.ka % Stepping upon, walking ik; Bso.ks] pky.ks dne Hkjoaq] ixyks Hkjoqa] isj j[kus dh txk] pyuk]
upon orZ.ks pkyoqa] Mxyk Hkjok Vgyuk
véïefr % To step upon, mount upon, p<.ksa] rqMfo.ks] P;k ekxwu lokj Fkoqa] uk mij csloqa] p<uk] mij dks tkuk] pyuk]
tread upon, walk upon tk.ks] vuqdj.k dj.ks dpjh uk[koqa] uk mij FkbZus vuqdj.k djuk
véïUrks % Stepped upon, mounted p<ysyk] oj p<ysyk mij p<syq mij p<k gqok
véïks % The sun; the plant swallow, lw;Z] jfo % ,dk >kMkps uko jfo] lw;Z] >kMuqa uke jfo] lw;Z] isM+ dk uke
wort or Aselepias Giqantea
véïksfPN % See véïkslfr µ µ µ
véïks/uks % Not angry, not passionate, vØks/] vdksi] {kqC/] vØks/] Hkyq] lkyl] uez vrhoz] vØks/h] vdksih]
(adj) mild 'kkar] lkSE;] u jkxo.kkjk] lqdqekj] n;kGq
véïks/ks % Freedom from wrath, vØks/] uezrkiwoZd] 'kkar_ Øks/k foukuq] ?kqlkokGq jks"kfouk] Øks/jfgr_ dksey]
(adj) mildness, conciliation eu eGo.ks] eu / ujek'k] Hkye.k] uezrk] n;kGqrk] lkaRou] vuqjatu
eu esGoh ysoq rs] feyki

(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

véïkslfr % To abuse, to revile f'kO;k ns.ks] ¯unh.ks cnoksbZ djoh] ¯unk djoh xkfy nsuk] cqjk dguk]
¯unk djuk

véïkslua % Reviling, abusing; ¯ufn.ks] dqVkG.ks] f'kohxkG] ¯unk djoh] HkqaMqa cksyooqa] cqjk dguk] ¯unk djuk] xkyh
curse, imprecation 'kki] rGrGkV 'kki nsoks] cn nqok nsuk] 'kki_
véïkslks % Abuse, reviling 'khO;k ns.ks] dqVkGh dj.ks ¯unk djoh] xkGh vioh xkfy xyksp djuk] ¯unk
djuk] ¯unk] viokn
v[k.Mks % Unbroken, intact, entire u eksMysyk] v[kaM] v[kaM] vk[kqa] iq#] fcuk rqVk gqok] v[kaM] laiw.kZ
(adj) vHkax reke
v[kkra % A natural pond or tank iq"] ryko] rGkoMaq] Vkdh rMkx] ljksoj] rkykc] okcyh
rGs] Vkdh
vf[kyks % All = entire loZ] v[kaM vk[kqa] laiw.kZ ldy] iwjk] dwy % iqjk] lexz
vD[kdks % The collar bone xG;ktDGhy gkM glMhuqa gMdq g¡fl;k] gWlqfy
vD[ka % An organ of sense, the eye bafnz;] MksGk] p{kw bafnz;] MksGks] vka[k bafnz;] v¡[kqok] p{kw
vD[k.kk (f) % Lightening oht] fo|qr] fctyh fo|qr] fctyh chtfy] fo|qr
vD[k.kks % Wrong moment or occasion, izfrdwy osG vFkok volj] izfrdwy vFkok v'kqHk {k.k] izfrdwy {k.k] volj] izlax
Unfavorable time iz;kstu] vfu"B {k.k iy] izlax
vD[kre % Fried grain rGysys nk.ks rGysyq vUukt Hkquk gqok nkuk] ;k ykok
vD[kfUr % Ill-will, grudge, envy nq"VHkko] }s"k] b"kkZ] vlw;k] b"kkZ djoh] Li/kZ djoh b"kkZ] vlarks"k] vfuPNk
(f) gsok dj.ks fn[kykuk] Li/kZ
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vD[knLlks % A judge U;k;k/h'k] ifj{kd] fuokMk U;k;k/h'k] dkth] equliQ] U;k;/h'k] ifj{kd] xq.knks"kK

