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]N]i5 Finals .


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wo8ix3ioEi6 kNK7u Kavamat Elihaktoliginikot Havakviat Education Nunavut Ministere de l’Education

wk4tg5 ttCsys2 W?9oxiz bw2hmi wk4tg5 wk1k5. ttCsy6 wk4tg5 scsy3j5. ttCsy3u4 bw2fNi ttCsy6bcMs8qM6 !*&& W6]v6t8NA bw2hmisJu wk4tg5 ttCsy4ns2 bf3z6tbsiz8i yK9o6]X6 w6v6nsbs8if xgZsJgcsMs6S6 w6r9ok5 ]fEk5 x7m raizA5 xgZsQxoE=li wx5m8 W4, xJe6gwp w1M8u5 WJ6, xuhi WQx6t5tJFi3i xgo6t5tNhx6Lt4 wk4tg5 wMscbsMs6S6. wk4tg5 s6vE4]gi3uk5 x5yC6bsoMs6S6 “sc7m3u4”.

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!(&$at9lA wkw5 bW]En4f5 vNbu scsyoEi3u4 cspn6t5t1mb gry8N6yMs6S6 wkw5 ttCJJ5 cis]/6Xwi4 cos]/6Xwi[l bm3u4 XX5tJmMs3mb. ttCsy3l ]x6rQx6bsymJ6 !(&^at9lA xq6bsoMs6ymK6 s=lu ttCsyso6g6 vNbus5 wkqk5 bw/sJ6 m3Dw4 ttCs]y4 cis]/6Xw5 x7m cos]/6Xw5. ]mfy vlx6 W6fyoEi3j5 ra]?oEi3j9l cspmb6 History of Inuktitut Writing System There was no Inuktitut writing system in existence until 1877 when the first one was introduced to Inuit people. The original invention of a Syllabic writing system was used among the Cree Indians and later adapted for use in the Inuktitut language. Edmund Peck, a missionary from England, was one of many instigators and promoters in the use of Syllabics. Because of his fluency in Inuktitut he became known as “Uqammaq” one who speaks well. The Syllabic characters were written on the back of prayer books and Inuit picked it up quickly, even though some disregarded using “small characters” called finals. Because writing pads were not available on the land, packaging paper was used to write on and sent along with a piece of caribou sinew tied around a folded letter. With the abandonment of inland life the writing system followed right along in the late 50’s and early 1960 when Inuit stopped going on the land for the winter with the arrival of Government services where use of Syllabics was dramatically increased. In 1960, a new standard writing system known as Roman Orthography was developed for Canadian Inuit but was not embraced as much as people refused to give up their existing writing system. In 1974, when Inuit Taparisat of Canada conducted a study through Inuit Language Commission it was discovered that Inuit who used both writing systems wanted to keep them. When the work on the technicalities of the two writing systems were completed, a Dual Orthography, Qaliujaaqpait and Qaniujaaqpait writing system for Canadian Inuit was ratified in 1976. Mark Kalluak Culture & Heritage Advisor

t5bflw5 grq5 Tittakuluit Tukingit Symbols and Their Meanings
. br6XlAbsK6. The dot indicates a double vowel. +b7N w[Qx4f5 k6v}v9MAbsJ6. The agma indicates a glottal stop.

xg6bs?o3uJ5 tt6v5 Atuqtauvalirmijut Titiqqat Recently Added Characters
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wo8ix6goE+p5 tt6v3ix3F4 #() x3Fx5, kNK5 XOC OEO sc+l+b: (867) 857-3050 WxMJ4f5: (867) 857-3090 gryQx3FQlA: }mfy vlx6

Kavamat Elihaktoliginikot Havakviat Box 390 Arviat, NU XOC OEO Okaotaa: (867) 857-3050 Kayumiktukut: (867) 857-3090 Okoa hivayaklogit: Mark Kalluak

Department of Education Box 390 Arviat, NU XOC OEO Ph: (867) 857-3050 Fax: (867) 857-3090 Contact: Mark Kalluak

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