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Satwik Chinta

Web & Graphic Designer

Info Education
Auckland, 2015-2016 Graduate Diploma of Creative
New Zealand Technologies- Level 7

Media Design School, Auckland

2006-2010 Bachelors in Computer Science

Mvgr College, Visakhapatnam, India

Work Experience
2012-2014 Xentrix Studios, Bangalore , India

Portfolio Web Designer & Wrangler I was responsible for the website updation and maintenance .

I was also responsible to coordinate with the web developers
to get the content to perfection and x the images.
Social I helped handling the Wrangling tasks too

2015 September - Cormit, Auckland ,NZ
2017 March
Brand Designer, Wordpress web dev
I am responsible for the Brand development. I designed the Logo, style guides, and had been designing presentations and Built
the website for this Tech start up in Wordpress. You can see it We are currently redesigning the website to
meet larger Audience.
2016 December Rubicon Programs, USA
LOGO designer

I am responsible for the Brand style guide and

Logo redesign project . I have designed the logo
and the style guide for the company.

2017 February Tincan Translations, Auckland, NZ

SEO , Wordpress Web Developer

I am responsible for the redesigning the website

So, I have built the website in Wordpress and added Google Analytics to the site. Ive used
Html and CSS to develop the site . It was done in 1 and half a day.

2016 November - 2017 May Greener Good , USA

I am responsible for the saturday articles
on the greener good blog and we use Zoomla. It is amazing to get a rst hand view of the
amazing articles people right. If we are short on articles. Sometimes, we editors chip in and write
an article. The editors list can be found here.

2016 UNICEF Media Intern, New Zealand

Content Creation
I am responsible for the media support for
UNICEF . We rework the images to t the web portal and Add content . We create content
for the websites and the articles in magazines and at times even with the television.

ayzh , India
2017 January
Publication design

I designed the latest publication of ayzh. which contained infographics . It is a Digital Publication
and is designed in indesign.
2016 November Doodles Academy, USA

UX Design Consultant I was asked to review the website as a

design consultant and help them to x the responsiveness of the site.You can view
Tempests warm recommendation on my linkedin page.

2016 Arts Mids Hudson , USA

SEO Specialist I am responsible for the Setting up the technical

SEO and training them on how to implement better search engine optimization of content to
get better organic rankings to their site.

2017 January SVDP , NZ

Publication design

I designed the publication of SVDP for their report. It is a digital

Publication designed in Indesign with uid layout to cater to their
Target Audience.

2017 Earth Village


I am the editor for the environmental blog Earth village.. Managing the content and
the intent of the blog posts there.. Adding titles and editing the tone of the post.
2016 October - 2017 June Global Rescue Relief org, USA
Wordpress xes & Web Design

I designed the website and made xes for the wordpress front -end using css and html
You can view the website at . I am a support coordinator
on this project acting as a freelancer called upon when and if needed...

Truth Lambs, NZ
2017 Graphic Design

We are a team of ten people. We work on the answer nding website called truth lambs..
It is yet to go live.. I am the front end guy for this and also the web designer.. We were
also working on the app and Building a brand around this IDEA.

2017 Students for High Impact , USA

Web Design / Wordpress
I have developed a website for as an improvement over their old one.. It took
1 month to build this using wordpress... (

Skill set

EDMs Wordpress
Google Analytics
Photoshop Mail chimp Google Adwords Print design
Muse Constant Contact SEO Digital Design
premiere pro Google Web master tools
Web Design

Digital Marketing

JS References
Rebecca Truxall - Global rescue relief -


Michael lee - Truth Lambs - +64226873557

Ashish Antil - Cormit - +64212629238

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