Seattle Scream

3 July 2073 Ë Issue 52

Siege of Bogota Continues, Body Lottery-Seattle for the Independence Day
UN Condemns Aztlan week of 26 Jun - 2 Jul, 2072, Celebrations across Seattle
Aztlan military forces the winning number is: Tuesday is Independence
continue to interdict any attempts to Day and government offices across
bring aid into the people of Bogota
in violation of international norms.
138 the MetroPlex will be closed. Events
Congratulations to the lucky are scheduled across the MetroPlex
This has led to a UN vote to celebrate ending with a huge
winners! Condolences to the relatives
condemning the actions of Aztlan display of fireworks both real and
of the victims.
and demanding that they allow virtual over downtown.
humanitarian aid. STI to Expand Seattle The MetroPlex Guard will be
The UN Special Envoy Transport Network leading a parade through downtown
Marius Kwon has so far been The Seattle Transport starting at noon. This year’s theme
unsuccessful in getting Aztlan to Initiative, a joint project between is “United in Independence” and
accept its responsibilities to Seattle, the Salish-Sidhe Council, more than one hundred and twenty
noncombatants trapped in the war Tir Tairngire and various civic groups and local schools are
zone. “Both sides continue to be corporations to expand and improve contributing marchers. The Air
obstructionist but Aztlan has the air, road, rail and water Force will be preforming a fly over
provoked the current crisis.” transportation. Enhanced by the Snowbirds flight
Aztlan officials stress that cooperation and unified policies demonstration team.
this is a defensive action in the wake combined with increased Rebel Entertainment is
of the highly destructive attacks by infrastructure investment are sponsoring several open air music
the dragon Sirrurg on Cali and expected to increase the carrying venues across the Plex one of which
Managua that killed thousands. capacity of the local transportation will be simulcasting Senator Jack
Amazonia responds that network. Entropy’s California Reunification
Aztlan provoked the war and that “Our aim if to reduce Day concert from Hollywood.
Amazonia is only defending it land congestion and delays for transport Horizon will be offering its
and people. Further stating that between Seattle and its neighbors by new VR game “Independent Stars”
Sirrurg is not an agent of Amazonia one fifth by 2075,” said MetroPlex along with a six-month subscription
and his actions are his own. Transportation Secretary Nola free all day.
The conflict continues with Graves-Bahk. Knight Errant and Lone Star
casualties estimated to be in the tens The first project under the are offering self-defense and home
of thousands. Attempt to bring both STI initiative is a full upgrading of security courses for free in July
sides to the negotiating table are the entire length of the old Interstate starting on the 4th.
ongoing. 5 route. This is a major project that Remember to follow all
KE and NAN Police Work to is expected to take a full decade to safety guidelines when using
Stop Smuggling fully complete. fireworks whether real or virtual.
Knight Errant and the NAN Seattle Stress play the Dublin PacCoast Tour starts Friday
have established a joint anti- Knights at Home The PacCoast Tour, a
smuggling task force to close down The Seattle Stress are to play bicycle race from Seattle to San
the flows of illicit goods and the World Division Dublin Knights in Francisco begins this Friday at 8am.
undocumented people to and from an exhibition match on Friday. Well over 300 riders are expected to
the MetroPlex. Joint border patrols The Dublin Knights fell just participate in the multi-day event.
and shared sensor data are planned to short of qualifying for promotion to Since the Tour restarted in
foster cooperation. the Premier League this last season 2053, the Tir Tairngire national team has
“Together, we can keep all and are expected to make this a very dominated the top spots but the US and
of our communities safe,” said KE competitive match. the Horizon teams have been very
Tickets are on sale now. successful in the last two races and the
spokesperson Lt Arya Frost.
competition will be fierce.

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