dj.kkjk xq.kK
vD[knsoh % A dicer, tqxkjh tqxkj] twra je.kkj iklk [ksyusokyk] tqok
(m) gambler iStsus [ksG.kkjk] [ksyusokyk tqvkjh
vD[k/qÙkks % A dicer, gambler tqxkjh tqxkjh tqvkjh
vD[kIiHksnks % Distinction of letters, 'kCn O;qRifÙk 'kkL=k 'kCn O;qÙifÙk 'kkL=k 'kCn O;qÙifÙk 'kkLR=k
etymological science
vD[k;ks % Undecaying, unfailing, v{k;] vfouk'kh] vu Üoj vfouka'kh] vej] csgí] u"V u gksus okys] fuf Üpr]
(adj) endless vikj] fujarj ges'kuqa viru'khy] vuar] fujarj
vD[kjlks % Letter by letter v{kj u~ v{kj v{kj v{kj vkSj v{kjs
vD[kja % The imperishable or Eternal vukè;ar] 'kk Üor] v{k;] vfouk'kh] dk;e] vu Üoj] vfouk'kh] fuR;
v{k; vuar] fuR;uqa
vD[kja] % A letter of the alphabet v{kj v{kj v{kj
vD[kkrk % One who tells, repeats or tks fuosnu djrks vFkok tks eq<s dgsNs rs ek.kl vFkok tks iQhj iQhj dgsrk gS ;k
(m) relates, one who proclasims lkaxrks vFkok f'kdorks tks dFku djsNs rs vFkok tks izdV djrk gS ;k vè;kiu
or preaches, a teacher vFkok mins'k djrks rks mins'k] cks/ djsNs rs] f'k{kd fl[kykuk gS
f'k{kd] mins'kd vè;kid og vè;kid] f'k{kd

(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vD[kkfr % To tell, to relate, to lkax.ks] fuon.ks] izfl¼ dj.ks dgsoaq] t.kkoqa] o.kZu djoqa] dguk] crykuk] izdV djuk]
announce, to proclaim, to f'kdo.ksa] /ekZpk mins'k dj.ks] tkgsj djoqa_ izfl¼ djoqa] izdkf'kr djuk] vè;kiu

teach, to preach ifjp; ns.ks cks/ djoqa] mins'k djoqa djuk fl[kykuk] ifjfpr
f'kdDoqa Hk.kkoq djkuk] /eZ mins'k nsuk
vD[kkrks % Told related, announced lkafxrysys] fuosnysys] tkghj dgsyqa] t.kkoqa] tkgsj Fk;syq dgk gqok lks] izdV ;k
procliamed, preached, dsysys] minsf'kysys] fuosnysys] [kcj djsyqa] cksykosyq] izdkf'kr fd;k gqok lks%
reported, called, named, cksykfoysyk] uko fnysyk] vfHk/ku visyq] laKk visyq ftlds ckjses mins'k fd;k
denominated fo'ks"k uko vlysyk gqok gS lks% foKkiu ;k
bfÙkyk fn;k gqok] cqyk;k
gqok uke fn;k gqok] o.kZu
fd;k gqok
vD[kkua % Telling, recitation telling lkax.ks] Eg.k.ks] ikB vFkok Egks<s cksyh toqa rs % dgsuk] dFku] o.kZu] izxV
tales or legends dfork Eg.k.ks] xks"Vh okrkZ ;k dFkk dgsoqa djuk] dgkuh dgsuk
vFkok dFkk lkax.ks
vD[kk;rk % Imperishableness v{k;h] vu Üos;Zrk] vikj] vpyrk] vfouk'kh] vuarrk] vejRo] vfouk'kRo
(f) endlessness fujarjrk] vuarrk] veji.kk vikjRo] ve;kZn
vD[kk;fr % To be prroclaimed, to tkghj djowu ?ks.ks] noaMh tkgsj djokoqa] yksdksus ?kks"k.kk djuk] foKkiu djuk]
be reported fiVowu ?ks.ks] fuosnu djfo.ks t.kkooqa] gfddr fuosnoh bÙkhyk fn;k
vD[kkf;dk % A tell, Story v[;kf;dk] v[;ku] vk[;ku] dFkk] dgkuh dFkk] dgkuh] thouh
(f) o`Ùkkar] dFkk
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vD[kk;h % Telling, relating lkaxr vlysys] izflèn gksr dgsooaq] t.kkooqa] tkgsj dgsuk] crykok

