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The Pictorialist

Summer 2017

Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee

Established 1904
Affiliated with the Photographic Society of America
Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization
And the Wisconsin Print Circuit
Kathy Braun, President; Dixie Lowin, Secretary/Treasurer
Linda Lee, Newsletter Editor; Webmaster, Sandra Weber
Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month, from September through May, at 7p.m.
in the Luther Manor Faith and Education Center, 4545 N. 92nd St., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

New Members Photojournalism

New members and visitors are always welcome. Photo of the Year: Coming Up for Air by K.Z Braun

2017-2018 Dues Honorable Mention:

Dues are $20 single and $30 family for each meeting Mother and Daughter in Milwaukee Art Museum by
year of September through May. Bring them to a Bert Hartinger
meeting or send them to Dixie Lowin, 2028 W. Ranch Baby Monkey by Glenn Meyers
Road, Mequon, WI 53092. Scene in the Weisman Art Museum by Bert Hartinger
Proficiency: Bert Hartinger
Luther Manor Exhibit Proficiency Runner-up: Glenn Meyers
The club maintains a rotating display of prints at Luther Monochrome Print
Manor and members are encouraged to bring 8 X 10 Photo of the Year: SWMCCC Bird Portrait by K. Z.
prints to any and all meetings for display. Give prints to Braun
Pete Koenig, who maintains the display. Honorable Mention:
Broken Window by K.Z. Braun
Image specs: resize images to 1920 width for a San Fran Bridge by Leena Meyers
horizontal image and 1200 height for a vertical image Stove by Glenn Meyers
(see website for detailed instructions). Proficiency: K. Z. Braun
Proficiency Runner-up: Ruth Baer
Competition Results Color Print
WACCO: Photo of the Year: Ape by Glenn Meyers
Mono Open Projected, Second Place, Ruth Baer, Head Honorable Mention:
to Head. Bus by Glenn Meyers
Color Nature Projected, Honorable Mention, Linda Lady Drawing Copy by Glenn Meyers
Lee, Peonies. Paloose Barn by K. Z. Braun
Mono Open Small Print, K. Z. Braun, "SWMCCC Bird Proficiency: Glenn Meyers
Posing. Proficiency Runner-up: K. Z. Braun
Open Special Theme (Photojournalism this spring), K.
Z. Braun, Honorable Mention, "Finishing Rollover." DIGITAL IMAGES
Wisconsin Print Circuit Monochrome Photojournalism
Honorable Mention: Photo of the Year: Kayaker Finishing Rollover by
Rawley Point Lighthouse by Howard Vrankin K.Z. Braun
Honorable Mention:
Photo Pictorialists Year-end Competition Results Snow Walk by Sandra Weber
PRINTS Flamingo Girl by Pete Koenig
Hipster Banjo by Pete Koenig The complete list of monthly topics will appear in the
Proficiency: Pete Koenig September newsletter. Below are the topics that we have
Proficiency Runner-up: Sandra Weber so far.
Nature September 7: either The Things I Did Last Summer
Photo of the Year: Swan Head by Glenn Meyers or you may go beyond summer with My Fun Photos.
Be thinking of the images you would like to bring,
Honorable Mention: formatted, on a thumb drive.
The Kiss by Sandra Weber
Duck by Pauline Beck
Elephant by Glenn Meyers October 5: Back to Basics
Proficiency: Glenn Meyers Well review the basics of good photography, using them
as a foundation for our upcoming meetings. After the
Monochrome presentation, images will be critiqued in relation to the
Photo of the Year: Paper Cut Out Box by Bert topic.
Hartinger November 2: Guest Speaker Dan Johnson, Marquette
Honorable Mention: University Chief Photographer, Storytelling With and
Swamp Birds by Sandra Weber Without Images
Gibby in the Hallway by Bert Hartinger December 7: Holiday Party.
Folded Paper #1 by Bert Hartinger January 4, February 1, March 1
Proficiency: Bert Hartinger At one of these meetings (date to be determined), we
Color will judge the Wisconsin Print Circuit, with critique and
Photo of the year: Salt and Pepper Shaker by Bert discussion to follow. The other two meetings will
Hartinger include an opportunity to interact with several stations
Honorable Mention: and a viewing of club images from the years Photo
Aurora by Sandra Weber Challenge. (More information will be emailed soon.)
Lock by Leena Meyers April 5: Annual Business Meeting
Sky Light by Leena Meyers May 3: Year-end Event
Proficiency: Bert Hartinger May 17: Year-end Banquet
Proficiency Runner-up: Leena Meyers
From the Prez.
PSA Youth Showcase What a year this has been so far. Im referring to the
Second Place, Color Choice category: action on my deck. I hope you can picture all of this,
Vigilant by Leena Meyers probably easier for those of you who have been to my
Acceptance, People/Animal category: home for the picnic.
"Solitary Symphony" by Leena Meyers It is my habit to sit in my sunroom to read the morning
Both images will be displayed at the PSA International newspaper. I keep my camera on the table with my long
Conference in Pittsburgh this October (300) lens, set to photograph some of the birds when
they come up to the feeder. My usual visitors are the
Picnic on July 13 squirrels and Big Red, the name Ive given to my
Kathy Braun has again offered to host the summer picnic resident cardinal. But this year there have been some
at her house at 300 Lake Shore Road, Grafton. It will be newcomers showing up ON the deck, not just the back
on Thursday, July 13. Come as early as 4:30 to yard, attracted to the cylinder bird feeder hanging from a
socialize; dinner is at 6 p.m. Bring your camera, metal cord in the northeast corner.
beverages of your choice, a sweater or jacket, and a dish The first was a deer that actually climbed up on the
to pass. Bring a guest if you wish, and be prepared to deck. It stayed for quite a while until it hit its head on
have a good time. the bird feeder when turning around.
A local rabbit comes up on the deck now as well,
To get there from Milwaukee, take I-43 north, exit at the making itself right at home. But the biggest newcomer
Cedarburg exit (number 89) and turn east. Follow was a male pheasant who became a regular this spring.
Highway C toward the lake. When the road turns north, After showing up several times, another bird, which I
go another half mile to her home, just south of the assumed to be a wild turkey, appeared with the guy.
Octagonal Barn. Because there had been wild turkeys around quite often,
I didnt give it another thought. But then, its close
Monthly Topics proximity to the pheasant had me reviewing my images
of the male and found the feathering to be a close match.
So, for a few days, he brought the missus with him. But
then he continued to come back by himself.
The next newcomer showed up during the clubs
meeting for planning next years calendar. I usually
have flower pots of begonia on my outdoor window sills,
but this year I switched to impatiens. At one point
during the meeting when I looked out through the door, I
spotted a hummingbird at one of the blossoms. I have
never seen a hummingbird in the thirty years living here.
It hung around a bit, then flew off.
Last night I had a regular visitor that would come
around occasionally throughout the years. But this was
the first time a raccoon actually got up on the deck. I
grabbed the camera and started taking some shots. After
a while the little critter gave me a real show, as he got up
on his hind legs and reached up to the bird feeder,
stretching as far as he could. He got his paw as far as
the first opening but could not get his tongue up that far.
So he settled for droppings on the deck.
While taking these shots, I noticed the eastern sky was
reflecting some color, so I grabbed my wide angle lens
and went out the front door (facing west) and got some
of those fantastic sunset shots with the barn across the
street providing a nice silhouette. (Thats a hint for you
to bring your cameras to the picnic next month.)