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Document Numbering Title Revision
3S-EX-HSE-PY-001-00 HSE Policy 00
3S-EX-HSE-PY-002-00 Drug and Alcohol Policy 00
3S-EX-HSE-PY-003-00 Offshore Certification Policy 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-008-00 HSE Plan 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-009-00 Health Plan 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-010-00 Environment Management Plan(EMP) 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-011-00 Emergency Response & Preparedness Plan(ERP) 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-012-00 Medical Evacuation Plan(MEDEVAC) 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-013-00 Risk Management Plan 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-014-00 HSE Training Plan 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-015-00 Permit to Work(PTW) Plan 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-018-00 Determination & Evaluation of Objective Plan 00
3S-EX-HSE-PN-019-00 HSE Audit Plan 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-026-00 Document l & Record Control Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-027-00 HSE Reporting & Performance Measurement Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-028-00 HSE Inspection Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-029-00 Incident Classification, Reporting, Analysis & Investigation Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-030-00 HSE Committee Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-031-00 Hazard Identification(HAZID) & Risk Assessment Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-032-00 HSE Award & Notice Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-033-00 Managing HSE in Contracts Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-034-00 Environmental Aspect Identification & Impact Assessment Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-035-00 HSE Communication, Participation & Consultation Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-036-00 Liaison Between HSE Department & Industrial Medical Center 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-037-00 Medical Fitness Documentation Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-038-00 Health Hazard Identification Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-039-00 HSE Meeting Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-040-00 Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-041-00 Operation Control Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-042-00 Measurement, Monitoring & Evaluation of HSE Performance Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-043-00 Control of Non Conformity & Corrective/Preventive Action Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-045-00 Evaluation of Compliance Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-046-00 Legal & Other Requirements Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-047-00 Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-PR-052-00 HSE Forms Procedure 00,

3S-EX-HSE-PR-053-00 HSE Definition and Abbreviations Procedure 00
3S-EX-HSE-GL-090-00 Plan and Procedure Writing Guideline 00
3S-EX-HSE-MA-096-00 HSE Management System Manual 00