(adj) announcing vlysys djooqa
vfD[k % The eye MksGk] p{kw vka[k] us=k] MksGks p{kq] vk¡[k] vk[kq] v¡[kqoka
vfD[kdks % A dice player tqxkjh tqxkjh iklk [ksyus okyk
vfD[kxa % The eyelashes MksG;kP;k iki.khps dsl iki.k ojksuh
vD[kks % A die : The plant Terminalia jax] dyi] >kMkps uko] jax] o.kZ] >kMuq uke] jax] o.kZ] jaxusdk nzO;] isMdk
Bellerica : a weight equal to vMhp ek'kk,o<s otu] v<kbZ ek'kk tsVyks otu] uke] v<bZ ek'kk ftruk
two & half Masakas : the pkdkps vkal os iS;Mkus tksM.kkjh xt] otu] /qjk thlij ifg;k
axle of a wheel ?kqerh gS
vD[ % A complete army, one of iQkStk] y"dj y"dj] lSU;] iQkSt lsuk
(f) the high numerals =
10,000,000 or 1 followed by
forty two ciphers
vxPNfr % To come, to approach, to toG ;s.ks] iksgksap.ks] iko.ks vkooqa] ikls vkoh igkspoqa] vkuk] lehi tkuk] igqapuk]
arrive, to return iqujkxeu dj.ks ikNqa eksdyoqa vFkok nsoqa okil djuk
vxfr % wrong course, evil vU;k;kpk ekxZ] okbZV ekxZ v'kqèn ekxZ] nqHkkZX;] nqnSZo vuqfpr ekxZ] ¯ufnr jLlk
(f) course or state, misfortune nqxZfr] nqHkkZX;] nqnSZo vHkkX;] nqxZfr

(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vxfr % Wrong course, civil vfurhpk ekxZ] v;ksX; % xfyr ekxZ% nq"V xfr vuqfpr xfr] (ekxZ)_ v;ksX;
(f) course, or state misfortune xSjf'kLr] okbZV xfr] [kjkc gkyr] nqHkkZX; dqekxZ % ¯ufnr voLFkk]

(vxfr] nqxZfr) nqnSZo] vfj"V deu'khc vHkkX;] nqxZfr
vxrks % Not gone to; not attained vxr] u xsysyk% vflf¼ u esGoh 'kdk;] tsoqa % izkIr viqjk % v;ksX;
(adj) u Fk;syqa
vxrks % Not gone to; not attained u xsysyk % u laiknysyk ugh x;syks] esGosyqa uFkh ugha x;k gqok] ugha izkIr gqok
vxnks % Medicine, drug, medicament vkS"k/] nok vkS"k/] nok vkS"kf/] nok
vxU/dks % Devoid of perfume nqx±/ xU/q cncq] fcuk lqxU/dk
vxU/dks % Devoid of perfume lqxU/ fojghr lqxU/ jfgr lqxU/ jfgr
vx# % Light, not heavy, gydk] rqPN] ukilar gydq % ukilan gydk % rqPN] vfiz;
(adj) unimportant, not fcu t#jh
vx# % Light, not heavy, gydk] fcu egÙokpk] gydk] chu t#jh] gydk] vizflèn] rqPN]
(adj) unimportant, not ilar] fiz; ilar] vuqdwy #fpdj] fiz;
vxyq % Aloe wood or Aquilaria µ µ µ
(n) Aqallochum
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vxk % See Eti

vxk/ks % Bottomless, unfathomable vxk/ vxk/] vFkkax vxk/
vxk/ks % Bottomless, unfathomable vxk/] vijaikj] xgu vxk/ vxk/
vxkedks % Without villages, olfrghu] mtkM olfrghu u clk gqoka
(adj) uninhabited
vxkedks % Without villages, xkaokaf'kok;] mtkM xkeMk foukuqa] xk¡o foukdk_ u clk gqvk
(adj) uninhabited jgsok tsoqa uFkh
vxk[kks % Want of respect, disregard vuknj] vieku vuknj] vieku] csiokZbZ frjLdkj djuk] vuknj
vxk[kks % Want of respect, disrespect, vieku] vuknj] vOgsj µ vuknj] mis{kk (frjLdkj)
vxk[kks % Disrespectful, disregarding viekukpk] ve;fnpk] vlH;] ve;kZn vlH;] fujis{k
(adj); csijokbZ
vxkfjdks % A house holder ?kjankt] x`gLFk] x`gLFkkJeh] x`gLokeh] lkekU; euq";
layman dksVhryk euq";] lkekU; lalkjh
vxkfjdks % One who lives in a house, ?kjankt] ekyd] fHk{kqd uOgs x`gLFkkJeh] lalkjh x`gLokeh] lkekU; euq"; ;k

a house holder, a layman rks Eg.kts x`gLFk x`gLFkh
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vxkfj;ks % A house holder, a layman x`gLFk dqVqac dkfcykokyks ek.kla x`gLokeh] lkekU; vkneh
vxkfj;ks % A house holder, a layman x`gLFk x`gLFkkJeh tks x`gLFk

fHk{kq uFkha
vxq.kks % Bad quality, badness okbZV] nqxqZ.k nqxqZ.k nqxqZ.k
vxq.kks % Bad quality, badness voxq.kks] voy{k.k] v/eZ] [kjkc tkruqa nqxZ.k] nq"V
vksaxG] okbZV] ck/d cxMsyq
vxks % A mountain, a tree ioZr] >kM ioZr] Mqaxj] igkM ioZr] igkM+] njd] >kM+
vxks % A mountain, igkM] >kM igkM] >kM igkM] isM+
a tree
vxkspjks % That which ought not to okjaokj u ?kM.ks vFkok u tk.ks okjaokj u toqa ,oh tX;k] okjaokj u tkuk] v;ksX; txk
frequented, wrong sphere, yk;d tkxk] v;ksX; tkxk v;ksX; tX;k vuqfpr txk
improper or sinful place vuqfpr tkxk
vxkspjks % That which ought not to be tsFks okjaokj tkmQ u;s rs] ts tX;k;s okjaokj toqa ugh thl txgij ckjckj ugh
gone to, or frequented, v;ksX;] okoxk- Hkyrk] tksb] vU;k;h] xsjO;ktch] tkuk pkfg;s] vuqfpr
wrong sphere, improper or vuqfpr tkxk vFkok vuqfpr tX;k vFkok oLrq (v;ksX;) txk vFkok inkFkZ
sinful place or object ukyk;d] xkspj ¯dok O;fÙkQ ;k O;fÙkQ
vXxtks % First born, eldest lok±r oMhy loZFkh eksVq tsBk] o; es lcls cMk
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vXxtks % First born, eldest vkxz tUe] lok±r ifgY;kank izFke tUesyqa] loZFkh eksVq vxyk iSnk gqok] tsBk (lcls

(adj) tUeysyk] ts"B cMk)
vXx××kks % Chief, leading Principal vxzslj EgksjD;k] eq[; eq[; vxsokuh djoh] iz/ku iq#"k] uk;d] eqf[k;k]
(adj) ekxZn'kZd] iz/ku vkxsoku ekxZn'kZd] vxzlj gksuk] ize[q k
vXx××kks % Chief, leading, eq[; vxz] ekxZ n'kZfo.kkjk] eq[;] eksVkeka eksVqa] eq[;] vxz] iz/ku
(adj) Principal iz/ku vkxsoku
vXxrk % Superiority, height, Js"BRo] izk/kU;] flènrk Js"Brk] flènrk Js"Brk] iz/kurk] flènh
(f) perfection
vXxrk % Superiority, height, izk/kU;] izkcY;] mUufr] Js"Brk mQpi.kaq laiw.kZrk fof'k"Vrk] Js"Brk] mUufr]
(f) perfection Fkksjoh] izkfo.;] uSiq.; flf¼
vXxrks % Before, in front iq<s] leksj] ns[krk] le{k vkxG] lkes] lUeq[k vkxs] lkeus] lUeq[k
(adv & prep) of, in the presence of
vXxrks % Before, in front of, iq<s] leksj] ns[krk] le{k vkxG] lUeq[k vkxs] lkeus] lUeq[k (izR;{k)
(adv & prep) in the presence of lkeus] :c# ek] gktjhuk
vXxIiÙkks % Having attained perfection, flfèn feGowu iw.kZrk] iw.kZ iw.kZrk] izoh.krk flfèn] iw.kZrk] f'k[kj ij
(adj) reaeched the height flènh izkIr d:u iksgapuk
vXxIiÙkks % Having attained perfection uSiq.; feGowu] mUufr feGowu izoh.krk esGooh] maph tX;k;s izoh.krk feyk ds] f'k[kjij
mPp inkyk ikgkspwu igkspoqa igkspdj

(adj) reached the height
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vXxchtks % Propagated by ships or ijaijsusa pkyfo.ksa izpkj djoqa ijaijk c<kuk
(adj) cutting pk izlkj dj.ksa

vXxchtks % Propagated by Ships or dkiysY;k rqdMÔkP;k iQkVsyk rqdMkFkh iQVk gqok rqdMsls iSQykuk
(adj) cuttings enrhus iljfo.ksa izpkj djoks
vXxegslh % The chief wife of a King or eq[; (ifgyh) iRuh vFkok eq[; /eZiRuh] eq[; (iz/ku) /eZiRuh] jkuh
(f) queen consort] yXukus >kysyh iRuh& jktefg"kh
iV ð
vXxegslh % The chief wife of King iV ð] eghf"k] eghf"k] nqykjh
(f) queen consort
vXxea % House, apartment ?kj] fnoku[kkuk] [kksyh egku] dksVMh] fnoku[kkuq edku] ?kj] dejk
vXxlkodks % Chief disciple eq[; psyk] eq[; vuq;k;h eq[; psyks eq[; psyk
vXxlkodks % Chief Disciple eq[;] iz/ku f'k";] iz/ku psyks] f'k"; iz/ku psyk
vXxgsfr % To Seize, to cGdko.ks] ?ks.ks iadMoqa] /joqa Nhu ysuk] idMuk] ysuk
(Cous) take ybZ ysoqa
vXxgsfr % To Seize, to take cGdko.ksa] tcjnLrhus ?ks.ksa >kyoqa] cGkRdkjs Nhu ysuk] xzg.k djuk
(Caus) ybZ ysoqa
vXxGks] vXxGa %A Wooden bolt or pin for [khG] vMlj] dMh vMxjks }kj caf/uh] flVdhuh]
vXxyk % fastening door (dks;aMk) dqaMk
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vXxGks] vXxGa % A Wooden bolt or pin for ykdMh [khG] njoktk ?kV ð eksVks [khyks % njoktks lTtM vxZyk] njoktk tdMusdh

vXxy % fastening a door can dj.;kpk [kqaVk ([kqaVh) jhrs ca/ jk[kok ekVsuqa [kqaVh
vfXx % Fire Sacrificial fire; The vfXx % ;Kkpk vfXu vfXu] ;K vfXu] ;Kk
(m) deity of fire
vfXx % Fire; Sacrificial fire; The vfXu % ;Kh; vkx] vfXu % ;Kus yxrhuh vfXu] ;K laca/h vkx %
(m) deity of fire vfXu&nsork vfXuh % vfXu nsork vfXu nsork
vfXxD[kU/ks % Mass of fire: blazing or rst] pdpdhr] izfr"Bk] rst] izrki] iz[;kr ped ned] Js"B
faming fire (figuratively of ukoykSfdd] iz[;kr
a person of brilliancy and
vfXxD[kU/ks % Mass of fire: blazing, nsnhI;eku] tGtGhr rst] >x>fxr nsnhI;eku] izTofyr
(used or faming fire iQ.kiQ.khr
of a person of
& distinction)
vfXxfu % Fire vfXu vfXu vkx

(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

vfXxfu % Fire vfXu vfXu vfXu

vfXxeUFkks % Name of a plant, the
Premma Spinrsa
vXxs % Before, infront iq<sa % le{k % lehj vkxG % lkeus vkxs % lkeus
vXxks % First, foremost, Chief eq[;] izeq[k] vxzslj] mRÑ"V lkSFkh] vkxGuqa lok±Ùke] iz/ku
(adj) mÙke] ijeJs"B
vXxks % First, foremost, Chief vk|] vkfn % vxzslj] lokZr ifgyks] vk|] eq[;] izFke loksZÙke] iz/ku
(adj) prominent iq<pk] eq[; fo'ks"k Js"B] mÙke eq[; %
vXxa % See aggo
vXxa % House, hall, Apartment ?kj] fnok.k[kkuk] ?kj] nhoku[kkuqa] ?kj] nhoku[kkuk]
[kksyh] nkyu dksVMh] vksjMks dejk] nkyku
vX;kxkja % See aggi
v?kkslks % (adj) In Grammer hard consonants. The letters in Pali are d] [k] p] N] V] B] R] Fk] i] iQ] & l
v?ka % Evil Sinful, grief, Suffering nq"V] ikih] nq%[k] 'kksd ikih] nq"V] nq%[k] ihMk nq"V] uhp] ikih] nq%[k] ihMk
v?ka % Evil, sin, grief Suffering nq"deZ] iki] nq%[k] 'kksd ikih] iki] nq%[k] osnuk] iki] ?kkrd] 'kksd] nq%[k
mnklh] O;Fkk ošsQ'k
(Marathi) (Gujarathi) (Hindi)

v?ka % The sky : The air vkdk'k] okrkoj.k] gok vkdk'k] gok] ok;q vkdk'k] ½rq] ok;qeaMy

v?ka % The sky, The air vkdk'k] vkHkkG] gok vkdk'k] gok vkdk'k] gok
vX/dks % Having the value of, worth ;ksX;rk] eku] ¯der yk;dh ewY; x.koqa] ;ksX;rk ewY; ;ksX;rk] egÙo
vX/dks % Having the value of, worth ;ksX;rk] yk;dh] eksy] ewY;] ;ksX;rk ewY;] ;ksX;rk] mfpr
(adj) vknj
vX?kfr % To be worth, to cost